True Hope for the Future!


Following Senate passage of the unwanted, expensive, freedom-threatening health care bill, the “people’s revolt” is in full swing.

All across America, average citizens are saying that they’ve had enough of the wheeling-dealing Washington politicians who are tearing apart the world’s greatest health care system – and one that 85% of us are happy with.

The stage is now set for November 2010, when the people can replace the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate.  The health care bill can be voided before it even starts.  There is a reason for optimism when you find great new candidates like Lt. Colonel Allen West are running for office.

Listen to him talk and see if people like Lt. Colonel Allen West offer true hope for the future of America.

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  1. Tsutomu says:

    It’s a Health Spending Account. Type your question in the white Search Box at the top of this page. (It won’t cost you any pinots.) This question has been asked before, and you’ll find the complete explanation there. (The first question is yours, and the second question has the whole explanation.)

  2. Larry Watts says:

    Richard Depalo,
    Respectively, I ask you toconsider, if AMAC lets us down,then we’ll find or form another to carry on! However, I don’t think that is going to happen. Citizens unite & get ALL these people out of office.

  3. Mel says:

    Until this country turns back to God as it was founded,only then will things get better.

  4. John L. Horne says:

    I cancelled my membership with AARP because they became a left wing pupet. They have betrayed senior citizens and they will pay the price. Hopefully this new organization will be suportive of our God given constitutional rights and built a large and vocal following. I want to be part of that. God Bless America.

  5. Sue Jackson says:

    Those who to live by the foundations of
    what made this country great (Faith,Family and Freedom) and those who rise to the needs of this country now and EARN our trust and respect are our greatest hope for reestablishing the USA’s greatness. No one gives greatness to any nation, it has to be earned. If our elected officials at ALL levels were required to earn the elected positions by their actions on behalf “of the people” rather than their
    ability to buy and sell power through the purchasing power of today’s media, we would all be able to elect people who TRULY represent us.—-The power now has all been bought—-We can insist on THAT change in our voting booths!! But first, we must be willing as people to start DOING more as the people and relying less on Government to do it for us. We are not victims here, we have responsibilty
    for the madness that we have created. marn

  6. clarence White says:

    If this man means what he says and
    Since I am a radical God fearing ,Gun using ,Bible thumping,Racist White man, I WOULD VOTE FOR HIM > IT Is my hearts desire more men will grow the balls to imitate and walk beyond where his message left off.May Nov. 2010 restore America to her Roots.

  7. Dine Dellenback says:

    Having listened to Michael Steele recently, I azm much more impressed with the words of Col. West! I am fighting the only way I know how: by joining others to fight against the government takeover that has occurred! My ancestor, Solomon Adams fought in the American Revolution, I am fighting for our Constitution!

  8. Larry Parmiter says:

    Ray Wine: We here in Murphy NC are engaged in the 9-12 project and so far it is working well. We have all parties with one goal, to take our country back. We are up to 500 members and have endorsed a local doctor for Republican nominee for the House in 2010 election. I hope that people like Col West can get the mailbox watchers off the couch and snapped into reality, God Bless this man if he can pull it off. This mentality just drains this nation. I now look for the mailman after 26 years in the military, unnumbered holidays, bithdays, anniversaries, child briths, when I wasn’t there. Sleeping, eating and you know what sand in Vietnam, It goes on from there to the South pole to Lebanon. I paid my dues, I have a 40% service connected disability that is deducted from my retirement and redisbursed by the VA. I pay for my own disabilty. Therefore, I have no smypathy for the people too lazy to work and look to the gov for their well being (welfare). This is where COL West can make a difference, he know;s that people are sick of it.

  9. Ray Wine says:

    Don’t tell me I’m a racist because I won’t vote for Obama! He is a socialist, a mobster, unAmerican.
    We have many many black Americans who I would vote for and this American brought tears to my eyes. I would be glad to stand by this man shoulder to shoulder and fight for this country or vote for him for office. He understands our Constitution and what our forefathers wanted. Colonel West great speech. I hope you continue what you are doing. I am a patriot. I am a small group community leader holding meetings working to do exactly what you are talking about. Thanks for being a great American, a patriot, thanks for serving us.

    Ray Wine, Grove city, Ohio 912ers

  10. Larry Parmiter says:

    Charge on COLONEL! Help uis take our country back. I hope there is enough left to rebuild. They, the progressives, have done a lot of damage in a small amount of time. They do not listen to the people, unless of course, you are so far left you are falling off the table. Good luck Sir! I spent 26 years in the military fighting the exact same things our gov is about to become.

  11. Judy K says:

    Health Care…all senators, members of congress and gov’t employees should be required to receive the same health care options and social security benefits as “we the people”…. No special health and retirement benefits should be extended to representatives and their families…no matter what they believe..they are not better than the rest of us. Unfortunately, American citizens have allowed these hideous benefits for years. Now it is time to stop them, immediately. Paying these representatives “top of the line” benefits & salaries for life is an insult to every retired person struggling financially or not…it is so wrong..see how quickly a “great health care bill” would come about & how safe social security would be again if they included themselves.

  12. Adriana Beyer says:

    What a hopeful message Lt Col. Allen West has to offer us, true patriots of this great nation ,the USA!! A great sign that the “Sleeping Giant”, Patriotism, is waking up!! God bless the United States of America!!

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