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A Plan to Get Divisive & Radical Theories Out of Our Schools

As a candidate, Joe Biden’s number one promise was to “unite” America. Yet in his first months as president, his number one priority has been to divide our country by race and gender at every turn.

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From - RealClearPolitics - by Donald J. Trump

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Michael Ryan
5 months ago

Just one paragraph shows…

Bob Barr
5 months ago

One paragraph shown

Richard Henningsen Sr
5 months ago

Only one paragraph, but I am totally against this. Why are we teaching our kids to hate each other.

5 months ago

Because their isn’t any long-term profit in love. The money is in war…

Remember, hate pays…and it pays big!

Diana Erbio
5 months ago

Great article, with ways to push back against the indoctrination! We must learn the entire American story the good & the bad so we can learn from it. But being taught some are oppressors and others are the oppressed based on race (or class as was the method Mao used) must be exposed and stopped.

Bobby M.
5 months ago
Reply to  Diana Erbio

Woman, be quiet and make me a sandwich! Ha ha! Just kidding but it’s nice to see ladies around here who can take a joke and don’t yell about equality and whatnot. Anyhow yes, a lot of people (mostly men, since they are usually more insightful) are making good points about indoctrination. It’s nice for you to point us in their direction.

5 months ago

Only 1 paragraph visible

Patriot Will
5 months ago

Even though most of the media are dishonest, more and more Americans are realizing that President Trump is a true champion of American values. God bless President Trump, and God bless the USA.

5 months ago

What article? I got one paragraph.

5 months ago
Reply to  Stephan

That’s all I got, too!

5 months ago
Reply to  Stephan

Yep. That’s what I was thinking.

5 months ago
Reply to  Stephan

The entire article is on Red State. President Trump wrote it.

5 months ago

Excellent article. Now the states and people need to take action at all levels, particularly against the current administration.

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