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28 Congressional Democrats Sign Letter Demanding Department of Education Allow Biological Males in Girls Sports


Twenty-eight congressional Democrats signed a letter Wednesday condemning the Department of Education for ruling that public schools that allow biological males who identify as transgender to play girls sports are violating Title IX civil rights legislation.

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal joined 27 House Democrats in signing the letter, which charged that the department’s order “discriminates against transgender youth” by restricting girls sports to biological females.

“The decision of the Department of Education to issue a determination targeting transgender student athletes on the eve of Pride Month is not coincidental. It is a transparent example of their campaign against the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ children,” Connecticut Rep. Jahana Hayes, the letter’s lead signer, said in a press release.

The Education Department on May 15 issued a ruling stating that public schools that allow biological males into girls athletics are violating Title IX, which protects women’s access to education and athletics.

The Department of Justice previously backed a lawsuit filed by high school girls in Connecticut who said the liberal state’s transgender policies violated their rights.

Sports across the country are on hold due to the novel coronavirus, but biological males who identify as transgender have previously racked up accomplishments in female athletics.

Franklin Pierce University runner CeCe Telfer, for example, won an NCAA Division II women’s track championship in May 2019. Telfer is a biological male who identifies as transgender.

University of Montana runner June Eastwood, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, was named the Big Sky Conference’s female athlete of the week in October 2019. Both Eastwood and Telfer previously competed on their university’s men’s team before switching to the women’s team.

Rachel McKinnon, a biological male who identifies as transgender, won women’s cycling world championships in both 2018 and 2019.

Wednesday’s letter isn’t the first instance of Democratic politicians arguing in favor of allowing biological males into female athletics.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar in February 2019 called for an investigation into USA Powerlifting for barring biologically male athletes from women’s events.

A piece of Democratic legislation called the Equality Act, which passed the House with unanimous support from Democrats, would require schools to allow biologically male athletes into girls sports, if the male athletes identify as transgender.

Reprinted with Permission from -Daily Signal by - Peter Hasson

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George Schryer
1 year ago

God made the sexes for a reason. If He had wanted the sexes to be the same physically He would have done it. This only proves that those who approve of this trans stuff dont believe in God. They will pay a price for their sinful ways.
For those of you who want to dis me for my beliefs go ahead I dont care.

1 year ago

Why don’t the male teams allow transgender females to play with them…That way we don’t have the problem of young girls having to deal with males in very private places.

1 year ago

I believe God intended us to be who we are. I’m a boy with no inclination to be a girl. my wife and daughters are girls. boys should stick to boy games and girls to girl games. I am so over these people shoving lbgt down my throat. let’s not let evil dictate who we are. I am not going to judge these unfortunate people who want to be the opposite gender that’s God work but we’ve given these people an inch and now they want a mile.

M Walden
1 year ago

Males generally(unless they are wimps) are stronger and faster than their women counterparts. It is unfair for genuine female athletes to be forced to compete against anatomical males- hello testosterones! I find it amazing that American women(mostly suburbanites) are “against” President Trump and favor Democrats who push so many policies which are against women. Wake up Soccer Moms, the Democrats have many policies not in your favor – or even fair. Black communities keep voting for Democrats who simply have made new “plantations” for them by keeping them enslaved by handouts from the government instead of being free to explore their independent skills and possibilities. It was the party of Abraham Lincoln, i.e., Republicans that went to war to give the black people their freedom. It was the Democratic party that established the KKK and tried to keep blacks out of white schools in the south. Remember George Wallace in Alabama, Democrat, where the Federal troops had to be sent in so the black children could be admitted into previously all white schools? I have lived through 14 administrations and have lived through a lot of American history. In the 50’s/60’s the Democrats were mainly from the South and promulgated attitudes and policies against the blacks; now they are primarily from the N.E., E. and West Coast area and claim to be “all in” for the blacks for one purpose – to get the black votes. President Trump has done more the the black population of America than perhaps any other person. The lame MSM give our President no credit for any of the wonderful things he has done for our country because of their hate, animus and NWO agenda they push along with the Democrats. Neither the Democrats nor the sorry news media love America, they are globalists pushing for a NWO.

Richard A Olmsted
1 year ago


M ludwig
1 year ago


James E Tryon
1 year ago

We already know the demo-rats have lost their minds. Most are criminals by the legal sense of the imagination. We know they hate Trump but don’t forget he is only one man. They also hate all of you because you would question their sanity. Also remember that each of them was a nobody when they started and even though they make 186,000 dollars a year, their income is in the millions. That my friends is a very successful RICO organization! And you are funding it!

1 year ago

The 28 are sick….biological competition only

1 year ago


Joe Zaugg
1 year ago

ok so maybe these transgender people should start their own sports.

1 year ago

I believe the Left’s idealogical push for all their ungodly ridiculously insane demands has everything to do with tearing down anything which relates to ‘God’s America.’ The Left is tirelessly working to remove even the things of the past as well as the present because they believe in doing so that anything relating to God and righteous judgement of immoral actions and behaviors will no longer exist. So, once they’ve accomplished that who do we suppose will be their next target? Yup, our elderly. How do we suppose they’ll shut them all up? We know what they are capable of and it’s about time with what has been going on that those on the Left who are blatantly supporting the mayhem and destruction are labeled as the traitors they are. No longer should we as a collective body of sane Americans allow this anti-American Leftist regime to exist in our Country. We’ve degraded our culture of being lovers of peace and of having the mutual respect for a law abiding free society by allowing some people from anti-American cultures here. Those people do not care about any of us who are true Americans wanting our country to remain a Judeo-Christian nation. This President needs the backing of the Senate to get some laws and or Legislation pertaining to the quality of citizenship revamped. All people’s from around the globe who wish to reside in the United States also must be willing to assimilate to the American ways of life, namely abide by our Constitution. MR. PRESIDENT, YOU HAVE MY SUPPORT TO TAKE THE ACTIONS DEEMED NECESSARY TO GET THIS COUNTRY’S IDENTITY CRISIS STRAIGHTENED OUT!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Judy
joe p
1 year ago

“… biological males who identify as transgender have previously racked up accomplishments in female athletics.” Dear NEWSMAX: Please return to responsible writing. Shouldn’t this statement read: “… biological males who have competed in men’s sports but now identify as transgender females have dominated female athletics to the consternation of biological women. I suppose that’s too radical for a newsmax “journalists”, but you should tell it like it is. Men, even transgender men, are built different than women, is that news to you?. Winning in womens sports is NOT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Virginia A Sherk
1 year ago

No matter whether they decide to become women, their DNA is male. Different built, more muscles etc. Highly unfair for them to compete with females athletes.

George Schryer
1 year ago

But they are not girls they are Trans. Let them compete against trans.

1 year ago

I stand behind the Dept. of Education. Biological males have more muscle tissue in their bodies than biological females. It is very unfair to allow transgenders to compete in athletics because they identify with the “other” sex.

1 year ago

The dems are crazy, pandering, anti God satan worshipers. They believe in mother nature and fairy tails. Do you?

Allen A
1 year ago

The Federal Department of Education was created to take control of schools and teaching away from parents and local school districts, concentrating it in DC in order to make turning education into Communist indocterination easier to accomplish. This move by the Democrats is just more of the same lust for power. It is time to defund this Communist agenda driven agency. It should never have been created in the first place

Karla C
1 year ago

These DEMON-CRAPS are crazy!!!!!!!!!!
********I hope they all have daughters, that will beat some brains into them!!!!!!

Wesley King
1 year ago

Unscientific insanity–How can supposedly intelligent people buy into such nonsense!

1 year ago

The Left destroys everything they touch.

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