True Hope for the Future!


Following Senate passage of the unwanted, expensive, freedom-threatening health care bill, the “people’s revolt” is in full swing.

All across America, average citizens are saying that they’ve had enough of the wheeling-dealing Washington politicians who are tearing apart the world’s greatest health care system – and one that 85% of us are happy with.

The stage is now set for November 2010, when the people can replace the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate.  The health care bill can be voided before it even starts.  There is a reason for optimism when you find great new candidates like Lt. Colonel Allen West are running for office.

Listen to him talk and see if people like Lt. Colonel Allen West offer true hope for the future of America.

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  1. Tsutomu says:

    It’s a Health Spending Account. Type your question in the white Search Box at the top of this page. (It won’t cost you any pinots.) This question has been asked before, and you’ll find the complete explanation there. (The first question is yours, and the second question has the whole explanation.)

  2. Larry Watts says:

    Richard Depalo,
    Respectively, I ask you toconsider, if AMAC lets us down,then we’ll find or form another to carry on! However, I don’t think that is going to happen. Citizens unite & get ALL these people out of office.

  3. Mel says:

    Until this country turns back to God as it was founded,only then will things get better.

  4. John L. Horne says:

    I cancelled my membership with AARP because they became a left wing pupet. They have betrayed senior citizens and they will pay the price. Hopefully this new organization will be suportive of our God given constitutional rights and built a large and vocal following. I want to be part of that. God Bless America.

  5. Sue Jackson says:

    Those who to live by the foundations of
    what made this country great (Faith,Family and Freedom) and those who rise to the needs of this country now and EARN our trust and respect are our greatest hope for reestablishing the USA’s greatness. No one gives greatness to any nation, it has to be earned. If our elected officials at ALL levels were required to earn the elected positions by their actions on behalf “of the people” rather than their
    ability to buy and sell power through the purchasing power of today’s media, we would all be able to elect people who TRULY represent us.—-The power now has all been bought—-We can insist on THAT change in our voting booths!! But first, we must be willing as people to start DOING more as the people and relying less on Government to do it for us. We are not victims here, we have responsibilty
    for the madness that we have created. marn

  6. clarence White says:

    If this man means what he says and
    Since I am a radical God fearing ,Gun using ,Bible thumping,Racist White man, I WOULD VOTE FOR HIM > IT Is my hearts desire more men will grow the balls to imitate and walk beyond where his message left off.May Nov. 2010 restore America to her Roots.

  7. Dine Dellenback says:

    Having listened to Michael Steele recently, I azm much more impressed with the words of Col. West! I am fighting the only way I know how: by joining others to fight against the government takeover that has occurred! My ancestor, Solomon Adams fought in the American Revolution, I am fighting for our Constitution!

  8. Larry Parmiter says:

    Ray Wine: We here in Murphy NC are engaged in the 9-12 project and so far it is working well. We have all parties with one goal, to take our country back. We are up to 500 members and have endorsed a local doctor for Republican nominee for the House in 2010 election. I hope that people like Col West can get the mailbox watchers off the couch and snapped into reality, God Bless this man if he can pull it off. This mentality just drains this nation. I now look for the mailman after 26 years in the military, unnumbered holidays, bithdays, anniversaries, child briths, when I wasn’t there. Sleeping, eating and you know what sand in Vietnam, It goes on from there to the South pole to Lebanon. I paid my dues, I have a 40% service connected disability that is deducted from my retirement and redisbursed by the VA. I pay for my own disabilty. Therefore, I have no smypathy for the people too lazy to work and look to the gov for their well being (welfare). This is where COL West can make a difference, he know;s that people are sick of it.

  9. Ray Wine says:

    Don’t tell me I’m a racist because I won’t vote for Obama! He is a socialist, a mobster, unAmerican.
    We have many many black Americans who I would vote for and this American brought tears to my eyes. I would be glad to stand by this man shoulder to shoulder and fight for this country or vote for him for office. He understands our Constitution and what our forefathers wanted. Colonel West great speech. I hope you continue what you are doing. I am a patriot. I am a small group community leader holding meetings working to do exactly what you are talking about. Thanks for being a great American, a patriot, thanks for serving us.

    Ray Wine, Grove city, Ohio 912ers

  10. Larry Parmiter says:

    Charge on COLONEL! Help uis take our country back. I hope there is enough left to rebuild. They, the progressives, have done a lot of damage in a small amount of time. They do not listen to the people, unless of course, you are so far left you are falling off the table. Good luck Sir! I spent 26 years in the military fighting the exact same things our gov is about to become.

