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Comments (1,283)

  1. Roy Holden says:

    “Whats a few more billions among friends?”

  2. Rick F says:

    “I heard! …and Chris Matthews gives me a THRILL too!”

  3. Shirley Schnee says:

    They like me, they really like me. (little does he know)

  4. Gus says:

    Man, With a so called “conservative” like Romney to beat, another term is a shoe-in!!

  5. Mike says:

    Do you like my new campaign slogan, “Vote Muslim, not Mormon.”

  6. Mike Matney says:

    HaHaHaHa re-elect me again and the USA will no longer be United ! ! !

  7. Charles Whitlock says:

    These fools don’t have a clue of how much damage I’ll do to to their country in the next 4 years!!!

  8. Wanda says:

    What smiling?
    I’m was cringing in pain just thinking about the Supreme Court decision!

  9. L C Bud Smith says:

    You wanted CHANGE, YOU GOT IT! If you want a lot more CHANGE, REELECT ME THIS YEAR and you ain’t seen NOTHING YET!!! HE HE

  10. Neil Rush says:

    Boy!! Am I special!!!

  11. JoAnn Palermo says:

    The only thing funny here. Someone put itching powder in my shorts.

  12. Doug Ferguson says:

    Even I couldn’t be this good……….could I?

  13. Doug Ferguson says:

    Aren’t I just the most fabulous thing?

  14. Bob Rickert Sr says:

    Me? Working for the Anerican Dream!

  15. Jan says:

    Can’t believe how dumb Jay Carney has looked these past few days

  16. Jan says:

    Knew Eric would have my back …….

  17. Bruce says:

    Does anyone really think those unelected clowns in black robes would dare to challenge my Healthcare Bill ?

  18. Jan says:

    They fell for that war on women B…S…

  19. Paul Haas says:

    I have just submitted my budget to Congress.

  20. Bruce says:

    George – I really didn’t think we could pull this one off

  21. Connister says:

    ‘Scuse my laughter. Can’t lie with a straight face.

  22. rickey bailey says:

    poor infidel americans , the enemy is sleeping in your precious white house

  23. Elizabeth Cerri says:

    Hope and Change!
    Share the wealth!
    Healthcare for everybody!
    Bwahahahahahahaha – PSYCHE!!!!

  24. JOHN DOMBROSKY says:


  25. Bernie Lyons says:

    See, I told you they’d buy that Birth Certificate!!!

  26. Angela Talias says:

    Just wait til these guys see what ‘changes’ I got for the next four years.

  27. Ricky Benton says:

    “You really can fool all the people all the time.”

  28. Paul Belden says:

    Now I can see why Bill liked this job so much.

  29. Ann Onamus says:

    “I’m too pretty for my job”

  30. B J says:

    So, you think that’s how I “really” feel?!

  31. Gary says:

    Aint that wonderful, Ha, Ha, Ha, I got you all …!

  32. Pat G. says:

    “Aren’t I the cutest Communist you’ve ever seen?!”

  33. Cliff Thomas says:

    “I think I will spend another Trillion on Green Technology”

  34. GeorgeN says:

    Those crazy Republicans think they can beat by nomination Romney!

  35. Mike says:

    I win. Everybody else loses! I’m scared! Hahaha.

  36. Kay says:

    Hey America. While you were sleeping, I got you good. (Giggle, Giggle)

  37. Charles Gaul says:

    “I didn’t say you had to pull my finger!”

  38. Joseph Tupay says:

    What, me worry?

  39. Tim Silva says:

    I’ve made congress irrelevant, now it’s time to work on the supreme court.

  40. robert Shott says:

    And to think of all those idiots that think I am actually an American!

  41. Charles Kaduk says:

    Silly Russians, I meant to say I get my Yoga certification in November.

  42. Linda says:

    I can’t believe they fell for the idea that I was afraid to run against Romney. Sooo funny!

  43. Matthew Miller says:

    Great Satan Headed Down the Tube… 72 Virgins are Comin’ My Way!

  44. David L. Woods says:

    “Like I said, I’ll have A LOT more flexibility AFTER my next election!”

  45. George Faughnan says:

    The American people are so gullible. Whatever I say, they believe.

  46. Sharon says:

    “…..for the 10 millionth time, it’s Bush’s fault!”

  47. Daniel Diana says:

    Eyes closed, mouth open, and can’t hear – go figure.

  48. Steve Mellard says:

    Couldn’t we find someone with better hair to run the DMC? Sorry Debbie.

  49. Mike says:

    I didn’t say, “Change for the Better”!

  50. Lee Boysen says:

    What a blast! I’m the first president to bull my way to make the USA into a socialist state.

  51. Terril Barrett says:

    I Told You! You would see I am funny.

  52. Doris Lange says:

    he he, I put another one over on them.

  53. Connie Condra says:

    Just wait ’til they see what I have planned for the next four years!

  54. David Sherrill says:

    Working tirelessly for jobs!

  55. walt lee says:


  56. walt lee says:


  57. Sally says:

    Just kidding about the birth certificate!

  58. Robert U says:

    “And you thought I was a Christian!

  59. Nelson says:

    Hitler has nothing on me!

  60. James Thomas says:

    I know I’m an idiot, but what do I care. I’m the President!

  61. Betty Vance says:

    I told you I could get away with anything. How am I doing? These people are such idiots!

  62. Jim says:

    You think things are bad now??? Ha! Just wait.

  63. Peg Wright says:

    All mouth, no substance!

  64. Virginia says:

    HaHa Got you Suckers!!

  65. Oliver Bridges says:

    They trust me!

  66. Norman Mincer says:

    Do you really want my face on Mount Rushmore?

  67. Tim says:

    Hope and change….hahahaha they bought that one didn’t they.

  68. May says:

    No one can ever love me as much as I do!

  69. Amazed says:

    And they still think I’m doing a good job!?

  70. gail says:

    Thank you Sen. Santorum & Speaker Gingrich, your help is awesome!

  71. Gordon Gleason says:

    Do you really think that I give a dam?

  72. Jim Derda says:

    How about this look for Mt Rushmore…right next to Lincoln?

  73. Angela says:

    What’s a couple hundred billion among friends?

  74. Daniel51 says:

    I would say the smirk on Obama’s face is about him thinking to himself “I am your KING, bow low and kiss my feet while I destroy your country”

  75. Sandy says:

    The DEVIL Made Me Do It!

  76. Meg says:

    I am humble! I made myself LOL!

  77. josef Kollitz says:

    Those shmuks have no idea what I have planned for them…..

  78. Lisa says:

    Heee heee heee, haw haw haw, yeah right……… Honesty is the best policy………..heehee, hawhaw……that’s a good one………….

  79. mary says:

    ha ha Americons are so dummm

  80. Daisycutter47 says:

    Hehehe! C’mon, Joe! Stop tickling me when I’m trying to be serious! Silly man! Hehehehe!

  81. larry kast says:

    “i do so love to fool the american public”!

  82. Erik says:

    American? Who me? Don’t be silly!!

  83. sammy moulton says:

    I’m constipated somebody slap the @&$* out of me and all that will be left is my crazy smile and these big ears

  84. Gary says:

    What!! Me lose to Mitt

  85. David S says:

    Me…three terms…don’t be silly

  86. Karen Grandpre says:

    For me your big lottery win? Thank you!

