AARP Says They Don’t Endorse OBama – What Do You Think?

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So Barry Rand A.A.R.P. can all take a hike. All of my friends left A.A.R.P. as well. Obama was the worst things that has ever happened to this country. He is a lying thief and most of us hate him. I don’t want anything to do with AARP

Who is AMAC supporting for President?

I ask a question and did not get an answer. What will happen to our J Plan supplement that we were told was grandfathered with United Health Care?

I used to think AARP was great for seniors but after my husband found out what was going on we dropped AARP.
We thought AARP was looking out for seniors and am I disappointed in them. They should be looking out for us and race should have no barrier on this.What a shame. This whole Obama Care is nothing but a train wreck repeating itself.
Our Freedom is going down the drain everyday and all races will feel the affect of it.

We are on Medicare and have United Health care J PLan which is grandfathered and my question is will Obama care destroy our insurance supplement?

I think AARP did all older people a disservice by helping to push Obama Care down our throats. I did not renew my membership and joined AMAC. AMAC gave me a nice discount on my Travelers Insurance which I already had before joining them and by the way Travelers is much cheaper than identical insurance I had before with other companies.

Is AARP 501 (c)3? If so I believe they are in violation. There is no question that their ads go way beyond issues to endorsment of Obama/attack on Romney. I detest AARP. They are like a huge union that takes the union dues and spends them as the leadership sees fit without any referendum by the members.

After public employee unions, and slanted media, AARP is way up the list of bad players.

For those of you that may not know, the CEO of AARP is an African American by the name of A. Berry Rand. He and millions of other African American citizens of our country are what I consider to be the racists of the 21st century. I’ve seen and heard examples of this theory in the newspaper as well as TV but no one has had the courage to state this fact. When 97% of African Americans vote for a black presidental candidate it is racism, pure and simple. Mr. A. Berry Rand made a conscious decision to abandon the conservative segment of the AARP membership by supporting President Obama in the 2008 election and has since supported his far left agenda. I cancelled my membership to AARP in 2007 for the reason stated above and encourage any of you who may still be a member to do the same.

I canceled mine at that time as well, and for the same reason. I had only just paid my first membership fee.

When are people going to learn that belonging to this socialist group gives them the power of numbers? AARP sold it’s soul on ObamaCare.

I remember an old trick from the 60’s……………tape that return envelope to a brick and drop in the mailbox. That gets very expensive. Just a thought……

ARRP keeps sending you info as if you are obligated to join them because you can’t figure things out for yourself. Everytime I get their info in the mail, I shred it.


Let’s each get 5 new members !!!

Put applications in each new issue !!!


I just want to agree with everyone on this subject.

We still get their propaganda wanting us to rejoin. I don’t get it that they do not know what “NO, I DO NOT WANT
TO BELONG TO THE AARP ORGANIZATION” means. I send everything back also in their “No Postage Necessary If Mailed in the United States” envelop. I hope they go broke with everyone they have ran off (that do not renew) and the postage they have to pay for all the returning mail. But then again, they are in love with President Obama and the Democratic party. When they endorced “Obama Care” that was more than we could take. That is going to be too
expensive for us older retired people. It will take a village to help us pay for insurance if Obama Care is not repealed.

AARP backs ObamaCare for the profit. ObamaCare will eliminate MediCare Advantage Plans when it is fully implimented. This is a fact plainly stated in the pages of ObamaCare legislation. AARP does not offer (sell) Medicare Advantage Plans. With MediCare Advantage eliminated, those millions of senior who now have MediCare Advantage plans would be forced to buy something else, and many would probably look into and buy plans offered (sold) by AARP.

Carl W: AARP does offer Medicare Advantage plans, extensively and successfully in certain areas of the country. As an insurance professional, which you obviously aren’t, the facts are that the federal government was subsidizing the private insurance companies when it came to Med. Adv. They found that it cost them more to move the consumer to Med. Adv. than it did to keep them on traditional Medicare. Not only were we paying the insurance companies tax payer money, but often they weren’t providing the level of service in certain areas of the country that was expected or the consumer ended up spending a small fortune if they became seriously ill. It is a good thing to back down on Med. Adv. It didn’t work as well as planned and God knows the Insurance companies don’t need to be “subsidized”. These “subsidies” were a large fraction of the $716B and represent… Read more »

I would quit AARP YESTERDAY if I weren’t grandfathered to Plan J through United Health Care. I called UHC to join them directly but was told you MUST belong to AARP to get UHC in Delaware??? Why do you need to belong to a specific org to buy any insurance? I checked other health insurance costs and none compare to UHC Plan J.

Charlie M: F and J plans now have the same benefits. When you were “Grandfathered In” that means you can keep the “J” plan, but the Medicare program and the NICA already eliminated the duplicated “J” benefits because “F” now covers those due to “Obamacare”. And guess what? F is usually less expensive. Or do this, look at “G”. The only difference between your J plan and G is that you will have the Medicare Part B deductible. Last year that equaled $162, this year it’s $140. Look into it.

I belonged to AARP 20 years and was fooled by them, I don’t know who you talk to but UNH says in the AARP ads that you don’t have to belong. I changed and went with a company that gave the same plan F that I had and it was cheaper, I was informed all insurance companies carry the F plan and you don’t have to belong to anything. AARP gets kick back from UNH for using AARPs name as does all of companies who ause AARP in ads. But this year I went with advantage Plan which I like very much, yes a co-pay but no $200.00 month prem. that keep raising since health care was voted in. I figured I am saving money as my prescription plan is included, but be forewarned this is one that Obama hates and will be first one he will eliminate. at least… Read more »

Thanks for the response. The problem is that in Delaware, UHC can only provide coverage to AARP members. This Oct, I will start my research early to find a new provider staring with AMAC. I must add that I am completely satisfied with the service from UHC but not with AARP.

To Charlie M or others.

You can keep plan J with your company and drop aarp membership once you are enrolled. just needed to have the membership when you orginally signed up for plan j.. just check with the insurance company.. they will tell you that if you ask. that way you keep your insurance but not the aarp membership.

not sure how it affects any other insurance you have with aarp but sounds like it is only the health.

We dropped UHC (and quite AARP) and found cheaper health insurance. Still have the RX plan as it is cheaper. Sorry about Delaware – sound like they are in bed with AARP! We also saved on our house and car (by over $980 per year) by going directly with The Hartford. AARP was ripping us off!

Seems to me they are pushing Obamacare.

When Romney gets elected, I just hope his administration doesn’t reconcile with AARP. They were a major force in jamming ObamaCare down our throats. AARP started by retired educators.

AARP and the Democrat party share the same defective genes. AARP is NOT non-partisan by any stretch of the imagination it is an extension of the Democrat party.

I was an AARP member until they went Roage to the Left. I just sent my AARP card to AMAC and joined them. I also
spread the word to family and friends to also join AMAC and they joined also. Keep up the good work AMAC!

.I did the same thing,but they’re slow in getting the message, I still get dues notices