The 5 Most Amazing National Parks in the World

National parks are magnificent places where one can stand in awe of Mother Nature’s bold, beautiful work and be inspired, uplifted and humbled all at once. We, as citizens of planet Earth, should bear witness to as much of this natural grandeur as we can. Bring the people you love. Make memories. Go back and do it all over again.

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Howard Last
4 years ago

Be forewarned if you visit some of the United States National Parks. You are likely to see a sign UNESCO World Heritage Site. As far as I am concerned the UN has no business in our National Parks. The first time I saw one of those signs I was glad I did not have a chain with me or I would have attached it to the sign and the hitch on the pickup and pulled the sign down.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  Howard Last

But Howard, didn’t you read the first paragraph? “We, as citizens of planet earth…” leaves little room for independence. It’s all one world, remember? Old Teddy did us a great favor when he began the sequestration of what should have been States’ lands. Just look at the difference in “Federal” lands in the eastern half of the US as compared to the western half.
On top of that, Obama added millions of acres to the governments meddle minded bureaucrats in the Dept of the Interior, Forestry Service and Parks and Wildlife…and government has attempted more encroachment into south and mid-western States, even here in Texas, no less.
Plunder is plunder whether done for greed or mistaken philanthropic causes. Seems the “do-gooders” are never done.

Howard Last
4 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

They are doing the same crap here in Wyoming. Don’t forget the BLM and what they did/are doing to the rancher in Utah.

Ivan Berry
4 years ago
Reply to  Howard Last

Howard, OathKeepers kept me well informed.
Property, private or of the /States does not belong to the general government no more than do our children and grand children, nor control of our healthcare. Government is force that just keeps on taking.

4 years ago
Reply to  Ivan Berry

You sound like another one world government loon that will not be happy until we are borderless and all “third world” primitives. We here in the US can fend for ourselves without the sinister workings of the UN, which we fund primarily. Why fund the UN and then let them reign over us?

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