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AMAC Action Advocacy Annual Report 2019

AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens is well known for offering members a robust menu of benefits. An essential benefit members experience is the passionate representation of their interests at the highest levels of the federal government. Representing members comprises the tip of the spear of all activity undertaken by AMAC’s affiliate advocacy organization, AMAC Action, participation in which is a benefit of AMAC membership. Simply said, all advocacy starts and ends with AMAC’s member interests and as an authentic member-driven organization, we take our marching orders from them.

AMAC Action is a non-profit, non-partisan organization representing the membership in our nation’s capital and in local Congressional Districts throughout the country. AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, DC with our Government Relations Team. This group of dedicated, professional advocates is committed to the privilege of representing AMAC members’ priorities and conveying their concerns to federal lawmakers.

2019 was a productive year for AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team. To review an in-depth report of AMAC Action’s advocacy efforts in 2019, please click the button below.

Read Full 2019 AMAC Action Advocacy Annual Report

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