  87. Chip says:

    Isn’t this “change” fun !!!

  88. Bob says:

    Yee-Haw, Another Vacation!

  89. Cheryl says:

    They adore me. I adore me.

  90. Rob McKey says:

    “n…n…n.. they think I ws born in Hawaii, too!!!”

  91. DAVE TRAHAN says:


  92. Carl says:

    I’m so COOL!! People worship me because I am great!!

  93. Maryann says:

    S&%$ for Brains.

  94. L Gribbin says:

    Oh, that………it will be alright, you will see.

  95. Ronnie says:

    Come on, would I lie to you.

  96. Jack Serletic says:

    Can you believe they bought it again.

  97. Charles Gaul says:

    “Just look at my pretty face!”

  98. Tina says:

    “You really think the people will believe my goal is to destroy America????”

  99. Tim says:

    I can’t believe how easy these fools are!

  100. Tom Hale says:

    This may end tomorrow so i’ll live as high as i can today.

  101. Bill Chandler says:

    I’ve lied to them again and they have bought it hook line and sinker.

  102. chasdevine says:

    They will buy anything!

  103. Daniel Diana says:

    I’m tickled pink that I can fool the majority of Americans.

  104. bryce says:

    And all the same fools are going to run out and vote for me again!!

  105. Dennis Crane says:

    Oh no, I’m not really the thirteenth Imam.

  106. r.f.bernier says:

    Not win? C’mon!

  107. Alla says:

    I am SO funny! Did you hear my latest lie?

  108. Richard Kramer says:

    And I love destroying America’s dreams. Nana Nana Nana!

  109. Randy Barnes says:

    I love screwing Republicans!

  110. Paul Improta says:


  111. Mike G says:

    “Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed actually believe what comes out of my mouth!”

  112. Tim Selken says:

    Laughing with you: No just laughing at you.

  113. Jerry Sugg says:

    Just thinking of the changes I have planned for my second term!

  114. Lynn Ruehlen says:

    “I’am soooo -oo in love with me -eee”

  115. Jeannie says:

    Ofcourse they will belive it’s not my fault. They belived Hope and Change didn’t they?

  116. Ernie B says:

    Yeah my health care is free forever.

  117. Jim says:

    I have already purchased so many votes with your money. It’s in the bag.

  118. Robert Chaffins says:

    They elected me and they really think I care about America!

  119. Joe Schweers says:

    Screw the Economy; I’m working on getting my Golf Handicap down to a 19….

  120. Gonzo says:

    Oh come on! Where’s your sense of humor?

  121. Gary says:

    And you thought I was serious??

  122. America1st says:

    Oh Putin, you say the funniest things !

  123. Gilbert S. says:


  124. Dave McV says:

    Got ’em again! Wait ’til next term.

  125. Al says:

    That’s the best one I’ve squeezed out all year

  126. jkb says:

    It sure is the the worlds best to spend others billions.

  127. Wilbur Zelk says:

    I’m muslim, I’m illegally president, I’ve got the media sucking up to me, the liberals follow me blindly. Promise everyone everything and deliver nothing. Heck! It don’t get no better!!! HeHeHe

  128. Harold Hanley says:

    “I can’t believe this. All these dummies are going to vote for me again.”

  129. Harold Hanley says:

    “I can’t believe it. All these dummies are going to vote for me again.”

  130. Marvin D says:

    Born in America? Just kidding.

  131. Lucille Scott says:

    They voted for change and I gave them Change alright! Ha Ha I’m sure they didn’t expect this kind of change though.
    teh heh heh

  132. Max says:

    And they think I’m protecting Israel….

  133. Kenneth A. Griffin says:

    Can you believe how stupid the Main Street media talking heads are.

  134. Phyllis Broch says:

    See! I told you we could fool them!

  135. lou says:

    Screwed another one !!!

  136. Mike says:

    I know a lot of people hate me. They are the smart ones!

  137. Rosella says:

    You expected me to understand the Health Care Law?

  138. Fred says:

    Look ah, let me be clear. I have not done anything worse than any other president. I just did it bigger.

  139. JB says:

    I was only kidding when I said we ALL were going to have to sacrifice to get this economy back on it’s feet!

  140. fred whitley says:

    “With opposition like AMAC of course I’m going to be re-elected. Did you see how they spelled “recieved”. Ha, ha, ha!”

  141. Lo Greiner says:

    Heh….Heh…Heh….AND YOU FELL FOR IT!!!!

  142. Ron says:

    I told them I was born in Hawaii, SILLY ME !!!

  143. BobHe says:

    they think medical care is expensive now ?….just wait till it’s free !!

  144. Gary B says:

    I know, just one more term and the country will be in the tank. . .

  145. MARCIA BURKLEW says:

    I am having so much fun ruining America!!!

  146. Bill R says:

    What? Me worry?

  147. RAY HAMBY says:

    And you thought the Clintons were good liars.

  148. Dan S says:

    I just stole all of the seniors retirement investments…….they now have to depend on Me! Muhahahaha!

  149. Phil says:

    Ropa Doping the American people just makes me giddy!

  150. thedon says:

    you’re right guys …..I really foolde dthem htis time….and they believed me…..boy am I something else….

  151. William Brown says:

    See, I told You Change was Good, at least for ME

  152. Skip says:

    They thought I cared about AMERICA

  153. Cliff Crawford says:

    I cannot believe they bought it again

  154. Jim says:

    These stupid Americans! They still think I am one of them…LOL!

  155. Gerald FitzGerald says:

    Just a little more

  156. Lynda Kacicz says:

    I’m so cute, I’m so cute, I fooled them all, I fooled them all!

  157. Diane Bomserio says:

    So I voted present a few times,

  158. Charlie M says:

    You really thought I could be trusted????????

  159. GKLH says:

    I can hardly wait “OCTOBER SURPRISE”! Ha – Ha – Ha – And they think there will a 2012 election! USA here I come with my Muslim buddies!

  160. Patrick O'Hara says:

    Does Obamacare include dental? I have not read it yet.

  161. Jim Howard says:

    Stop that dear…people won’t believe we’re realy married!

  162. Sawman says:

    Yup, when I get my last election over with I won’t have that “We the people” crud to bother with, and all you clingers are in for the ride of your life!

  163. Donald J Borst says:

    I knew I could put one over on you Americans. You’re too busy having a good time, to pay attention to me destroying the great country you have fought so hard to save.

  164. Dorothy says:

    Awwww, gee. fooled you all and I’m not even an American citizen!

  165. Larry Ayers says:

    These American Infidels are so stupid.

  166. J Neil Jednoralski says:

    It’s Working !!

  167. Len says:

    I hate America and they still love me.

  168. Leonard says:

    Yes! Everyone bought into my FAKE Birth certificate!

  169. dmjc says:

    When I grow up, I hope I get away with as much mischief as I do now!

  170. Mike Bailardo says:

    Yes, she is my wife…

  171. Sal LaMarco says:

    Unconstiutional? For real?

  172. Dave Lamb says:

    I just hate to see grown folks cry!!!

  173. Ed Benken says:

    Woooheee… April 15th just feels like Christmas to me!

  174. ElmerP says:

    “Gotcha, again.”

  175. Gary says:

    Hope and change?? Yea right! Too little hope and too much change.

  176. kemp says:

    Are you for big government?

  177. Larry Branton says:

    Ha, Ha, Ha do those conservatives realy think I will lose the upcoming election in November?

