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14 Reasons For California To Recall Gavin Newsom On September 14th


Months after over 1.7 million Californians signed a petition to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom; the election is finally underway. While frantic Democrats such as Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren attempt to rally behind a wounded Newsom, their deceitful advertisements and smear campaigns should not overshadow the havoc that Newsom has wreaked upon the state of California. These are the 14 main reasons to recall Gavin Newsom on September 14th.

First, Newsom instated sweeping lockdowns across the state of California that crippled the state’s economy and led to millions of job losses. Despite Newsom’s claim that California’s economy is “roaring back,” California has regained less than 60% of the jobs they lost due to Newsom’s lockdown. Furthermore, as a result of Newsom’s lockdown, nearly one in three California restaurants have been forced to permanently close, most of which being small businesses. Amid this crisis and strict lockdown rules, Newsom decided that it was a great time to violate the protocols that he created and dine maskless at the French Laundry restaurant in Yountville, California, on November 6, 2020. Newsom dined with his Democrat lobbyists and enjoyed extravagant food that cost a minimum of $350 per plate, all while Californians were confined to their homes and told to follow guidelines outlined by Newsom that he himself was unwilling to follow.

Additionally, Newsom attacked the religious liberties of Californians by restricting indoor church services and forcing many religious Californians to conform to virtual prayers and services. After nearly one year of this tyrannical ban, the Supreme Court ruled that Newsom’s ban violated the freedom to exercise religion outlined in the Constitution. Following the ruling, Newsom was forced to pay nearly $1.4 million as part of a settlement in a lawsuit that challenged his restrictions. It should be noted that, while churches were being targeted by Newsom and largely barred from holding in-person services, marijuana dispensaries and strip clubs in California were exempt from Newsom’s restrictions and allowed to remain open after being deemed “essential.”

Next, under the leadership of Gavin Newsom, California’s Employment Development Department has sent up to $31 billion in fraudulent unemployment payments, including over $100 million that was wrongfully paid to prison and jail inmates. Meanwhile, Californians who have legitimate unemployment claims and were unemployed as a direct result of Newsom’s policies have been forced to suffer through processing and payment delays. This is an ongoing and active issue as the California EDD reports that over 180,000 claims made within the past 21 days are currently backlogged.

Furthermore, amidst the economic crisis that Newsom created, he decided to cut pay by nearly 10% for approximately 130,000 California state workers, including thousands of firefighters. The pay cuts took effect in July of 2020 and lasted until July of 2021. Newsom had pledged to decrease his salary by approximately 10% as well to “lead by example.” However, this never happened. In 2020, Newsom received his full $210,000 salary. To make matters worse, Newsom raised the salaries of all state elected officials by 4.2% in June, increasing his personal salary to approximately $218,500.

Instead of putting American citizens in California first, Newsom has invested a great amount of his energy fighting for illegal immigrants. To begin with, Newsom has allowed California to maintain its status as a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants. This means that Newsom and his administration have forbidden local law enforcement in California from complying with federal immigration authorities in their efforts to deport non-citizens. Newsom has even gone as far as banning arrests for immigration violations across the state of California. Newsom has also egregiously allowed illegal immigrants to serve on state government commissions and boards. Newsom’s rewards for those who violate America’s immigration laws do not stop there. Back in April of 2020, Newsom announced a new $125 million program dedicated to providing cash payments to illegal immigrants. The program was supported by $75 million in taxpayer funds and $50 million from a group of charities. The program provided approximately 150,000 adults, illegal immigrants, $500 each, with a $1,000 cap being placed on total payments per household. Lastly, on July 27, 2021, Newsom signed AB-133 into law. The legislation allows eligible illegal immigrants aged 50 or older to receive taxpayer-funded Medi-Cal insurance. The move is expected to cost California taxpayers upwards of $1.3 billion.

Homelessness is rampant in California. Since Newsom took office in January of 2019, overall homelessness in California has increased by over 25%. There are currently at least 161,548 adults experiencing homelessness in California, with at least 11,401 of them being U.S. veterans. An additional 271,528 K-12 students are currently experiencing homelessness in California, with very few of them receiving adequate aid from Newsom or his administration. Despite the fact that California represents just 12% of the total U.S. population, 28% of America’s homeless individuals reside in California.

