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  1. Sharon Holley says:

    I’m warning you….it’s going to get hot this summer!

  2. Mary Losh says:

    ‘NO, That dosen’t mean we won’t take your money’ !

  3. George Fox says:

    I know I said I founded the internet, but that was an honest mistake!

  4. windell thompson says:

    now wait, global warmingis a joke but bush done it.

  5. Carl Kolenda says:

    Wait-a minute…I never said I never lied!

  6. RAY HAMBY says:

    Don’t you dare say anything about my private jet!

  7. Nancy Blexrud says:

    See, I told you the world was flat and that’s why there’s global warming and you won’t believe me.

  8. Connie Yeagle says:

    I said, “It’s global warming” !!!

  9. cellihwd says:

    If global warming was a joke, would I be sweating like this?

  10. Dan H. says:

    We humans cannot continue to exhale and expect the planet to survive!

  11. Arlene says:

    “uh-uh…been there, done that!”

  12. Gary Kindness says:

    Dont tell me that An Inconvenient Truth is full of lies.

  13. Larry Ecton says:

    Now, don’t misquote me – I never said that trees would hug you back.

  14. Bigvarmit says:

    I know global warming is true. I had a dream that told me so.

  15. Brian O says:

    No, I invented global warming AFTER I invented the internet.

  16. Richard Clarke says:

    I have always known what to do… ever since I was a little boy in Holland.

  17. Jerry Whisenhunt says:

    Global warming?? I wet my finger, stuck it up into the air, uhuhuh The wind has stopped!!!

  18. Bob Stark says:

    “My, fellow dupes”….er, Americans…

  19. Vonnie Maxwell says:

    No, no, no. I never said “Global Warming”, it’s “Climate Change” and all those chemtrails have absolutely nothing to do with it. hmmmm and it could all be Bush’s fault……..

  20. Karen says:

    If you believe in global warming, pull my finger!

  21. James Read says:

    Here’s an inconvenient truth, “I am a crook”!

  22. Randy Juday says:

    Now I can stand up here and tell you that I have lied about global warming, but I can guarantee you that that I have only done it for my own personal gain.

  23. Randy Juday says:

    Now I can stand up here and tell you that I have lied about global warming, but I can guarantee you that I have only done it for my own personal gain

  24. Roger L says:

    I spy with my own eye…CFL lighting

  25. A. Gade says:

    Global Warming: Bend over you’ll only feel a little pressure!

  26. Stan P says:

    21 December 2012 is going to be Doomsday due to global warming!

  27. Chewy says:

    Now, hold on! This debate isn’t about me tipping the scales!

  28. Jim Kelly says:

    But, but, but Texas doesn’t have a hate crime law.

  29. Tom Bowerman says:

    …and don’t forget I invented the internet too!

  30. Cher Hollis says:

    Think about it for a minute and don’t be so quick to vote for O’Bama again!!!!

  31. Rebecca vanderVeen says:

    Now wait just one minute! I invented “global warming”!!

  32. Steve Mellard says:

    I know one thing that contributes to global warming. My private jet!

  33. Jim Hutcheson says:

    Who said anything about truth?

  34. Tom Mathews says:

    I not only invented the internet but I invented Google also.

  35. Bruce says:

    I said I’m only partially responsible for discovering the internet…not totally responsible!

  36. Linda Haslam says:

    I did not invent Global Warming.

  37. Carolyn Currier says:

    TRUST ME !!!!!!!!

  38. D Dunn says:

    Everyone should run for public office, great perks, and a retirement package to die for!

  39. D. M. Gooch says:

    “I know my lifestyle and actions don’t match what I preach but that’s just another inconvenient truth”

  40. Mike Murrell says:

    Ah, yes, but it doesn’t matter of what the facts are. It’s saving the planet from the non-believers that makes this so important.

  41. max stamm says:

    I invented the internet to save paper, more carbon credits.

  42. Chris Cifelli says:

    Don’t even think about counting that “hanging chad” as a vote for W!

  43. gail abbey says:

    no i have not forgotten and you’re just gonna have to take my word – my jockeys show pix of george bush

  44. RED CRAVEN says:


  45. Ron Staub says:

    Just be warned! 99 degrees today, August 29, is certainly a true sign of global warming.

  46. Phillip Sloan says:

    Is it just me or is it getting cold in here?

  47. Jim says:

    Oh no, no, I invented the internet.

  48. DAVE TRAHAN says:


  49. Tom B says:

    Now, hold on just one minute. I’m allowed a larger carbon footprint than my neighbors … I received carbon credits for planting two trees in Africa.

  50. C Ledig says:

    I am not a secret service agent, nor have I ever been a secret service agent. 04-16-2012

  51. MadisonMan says:

    This is the truth no matter how difficult to comprehend, and I know its the truth…..Michael Moore and Sean Pean have both confirmed it.

  52. Edward Parsons says:

    I was for global warming, before I was against it !

  53. Annamay Sperazza says:

    Make no mistake, global warming is junk science, believe it and be laughed at.

  54. Annamay Sperazza says:

    Make no mistake, global warming is junk science, believe it and be laughed at

  55. Joe Basler says:

    Yes…this is exactly how many people who believe I invented the internet.

  56. Bill Sloane says:

    Watch my lips: If they move, I’m lying.

  57. mark says:

    global warming is the answer to alternative fuel

  58. Keith says:

    Because . . . I SAID SO!!!

  59. ElmerP says:

    OH,NO. NO. NO!! That not what I said!

  60. Bobby Earp says:


  61. ron says:

    You better believe I did invent the world wide web, Tipper is undermining me on that!

  62. Reimund Manneck says:

    Oh no, the wind is changing!

  63. Marie says:

    Careful what you wish for, you just might get it……..

  64. Jim Schoen says:

    Yep. It feels warmer to me!

  65. Bob says:

    You all think that Obama is doing a great job shutting down drilling for oil, you should have voted me in and I would make sure you are all in tune with green energy and global warming and we would all have cars running on sun energy and bicycles would be the best transportation in the world.

  66. George says:

    Hot air goes up thereby contributing to global warming. Therefore, all politicians must immediately stop talking!

  67. Hugo Costa says:

    Now I told you so! Because of Global Warming there is now only ONE polar bear left on the planet!

  68. Stephen Alsdorf says:

    Any moment now, this arrogant finger I’m waving around is going to wipe the Global Warming sweat from my brow!

