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15 Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren

grandchildren grandkids grandparentsGrandparents are very special people who can positively impact and influence their grandchildren by playing important roles in their lives– from adventurous companion, to teacher, to nurturer. Spending dedicated time with our grandchildren offers them support and guidance as they grow. It creates a tight family bond, bridges generational gaps, and lets them know they are loved.

Need a few new ideas for quality time with the grandchildren? Here are fifteen suggestions, each being a fun way to teach valuable life skills to the younger generation.

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Diana Erbio
2 years ago

Visiting historic places like Mount Vernon, Colonial Williamsburg or local historic homes with the kids or grandkids is a great way to get them in conversations you might not otherwise have and get them interested in American history. Also read about the statues from each state in our nation’s Capitol with them. My blog series Statues: The People They Salute is a place to start ?

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