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Abusive Oversight is Not a Strategy – Democrats Should Put America First


Abuse of congressional oversight is not a strategy.  Nor is reckless impeachment talk.  In the end, the Democrats are in a bind – and should cut their losses, admit errors, and put America first.  National Democratic leaders are stuck.  They have one message: Repudiate President Trump.  The message is emotional, intentionally provocative, and overtly divisive.  It is not reasoned, but reviling and invites violence.  Humility, bipartisanship and putting America first would go farther.

Whether the messenger is an avowed socialist, vaguely utopian communist, lively senators who promise wand-waving debt forgiveness, free medicine, free college, legalized drugs to “spread joy,” late term abortion on demand, and government control of weather, or old Joe Biden, caught red-handed giving another man’s speech as his own, shameless demagogue and master of the misspoken word, apologist for unwanted kisses and hugs, does not matter. 

Democrats have painted themselves into a corner.  They were sure Trump’s 2016 win could be blamed on “Russian collusion.”   They awaited the finding.  But after 1.5 million documents, 500 interviews, and 35 million dollars in taxpayer money, they were left flatfooted.  They remain shell-shocked.  The “Mueller Report” found no culpability by Trump for Russian interference in the 2016 process.

They were doubly down when no recommendation – on top of a missing predicate – for obstruction of justice.  President Trump had, on the facts, not obstructed Mueller’s Investigation.  The nerve of the former FBI Director and Special Prosecutor to speak unadulterated truth, instead of assigning guilt, was infuriating.

Worse than infuriating, the development is becoming politically scary.  Democrats invested two years in the wrong message.  They wanted President Trump removed, condemned by Mueller, impeached.  There were no findings to support that outcome.  The political crater is deep.

Mueller’s report gives just hen scratching, a colorful list of complaints by Mueller’s largely Democratic team of prosecutors that Trump complained incessantly of being falsely accused.  Of what?  Of a crime they could not find and concluded he did not commit. 

This must be hard to fathom for Democratic voters.  Their leaders misled them.  The same leaders remain unrepentant.  They overplayed their hand, overstated facts – based on nothing.  No predicate crime existed.  Every document and witness requested was produced.  It must leave the left uneasy.

What does the Democratic Party run on for 2020?  More overstatement, insinuation, and empty allegation?  Impeachment?  Dead-end “socialism for all?”  They put all their eggs in one basket, and Mueller stepped on it.  

The Democratic messenger – whether an inveterate socialist or dozing Joe – faces a steep slope.  An impeachment vote, even in the House, comes with risks. Only 37 percent of Americans even want the topic discussed.  Impeachment is a loser. If they sidestep impeachment, the slope remains steep.

Democrats must contend with the best American economy in three generations, record-breaking growth and unemployment (including for minorities), high labor participation, dollar value, rebalancing of trade advantages, and wage growth. 

To that, add Trump’s uncompromising protection of the US border, attention to international disentanglement and focused national security engagements (including in the Middle East, Far East, Europe and combatting global socialism), record of putting constitutionalists on federal courts, advancing quality healthcare (lower premiums and coverage for pre-existing conditions), insistence on transparency within law enforcement and intelligence, and ending morally repugnant policies, like late term and at-birth abortions.

Many Democrats feel painted into a corner, divided over whether to push impeachment, press a losing argument by politicizing their subpoena power, or taking another course.  There is another way.  Democrats could take a deep breath, and recognize that much of what this President supports – stronger defense, selective international engagements, fair trade, border protection, economic growth, tax cuts, less regulation, and moral compass – is what most of America wants. 

Most of America is not interested in impeachment.   Democrats could put America above party.  They could stop the socialist nonsense, field a candidate who cuts back toward center, try to beat President Trump by adopting his own positions – arguing they can implement them better.   They can draw distinctions at the periphery.

But do not count on this.  The Democratic Party is in a funk.  House leaders are divided, demoralized and deaf to anything but anti-Trump sloganeering.  Withdrawal from their political addiction is hard.  They have conditioned their base and media to berate, harass, resist and remove a President – reversing an election.  They call this the top national priority.  

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Kathy Thompson
3 years ago

Loved this article. It pretty much says it all. The dems have pretty much lost their minds. How anyone with values and morals could support them is beyond me. You may not like his personality, but he has done great things for this country and for Americans. And I am so tired of listening to their diatribes. Get a life dems.