  69. Leslie Ginsberg says:

    Now look, real science is not what this is all about.

  70. Roger Presl says:

    “Now wait a miniute! I didn’t say I was an Idiot!

  71. Hermit says:

    One for the money
    two for the show
    Three to get ready, and
    I now gots you by the

  72. Jerry says:

    Forget the Facts, listen to the Democrat talking points

  73. Charlotte says:

    You better watch out! You better not cry!

  74. Lola Miller says:

    Now really. Of course I know what’s best for you.

  75. Bob says:

    What, hold elected officials to the same standards of those who elected us? Never! I am better than that!

  76. Rick Jackson says:

    I didn`t say do as I do!

  77. Don Cordell says:

    You can only vote this one time, then no more elections, as we take over America.

  78. Larry B says:

    YOU may not know global warming… but I know global warming!

  79. Tom K. says:

    I want you to understand this 1 point…………you need to decrease your Carbon Footprint………….so that I can increase mine! So just do as I say, not as I do. Okay? Good……fine…..let’s move foreward!

  80. Mike Kennedy says:

    Yes, I really did invent the internet and I also beat the ‘W’ in that election!!!!!

  81. Gary Simmons says:

    “We’re No. 1” is only one of many of my successful inventions!

  82. John Walcott says:

    Here’s my spin on that.

  83. Robert Hedrick says:

    “I am not a phony!”

  84. Norbert Lague says:

    Now wait a minute!!!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe me just ask Barack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. nenachula says:

    Oh, no, NO it wasn’t me!

  86. J Schroeder says:

    And this is the number of living brain cells that I have left after after global warming.

  87. Ferris Chandler says:

    Obamacare is the one thing I did not invent!

  88. ErIC says:

    Oh!! No,no I invented the internet and Globial Worming!!

  89. Larry Solomon says:

    THE MAN up there promised the world will be destroyed by fire. Support my personal get me richer “global warming” scheme!

  90. Florida Mom says:

    Remember this, I did invent the internet…………………

  91. David Shadd says:

    “You don’t know where this finger has been!?”

  92. Greg says:

    Its unfair that Obama is trying to use the Buffet Rule to rip off all the money I ripped off the rest of you with my global warming scam!

  93. Josephine says:

    Remember, I am for saving the earth and the people.

  94. Alice Guard says:

    When I invented the internet, I made sure it would work with just one click.

  95. Slyone says:

    What I said was the sun was man-made and it causes global warming…I think….

  96. Phillip Shorter says:

    “Now children, Father knows best!”

  97. Wanda says:

    I absolutely invented Global Warming.

  98. Harold Sea says:

    I did not lie to you, I swear I did

  99. JohnnyD says:

    Wanna see Global Warming ? Pull My Finger.

  100. Robert Kennedy says:

    If you are stupid enough to believe me, that is your problem

  101. Paul & Letha Weaver says:

    Yeah but, I’m billionaire because of global warming – that makes all the falsehood and bad science okay!

  102. Sawman says:

    I don’t think you realize that what you think you heard me say is not what I meant, but what I said is what you think I heard what you think I said… no wait… I mean…

  103. Lee Weir says:

    I know all–listen up you sheeple and warm my pockets!

  104. Paul Fox says:

    I don’t care what God said to Noah!!!!

  105. William Bruce says:

    “This little light of mine…could cause Global Warming!” “Put it out!”

  106. John Powell says:

    Dozen’t he look like the southend of a north bound mule

  107. John Powell says:

    What a Putz

  108. John Powell says:

    Are you tell me “I’m a phony” I invented the internet.

  109. Paul Mehne says:

    Caption for the sphincter muscle. Let me be the first to say, “Just because I said it doesn’t make it so.”

  110. Scott says:

    “Pull my finger and I’ll show you global warming!”

  111. Bill Harper says:

    Don’t you try to tell me that Obama is smarter than me.

  112. Thomas Mather says:

    I told you the sky is falling!!!!

  113. Rich says:

    My name is Gore, with a G not B, you idiot!

  114. Mike says:

    Ah say, Ah saay theah, It’s gettin warmer in heah….Turn up the AC sonny!!

  115. Chet Figurski, USMC,DAV says:

    Fat Al, with his finger pointed toiwards the ozone, (where he want’s to go

  116. John Poynter says:

    I lost because I ate Twinkies before my campaign speeches, that’s why.

  117. Gene says:

    It wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for those dang Florida elections! What? Anything bad.

  118. Roger Swisher says:

    First it was the internet, then it was global warming, what an I going to deam up next?

  119. Phyllis Tarver says:

    I really, really need those carbon credits.

  120. Tamara says:

    Ah, Ah, Ah… I didn’t say I created global warming, I said I created the internet!

  121. mike taurino says:

    i’ve only made just ONE mistake in all my life, and that was becoming a democrate.

  122. Tom says:

    When it comes to global warming, my finger never lies

  123. bob scott says:


  124. Philip in Strongsville says:

    I know I’m right about global warming. That’s all the proof you need!

  125. Paul Bernier says:

    NO! I did invent the internet

  126. Richard Johnston says:

    I didn’t say I INVENTED global warming.

  127. uncle wally says:

    I’m sorry to tell you this, but, I have unlimited carbon credits, and you dont!!!!

  128. Don LaPlante says:

    Don’t even think you are going to sell me a condo in Florida!

  129. Don PIcha says:

    I am OBESE because of Global Warming

  130. Penelope Koach says:

    From which direction is that global warming breeze coming.

  131. John Peterson says:

    I ain’t much baby, but I’m all I’ve got.

  132. Fred E. says:

    Well, not only that, but the sky is falling!

  133. Larry Peoples, Sr. says:

    “No, I will not let you pull my finger and contribute to Global Warming!”

  134. Chuck Fox says:

    Baby, it’s cold outside!

  135. george mullaney says:

    Obama and I are both from above, please believe me

  136. Clare Braden says:

    Remember, you can always trust me, no matter what those people, who call me Slick, say.

  137. rebecca doe says:

    My choice for the caption for Al Gore’s picture:

    How dare he be the Narcissist in Chief. I INVENTED narcissism!

  138. Reina Boudreau says:

    I tell you the truth, I know what I’m talking about!

  139. Doug says:

    I beg to differ…carbon dioxide is not the beneficial gas all plant life on earth would have you believe.

