They’ve Got the Wrong Girl

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

Despite the fact that it has been over two weeks since Sarah Palin’s revelation that she will campaign for John McCain this election year, I continue to receive anxious emails from readers who feel she has betrayed them.  Even her recent endorsement of Rand Paul hasn’t quelled the tide of concerns over her allegiance to McCain.  I have to admit that when the announcement hit, I wasn’t inclined to address it in a column.  Of course, I noticed that many quickly labeled her a RINO.  Others called her the enemy.  Some said she’s slapping tea party patriots in the face.  But with a wide array of pressing issues facing our country, Palin’s endorsement of McCain truthfully didn’t rank high on my priority list.  However, my readers have repeatedly asked me to share my opinion.  So here it goes.

In late 2008, Sarah Palin accepted John McCain’s invitation to stand beside him on the Republican presidential ticket.  Despite some differences when it came to policy and issues, she believed he would be a good leader for our country.  She spent a great deal of time on the campaign trail defending the notion that McCain was the best choice for America, that his personal and political characteristics merited our votes.  Why would anyone expect a different attitude from her now?  What would you think if Palin—despite the fact that McCain is virtually the same political figure today that he was a year and a half ago—suddenly decided not to support him?  Would you conclude she had lied to you in 2008?  Would you assume she’s playing strategic games?  I certainly might.  The first question on my mind would be:  So he was good enough in your mind for the role of President, but doesn’t cut it for Arizona Senator?

In her recent op-ed in USA Today, Palin disclosed the reasons why she chose to speak at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.  Two sentences in particular resonated with me:

“It’s important to keep faith with people who put a little bit of their faith in you.”

“I made a commitment to them to be there, and I am going to honor it.”

Those quotes epitomize the woman you voted for.  What inspired you to pull the lever for her in November of 2008 is precisely what has led her to stand by McCain in the 2010 Arizona campaign.  McCain put his faith in her in 2008.  She’s keeping faith with him now.

This column is not an endorsement of John McCain. McCain wasn’t my 2008 Republican presidential nominee and he’s often not my ideological ally.  To be frank, although I possess great reverence for his service to our country and the strength of character he must possess as a result of what he endured, McCain earned my vote in 2008 because of his running mate. I hence advise you to do what you should before any election:  Research the candidates and their records, forget about who’s endorsing them, and follow your gut in embracing the leadership you believe is best for our country.

Despite Sarah Palin’s fame and propped up celebrity status, you can still envision her doing homework with her kids and sitting around the TV on family movie night.  That’s why you like her.  Because you think she’d choose her family over her career.  Because you feel she’d rather say what she means and face the backlash than lie and savor the praise.  Because you sense that at the end of the day, she’d prefer to be comfortable with her choices than have us approve of them.  And because you believe that she wouldn’t abandon her word to win a popularity contest or safeguard her political future.  Well, guess what?  She stood beside John McCain in 2008 and she’s standing beside him now.

Most refreshing to me in the political arena aren’t those who articulate their policies the best, pledge allegiance to the establishment to get ahead, or play it safe to win pats on the back from both sides of the aisle.  It’s those who follow their principles…not the higher moral order of their party or political ideology, but the convictions they carry on the inside, the ones that guide their simple, everyday choices.

In 2008, Sarah Palin called Americans “to take the maverick of the Senate and put him in the White House.”  If people were expecting her to have a convenient change of heart, I think they’ve got the wrong girl.

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  1. Frank Spangler says:

    Mike Hukabee is my choice

  2. james williamsd says:

    to anyone who reads this, think about this one, what do you call a president who inherits a recession, and three years into his administration still has double digit inflation and double digit unemployment? Give up yet, RONALD REAGAN. People, wake up, AMERICAN INDEPENDENT PARTY, no more of these lackey democrats or republicans. Ask yourself this, have they both betrayed you? I know they have me, wonder about all the jobs being in
    Well, just look back a little at history and you will see how goold old Richard Nixon (REPUBLICAN) normailized relations with them and set this process in motion.
    Also remeber Bill Clinton and NAFTA. I truly hope people will not be stupid enough to listen to the propaganda of ones like Sarah Palin and
    Fox News and start voting for an Independent Candidate. If anything will help this country, it will be a third party and not another rehash of the trash, called either republican or democrat, I used to vote republican, but that is over with forever

  3. james williamsd says:

    question authority and always, never believe what a politician tells you, check out what they have done, not what they say they will dolet us not forget some of our past republican friends “I am not a crook!” and of course “Read ny lips, no new taxes” (instead we will just increase the old ones) think people, think for yourself that is

  4. Gabe Baglione says:

    I loved Palins views what she stands for but when I read here she was backing McCain I may change my mind. i voted for McCain becaue of her or was not voting at all

  5. james williamsd says:

    for all you palin phobics here is my email, will enjoy your comments, they certainly are funny here
    wake up and join the A.I.P.

  6. james williamsd says:

    oh, and by the way, she is not governor palin, remember, she quit

  7. james williamsd says:

    i will never vote for a republican again, and never have voted for a democrat. i really hope any one out there who reads this will be intelligent enough to realize that voting for the two parties is truly throwing your vote away, dont listen to the propaganda minister sarah palin, do some research on her and you may find out you dont really like what she stands for, at least supposedly

  8. james williamsd says:

    sarah palin proved a few things to me, she knows how to quit, promote a book, and get foolish people to follow her, she now campaigns for mc cain, who is one of the most liberale so called republicans there is. and of course, works for fox news now, let us not forget imus and his comments, and also s e cupp, who is an atheist by her own admission, “but defends christianity” what a joke they all are anymore. I really hope the tea party people are not stupid enough to united behind this mouthpiece for the republicans “sarah palin” democrats don’t fear sarah palin, republicans fear the tea party and are trying to use her to get them to throw their votes away on the republican party rather than vote for what we lack so badly, a third party that does not owe or have ties on any special interests

  9. Barbara A says:

    Sarah has my vote. Knowlegable, keeps her word wheather its popular or not, but most of all SHE IS HONEST. I’m not totally conservative, but she is the best. I only hope the Repulican AND Tea Party support her or, if divided,. Obama will be back.

  10. JOE Z says:

    Sarah must unite the GOP and the Tea party. Together it’s a no brainer. Sure victory!!

  11. Joe Alex says:

    I am a huge Palin fan. Although I did not like her endorsement of McCain I understand it as loyalty to the man who brought her down from Alaska. Although not an Arizona citizen I will probably be backing McCain’s opponent. Sarah still ranks highly in my estimation.

  12. D. Hersh of Ontario, CA says: says:


  13. D. Hersh of Ontario, CA says: says:

    MORE SIGNIFICANT than their fear of Sara Palin is the leftist media, Democrat party AND every power broker in the American progressive movements fear of what she represents!

    Really want to make an impact on GOVERNMENTAL CORRUPTION? Here are some thoughts on how to “get the ball rollin”:

    1. Vote ALL current representitives OUT OF OFFICE (Democrat AND Republican……both Congress and Senate).

    2. Vote only for candidates who commit to cut representitives saleries IN HALF (Congress and Senate).

    3. Vote only for candidates who commit to pass TERM LIMITS (Congress and Senate).

    4. Vote only for candidates who commit to restrict representitives healthcare to that of the American citizen (Congressmen AND Senators).

