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A Note from AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber

Dear AMAC Members,

We’ve all reached the point in our lives where we recognize that life can turn on a dime. What was once considered normal can be upended and suddenly, we find ourselves coping with a “new normal”. President Trump took office in January 2017 after 8 years of an Obama Administration that told us that stagnant economic growth and the evaporation of domestic manufacturing jobs were the new normal. President Trump campaigned on making America great again and once elected, he followed through by energizing the American economy with a tax cut and other actions that spurred an economic expansion that the so-called “experts” predicted could not happen. But it did.

The economy grew so strongly and quickly that, weeks before President Trump declared a national emergency over the COVID-19 virus, we made an editorial decision to document the growth by devoting many pages of the latest issue (March – April) of the AMAC Magazine to this subject.

As this latest issue of the AMAC Magazine is soon to be delivered to AMAC members throughout the country, we wanted you to know that these articles about the economy were submitted weeks in advance of the disclosure of the seriousness of the pandemic and the subsequent actions taken by President Trump and his Administration to contain the outbreak. Such is the nature of print journalism.

We’ve prioritized the posting of the most up-to-date information regarding the Chinese coronavirus on all digital AMAC media, including our website,, and ask that you visit the special section we’ve created there to serve as a repository of information on the virus. We also ask that you please renew your membership with AMAC online and submit any questions you have to [email protected], as we’ve reduced staffing in our call centers and other support colleagues in order to comply with federal and state directives.

We thank you for your consideration during this (temporary) new normal we’re all experiencing now and are inspired by the strong, courageous leadership President Trump and Vice President Pence have demonstrated during this crisis. Together, we will get through these challenging times and I’m confident we’ll all emerge better for having had to go through them.

Please take good care and be well!


Rebecca Weber

CEO, Association of Mature American Citizens

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2 years ago

Your article in the latest magazine said
Phoenix has a Democratic Governor.

Rhansford Watson
2 years ago

Thanks Rebecca, AMAC magazine is great, and I certainly mourned the loss of Dan. You keep up all the great work !

Pete M
2 years ago

Thank you, Rebecca, for your very positive message and thank you for leading AMAC during this difficult time for all of us. I look forward to reading the March – April issue of the magazine.

2 years ago

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverb 3:5.
If you know anything about George Washington, he believed in divine intervention. I believe in Trump is finding his way to divine intervention.

We need to pray and repent and God, not man, can make great things happen!
God sent Jonah to Ninevah, they repented and God graced them with mercy.

James E Tryon
2 years ago

In the end you will have proof that this was a man made virus and you will know the reason for it. You will know why it was started in China and why. In the meantime, food for thought. When in history did you ever hear of another virus, flu, or even the common cold going world wide into all countries this fast and with this much news media coverage. Remember the fake media and how they want to control and who controls them? These other crisis from the past did not get the coverage this has, millions of people were killed by it, and it only hit certain countries or regions. There were no world wide panics or even concerns. The only panic buying is usually connected to weather and much smaller regions. This is a man made crisis and we know it was started in china and why it was worse in certain countries. Those that follow the current events from government’s actions and not from fake media sources and doing your own research will come to the same conclusions. This is about the few that are involved in World power and control most countries. They have all the money and are concerned about world power and nothing to do with politics. They have been given various names but they are nameless as they know who they are and they are not a very big group. This whole virus was an exercise and the reason for it and what comes next is what people need to be concerned about. The one thing that this world power is afraid of and can’t control is people who band and stick together. Strength in numbers. The bottom line is, when we reach a certain age we want to live in peace and be left alone. We worked our whole life for it and we just want to enjoy what we have left. We do this with friends and family and like minded people. And that is what you get with membership in the AMAC. They are here for you. Anytime is a good time to join or renew.

Frank La Dieu
2 years ago

Hi Rebecca, thanks for stepping up to CEO this organization of fine and fed-up Americans, first of all. I am just a bit appalled at what seems to be happening to our civil liberties, the economy, and apparently to 25% of citizens who were previously employed, all because of a virus. Then when you find out how serious it is, as a public health threat, particularly but not just to nursing homes and the elderly in general, including some of your membership, well then. It appears that it blew up in January, and here we are at the end of March, hiding in our houses, working from home, and only able to get lunch from places like the Taco Bell drive-thru. I have a short list of people to thank in the absence of a universal infection, and that includes the US Postal Service, the trucking industry, countless motels and doctors with spray bottles of bleach, restaurants from which you can still order a meal on-line and they bring it out to you, retailers with reduced hours and staff, and notably Wal*Mart with “senior Tuesdays” from 6AM to 7AM. A lot of places smell like bleach well in advance of the advertised pandemic.

And then there’s the government, never letting a good crisis go to waste. The thing is that every day the numbers get bigger and we haven’t seen the end of this yet. For everyone who survives it, there may always be the risk of infecting anyone who has escaped it. This might always be ours, to keep. And only then will we all get back to normal, which is apparently most of us, not smelling like bleach any more. It’s called immunity, which most of us have, and maybe with a vaccine.

I’ll check on my membership status. I don’t want to leave you hanging :)

Fred G
2 years ago

Do I get my $1200 that I don’t need and nobody deserves? I hate this business of being penalized all the time for working hard and not spending unwisely. For those who did not, personally I don’t really give a rats ass if they have a problem. It’s theirs not mine. They created it.