  11. Judy K says:

    Health Care…all senators, members of congress and gov’t employees should be required to receive the same health care options and social security benefits as “we the people”…. No special health and retirement benefits should be extended to representatives and their families…no matter what they believe..they are not better than the rest of us. Unfortunately, American citizens have allowed these hideous benefits for years. Now it is time to stop them, immediately. Paying these representatives “top of the line” benefits & salaries for life is an insult to every retired person struggling financially or not…it is so wrong..see how quickly a “great health care bill” would come about & how safe social security would be again if they included themselves.

  12. Adriana Beyer says:

    What a hopeful message Lt Col. Allen West has to offer us, true patriots of this great nation ,the USA!! A great sign that the “Sleeping Giant”, Patriotism, is waking up!! God bless the United States of America!!

  13. Anne Perk says:

    We agree with those who had positive comments about this phenomenal citizen, Lt. Colonel Allen West. He is loudly proclaiming what a huge number of us are believing about the foolish and destructive leadeship we have in Washington right now. The health care bill is awful and their secret meetings, intended to keep up in the dark about how badly we are going to be impacted, is horrible. Everything going on, now, strikes against our freedom and our cConstitution. We are being turned into a socialist/marxist country and it’s happening at a very fast clip. It was all planned out before THE MAN was sworn in. I We say to the good Colonel that we are 100% behind him and hope he decides to run for office. We need a strong voice of indignation and resolve about how to properly run this country. We need him if we are going to survive as a democratic nation, with a constitution to uphold. The Constitution is being scrapped by this administration. So are the American people.

  14. Eric P. says:

    Spread the word..”VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS IN 2010. Send the message that WE, the people, want our country back !!!!

  15. hdyer says:

    I really think people blaming Bush for ever thing is a die hard liberal who hear’s nothing and seldon read any thing out side of Obama talking points.

    Let give Bush credit for 7 years of Great employment figures. Wheh this yahoo Obama came into power because of Barry the gay who didn’t believe Feddie and Fanny may was in deep trouble due to his order they provide housing for all including Illegal aliens, So in time this bubble would bust in a world wide crisis. So stop blaming and read and understand it not all Bush fault.

  16. D J Beckman says:

    AMEN to all that Colonel West said. We need bold leaders lik Mr West to lead this fight to take back our country. Enough is enough. Obama ran on ‘hope and change’, well how is that hope and change working for you now? We do need more people like Colonel West to lead those of us who love our country. Amen

  17. Dave Main says:

    Thank you Sir:

    To ARMS, To ARMS, Now is the day
    for all good men to come to the aid of our country. America was birthed in gun powder…..she may have to be resurrected in gun powder as well…..

    We must save the republic of the United Staes of America!

    Dave Main
    American, Christian, Veteran,
    and Soldier;

  18. Kris says:

    If Lt. Col. West is to have any chance of being elected, he needs moral and financial support – starting NOW! Everyone who believes he has the “right stuff” for our nation needs to send him a check and a letter, declaring that they are in the battle with him. The 2010 elections are only 10 months away and candidates like Lt. Col. West must have resources to mount their campaigns. If you love your country and really want to take it back, then put your money behind those you believe in – and do it NOW

  19. BERTA says:


  20. Bob&Rose Schubert says:

    Americans need to put the best team in D.C. No more splits as in Upper NY.

  21. ghowie says:

    Sorry name was not PAT ROBINSON anyway If we are going to have a chance we must keep our Children off TV. I find it instresting that the terrorist can get on airplanes without proper ID. Seems like something dosn’t add up when the only info you get from the GOV media is expect more like the young man from Yemen. Ihave heard the USA wants to invade Yemen???? But we can’t produce jobs hear for the 30%unemployeed. We need to go back learn our Biblical History also read about these people who say they are normal and have the best intentions for the USA. Remember Bush said he loved our Lord and our country but put us in finacial Hell, and his bloodline bro obam is not the one calling the shots.

  22. Bill K says:

    Amen to all he says. I would vote for a patriot like him anyday.

  23. Dawn Adams says:

    I read all the comments before I ventured further to find out more about Lt. Col. West. I believe this man bears watching over the coming days. If he can continue to speak forth in the future as he is now, we may very well have someone we can all support with confidence. Imagine, someone who truly wants to preserve our way of life! AMAZING!

