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A Statement from AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber

To our age 50 + friends,

I wanted to reach out to you during these challenging times to assure you that the Association of Mature Americans (AMAC) is doing everything we can to help protect people who are at risk for contracting the coronavirus, keep the outbreak in a calm perspective, set the expectations of what is to come while continuing to fight for your interests in Washington, DC.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been doing:

  • In the interest of containing the spread of the virus, we’ve postponed our annual conference as well as all AMAC advocacy events throughout the country
  • We’ve committed to the free flow of information from our trusted sources by creating a special section on dedicated to the coronavirus and are constantly updating it
  • Taken steps to ensure that our United States-based call centers are fully operational to support AMAC members as well as anyone who chooses to contact us
  • Successfully recommended that the White House establish a timeline of events describing how quickly and thoroughly the President has responded to the crisis
  • Conduct on-going dialogue with medical experts on AMAC media platforms to keep people informed
  • Highlighted and supported the expansion of care for Medicare patients, including telemedicine
  • Recognized the financial implications for seniors living on a fixed-income during this time and urged Congress to protect Social Security benefits from court-ordered garnishment and recommended a guaranteed cost of living increase for beneficiaries in 2021
  • Successfully fought for the provision that allows for penalty free withdrawals from retirement accounts for necessary purchases that was included in virus aid legislation
  • Encouraged Congress to pass H.R. 856 to increase access to healthcare for low-income individuals and families
  • Watched very carefully the legislative maneuvering on Capitol Hill to prevent political opportunists from taking advantage of the crisis by inserting bad policies into virus aid bills
  • As this political watchdog, we’ve already identified harmful policies that would drive up medical costs and limit access to health care that were included in some legislation and successfully fought to have them removed
  • Continued this fight to have more bad policy removed from virus aid legislation that would restrict patient options and potentially price-fix and overregulate the direct primary care option

Friends, AMAC is here for you. We are tirelessly fighting for your interests as we have done for 13 years. We’ve redoubled our efforts during this crisis and ask that you remain calm and act with prudence. While we are working hard to do our part in supporting people during this emergency, we put our faith in God’s providence and ask Him to grant wisdom to our leaders, strength for stressed-out healthcare workers and first responders, ingenuity to scientists to develop new therapies and also for His healing hand to comfort us all.


Rebecca Weber

Chief Executive Officer

Association of Mature American Citizens

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2 years ago

why is there no physical address for A M A C? Is it only an online newsletter? It reads as if only lobby organization.

2 years ago

Thank your for the update & hope that our leaders make the right decisions

Patti B
2 years ago

God Bless you in all you do Rebecca. Stay well my friend and all other Amac employees in New Mexico, New York and in Florida during this pandemic. God Bless

Angus Sonner
2 years ago

Thank you.

susan boone
2 years ago

Thank you for your tireless work for the older Americans!
I would like to know if you have a service that helps the older generation to qualify for consolidation loans? Thanks again !

2 years ago

Thanks for being there for us

Elena Tellez
2 years ago

You are doing a wonderful job, Rebecca Weber. Your father would be very proud of you and your organization. Besides, your photograph reveals a very beautiful young woman.

Gregg H Risner DC
2 years ago

Straight bill for aid to American workers, Small business and large employers, only. No pet projects, no foreign aid. I am a small business, reducing hours to reduce cost as the slow down has reduced our business by 25%.

: Pat
2 years ago

Thank you. Rebecca, for your prayers…..for everyone and your uplifting assurances of God’s care.

Scott Mayberry
2 years ago

Thank You Rebecca, for your thoughtful, uplifting and informative message.

2 years ago

Many will need to sell investments in this crisis. With markets so low, it is time to raise the capital loss limit from $3,000 per household (set in 1978) to an inflation adjusted amount of $12,000. Please tell congress to include this in the stimulus bill.

Also, in a press release, Schumer also said a Democratic proposal to boost Social Security checks by $200 monthly through the end of 2021 had been agreed to as part of the talks.
However, one could see much of this clawed back as 50% to 85% of that payment may be subject to income tax. Please lobby to raise the threshold for Social Security taxation back to 5 times the poverty level where it started over 35 yrs ago.


2 years ago

Thank you for this great article. As a senior who tries to survive on Social Security, I had a part time job that helped immensely. However, that job has gone away now and possibly not being offered again when all the businesses start back again after the government closures. I have been hearing about the President’s stimulus program, I am concerned that the folks that need it the most will be overlooked. I am assuming the stimulus will go to those folks who file taxes. Unfortunately, some of us seniors do not file taxes since President Trump changed the amount of personal deductions. The reason we do not file taxes is because with that large personal deduction plus all other claimed expenses, it completely washes out our tax burden with taxes at zero every year. It becomes a moot point to file taxes. So if folks are not filing taxes, I am assuming they will not qualify for a stimulus check. Does anyone have any insight into how the stimulus will be dispersed? Thank you.

2 years ago

first thing, stop reaching out. what an overused crap of a phrase. makes me think ur a snowflake. just sayin’

2 years ago

Thank you Rebecca for the encouraging update. We are relatively new to AMAC and it is so refreshing to be part of an organization that really cares about the people of this wonderful country that we live in. Also refreshing to see an organization that truly honors God and understands Who He is. We can rely on His Word and we definitely need to pray for our leaders at every level that they too would honor Him and govern accordingly. Thank you again.

Bill M
2 years ago

Beautiful recap Rebecca. Especially when you are grieving. Re the marketing comment. One thought a well done poster that could be posted in church vestibules, local McDonalds etc … simple but might help.

J. Mars
2 years ago

How about an AMAC President over 50. We are tired of these closet liberals who are nothing but Democrat moles! This is exactly what happened to AARP which has become nothing but a Progressive PAC.

2 years ago

Thank you for Good efforts All of us are in need of positive actions ??

2 years ago

Everyone seems to be doing a great job of sharing and helping. May I please add that one of the nicest things you can actually do for the elderly is to …give them a call if they live alone. They probably have no human contact and would appreciate just even a few words – conversation and nothing to cause worry like “are you aware of the virus and how it is affecting the people your age”…not a good conversation. How about something like…”anything you need and can’t get yourself?” How about a trip to a drive through restaurant and a bit of conversation…we can stop the car at a park and eat in the car” or “how about we sit outside and say a few prayers ….maybe for the birds, the wild animals (the key is not to dwell on the virus too much)…if the person has some binoculars, you might want to step outside and just look in the trees for birds, squirrels etc.
A lot is to be said for just HEARING another human voice…

Woody Winter
2 years ago

It is obvious that AMAC, was left in very capable hands. I for one am very sad for your loss and ours. Please continue with the great work that has made AMAC what it is.

George Simpson
2 years ago

Suggest that u join forces or enlist the participation of Clark Howard of Atlanta WSB in support of senior needs.

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