2012 GOP Contenders: Make Some Waves

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

Gallup’s presidential approval rating tracker is currently the talk of the town, as Barack Obama’s approval rating fell to the lowest point in his presidency—a mere 39%. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering what planet those 39% are living on and/or how they’ve managed to get this far in life with such thick blinders on.

Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction. Plenty of Americans—particularly Independents—are awakening to the reality of our President’s failed policies, recognizing the enormous distinction between his record and rhetoric, and gearing up to hold him accountable. Take a peek at some recent indicators of election trouble for our Campaigner-in-chief come 2012:

**Rasmussen: 54% see Obama as more liberal than they are

**Gallup: Small-business owners’ revenue and hiring expectations down

**Rasmussen: 54% favor repeal of health care law

**CNN/ORC: Democrat support for Obama’s re-election fades as “support for Obama’s re-nomination has fallen 11 percentage points since June”

**Rasmussen: 67% favor finding spending cuts in all government programs

The real question is whether or not 2012 GOP candidates will do the tough PR work necessary to expose this President’s job-killing economic policies, foreign-policy ineptitude, complete and utter lack of leadership, and unparalleled efforts to expand the size and scope of federal overreach. Will they make it their business to articulate why this country is so exceptional and how our current Campaigner-in-chief is jeopardizing that? Will they tear the Left’s class-warfare nonsense to shreds while offering real pro-growth solutions? Will they vocalize why conservative principles—the complete antithesis of everything championed by this President—are key to getting us back on track, as they have been throughout history?

Americans are hungry for real economic recovery and bold leaders who aren’t afraid to call our President’s phony talk and flimsy slogans what they are.

2012ers, pay attention to the trends above. The people are on your side. Now get out there and make some waves.

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9 years ago

It’s hard to change liberal thinking. So here’s plan A: There’s at least 100+ countries in the world which operate on a socialist/tyranny basis; non-contrite libs should renounce their US citizenship and move there. I’ll bet I could raise contributions for the one-way trip. No public money there. They get to take their immediate family (spouse, children all leaving there US citizenship behind). The 210 million of us that are left will fix all the problems we now have. Then there is plan B for the recalcitrant lib who doesn’t like plan A: America would be better off if he were dead and I was in jail for life.

William Homolka
9 years ago

If we don’t remove Obama from office before the 2012 election either by Congressional challenge of eligibility, fraud, impeachment or other means, then the GOP presidential nominee must challenge Obama’s lack of proof of eligibility, that he produced 2 fraudulent birth certificates, explain his fraudulent social security number, his affiliations with communists and Muslims (with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood) in his administration, his breech of oath to uphold the US Constitution, his wonton refusal to respect the rule of law, etc., etc. The list of violations is a long one, and this is no time for political correctness. He must be challenged viciously and made to explain for his behavior. The only ones I know to do that are Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, and Michelle Bachmann. They will need a leather skin to shrug off all the cries of racism. They must fire back that he is, after all, half white! Better to remove him now.

William Homolka, Editor & CEO,
Cosponsor, Citizens Class Action Against Obama

Bob D
9 years ago

Who to vote for?,there is a lot of them, a few of them I would have considered a short time ago. Then it occurred to me that not a one of them has attempted to bring legal charges against B. Obama, alias Barry Soetord. If their not up to standing up for our country now, then I have a hard time believing they will have the guts to fight for this country in the future. We are in very bad shape and need help now, an in my mind that means a “LEADER” who will do something now. If any one of those running would step up and do so now, I think even they would be surprised at how many would come to help and back them up.

Bob D
9 years ago

From: “Bob / Robbie Straughn”
To: “Robbie”
Cc: “Bob / Robbie Straughn”
Date: Sunday, August 28, 2011 1:48 PM

Who to vote for?,there is a lot of them, a few of them I would have considered a short time ago. Then it occurred to me that not a one of them has attempted to bring legal charges against B. Obama, alias Barry Soetord. If their not up to standing up for our country now, then I have a hard time believing they will have the guts to fight for this country in the future. We are in very bad shape and need help now, an in my mind that means a “LEADER” who will do something now. If any one of those running would step up and do so now, I think even they would be surprised at how many would come to help and back them up.

bill herzog
9 years ago

Those people that support Obama and want tax increase instead of cuts belong to the group that is surely going to end the USA…,Those that do not pay income tax, which is getting to be nearly half the country. Every single person in this country should pay something in income tax or surrender their voting rights.

Mark H Reed
9 years ago

Thank you to no end, Jedediah, for your concise framing of the debate next year. If we conservatives expect to oust the most left wing ideologue in our history from the presidency, our candidates have to focus with total intensity on their prescriptions for enlarging our economy and expanding opportunity for every American. If they insist on wearing only the green eye-shades of deficit hawks, they will lose the vast middle of the American electorate. Remember Reagan: remind Americans why we have achieved so much; give them an encouraging reason to vote Republican.

R. Ray Morford
9 years ago

Ron Paul has good intentions, but lacks judgement when it comes to National Security, Drug War, and plans to protect family values.I’ve reviewed his voting record and it’s not good.

9 years ago

Ray Thomas,
The major trouble with Ron Paul is that he does not believe that we should have the capability to defend our country from invaders. He promotes cutting the Defense budget, even though it is less than 6% of the total budget. Until our air force is less than 10 years old in average age of each version of aircraft, it is NOT sufficiently equipped.

