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15 Most-Wanted Retirement Jobs

senior jobs work retirementStaying off your feet, putting computer skills to work, and taking care of elders are among the most popular jobs in retirement.  In a survey of more than 35,000 age 50+ job seekers, reveals that people are looking for practical, part-time jobs.

Methodology: Individuals visiting were provided with a list of frequently posted positions for age 50+ job seekers.  They were then asked to respond as to whether they were interested in such a position.  The list below is sorted based on their selection of jobs they are interested in doing, regardless of their background or experience.

Jobs Preferred by Age 50+ Job Seekers

  1. Customer Service Representative (e.g., WAHVE)
  2. Cashier – or other retail position
  3. Driver (i.e., UberFirst Student)
  4. Quality Service Inspector (i.e., Mystery Shopper)
  5. Bank Branch Manager, Assistant Branch Manager, Banker or Teller
  6. Inside Sales Representative
  7. Caregiver (e.g., Mature Caregivers)
  8. Field Sales Representative
  9. Security Personnel (e.g., AlliedBartonSecuritas)
  10. Marketing Manager
  11. Administrative Assistant / Clerical (e.g., Department of Veterans Affairs)
  12. Financial Executive
  13. Tax Preparer (e.g., H&R Block)
  14. Mortgage Professional
  15. Teacher / Tutor

Phased Retirement: Some employers now offer programs allowing retirees to phase out of work, reducing responsibilities and hours while remaining on the payroll.  This can be a very attractive—and practical—answer for people seeking to maintain an income stream while doing something they enjoy.  “If you have a good relationship with your employer and you’ve paid your dues, working out a plan where you scale back gradually over a period of time can be one of the most attractive paths, particularly from a financial point of view,” says Tim Driver, founder of

Consulting: Want to work for yourself and not worry about the next layoff? Try going independent.  This could include working with your current company or others on a project basis. As a mature worker, you may have developed an extensive network of contacts that you can tap into.

Volunteering: Many want to combine working with volunteering, providing them with the practical (a regular paycheck) and the purposeful. Last year, age 65+ Americans spent twice as many hours volunteering as any other age group. now lets you search for volunteer opportunities based on your ZIP code.

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Anne Olson

I find it interesting that so many of us would like a job in customer service. With the void of decent employees for those positions, I wonder if we can teach courtesy, patience, and understanding to the next generation of workers?


while others my age may be thinking of winding down in their careers, I am looking to go out with a bang! While turning 60 this fall, I will be in my final semester of the RN program at my community college. Afterwards, i will study for and take the boards for licensing and eventually pursue mental health nursing (1st choice) or home care. it’s been tough but it’s done wonders for my self-esteem and need for mental stimulation! Like Charlotte in “Charlotte’s Web,” i consider this my magnum opus!

Herma Hudek
Irv C

I drive a school bus 3 hrs a day. I e learned America is going to be in big trouble. Yes much worse than today.


Retirement can also mean “getting out of the way.” 25 years ago I worked at a golf resort in FL. A lot seniors (allegedly) worked there. Management loved them because they had good retirement income and “worked” for minimum wage which resulted in low wages for all. Most of the oldsters just wanted to get out of house and the workplace was a place to hang out and exert crabby imaged authority. I don’t have time to work for the man now: Travel, ski, gym, blog, political involvement etc.

Christine Livingstone

I am retiring on June 8 and desire to work part time tutoring or teaching from home as an ESL instructor for adults online. Do you know of any legitimate sites you can recommend ? I am also interested in voice over opportunities. Please help.