Crime in California has spiraled out of control since Newsom became Governor in January of 2019. Since taking office, Newsom has overseen a 0.8% increase in statewide violent crime, a staggering 31% surge in statewide homicides, an 8.4% uptick in statewide aggravated assaults, a 19.4% rise in statewide motor vehicle thefts, and a 42.2% upswing in statewide arson. Considering these increases, California now has a violent crime rate that is 19.1% higher than the national average. According to a recent poll, 68% of Californians believe that rising crime is an important issue ahead of the critical recall election, spelling trouble for Newsom.

Amidst California’s crime surge, Newsom has helped expedite the release of at least 76,000 California inmates, including repeat and violent felons. Over 17,000 California inmates were released early in 2020, including convicted murderers and rapists. Furthermore, Newsom pardoned 14 people and commuted sentences for 13 other individuals in March of 2021. Among those granted pardons or commuted sentences by Newsom include a man who stabbed an elderly woman to death, a man who murdered a gas station worker during an armed robbery, a kidnapper who murdered two of his victims, a woman convicted of a fatal assault on a baby, a man convicted of fatally stabbing his pregnant wife, a woman convicted of intentionally lighting her home on fire and killing her three children, and two non-citizens convicted of killings. More recently, in August of 2021, Newsom allowed for the release of a man convicted of murdering a disabled California man after stabbing him and burying him alive.

Since taking office in January of 2019, Gavin Newsom has signed over 250 executive orders and proclamations. Among the executive orders signed into law by Gavin Newsom is a ban on the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles that goes into effect in 2035. Newsom also used his emergency powers to sign an executive order in May of 2020 that mandated that each county in California send every registered voter a mail-in ballot for the November general election. Newsom enacted each executive order without approval from the California State Legislature. This makes Newsom appear to be governing as a tyrannical dictator.

After becoming governor, Newsom took an array of actions against gun owners and enacted even more radical gun-control laws in the already restrictive state of California. Restrictive actions that Newsom has taken against guns and gun owners include signing AB-61 into law, which expanded those eligible to file gun violence restraining orders to include school teachers, employers, and coworkers. This opens the door for gun violence restraining orders and subsequent losses of guns and ammunition that deprive the accused of due process and are based merely on third-party allegations instead of actual evidence of criminal activity. Furthermore, Newsom signed AB-1297 into law in October of 2019. The legislation removes the $100 cap previously placed on processing fees for concealed firearm licenses, allowing for concealed permit applicants to be charged exorbitant fees. Lastly, Newsom signed SB-61 into law back in 2019, which prohibits the sale of all firearms in California to those under the age of 21. The bill also forbids Californians from purchasing more than one rifle or handgun within 30 days. Like many of his fellow Democrats, Newsom is on a clear mission to make it as hard as possible to legally own a firearm and as easy as possible for authorities to forcibly take firearms from Californians with little to no legitimate evidence.

Gavin Newsom was the first governor in the U.S. to issue a statewide stay-at-home order due to COVID-19 in March of 2020. This order effectively closed K-12 schools and college campuses throughout the state of California. These school closures led to surges in depression, suicide attempts, and drug overdoses among California’s youth. The school closures and forced remote learning also led to poorer overall academic performances among students, with a dramatic increase in students receiving “F” grades being reported in school districts across the state. According to a ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, Newsom’s forceful shutdown of private schools in California violated “The right of parents to control their children’s education and to choose their children’s educational forum.”

Gas prices in the U.S. are out of control, but this is especially true in California. On average, a gallon of gasoline currently costs $4.40 in California. This means that gas prices in California are $1.21 over the national average of $3.19, making California the most expensive state in America to buy gas. Comparatively, in September of 2020, the average gallon of gas was $3.24 per gallon in California, and the national average was $2.22 per gallon. The surge in California gasoline prices is partly due to a recent increase in the California gas tax. In July, California’s state gas tax increased by 0.6 cents per gallon with absolutely no objections from Gavin Newsom. This increase propelled California’s total gas tax rate to 51.1 cents per gallon. This is in addition to the 18.4 cents per gallon that Californians are forced to pay in federal gas taxes, meaning upwards of 15% of gas expenses paid in California are spent on state and federal gas excise taxes alone.