    5. Vote only for candidates who commit to restrict representitives retirement to the same Social Security constraints as that of the American citizen (Congressmen AND Senators).

  14. RJ of Long Beach, NY says:

    Sarah Palin is a class act, and as a class act, she has to endorse McCain. I respect John McCain, but I have no love for him. In his heart, he is a progressive. However, he is a patriot, and we would have a safer nation today if he was President. He is also not a lawyer, and like Sarah Palin, we need more non-lawyers in the Congress and White House.

    I would have a lot less respect for Sarah Palin (and I hope she does run for President) if she did not support McCain. Nevertheless, i am routing for JD Hayworth! If he looses to McCain, I would rather have McCain in the Senate than a member that follows Chuck Shumer or any of the other hard-core leftists in the democratic caucus.

  15. Marsha Hare says:

    I have been reading all the other responses and many of them have been exactly what I believe. I love Sara, and even more, reading her book. She is a wholesome woman, christain, and has values and morals. She has been so abused, that if a person reads about all of them, it could start to resonate, causing even us to maybe believe some of them. I have heard some people mouth some of the really stupid things they say about her, such as she is “not ready” ;”she is not very intelligent”; she does not know much about forighen policies”; and the one that makes me the maddest, is the Katie Coric thing, I would have done the same as Sara did, I would have not dignified the stupid things Katie wanted her to say, so the news media could rip her a part. They did it anyway. Well, I love her, and think she would be a “hell yes” of a President, but I cringe at what she may have to go through to be one. More than any other time, meaness started with the Clinten’s, and if Hillary runs against Sara, “All hell will break loose”. and I mean it litteraly. I fear for her life now, and then, yes yes yes. We need to pray pray pray for her and for God’s protection over her and her family. There are some bad ones out there and they not stop at anything to further their agenda. I agree with one person, who said Obama doesn’t want to run again. I have thought that for a while, observing what he has been doing. This bunch, including the Clintons, are for the beliefs thay have along with the power. I think Obama is there and will continue to be there, but I think he has to produce what they want or they will put someone else in, at any price. He knows that and has been doing pretty will untill we have risen up to fight him and them. If he does not do what the plan is, he knows he is out, and the next is in. I hope it is Sara and her running person. She is wonderful and inspiring. I love her. Marsha Hare

  16. Scottie Bruce says:

    I have read all the posts and vary from shock at a minority who dwell in the past to agreement with a majority. who have seen Sarah develop. Yes! Sara has loyalty, the most honorable trait. God bless her. She has come a long way this past year despite the odious press which, with Obama, are destroying our country. I do feel that she has time to develop any skills she may need for the presidency before 2012 but, be it then or later, she will one day shine as another Margaret Thatcher. Go Sarah!

  17. Marshall Henderson says:

    Some say that we are not ready for a female president. Were we ready for a black president. One who was raised on institutional support and wants to discredit and undermine our very way of life? Do not be fooled by his facade. Palin, I believe is the real thing.

  18. Judy S. says:

    I so admire Governor Palin’s integrity, honesty, faith in GOD, intelligence, leadership experience, patriotism, stands up strong for what she believes in, staunch support of our United States Constitution, family values, enthusiasm, etc., etc. Such a person could do Americans proud as the President of our United States of America. YOU GO, SARAH in whatever future decision you make to help our Country with my family’s full support. Thank you. Love, Judy S.

  19. Dotti says:

    Medina for governor in Texas would be like Obama in the presidency. She has no experience in business and no track record from which to be judged.. Texas has the best economy in the nation..We want to keep it. that way. We don’t need a learner at this time. Governor Perry has done a good job, ,believes in conservative values and is a godly man and stands up for what he believes. Sarah
    knows how to pick them and Governor Perry has my vote.

  20. Evelyn Mellinger says:

    The news reported that Scott Brown supports McCain–what did Megan say about Sarah Palin?
    McCain will be a stumbling block–get the McCains out of the way.

  21. Peacenic says:

    Jedediah? Interesting name and strong work.
    Anyone who rails at Gov. Palin’s lack of experience, but thinks BHO is okay can eat a bug and be quiet. She gets my vote hands down for common sense and Constitutional values.
    For those who nearly wet themselves about Gov. Palin running for office, take a chill pill and relax. More pressing elections are at hand. Gov. Palin has earned my trust and I respect her enough to let her choose what she does and when. If she runs for office and I am able, she gets my vote.
    Right now we must concentrate on choosing deserving candidates and not dividing votes by working locally up through higher offices. America is in trouble. More gov’t and fancy rhetoric won’t make it right.

  22. Mike M says:

    This is my first time reading Ms Bila too. I’m very impressed, she was succinct and used common sense as her argument and how she got to her conclusion. Hopefully she will be a new conservative voice of the future. I agree with her completely.
    Sarah Palin is “a fresh breath of air” as so often previously expressed. Her decision to vacate the governorship, in my opinion, was so she could earn money on the speaking circuit to pay off the legal bills that the Democrats caused her to have. I hope she gains whatever knowledge and speaking skills she needs between now and 2012 to successfully run for president. I think that’s what’s happening now. She will be a formidable foe by the time another 3 years goes by. Go Sara !!

  23. MaryM says:

    Go, go Sarah. She was the reason that McCain got any votes . However, even though I may understand why she would stand with McCain, I do know he has voted more Dem than Repub (check votesmart.org). There is another trying to get the nomination – Chris Simcox. He is a conservative in all areas – Right to Life, small government, and he understands the need to tackle the budget before it devours our country. Hayworth has always voted for big government and big spending. There is very little difference between him and McCain. AZ deserves a new conservative in Congress. Check out Chris Simcox – you’ll find a true conservative!!!!
    Mom, grandmother and patriot – determined to see this country win the battle it is currently in.

  24. David W Scheib says:

    Well said, but we need a conservative which McCain is not.

  25. Wes Weisbrod says:

    I wonder if a Republican ticket of Sarah Palin and Scott Brown would be a winner? Hmm.

  26. Bob Kalstrom says:

    She is an accomplished proven executive with proven leadership skills. Alaska was not a piece of cake
    Unlike Obama who never suppervised
    anything lartger than an Acorn Meeting

  27. Maryann Blake says:

    I am for Mitt And Sara there both strong on family values Obama reminds me of a snake oil salesman

  28. bruce campbell says:

    Hey, you guys and gals in az, make sure that JD is the only one on the GOP ticket, and Sara will not have to endorse John!!

  29. William Peddy says:

    I know Sen. McCain is a progressive and so doe’s Sarah Palin. Just because Sarah supports his re-election doe’s not mean she believes in all of his policies because she does not….I voted for Mccain because of her and will vote for her if she runs for president.

  30. Joe Tomei says:

    Watching Sarah Palin is as if in a way, you are watching a new ploitician style emerge that we have all fogotten for say….. a couple of centuries, maybe!

    She isn’t the most suave bolla of politicians and maybe steps on her own once in awhile, but that is what is nice and fresh about the woman.

