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A New Year & New Brain Health Goals by Prevagen

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It’s hard to believe, but here we are ringing in 2020 already. The beginning of a new calendar year gives us the chance to change our mindset and our habits, making changes that result in better brain and overall health. While you don’t have to come up with a whole list of resolutions on New Year’s Day, it is a good idea to set some goals to achieve in 2020. Here are a few new brain health goals – from making the right food choices to adding a brain supplement like Prevagen to your life – you may want to set for yourself as we ring in the new year.

Eat Your Way to Improved Brain Health

A healthy diet does your body good, but it’s essential for a healthy brain, too. You don’t have to put yourself on a strict diet, but you should set a goal to eat foods that help maintain proper brain function while protecting brain cells from oxidative stress. This includes eating more high-quality foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Some specific foods you can focus on adding to your diet in 2020 include:

  • Avocados – Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin K, and healthy fats, avocados can help improve cognitive function, particularly concentration and memory.
  • Blueberries – The high level of gallic acid in blueberries makes them excellent at protecting the brain from stress and age-related degeneration.
  • Beets – While not everyone’s favorite, these root veggies pack in antioxidants that boost energy, blood flow to the brain, and aid mental performance.
  • Broccoli – Yep, mom had it right. You need your broccoli for better brain health. The high levels of choline and vitamin K help keep the mind sharp.
  • Coconut oil has been found to help reduce age-related memory loss.
  • Dark Chocolate – Don’t go grabbing for Hershey’s Kisses, but dark chocolate with 70% or more cocoa contains flavanols that have antioxidant properties that can improve blood flow to your brain and give you some great brain benefits.
  • Kale – Kale provides a hefty dose of vitamin K. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin and is able to sharpen memory!
  • Salmon – Salmon is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. There is a known connection between omega-3 levels and improved cognition.

And don’t forget, if you’re not getting all the essential brain nutrients you need from your diet, adding a good supplement like Prevagen can help, too.

Move More for Better Brain Function

Exercise more. It’s a common New Year’s resolution. But this year, make it a goal to move more for your brain. Exercising regularly helps boost your mood, improves blood flow to the brain, and improves memory, reducing your risk of age-related mental decline. In fact, recent studies – the kind that gets your sweat glands and heart pumping – may even boost the size of the brain’s hippocampus, the part that’s involved in learning and verbal memory.

Ready to put this to the test this year? Make a good exercise plan a goal in 2020. Walking has been studied the most when it comes to its brain benefits, but most types of aerobic exercises that keep the heart pumping are likely beneficial. Aim for 120-150 minutes of exercise a week, and if that seems a bit daunting, get started with 10-15 minutes a day and start increasing the minutes you exercise each week until you’re nailing that goal.

Have a tough time having the discipline to stay active? Here are a couple of ideas to help you move more:

  • Keep track of your progress. It’ll help you reach those goals.
  • Hire a personal trainer if you can. Paying someone is great motivation to stick with your plan.
  • Work out with a friend or join a fitness class that keeps you accountable.
  • Pick the parking spot that is far away from the store.
  • When given the choice between an elevator versus the stairs, pick the stairs!

Set Brain Exercise Goals

Your brain is like a muscle – you need to exercise it to make it stronger. Think about your mental fitness in 2020 and set some brain exercise goals. Mental exercises like learning a new language, a new hobby, or even meditating can help form new neural pathways in your brain.

Stimulating your brain with some good mental exercises not only helps you be at your mental best now, but it also helps protect the brain against age-related cognitive decline in the future. Just a few of the benefits you can get from various types of brain exercise include:

  • Positive mood
  • Faster reaction times
  • Less stress
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Enhanced mental flexibility
  • Faster thinking
  • Increased concentration
  • Better focus
  • Boost on productivity and motivation
  • Better overall memory

Need a few exercises you can do anytime to work out your brain? Here are a few ideas:

  • Try eating with chopsticks if you’re not good at this. It makes you eat mindfully.
  • Switch up your hands. Using the non-dominant hand will challenge your brain.
  • Read out loud. It engages your brain and imagination in new ways because your brain is reading, speaking, and hearing the words.
  • Change your morning routine. Changing your morning routine has its benefits! It can increase focus, increase creativity levels, and can even help to improve memory.
  • Try something new. Travel to a new place, engage in a new hobby or try out a new type of cuisine. Novel things stimulate your brain.

Don’t Forget a Good Brain Supplement

Last, don’t forget a good brain supplement. This is one of the simplest things you can do to improve your brain health in the coming year. It’s clinically shown to improve memory, and it’ll even help if you’re already dealing with mild, age-related memory loss. Commit to taking the supplement for the entire year so you’re able to fully enjoy the benefits it offers.

Prevagen is the number one pharmacist recommended memory support supplement, and you don’t need a prescription to buy it. Prevagen is formulated with apoaequorin, which is safe and uniquely supports brain function.* So stock up and do something great for your brain in 2020!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.

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