AMAC across the Country: Town Hall with Rep. Dave Trott

Trott THAnother interactive AMAC town hall meeting is in the books this August! On Thursday, August 20, 55 AMAC members from Michigan’s 11th congressional district filled a meeting room in the Livonia Civic Center Library to hear from their newly elected freshman Congressman, Dave Trott (R-MI). Just back from a week-long congressional sponsored trip to Israel, the Congressman began by talking to AMAC members about what Congress plans to address the remainder of the year, beginning with the issue that is the dangerous nature of President Obama’s deal with Iran. Paying tribute to David Letterman’s signature “Top 10 Lists,” Rep. Trott reviewed the top 10 reasons he’s opposed to the president’s deal and plans to vote against it mid-September.

Congressman Trott also accepted numerous questions from AMAC members at the meeting on issues unrelated to foreign policy, often taking time to deliver a thorough response and paint a realistic picture of what Republicans in Congress will be able to accomplish during the final year of the Obama administration. AMAC members raised questions about the IRS, congressional oversight of the latest scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s emails and private server, federal funding for Planned Parenthood, rising Medicare premiums, the problem of sanctuary cities, and birthright citizenship. It was clear that AMAC members expect the Congress to continue to push back against President Obama when he oversteps his executive authority and to stand strongly for conservative principles, such as limited government and fiscal responsibility.

AMAC members expressed sincere gratitude to Rep. Trott for his willingness to meet exclusively with them during the August recess. For many members, it was the first time they were given an opportunity to hear from him directly since his election to Congress. AMAC will continue the August town hall blitz across America next week with meetings scheduled in Louisiana, Georgia, and Ohio!

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