    She reminds me of what we used to look for in a representative and someone that does not coward down like so many before her for whatever
    payola or political favortism reasons.

    We need to find and elect a new type of leader, with integrity and no “backroom drama” behind their past and present way of representing our country.

    I like Mc Cain but he wants to give 30 million illegals amnesty and our tax dollars. If he changes his postion in this persepctive I think he should be re-elected. If Sarah can get him to think storngly about this particular issue , it may be worth supporting someone who threw you to the curb when he was finished with you.

    The country is at its end of being nice
    conservatives and we “DEMAND CHANGE’ and we expect the people to have a say in a country many of us served to defend and to keep our nation a free one with the liberties so many before us have fought and died for.

    Many of the liberal brain washed citizens forget too easliy of the real sacrfices that were made so they have the freedom to redistribute our tax dollars and make a mockery of our constitution.

    We need real people leaders and we need them now. Not when Obama
    thinks they will apear and at the timing he estimates within his agenda and period of
    silent reprerations and eliteism fhe has so casually planted on the citizens of this country.

    We need to unite and fight for our rights to make these chnages. Get rid of the corrupt Reeds and Pelosi’s, even at the cost of impeachment, if necessary.

    We need to take this country bak and give a good cleaning before cutting it loose to those that have raped her.

  31. BigIron says:

    McCain needs to retire or be retired; no question that he’s a RHINO not a conservative. That he was run for President simply underscores the degeneration of the Republican National Committee. The sooner he’s gone the better for our Republic. I simply cannot fathom why Sarah would place herself in the position of supporting that HACK! Did someone make a promise her if she would help to pull him out of his downward spiral? If that is so then she has been bribed; her support for McPain is unconscionable. BOO! Sarah! You held such promise but if this is what we can expect from you then you are NOT presidential material.

  32. Dick Metzler says:

    Sarah Palin is my ideal “Politician”, she has values that she will stick with, come Hell or High Water. She thinks as I do & I have not found many Politicians that do. Most say one thing & do something else if it will help them in their political career. Yes, I said career, as that is what most of them look forward to. Not giving their services for 4,6 or 10 years & giving it their best, but a career. Our Polititcians should have a 2 term limits, so new ideas can continually come up for the betterment of our Country. I think a lot of our Politicians think it is their job forever, if they want it. No, we are letting them sit in to represent us, it is our seat that they occupy, as citizens of the United States of America. To me Sarah Palin is one of those rare breeds. If she were President of our GREAT COUNTRY, I think she would bring in experts to be in charge of all Departments, that think like she does, and humbly, like I do. I bleed Red, White & Blue! I always have loved my Country. If you love your Country, listen to what she is saying, it probably is the same thing that you would say & how you feel if you love your Country as I do & I can tell Sarah Palin does. Lets all unite for a better America, by using our past mistakes to make things better. I truly believe that Sarah would do that. God Bless America.

  33. Walter Tilleman says:

    I’m all for Gov. Palin
    My only disappointment is her endorsement of Gov. Perry of Texas. Gov. Perry has proven himself to be a self-serving person, not caring for the needs of Texans.
    Sarah’s choice, if she wanted to endorse a candidate for the Texas Governorship, should have been Debra Medina whose ideas are more aligned with Sarah’s

  34. DJ Owens says:

    I think Sarah is a great candidate for 2012 if she surrounds herself with wise and honest people as Reagan did in his 1st term.I’m impressed with her character and what I think is her “clarity of target”,and how tenaciously she can go after it. Her record in Alaska speaks for itself. The ONLY reason I voted for McCain was that he was the best of two poor choices,and Sarah lended some hope for potential influence.
    And I think McCain is a RINO. If not, at the very least, he is too soft on immigration and border control,and left of center in social policies and the war on terror. The torture that he endured has impaired his ability to be willing “to do whatever it takes” to protect the country when it comes to dealing with terrorist. I just don’t think there is any “fire” in John’s boiler when it comes to doing the unpopular or un-PC thing. So — I guess much of this is to say —I hope we have some better candidates to pick from next time around,whether or not Sarah runs.

  35. Newt Milton says:

    It seems strange to me that so many posting on here say they voted for McCain because of Palin, then say she is not ready to be president. Does it make sense that we were ready for her to possibly become president then, but three years from now she will not be qualified? The main opposition from these people is her lack of experience. She appaers to be on a steep learning curve to learn in areas she thinks need beefing up. I am presently reading her book, and her accomplishments put a community organizer to shame (and she diplays common sense). On page 207 she lists in one year her governorship had kicked off the Trans-Alaska pipeline, overhauled ethics in the state government, slashed state spending with her vetoes, saved for the future or Alaska, and put money back in the hands of the people. This is in sharp contrast to Obama’s failed administration in his first year. Don’t worry about her “keeping faith” with McCain. We, here in AZ,will make certain McCain will not win the primary, then Palin can support Hayworth. I salute McCain for his service to the country, but it is time for him to listen to General Macarthur’s last quote to congress at the end of hearings over Truman’s firing of the old General, “old soldiers never die, they just fade away”. It is time for McCain to fade away.

  36. Bob McSweeney says:

    The two people that I would love to vote for are Sara Palin and Jesse Ventura. They both say what they believe.

  37. Elizabeth Vogel says:

    Sarah Palin did not even know that Africa was a continent. How can someone that stupid be a good president or vice president?

  38. RD Gatchell says:

    The only reason I voted republican in 2008 was because of Sarah Palin. If the RINO McCain hadn’t chosen her I’d have voted for an independent..The GOP had better take notice and NOT support any more RINOs!

  39. Joyce Freytag says:

    I voted for the McCain-Palin Ticket because of Sarah. If you think that she can’t win because of her “inexperience”, then perhaps Regan as governor of California shouldn’t have run. A mayor is the executive officer of a city. As mayor of her city, Sarah listened to the people and did what-by anyone’s yardstick- helped/grew the city.
    Then-even though being a governor is way bigger than a mayor-Sarah took the job and again listened to the people and again helped/grew the state. Yes, her republican predecessors were corrupt so new laws were put into place with a lot of gray areas leaving her open to a lot of lawsuits funded by democrats. Those laws do not affect the president of the US.
    So the question is: Do you want someone with a PROVEN STAR TRACK RECORD OF INTEGRITY AND RESULTS or do you want to whine that GOD gave us everything we asked for in a woman. MAN UP! And I’m not just talking to the men!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jo-Anne says:

    It really concerns me that Sara is endorsing McCain. He is a progressive repub. Knowing that, my question becomes “Is Sara Palin a progressive repub. also? I like what she’s saying, but is that all it is? Obama said he was hope & change. He’s change alright, but not the change I want. We need some way to know if canidates for any office from top to bottom to find out if they are INFECTED with this disease called PROGRESSIVEISM. IT IS KILLING OUR CONSTITUTION. NONE OF THESE POLITICIANS ARE LIVING UP TO THE OATH THEY TOOK. THEY HAVE ALL ALLOWED OUR CONSTITUTION TO BE VIOLATED FOR MANY YEARS. HOW DO ANY OF THEM ACCOUNT FOR THAT FACT?

