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Abortion Group Launches $5 Million Campaign to Flip the House

abortion Tennessee campaign houseThe pro-abortion group NARAL is spearheading a $5 million campaign to make sure Democrats retake the majority in the House.

The “Pro-Choice Majority Makers” program, which targets Republicans in 19 battleground states who have voted to restrict abortion, is the most expensive campaign the 49-year-old group has ever undertaken.

“NARAL was built for this moment. Never before have our rights and freedoms been under greater attack, and never before have we had greater opportunity to fight back and win,” said NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue.

The campaign for a “pro-choice majority” will focus on defeating GOP candidates whose pro-life votes have attracted little attention, often because the Senate failed to pass the House bills they voted on.

“Voters are shocked when they find out how these guys are voting,” Hogue said. “When you tell them, at the very least it depresses their enthusiasm for supporting them. At best, it moves them toward another candidate.”

The swing states named in the campaign are California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

“We’re backing candidates who not only share America’s values on reproductive freedom, but are ready, willing, and eager to take on the fight for the rights of women and families to the halls of Congress,” Hogue stated.

NARAL is particularly committed to rallying suburban women, “one of the most important voting blocs this cycle.”

The funds will go toward campaign mail, phone calls, digital ads, door-to-door canvassing, television ads, and rallies, the group said in a press release.

Nancy Soderberg, running for the House in Florida, said she is “proud to be named” as a beneficiary of the program.

From - National Review - by Mairead McArdle

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4 years ago

I also read Planned Parenthood is going to spend up to $20 million, and we taxpayers give them close to $500 million a year. These groups are nothing but Eugenic believers. Look up Margaret Sanger and her belief’s

Maria Gregory
4 years ago

Any person or group who says Pro choice is “ok” for all women ought to be ashamed of themselves! Instead of advocating for Pro Choice, why not teach the women how to protect themselves from the possibility and the pain of having to undergo an abortion in the first place, not to mention the emotional stress of having “killed a baby.” A fetus is a human being and not just a mass of tissues. In my eyes and I’m sure in others’ too, abortion is another name for murder! I advocate for the wise and well-informed voters to vote for what is right and abortion is not the right choice, whether or not the Democrats and Liberals are using that as their leverage to win back the votes they lost big time in the last election. We should all be aware of their deceptive tactics and they’re trying real hard again to win back the votes……don’t fall for it. We don’t need Obstructionists in the House!

4 years ago

A campaign to recruit more murderers to their cause. That’s what abortion is, MURDER!!!!

Marcella Logue
4 years ago

To NARAL President Hogue – you have the right and the freedom to 1/ to be on the pill; 2/ to have your tubes tied (a reversible procedure); 3/ to respect yourself and say NO; 4/ to make sure your partner uses a condom; 5/ to have an IUD implanted (another reversible procedure) – You DO NOT have the right to KILL because of your carelessness and disregard for human life.

Teresa Araujo
4 years ago
Reply to  Marcella Logue

So very well said, thank you for your concise and accurate statements.

4 years ago

With regard to abortions, there is no choice. Abortion is, plain and simple, murder. A human fetus is a human being from conception. It is not going to turn into a dog, cat, fish, frog, or anything else but a human. Abortions should not be funded by anyone but the murderer that wants it. Lack of conscience is no excuse to have a child murdered. These idiots should be forged to have the child and give it up for adoption.

4 years ago
Reply to  CGA


Peter Koteas
4 years ago

Ask yourself, “why do pro-choice organizations continually lie about free choice?” Most people should know by now that abortion is legal in the United States of America. Why then make an issue of people that simply disagree with the concept for religious or moral reasons? Are they not entitled to an opinion and to exercise their right to free speech? Asking the people to “pay” for abortions is another matter altogether and that is the problem with pro-choice. They want we, the people, to pay for their choice, which is absurd. Do you want one? Then pay for it by any means you chose. Simple as that.

At the end of the day, the unborn should be entitled to live also and hundreds of thousands each year are being refused that right. PETA fights harder for animals than WE do for humans, and for that, WE should feel great shame.

Jeanne Harrington
4 years ago

It angers me that abortion has become a political issue at all! This is a personal decision that should be discussed with a woman and her doctor and her God. The emotional consequences are personal and varying, depending on the situation. You cannot legislate moral and ethical behavior and decisions. They should not involve taxpayer money or government edict, except to be sure that taxpayers are not involved in funding them for any reason. Whether you are pro choice or pro life , in my mind, does not belong in political discussions.

Clark Kent
4 years ago

Hate to burst your bubble, but laws legislate moral and ethical behavior and decisions. So we should do away with laws? And terminating the life of another via abortion is not a ‘personal decision’ because it fails to take into account the life of the innocent person. P.S. Smile! Your mom was pro-life.

4 years ago

Living in a “so called civilized society” where an abortion group launches $5 million campaign to kill the unborn. Moral decay in society where our creator has become irrelevant to those who without a conscience willingly end the life of the unborn. Callous, cold creatures who by their actions are despicable human beings.

Johnnie McHan
4 years ago

Need to be removed and not allowed to do such criminal activity. I will never vote for a Democrat again!!

4 years ago
Reply to  Johnnie McHan

There was a time when they were indeed Democrats. No longer, it has become a hateful, divisive party with nothing to offer but to destroy their opposing party using any tactic at their means. They have earned ZERO respect based on their words and actions. Pray the rest of the American people can see through this party of hate come November.

joseph Kiesznoski
4 years ago

Pro- choice, never murder incorperated

Sally Burzenski
4 years ago

Unfortunately, the group named above that is targeting Pro Life Republicans candidates does not represent my views as an American. However, the article does demonstrate to me my need to financially support those candidates that they are targeting. It is beyond my comprehension how any human can put the rights of a women before the rights of the unborn. Just take a moment to look at a fetus at 3 months of gestation and honestly tell me that these fetuses have no rights. The ProChoice position would abort until delivery as well. So sad.

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