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Abortion, Biden, Benefits

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This week: A Mississippi abortion law challenging Roe v. Wade makes its way to the United States Supreme Court; the Biden Administration has harsher words for Americans regarding the COVID vaccine rather than the terrorists bombing innocent people in Israel; and AMAC’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships Kurt Meyer joins Ben to let you know when to expect the next issue of the AMAC Magazine and gives you the AMAC inside scoop you do not want to miss!

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Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

Ignorant, self-centered masses are very easily deceived, and hence, controlled. A vital part of the Left’s agenda, and why they are flooding the country with uneducated, unskilled foreigners, whose illegal votes are being secured with govt. freebies(at American citizens’ expense!).
Not one of those Illegals? That’s OK. As long as you are “woke,” and blindly support the America-killing agenda of the DC subversives & their BLM/Antifa street thugs.

Unless their inroads are halted NOW, the USA will be lost. Do Not count on the worthless GOP to effectively reverse the damage; too many of them are working with the Dark Side. We need a smarter “Trump”(aka, outsider), who will avoid the mistakes that Donald made. Anything less will result in DC establishment “business as usual.”

1 year ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Totally agree! Woke ideology is the same as Islam. The left want to turn our country into a caliphate. We should join Antifa as moles, and sully their reputation further by smashing stuff and making Antifa look bad even when CNN report on them

1 year ago
Reply to  Jerome

Not that I want to hear only the increasingly “far right” perspectives of the many Amac members responding to these posts (which I hope and believe is not representative of all Amac members) but you (Jerome) should start voicing intelligent responses to them before being written off as a completely left leaning troll that makes it even more unreadable.

1 year ago

There’s an elephant in my womb….

John fallon
1 year ago

This administration has commited enough violations of our rights in flagrant disregard of thier oath of office to warrant impeachment, where are our civil SERVANTS that are responsible for defending OUR RIGHTS!!! “WE THE PEOPLE” DEMAND ACTION!!!!

Miranda DeGroot
1 year ago

Prepare for 4 years of misery under Biden-Harris administration the most racist group of people. Although; they live in denial. They use the word “compassion” to cover up for all the bad policies they are imposing on the people. Just on the southern border debacle, the whole democratic party should be “impeach” but with the mass Media and the international leftist hoping to get cash from the most corrupt administration, and, we all know; the media is covering up for the most inept(Biden) guy. So, the “I” word is not in place for now. Oh wait! I forgot to mention some two face republicans are also covering up for Biden. We need to replace those so called leaders (republicans) next year. We need Republicans that are willing to fight for the right policies that protect and defend The Constitution of USA. Weak Republicans do nothing for the good of this country. Where are all the brave man and women? The fighting for “America First” is waiting, because with the Democrats, America is last, are cities are full of crime, our police is disrespected, our children are being indoctrinated to hate our country, our money is devaluated. Well I just want to finish this comment saying I miss Donald J Trump the Best President I ever known in my life time.

Phil Hammersley
1 year ago

How many lives have been lost BECAUSE of the mask hoax, the lockdowns, etc.? Students lost a whole year of school, millions of workers have lost jobs, more depression, domestic violence, etc.!

Lynda Buchholz
1 year ago

Those vaccines worry me. I know it won’t harm the majority but I watched my grandmother die from guillain barre syndrome when the swine flu vaccine was brought so quickly. If Biden can guarantee that it wouldn’t harm me I would take the vaccine but not until then. Being a Christien I read in the bible that a fetus is a person in HIS eye right of the bat. And no I don’t want to argue my beliefs. I am thankful for AMAC!

1 year ago

What might you expect from Uncle Joe when he has a HAMAS LOBBY already inside congress comprised of AOC’s Squad members? Abortion is and has been a very delicate matter. You have patients’ rights, fetus rights, life beginnings definitions, medical advances and on and on up to who pays for it. Remember — Planned Parenthood was originally started as a eugenics effort against blacks. Just for historical reference.

Richard Lawson
1 year ago

Once again President Biden is failing on policy. He will be lucky if his own party doesn’t ouste him out of the democratic party.

Glennis Hogan
1 year ago
Reply to  Richard Lawson

Actually I think his own party are the ones orchestrating all this chaos.I don’t think he has the mental capacity to do all these things himself. The nuts are in charge and they throw him a bone to keep him happy.

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