  41. Doc says:

    I will NOT vote for ANY progressive, unless God’s voice comes booming out of the sky and I do not think that is going to happen.
    I also voted for that RINO Lib because of her but it will not happen again.
    In fact if the GOP puts up another Lib like McCain, I am done with them PERIOD.
    I would rather waste my vote this time than vote for a Dem-o-rat Lib in disguise!

  42. Patrick O'Lone says:

    Our Constitution is continuosly threatoned. Any candidate endorsed by the republican party should be made to swear allegience to the united staes constitution and that they will vote against any bill which is UNconstitutional

  43. BILL VOM WEG says:

    It makes little difference if Democrats or Republicans are running for office. The same special interests have unbalanced, subjective control over what laws are promulgated (worked out and agreed upon). Small, wealthy special interests prevent wise national goals and sink to the local special interest set asides and pork spending bills.

    Production is in the system. We have a management problem. We need to change or evolve the system to a more efficient and effective system.

    Work for term limits. The most efficient and effective way to evolve our government to a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Even the super wealthy “powers that be” will be better off.

    You, your family, your friends, your countrymen will be better off with one term representation.

    Think about this. Are 80% or 70% or even 60% or the people around you incapable of working for reasonable compromise for the common good? If the majority are good people, which you and I believe, then we need to change the human management system of unlimited terms to one 6 year or a 4 year term.

  44. Riley S. says:

    Well said, J.B.! Lets give Sarah all the support we can as she becomes the kind of leader we need.

  45. sue says:

    I understand her loyalty, but I hope when she finds out more about J.D., she will not be as warm to McCain and will not undermine J.D., who will announce on Monday 2-15.

  46. David says:

    I know too much about McCain to vote for him, and I don’t think Palin has what it takes to direct the whole country.

    And whatever in the world happened to that antiquated piece of paper we call the Constitution, and the only candidate who wanted to go back to it, Ron Paul? I know personally of one GOP rep to the Minn. convention who said Ron Paul signs weren’t even permitted. So much for choice.

  47. Paul Brockmann says:

    I am 100% behind Sera Palin she has a lot more knowledge then People give her credit for.To me here is a person which has a lot more experience and know how then the man that was elected, he only has a god mouth and no brain.

  48. Michael Dailey says:

    Sarah Palin…Going Rogue or Just Another Politician?

    “Natural aristocracy”, an aristocracy of virtue, talent, and patriotism without which the nation could not survive.

    Thomas Jefferson defined what he believed to be “natural aristocracy”. Where are those people today, who would serve our country unselfishly, not for their sake, but for the sake of the present generation and those generations to come…those individuals who would forsake fame and fortune for a life of sacrifice and inconvenience?

    I do not perceive that Sarah Palin is one of those individuals meeting the test of natural aristocracy. As governor of Alaska, she capitulated by resigning from office prior to finishing her term. Her explanation rings hollow and unfortunately, many supporters have let her off the hook because of unfounded empathy. She is no heroine, but rather a person who has demonstrated the inability to see potential problems through to their end…a quitter.

    Sarah Palin is not the patriot that people wish her to be. Her resignation from the governorship of Alaska has brought her notoriety, which has led to fame and fortune. Ask yourself this question…Is she getting rich off the backs of Americans searching for another “Messiah”? What is she promising and what has she delivered? In her speech to the National Tea Party Convention, she used the time tested rhetoric of criticism of the opposition, while making statements as to what she believes needs to be done to correct the course of the Nation, without providing a specific road map. And to the “going rogue” ideology…she did not take any chances of criticism, because she first resigned from public office before her declaration of “Going Rogue”.

    I am not a supporter of President Barack Obama or of Sarah Palin. Until there is a decisive demonstration by her, that she is capable of virtuous, moral, unselfish sacrifice and patriotic leadership, she will not win my support. I will not be duped by someone who has only demonstrated the ability to charm audiences and to say those things people want to hear, because that is the same mentality that elected Obama.

  49. Hon. Arthur Lasker says:

    Both John McCain and Sarah Palin are the best. I will vote for both of them; as President and Vice-Pesident; and it can be McCain and Palin or Palin and McCain. I also am a WWII P-38 Lightning Fighter Pilot
    who fortunately participated in “My Last Mission” which ended the war.
    see my article, attached hereto.

  50. tony says:

    I just finished watching another televised speech of obama( seems like the 50th time) the guy is on tv more than letterman. Anyway all I heard was him trying to act like he wants to be bi-partisan when we all know he wouldn’t give republicans the time of day if not for Mass.The main stream media wants to cover stupid things like notes on Palins hands instead of tracking bad policies in washington, what a pathetic mess this has become,and my contribution to this? Thank God for our corPsmen

  51. LORI G. says:


  52. Gene Taymon says:

    Well said! I voted against Obama rather than active vote for McCain. McCain forgot the tennant “it’s the economy stupid” he was so focused on Obama’s short comings in the world arena he forgot to put forth his domestic agenda and sale it. Palin’s speach electrified the McCain ticket but her subsequent interviews were lacking dept and peception. Her work as a commentator may allow her time to research and grow. I will look at her again after mid term elections.

  53. James says:

    I too have always supported Sarah Palin. In 2008 the vote for John McCain was lesser of two evils. Obama is a Marxist by study and association. Sarah Palin was nieve at best ,but principaled and wholesom. She needs to do her homework ,and study the Progressive movement bent on destroying America,and our freedoms through bigger and more controlling Federal Government.John McCain is a PROGRESSIVE Republican ,and would have probably been worse for our country than Barack Obama. Go back in history and study FDR and Woodrow Wilson. Sarah Palin would do well to separate herself for John McCain and Rand Paul.
    She should study her history, understand the Progressives for what they are and follow the hearts of the Tea Party Movement. Beltway Politics has got to go and that means most of the current House and Congressional emcumbents. She must stand out against Politics as usual.

  54. Danny l. Turner says:


  55. Helen says:

    I like Sarah she is beautiful and smart.
    She has her head on straight. Also, is down to earth a breath of fresh air.
    I would like to see a Woman President. She has experience. Obama does not. He is weak.
    Sarah reminds me of the late PM Golda Meir down to earth and strong.
    I also like Huckabee and Palin. If Palin does not make President.
    I hope Obama,Peloshi and Reid are Impeached for ruining the U.S.
    Good fellow americans.

  56. Jerry says:

    Palin in Twelve.
    You betcha.
    (If we’re still here!)

  57. Arnold Beaver says:

    I like Sarah very much,but I believe we need Newt or MItt to straighten up this mess we are in,All in all I think Newt would be better.But then I’m from the Korean era.vets And we think A little differently than today’s folks.

  58. J.R. Texas says:

    After we vote these clowns out of office the new administration needs to really sit down and reform medicare and shore up Social Security. Those are plans we have all paid into over our working lives and should not let it be set aside for some new gov’t giveaway to illegal aliens or people who don’t care to work. Medicare fraud is rampant and needs to be investigated big time and reformed. Spend all of that “Tarp” money on these items and save the rest.