The old story about the little red hen applies:
“ The Little Red Hen finds some wheat seeds while searching in the fields. She decided to plant the seeds in order to make some bread for her farmyard friends. She needed help with the task involved in making the bread. She asked her friends “who will help me plant the seeds, who will help me cut down the wheat, who will help me grind the wheat and who will help me make the bread”. The Duck, Cat and Dog all said “not I” so the little Red Hen did all the work. When the bread was done and the animals smelt the appetizing aroma she finally said, “Who will eat the bread, I will” shouted her friends “I will” said the little Red Hen and so she did.

I first read this story as part of a farming topic to my year 2 class. It teaches a very important lesson, that you cannot benefit when you have not contributed to the labor. The famous saying applies “you reap what you sow”.”

In short, **** ‘em and scrap the stimulus and let’s eat it all ourselves. We earned it. It’s just another government boondoggle waste.

And by the way I support President Trump 110%

I may be leaning into the punch but comments are welcome.

Don’t worry. Be happy. This, too, shall pass.

2 years ago

Our membership is good for another year. Thanks
To all that read this and BELIEVE in God’s Word and acts on it has no worry.
Keep relying on that.
For those of you who are somewhere else think about where you future lies.
Is this all there is or is there a joyful hereafter?
Faith in the hereafter .
We cannot get out of this life in this fleshy body. Why not grasp hold of something better?

DuBois Linda M
2 years ago

I don’t consider this a new normal. We are being suppressed for an indefinite amount of time. Once this virus suppression ends we will return to normal life. I am one of the few that has not panicked over this. I am a survivor of the swine flu and SARS Zika viruses. I also got a double strength flu shot in October last year and have for 20 years. I have not hoarded either. I feel this has been blown out of proportion.

Deborah A Rogers
2 years ago

I’m surprised and disappointed at this time of so much uncertainty you would be so concerned with members renewing their memberships. I am struggling with losing my job and not sure when I will go back to work. I live as many Americans do on a very strict budget. The least of my worries at this time is renewing my membership.
As the President would say” Shame on You”.

Debbie Rainey
2 years ago

Memberships are to be renewed online as they are not having as many call operators.
Bottom line, as I took it, do any business online.
No one is being forced to do anything regarding memberships.
Sincerely am sorry for your situation and just remember that God is greater than all of this!

2 years ago
Reply to  Debbie Rainey

Deborah: Good for you, to alert people on this website the real reality of this crisis on peoples lives. Corporations DO NOT CARE about peoples lives, they care about bottom lines. I am really tired of people saying they support this President and his Admin on handling this crisis. They dropped the ball and people are losing their jobs, health care, homes, autos and LIVES due to this President not taking this seriously. (Democrat HOAX). Is it a Hoax now??? But people on this website dont want to bring this up. WHY??? Because its the truth and Trump followers cant accept truth. They just want to place blame on someone or something else.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rich

Rich: If you hate Trump and his followers go join the A.A.R.P. I get sick and tired of the Democrats
and the medias constant complaining. The Media is the right arm of the liberal Democrats.
What were the Democrats doing when this virus started. They were trying to impeach the President. under Obama. I doubt it. This country needs to come together. I am a conservative
I joined A.M.A.C because it is an alternative to A.A.R.P then one of the first post was yours. Well i will bring it up liberal (Democrats) always accuse Trump of doing what they are doing. Why did PELOSI waltz in open the vault for money that had nothing to do with the virus. I Would say the Democrats (ALWAYS) place the blame on somebody else.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tom

Tom: Still about politics and pointing blame with Republicans like you. Still denying this is a crisis cause your President doesnt think it is. You joined A.M.A.C because people wont dispute your comments. Just look at what you mentioned, Democrats, Media, Obama, Pelosi. Not Once did you mentions the virus that is destroying peoples lives, cause you dont want to offend your President. Yes I hate Trump, but not all his followers, just ones like you that are blinded by his lies.

2 years ago

First thank you for the factual updates to your members . Depending on the states you live in it may be handled rather radically as can be seen by the Free Press reporting . NONE of these Blue states contained this in the beginning with flights from China , hotspots in Europe all coming back to America . Under the orders of self quarantined , and we all see how That turned out . Again using facts call this what it really is the Whun virus from commie China . Also I would not believe a word coming out of China . Now it is disheartening to be surrounded by leaderless leadership , hoarding selfish people , people with fear but remain strong , be resolved to do the opposite what the mobs do and America will be alright .

Paul Cannon
2 years ago
Reply to  Steve

The thieves in Congress chose the opportunity to add to their stolen paychecks. This is just WRONG!

Zulma Weeks
2 years ago

It’s Covid-19 pandemic, not a Chinese Coronavirus. Please refer to it the way the scientific community is.

2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

Well now, lets wait and see. China has motive to destroy the US economy and the Trump presidency as President Trump forced China into a trade deal and stopped them from stealing tech secrets. Early on there was suggestion that the virus was a bio weapon and China has been building a military to compete world wide. Lately calls from members of congress to have an international investigation into source as China is trying to put the blame on the US, which is an old tactic they likely learned from democrats.

Linda McDaniel
2 years ago
Reply to  Eagle

I agree

2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

This is a Coronavirus…. from China. Covid 19 is a term to shorten the phrase Coronavirus Disease. 19 is the strain. Being PC is wrong.

Vester Hasson
2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

How about chinese contrived covid 19. Better known as the chinese coronavirus. Nit picker.

2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

Zulma, just chill, OK?

2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

It came from China.

William Thompson
2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

Started in China……sorry!!!!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Zulma Weeks

Sorry, I can’t do that….I call them as I see them, and to me you sound like just another liberal DEMONcrat. (Let’s not call it what it is, we might offend the Chinese. Le’s call it something else.)

James Persson
2 years ago

I like smac

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