Jack Thomas
3 years ago

The Democrats in Congress today have gone too far. Unhappy and disillusioned with the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, they’ve launched a new offensive now directed at Attorney General Barr with calls to charge him with contempt of Congress. Why? Because he rebuffed the House Judiciary Committee’s demand that he turn over the full Mueller Report, including sealed grand jury testimony and other sensitive info that he cannot legally make public? This is “political theater” at its absolute worst; it turns the core principles of our Constitution upside down and it distorts the fundamental fairness of the democratic process and replaces it with an ugly power struggle that doesn’t serve the best interests of the American public.

Tony V
3 years ago

It would be great for all American if the Democrats in Congress really cared about our country and follow R.B. Charles’ advice. However, these Democrats seemed to be more interested in getting power over the citizens, and destroy our way of life so that they can introduce socialism ideology. We, the citizens, believe in our Freedom, our democracy, our constitution, and we must wake up and resist their socialist and near communist ideology. WAKE UP AMERICA

Stan d. Upnow
3 years ago

Stop calling it the “Democrat Party;” that’s long been dead. The phoenix arisen is the Progressive-Socialist Party, and they are NOT about to put America first.
They are a foaming-at-the-mouth pack of Leftists, who care only about securing their stranglehold over the country to implement their destructive agenda.

The anti-Trump idiots on the Left use the catchword “#Resist.” You Bet we’re gonna resist.

Ed Schrade
3 years ago

If you will notice how much trouble the RINO’s have given president Trump and how few have come out to help him and castigate the socialist democrats then we know that over half of the Republicans are no better.

steven jacobs
3 years ago

Unfortunately this “advice” to the Democrats runs contrary to their Agenda Dogma-therefore it is falling on deaf ears. Which is all the more reason for SANE/PATRIOTIC Americans to remain resolute in protecting America from what is just Lenin on Steroids.

Carole R
3 years ago

Instead, they put themselves and their agenda to get back in power ASAP before the good of America

Linda Hutson
3 years ago

Senator Grassley was Correct in his statement to the press: The Democrats and the press have been pushing Snake oil for over two years. Now the jig is up, Deal with it!

The OLD Warhorse
3 years ago

The Dems, especially the new, young bunch of America haters cannot help themselves. They have convinced themselves that Trump is the Great Satan. They keep talking about the Russians hacking into their computers, BUT I wonder if they even know who hacked their stuff. Remember that Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz would NOT allow the FBI to look at their servers to try to find out who hacked them. Instead, she hired some Dem friendly company to investigate and THEY said it was the Russians. But, was it? Who knows? The wickileaks guy says they did not get their information from the Russians. He won’t say who they did get it from buy insists it was not the Russians.

3 years ago

No collusion but there was Democrat interference in both the 2016 and 2018 mid term elections. Both times the Democrats committed fraud, destroyed ballots, registered thousands of illegals and the dead as voters and 2020 will be worse if voter ID does not become the law of the land. Already many states are issuing drivers licenses to illegal invaders which is all it takes to vote. A new federal ID needs to be implemented. We must also stop the newest democratic scam of prisoners and 16 year olds from voting.

Uncle willie
3 years ago

The Democratic Party is now the demonic party .All they ever think about is there self and a way to spend money that belongs to the American people.I don’t believe there is one that can help America until they get on our level.

lou drinka
3 years ago

Its a shame, Roosevelt and Kennedy would be kicked out of this party. 25 years ago I became a republican when a lady and her kids bought got 2 shopping carts of stuff and I saw steaks in their, and paid with food stamps . I could only get a pound of ground beef and a 6 pk and I paid cash. What put it over the top is when I saw her putting the food in a high dollar late model car and I looked over to my 20 yr old pickup and I’m paying for her food!!!!

Thomas H
3 years ago

Here in Baltimore, the (d)’s media has done its job. Most of my neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances are eager to vote against Trump next year because…. well, because the media said that he is a liar and a racist, and “If its in the news, then it must be true”. After seeing what the (d)s have done immediately after taking back the House, if our side doesn’t vote next year, we deserve the (d)s taking back the Senate and the Presidency and forcing us to bow down to their way of life!

