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8 Enjoyable Endeavors for Grandparents and Grandkids

Grandparents today play a more active role than before in the lives of their grandkids. AMAC has gathered a list of eight fun and meaningful activities for both young and old to delight in:

 1. Scavenger Hunt:

Whether you take this on by way of nature walk, collecting leaves, rocks, pinecones, and other such things you could find in the great outdoors, or you make it an intense game of Ultimate Scavenger Hunt inside the mall, big box store, or other such place, a scavenger hunt is a sure way to bring on the fun and closeness and ensure both the kids and the grands have a good time!

2. Play Cards:

This is an activity that grandparents will relish in teaching their grandkids and which the grandkids will enjoy learning. Today it is all too easy to find an online app for even card games, but we’re saying keep those devices away and break out the actual cards! Some card games to play with little ones, tweens, or teens include: Crazy Eights, Bridge, Gin Rummy, Trash, Spoons, Uno and Blackjack.

3. Play Video Games:

We know we just said to ditch the devices, but in this case, bring on the technology! Sometimes, getting lost in an online world of fun and games is just the ticket to engaging with your grandkids. See the exciting ways in which they defeat the bad guys, strategize to earn points, or create silly characters to play with in fantasy worlds. They will appreciate the connection you are making with them, and you will have fun learning about their world for just a little bit.

4. Bake and Share:

There is almost no better way to show you care than by baking a favorite recipe and sharing with a loved one. Spending time in the kitchen is a wonderful way to promote that special bond between grandparents and grandchildren, where each can share tips and tricks and learn new things about the other. Teach your grandchild an old family favorite, and let them add an updated twist to it! Then have the, write out the recipe card and share the baked good with someone special!

5. Play Dress Up:

It’s no secret that kids of all ages like to play pretend; what better fun to have than for them to play dress up in Grandma and Grandpa’s duds! Let them go all out: shirts and blouses, ties and scarves, hats, jewelry, and shoes. So long as they know they have to help clean up when they are done, let them put on a show for you and revel in being you for the day!

6. Do a Puzzle:

Enjoying a puzzle together is a fantastic way to spend time, especially for those days when maybe the weather isn’t perfect, someone is feeling down, or physical mobility is limited. Clear the table, pull up a chair, and get to work on those edge pieces! The great thing about puzzles is they come in all ability levels, so whether you are working on a 25 piece or 1,000 piece puzzle with your grandkids, everyone will be having a good time.

7. Garden:

To garden is to get outdoors and learn about all things green. The fun can begin by choosing just what you want to plant: a single flower in a personalized pot; a variety of perennials in an outdoor garden bed; or some yummy fruits and veggies to preen then eat when they grow. Playing in the dirt with permission is every kid’s dream!

8. Share Your Hobby:

Knitting, Bingo, golf, arts and crafts- whatever your hobby, letting your grandchild participate with you will enable them to enjoy something new and different. Not to mention, if your hobby includes an outing and meeting up with your friends, you get grandparent bragging rights to show off your grandkids and their talents!

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