20,000 AMAC Members Sign Petition to Ban Bill Maher Show

Thank you AMAC Members!

We have collected over 20,000 signatures from you in response to our “Cancel the Bill Maher Show” petition. Your signatures have been sent to HBO and they now know that AMAC members will not tolerate Mr. Maher’s mockery of Christianity and his hateful remarks.

View the petition and AMAC Member comments here:

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5 Comments on "20,000 AMAC Members Sign Petition to Ban Bill Maher Show"

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20,000 is impressive, but not nearly enough, I fear!! His fans are just as depraved and disgusting as he is and like obozo, won’t go down easily nor quietly!!
Try for 200,000, then you have a chance!!!!

Wow! This web site is so user friendly!

He should have been taken off long ago

Sadly, the state of society is revealed when such despicable people are listened to by so many. He never has
had respect for moral, godly people. And I for one, will not watch or listen to him or the likes of his kind.