3 years ago

Democ rats will never,ever admit that they are wrong.They have become a very vindictive entity that is leaning very close to communism.Its time to tell these entities that their far left bull exhaust will NOT work in this country,there are still a lot more real AMERICANS than the democ rats realize.

Bob L.
3 years ago

With all of the things the democrats have done since 2009, from the White House to the janitor at the DOJ, that is public knowledge due to whistle blowers and other leaks the Republicans should be on the attack to bring a bunch of them to justice instead of ignoring all of the crimes the dems have committed.

Helen Saunders
3 years ago

I really think the Democrat party has lost their mind and are not working with the country’s best interests in mind. They are blinded by their raging hatred of Trump and acting like fools.

Greg Russell
3 years ago

demon-crats hate America, they hate all our freedoms and individual liberties, and they abhor our values and principles.

Tony Cosenza
3 years ago

while I am a mature American, I teach university courses and “our” generational take of the world is so different than the indoctrinated, collectivist view of my students. “We” were brought up respecting individual liberty and the personal responsibility that goes along with it. The generation I engage with are cultural collectivists, relativists and borderline hedonists. They feel that they are not personally responsible for their behaviors, since they have been taught that social expectations of behavior are a result of a racist, sexist, capitalist system and a Constitution that is woefully outdated and written by slave holding OWM’s (old white males).
So when the neo- communist left, aka democrats, promise free everything and dissolution of their debt it is “fair” so that we are all treated “equally.” They are fine with never having to make a decision and have the government bureaucracy make all the decisions for them so they can have the time to enjoy their video games and social justice warrior meetings. To democrats, entitlements are not tied to responsibility and contribution; if you can breath, breed and vote for the democrats (whether a citizen or not) you are “entitled” to have a claim against others sweat equity (work) and government (tax payer and borrowed funds) largesse.
Lenin said the goal of socialism is communism and a lie told often enough becomes he truth. For my students the term socialism is benign and positive in that it seems to reach the nirvana of equality. We need to stop calling what the gems want as socialism and take Lenin at his word -it is neo-communism

3 years ago

The Democrats are
Anti Trump
Anti Catholic
Anti Jews
Anti Nature
Anti God
That’s why I am
Anti Democrat

3 years ago

Has anyone here, tried writing to these Democratic congresspeople and expressed how disappointed you are about their activity in Congress? I follow a site that shows how active each Congressperson is in any voting activity and how they vote. Every time my congressperson votes on something stupid (like creating a committee to impeach Trump, I send a comment to their site because calling their offices results in the phone being hung up and I demand response for them to explain why they are wasting time doing this instead of actually working. My Congressperson got an email for every day the government shutdown was on. When my Congressperson claims they are holding town halls in the area, I ask them why I never see them anywhere on my streets. They claim to represent all but the only people they cater to is the big money lobbyists. Since my Congressperson has been in office since 1989, I have records of how his views have changed from being pro-people to become radical liberal and I let him know how disappointed I am in his current stance. Unfortunately, no one runs against him and some dummy Democrat voters don’t realize that you can vote against him by writing in any name to not vote for a single Democrat
This article talks about, all the new Congress has done in their last over 100 days is trying to find some way to block any Trump, plus now with the release of the long-awaited Mueller report which proved none of their objections, they’re stuck in place. Every time I get sent an email requesting funds to help a politician endorsed by my elected officials from another state that’s not mine, I delete the email. I didn’t vote for politicians who spend more time running their re-election campaign, than actually spending time in Washington. They get more breaks from Congress sessions in Washington D.C. than children who go to school.

3 years ago
Reply to  MariaRose

HI MariaRose,

I write my Democrat Senator and House Representative, both Democrats as I live in the Peoples’ Republic of New Jersey, all the time to express my total dissatisfaction with their views, job performance, and mis-use of taxpayer dollars for purely left-wing political objectives. What I get back is always a form letter stating how “their job is to represent the will of the people and what they are doing is all wonderful”. This is what you get once a state turns solid blue (Democrat) and the “useful idiot” voters far out-number the rational, responsible, thinking voters. So you are not alone in getting the form letter runaround. It doesn’t bother me as much since I’ve automated my e-mail process to these “public servants”. Two can play the dueling form letter approach and I can always modify the system to generate hundreds of copies to flood their e-mail systems. Not that it changes their behavior or how they vote.

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