  59. J.R. says:

    How can anyone criticize Palin about anything when “marxist” obama doesn’t even know what a Corpsman is. He has obviously been reading the wrong books, e.g., Communist/Socialist theory. I would vote for a jackass before ever voting Democrat . . .

  60. Bob says:

    I’ve read all the posts so far and I’m convinced that most of the authors have been watching Glen Beck. This is good, he is waking Americans up and giving them a good education. I too voted for John Mc Cain (only) because Sarah Palin was on his ticket.

  61. Mel Apodaca says:

    I think that Sarah Palin can win the presiidency in 2012 and beyond. She brings out the American pride in all of us who love the good old USA. She is the only one that gets it about our U.S.Constitution. All the present politicos take the Oath of Office but don’t really know what it takes to follow it. Besides Sarah Palin, America needs “Term Limits.”

  62. Stan says:

    She’s a breath of fresh air. If you think she could not be elected Prez, think back a few years. Some bozo senator from Illinois was unelectable too. No experience, no problem. No dialect!

  63. Allan says:

    As to Mit, I am just not diverse enough to put a Mormon in the White House. The Mormon we have, Harry Reid, is bad enough.

  64. Allan says:

    Nobody comments of whether Hilary C. has enough tertosterone. They also did not fuss about the possibility of HC being president. Is this hypocracy or something else.

  65. Diane140 says:

    The people that are for Palin are also against her, thats politics, the games are over.

  66. Diane140 says:

    Sarah is a person with conservative values and beliefs that is what we expect from her, she will be of help for the group.

  67. Harv Matson says:

    Sarah has my vote for VP. Mitt Romney for President

  68. Ted says:

    This is my first experience reading this author. Very well written with a sane, sound common sense conclusion. At first I wondered why Sara would endorse McCain then I basically reached the same conclusion. It wasn’t quite as well thought out as presented by this author of this article. I like Sara and her values principles and conservatism. And to top it off she drives the libs nuts! It makes me laugh to see their reaction to her. They are comical.

  69. Marco B says:

    As said by Carole, this is my first read of Ms Bila and she is great. As to Sarah, she was the reason I even voted for a presidential ticket. Neither were qualified in my eyes and I was only going to vote all other positions on the ballot, but for her. Her support of McCain is just indicative of her steadfastness and loyalty. I’m sure, in her heart, she knows Hayward is the better candidate. However, she made a commitment to McCain and is following through on that commitment. She left her office as governor for good reason. The Liberals found a good target and were not letting go. Had she stayed, it would have cost her and the state of Alaska a little fortune just to respond to the trivial and senseless suits, aside from preventing her from doing anything officially. That said, I think 2016 or 2020 would be a better time for her. I think she would be a terrific senator for Alaska and good for our great country in the interim. If not that, then continue to be an excellent spokesperson for Constitutional and conservative values.

  70. Bill Rauch says:

    First remember that John McCain is a PROGRESSIVE. All PROGRESSIVES in both the Democratic & Replublican Parties are Anti-Constitutional, the prime reason for the Tea Party movement. We MUST have our Congress made up of folks who are not PROGRESSIVES and believe in and support the Consitution. Following Woodrow Wilson or FDR’s PROGRESSIVE leadership will only eliminate our Republic which we call: “The United States of America”. Currently I believe Sarah Palin is not a PROGRESSIVE and could serve our Country well as it’s next President, but we still have a lot of time to make this final decision.

  71. Maria says:

    Great article!! McCain needs to give it up!! I only (like many others) just voted for McCain since this was the lesser of 2 evils! I would never support him again for President since he has proven to be a clear-cut RINO — I want him and other RINOs out of office once and for all!
    I truly belive that Sarah Palin would be an awesome President, however, I am not sure we could get the votes to get her in!

  72. Carole says:

    First-time reader of Jedediah Bila–I like her–I will read more, and she knows what she’s talking about, and it is well-said! I agree with everything she said. I can’t understand why some don’t understand Sarah’s loyalty to McCain. I guess they think she shouldn’t be such a good Christian in forgiving him, and instead get revenge for the way she was treated by his people, but he did have faith in her, and by doing what she’s doing makes me respect her even more!

  73. Jennings says:

    Sarah has something you can’t get at Harvard or Yale.In fact it’s not available with a teleprompter.It’s free because the price has already been paid for it.

  74. John says:

    I am 100% for term-limits. And as such, I have to disagree with with the notion of ‘Best Qualified’ for the job.

    No I want ANYONE and EVERYONE interested in running to do a job for the people to do just that. And that means NO previous qualifications required.

    So, do I want Sarah Palin to run for President?????? You bet I do!!!!!!! And just for the record, she had MORE experience than obama did when she ran for VP and he ran for P.

    Keep that in mind, anyone that wants to run and serve the people, now is the time.

  75. Jon says:

    Sarah is a very outspoken woman who says what she believes and has great family values. I belive that she would be perfect with Mit Romney in 2012 with his business knowledge and values. We don’t even have a citizen for our countrys leader! This is not the time for an on the job trainee! Who can only spend money and tax, his priorities are totally out of line. Impeach him and the speaker of the house who only knows how to spend money on (her) plane and fuel.

  76. Mary says:

    Thank you for the message about Sarah Palin. She is a great candidate for the Republican party. She sticks to what she says and is grounded and rooted right where she needs to be. She never said she was perfect!

  77. Peppi says:

    I am another 87 year old WW2, Korea & Vietnam vet who is with Sarah all the way !!!

  78. Robert Martin says:

    I fear that Sara will be compromising with Rhinos. I will not support her if she lifts a finger to support Mc Caine or any other Rhino!!! I am throughly feed up with Rhinos and the weak minded Republicans. I will not in anyway support non-Sovereign Constitutionalists and those who support the IRS and the Fed all are unconstitutional!
    Sara abid by the Constitution and refer to the Federalist Papers – remember that the Federal Government was the creation of the states and the Fed was limited in its authority to specific areas of protecting the nation from domestic and foreign enemies, coining money, treadies with nations, and etc. There is no right for the Fed to be involved in Education, welfare,health care and etc, these are state issues. States are sovereign in these issues and each should have their own identity!
    Time to return to individual resposiblity, unleash the churches to stand up for a moral nation, return the nation to recognition of a nation under God.

  79. Dari says:

    I love Sara & voted for McCain only because she energized me. How can she not campaign for him after he put her on the map? I personally hope J.D. Hayworth gets the nomination & I think she would endorse him if the situation was different. I’ve always felt McCain was a democrat in a republican suit .

  80. Charles Lewis says:

    Am a new member and like what I’ve just read about Sarah. Also enjoyed a breath of fresh honesty in Jedediah’s piece!!!

  81. Iky Akers says:

    2012 Rick Perry and Murray Edwards

  82. Fran says:

    I’m a Sarah Girl. She is experienced enough to have everything it takes to
    be America’s Margaret Thatcher–she is a straight-shooter; she is brave; she will always do what is right, and she will represent Americans who want integrity returned to Washington. Oh, and let me add–she is smart and can learn. I would vote for her even if she lived with Polar Bears on a giant icecube in the
    Bering Strait.

