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AMAC Action is Hard at Work on Capitol Hill!

amac membership Americans refuge core values country great equality act health care AMAC Action capitolYour AMAC Action lobbying team is hard at work in the nation’s capital, meeting with top policy makers and allies to build support for AMAC priorities. AMAC’s Pro bono Physicians Care Act HR 856 continues to gain popularity in Congress and our “boots on the ground” lobbyists have been working to move AMAC priorities forward in a bitterly divided Congress while also pushing back against dangerous policies like Medicare for all. Our team recently lobbied the offices of: Jim Hagedorn (R-MN), George Holding (R-NC), Steph Murphy (D-FL), Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), Adrian Smith (R-NE), Jim Comer (R-KY), Brett Gunthrie (R-KY), Hal Rogers (R-KY), Chip Roy (R-TX), and Mark Walker (NC).

The AMAC team also caught up with new staff in the office of Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL), chief House sponsor of the Pro Bono Physicians Care Act. Rep. Webster’s chief of staff and new legislative director thanked AMAC for helping to spread the word on HR. 856 through our active membership which now counts over 1.9 million members! Their new legislative director committed to redoubling their office’s efforts and outreach on the legislation. In more good news, Rep. Hagedorn made it a point to personally join our meeting with his staff last week to let us know that he will be adding his support as a new cosponsor the Pro bono legislation.

As the main seniors organization pushing back against Medicare for All, AMAC attended in person the Medicare for All hearing this week in the House of Representatives. In addition, our AMAC government relations team wrote and submitted a formal letter to the Ways and Means committee opposing socialized medicine available for you to read here.

Thank you for your support of AMAC which allows our team to stay active representing you in Washington, DC. We will continue to keep you updated as we push back against socialized medicine and fight for important legislative wins for our seniors.

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