Ron apparently does not appreciate that the United States has suffered NO ground casualties from enemy aircraft since the Korean War. The reason is that the U.S.A.F. has maintained dominance in aerial warfare. We are now being challenged by Russia, (PAK-FA, or Sukhoi T-50), China, (J-20), India (co-production of the T-50)

Ron has some good ideas, but he has not promised to eliminate all expenditures that are not authorized by Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, or to interpret the Constitution with the meaning of the words as understood by the writers, which is the only way to actually understand it.

Sorry, but Ron will NOT get my vote. He has demonstrated a lack of concern for the security of the nation and a willingness to place the only Constitutionally mandated duty first. that duty is the protection of the United States.

9 years ago

John Wolff,

Your policy of spreading the poverty will accelerate the movement of money in the direction for which you have expressed disdain.

Do not even mention that the government can always just print more money. They can do that, but the result is; as the money supply doubles without an in crease in production of goods, the value of the money is halved.

Robert Eoff
9 years ago

Despite Obama’s current ratings, I think there is still a good chance he will win again. I’d just as soon have Obama and a quick death than RINO’s in charge and a slow, painful death. About the best we can hope for is another 50-100 Tea Party candidates in the House and another 20 or so in the Senate. If no new laws were passed and gridlock occurred, that would be great. When is the last time a “good” law was passed that restored any freedom and liberty?. Go Ron Paul!

9 years ago

If the American voters elected this man because of his brilliance and education back ground and because of his academic accomplishments, (surely was not his experience) why are schooling records sealed so we can not peruse. Reading a teleprompter and someone elses words, should not be a perequsite to run the most powerful nation in the world or leading 300 million + American citizens.

Ray Thomas
9 years ago

If you believe in true freedom you must vote pricipals and not party. Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who stands for the Constitution, personal freedoms, and less gov. I know this because he has voted this way continually for over 20 years. We need to be wise and look at what the candidates have done for the last few years, not just what they say today.

Wm. Shannon Abel
9 years ago

The citizens who keep supporting the Liberal Philosophy either are blindly not seeking True-Truth , or hangers-on of freebies , or the lovers of Socialism/Atheism or the Socialists themselves whom love Control of others . They want OWGovernment, but without our LORD . The REAL OWGovernment is coming,,,and it will be the Final . Christ Himself will rule .

9 years ago

The reason his poll numbers are that high (39%) is that we forget that the blacks are comprised of 12% of the population and 85% of them vote for Obama. So to see the TRUE % of the rest of the population, I’d say deduct 9% from 39 and come up with a more realistic 30% approval rating without the racial bias.

Charles Gross
9 years ago

Everyone should keep in mind the reason why there are 39% who STILL approve of Obama. Just look at the size of the entitlement class, for one. That includes not only welfare users, but unions, government workers, etc. Consider the racist aspect, where an unprecedented near-unanimous group of blacks, continue to show such support for Obama. Also consider the brainwashing administered by and to the effete and elite intelligentsia on our college campuses. As Charles Krauthammer put it, sometimes “it takes a high IQ to evade the obvious”. I wonder how low Obama’s rating is among only people who work in the private sector and pay income taxes.
Learn more in my book, The Danger of Progressive Liberalism, http://www.charlesgrossbooks.com.

Charles Gross
9 years ago

Ms Bila,
Enjoyed this and all you write. Please considered my book, The Danger of Progressive Liberalism, available at charlesgrossbooks.com and other channels. I’d like your opinion. Thanks.
Charles Gross

9 years ago

To Peter Wolf…..RIGHT ON. If you take all the money from the rich to pay the poor, it won’t be long until you have no money for the truly poor and then all of us are in really “deep do do”

Peter Wolf
9 years ago

Well, Jon… The reason our country is in the shape it’s in right now is because of the thinking (or lack thereof) of people like you.

I would like to point out to you that the “evil rich,” while they may have more than you or me, also pay more.

The top 5% pay 90% of the taxes in this country, while almost 50% pay nothing, Without the rich, there would be no jobs for the rest of us and no way to support all those wonderful social programs that you liberals love so much.

Where in our Constitution or Bill of Rights does it say that one citizen is entitled to the earnings of another? I wholeheartedly believe in charitable giving, but the federal government, in essence, puts a gun to the heads of productive American citizens and takes money to redistribute to ‘the less fortunate’ (a misnomer in all too many cases) in our society. Charity is aid freely-given, while government aid is coercive.

I am all in favor of a safety NET for those truly in need, but it should not go on forever.

Americans must somehow rid themselves of the destructive entitlement mentality that has so infected and weakened our nation. If you and your ilk wish to live in a ‘socialist utopia’ (also a misnomer), I would suggest that you go elsewhere.

9 years ago

I’m not a Tea Party person. Though I share many of their sentiments, they are almost as liberal as the GOP. It is insane to keep thinking that the Party that gave us the likes of Bush I and Bush II is going to offer and support anyone who will actually uphold the Constitution. To change things, you must change your vote. To be able to offer acceptable candidates we are all going to have to work and sacrifice to build a grassroots organization to support and elect them. It’s time to quit waving the flag of nationalism and start waving the flag of true patriotism. If you don’t understand the difference, with all due respect, you are part of the problem.

9 years ago

Excellent article!! I hope he chokes on his arrogance and rhetoric, this nobody from nowhere.

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