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7 Ridiculous Projects the Government Spent Your Tax Dollars on This Year

from – The Daily Signal – by Kelsey Harris

As you recover from Christmas spending these last couple days of 2014, don’t forget to account for the millions of dollars in gifts you bought the federal government all year long.

Yes, thanks to your tax dollars, wasteful programs (including ones like the $237,205 study that measures how rainfall affects red crabs) were funded with government money.

This infographic breaks down seven of those projects.


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8 years ago

The cheapest one listed, salt marsh grass, is the only valid project there and it will pay off handsomely. Many square miles of salt marsh and sea grass areas are in need of restoration. If you eat fish or shrimp, you will benefit. If you want saltwater you can see through then 10 thousand is a small price. College students are involved which stretches that budget and trains the scientist we need for the future.

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