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A Special Message from AMAC

As America celebrates Memorial Day, AMAC pays tribute to those men and women, both close by and overseas, who dedicate their lives to serving this great country and to those who have given their lives to preserve our nation’s freedom. God Bless our military services men and women and thank you for protecting our freedoms.

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i have rejected aarp since i found out the ceo is a crony of obama and looks to profit with obama off the backs of the 50 plus crowd.Aarp’s embrace of obama care was the tipping point for me and my wife.

I do encouragement programs for seniors called, “Word Medicine, Verbal Communication and Encouragement For Seniors” Check Key on Word medicine….any programs for commissions for getting members? Ray Green The Metallic-Age Encourager….337-981-4265

Thank you for standing up for the people and their belief. I admire this site and reject the AARP website. I would be proud to join you organization.

thanks again.