  140. drmac says:

    my SUV doesn’t leave a carbon footprint

  141. Henry Kocol says:

    “Welcome to Lock Box lesson 101.”

  142. Mema says:

    “Let me tell you… it’s getting warmer…

  143. Donald Mauck says:

    Hold on now, I don’t have to follow my own policies!

  144. Ken Langford says:

    It’s Getting Hot in Here, So Give Up All Your Money

  145. Aldo R. Powell says:

    I, the smartest man in the world, know better than all of you put together.

  146. Ted Freeman says:

    Ok – here’s just one example of the devastation caused by global warming – hanging chads.

  147. Charles Gaul says:

    “Now wait a minute, I never said I was an honest politician!”

  148. Jeanne Evensen says:

    What do you mean ????? Of course I created the world

  149. Richard Gordon says:

    Let me tell you this, I always tell the truth.

  150. Jeanne Evensen says:

    What do you mean??? Of course I created the world!

  151. Duff says:

    Ok, it wasn’t the truth, but you have to admit, it was inconvenient!

  152. Lyle Neigenfind says:

    Listen, this is not about global warming. It’s about making sure my private jet is ready.

  153. Louis says:

    Sorry, the finger I’m trying to use is Crazy-glued to my thumb.

  154. B Allmon says:

    The ONE important revision to the HealthCare Bill will be required prescription to BEAN-O to halt GREEN HOUSE GASES!

  155. Dot says:

    AH, ah, ah…………………….Geritol is NOT better than Global Warming. I tried it!!!!

  156. Michael Wilson says:

    I invented solor energy to save our planet and don’t you let anyone tell you differently!

  157. PMM says:

    I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and everything but the truth!

  158. PMM says:

    What do you mean that I’m responsible for global hot air?

  159. PMM says:

    I will autograph my book for you for $20 bucks.

  160. PMM says:

    Let o Al help you people with minimal brain capacity to understand this. Global warming causes global freezing. And global freezing causes global warming. You see how that works!

  161. William Rojahn says:

    And another thing,” Putting that internet project together successfully was not easy!”

  162. Gunny says:

    It’s warm in here !

  163. dean says:

    Al’s probably saying, Let me be totally honest with you, if I can.

  164. FLax says:

    Now, now, global warming is a reality! The proof: COLD WEATHER!

  165. J.A. Fleck says:

    Now Listen-I told you I started the inter-net to stop Global Warming so I could start my own TV Channel off of your Carbon Credits that really go to no one but me!

  166. Levon Baxley says:

    And let me repeat myself,If we do not stop global warming we are all going to suffocate,remember I am getting filthy rich off this hoax.

  167. ed maggio says:

    but wait, that’s not all, you can purchase my carbon credits at a reduced price, i don’t use them.

  168. Curtis Cooke says:

    First I increased awareness of global warming, next I am going to enlighten everyone about the problems of obesity.

  169. John Traynor, Carefree, AZ says:

    I never said I invented the Internet.

  170. Glenn Edwards says:

    I know it’s snowing which just goes to prove Global Warming.

  171. L Loughmiller says:

    Oh, no – that’s not what I meant!

  172. Gerald FitzGerald says:

    I did not say that

  173. R EMMETT says:

    I am #1, right!

  174. Daniel Pereyda says:

    “I stick this finger in the air, and I can accurately predict the where global warming will hit next.

  175. John Shipman says:

    “My temperature probe here proves that global earming exists”

  176. rp says:

    “Now let me make this perfectly clear! It is not what I do that contributes to Global Warming. It’s the suckers I con into the lie, contribute to my fund.”

  177. Craig says:

    I have NEVER told you the truth! I NEVER will!!

  178. Frank Suszka says:

    No… I don’t think you can say that about Obama.

  179. David Daugherty says:

    I just changed my grandaughters Pamper. My finger got ****on it. Shall I lick it or stick it??

  180. David Wilson says:

    I do not care what you say.! I, me, myself and I invented the internet. That alone is enough to qualify me to invent global warming. How else could you explain all these pesky earthquakes and stuff. And a guy has to make his living someway. What better way than snookering these less than smart idiots in voter land. Global warming has made me millions and billions of dollars. Wait and see what I can come up with next. Maybe a way to get obama elected again.

  181. EP says:

    Trust Me !!! You can trust Me …..

  182. Lyle Baumgartner says:

    Only you can stop global warming.

  183. TimO says:

    I do so only have one corporate jet I use to spread my global warming message.

  184. Ginny Forestieri says:

    Now wait a minute! My private jet does not add to the carbon footprint. Do as I say not as I do!

  185. Walter M. Reckinger III says:

    Now wait just a minute, please don’t try to confuse me with facts when I’ve already made up my mind!

  186. Bill Mielniczuk says:

    I didn’t really say I invented the internet, I only meant I was part of the development team.

  187. Linda says:

    No, it was I who invented the internet…

  188. ken eaton says:

    I’m greener than ever since I gave up desert.

  189. Kathy says:

    No matter what happens to Bill & Hillary, they will still be cousins.

  190. Ed says:

    If we can get Congress to do just this one more thing, then we can pocket another bundle!!!!

  191. FRED WHELAHAN says:


  192. J Higgins says:

    Which way is the wind blowing at this moment?

  193. D Strong says:

    I said … inconvenient SPOOF!

  194. Steve says:

    Hillary, I told you not to marry your cousin.

  195. Michael Wilkinson says:

    Pull my finger…Go ahead…and I’ll give you green house gas!

  196. Gerald Cornelius says:

    If I had become President

  197. Don Watts says:

    Oh no you didn’t, I created the “Internet”!

  198. Ted A. Smith says:

    ‘……and just WHERE do you think all this hot air for and a warmer summer has come from?

  199. Russ says:

    I did not fail Natural Science at Harvard – I got a D

  200. R H Brenneman says:

    Come on now people. Don’t laugh at me!

  201. R H Brenneman says:

    Come on now people, don’t laugh at me!

  202. Frances Lowe says:

    You are looking at the origin of global warming! The cavern of hot air!

  203. Bill Tschantz says:

    I told you once before not to make fun of me.

  204. Steve says:

    Now come on…do as I say, not as I do!

  205. Frank Dobmeyer says:

    Noooo…..That’s not my carbon footprint !!

  206. Steven g. says:

    Trust Me, I won’t make any money off CARBON CREDITS!

