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AMAC Action Update | EP 145

Price fixing drugs will be the downfall of our society, and the Inflation Reduction Act is certainly of no service when it comes to that. Senior VP of AMAC Action, Andy Mangione, joins CEO of AMAC, Rebecca Weber, to discuss the successful outcomes of their grassroots advocacy. The newly released AMAC Action’s mid-year report highlights the biggest accomplishments that have been made through relentless advocacy from January to June. From retirement tax issues to holding high-profile senate candidate forums, price transparency, and holding pharmacy benefits managers accountable. Though the list is extensive, Andy and Rebecca sum up the highlights that will leave every AMAC member proud to be represented both locally and nationally with a unified voice on the issues that matter most to them! Thank you to our AMAC members, delegates and chapter leaders for their extraordinary efforts!

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M Hall
5 months ago

My Dr’s prescribe legacy drugs, because they cover the problem, the side effects are already known and they are much cheaper than the drugs replacing them.

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