  178. Bob Luke says:

    “Offer of Russian citizenship?! Oh Man, is this a great day…I even have the Politbureau in my pocket!”

  179. Lambertus Meyer says:

    “They REALLY think this is still a free country !”

  180. Kathleen Hofmeister says:

    Geeeeze, I love it when a good plan comes together to advance MY cause.

  181. Cheryn says:

    I didn’t really say that!!

  182. Steve Thompson says:

    Hahahaha More Taxes ! More Taxes ! Spend Spend Spend !!!

  183. Jose says:

    I kept telling them it was “Obamacare” but in reality it is “Obama scare”.

  184. James Green says:

    Stupid USA

  185. Clara Overturf says:

    Just think, those idiots don’t know that they are going to get Obamacare regardless of the Supreme Court.

  186. Mary Len Greening says:

    Hee Hee! Look at Me!, I just destroyed something else to hurt the American Citizens and THEIR COUNTRY. AND I am ready to do it again.

  187. mike johnson says:

    Republicans, no chance.

  188. Bruce Vrooman says:

    Me lose now thats funny .

  189. Sue Vrooman says:

    I’m going to bankrupt America – this is FUN!!

  190. Sharon Turner says:

    They think I was kidding when I told the head Russian I had the re-election all in the bag!

  191. Ellen Bradley says:

    Golf every day, a vacation every month to great places, the world’s greatest private airplane, unlimited opportunity to spend, spend, spend. It just doesn’t get any better than this. Suckers. hee hee hee

  192. Glenn Colley says:

    I can’t believe that I have gotten away with stuff this for so long.

  193. Trudy says:

    balanced budget!!!! yeah right!!!!!!!!

  194. RON S says:


  195. Michael B. says:

    “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a good for America! … Apil Fool! Hee hee. I love playing jokes on America – I am so good at it.”

  196. ron says:

    let me see what lies can i tell the people today? i’m runing out of things to say

  197. Wanda says:

    And they think Bernie Madoff is “The Master of deceit”!

  198. Richard Chavez says:

    Americano’s, I laugh at them!

  199. Ray D. says:

    “HA HA! And they really believed me when I said ‘if you like your health care plan you can keep it.’ I can’t stop laughing at that.”

  200. Bry says:

    Obamas reaction everytime he says ‘Shovel ready jobs.”

  201. Debbie Byars says:

    Air Force One…”I’m so in love with you!” America…not so much…fooled you!!

  202. Archie Gibson says:

    THEY said Americans were too smart to reelect me!!

  203. Richard Ditto says:

    We sure fooled them, didn’t we!!

  204. Dean Muehlberg says:

    I think you could just use Bryan Wood’s Parting Thought quote of Edmund Burke below this picture: “A government that endeavors to save man from his own folly succeeds only in creating a nation of fools.” Nuff said, and give Mr. Woods credit.

  205. Arthur Yearwood says:

    Just heard that he out poled Ron Paul

  206. ken says:

    ” You idiots don’t have a clue of what’s coming!”

  207. Dennis Powell says:

    I can’t believe anyone thinks this country is actually in trouble!

  208. Richard Benoit says:

    I just learned what comes after trillions.

  209. Ray Russell says:

    HA HA, I have the entire congress afraid to cross me. That race card thing works wonders with all those fools.

  210. DAN HIGGONS says:

    Me, Communist!?…C’mon

  211. Ray Russell says:

    ALLAH will be pleased at what I’m doing. Hope my virgins are better than Michele.

  212. Leland Krauss says:


  213. Cheryl Kelly says:

    Did those ignorant Americans REALLY think I was going to bring “hope and change”?

  214. Jim M says:

    Obama after talking to Russian president off mike,”Just Wait, you’ll see what I can do”!!

  215. teri says:


  216. jim says:

    “Drill WHERE?”

  217. greg says:

    BRRRAAAAAAAAAAPPPPP,stupids my farts don’t stink you infidels!!!!

  218. EDWIN SUNDET says:

    Alfred E. Neuman is my Mad Mentor and I’m his. We’re both happy!!! {:D

  219. Tonnalcb says:

    Stupid infidels! Let’s see how many more vacations we can take one their dime!

  220. Ingrid says:

    What a great re-election strategy : RACE BATING! Right from my Alynski playbook!! haha hehe

  221. Tonnalcb says:

    Stupid infidels! Just one more vacation on them won’t hurt!

  222. Patricia says:

    They’ve actually bought into the idea that I just need is another term to fulfill my campaign promises!

  223. Bob Fisher says:

    And they believe it!

  224. Jeannette DePetris says:

    It took an illegal muslim, like me, to bring this hateful country down, at least halfway. And to think, I shouldn’t even be in this country, let alone the White House.

  225. My2cents says:


  226. Frank says:

    Heh ! Heh ! What fools these mortals are !!!!!!!!!!

  227. Al Reyer says:

    What? Going for for another term as president? They haven’t figured out with my czars I’m the first dictator?

  228. Richard Story says:

    Less government? Are you kidding because thats really funny!!

  229. Greg N. says:

    What if I lose in November? Please!!!

  230. Robert Gagin says:

    I Just got an endorsement from AARP…..Hee Hee

  231. Joe Combs says:

    Ray Charles plays the piano and I play the people

  232. Betty Newcomb says:

    I just love all the trips Michele and I get to take at the taxpayers expense! I hate America!

  233. M.M. says:


  234. S. Mansell says:

    Hee Hee… Everybody justs loves me!! Don’t you mean everbody just loathes you?

  235. Larry Ayers says:

    Those Americans are so stupid.

  236. NEWTON says:

    Ray Charles impression— HIT THE ROAD JACK

  237. Patty Daggett says:


  238. A.J. Steel says:

    LOOK AT ME, I am the pied piper see all my liberal friends follow me to the unwanted land Hea,Hea…

  239. Barb T says:

    Boy! Look at what I got away with THIS time!

  240. Roxanna Sprague says:

    Are you kidding? We don’t have 58 states to con?

  241. Roxanna Sprague says:

    Are you kidding? You are telling me that I can get hemorrhoids bowing to people?

  242. thejoker says:

    Detractors ??

  243. gnm says:

    You want what for FREE!

  244. L Willis says:

    Ha ha. They think I care about America.

  245. Jackie says:

    ,”If these chumps only knew what I have planned, it is so funny” “they have no idea what I have gotten away with”

  246. Mary Betts says:

    It’s good to be King!

  247. M.C.P. says:

    Did you see that picture of me ? Dressed like an Oreo with a pineapple and a javelin? But they forgot my pitchfork and horns !! Lol

  248. Rhonda Stansell says:

    If you think I’ve messed up this country in my first term, just wait to see what I’ll do if I get re-elected!

  249. M.C.P. says:

    Here’s to Palm Sunday at the Pumps!!

  250. Ralph Mieszala says:

    They fell for it hook lione and sinker!!!!

  251. john wilson says:

    My farts don’t stink!!!

  252. Terri Reiswig says:

    ………and then I said ” We have so much oil here that we’re exporting it!”

  253. bonzo says:


  254. Steve Endaya says:

    Heh, heh, heh….Am I the ultimate con artist or what?!

  255. Terri Reiswig says:

    Hahahahaha…..these Americans are so easy I can do anything!!