  207. Dennis Young says:

    I am diligently working on a bovine annal filter to further protect our ozone layer from the incredibly harmful effects of cow farts, When it proves a success we will make a modified version for politicians, such as mysely, who are full of the same type of stuff.

  208. Bob Waters says:

    Now look. Discussing my weight is off the table!

  209. Patrick says:

    Hey! Wait one minute!!! That was not my fault! That was Bush’s fault!!!

  210. Barry Neall says:

    Now remember, I invented the internet and discovered global warming.

  211. George says:

    Gore, Albert Gore. Besides Internet I inveted global worming…

  212. Norman Howard says:

    I do not come across as stiff. I only lost by one vote.

  213. Wayne Ollick says:

    Someone from the audience asked, ” What do call the fact that your party has bankrupted the U.S. Economy in just 3 years!?”

    Gore: “An Inconvenient Truth.”

  214. George says:

    Global Warming’s little myth, adds to to my account lots of greens.

  215. Jim Ballard says:

    I Invented picking your nose!!!

  216. Wayne Ollick says:

    Now don’t put words in my mouth! I didn’t say, “I invented the Internet”, what I said was, “I resented the thinner set!”

  217. Ken Koeppe says:

    President Obama’s weekly AF#1 travels are not adding to our carbon footprint, fuel shortages and deficits. Trust me!

  218. Edward says:

    Global Warming? Wait til you see what I have coming next……………

  219. SM says:

    Now I ve told you several times the mercury in my (cfl) new light bulbs isn’t dangerous! Rember to dispose of them properly (hazardous materials) .

  220. Ted says:

    I told you…only my hairdresser knows for sure!

  221. Steve Edelman says:

    Don’t Blame me, It was those so called Scientists. They told me to bring back the Horse and Buggy
    because Autos create Global Warming. What do I know about Global Warming, I can’t even spell it.

  222. Lyn B says:

    Well what do you expect? I’m from TN.

  223. Millie Gilbert says:

    Believe it or not……….

  224. Sandy Knott says:

    Do as I say and not as I do!

  225. jomama says:

    Al ‘Qaeda’

  226. Peter Sw says:

    Now, wait a minute. This time it’s global warming, not global cooling. That was a few years ago.

  227. Vic says:

    I am sure glad that you are the dumbest people i have ever met , and i thank you for that !

  228. phil says:

    Rember when I told you about globele warming well now we call it change

  229. KEN says:

    DUH? If I could think of one intelligent thing to say……..oh will forget it.

  230. Jim says:

    Yes, I do believe hot air is a renewable energy source, and I have done my share in that regard.

  231. Rad Weaver says:

    “It’s hot!” “Yea, up yours.”

  232. Vic says:

    What makes you think that freedom is free

  233. Vic says:

    Just remember you are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch !

  234. Jim Grisenti says:

    “I told Keith Olbermann not to claim he invented the internet.”

  235. Wendy says:

    “I discovered the finger”

  236. Wendy says:

    “I invented the finger”

  237. Michael says:

    “thre’s only one thing that really matters…me.”

  238. Don Edwards says:

    Now I remember, it wasn’t the internet I invented . It was gubpowder.

  239. James M says:

    I am NOT one of the 1 Percent!

  240. Bruno Rizzo says:

    My hemroids are killing me, but

  241. Rick Warren says:

    No, you just think you caught me in another lie!

  242. Marilyn says:

    Wait a minute! Who really won that election? Why did my “fix” not work?

  243. Petra says:

    You REALLY need to listen now!!!!!

  244. Mike Cannon says:

    “At least I am not Joe Biden…”

  245. Carma Pinkston says:

    “Now remember, I invented the internet”

  246. Jerry says:

    You see, I understand global warming because I invented the universe.

  247. Jerry Stauber says:

    Can I share another lie with you?

  248. r.f.wilson says:

    Now you just wait til the wind changes.

  249. Wayne says:

    I promise I’ll create Global Warming myself ’cause I’m full of Hot Air!

  250. Richard Grod says:

    Hurry, pull my finger ;)

  251. Paula Murakami says:

    Your not going to sue me again over global warming !

  252. Bruce says:

    NO. the number one reason Weight Watchers is not working is Global Warming!!!

  253. Doris Gessner says:

    Are you listening. . . There is only one road to heaven!

  254. Jim Verner says:

    No, my hot air does NOT add to global warming!

  255. Gerald Polley says:

    I only lied to the American people ONCE!

  256. Joe from GWL says:

    No to Lord Monckton: I will not debate global warming with anyone who has a brain.

  257. Anne says:

    I told you this would be a long hot Spring.

  258. Tom Dant says:

    Remember, I almost made President!

  259. Chipper McCoy says:

    I warned you once, I’ll warn you twice: Don’t you ever say it’ll get cold again!

  260. Joe C. says:

    Maybe I didn’t invent the internet, but global warming, that’s really mine!!!!

  261. Al Janisieski. says:

    Step back non believers…

  262. Melanie Baglow says:

    You better watch out! Global warming is coming!!!

  263. Andy says:

    I know I said we must go green but I want to keep my jet!

  264. Ruth Ledergerber says:

    When the polar bears come to get you, don’t cry to me!

  265. Anthony Stratman says:

    If you have one brain cell you will believe me.

  266. Steve Pope says:

    Dom’t question me again on what is good for the country. I know what is best for you so be quiet, shut up, and sit down.

  267. Ray says:

    one more time I am not a crook! I may look like him but I am not Al Gore! For the last time I am Jimmie Carters brother…

  268. jim beck says:

    Well,someone told me there was global warming.

  269. Ron Neely says:

    And if I can just convince one other person of global warming, my life will be complete.

  270. Donald Maxwell says:

    The Skies the limit$$$$$$$Global warming yes$$$$$$$$$

  271. Tony Molisse says:

    We are responsible for global warming, just like we caused the death of all the dinasoars!

  272. Yale Kellman says:

    If you believe that global warming is a hoax, well you may be right!

  273. Dean Alfred says:

    My Hummer has a very small Carbon Footprint-

  274. M J Lincoln says:

    BUT I use energy saving light bulbs!

  275. walter wendland says:

    Quit calling me a liar, or I’ll tell “daddy” oboma on you,Boy will you get it!!!!

  276. Jerry Zacharias says:

    “Waiting to exhale” – CO2 that is.

  277. cphayes01 says:

    It’s all in the “CHAD COUNT”

  278. Theodore W. Sushka says:

    I told you it was warming up & the record March temperatures prove it.

