The Weekly AMAC Caption Contest


Enter your favorite caption for the picture in the comments below! Best caption wins a free one-year membership to AMAC! The winner will be notified by e-mail on Friday, May 18th, so be sure to include your contact information if you are not yet a member and GOOD LUCK!!

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367 Comments on "The Weekly AMAC Caption Contest"

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I think Bush was the culprit who reversed the words on my TelePrompTer before my speech.

I love americans,they are dummer than a sack of rocks, and i enjoy getting over on them

Gee that was easy, just picked up $15 million at George Clooney’s in Hollywood, I guess I can give Bill Mahr back his $1million, and keep Bill O’Reilly happy

How will I go on my next big vacation in November without Air Force One?

Hmm.. who was the most popular president, world leader or deity and what would they say now?

I am an a__hole. I know it, when will the American public find this out?

someone is now spamming my posts here it is Buy Term and LOSE the Difference! Whole Life = no makret risk? 5% return? tax deferred build up? tax free withdrawal? Zero net cost loans? Self completes if you become disabled? Lawsuit and creditor protected in 43 states? tax free death benefit? No 591/2 rule on distributions? No RMDs? No contribution limits? And people say this is a bad product? Really? The truth be told it very well may be the best financial product you can own!!!

A US Dictatatorship is whithin reach. I just need 4 more years to completely take over.

If he’s facing East, I’d say, he’s praying!

I wonder how many of those dummies I can get to vote for me this time

OFF WITH HIS HEAD, bring in the next “millionaire.”

This crowd will not remember that I said “I’m against” last year. I’ll say “I’m for” this time. They’re too stupid to remember anyway.

Biden did it again!!!!!!
. ( Maybe I should go back to Hillary to run with me this time.) LOL

Tell the kids that they will be able to vote this November.

“Mr. President, we know you like to watch “Scooby Doo”, but you have to do some “presidential work” now !”

Did I make a mistake by condoning gay marriage?

Well, UH UH UH where is my telepromter, Maybe I should talk this over with my two daughters.
I fooled them once, let’s SEE…………….Uh UH DOH

They think I am serious.

“Let’s see, should I take my 401K out when I retire in January, or roll it over into my Community Organizer account?”

Mommy never told me there would be days like this!

How can I get everyone to love me as much as I love me? Me, me, me.