  256. Kay Abel says:

    Caption for picture:

    ….,and to think these people who still believe in me really think I care anything about them!

  257. Roy Overturf says:

    “You won’t believe what I just did.”

  258. Jean says:


  259. Stan Hess says:

    Hey! I spend ten billion dollars a day and I haven’t even won the lottery!

  260. Chuck says:

    Me—-?!! lose the election? I got it fixed.

  261. Rich Kaye says:

    Yea right, like i’m gonna lose the election.

  262. SeaJay says:

    Me, tell the truth, you gotta be kidding!!!

  263. Cary says:

    Can you believe it, ME, a fraud in the Oval Office!

  264. Jeanne Congdon says:

    …and then I told them that I’d have a transparent administration!

  265. Herb says:

    The other day I went into a Bakery and sat on a bun and a currant went up my you know what and when I left and sat down in my Volt you will never guess what happened!!

  266. Tippy says:

    You dont have a clue do you.

  267. Tippy says:

    dont worry I have it under control

  268. Tippy says:

    I am having so much fun

  269. Tony Umbdenstock says:

    And you thought I was serious?
    Used crack in High School
    Why would anyone take me serious?
    The Presidency is a blast.

  270. Gerald Westberg says:

    The public doesn’t have a clue!!

  271. KEN says:

    I just love to tell all those lies………They make me so giddy.

  272. Y says:

    Did you hear him, He said broccoli!


    This is me laughing all the way to the bank. I will be in Kenya before they know it.

  274. mark says:

    ha ha i got the dishonest news media on my side, and Rush’s truth can take a hike. I think the American people are stupid.

  275. Mario R. Lopez says:

    : Have fooled them one more time and got away with it!

  276. Mark says:

    I can’t believe they bought all that hope and change drivel!

  277. Craig Rush says:

    Heh, Heh,Heh,…..did you hear that ‘little squeaker’ I let out? Don’t worry, it don’t smell as bad as my Policies!

  278. John Iraan Tx. says:

    Yeah Mr. Putin these IDIOTS believed everthing I said about change being good for them !

  279. thejoker says:

    Chciago Renaissance!

    • Linda says says:

      Tee hee hee–no one sees
      They just believe, little ‘ole me.
      Hogwash, rubbish, I pore it on
      All is mine ~ America’s gone….

  280. Mike says:

    I think it’s funny that I took all my staff, military people and many hundreds of other support people to Hawiai each xmas. So what if I took them all away from their families at xmas. I am the king. I don’t care about the peasants. But, I wish my old lady would lose a few pounds off her rear end. I think I have a crush on Ann Coulter. She every black man’s dream.

  281. Jim Sheffield says:

    What high gas prices ?? I don’t pay for gasoline !!

  282. Glory says:

    Sorry – I can’t find anying funny about this Jackel the way he and his Czars are taking down America!

  283. Don V says:

    That’s right Mr. President, Mr Soros just returned from visiting the The Supreme Court Judges.

  284. Jayme Sims says:

    I’m screwing America over and I’m lovin’ it!

  285. stephen thrall says:

    i suckered them again. i didn’t think it would be this easy.

  286. Sharon says:

    hee, hee – I did it again – got reporters to swallow all my lies! This is too easy.

  287. William Leather says:

    “OK, So I’m not qualified to be President but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night”

  288. Cynthia Kelley says:

    I told you they would never see it coming and I’m going to do it again.

  289. Daniel says:

    Mr. President, Are you really going to buy a Chevy Volt when you leave office next year?

  290. Darlene says:

    I told you I could fool these idiots!

  291. Mimi says:

    Hope and Change! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  292. Eddie Bell says:

    I’m President! the joke is on you.

  293. AL says:

    Goverment of the People, by the People etc. gets me roaring with laughter everytime!!!

  294. Frank Pelech says:


  295. Dr. Ken Muckelroy says:

    Don,t Joe!!!!!!! Not now!!!!!!!

  296. Norm Taylor says:

    “If you only know what I know.”

  297. shirereef says:

    I fooled yah!!! yah,ayha I fooled yah!!!!!

  298. Trevis Moss says:

    Ah gee, Did I do that?

  299. June Marie Avery says:

    Silly People! Health Care is for ME!

  300. DRTED4NOW says:


  301. Robert Phipps says:

    “Oooh Yahaa!” Hay honey! How ya like my Ray Charles? Maybe I can take it on road!

  302. Lynn says:

    My new car is a what?? Chevy Volt?? April Fools, right??

  303. Gerry Fortain says:

    Yeeeeeeaaa, I was just kiddin’ bout the health care thing…….

  304. Gloria C Stowe says:

    I fooled the people , again.

  305. Russ Rohling says:

    The sheep are easily slaughtered…

  306. Jeff Carr says:

    Birth Certificate – Shmirth Certificate!

  307. Jerry Bush says:

    Of course I’m a centrist.

  308. J DeLong says:

    If only they knew.

  309. Mary Ford says:

    I can not help myself. You fell for it again…. and again…. and again !!! Help me, I an going to fall out of my chair for laughing so hard.

  310. betty says:

    Americans will believe anything as long as you promise them more freebies. they are such idiots.

  311. thejoker says:

    Someday a WOMAN PRESIDENT ?!!

  312. Viki Stockwell says:

    I just makes me giggle watching the Republicans beat each other up.

  313. Gary Williams says:

    This is the only place I could find to post my caption for the picture.

    See how happy I am taking all you Americans to the cleaners – ObamaCare, Higher Gas Prices, and soon I’ll be your King.

  314. Ralph Malph says:

    I still can’t believe all those dummies actually voted for me. What turkeys they are.

  315. Sandy says:

    You though I was serious, when I said I’d be more flexible after the election?!?

  316. JAIME RESKER says:


  317. Milton Coop says:

    I told you my government dental insurance was the best, didn’t I ?

  318. Robert Seccombe says:

    “That has got to be the tingly feeling Chris Matthews was talking about!”

  319. Jim Rothwell says:

    My Louie Armstrong Impression, donot you just love it.

  320. Doug says:

    I can’t believe they believed me again – I just farted.

  321. Wallace Yutzy says:

    Ha Ha I fooled them once, gonna try one more time

  322. P. J. Vidacovich says:

    I like me, I think I’m grand, don’t vote for me, I really want to be a blues singer.

  323. Dana Dupont says:

    I can’t believe they think I save social security and medicare!

  324. Tony Warden says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes. Harry and Nancy don’t worry I am in complete control they are running who against me? A Mitt whats a Mitt? I thought you wore it on you hands, no that is mittens. I guess Barack sounds pretty good compaired to Mittens

    For awhile I was worried with this Newt. I know what Newt stands for. And it is against everything we have done or will try to do, This Newt stands for Newton so he must be smart just like inventor but he don’t make things up like we do He beleives in something called the Constuition of the United States of America and the bill of rights.

    If we square off with newt I will worry, Nancy Me too,, will be over. Well don’t fret and enjoy the ride as long as we can and Obama puts on his fake smile again

  325. Merilee says:

    No, and I mean NO!

  326. Joe Green says:

    The fix is in and I will be emperor for life.

  327. LLAH says:

    Ha ha, hee hee, those stupid Americans! So far the have believed everything I have told them. What dummies!

  328. Nick Alvarez says:

    You think that I am laughing? No. I am having terrible colics each time II see my
    popularity and chances for re-election plumetting as people continue to realize
    my true nature.

