Abortions Free in Oregon, Thanks to Liberal Anti-Life Bill

abortions baby Oregon liberalOn August 15, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill to provide free abortions for all, including illegal immigrants, by requiring insurance companies to cover the procedures while forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.

House Bill 3391, which was approved by the State Legislature July 5 with zero Republican votes, earned heavy criticism from Conservatives and pro-life groups. The $10.2 million Reproductive Health Equity Act includes $500,000 for abortions for the estimated 22, 873 women who would be eligible for the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program, “except for their immigration status”.

Under the new law, Oregon insurers must provide 100% coverage for abortions without copays or deductibles.

Critics of the bill warned that it would imperil the state’s federal funding because it violates the Weldon Amendment, the 2005 congressional provision that prohibits Health and Human Services funds for states that discriminate against healthcare providers that refuse to cover abortion.

Pro-life Republicans tried to block the bill but did not have enough votes to succeed. “We don’t need to do this”, Representative Mike Nearman said before the House vote, “This is Oregon. There are no legal restrictions on anyone’s right to get an abortion.” Representative Bill Post, a Republican, also weighed in on the bill with a Facebook post, saying “The saddest day of my life was when I had to vote on this bill, though of course I voted NO, there was no reason to actually run this bill at all. Oregon should be ashamed and embarrassed.”

According to pro-life organization Oregon Right to Life, many insurance plans in the state already cover abortions, and there is no guarantee that there will be insurance options in the future that do not cover abortions. Gayle Atteberry, executive director of Oregon Right to Life, predicted that the state’s abortion rate would climb as a result of the law.

“By making abortion free, this percentage will inevitably increase”, Atteberry explained, “We also expect more late-term abortions, which are currently very expensive as well as risky to perform. All completely covered by either insurance companies or the Oregon taxpayers”.

While the bill does contain some exemptions for churches and religious nonprofits as required by federal law, and insurance companies with religious objections can apply for a federal waiver, the category of people who oppose abortion for religious reasons ultimately extends far beyond religious institutions and insurance company executives. What about all of the regular American citizens who feel their conscience rights are under threat? For plenty of Americans, this law violates moral values and abridges the constitutional right to freedom of religion.

Oregon Right to Life is currently assessing all options for stopping the effects of this legislation, including possible legal action.

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32 Comments on "Abortions Free in Oregon, Thanks to Liberal Anti-Life Bill"

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Amazing, isn’t it? The Lib Loony Bloody Left is all about slaughtering human life. The unborn, all white people, serving Presidents, members of Congress, Republicans, NRA members …. well, pretty much anybody who isn’t them.

But, they fight tooth and nail to preserve the lives, at our expense, forever of…. ?

Convicted murderers and serial rapists. Especially if they’re illegal aliens or “refugees”. Yup, no Death Penalty for criminals, but an Automatic Death Penalty for the “unwanted” unborn.

“Reproductive Rights”???? Hey, you have the absolute RIGHT to act responsibly and NOT cause an unwanted pregnancy! It’s far easier and cheaper than going through the trial and expense of murdering the unborn child.

But, when have Liberals ever been about doing things the “right” way or easy way or cheap way? Life to them is cheap, the government does all the work and the money is always somebody else’s!

You summed up who the left values and who they don’t quite well. The more unproductive, criminal, sadistic, dysfunctional or murderous, the better the left likes them. Everyone else can just be put to death immediately in their eyes. So much for the vaunted “tolerance” they constantly espouse and demand of everyone else but themselves. Thus eliminating anyone that opposes their vision of Utopia.

As long as they have access to our money, via the government, every one of their “feel good” causes, no matter how vile or ludicrous, is deemed a worthy cause to support.

Tom I’m asking. Where exactly is this free money and cheap way. I really would like to get in on it. I have a decent income but i feel poor. Im serious, 6 figure income, but life is still a lot of work. I try to figure how people can live large by taking it easy and getting government money. Maybe I’m seeing a 30,000$ income, but man boys, that ain’t even living? Is that what your referring to?
I say let em have it! Lets beat em down and keep em there!

