The Weekly AMAC Caption Contest


Enter your favorite caption for the picture in the comments below! Best caption wins a free one-year membership to AMAC! The winner will be notified by e-mail on Friday, June 22nd, so be sure to include your contact information if you are not yet a member and GOOD LUCK!!

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Barrack Hussien told me to say that

As an artist, I consider creativity in my work!

Who me? Surely you don’t think I did anything wrong.

If you are trying to save money, The sasetrmt thing to do would not have comp/collision, but have GOOD liability limits, say if you start a chain reaction accident, you rear end a car and it pushes that car into more cars your minimum property damage limits will be GONE, even worse if you injure someone, and you and your husband will be in big trouble as you will have to pay out of pocket when the other insurance companys come after you for what they paid out people always think they are saving money, but belive me, I am a claim rep and I see the aftermath, it is a disaster when you do not have high enough limits Was this answer helpful?

Well of course it was Bush’s fault

Pull my finger. I won’t fart. Promise.

Fast and Furious? Oh you mean Obama

Take a good look…….
Would you buy insurance from this man?

“I ah gotcha documents ah right here, but yous can’t ah have them causa they might expose ah the corruption in ah the Executive branch.”

“Read between the lines, Republicans “

There you go again………..Picking on the “Black Man” .

Well, I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been a stupid idea… if it had been an idea… And I’m not saying it was… Do you know what I mean by “was”?

Let me say this a different way……

Look, you have my word that this briefing is just as valid as the 1300 documents you requested. Just ask Elijah Cummings…

I don’t remember having 5 digits on this hand, maybe I didn’t get the memo !

Comrads, please I didn’t mean to call you a nation of cowards!

So what? No matter what happens I still keep my pay.

Pick a finger as my answer, Senator Issa

“Well, yes. In fact, I am proud to be the most inept of an inept administration.”

You Can’t handle the Truth !