  329. Kim Eggert says:

    Everytime I think about all those stupid people who voted for me, I get giddy!

  330. Charles Filar says:

    They wanted change? I really gave them change!

  331. Blooper says:

    Public school for my kids,……Your joking, right?

  332. James Laubach says:

    Hey, I just fooled the American people again! Boy, are they really stupid!

  333. Gilberto Garcia says:



  334. Debra Daniel says:

    Fool them once, shame on me. Fool them twice…

  335. Mike says:

    A lot of people think I’m the most arrogant person that has ever served in Washington. I don’t think so. I’ve been a nice guy this first term. If I get reelected, then you’ll see the most arrogant guy. Come on union people and all my brothers and sisters, vote me back in. I’ll make life easy for you.

  336. Gilberto Garcia says:


  337. Frankie Vann says:

    I think they’ll buy this charming smile, dummies that they are…………

  338. windell thompson says:

    i am so happy, a vote for romney is a vote for me.

  339. PAC says:

    “Aw shucks…I was only joshing! I really am a good ol’boy conservative…just like youall. Gimme one more chance.”

  340. Orlin Buente says:

    It’s good to be the King!

  341. John Toler says:

    Yes, it is a forgery!

  342. Ken Birr says:

    GEEZ, Supreme Commander of the World…..Me!!!

  343. Cecil Lee says:

    I’ve pulled another slick one on those stupid voters again

  344. Terry Pennington says:

    It cracks me up to be the first illegal alien elected to the office of president in any country. Especially this one!

  345. Dale Wilson says:

    “Oh, goodie! Rick Santorum is going to get the GOP nomination! What a relief!”

  346. A daly says:

    Of course I own oil company stock !

  347. Dennis Marshall says:

    I think Putin is doing to me, what I have been doing to the American people.

  348. Party Franklin says:

    If I close my eyes, they can’t see me…

  349. bj says:

    Of course they’ll believe it!

  350. Roy Martin says:

    wait till the voters get a load of my plans im gonna release on them after the election

  351. Larry Erickson says:

    Oh pinch me! I can’t believe I’ve done such a good job.

  352. Bob Fritz says:

    The dolts are going to vote me in again!!

  353. Mike Gentry says:

    Pull my finger!

  354. Pamela Pittman says:

    Nancy, when you told them they would have to vote for it to see what was in it, i nearly died laughing! But it was even funnier when they DID it!!!!

  355. J L Reeves says:

    My friends and I have been following the master plan of my becoming king/dictator of the United States before the November election. My takeover is a best secret, ever. The American folks are waiting for the next election and it will happen before they have a chance to vote. I just can’t wait!

  356. quarklll says:

    Boy have I pulled the wool over everyones eyes. They will never figure out all the secret stuff I have been up to.

  357. James Hosfelt says:

    Heres hopeing the union voters don’t realize whate were doing to the postal workers till after the election.

  358. Patricia says:

    Watching “Hardball” sends shivers up my leg!

  359. Charles Petty says:

    Golly, I think I have an American Birth Certificate.

  360. willie P. Smith says:

    I bet the dummies will re-elect me.

  361. Susan O'Connor says:

    And the REALLY funny part? Most of them still think it’s all Bushes fault!

  362. Jim Threet says:

    Joe, you were right. Obamacare is a REALLY big flippin deal!

  363. Kenneth Tuffner says:

    Oh it feels good screwing the American people since I am not one of them.

  364. Len Phillips says:

    If you know you are stupid, grin and close your eyes.

  365. fred says:

    another 5 trillion down? i hope vladimir is proud of me. after my election i’ll make it another 5. oh joy, giggle giggle.

  366. Harold Messerschmidt says:

    Am I squeezing enough?????

  367. Bill Harper says:

    I sure fooled you, didn’t I.

  368. Harold Messerschmidt says:

    Picture post:::
    I am still squeezing!!!!

  369. Doug says:

    What, me worry?

  370. Slater says:

    I just thought of something, “Pittsburgh zoo has an African lion and I’m a lying African running the zoo”

  371. walter wendland says:

    Hitler made alot of mistakes, haha, thats silly, I got them all under control in my persute for control!

  372. Dale Ley says:

    Hope and change! Wait ’till they see what I REALLY want to change!

  373. WIlliam says:

    Those Americans are SO STUPID!

  374. Ronald Hackett says:

    Yes, and they thought that I would not be able to make any “significant change”!!

  375. Jim Thompson says:

    They think I actually care about them?

  376. William FROM WYO says:


  377. Gerald West says:

    I sure fooled the the fools and they bought right into my promises for change, and did I give them change, but no hope!

  378. William FROM WYO says:


  379. Carol says:

    I can’t wait ’til they find out where I was born!

  380. Dell Neely says:

    Yes, I farted.

  381. Sharon Snell says:

    I just can’t wait to see the look on their faces after the election when I’m free to do what I really want to do.

  382. Mandy Fuehrer says:

    What fun! George Soros is going to be so happy with me.

  383. Janne says:

    Arn’t I just the most wonderful!!

  384. Renee Heitman says:

    Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella

  385. Bob says:

    Joe, we’re on camera! Get your hand out of my pocket. It tickles.

  386. Concerned says:

    I think they are going to buy it again!

  387. marcia kizior says:

    what…me worried?

  388. Bill Perkins says:

    I was just kidding – I’ll be better next term!!!
    You can trust me!

  389. Michael hash says:

    They thought Ray Charles was blind!

  390. RIck #1 says:

    Joe Biden is intelligent? That’s a good one!

  391. Mort Singerman says:

    Ha! Got ’em again!

  392. Leandro C. Centenera says:

    I didn’t say ANYTHING to the Russian … APRIL FOOL’S DAY!!! Lol!

  393. Linda says:

    Hope and change . . . right . . . gotcha!!

  394. mike kinzig says:

    Debt Schmedt

  395. mike kinzig says:

    I’m so brilliant, I don’t have to be bothered understanding economics

  396. Frank Salerno says:

    Ha ! Ha ! I guess they didn’t read my books. Don’t they know ‘Once a Muslim — Always a Muslim ?

  397. Richard says:

    Ain’t it great? The media bought my faked Hawaii birth certificate!!!

  398. mike kinzig says:

    They actually thought I would be good for America! Hooya

  399. Barbara Long says:

    “You’ve gotta be kidding! They think I’m not going
    to be President next year!”

  400. George Fox says:

    Wait till they see what’s really up my sleeve!

  401. Deborah says:

    Oh, Vlad, you crack me up, girlfriend!

  402. Rick says:

    “What! Me worry???”

  403. Rick says:

    “What?? Me WORRY????”

  404. Louann says:

    Oh the things I can mess up when I am elected. I will be the king of mess ups.

  405. Jeanie says:

    TeeHee I’ll pit American Republican and Democrat against each other and while they’re bickering, I sneak in martial law over some made up catastrophe and declare myself king! I’m almost there! Who needs ACORN.

  406. Don Greve says:

    Oh! Com on ! What’s another trillion or two in debit.

  407. Tom Downey says:

    Yo Dawg! What really cracks me up is, after all the stuff I’ve said and done, they still don’t think I’m a Muslim.

  408. Ray says:

    Geeeee Did I Doooo That????

  409. lucille abraham says:

    heh heh heh, I AM SATAN!!!

