Adam Schiff’s Attack on the Free Press

NBC news amiplified Schiff Adam misinformation attack free pressWhere are all the self-styled champions of the free press now that Adam Schiff has used the surveillance powers of the state to smear not only his political rivals but a journalist?

With the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment report Tuesday came the revelation that Giuliani and his Ukrainian affiliate Lev Parnas, whose metadata Schiff apparently subpoenaed, had exchanged calls with former The Hill columnist John Solomon, ranking Intelligence Republican Devin Nunes, and attorney Jay Sekulow. Even if we allow that the California congressman had genuine national-security concerns when he subpoenaed metadata from AT&T so he could snoop on his political opponents, what possible national-security concerns would justify unmasking them?

Reprinted with permission from - National Review - by David Harsanyi

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Jef Jepsen

Sciff should be charged with Treason and removed from Congress. He is trying to engineer a coup to overthrow Pres. Trump.


I’m certain that in order to request cell phone records, a court approved search warrant is needed. A complaint must be written and include the felony crime(s) alleged must be listed. As a retired LEO I would like to know who authored the request for the phone records and who approved the warrant to obtain the data. Something smells more than usual in the puzzle palace.

Larry J Long

I am 73 years young and I try hard to stay on top of current events. Still, working full-time I do not have as much time to do that as I’d like, yet I digress. It seems to me that any where that Adam Schiff can stretch the envelope of partisan politics, he does. The envelope is about to lose it’s shape. That is a travesty. Mr. Schiff has proved him self as a congenital liar. Yet, he continues to get away with it because there seems to be a reluctance on the behalf of the Republicans to go after him on it. A big part of the problem with the Republicans is there are still too many establishment elite, RINO’s, who want to continue on with the status quo or business as usual. i like both Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy but I see them both as part of… Read more »

Myra Lewis

I am outraged at the treatment given to our President, he has been treated as a treat to the old establishment since day one, he is a businessman and is extremely clever as well, the old cronies have tried to destroy him and have failed! He is taking no salary to do this job and giving his time to us, the Americans that will benefit from it. Adam Schiff should resign. Is there no end to what the Dems will do to upset the will of the American people. We voted Trump in, that was our choice. The winner stays and the loser goes away! Now is time for them to go away and SHUT UP!!

Andrew Crouch

The Republicans are absolutely amoebic in their failure to even attempt to bring Schiff’s political charade to an end.

Dr J

When and who is going to hold Schiff to task? Is this a task delegated to the AG? Should he be investigated by the DOJ? His conduct borders on treason.

Gerard J Cecchettini

A must read is Mark R. Levin’s book “Unfreedom of the Press”.

K. L. Moore

I wish our Republican Congress & Senate would grow spine & tackle the lunkheadsed Democrats who keep wanting everything their way. They don’t want to play or do business fair.