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First up, one of our favorite socialist in congress, A.O.C has decided once the country re-opens, she says the best move for Americans is to refuse to go back to work. Next, liberals are using the pandemic to try to change the way that we vote. Finally, we are joined by our very own AMAC representative to update you on the impact of COVID-19.

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4 months ago

Pay attention to AOC and you’ll be eating out of a dumpster before you know it! As for Nancy Pelosi, the idea of voting by mail has fraud written all over it! If Nancy wanted eliminate fraud she’d push for voter ID! Democrats can’t even tell a good lie anymore.

4 months ago

The barmaid is SOOOOOO stupid. She should return her every paycheck, too, as she’s doing nothing to earn them.

Three point Paper
4 months ago

Hello One and All, 1. The lunacy of OAC appears to have no limits what so ever. As with one person’s posting. Words to the effect of: That the “Bar Maid” needs to go back to her regular job where she can continue to do nothing while being paid to do so.. The fact that AOC is not a key player in the representation of the voice(s) of the American people, speaks volumes to what she still actually is; A Bar Maid!. 2. Now here comes crazy Nancy Pleosi, with yet another one of her versions of what the American… Read more »

4 months ago

AOC needs to live in Venezuela or Cuba for a minimum of five years to fully understand the hardships of Socialism. It will take that long for to be fully educated and lose this stupidity. Nancy Pelosi is drunk on power and expensive refrigerators full of gourmet ice cream. She is so full of herself and perceived authority that she has lost all sense of reality. She is delusional and cognitively impaired. (Insane.)

Dale e Rose
4 months ago

AOC can’t even go back to her former job, because the owner of the bar got put out of business by high taxes, too many senseless regulations, and the high minimum wages

4 months ago

California is an example of how a voting system can operate for the left. By voting by mail, you can vote as often as you want. No one checks your identification and the government does not keep the voter rolls clean. Deceased and former residents are left registered to vote. Even illegal aliens have been registered to vote because the department of motor vehicles registers you. California should not be allowed to participate in our national elections. If the entire country goes to an all mail voting system, look to see a permanent increase in the number of democrats elected… Read more »

4 months ago

AOC and her crew along with Pelosi make me want to howl at the moon!! I’m glad I read the Old Testament because it lets me know that these kind of people eventually get their due……I don’t need to see it. As far as voting by mail that’s how we do it in my state and as a republican we will never see a republican in a state office till the next ice age cause they the socialists/communists count the ballots. I am in process of selling and moving.

4 months ago

Idiot. Pay no attention to anything she says. She does not work for the American people!

Charles Sever
4 months ago

It was my first time ever voting by mail in, never again will I vote this way. The polls better be open when I go to vote with MY ID, li9ke all the rest of the citizen votes with their VOTER ID CARDS which they should receive before the election so we have no fraud from the cheating democrats. That is why thhey are trying to get this shut down to last until November.

Larry Peterson
4 months ago

$177,000.00 dollars a month(plus her lobbying paycheck) from the American people to set at home doing nothing she was elected to do and spewing her liberal crap on the same people who pay her to be a Democracy Representative :-D :-D

Nancy Lipkins
4 months ago

Don’t AOC realize that if the people don’t work and pay taxes that they will not get a check also I’ve never heard a more dumber person than her oops she is not the only dumb one she in with pelousi, watters, shummer, and most of all shiff. and President Trump needs to get rid of DR. Fauci and put in Robert Kennedy and above all do not listen to Bill Gates.and his stupid vacine and trying to make every one have an vacine……..

4 months ago

Get her out of office.
she is using and abusing the office

Donald Myck
4 months ago

We already vote by mail in this left wing, socialist Washington state. Of course nobody is doing anything about that.

4 months ago

Get her out!

4 months ago

Political advice from AOC would compare to heart surgery advice from your plumber.

4 months ago

Protect our elections? To vote – show your government issued ID. Problem solved.

Garnett Simmers
4 months ago

AOC and 99.999% of democrats serve the democrat party and themselves NOT the American people. That being said, ANYTHING democrats are for is likely bad for America!!!

4 months ago

She’s a loony attention w—-e, and I pray this is the only term she’ll ever serve in our gov’t for the rest of her miserable life.

4 months ago

Why do we continue to pay any attention to this pathetic opportunist. The media continues to give her press which helps to support her personal agenda. Let her go stand on a box on a corner of the dump neighborhood she represents and spout her socialistic nonsense.

3 months ago

Hey, AOC if the rioters do not have to stay six feet away from each other, then the voters do not have to be six feet away either. Get in line at the polling stations. No voting by mail.

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