  410. Ray says:

    You Can Keep Your Doctor

  411. randa slade says:

    Gee! it is so much fun putting the shaft to the American people. I can hardly contain my self.

  412. Richard Guest says:

    I really love bananas .

  413. Diana says:

    Just wait you idiots I’ll show you real dictatorship!!

  414. Robert Dorman says:

    Ha HA fooled you again, didn’t I ?Get you soon sucker.

    Until The next dis-con-cert.

    The Great Dis-cord-ant Truth seeker. Amen

  415. Harold Garrecht says:

    That’s a good one! Ha, Ha, Democrats smart? Ha, Ha, Ha, they fell into my plan easily .How smart could they be?

  416. Maureen Hale says:

    Tee hee, I haf just begun. Ach tung!

  417. Maureen Hale says:

    I haf only begun. Ach tung!!!

  418. Mike says:

    I get this feeling running up my leg every time Chris Matthews says nice things about me!

  419. john p stransky says:


  420. Tom says:

    I really fooled you.;

  421. JEAN says:


  422. MARY BROWN says:

    Oh my god I gave myself a weggie.

  423. J.Snow says:

    Oh Goodie. I just heard Al Green sing and he sounds just like me!

  424. Karen Marincovich says:

    I’m the joke, but so far so good!

  425. Elaine says:

    It’s sooooo good to be KING!

  426. Almay says:


  427. Ginger Gomez says:

    I can’t believe you really bought that!!!!!!!!!! I’m sooooooooo GOOD! Give me 4 more years and you won’t even recognize this country!

  428. Carolyn Stauber says:

    Hee! Hee! Hee! I sure fooled all those stupid people who voted for me!

  429. Almay says:


  430. Carol McNamer says:

    What?? Me not get re-elected? You’ve got to be kidding.

  431. Margaret Mathis says:

    I fooled ’em once. I can do it again and then the party’s on!

  432. Grandma says:

    “These dumb Americans-not one has the guts to stand up to me”.

  433. Scott says:

    My second term is going to be soooooooo goooooood! (not for America, but for me, that is)

  434. Reg Huck says:

    Shovel Ready Jobs? I was just giving money to my union supporters.

  435. Dean says:

    Sorry I didn’t think you notice we took 50,000,000,000 out of Medicare

  436. Bill Mielniczuk says:

    If only the voters knew what’s really in my “health care” plan!

  437. John Urban says:

    “What, me worry?”

  438. Joy Pruett says:

    Just kidding! I really LOVE America!

  439. Bmac co says:

    “Oh stop it silly! Obama the KING that’s going to far! I like it! But go on you big silly, I do like the sound of it don’t you?”

  440. Harlan Woods says:

    And they swallowed it hook line and sinker

  441. Mimi says:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha –Oh, Vladimir stop! You’re killing me! Ha-ha-ha-ha
    The fools will never catch on. You know that! Ha-ha-ha-ha

  442. PMDd says:

    “Ha…..ha……ha……if they only knew what my future plans are!”

  443. David says:

    Ask me no questions & I’ll tell you no lies!

  444. David Kelley, Sonora, CA says:

    Cha, cha, chaaanges are just around the corner again………

  445. David says:

    If you don’t ask, I won’t tell!

  446. Linda Martin says:

    Brusha, brusha, brusha
    New Obama healthcare
    Tricked you all to believe
    That I am really a thief!!

  447. David says:

    Yes, I drank the Koolaid! & It tastes great!

  448. Frank says:

    Soon I will appoint myself king forever.

  449. David Fountain says:

    Boy! I sure pulled one over on the Americans when I signed the Obamacare!

  450. jonathan Krause says:

    What? Me worry? I’m going to be crowned King soon!

  451. Gerardous L. Ringo says:

    “That Fart was WET”

  452. Howard Wolf says:

    So you caught me in a little fib. My mom did have health insurance.

  453. Sherm says:

    It’s Only Money!

  454. Carol Drury says:

    “There really IS a death panel you dumb ol’seniors.

  455. Norman Huston says:

    HeeHeeee …….and Republicans think they can beat me!!!!!

  456. Mark Terry says:

    Don’t worry about taxes. We need the money, and 95% IS your fair share!

  457. Mary L. Knox says:


  458. Mark Terry says:


  459. Joan DeMarree says:

    Be serious! I won’t lose the election

  460. Walter says:

    I told you there would be change.

  461. John says:

    Whee! We are on the road to socialism…

  462. Frederick H. Kadyk says:

    “Just wait until after the election when I will be more flexible”

  463. chris eglin says:

    look im blind just like the rest of the liberials

  464. chris eglin says:

    ha ha ha i lied ha ha ha theres going to be change alright im going to bankrupt america

  465. wayne elliott says:

    You know when he tells a lie his lips move.

  466. Mike Wallsten says:

    Oooooooo……printing money is so much fun!

  467. English Welcome says:

    You really believed everything I said during my first campaign? ROFL!
    Wait until you hear everything I have to say during my second campaign!

  468. Gary Cook says:

    “I have them, the people are so stupid, America is finally going down!”

  469. Lynn Guynup says:

    Hope and Change? Pshaw!

  470. AA says:

    I just can’t wait to get back to Vladimir after I win the November election.

  471. DAN BOEHMER says:

    Gimme a break Medvedev ; I’ve been a Commie longer than you ! And My Communist Party Membership # is LOWER than Yours ; just ask Putin !!!!

  472. Jack B. says:

    You thought I had an energy policy, funny

  473. Gary Cook says:

    I so have them, they are so stupid, G. D. America is going down!

  474. Richard A. Finn says:

    The joke is on those useful idiots who voted for me!

  475. Bill B says:

    $16 Trillion in debt? That’s not real money. Just wait until my second term when I will have a lot more flexibility.

  476. Jerry Hewett says:

    “Come on ‘Bro.’, you can trust me!”

  477. Wally Hughes says:

    HEE,,HEEE, They still don’t know I’m a Muslim, and that’s why I’m bringing this country down, so my brothers can take over here, and then we will get the rest of all this oil here,, I will be “KING OBAMA” !!!!!

  478. David M Wyckoff says:

    Gotcha again!!!

  479. Ted E. Dunn says:

    One more term, then it’s back to organizing those communities with some REAL clout… I’ll be better in retirement than Jimmy Carter – no doubt!

  480. Randy P Hoffman says:

    Silly people, they think they know what’s best for themselves!

  481. Bob Andretta says:

    Oh Chris Matthews, stop it!

  482. Donald Leslie says:

    Can you believe those conservatives don’t think I’m the Messiah!

  483. Ted E. Dunn says:

    Row, row, row your boat – gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily… Life is but a dream… I am the best orator, with a little help. I have it down about those inflections of the voice and the words that definitely tug at their heart strings!

  484. John says:

    Ahh, Ha Ha, I fooled the sucka’s again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  485. Bob Goucher says:

    What! Me worry?

  486. Larry Westover says:

    Wait till they see what I do after the election!

  487. Rudy Pasterczyk says:

    HA HA Look at me, I am a Capitalist.

  488. Susan Huffman says:

    Can you believe it! They think I really care!

  489. Tom Hobbs says:


  490. Linda M. Love says:

    Are you kidding? A photo I. D. to vote? All those dogs and dead folks will be disenfranchised!