  83. David A Eastman says:

    Like others, I voted for Sarah. I admire McCain for some of his accomplishments, but I still think he was a school boy goof-off. While he rank low in the class room, Mit graduated at or near the top of his class and in two areas, Business and Law. He has proven himself a great leader in business and in law and government service. He was declared by a Harvard professor as the most qualified person running for President in the previous Presidential campaign, Obama in the early stages of the campain, could not utter a coherent sentence. At least until he finely got his “same spiel every speech” memorized. Mit was always fluent and knew what he was talking about. Both Mit and Sarah are people with strong family and moral values. Just what the country desperately need right now. I would love to see a Mit / Sarah ticket. In the mean time, I say Impeachment the O.

  84. Gary Ross says:

    RINO? Please, when was the last time Republicans were actually a ‘conservative’ party? None of the last 6 presidential nominees were conservative. Most of the Republican senators are not conservative. Many of the Republican Govenors are not conservative (don’t argue that one, I live in CaleeForKneea). I place very little hope in any office holdoing member of that party, even Ron Paul or Tom McClintock, because the party leadership is politician 1st, American 2nd. Watch out for them, Tea Partiers, they will attempt to use your movement to regain power, and it will be more of the same.

  85. Denny H says:

    not sure i can give her all my support unless she would be given a fair shot at doing the job by the media, i know she is used to being beat up by the media,, and the lefty’s but i think it would be all out war on her, worse, then the storm the right has raised on B.H.O

  86. Barbie Harris says:

    I am a registered Democrat who is very disillusioned at the liberal takeover of what I onced considered the party of the people. Sarah give me hope that we once again have a champion for the people. I voted for the McCain-Palin ticket in 2008 mainly because of the liberal take over of the Dem. party, howvever Sarah’s name on the ticket was an added plus.

  87. sa smorin says:

    Sarah P knows to what principals this country was founded. She stumbles at times but there is no one out there who can do it better for now. She has my vote unless she splits the party and sends Obama back in for 4 more years of dismantling everything we stand for and sliding us into a 3rd world nation.

  88. greg j says:

    The names have chaged but people basic nature hasn’t. Our forfathers struggled against many schools of thought. Their forsight is the reason all the histrical documents were so complex. We get so caught up in the doctrine of being a civilized people. Many of the answers we seek today are found in our history. I would not be so quick to write off Sarah P for her loyalty to mr mccain. If we seek to bring a balance back in this country, we need to win others over to the side of common sense government, and not be too quick to assign labels. Sarah is a class act. Tell me who is the perfect person to replace her if you take her out of the political scene and everyone has some fault, major or minor. Compared to others Sarah’s is very minor.

  89. Carl C says:

    As a conservative individual whom has a very strong committment to the Constitution of the United States and what we stand for I support Sara Palin for whatever office she would want to tackle. Someone in this country has to have the guts to stand up to the smart leaders (which is definitely questionable) and straighten us out. I would do it but I am too old to even consider it. My ideas of how to correct the problems are all immoral, however Washington DC and all of its politicians do have a reputation of being the nations only legal brothel. Remember that the Feds took over the brothel in Nevada and it failed also, So much for the votes of confidence in our leaders from the White House all the way down. SARA: GET ER DONE.

  90. Jim Fishback says:

    We already have a President who can’t give a speech without a teleprompter. I know I’m not the only person that saw Sarah Palin ‘STRUGGLE” to make points in Nashville with her notes. She looked like a Sophmore at her first debate class. I’ve never been so disappointed. She’s known for 2 weeks she was going to this Rally and to be THIS ill prepared show so much lack of leadership.

  91. Estell Allen says:

    Sara Palin has come to redeem the USA from the progressives. I think she has in mind of making a difference in McCains progressive thinking. I hope so, for I am for Hayworth all the way. He could use Palin in his camp. I do respect McCain as the man that he is. But I hope he will come to the rescue of this country, and Obama may be the one to help him decide that. I have become a stronger Conservative Christian because of all the blunders from Obama. I am now taking being a Christian in a SERIOUS way.

  92. tony says:

    I think Palin is a breath of fresh air, but I don’t know if she could be elected,3 yrs is a long time off, alot of things can change by then

  93. Thaddeus of St.Jo, Texas says:

    I say on-to you. Why is the media afraid of Palin. They picked a communist (Obama) for president , even when he , voted, most of the time, NOT PRESSENT. IF YOU NOTICED ABOUT POLITICIANS, the ones that smile the most and, and the ones that have eloquent speaches, but, impose everything on you , always seem to betray you. They in the end get to expose themselves. Obama wants to dictate , not lead.You dont exclude people from the oposition, that were elected by the people, that is unconstitutional in nature. Closed doors. are for people that want to pull the wool over your eyes, transparency, you bet. We can see right thru them. We dont need a president that Manipulates the Constitution. We want one that strenghtens it. The only Jobs created out there ARE, the government jobs. And the Govenment does not produce anything. Government is a Leach, that sucks the blood out of the economy, and our freedoms. HEY, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TRUST ANYONE, THAT NOW CALLS HIMSELF A PROGRESSIVE , JUST TO ESCAPE THE LABEL LIBERAL. MABE, HE WANTS TO SH-NOOKER US. IN ANY CASE A PROGRESSIVES WANT TO ELIMINATE THE TROUBLESOME CONSTITUTION.

  94. Rosie Leach says:

    You’ve got the wrong Man would be more appropriate.

    Why would they consider running Mc Cain another time.

    Just would insure another loss to the conservative efforts.

    We need a strong, not on the fence, person to dig us out of this mess.

  95. THOMAS STEWART says:

    Sarah Palin “The Iron Lady” Has All The Experience She Needs, As Margaret Thatcher The First Prime Minister Said Sarah Would Make A Perfect President. Plus The Experience Sarah Got The Last Election From The Bias Media “She Has Reloaded And Ready For Dumbobama And His Chi-Town Mafia Run Politics” Her Tea Party Speech Was Short And Sweet To The Point, We Do Not Need A College Organizer Running The USA. Yikees.

  96. Doug says:

    Sara is on the money when she speaks about basic believes in America, However there is no way I can support McCain for another term in the senate. The rinos in this party have to go including the Maine faction and the South Carolina Senator Graham

  97. Karen Buck says:

    Oh ya! obummer was the president of the law review at Harvard, remember? But, he NEVER WROTE ONE ARTICLE!!!!! Hmmmmmm, what does that tell ya????

  98. Karen Buck says:

    Sarah Palin is a total breath of fresh air!!! She speaks the truth and has only the best for America in mind. Sarah said she does not want a 3rd party, the republican party needs to stand up and live up to their platform, less taxes, less government, free market principles and freedom for all!!!
    GO SARAH!!!!

  99. Henry Young says:

    “I pray that message goes from your lips to everyone’s ears” If we elect people with Sara’s “value based” inner guide – we will have the politicians we want working our national problems. Their primary goal will be to do what’s best for the nation – not to gather more power for their own party or themselves

  100. Bill Drews says:

    Sarah Palin was a very bright person from her beginning. She has been well educated and has such a variety of leadership experiences and she has shown that she is humble but a match for anyone. Added to that is the fact that she cares for her families, immediate or national. She has proven that she not only can lead but do it with class and honor. I love her as a member of my family and it has six daughters and a lovely mother. Go Sarah!!!

