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AMAC Supports H.R. 3090, “Elder Protection and Abuse Prevention Act of 2013

andrew-mangioneby Andrew Mangione – AMAC is pleased to indicate that a letter of support has been delivered to the office of Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) for his bill, H.R. 3090, the “Elder Protection and Abuse Prevention Act of 2013.”  This piece of legislation sheds light on elder abuse and institutes a number of legal protective measures to ensure that incidents of abuse are properly reported and reduced nationwide.  To put an end to these injustices, H.R. 3090 strengthens the definitions of elder abuse, neglect, and elder justice and defines the terms financial exploitation and adult protective services for the first time in the Older Americans Act (OAA) of 1965.  Additionally, this bill directs states to incorporate elder abuse screening, prevention training, and reporting protocols into the health and wellness services that receive money from the government.  While AMAC remains highly concerned about the horrendous crimes being committed by perpetrators of elder abuse, we believe that training those who interact with the elderly on a regular basis to identify signs of abuse will provide victims with the proper care and assistance they need to heal and recover.  Helping to give older Americans the security and peace of mind they deserve, AMAC is proud to support the “Elder Protection and Abuse Prevention Act of 2013.”

Read AMAC Letter of Support Here

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Jim LeMar
7 years ago

I have looked over this web site and I am not able to find anything about your stand on the second amendment.

Where do you stand on our right to defend ourselves? As far as I am concerned, without the second amendment,

there is no need for further discussion, because this country will give up all of our freedoms.

Albert Arcand
8 years ago

AMAC should ask that H.R. 3090 be modified to provide protection from abuse by APS and the Court system toward mature adults. It abusive to be force to pay all parties in Guardianship hearing, that was based on false reporting to APS. Then to have APS protect the false reporter(s). Even if there were no false reports, it still abusive to have the AIP pay for the proceedings. Instead of the person(s) causing the abuse.

AMAC should seek to prevent abuse from all source, not just the one that the APS and the Court go after.

8 years ago

glad to hear about the extra protection measures being added, but what took so long. everyone should be aware of this act and the additions added to it. too bad our local and national news channels do not provide this information that all need to know. we must do a better job of getting this type of vital and information out to the public. thanks for providing it.

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