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AMAC Action National Conference: State of the Economy with Steve Moore  

Economist and Advisor to President Donald Trump, a lively Steve Moore took the stage at AMAC Action’s annual National Conference! Mr. Moore brought his unbridled enthusiasm to our audience with his rambunctious personality and clever analogies. Mocking the Biden Administration’s current economic state and making it easy for anyone to understand, he shed new light on a topic that so many have been struggling to make sense of. Watch as Steve explains the consequences and outcomes of all policies, and states simply that “if Donald Trump was president today, the U.S. economy would be booming.”

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1 year ago

The disgusting left in this country used private information about Moore’s family to make him back down because he could not bear the publicity. And they made us lose the ability to put this very fine man on the Federal Reserve Board. I HATE the left in this country and that includes probably 95% of the democrats.

1 year ago

Now, with the 2000 Mule documentary that presents hard proof that the election was a fraud, why is Biden still in the white House? There were only two people running for president and if Biden won by fraud, he didn’t win. That leaves only one other person to win the presidency, Trump. Why aren’t the people that created this fraud being arrested?

Judith Thompson
11 months ago
Reply to  Anne

Excellent point. Why is all this moving like molasses in January?

1 year ago

Great job, Steve Moore! I love your enthusiasm, your patriotism, and your common sense approach to what’s going on in this country. Those charts and the data don’t lie; President Trump did a fabulous job for each American, regardless of race. “A rising tide floats all boats.”

1 year ago

X resident Donald chump is a bump on America’s backside and should be charged with treason. There are some things more important to the health and strength of a nation than it’s economy. Placing blame , calling names. And criticizing genuine effort has never solved anything it has only created bigger problems and weakens out nation out government our freedom our love of country.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephanie

I believe that, before this year is over, gas prices will be $20.00 a gallon. Are you happy with that? If so please come and pay for my gas.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stephanie

Said the Marxist

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