  491. Robert Tienor says:

    Snookered the American people again, YES!!!

  492. mike newcomb says:


  493. Robert Blackford says:

    We’ve got them Joe

  494. Ted E. Dunn says:

    Ahhhhh… It’s good to be inebriated with my own sense of grandeur!

  495. Wayne Martens says:

    Boy!!! Do I ever have the Americans fooled!!!!!!!!!

  496. Pete Slater says:

    You tickle my fancy Mr. Medvedev, sure—we’ll talk about that later when Putins back in office.

  497. Lee Richards says:

    I have fooled most of the fools most of the time, and I’ve fooled some of the fools some of the time. Now – if I can fool the rest of the fools the rest of the time, I might just get re-elected and fool the fools again. Was this a great country, or what!

  498. Ann Weigler says:

    Ha Ha Ha – I gotcha!!!!!

  499. Meg says:

    Being president means always having the best parties in town.

  500. Tom Schubach says:

    “And this is my impersonation of Ray Charles……….”

  501. David Lyday says:

    “Missile Defense? Who do they think I am? Ronnie Rayguns?”

  502. Jim Grisenti says:

    “…and they told me he was a Democrat proctologist!”

  503. Thomas D Freeman says:

    GOTCHA! None of this has been real. We Democrats and Muslums played a big April Fool Joke on America. I wasn’t elected president;, heck, I’m not even an American citizen. I’m just another college-drop out looking for some fun.

  504. Ted E. Dunn says:

    I am the the agent of hope and change – just a few words of hope from me and I can decide how their lives change. We the people then becomes We – those of us in government, and those of us who work to achieve my vision… Now, where do I need to look to find that teleprompter in this room (This flag pin on my lapel is really a nice touch – I gotta thank Boehner for the idea the next time we’re together in front of a hot mic!)

  505. Robert J Sbrana says:

    No that was Muhammad Ali’s tag line

  506. David says:

    What who me worry?

  507. John Kokesh says:

    Don’t be silly of course the economy is doing fine!

  508. Pauline Hager says:

    Boy did I pull the wool over their eyes in 2008. They believed every lying word.

  509. DOVIE BROWN says:

    Those stupid Christian’s believed me.

  510. John Vogel says:

    And I can sing like Louis Armstong TOO!!

  511. Helga says:

    Oh well, what’s another Trillion!!!

  512. Dennis L Roth-Reese says:

    Isn’t it fun to fool the voters…wow can’t wait til next term.

  513. Mike says:

    I’m laughing all the way to the bank, I made sure there would be one left for me to go to.

  514. Tom Brice says:

    I can’t believe It, All these DUMB people really think I am telling the truth!

  515. Claudia Grisenti says:

    Will someone please slap some sense into this idiot?

  516. Max Jarvis says:

    “I am president, see me roar
    as I am going out the door”

  517. Linda says:

    Alright, you caught me….ok, yes, you will lose your health insurance plan under Obamacare.

  518. Leigh says:

    I can’t believe they still think I care about this country! How silly is that!

  519. P J says:

    Yee Haw! 3 years ago I couldn’t spell President and now I are one.

  520. Daniel Mummey says:

    “Just kidding.”

  521. Guy says:

    Looks like we’ve got ’em again, Barney! Sure, I’ll name him as your replacement.

  522. Mike Mancuso says:

    Since I’m a king with all the servants under me, how will the doubters ever be able be able to prove I’m an imposter no matter how right they are!!

  523. JOE V. JONES says:


  524. Daniel Mummey says:

    What, me worry?

  525. Don Moore says:

    Me? Being re-elected? Ha! Ha!

  526. E.W. Bonadio says:

    Obamacare for all? OK, just kidding…..

  527. Steve Crane says:

    I got these teeth, a teleprompter, Nobel Prize and da White House for parties;
    George Soros, what a guy. Wana Golf?

  528. Guillermo A Ochoa says:

    ha..ha.. You think this is bad……wait till my second term…

  529. Bob Moser says:

    You were right, Mr. Soros, the stupids will believe anything. We’re on a roll. Wheeeeeeeee!!

  530. Ron Auriemma says:

    My imitation of a Chinese money lender.

  531. Charles Little says:

    Got them AGAIN

  532. Jerry Drumm says:

    If you really believed that one, I’ve got better ones.

  533. GEORGE SNOKE says:

    “WHAT – ME WORRY ?”

  534. Judith Foley says:

    Ha, ha, I pulled another fast one of the people of the U.S.A.

  535. Jim Rohrer says:

    So many gullible people…. This too easy!

  536. phillip anderson says:

    Lying! silly boy, i ‘m a politician

  537. Dennis Carter says:

    The Mike is on? Oh, I didn’t really mean that.

  538. David B. Hutton says:

    Could Have Fooled Me!!!!

  539. Fogline says:


  540. ron henry says:

    I can’t believe the majority of Americans actually believed that phony birth certificate you created!!

  541. Tom says:

    Israel upset? They are too small to be upset! I like big countries like Iran, the bigger the better…….

  542. nancy genachaw says:

    yes,I did it and I;m glad,glad,glad, Do you hear me GLAD

  543. nancy dian says:

    Yes,I did it and I;m glad,glad,glad. Do you hear me GLAD

  544. Clare Braden says:

    TeeHee! I’m having SO much fun on my retirement pay, which is way more than most of you earn!

  545. Kay says:

    “I can’t wait until November, you ain’t seen nothin yet”

  546. Bill Black says:

    “OK, so I lied about EVERYTHING and made a mess of the economy! But, you have NOT lived if you haven’t heard me sing!”

  547. Roberta Kingsburg says:

    Ooooo, that felt so good, pardon he odor.

  548. William O says:

    They bought another lie, hook,line, & sinker!

  549. Lois Holz says:

    Socialism is fun when you’re the political elite!!

  550. Fred Duzan says:

    Remember when I told them if they liked their insurance plan and their doctor they could keep them.

  551. Michael Turner says:

    Balance the budget! That’s a good one.

  552. Anthony Trebuna says:

    Sooooo, what are they going to do.

  553. Patricia Coleman says:

    “Thst’s just one of the jokes your forefathers left you.”

  554. Jack Dapra says:

    When I’m reelected, I’ll give all our missiles to Russia.

  555. Matt Faust says:

    I ‘m just so cool, I am cute !

  556. Lloyd Armold says:

    Boy, do I have you fooled!

  557. Cam Sutherland, Sr. says:

    “I have pulled the prank of the millenium, being a native-born Kenyan and elected as the President of the United States of America”.

  558. Joe says:

    Joe Biden, you did it again. I am so grateful that I picked the only man for VP who could make me look smart no matter what I say.

  559. NOBAMMA says:


  560. Marlene Brazington says:

    Of course I’ll get another term – with George, Hollywood, the unions and Panthers at my back, I can’t lose! The ‘Gimme’ faction is so stupid!!!……….

  561. Linda says:

    ……and those fools are going to vote for me again.

  562. rosemary gardner says:

    we fooled them again….the elections in the bag!.

  563. Jan says:

    I am so tickled with myself and ALL of the stuff that I am getting away with!!

  564. Jerry says:

    I was just kidding..He He He

  565. Judy Bloom says:

    It’s Bush’s fault. It’s the Republican’s fault. It’s the Tea Party’s fault. It’ the 1% fault. It’s big oil’s fault. How many more tries do I get?