  279. Ralph Myers says:

    Maybe I said that but you’re wrong to think I meant it!

  280. cphayes01 says:

    Just “trust me”

  281. Jackie P says:

    Trust me… I’m with the government

  282. Vic Pic says:

    “I never said that I invented the Internet. I did, however, invent Global Warming.”

  283. Madra says:

    Listen, I was wrong about Global warming…….

  284. Theresa Pepe says:

    Now, now.. I am feeling warmer this very minute!

  285. Darryl Gloe says:

    Now, don’t you doubt me on this!

  286. Kenneth E. Johnston says:

    No, I said global warming, not heat wave.

  287. liz says:

    Now that’s not nice!

  288. Jack T. Ogborn says:

    At least, I am an American, and a Christian!

  289. JohnCARLO Red Lion, PA says:

    $19.95 “But Wait” It’s not perfect “But Wait”

  290. Larry Englander says:

    Now remember Barack, I’m still available for that Veep job

  291. Lois Barrett says:

    Now, now, now. I didn’t promise that we wouldn’t have any more COLD weather.

  292. Hugh Urban says:

    Trust ME||

  293. Norman Mincer says:

    Mark my word, it’s going to get hot.

  294. Tony R says:

    Is it warm in here, or is it me?

  295. Charles H. says:

    I did not say I invented global warming…………just the hot air.

  296. Jerome Bruss says:

    Now, you just hold it ! I definately know better than you do.

  297. Ronnie says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

  298. Frank Dam says:

    I’m the only ONE who understands temperature change!

  299. Charley K says:

    Why, if you say that global warming is a hoax and kill my $Billion business, I’ll … I’ll … I’ll …

  300. Geraldine Bowers says:

    I just want the American People to know I AM NOT A CROOK

  301. C W Eisenach says:

    Can’t you see, it is getting hotter

  302. Mac M. says:

    NO NO NO NO NO I WON the Election G#D D#M IT!!!! I WON IT !!!

  303. Carl Radford says:

    Oops Wrong finger

  304. Henry T. says:

    OH YES MAM, Winter and Summer are great examples of Global change..

  305. MilitaryPatriot says:

    I did not photo shop my book on Global Warming, will maybe, just a little!

  306. Joseph Migyanka says:

    Now I didn’t say all polar bears are extinct!

  307. Ed Skidmore says:

    If we work at it we could all shrink our carbon footprint… if we just breathed less often.

  308. Herbert Toombs Sr. says:

    Now Mr. President, You must keep telling the world it is President Bush’s fault !

  309. Carl says:

    I’m warming you!

  310. Pat says:

    Now, just wait a minute. You know I’m right.

  311. Don Paul says:

    Uh, uh, uh, it’s do as I say—not as I do.

  312. Charles Riemer says:

    Obama should get a real V.P,

  313. Earl McKinney says:

    Tennesseeans didn’t vote for me either!

  314. Bob Raab says:

    I think I may have one brain cell left!

  315. equal says:

    Global warming hot air from Al.

  316. ray says:

    I am the only one who leaves no carbon footprint,trust me !

  317. Brenda Welch says:

    ……….now, wait a minute, that’s not exactly what I said.

  318. stewart love says:

    Now, Now, my rules don’t pertain to me!

  319. Kathie says:

    “Now, you must believe me when I say …”

  320. Hank W. says:

    Lots of amusing comments from this morning, but did you all not notice that the winner would be notified on 13 APRIL? Here’s a comment: “Missed it by one day!”

  321. Scott Cleveland says:

    Trust me! I invented the Internet!

  322. Mike Snell says:

    Now just wait a minute. I remember one place where it didn’t snow when I went to speak on global warming.

  323. Jack T. Ogborn says:

    Now, Obama followers, take your medicine!

  324. Bruce j says:

    I thought a great caption would be…. Now wait a minute, I didn’t exactly say that I invented the Internet……

  325. Keith Burd says:

    One more hanging chad and I would have been president.

  326. A says:

    Pull my finger for global warming.

  327. Evald Peterson says:

    I told you so.

  328. Barney says:

    …and then the Warmies will come out of the woods and destroy us all — this is really serious.

  329. Kerry Gill says:

    How dare you expect me to turn off some lights on my PRIVATE property!

  330. Nadine Blosat says:

    I swear I made NO money from this global warming scam!

  331. Joe Rafter says:

    I didn’t win the 2000 Election, but I should have. George Bush cheated.

  332. Dale Mueller says:

    Remember, I created the internet, and I can take it away!

  333. Lonny Coffey says:

    Bend over, trust me it won’t hurt but a second!!

  334. Nancy says:

    I warned you! if you hadn’t elected Bush, you wouldn’t have Obama for president NOW!

  335. Oscar A. White says:

    Hey! would I lie to you?

  336. Nelson Abdullah says:

    NO! The hot air coming from Washington did not cause Global Warming.

  337. Irma G. says:


  338. Roger Storm says:

    Just 1 degree more, and…

  339. James says:

    Don’t blame me for that, I was just the vice president !

  340. Dewayne Gainous says:

    You are wrong, Global Warming was not caused by the Internet that I invented

  341. JC says:

    This is the exact number of true statements I’ve made on global warming…..

  342. Cynthia Perry says:

    Receive is spelled rec”ei”ve.

  343. David Ketterer says:

    REMEMBER y’all, I invented Global Warming!

  344. Kay Sellati says:

    Now! Now! Now! I’ll start crying if you don’t give it to me!

  345. Karen G says:

    Now read my lips there is globe warming

  346. George Chase says:

    Don’t do as I do, Do as I say!

  347. maryann marcello says:

    Uh, I beg to differ, Global Warming is REAL, REAL, VERY REAL! AND, I’ve got an award to prove it!!!!

  348. Mary Franklin says:

    “Now wait! If I say it long enough and loud enough – you will believe it!”

  349. Donald says:

    Hold on now, I’m no moron…it just seems that way!

  350. Brian H. says:

    Now, I’m not saying the Al Gore version of the Macarena is for everyone.

  351. Mark P says:

    You know I’m being truthful……after all, I DID invent the internet. I DID TOO!

  352. VS says:

    You want more Global Warming??? Pull my finger!!!

  353. Van Ball says:

    I’m warning you !!! If you don’t fix the global warming problem, ALL OF YOUR HOMES WILL BE “UNDERWATER”–
    and thatsssss da trooth !!!!