You apparently misunderstood me. I’m saying “LIFE” itself is cheap to them, not money. Don’t want a kid? Kill the unborn one. Don’t want to pay for the murder out of your own pocket? The government will take tax money from someone else to pay for the abortion. Feel you don’t have enough free money? Lobby the government to do away with seniors and disabled to free up more free money for yourself and the illegals. (And YES, they’re doing that!) After all, life is CHEAP. Want a genuinely CHEAP education? Get brainwashed at a college of your choice and let some poor working stiff’s tax money pay for it. You’ll remain ignorant and be happy for it but someone else will pay for it all. Want a genuinely CHEAP life? To eat well, get free tats and rings? Street corner drugs? A nice roof over your head? Free medical… Read more »

Thanks for the comment. God Bless. We’re is the same boat.

I agree with Representative Bill Post. Oregon SHOULD be ashamed and embarrassed. Why should taxpayers have to pay to kill someone’s unwanted baby because someone is too lazy to go buy a condom. I am tired of paying for the irresponsibility of others.

“To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” – Thomas Jefferson

I agree that Oregon should be ashamed, but liberals don’t even know what the word means.

There has to be something in the drinking water on the west coast!

Maybe. But more likely it’s in the classrooms.

I have a hard time believing I am living in the USA! Free killing of unborn babies – it seems Nazi-like. May God have mercy on our souls. Should have free training in living a virtuous life. You can sure tell what happened when they took all mention of God out of our education system.

The media in general and the left are applauding Iceland’s elimination of Down’s Syndrome by aborting babies determined to have the defect before birth. Doesn’t matter than many Down’s kids live productive and happy lives. That is eugenics which was promoted not only by the Nazi’s but also by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Next might be the killing of babies that don’t have blond hair and blue eyes. There is no end to the potential evolution of evil here, and pure evil is what it is.

Yes, mandatory genetic screening to eliminate so-called undesirable traits will be the next push by the left in this country. It will be championed as the next “right”, which of course must and will be paid for the government. They love the whole idea of eugenics as a means to eliminate those deemed unacceptable. Margaret Sanger’s stated goal of abortion was to help eliminate the black race, which she felt was inferior. I love how all the heroes of the left are some of the biggest, self-admitted racists or bigots of their time. Yet anyone today who disagrees with the left on any issue is immediately branded a racist in order to try and shut them up. Just as Hitler wanted to use eugenics to eliminate physical traits from the German people he felt did not reflect his distorted view of what a German should look like, Margaret Sanger wanted… Read more »

Oregon will feel the wrath of God again when Mt. Hood erupts again.

I’m torn on this abortion issue, no matter where it is in the USA. I’m not for abortion – but I’m NOT for using taxpayer $$$ to keep paying for the Non-aborted till they are 21 years old or older (much more expensive). After giving birth to one (1) child, when she is on welfare, etc., I for one will pay for one abortion, then that women will be spayed, if she can not show proof of a means of support for her and her children, besides the taxpayer. If you can find Daddy (DNA), he will be neutered. End of welfare mooches as they are known these days.

God Bless America…and you Mr. Trump!


The one world order people have taken over the west coast. None of these bills you see were ever put on the ballets. I live in California every one I talk to wants to move out of this state. The majority use to move to Oregon or Washington but no better than California now days in fact I think Oregon is worse. I hope people see how quickly our rights have been dwindled down. I think we were under the assumption it would never happen in America now California says they want to be their own country. Most of the people out side of San Francisco, San Diego and L.A want out of here and are moving to other states or talking about moving.

This same pretty much holds true for much of the east coast as well Joan. If people paid close attention, which unfortunately most didn’t, it was plain to see what was being systematically pushed through in the way of a far left liberal agenda in several states. Now with solid power bases on both coasts, the left is stepping up the pace of transformational changes in states they control.

Oregon has worked its way right in with California, New York, Mass, Colorado & several other state as far as a repository for loony tunes & lobotomized sub-humans.