  24. ghowie says:

    If PAT ROBINSON and his gang of wolfes in sheeps clothing is a member then it’s already another hopless scam. Sorry to be so bland, but U people need to ask God to open your eyes.

  25. Kirk Laney says:

    Excellent heartfelt speech. This is the first I have heard of Lt Col West and am very impressed. He is clearly a candidate to endorse for his values and a clear counter to Liberal’s argument that if you don’t agree with our current Administration’s perspective on radical change, then you must be racist. I do agree with the actions he took in intimidating the Iraqi insurgent (that almost got him prison time) to save American lives, but he will have to take a stand on that action early to diffuse a liberal attack. Other than that “stigma”, he should quickly gain momentum this year. I also supported Bush’s and Cheney’s hard stance to protect and save American lives, but West must differentiate himself or open the door to lose votes to uninformed citizens that get their info only from the liberal media.

  26. Ron from Dallas says:

    I firmly believe that, if we want the people to be in control again we must make changes to the way congress does business.
    First, we must pass a law that no law can be passed that doesn’t affect all of congress equally. This law should be retroactive.
    Second, candidates for office can only accept campaign funds from citizens with a limit of $1000.00 each, and all campaign fund donations are to be made public. No funds can be accepted from unverified sources or foreign sources. All unverified funds or foreign funds will be confiscated and applied to national debt reduction.
    Third, no congressman or senator may accept any favor, contribution, trip, or any other benefit from a special interest.
    Fifth, all raises to congress and senate salaries must be approved by a popular vote of the populace. No raises may be given in years the country has deficit spending.
    Sixth, No law can be prepared or written by a special interest group. All proposed laws will be written by and read by all of congress.
    Seventh, Senators and congressmen retirement funds are their own responsibility. No federal funds will be used to support retirement accounts for congress.
    These laws should only be repealed by a popular vote of the populace.
    These are a few of the simple laws we all use to run our own lives, yet the congress seems to feel they are elite and special. We must place their feet firmly back on the ground of reality. As we consider the ills of the nation, we should close some of the reasons scumbags want to get in office. Politics should be about service to the people and the nation not a greed attractor.

  27. jcrisaf says:

    I like what Col. West’s background and agenda are. The only problem that he is going to run into is the damage that Obama is doing to any chance of a black man or woman getting elected. I will vote for this man based on his background and love of country. I feel it will take a black man like this Col. West to neurtalize Obama.

  28. May Palmer says:

    This is one bad, Brutha makin’ it plain! I am impressed with his message and quite frankly, the way he delivers it.

    Let’s face it my Fellow Americans, we live in a ‘camera friendly’ culture. We certainly don’t mind it when someone looks and sounds good when we see them on our televisions, internet, newspapers, etc., Lt. Col. Allen West has the ‘goods’.

    Hey, it worked for Obama (and look how many of our freedoms we’ve allowed him and the Democratically Controlled Congress to take from us in short time…), I surely like Lt. Col. West’s Constitutional Platform as it is truly what has made this Nation great. My deepest respect to you, Sir!

  29. Ed Lester says:

    If Lt. Col. Allen becomes a “man of the people” what’s his next move? How long before he’s self-serving and corrupt? How long does it usually take? The only way around our representatives becoming self serving and turning their backs on the people who elected them is to initiate term limits that are mandatory (not self initiated). That, too, could become a frustration of the peoples wil if they wanted to keep a rep after he had expired his terms, so there’s no easy or perfect answer except to elect reluctant reps who would rather not be there at all and then they may refuse to serve. Pardon the cynicism but I ‘ve seen a lot of the reformist sentiment turn to the same old same old. But I’ll take a chance with this guy ’cause look at what we’ve got now, for God’s sake! What do we have to lose?

  30. B.J. Strohecker says:

    We need common sense and people with integrity running our great country.

  31. B.J. Strohecker says:

    Lt. Col West with Huckabee & Palin out there letting the people know we are not the Idiots the current bunch in the White House think we are,I will
    do all I can to get them out in the next election or sooner,they are a joke!!!!

  32. Joe Sanford says:

    Lt Col. West, I would follow you into battle any day. Please continue to spread your inspirational views and patriotic ideals and may God bless you and God bless America!