  101. KENN HAMILTON says:


  102. Mack Stafford says:

    If you think Sara is not experianced enough look & compare to Obama who NEVER EARNED A DIME,(It was always gifted to him, He NEVER HAD TO MEET A PAYROLE& He SURE AS
    HE IS A CITIZEN,Yet we put him in the

  103. Victoria says:

    Altho I believe in her and her principles I think she can be a senator, vp to Newt Gingrich or an energy sec. to gain more experience.. 2016 is more like it.

  104. J.R. says:

    I think it will be good for the country and the “political elites” in Washington for Sara Palin or someone similar be elected President. The “elites” criticize Palin’s intellect, while this guy obama, a community organizer with no executive experience, wasn’t listening in class at Harvard when discussing the Constitution. Palin would do a much better job than obama or his “marxist” friends.

  105. Linden Swift says:

    Loyalty is important to me. Sarah’s support of McCain is appreciated even though I feel he should lose.

  106. 12thGenerationAMERICAN says:

    I voted:

    1. AGAINST Obama

    2. For Sarah

    3. McCain just happened to be on the same ticket as Sarah

  107. Earl Vance says:

    I strongly believe that Sarah is more qualified than the whole gang of nincompoops and crooks that presently occupy the Congress, Senate, and Presidential seats today.

  108. Little Joe says:

    I am a moderate Democrat and I am staying with the party in hopes of restoring in to its past where the majority ruling the party was moderate. Today, I support all you conservatives and moderates for trying to save the country. I think Sarah provides some fresh air to current stench of overspending Democrats and Republicans.

  109. Ron Streed says:

    Sarah has my vote. She says what she means, and everyone else will sugarcoat it.I don’t. People wake up and look at the communist manifesto that was shown to people in the capital in1963.Look it up on the internet. I’m for what she stands for.Who likes the political ways of Washington,D.C., and their superiority.

  110. Linda Gracey says:

    I am about to finish “Going Rogue”. I wanted to know why she quit as governor. She was bombarded with hundreds of ethics violations which racked up over half a million in legal bills.that she and Todd were responsible for. The Republicans charged her with 50,000 dollars to be vetted for the vice presidency. I believe she is honest, and has the skills to remain in politics, but I believe she is naive about many things. I think she needs to be involved in some way in national politics but she has a lot to learn first. She fought the good old boys in ALaska, and won, but Congress is like the Super Bowl, compared to high school athletics in Alaska politics. They ripped her apart in Alaska, even went after her son Trig. Saul ALinsky Rules for Radicals politics. McCain IS a progressive, and I was disappointed that she is supporting him. I have heard rumors that Rick Perry is a Bilderberger. Scary stuff.

  111. Mike from Colorado says:

    As of recent times, the new buzz word has been “transparency”, well, Washington has certainly let us down in this area as everything is being done secretly behind Obama’s “closed doors”. As Obama has come to redefine the word, Sara has been a symbol of the original definition, basically “what you see is what you get”. She is pure; she is refreshing. She may not be the most polished politician but that is what has attracted so many Americans to her. With a little bit of foreign policy seasoning she will become the first female president in the USA. I only hope and pray that she is able to stay the course with her family as her #1 priority…I believe to date she has been able to maintain that but at a very heavy cost.

  112. Les Reimer says:

    Us guys have screwed things up enough.There’s too much testesterone on the walls of D.C. It’s time for a womans touch to straighten the mess out. Sarah is just the person. YOU GO GIRL !!!

  113. Gary Robbins says:

    Down to Earth Values, Morals, and a lot of COMMON SENSE! I voted for Sarah Palin also. I visited Alaska the year before and found that anyone I spoke with LOVED the fact that she had MOXIE and kept her word. She also LOVES Family Values!

  114. lorraine says:

    Lots of us here in Maine are all for Sara. Horrah for her. You must be for Obama.. The one who keeps telling us he’s president like we didn’t know.

  115. LJ Mitchell says:

    Sorry, Palin is a lovely, talented lady but I voted for McCain. He is more in keeping of my traditions, I like strong women but like strong men leading even better. I have had to be very strong in my household so don’t put me down as “just a housewife”. I have worked and taken care of a disabled husband for years. Lets protect our country and put back conservative leaders in the whitehouse.

  116. joel says:

    Considering all the choices,Robert is right. Sarah is an excellent choice for Vice. We need Mit for the President’s slot.This is a decent team. Best we have to hope for as conservatives. I am speaking from the right of Attila The Hun!!

  117. Tommy Lamberth says:

    Do I detect a little jealousy of Jedediah because of Sara’s beauty, intelligence, and popularity?

  118. Joyce Sabatino says:

    Sarah for President in 2012–you betcha. I’d like to know why educated people, Dick Morris for one, can’t understand Sarah’s explanation for resigning as Governor of Alaska. Does the words Lame Duck and the reasons of frivolous lawsuits ring a bell. Alaska needs to do something about those stupid lawsuits against people in office. Let those people that bring the lawsuit pay the legal bills if they lose. Compensation would be nice, too. Sarah plough right on.

  119. gary says:

    Caroline has it right on the money. Hayworth is a stark contrast to McCain and the people will understand who the real conservative is.

  120. Lindsey Fairbrother says:

    Yes, Sarah is not the type of person to throw John under the bus…

    I think America just wants an honest person in the White House, one who has principles that she won’t compromise (George Bush was honest, but he was Mr. Compromise).

    Obama is a liar, Clinton a degenerate.

    We just want a simple, honest person inside the beltway. Just one such person of integrity, in Congress or the White House, would be enough to lead DC out of its insane overspending and corruption.

  121. JIMBOATLARGE says:

    At last! A voice of sensibility. Sarah calls it like it is and doesn’t bow to “Party” histronics. I’ll vote for her–again….and I’m older than McCain.

  122. orvil says:

    If Sara is a true consurive ? She would back Dedoea Medina in Texas, not Rick Perry…

  123. Dan Torchio says:

    Bob says we’re not ready for a female president, Yes we are if the right candidate runs, ie Sarah, Miss Rice. My Father once told me ” that it would take a female President to turn this country around !

  124. Jeanette says:

    Agree wholeheartedly with Sarah Palin whom I WILL definitely vote for as President. I will, however, NOT vote for McCain since I consider him a PROGRESSIVE and is no different than Democrats. It will be difficult as Sarah acknowledges to find someone who has the same values. I think though that we have new blood Republicans who truly believe in the Constitution.

  125. Harold Adams says:

    Sarah is my gal. She is definitly a leader, if not in 2012 then 2016. I look forward to voting for the first female president, and that will be Sarah Palin.

  126. Dan Torchio says:

    Sarah helped his campaign with her values. John is a progressive candidate, and shouldn’t have been the repub. nominee. We need conservative candidates, with low taxes, smaller government and let the States regulate their own states. John got the votes he received because of Sarah Palin.

  127. carolyn Barnett says:

    Like many others, I feel Palin is a breath of fresh air. She brings the attention of the “lame stream media” to the forefront. I think the voters will make their choice between McCain and Hayworth no matter the endorsements. They will recognize the difference between Rino and conservative. Have confidence in “the people”.

