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28 Congressional Democrats Sign Letter Demanding Department of Education Allow Biological Males in Girls Sports


Twenty-eight congressional Democrats signed a letter Wednesday condemning the Department of Education for ruling that public schools that allow biological males who identify as transgender to play girls sports are violating Title IX civil rights legislation.

Democratic Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal joined 27 House Democrats in signing the letter, which charged that the department’s order “discriminates against transgender youth” by restricting girls sports to biological females.

“The decision of the Department of Education to issue a determination targeting transgender student athletes on the eve of Pride Month is not coincidental. It is a transparent example of their campaign against the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ children,” Connecticut Rep. Jahana Hayes, the letter’s lead signer, said in a press release.

The Education Department on May 15 issued a ruling stating that public schools that allow biological males into girls athletics are violating Title IX, which protects women’s access to education and athletics.

The Department of Justice previously backed a lawsuit filed by high school girls in Connecticut who said the liberal state’s transgender policies violated their rights.

Sports across the country are on hold due to the novel coronavirus, but biological males who identify as transgender have previously racked up accomplishments in female athletics.

Franklin Pierce University runner CeCe Telfer, for example, won an NCAA Division II women’s track championship in May 2019. Telfer is a biological male who identifies as transgender.

University of Montana runner June Eastwood, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, was named the Big Sky Conference’s female athlete of the week in October 2019. Both Eastwood and Telfer previously competed on their university’s men’s team before switching to the women’s team.

Rachel McKinnon, a biological male who identifies as transgender, won women’s cycling world championships in both 2018 and 2019.

Wednesday’s letter isn’t the first instance of Democratic politicians arguing in favor of allowing biological males into female athletics.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar in February 2019 called for an investigation into USA Powerlifting for barring biologically male athletes from women’s events.

A piece of Democratic legislation called the Equality Act, which passed the House with unanimous support from Democrats, would require schools to allow biologically male athletes into girls sports, if the male athletes identify as transgender.

Reprinted with Permission from -Daily Signal by - Peter Hasson

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Louise Santos
1 month ago

There’s a lawsuit against this in Connecticut brought on by women in high school sports. I hope they win.

General Patton
1 month ago

We need to vote Marxist Democrats out of office nationally in 2020–what a disgrace!!!!!!!!

Nancy Lipkins
1 month ago

These “GUYS” can’t compete in the mens sports because they can’t win in them so they compete against the women. Jerks is all they are and will ever be.

1 month ago

Perhaps the biological girls should refuse to play with transgenders.

1 month ago

What a bunch of liberal IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

1 month ago

Identifying as a transgender does not automatically make you a female. Women’s sports are designed for women and women only……the same as men’s sports. If these Democratic clowns continue with their stupidity……they will want more. God made men and women different for a reason and that should mean something to our world.

Lawrence Greenberg
1 month ago

Those 28 morons should all be impeached.

Pat Hawley
1 month ago

What happened to women’s rights?

1 month ago

They’re doing anything for liberal socialist agenda.

Mike S
1 month ago

Men are physically different than woman, and in most cases (not talking about the fringes here) are stronger than woman. Facts are facts. That is why there is a men’s and women’s tee off spots in golf.
South Park did a perfect show on the absurdity of this. In it Randy “Macho Man Savage” decided to “identify” as a woman and enter all the women’s sports competitions. Naturally he won every one.

David Spade
1 month ago

The biological women should have a separate sanctioned or unsanctioned (track and field, swimming, golf, etc.) events if a biological male shows up for a championship. This is particularly true of state high school events or meets or national college meets. The attention that the women gain should show the rest of the world that the women are not going to play on an unequal field. The Democrats that signed the letter are playing completely to the liberal, socialist left wing losers that really don’t care about fairness.

1 month ago

The comedy movie “Idiocracy” is turning into prophecy; maybe the Dems should start calling themselves Idiocrats.

Glenn Lego
1 month ago

What are the names of the Congressional Reps that signed this?

Denny Macha
1 month ago

Would you please list the Democrats who signed the letter?

1 month ago

Stupid is as stupid does!

dino deplorable
1 month ago

Dense oc RATS today have absolutely no perception of what patriotic AMERICANS today think.The dense oc RATS are so far out of touch with the way normal AMERICANS feel that I really fear for my country.They don’t care about AMERICA as long as they have their self serving cult they think that they will survive.You dense oc RATS should be very careful about your anti AMERICAN agenda,It will not work.

1 month ago

have events for trans gender’s ONLY THEY CAN COMPETE AGAINST ONE ANOTHER , AT THE AWARD CEREMONY have lots of security… could be CAT fights

1 month ago

with such participants as we’re discussing if nobody shows up to view the events and pay to do so and no other competitors show up to compete I wonder just how long this will last

Ed J
1 month ago

The equation here is very simple. If you have a Y-chromosome, you are male. If you do not have a Y-chromosome, you are female. PERIOD! How you “feel” about yourself, or how you “perceive” yourself, is irrelevant to the discussion. Males and females are different physically is terms of body builds, inherent strength, etc.   It would be one thing to allow the opposite sex to play on a team sport, but to allow a “man” to compete solo in a “woman’s” sport is ludicrous and is inherently uncompetitive. The mentioned “wins” by those transgender males who “won” in the female sports contests… Read more »

Michael Shoemaker
1 month ago

These Democrats are out of their exterestrial Vulcan minds!

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