  33. James W says:

    I’m ready to vote for this man an anyone like him today!

  34. Jacqueline Lynn says:

    I have joined AMAC because so far it appears to speak for my stand for preservation of our Constitution. It appears to remember we are a Republic based on Christian beliefs without trampling over others! It appears to support folks like Lt Col. West who speak words that resonate in my heart and soul! I will continue to support AMAC as long as they live up to what they now appear to support!
    No One needs to apologize for the U.S. or to change it beyond recognition as our current leaders are trying to do. VOE< VOTE< VOTE them out of office.

  35. Jacob Olson says:

    None coming for you or drug companies.

  36. Jacob Olson says:

    I have been seeing alternative treatments AMAC doctors for 20 years already.

    Every Medical School in the U S a funded by drug companies. Is it any wonder that the nation has become a nation of pill popping, chemical snorting, pin cushions.

  37. Ellie D of Maryland says:

    I’ve heard Lt. Col. Allen West a few weeks ago, but listened to his outstanding philosophies again today. Surprisingly, It almost immediately gave me chills! I pray he wins this year, but, regardless, if he ran for U.S. President in 2012, I’d vote for him in a New York second! It would be about time that we had a president/commander-in-chief with his common sense, courage, integrity, discipline and EVEN…military experience!

    Thanks to all of the above agreeing contributors. Those that don’t (agree) seem to be either: asleep, emotionally biased, brainwashed, blinded or just plain misinformed. Like Nancy Sweat and Jeff K. both said, those types of people should all move to an already socialist country and stop trying to destroy this one.

    Speaking of being emotional, J.L. Reiter, if we successfully replace the Washington bunch with great people like Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, and then impose term limits, wouldn’t that be like shooting ourselves in the foot? I see the value of term limits, but their purpose is simultaneously restrictive to potentially great leaders.

    Thank you, AMAC, for this venue of freedom of speech. Prayerfully, in Christ.

  38. Wayne Gustafson says:

    Thank you for providing an conservative alternative to AARP.

  39. Norma says:

    I have never heard of you, Lt. Colonel West, but would love to hear more of what you have to say. I salute you sir for taking on this major war we are in. May God bless you.

  40. Chris Venzon says:

    So glad to find an alternative to the left-leaning AARP! They’ve grown large and powerful – – and power corrupts. We all need to remember Who gave us all the gifts we have, who authored the rights we claim, and respect the Giver and the gifts.

  41. Rita says:

    Lt. Col West I really like what you say, and let us hear more from you in this new year. May God Bless you and what you are trying to accomplish. We are behind you. We (my husband and I) have dropped AARP and are joining AMAC. Thank you Sir.

  42. Pam Bruce says:

    I am so thrilled to see that there is someone out there who recognizes that our leaders are control and power hungry dictators. They just aren’t ready for you to see that fact, just yet. They are not ready to show the real ugly side of them. When this healthcare (or lack of it) bill is passed, it will belong to the govmt and they will have carte blanch to change it to fit their own plan. The gov is no longer “for the people and by the people”. They want to do away with the Constitiution so it won’t get in their way. I really don’t understand how American citizens can allow this to happen. These leaders are voted in, agenda driven radicals. The president’s appointees are radical liberals and are the same as terrorists because this is a hostile take over of our govmnt when it’s done completely against the American people and for “their” benefit. They never disclosed it’s contents to us, and they never asked “us” what we wanted. Their motives are agenda driven, and there is only one way to get those agenda driven plans to work and that is to suck all the money from the citizens that they can get. Why else do they push the healthcare (or lack of it) and force it down our throats when we don’t want this death warrent? Why else do they force the cap & trade down our throats that will tax every time we turn on a light, watch TV, put gas in our cars to increase gas to $10.00 a gallon. They are evil. We already give 40% of our paycheck to a dead Uncle Sam, now we will be lucky to net 40% to take home pay. Our standard of living will not improve, as they are trying to make us believe, but plumetting us into poverty while they live in luxury off our tax dollars, while we provide them with the super best health care while they are exempt to the very death warrents they force us to take. They wouldn’t have this sorry excuse of healthcare, because they know it would mean their own death warrant. The Canadians come down here to get care because of the years of waiting for a life and death operation, or to see a doctor. Do you think the president or Congress or the Senate, or Pelosi or Reid would stand for that? Pelosi would take her personal jumbo jet that our tax dollars provide for her and go to another country to get care. And she can afford it because we pay her WELL. Wake up America, this country is soon to be under Gestapo rule, something unprecendented in this land. Our freedoms are disappearing right under our noses, and there is no one doing a thing about it. Ask yourself this question: Why do they PUSH and why do they BRIBE and THREATEN senators and congressmen to turn to their side, and why don’t they listen to the citizens? Within 2 months of the first year we saw this pushing and shoving, bribing and threatening with multiple schemes to rip us from our paycheck. These bills are happeing too fast, and too many are happening. Our leader has appointed his radicals to do his work and it’s going too fast. He wants to push it over on us before we wake up to the monster he’s created. They don’t take the time to read the healthcare and they voted to make it a law! Come on. When it’s law, they can tweak it to whatever they want. We will never know what is in that law until we have to experience it’s full force on us. They candy coat it to look like it’s for our good so they could sell it to you, just like the election did. Our own president refused to provide his original birth certificate and has paid two million dollars to keep it secret, he refused to provide his college transcripts and any other information that any job in a reputable company would ask for. All other presidental candidates provided these, but what made him exempt? Even when it was proven that he has terrorist ties, and he grew up as a Muslim, no liberal questioned it. Wake up America, our very existance as a free nation is in grave danger. It’s not just the economy, it’s our freedom and our lives that are at stake. God helps those who helps themselves, and we are not even helping ourselves. We are blindly following after a cancer to this country.

