74 Percent of Americans Believe Voter I.D. Should be Required to Vote

A new Washington Post poll shows a whopping 74 percent of Americans believe photo identification should be required to cast a ballot in U.S. elections.

A controversy over voter ID laws is a prominent backdrop to this year’s election, with courtroom showdowns in Pennsylvania, Texas and elsewhere over voting rights and otherwise mundane election procedures.

Overall, there is high, strong and cross-party support for such laws, even though a slim majority of Americans say they have heard “not much” or “nothing” about the issue. Support dips among those who say they have heard more about new photo identification requirements but remains the majority position.

About half of those polled see voter fraud — people voting who are not eligible to do so or voters casting multiple ballots — as a “major problem” in presidential elections. One in three see it as a “minor problem.” The numbers are nearly as high when it comes to concern about eligible voters being denied their rights.

Asked to trade off the two, slightly more Americans are concerned with fraud than with voter suppression, although stark partisan and racial differences emerge. Two-thirds of Republicans see voter fraud as a bigger problem; nearly as many Democrats are primarily concerned with denying eligible voters access to the ballot box.

In the poll, African Americans are the most likely to see voter suppression as a major problem and the most likely to see support for the laws as an effort to boost one party over the other. Nearly six in 10 African Americans sense that support for the laws stems from partisan politics.

While 44 percent of Americans perceive partisan politics at play in the support of such laws, far more, 57 percent, see a genuine interest in fair elections as a big motivator.

A challenge for opponents of the ID laws is that a slim majority of Americans see politics behind the opposition, with fewer sensing it is motivated by a real interest in clean vote counts.

Moreover, big majorities of those whom critics see as bearing the brunt of the laws are supportive of them, including about three-quarters of seniors and those with household incomes under $50,000 and two-thirds of non-whites.


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The states need to Voter I D Laws not the Federal Goverment.



Peter Lanigan

What would be the reason why anyone eligible to vote would even have a problem with simply providing a valid photo I.D.?No photo I.D.-no vote.period,end of problem


I didn’t vote! Make that 74% +.


I see California plans to issue photo ID drivers licenses to illegals. Gee, just in time to sway the vote for Obama. What a coincidence huh?


Without voter I D the upcoming election could very well become the most crooked election ever!
The illegals, those who live off the public dole and those who would see America drastically changed
would vote early and often.
Scarry, Scarry probability.


when I read the news I see alot of libs saying that the amount of voter fraud is sooo small that theres no need to protect the system.But all my life I have been told ,starting w/ my lib. father and pounded into my head by everyone elected to goverment that I should get out and vote,because it only takes one vote to make or break an election. So how many dead people did it take to put Obama in the Whitehouse ? Just one.


The other 26 percent are illegals, welfare slugs, drug cartels and leftist Demcrats!




Its pretty simple,you have to register to vote,photo I.D. should be a no brained,kind of like immigration.

Mark B.

The problem is half of us don’t care,don’t know what they don’t know,are being funded by the other half and are afraid of being cut off,don’t want to be found wrong when it’s so much easier to run with a TV story as a political point of view and vote, gasp, accordingly! Not the least, the graduates coming out of our schools don’t know how amazing it was that this country formed at all and how it all came about. To them, it just happened and rolls along on it’s own. They aren’t aware of the daily battle against the reversed minds trying to tear it all down (for our own good, or else…..).

Edwin Eller

The dead can’t get them, athough i woukd bet some in Chicago would find a way.


we need 100% to make this work
go get them

Kenneth Kjer

Also in addition to it not working, is that every dictator in history who defeated democracy, started out with photo ID cards and gun control.


I have to show ID to vote in Missouri. The big problem we had in the 2008 election was a Democrat judge in St. Louis forced a polling location or locations in inner city St.Louis to stay open late so more Dems could vote, helping to swing the vote to Obama.

Kenneth Kjer

As a retired police officer, I can honestly say that voter ID will not work unless the US spends billions to upgrade identification systems. Most people think because you need a photo ID to board an airplane, cash a check, do a lot of things, it will work, but these are all cursory checks and do not guarantee that person whose picture is on the card is actually who the printed material on the card says it is. Photo ID has not stopped bad checks, stolen personal ID’s, terrorism, illegal immigration or anything else, because there is no data base that exists that a photo ID can be checked against. I have no idea why anybody would be in favor of photo ID, it is a waste of time and money and unless the government is willing and the people will let them, collect and put on a database all… Read more »


Photo ID would put an end to 99 percent of voter fraud. No more stuffing the ballot boxes. That’s why the Democrats are so against it. Really, really simple.

Pilot Bob

When I go to some of my doctor’s office, I need to have a photo ID. When I use my senior fare on public transit, rent a car, fly on an airline, go to a hospital (the list goes on and on). So why not require a photo ID to vote? Of course, the left is afraid that it will keep their FRAUDULENT voters from voting for the most dangerous administration we have ever seen!

Carl Johnson

Absolutely voter I.D. should be nationwide law. Those who are choosing to vote illigally are doing so for some sort of renumeration. Additionally, voter I.D.’s should be up-graded every few years as driver’s licenses are. Let’s not forget, a lot of us that are 80 as am I, do not quite look the same as we did when 21!!!

That’s my two cents worth and I’m spending it…. Go USA and in God We Trust

Yours Truly, a grateful citizen

Mike Townsend

I love all the posts and I too think there is no problem with voter ID. I would point out the 75% includes everyone on the right, all the independents and 20% of the left. 20% is 1/5th of the left.