  354. Bill Henderson says:

    And if the Party says it’s two, how many fingers is it then?

  355. PMDd says:

    “Now, wait ONE minute……..I never said I would vote for Obama in November 2012!”

  356. John Baker says:

    I once wanted to be a Doctor. Can you guess what kind?

  357. LilHunE says:

    Ah-ha – Gotcha’. I now own the award and didn’t really invent anything and we don’t have control of “global warming”, it is just a world happening thing.

  358. Joe Owen says:

    “This finger represents how many time I’ve been truthful in my adult life.”

  359. Joe Owen says:

    “This finger represents how many times I’ve been truthful in my adult life”

  360. Mac Reel says:

    Wait a minute, I don’t lie!

  361. Chip Anderson says:

    One more time – “Global warming is real. Dammit why won’t you believe me?”

  362. Barbara Pompa says:

    Believe in global warming! I went outside, wet my finger with the garden hose and guess what…it was dry 1/4 of a second sooner than the same exact test last year!

  363. Chuck Breedlove says:

    “I not only invented the internet, I also invented global warming”!

  364. Ralph Blankenship says:

    Who said I was wrong? I am never wrong, & I would have been the perfect President. Ugh!!!

  365. Jerry Newman says:

    I know the planet is warming because my finger is warm!!!!!

  366. Judy Taylor says:

    Ah, Ah, Ah! Don’t be putting words in my mouth. I never really said I invented the Internet. You just misheard me.

  367. Ernie says:

    Someone—-PLEASE—Give this Schmuck a Laxitive

  368. Rodger Lill says:

    I told you I could make 100 million from the clean energy stocks, if I could get those fools to believe in Man Made Global Warming.

  369. Robert Jackson says:

    Yes, I do have to go to the bathroom!

  370. Doug Gonze says:

    “As a matter of fact, NO, my bowel movements have NOT been regular lately!”

  371. Michael McGee says:

    Whoa! Do you actually believe that I am in this for the money?

  372. Robert Acuff says:

    My presidency? Close but no cigar!

  373. J L Eddy says:

    If you don’t accept my spiel about global warming you’ll look like a roasted weenie five years from now!

  374. shirley says:

    :” Woah……….Just a century now !!!!!!!!

  375. PSP says:

    I am one stupid idiot

  376. Geoff Burke says:

    He said I was in control.

  377. GEORGE SNOKE says:


  378. Ed Parkerson says:

    “I know, I invented Green Energy!”

  379. Leroy Kinsfather says:

    Now listen here!

  380. John Magnuson says:

    Trust me, it will get warmer soon.

  381. Ken B says:

    Now you know who invented the internet.

  382. Slater says:

    Look to the heavens, It will get warmer this summer, I command it.

  383. Gerald D Perry says:

    It’s warming because I said so, don’t question me!!!

  384. greg voigt says:

    “And you can take that to the bank”

  385. Gene says:

    Wait just a minute—Tipper both loved and believed in me–for awhile. Then, I lost my home state, the Florida thing happened, internet access left in a Global Warning minute, and she just was not strong enough to continue forward with me for the good of the world.

  386. Bill Lombard says:

    The Supreme Court was wrong…. I should have been President

  387. Dave Swanson says:

    You just wet your finger and stick it up like this. If it dries it means global warming.

  388. Mike Mouzon says:

    Okay, so I didn’t invent the Internet, but I did fire Keith Olbermann!

  389. Bill Gemmill says:

    Uh, uh, uh! Now, now! I’m telling you, father knows best! Listen to me, now!

  390. Tim Pirtle says:

    It’s not my fault. When I invented the internet, I never thougt conservatives would use it.

  391. J Roger Johnsen says:

    I am warning you, only listen to me on global warming.

  392. Terrence Pangburn says:

    Let me be very clear, it is going to get wicked hot.

  393. Samie Culpepper says:

    I am telling you, AMAC is a right wing terrorist organization.

  394. Jeff Middleton says:

    No sir! All the billions of computers on my world wide web have NOT caused global warming!

  395. RON LEGNION says:


  396. Nicholas Baker says:

    I need my SUV and private jets so I can get the word out about global warming!

  397. Monte Smith says:

    Don’t you think it’s hot in here?

  398. Don Prue says:

    Haven’t I already warned you about refuting me with the facts?

  399. Michael W. says:

    “Let me remind you, and Let me make this PERFECTLY clear……You must do as I say and not as I do.”

  400. Marc Wolenhaupt says:

    No I didn’t invent the Internet, but trust me global warming is real!

  401. John Dodd says:

    I may be an expert on global warming but I am not a rocket scientist!

  402. NancyJ says:

    Remember, I am all about truth. Forget that I said that I invented the internet.

  403. Chris says:

    Now don’t try and tell me that this Global Warming is a line of hooey – I invented the internet you know.

  404. Santa C says:

    Remember, more government is good for you!

  405. Dale Silvers says:

    Remember, I did not allow the “Bush” to be consumed on Mt.Sinai so there was not “Carbon Foot” print remember how astonished Moses was his face glowed!

  406. Martha Staley says:

    I think he is saying,” Global warming is causing Obama to tell these outrageous lies to you people.”

  407. Doug says:

    I know you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

  408. Don Davis says:

    I promise you it’s getting warmer

  409. Brad Kirkland says:

    Wrong! My carbon footprint is only ONE million

  410. Crash Chambers says:

    and then I invented Gravity!

  411. Ralph Beall says:

    It’s cold now, but you just wait.

  412. Ron F says:

    Pull my finger.

  413. Stanford Reading says:

    If over half of the population would stop exhaling carbon dioxide, I could save the world for the remaining population.

  414. Jerry Lake says:


  415. Lee says:

    I told you weight gain was man-made!

  416. Mike says:


  417. dianne says:

    REMEMBER…….I am smarter than ALL of you!

  418. philip forlenza says:

    the recession affects us all ,i only made one million dollars this week……………..

  419. rudy paul says:

    As i’ve told you before, I invented the internet!!!

  420. Gary says:

    “Now listen here my personal jet and my super limo are SOLAR POWERED.”

  421. mike johnson says:

    now wait just a minute, i never said that! what i said was “there is proof positive global warming may exist.”

  422. BOBO says:

    well–well–well–ok maybe just one time

  423. jim holben says:

    If you do not know the RIGHT ANSWER you not allowed to talk.