  43. tom lamberson says:

    Lt. Col West, I salute you SIR! Your words, so profound, inspiring and eloquent shout just how furious I am with the current mess our great country is in. We the people have been ignored stepped on and scoffed at along with our defining constitution by a group of arrogant, self serving beurocrats. If we do not stand up and vote every last one of them out of office in this next election we will surely be giving up what few rights we have left and hand over our country to the far left radical socialist party. God bless you Lt. Col. West, I will proudly stand by you and fight to the end to save our country.

  44. Paula vance says:

    God bless anyone who realizes that this country has come farther in 200 years than any other country in world history…McDonald’s didn’t start in Britan or China…it started in the USA because we allowed people to have control of their future!!! Obama can’t have control…I am not going to give it to him. The people taking advantage of the generosity of our government caused all the trouble and got us in this mess. There are people who live in Chicaago recieving food stamps in MIssissippi! Driving Cadallacs and Lincoln Navigators…The problems this country faces is because of the people…Who elected this fruit cake anyway?…the people, wasn’t me but my naighbors did…I voted for Mcain Palin. Limits are what we need not a total take over…I’m in with Col. West. I will do my part to take back our country and I’ll do it gladly! Sign me up!!! Thanks for the oppertunity to be a part of this, as only we can in the great USA!!!!!!

  45. John Higgins says:

    To E,
    It looks like you can join
    AMAC for one, two or three years.
    See the membership page.

  46. jeff k. says:

    Unfortunately most people do not have any idea of what and how the country was founded on and established. For two hundred years and more capitalism has made this nation the greatest on earth with God’s blessings.
    If the folks who are all for socialism really want that, there are plenty of nations that they could freely move to and find out how great socialized medicine and prosperity really is.
    Leave the vast majority of Americans who believe in hard work to get ahead and keeping what you earn alone.
    We have an opportunity next year to fire the entire Congress and wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing? New blood from elected officials who will represent the will of the people and not their own would be refreshing, amen?

    My wife and I have left AARP and joined AMAC. Like a previous commentor, if AMAC leaves its stated roots we will say goodbye to them also.
    In case anyone did not know, I spoke with the Hartford Insurance company and asked if we quit AARP did we have to lose our insurance rates and coverage through them. They said no, we can continue on without the AARP membership. We ave had great experience with Hartford and I am not upset with them, only the socialist regime that has taken over AARP.

    Right on Lt. Colonel West and may the Lord bless you richly. Lead on sir!

    Hopefully the majority of conservative people will leave AARP whether they are conservative democrats or Republicans or neither.
    Thanks for providing an alternative AMAC!

  47. Bill Sterchi says:

    President Bush did not reasonably place the economy in danger. The President has nearly no control of the budget (deficit), Congress does. Who is in control? Pelosi – and has been for two years prior to Bush leaving office. So, if you want to place blame, go see her first. The remainder of the other 424 need to be kicked out of office so that an established base of corruption, thieves and lifetime politicians can be thwarted – and hopefully, our Country returned to its’ rightful owners – US.