Oregon has always, well since the 70s anyway, been leading the way. Their population now is just a bunch of transplanted californians. They went there when it was dirt cheap and spread their vile.

I am more & more confused, addled & angered by the seemly mindless ideas & actions that the libtards take.

I, for the life of me, cannot even find one iota of common sense & logic in their actions..

If anyone out there can explain, logically, to me how this makes any sense at all please speak up. At that point I will ask you what planet you are from & when you had a massive lobotomy.

The left looks at life as a utility. Life is not sacred to them because they worship their ideology not God our creator! To them its all about hedonism and to them equality is conformity to their way of life and their outlook on life! Everyone who believes in God and virtues are the oppressors of those who don’t! The founding fathers of this country said that only a moral people could rule themselves with our government system, which is why everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Virtues are evil to the left and vices are being normalized so with that comes the disinigration of our government (corruption reigns), along with the violence and expoitation of it’s people. What Oregon has done is nothing more that what the lefts march to conformity, tyranny and selfishness is all about! My understanding is that Oregon also has the most lax… Read more »

The Bible says you reap what you sew.they think they are getting buy with it but look at the past and you will see what happened to others that killed and slaughtered people with no choice.they will get what is coming to them.God takes care of those who can’t take care of their self.there punishment will be worse than you can imagine.

Is it true, abortion people out number pro lifers? Thats what I’m beginning to see. Has it been that way always? I am in shock over this. Where have i been, under a rock I guess. Anyway, why are things so upside down.

Sarge, they may not be upside down. Perhaps the pro lifers aren’t as obnoxious and vocal as the abortion people. Let’s hope so anyway.

It is too bad that free abortions were not available to the mothers of those who now favor abortion!

Is there a matching vasectomy operation with each abortion given? Or is it just about keeping the abortion business going and not controlling the population growth.

This will sound so callous and cold, but i dont mean it to: Do people just have sex willy nilly until someones pregnant, then they just kill it and start over. I knew a woman, she was 26 yrs old and she’d had 6 abortions. She was a disgusting individual anyway, all strung out and dirty looking. You know when a guy wont touch something with a ten foot pole its pretty bad. I guess you make money doing this? I look at it simply as more people support abortion than don’t. How did that ever happen.
And please some of you all, leave communism out of it. It seems like the 50s & 60s all over again.

Satan must be Dancing in the streets as his Cronies in government carry out his Progressive Social Communist Agenda!

If you can afford to go to Oregon, you certainly can afford to pay for the procedure. This is all wrong on so many fronts.

it’s too bad that all those that are pro abortion, their parents didn’t feel the same way.

It seems that no one is permitted to attempt to change a woman’s mind when it comes to doing things which may affect her ‘choice’ to have an abortion, but it does not say that she cannot be denied an abortion, only that people are not to do things to alter her ‘choice’ or to change her mind, as I understand the bill/law. She may choose that she wants to do an abortion, but no one is obligated to change their minds and be required to participate in doing an abortion for her. Just because she wants it doesn’t mean there’s a default contract for others to comply. It’s a violation of contract law, as is the ACA. The supposed exemptions for religious objectors and similar is strange because it would seem that it would only make it so the objector’s insurance plan won’t cover abortions for them, but I… Read more »

So let me get this straight. You want more welfare and illegal immigrant babies born? Just asking…

Of, course not, Frank, but when was using abortion as a method of birth control ever a good idea? If we spent as much money on school counseling, sex education, and free birth control for all women below a certain income level as we do on abortions, we just might have fewer abortions and fewer single mothers on welfare. I’m a retired high school teacher and you probably have no idea the types of misconceptions that exsist among teenagers regarding birth control and sex in general. And yes, sex edu was taught in our school system, but it’s not taught by a health care professional (school nurse, maybe school psychologist, or guidance counselor) who would be more comfortable dealing with teenagers’ questions and statements than your average classroom teacher. High school isn’t what it used to be. If you don’t believe me, try volunteering at one for a semester. I… Read more »