  424. Hawk Hawkins says:

    “Because of Global Warming, I now have only one brain cell left working.”

  425. gary fulkerson says:

    “Now, maybe global warming has been debunked but, I will still try to reap as much as I can from my lies.”

  426. Lauren Kermode says:

    I INVENTED the internet. I’m not the “help desk”.

  427. Del Johnson says:

    “I told you to hide that dress”

  428. Brian Carrozza says:

    … and here’s another whopper I’m betting you’ll believe…

  429. EDWARD STALEY says:


  430. Tman says:

    One carbon atom too many.

  431. Tom Chiles says:

    Listen to me Stupid, I know what is best.

  432. John Higgins says:

    Okay, Doc, but only if you use this finger !

  433. Roger Lalley says:

    Don’t forget, I invented the Internet !!

  434. gary foote says:

    No, no, I didn’t exactly say I invented the internet, only perfected it.

  435. Buster Fontenot says:

    I lost by only one vote????? I demand another re-count!!!!!!!

  436. Michael Davis says:

    Now don’t forget, I invented the Internet!

  437. Ingrid Dohler says:

    For the last time, I’m warning you, you will burn to a crisp in the very near future …..

  438. Jay Bohrer says:

    What I said was…Global warming will set you free….

  439. Chuck Turturici says:

    If I told you once I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate.

  440. Bob Fritz says:

    But…but… the little chicken told me the sky was falling!!

  441. Glen says:

    Now listen, I was told

  442. Doug Kincaid says:

    Now remember, I invented ‘Global Warming’, so I make the rules!

  443. Walter S says:

    I’ve it one Nobel Peace Prize, One Oscar, one huge ego and one giant waste line! I’M NUMBER ONE! I’M NUMBER ONE!

  444. Bob Melichar says:

    No..No.No.. Don’t tell me it’s snowing again!!!

  445. Ray L. says:

    Now, now… I didn’t say global warming was incontestable. I said the naysayers are contemptible.

  446. Nancy Townsend says:

    Bull****. Tipper never told me to blow my emissions out the other end.

  447. Shovelready says:

    No, I am bigger blowhard than Olbermann.

  448. Mark W. says:

    No no, first I created, the sun, the moon and the stars…….then came the internet.

  449. Doug Kincaid says:

    Now I didn’t say all the polar bears would be dead by now!!!!!!

  450. Sam Burton says:

    My theories are so looney I need to be in a “lockbox”.

  451. Larry G. says:

    If you had elected me, you wouldn’t be going through these crises now.

  452. Loyal says:

    How am I going to get my usual message if no one pulls the finger. Er…I mean lever.

  453. david says:

    Its Georges fault!!!

  454. Marlene says:

    That would be because we have superior knowledge!.

  455. Carl Ralls says:

    In superior knowledge…I am number one!

  456. Carl Ralls says:

    “I am Number One!”

  457. Charlie Stewart says:

    My personal jet does not leave a carbon footprint however my rhetoric may put us over the limit.

  458. Jerry says:

    “Before I answer that I need to see which way the political wind is blowing.”

  459. BillC says:

    I don’t care whether you believe in Global Warming or not. Just pay me upfront and we’ll see what happens in 1000 years, OK?

  460. Al Dembeck says:

    I told you all that talk in Congress would add to global warming!

  461. BillC says:

    I’m highly offended that you would think that I would cheat anyone using Global Warming!

  462. Charlie Stewart says:

    “No-no-no-no, I never said I would live my lifestyle after global warming”

  463. BillC says:

    Pay me now for the internet or pay me later for carbon credits. I’ts your choice.

  464. Ken says:

    If you had only listened to me, we wouldn’t be having all these floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes!

  465. BillC says:

    I’m highly offended that you would think I would line my pockets by using the threat of Global Warming.

  466. Bob C says:

    Now I swear, I invented the Internet!

  467. BillC says:

    What do you mean? I’m not selling snake oil!

  468. BillC says:

    Never let a good crisis go to waste!

  469. BillC says:

    Don’t force me to lie and take all your money!

  470. BillC says:

    Trust in me on this. You will fill my bank account with all your worthless money.

  471. Amy says:

    Now, I told you — only one sheet of toilet paper per day!

  472. ENOUGH ROPE says:

    I am not a liar.

  473. Angelo says:

    Now let me be perfectly clear: Bush made me do it.

  474. Bill S says:

    Do as I say, not as I do!!

  475. Joe Carothers says:

    Do not hide my rubber gloves again!

  476. Fred says:

    I might be an A_ _ hole but I’m not stupid. I know everything about everything.

  477. Carlton Lowry says:

    “I told you, kids, your parents don’t know everything I know.”

  478. Pete says:

    1) It really is man-bear-pig!

    2) I don’t scare what the actual data says, this planet is doomed by 2050!!

    3) Science?? Science?? We don’t need no stinking science!

    4) Let’s not ruin my point by introducing facts!

    5) Actually I only pay $12,000 per month on utilities in my TN mansion… is that a lot??

  479. John Gimbel says:

    I’m going back for seconds so save some for me.

  480. Montague Capulet says:

    Pull my finger and Ill demonstrate climate change for you.

  481. Esther Vogenitz says:


    Now wait 1 minute…

  482. Steve Turner says:

    But, remember I invented the internet!

  483. Bill B. says:

    “I did not steal Polar Ice Pack scenes from the movie ‘Day After Tomorrow’ for my documentary, I simply borrowed them!”

    But AL, the ice was styrofoam shot against a blue screen.

    “I was fully aware of that! That’s why my Academy Award was for best ‘Docu-drama’.

    Meaning a documentary that’s 100% BS?

    “Er—-sort of, but it really looks great next to my Pullitzer Prize which I got for the same reason!”

    Can’t argue with that! :)

  484. Mary Thornton says:

    Now, don’t bring up MY carbon footprint again. I just do not want to hear that.

  485. Ray Flannery says:

    Nooooo. I am not John Edwards.

  486. Donald Morgan says:

    Even when i’me wrong i’me right!!

  487. Ed Tucker says:

    I can show you all senior citizens a different finger, too.

  488. Jim H says:

    I’ve told you before the movie “love story”was about my wife & myself and thats final

  489. Wanda says:

    And this is how I find out which way the wind is browing……………….hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  490. Ron Ritchey says:

    Al says: Yes, I am the only one. The only one that has the key to the locked box secrets of life!

