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‘A World Gone Mad’: Upscale LA Neighborhood Wrestles With Worsening Homeless Crisis


LOS ANGELES—Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a picture-perfect hidden gem in the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles, known for its boutique shops and locally owned dining joints. The mile-long strip sings to the tune of upper-middle-class patrons who come to Venice Beach to soak in its peculiar rhythm. The neighborhood’s tight-knit community of homeowners who have lived in the area for decades is proud to reside in this unique nook of town.

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Eddie Van Halen
13 days ago

There is NO saving these jerks. The elders used to have a saying for bums and drnks –
“You make the bed that you sleep in.” Period. End of story.

15 days ago

Where is the article I just downloaded this app but the headlines is all the have

18 days ago

Blame it on CAs wonderful governor, he’s a real gem!!!!

18 days ago

Where is the rest of the article?

19 days ago

Laughing at the idea of any of you ever setting foot on Abbot Kinney with or without tents around it. It’s a whole street of yoga studios, espresso bars, and trendy clothing stores with random antiques on the walls.

19 days ago

There ya go CA rich idiots, how do you like your beautiful cities now? You wanted this, you got it. Go build a moat around your million dollar homes and ignore it, just like Nancy P and her nephew do. This is Socialism at its finest, and it will only get worse. They are hell bent on destroying everything America stands for, and you liberal whiney babies won’t be able to do anything but lay down to it.

Deplorable Mike
19 days ago

The Law of Unintended Liberalism. Priceless!

Ralph Cochrane
19 days ago

I assume the article was going to talk about how the homeless people had screwed up the nice little NOOK. But since it was only one paragraph I’m just guessing

David Millikan
20 days ago



20 days ago

Well the people of California just had a opportunity to rid themselves of the Democrat Governor, via a special recall election, who champions the very regressive policies that created this situation. It would have been at least a start in dismantling the one party Democrat rule that has resulted so many terrible and preventable consequences within the state. What was the result of that recall election? Well Governor Newsom retained his position by pretty much the same percentage that he was last elected by.

So that tells me either the people of California are either incredibly stupid or the election outcome was as manipulated as the 2020 Presidential election in 6 key swing states. Since I doubt so many Californians are that oblivious to reality to think the Governor is doing a great job, that leaves the latter choice. In which case, the people of California need to take more a more direct approach towards cleaning up their state. At the end of the day, they have to live there. So if they don’t want to live in what seems to be an ever expanding tent city environment in more and more of their cities and towns, then they have some work to do. If they don’t want to do anything about the current situation, then that is their choice to. Life is a series of choices. Just choose how you wish to live.

Bill on the Hill
19 days ago
Reply to  PaulE

I believe they love their homeless people, urinating & defecating in the chick areas of their cities…
” Honey lets go to Tiffany’s today, oh wait, it’s surrounded by tents & that odor darling, no lets go to Sam’s Club instead… ”
I’m hearing Grusome Newsome is or was hospitalized & on death’s doorstep, what a shame, especially in light that the people of California overwhelmingly love him & reelected him by large numbers…
Did Larry Elders really have a chance at becoming the next governor of CA? I’d say the Election Commission knew the answer to that long before they sent out the see through ballot envelopes…
You know, those envelopes that had a square see through cutout on the backside, enabling anyone to see if they checked ” RECALL ” or not…Oh, pay no attention to that, that is simply a design feature of the envelope… ” Only In California. ”
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Eddie Van Halen
13 days ago

I had a job transfer from there back to the midwest in ’88. Thank the good Lord in Heaven.

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