  48. Maria says:

    Teri Lowery,
    Go back as far as Clinton, who said it first….give everyone a home loan! While he was showing our young people how to put women on their knees. As far as this National Healthcare, you won’t loose your body, but you stand to loose your life, so, get your mamo now, before the year is over..cause it won’t be needed after we get our new and improved insurance..Government healthcare, beware.
    By the way, do a little research and find out who really contributed to his election, all under the rug now.
    Lt Colonel West, you’ve said it best!
    I also dropped AARP.

  49. Anna Chacko MD says:

    those are inspiring words. May Jesus Christ bless you and bless you abundantly.

  50. J.L.Reiter says:

    Now is the time to level the playing field through firing the Washington Bunch and promoting limited service for our representatives.

  51. Jim and Michele says:

    Teri Lowery,
    I doubt about half of what you say as George did not leave us ALL of this mess! Your Acorn people and all the Obama types helped by forcing banks to give loans to people who could NOT afford the payments. That is what started the snowball rolling.
    I also was an a member of the AARP, and the second they started voicing my opinion for me, I dropped them like a hot rock!
    I am going to join this new one, and they had better not start acting like the latter or I will drop them even faster.
    Do not endorse any party without a majority vote of the members giving you permission, and we should get along fine.

  52. Nancy Sweat says:

    I just became aware of Lt. Col. West a week ago. Everyone I have forwarded his speech to is ready to vote for this true American. Everyone I know would support this leader; would vote for him tomorrow. You go Lt. Col., we will follow your call to arms if need be, and not just the men. God be with you in trying to save our Nation from the planned destruction by Obama and his entire socialist mob. America rose to power based on the principals of our Constitution and Christian principals. This is the fight of this country’s life against a wannabe Muslim dictator. They want to take our freedom. Why don’t they just go to so many other countries that embrace their views and live there instead of trying to bring down our great Country. They will soon discover the difference between freedom and living under the strong arm of a socialist or worse type of government. God help us.

  53. Teri Lowery says:

    I own a gun shop and I’m all for the Second Amendment. As a business owner with no health care, I’m all for affordable health care and small business loans. As a female, I don’t want to lose the right to control my life and body. Thanks to Bush and what he did to the economy, I think Obama is doing the best he can with the crap left by the Republicans.

  54. Laurel Lasota says:

    Lt. Col. West, is the one who can save us from the radical left! The Conservatives answer to Obama’s Socialist Left! You rock Col West! God Bless you and God Bless America!!!!!!!! Thank you.

  55. bobby joe harrison says:

    please help me to understand when he says class warfare is he saying that obama is tring to get rid of the middle class ? also does taking back our country means returning manufacturing jobs to this country ? also the lady who wants free gas is her actions equiavalent to halliburton moving there corperate offices to dubi in order to avoid payiing millions in taxes ? also help me understand how we can compete withh chinas slave labor 2 and 3 $ perday in manufacturing goods for this country that are sold 1000 tmes the cost of manufactureing with 90 percent of the profits landing with american corperations and not american workers So! when you say lets take our country back .from whom ? from the large corperate intities and give it back to the peple ! corperate america owns this country , as illustrated in the health care battle ! they are the ones who are spending 1 million dollars a day !not the american people ! and they are not spending it to protect the health of americans ! they are spending the money to protect thier profits ! health care is profit driven !and not the health of the people .

  56. E says:

    Can you offer memberships for more than just a year?

  57. Rob Wolf says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Lt. Colonel Allen West. He is making the statements that we patriots are thinking and wanting from our government. I want to support his efforts to keep this great Nation FREE!

  58. Randy Gill says:

    Lt. Colonel Allen West Thank you for your continued service and may God Bless you and yours. PS. you get my vote

  59. John and Barbara Mitchell says:

    Lt. Colonel West needs to be elected President. Let’s start a movement to elect him as our leader!

    John and Barbara Mitchell

  60. Robert Patterson says:

    Keep me informed. Once a week should do….

  61. Susan C. Moger says:

    That is awesome, very inspiring and all I can say is AMEN to it

  62. richard depalo says:

    sounds great. aarp started off with identical intentions. what guarantee willl administers of this supposedly new organization give its potentially new members it wont sell out to the govt. is this new organization willing to add strong language to its by laws and rules?if not,just another scam

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