  491. G.A. Rodriquez says:

    If I told you once, I will tell you again, I will not misuse your Social Security money–I will not give it away.

  492. Cathy says:

    See, when I blow the hot air out of my mouth here, I can feel it on my finger here.

  493. William Strecker says:

    Tell Buffett to stuff it

  494. Scott says:

    “O.K. would you believe Global Luke Warm?”

  495. Chuck says:

    “Now I’m pretty sure going off and leaving your computer connected to the internet, which I invented by the way, is in it’s own way contributing to global warm….ahhh…climate change!”

  496. Dee says:

    For the last time. I really did invent the internet !!!

  497. greg cecil says:

    I told that smarty pants Keith Olbermann to stop using words with more than one syllable or we would lose our audience!

  498. RT Humphrey says:

    “Al Gore gives himself the finger. Or, is that his IQ?”

  499. Jim says:

    Now, I never really said it was Global Warming, I just meant climate change.

  500. Bill says:

    “It is all about the money! Tell the lie over and over then people begin to believe. Just don’t expect me to behave the way I tell others to!”

  501. Wayne (sgmwlc) says:

    “Now – this here ‘Hockey Stick” can be used for two purposes. If you don’t believe that the data is truthful. Then I can hit you over the head with it.”

  502. Sue Whitaker says:

    Wait now, I paid for my carbon footprint..

  503. jeff brunner says:

    don’t you worry about how much energy i use it takes alot to heat and cool my mansion

  504. S. Gillingham says:

    “But now, wait a minute, let me explain…”

  505. Nancy Allen says:

    You better watch out, you better not pout and you better not cry I’m telling you why.

  506. James Meadowcroft says:

    I have been intent on speaking that I haven’t heard one single thing that any reasonable scientist has said.

  507. Stan Allen says:

    Hold it right there, I never lied until today.

  508. Al Hughes says:

    Have I ever lied to you before?

  509. C.W. Field says:

    Now listen O’Reilly, #&@#&, I know I won Florida, The fix was in! Gov. Bush hid my chads. The Supreme Court was rigged. Everybody was against me except the voters ……waaaaaaa

  510. Wanda says:

    Just one moment! “We all know the leopard can’t change his stripes.”

  511. Pete Glover says:

    This finger is for picking my nose, not for pointing out global warming.

  512. Jon says:

    The big round ball of fire in the sky does NOT cause global warming, Chevrolet Suburbans do. If it was the Sun then how would we ever have a warm Tennessee night?

  513. Wayne g Schumaker says:

    Iam not a crook and I would never lie to you

  514. Charles Moran says:

    “I never said that wearing Dr. Scholl’s would reduce your carbon footprint…”

  515. Roy Curtis says:

    I said – Quit trying to confuse me with facts! According to MY TRUTH ………

  516. Jean Wilson says:

    Don’t EVER doubt a Democrat–they invented the lies in the first place.

  517. Sue says:

    “I told you this was going to happen if we didn’t make some changes.”

  518. Ken Roetzel says:

    He did NOT say .Hope and Change,’ he said ‘Cope and Mange.’

  519. Larry Reagan says:

    This one thought gives me sleepless nights. If Tennesse had voted for me, I’d have been President of the USA.

  520. Mike Bowlin says:

    “I never confessed that a hanging chad invented global warming.”

  521. Bob says:

    Believe it or not!

  522. Nick Grundman says:

    I invented the internet and I can take it away!

  523. Ken Miller says:

    No! I do not drive an “eth ewe vee”!

  524. Bruce Thomas says:

    One more time – Keith Olberman says global warming is true. No? He’s fired!

  525. john says:

    I only have one private jet and the carbon taxes on it are paid

  526. Patsy Young says:

    “Listen up kids….You know things your parents don’t know.”

  527. Tillman Bradley says:

    After I invented the internet, I invented global warming.

  528. Dennis Herman says:

    “I created the internet first”!

  529. Gary Roulston says:

    Al Gore a politician, his mouth is open so you know he is lying to someone!

  530. Ron McCluskey says:

    Now just because you are feeling colder doesn’t mean that there is no global warming!

  531. Jerry says:

    The only thing left in life that is free is the air that you breath, That’s why we will need to tax it.

  532. Kitty DRagan says:

    Now trust me on this one. I did not cut down that cherry tree.

  533. Doug Isaacs says:

    “Allegorically speaking….heh..see there….. I also invented a way of speaking.
    I am the man.”

  534. Sam says:

    “Hay, I went to high school with Alex Haley; we’re walking home together one day and that’s where he got the idea for the book – ‘Roots”.

  535. Lowell Miller says:

    Oh no! Biden is not smarter than me….that’s just not right….

  536. Janie Skelton says:

    One of his own quotes works for me…there are so many to choose from:
    “If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.” –Al Gore
    Because, truth is stranger than fiction! LOL

  537. Kathleen Woodward says:

    “I told you once before I invented the Internet!”

  538. Jerry Ganger says:

    My point is ah, hold on, give me a minute. O yes I thought I won Flordia.

  539. Kathleen Fox says:

    I also invented….

  540. Babs Utley says:

    I am NOT as stupid as I look!

  541. PapaBC says:

    I have the Media and Obama on my side. Going to win the Global Warming battle no matter the lies.

  542. Howard Gunter says:

    I was chosen to be the v.p. because the white house had to be sure the veep would be dumber than the pres. There just weren’t that many of us around.

  543. Tom says:

    Ya know, I used to be somebody.

  544. Fran Reilly says:

    “I went up one full collar size and it’s still too tight.”

  545. Catherine Bouse says:

    Sure I eat lots of ice cream, it helps the polar bears!!

  546. Trish Foley-Calma says:

    But…But…Let me Try to explain this..uh..Thing to you..uh who are..uh Obvisously smarter than me..uh..uh..

  547. Buzz Sawyer says:

    Ah! Zee global warming she is real! If you no trust me,
    just ask my banker.

  548. Jo Fox Curtis says:

    i can’t remember…..what comes after one?

  549. Angela Tomey says:

    No, I did not chop down the cherry tree!

  550. LOREN KALLWICK says:

    “Listen up everyone, I have something stupid and untrue to say”.

  551. John Nolet says:

    “Now let there be no mistake, it is an inconvenient truth that I invented the internet.”

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