82 Year Old Retired Senior Says: WAKE UP AMERICA!!

from James R Wheeler,Jr. – As an 82 yr old retired senior I find my self constantly worried that the cuts in Medicare coming in 2014 are going to reduce our health care and increase the huge national debt burden on our heirs! My 80 yr old wife of 61 yrs has had 7 major surgeries , has Parkinson’s ,reoccurring singles ,and currently reoccurring affects of gout. Is it fair for me to spend my remaining years concerned that OBAMACARE will diminish our health care insurance and further damage our great country??? WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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Lynn M
6 years ago

Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on America.

Followed only by Biden, the biggest joke ever perpetrated on Americans.

George Reagan, Fort Worth, TX
6 years ago

AMEN, James. I have been preaching this for several years, now, and nothing changes. Our local Tea Party group has been very vocal with local, state and national politicos. Ted Cruz is one of our warriors. The GOP has finally awakened to the Tea Party and many have converted. This time around, it’s Tea Party time. Time to kick some liberal butt.

Genevieve Hertel
6 years ago

Do you have a form to fill out, if I join.

We always use a Money Order when sending any kind of money.


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