  128. Robert says:

    I believe Sarah would make a fine vice-president to round out her experience in all areas of government. After that the presidency.

  129. Ted Ward says:

    I like Sarah Palin. Like many others, I voted for her in the 2008 election, not McCain. She will support McCain in his election, but what exactly does that mean? She is not going to be out selling his more liberal views, and if asked, her views will be those of the conservative she is, but I think she feels that she owes him for picking her to run with him in 2008. I don’t think she will be selected to represent the GOP in 2012, but if she is, she will have my vote.

  130. Bob Nelis says:

    Betty says “we’re not ready for a female President”. Yet, some say, we were ready for a black President. Unfortunately, there are many more capable black leaders than the one that we’re now stuck with till 2012!

  131. craig says:

    Honor, integrity, common sense, belief in America and the prinicipals of our founding fathers,capitalist,constitutionalist. (these are a few of my favorite things). America deserves to have leaders who embody the above. God bless Sarah Palin and all our future learders of similar character who heed the call from their country, for their country

  132. Rich says:

    I feel that Sarah is being true to her beliefs. I also think that the support of McCain is just to keep the media folks following her, but in the end she is smart enough to drop McCain at the right time. McCain is an Progressive and she know that. In the right time she will exite his camp. She is to smart, and very much a conservative with the Republic in mind first, and big Government last. McCain wants big Government.

  133. Theril M. says:

    This lady is a giant breath of fresh air-
    I want here to keep on doing what she is doing – Blast this radical left, Put the family values, the everyday persons concern on the table – Point out the errors for both sides and like she commented on – It would be nice to have a 100% person to represent we conservatives – If we cannot find that person – then we must hold who we select to the fire – Let Sarah roll!!!

  134. William Nealey says:

    no we dont need a third party and its time Ron Paul and ralph nader realised it, thats the best way to assure the dems of another victory. I am an independant but I mostly vote repub. mainly I vote for the person not the party,

  135. GUY says:

    Sarah is Ok by me. But its hard to put
    your trust in anyone these days. Its up to us to sort them out! Doesn’t take long for any of them to show their
    true Colors.

  136. Betty Davidson says:

    If Sarah Palin registered as a Republian and says she is a conservative then why isn’t she backing JD Haysworth in Arizonia? Why is she backing John McCain and Gov. Perry? Here Actions don’t match her Words. If she is going to back McCain why didn’t she register as a Democratic?Yes ,she is a Rhino.

  137. Dago Dave says:

    no more John McCains-More Palins-Browns,Etc.Enough with the fence sitters!

  138. Renee says:

    Re: From Betty Two questions for you:
    Betty, can you tell us why you feel the country is not ready for a female president?
    Also, under what situation/ time/ other conditions do you feel that the country actually would be ready for a female president?

  139. William Nealey says:

    I too voted for Sara and will again given the chance. no she dosn’t say the things a lot of people want to hear. but what she says you can take it to the bank. it is heartfelt and beleivable. not so obviously phony just to get your vote or to get you to like her. I agree she should dlow down some when she is being interviewed. but thats her style and at least she is not taking time to figure out the best lie to tell like so many politicians do. I hope she never becomes a politician. I too reveer McCain for the sacrifice’s he made. but he blew the election and thats that,

  140. Stan Newman says:

    As an 87 year old Vet of WW2 I’m fighting to stay alive till ’12 so I can vote for Gov. Sarah Palin. She has the “Great Generation’s” values !

  141. rob v. says:

    we need more saras with moral fibre and backbone and less john mccains with backroom deals does anyone remember the s+l crisis of the 80’s john was one of the keating 5 to shut down the investigation of his wifes dad and again the taxpayers paid the bill!! we need to clean hse!!

  142. Eddie Gianola says:

    Right on and well said. I voted for Palin more than McCain figuring given his age,he’d be a one termer which would’ve left us with Palin.
    Her speech at the Republican Convention sent McCain’s numbers upward and drove the media into a frenzy. The people heard Sarah and liked what they were hearing,they still do. Go Sarah Barracuda 2012 all the way!!

  143. Linda Lee Whitmore says:

    It would be hard to vote for Sara if she is part of a third party split. We can not afford the Dems to win again. We need a strong candidate that we all can get behind and win in 2012. I’m not sure Sara is it yet. If Scott Brown stays true to his principles I would like to see him run.

  144. J.R. says:

    Put me in the Sara Palin camp–but not for President. I stand firmly behind her morals and convictions, but at this time I see her strengths best used as a leading force in Congress. I think that for her to be electable, she still needs to quiet the “hockey mom” image and prove her leadership abilities at the national level before stepping into the race for President. She is doing a great job for the conservative masses–just needs a little more political grooming.

  145. From Betty says:

    As much as I like Sarah I do not think the country is ready for a female president yet. I think she would be better helping the cause as a Senator

  146. R Stern says:

    I think by endorsing Sen McCain Gov Palin shows us that the tent is big enough for all of us who endorse fiscal responsibility…and honesty in government……our number one issue….aren’t we the taxation with representation party? didn’t this administration and the democratic congress decide not to represent us but to overtax not only us but future generations before they are even born. Let us not let social issues be divisive to our main cause. We need to overthrow Goliath before we tackle our diffenences. Those social differences will destroy our cause if we let them. The Obamanots want us to argue over those differences. We must stick to the idea of fiscal responsibility and taxation with representation. I admire Sen McCain for the struggles he has endured on behalf of we the peopleI. I think that is why Gov Palin is supporting him also. Sen. McCain has not only talked the talk, but walked the walk.

  147. Al Taylor says:

    Sara has my support, She tells it like it is and as a family model for all americans. Has encounted every day problems as most americans. I hope she will run for the presidency in 2012

  148. Paula says:

    I listened to Palin yesterday during the interview on Fox and she stated she hadn’t decided who would be the best–named a few but stated she was wide open–and when asked if she would put her hat in the ring, she didn’t say no.. I really like her ideals but wish she would slow her talking down-calm down a bit when she is interviewed. I hope the tea parties help someone shine–but hope we, the conservatives don’t spilt the vote so much that the Democrats- win again.. that would make us look stupid.. We need to unite with one strong group!!!

  149. Donald Booth says:

    I am with you. I voted for Sara, McCain was secondary.

  150. Dan says:

    Sara has and will continue to receive my support in any way possible. She appears to be everything you summarized in your article and most of all, principled, a STRONG point, when it comes to todays politicians. PALIN in 2012!!!

  151. James Taylor says:

    Right on! There are so few who enter the political arena that have consistent core values. It is and has been refreshing to have Palin in the spotlight. Hope it doesn’t change her.
    And thanks to Ms. Bila for being our spokesperson.

  152. Patricia Murphy says:

    Well written.with- clarity & understanding.
    I trust Sarah

  153. Steven McCormack says:

    I do no t trust any of them!

  154. Barbara Frederickson says:

    You are right on the button! So GLAD Sara is Sara and i have great hopes for her in the future!!!

  155. Charles Beesley says:

    Hear, Hear!!

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