In November of 2016, California voted to maintain the death penalty by a margin of 53%-47%. Defying the will of the people, Gavin Newsom enacted his own moratorium on executions for those on death row in California via executive action in March of 2019. The moratorium is effective for as long as Newsom remains in office, meaning that removing Newsom from office could provide some much-needed respite to the families of the victims impacted by the actions of the 737 people currently on death row in California.

Lastly, for the first time in California history, California’s overall population declined in 2020. This is undoubtedly due to both the disastrous policies of Newsom, as well as the overwhelming costs associated with living in California. Removing Newsom due to him being responsible for a large number of California’s problems is step one to ultimately solving the problems.

Gavin Newsom is among the worst sitting governors in America. He has utterly failed the people of California and does not deserve to keep his position as governor. Luckily, it seems as if many Californians agree. According to an August poll of 613 likely California voters, support for Newsom’s recall is high, with 51% of respondents saying they support Newsom’s removal and 40% saying they want Newsom to remain as governor. This poll is similar to many recent polls that each show the recall election is expected to be an extremely close race.

Recalling a Democrat Governor in a heavily Democrat state will be difficult, but it is absolutely possible. If you are a California resident and have not already voted, be sure to vote “YES” on the recall of Gavin Newsom on or before September 14th!

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1 year ago

It seldome rains in CA but it started raining during the time so many here were homeless and I saw a young mom with a young son limping on the sidewalk headed to Walmart. I flashed back to a time when I needed help and got none so I pulled over and I’m so happy I did because they were Homeless and this darling young 7 year old was trying to protect his mom that had to go beg on the streets while we sat in the car as on Social Security I helped as much as I could but millions of people like my new friends were Homeless and one day they were just, gone. My heart actually hurts from watching her show how much she adored her son and how Gavin Newsom didn’t care that they ate leftovers until there was nothing left over. This is what he should be sentenced to experience as well as others born into massive Weatlth and the poor they view as ‘contagious’. We the People are the only ones, of all races, that can save our beautiful Home, America, now so let’s STOP THEIR GAMES and get TOGETHER and show them the STRENGTH in NUMBERS!! PLEASE HELP THE POOR…the VULGAR RICH are feeling NO PAIN…and that’s the problem.

Candy Cane
1 year ago

I think they still have dominion voting machines there in Cali; think the dems r safe unfortunately for any crappy candidate. It will be impossible for anyone other than dems to ever win another election in America I fear. Praying I’m wrong about that tho.

Gary Swanzy
1 year ago

Newsome will prevail. Californians are dyed in the wool Yellow dog Democrats that will never recall anyone with a D by their name, no matter how much he is running their state into the ground.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Swanzy

We thought they’d never run out of the Brown family members to run for Office in CA and Govt should not be a ‘Family Affair’, but it is. We can’t say we have too many Chiefs and not enough Indians anymore but we have far too many of the ‘brightest minds’ all these years then end up ‘here’. hanging off the side of a Cliff in REALITY of just what we have to overcome NOW! HERE! We’re fighting one another now … and our Enemies are smiling.

1 year ago

A friend of mine who lives in California said people are “caving” out there….they’re being paid to do it!
He being related to Nancy Pelosi (by marriage) wouldn’t surprise me a bit!

1 year ago
Reply to  Kate

…and with OUR SWEATY HARD EARNED MONEY; NEVER THEIRS! The VULGAR RICH don’t get that way by spending their own Wealth…they want OURS or even our pennies if we have Piggy Banks. We’ve been too Trusting and we’re just rubbing our eyes to WAKE UP and do something about it. We are AMERICANS and we’ve been WAY TOO NICE so it’s time we DEMAND WHAT WE WANT AND NOT STOP UNTIL WE GET IT. What is that. LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL….AND ALL AT THE SAME TIME. NO MORE FAVORITISM that DIVIDES us as a human race.

1 year ago

Already sent in my vote. Yes on recall, Larry Elder to replace him!! And I received an email stating that my vote was received. Of course I can only hope that my vote was entered correctly ????.

1 year ago

You have to wonder just when people finally get to the point of “enough is enough?” Project this onto our national stage and you will see just what it takes to turn this country around….not polititians, not special committees or congressional actions….it takes people…..enough people to stand up, shake of their complacency, and apathetic attitudes, and speak up, act up, stand up. The more time passes that the liberals and socialistic powers remain in place the harder it will be to change the outcome. They depend on people NOT reacting or acting to succeed. And from my front porch, they are just about there…..too many people just don’t care and they outnumber those who do. Too many in office are kingdom building, rather than being statesmen, and they outnumber those who are seeking to serve the nation righteously. The scale is tipping further and further to the side of socialism and further away from the foundation of this republic. I’m normally pretty optamistic, but the clouds are getting darker.

1 year ago
Reply to  D.P.

Too much dishonesty without it being stopped like a weed in our garden that we ignore because after all it’s just a tiny weed, right?…..hello

1 year ago

(SARCASM) But, he is a democrat and so handsome and Nancy Pelosi’s nephew! Doesn’t that county? (SARCASM)

1 year ago

This is success to a progressive.

By the way, you missed one. Wineries got shut down as well, except in the county where Newsom’s winery is located; his got to stay open.

Oh, and another one; bowing to extreme environmentalists, the way forests are maneged has changed to allow a great deal more brush (which gets dry in the summertime) to accumulate that caused many fires to run rampant, killing people and destroying property. Then, like a good progressive, he blamed the fires on global warming.

I can think of zero things he has done right.

1 year ago

I don’t need 14 reasons…..just watching his egotistical ads on tv is enough. But I helped circulate petitions last year….didn’t like the fact he only got in office by harvesting ballots to begin with. Of course I voted YES on recall and took my ballot to the election office yesterday.

1 year ago

1 Reason and 1 Reason ONLY Comrade Newsom WILL RETAIN HIS DICTATORSHIP of California … 100’s÷ Thousands of Illegal Votes WILL GUARANTEE IT!

J. Farley
1 year ago

The main reason is; He’s an A##HOLE

1 year ago

California governor vote this September is like Noah sending out a bird to see if there was any land.

1 year ago

I’m not optimistic Newsome will be recalled. After the blatant cheating in the 2020 elections that got away with total impunity, my mind is now conditioned that Democrats will cheat more and more in elections. They have to because their liberal policies are getting more and more insufferable, and they realize getting votes will only become harder.

1 year ago
Reply to  Amacer

I don’t live in Fornicalia, thank heavens, but I agree. Newsome will keep his job because the socialists will lie, cheat and do anything to keep him there. They are Godless, satanic people.

1 year ago

The Demorats are masters at rigging and stealing elections, just look at the 2020 election, they know what districts are the easiest to control votes, mostly mail in, absentee ballots but the big one is electronic cyber voting that can’t be verified. Newsome will not be recalled and California will become the first communist run state.

1 year ago
Reply to  Felix

What do you mean, “will become”! It has been for decades!

1 year ago

If this demonic piece of dung is not removed California is totally doomed.
All the Conservatives lack the courage to rebel.

1 year ago
Reply to  DJames

The Conservatives DO NOT lack courage to rebel. The recall is a rebellion against Newsome’s “elite” thinking and peasants need to obey. Clarity in counting the recall ballots; is it going to be honest with legitimate counts or business as usual with Democrats math in counting?

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Read Newsmax piece that Pres Trump thinks Newsom recall rigged so He wins?

1 year ago

I also read Newsmax piece that President Trump thinks Newsom will wins the mail ballots, but the voting in person Larry Elder will win, but as President Trump said Newsom rigged so he will wins. Those Democrats will do anything sneaky just like the election of 2020.

Don Morrison
1 year ago

If they’re using the same Dominion machines AND mail-in ballots, then I agree. Nothing has changed and will not change until those machines are replaced. Damn dirty demoKKKrats.

Deborah Gabelton
1 year ago

I certainly do not like Gavin Newsom. However, the person running in the lead to replace him is Larry Elder. I will not say why I am opposed to him, because when I mentioned it to my granddaughter, she threatened to “cancel” me yet again. Things were certainly different when I was a young girl.

1 year ago

Get it done CA. Make the rest of America proud

1 year ago

One of the Worst people alive, next to Biden.
Absolute Piece of S*** !!
He makes me so freakin mad, ruining California big time, one of the most corrupt suckers.

Chris B. Grodhaus
1 year ago
Reply to  Wayne

But the majority of people in California like and approve of him. AND Biden. I escaped California in 1999. I moved there to double my paycheck. Moved out because I can’t take it anymore. CHRIS

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