  566. wendy says:

    “Bidden said that? I knew that Bidden would make me look great in the White House.”

  567. Mike Sinowitz says:

    I fooled the suckers again.

  568. Duke Gerhardt says:

    Thank Allah for all these dumb Americans, I snuck another one by them.

  569. Luann Taicher says:

    My African-American community…I’ll still have them eating out or my hands. I’m the one giving them their food stamps along with many many other things they THINK only I can give them for free. OF course they will vote for me AGAIN!

  570. charles kurtin says:

    I’m so happy I finally found my birth certificate.

  571. Concerned,Illinois says:

    Can you say, Louis Armstrong

  572. John Collins says:

    My pearly whites? Gotta thank my Republican dentist!!!!!!

  573. Sandra Maidment says:

    “Three Liberal New York born women on The Supreme Court. Now that’s what I call Diversity”.

  574. TaxMan35 says:

    “And you thought I’d give you the change I promised…..Suckah!”

  575. Sandra Maidment says:

    “They don’t realize the Koran allows you to lie in the service of Islam”.

  576. Maggie Ference says:

    And you doubted my intentions!!!

  577. Fernando Gomez says:

    Do I believe that the end justifies the means? …. don’t make me laugh!……. How did you find that out?

  578. Sandra Maidment says:

    “Executive Orders make me the King of the World”.

  579. David M. George D.O.,MBA says:

    Yeah,I really WAS BORN in Kenya !

  580. Art DiMartile says:

    I tell ’em, “It’s George’s fault.” Works every time!

  581. George Lindstrom says:

    I just can’t wait to tell them what I have is store for them when I’m reelected.

  582. Mary Anna says:

    What?! Me cut costs?! I’m living it up!

  583. Joe from New Jersey says:

    That Chris Matthews just sends a chill up my leg!

  584. Sandra Maidment says:

    “and they actually thought I would have a transparent government”.

  585. jake says:

    and you thought i was a Christian???? my Islamic teachers would be so proud…

  586. Don Timmerman says:

    I got ya!

  587. Joy says:

    There’s more change coming!!!

  588. Chuck Jenkins says:

    After 3 years, those fools just proved I was not born here!

  589. Theejamman says:

    My lies are so unbelievable I crack myself up.

  590. Greg L says:

    I can’t believe I’m actually getting away with this!

  591. walter wendland says:

    I just love screwing the people, their to dumb to believe otherwise!!!

  592. Bobbie says:

    Of course I am happy Soros. We have this wonderful world in our pocket. I will be king and you will be my queen.
    Smile, just a new adventure for the two of us.

  593. JEllen says:

    Gotcha … again!

  594. bill pierce says:

    ” I can’t wait to see the expression on their faces, when we add that second “S” to USA!

  595. Darrell says:

    ME LYE??? HA

  596. J B Scott says:

    It’s so easy to fool enough people to get re-elected.

  597. Robert Ferguson says:

    Like Alfred E Newman says, “What, me worry”.

  598. Kat says:

    ObamaCare repealed???…… not a chance!! Those judges WILL do my bidding because I own them !!!

  599. John Coffee says:

    “What? Me Worry”?

  600. Andrew May says:

    I just kill myself,I’m good at killing things,like freedom,economy,speech,etc.

  601. Ken says:

    It’s only $1 and a half trillion of new debt!

  602. Mary K. Brown Poland says:

    Ya’ll are makin’ me blush- Shucks, all I ever wanted was to be Emperor- for the rest of my life!

  603. Jgee says:

    Tee Hee Hee……I have most of you believin’ I was born in the USA!

  604. Muriel Brazeau says:

    Along with giving illegals the right to vote, intemidating the media, and the money from George Soros, I have pulled off the greatest hoax on the American people in it’s 235 year history. You could say, “I’ve perpetrated the joke of the century!”

  605. Mark W says:


  606. Wallie says:

    I keep tellin’ ya….these Americans believe every promise I make no matter how much I lie!! They’re stupid!!

  607. SS says:

    The American People are so stupid!! They never saw me coming!! I am going to take this country down and become a dictator. Ha Ha Ha

  608. NJ Rusty says:

    Suckaaas, You wanted a fundamental change.

  609. JOE says:

    I have a vast collections of answers with no memory of the question

  610. Barbara says:

    What me a socialist? Ya gotta be kidding !

  611. Ed Hurry says:

    “The people really don’t understand all the programs I have initiated to destroy the country.”

  612. Terry Stephan says:

    Hold out your hand, shut your eyes; and get ready for a Big Surprise!- Your PINK SLIP!

  613. Jules Pagano says:

    “I fooled some of the people all of the time”!

  614. jimmy mack says:

    lookit’ the numbers on my soro’s paycheck!!!

  615. Mike says:

    America’s economy, unemployment, and gas prices are laughable, as long as I keep my eyes closed!

  616. marty moran says:

    Not another term? Quit messin with me bro!

  617. Bill in Arizona says:

    I’ve screwed em over once, I’ve screwed em over twice, Now I’ll do it again!

  618. lfiel says:

    “This is my Ray Charles impersonation!”

  619. Paula Murakami says:

    I’m so good. The people never saw it coming!

  620. john granito says:

    ” I know that I am NOT a natural born citizen, but nobody cares”. “They are all idiots.”

  621. Kay says:

    ME?, A RACIST? OH YEAH !!!!!!!!!!

  622. RonE says:

    Do you think that Romney will beat you

  623. Mike says:

    Please, I haven’t a clue!

  624. Tony from California says:

    I just farted… and Nancy P. thinks it was Biden.

  625. Bill Cox says:

    I just love Socialism !

  626. Tony from California says:

    I just farted… and Nancy P. thinks it was Biden

  627. Tino in Florida says:

    I LOVE THIS JOB, no matter what, i’m going to be payed for the rest of my life.

  628. Debie says:

    OBAMACARE; it’s just a joke

  629. Becie says:

    Oh, thilly boy. Do it again!

  630. William says:

    I became President. The jokes on them them..

  631. William Fosgreen says:

    I promised you change in 2008 and now in 2012, “TRUST ME”, I will give you more of the same……..

  632. Eleta says:

    Yeesh! I can’:t believe my March Madness brackets just got broken!

    NOTE: You don’t ALL think he really has his mind on the good of this country, do you? He is more interested in basketball, golf, etc.

  633. LYNNE VELA says:


  634. JR says:

    WHAT—–ME WORRY ???????

  635. Joe Reisinger says:

    And you believed that birth certificate!

  636. Terry Finley says:

    The funny thing is they think I really care.

  637. Katzique says:

    What? The Americans have no bread, ha, ha, ha, ha, let them eat cake!

  638. Robert S of California says:

    These Stupid Americans, I really got them this time. They think my healthcare program will be shot down in court!

  639. Lois says:

    These voters have No clue ! I fooled them before– I can do it again.

  640. David says:

    As long as 51% are fooled, I’m back in office.

  641. Terry Smith says:

    My new campaign slogan?, “We do it right the second time!”

  642. Mary Ann says:

    Still laughing about the “shovel ready jobs”.

  643. Philip in Strongsville says:

    You didn’t really believe me, did you!

  644. Lanita says:

    “See, I told you I could fool those idiots.”

  645. Darlyne Fite says:


  646. MJ says:

    You fools, I am going to win re-election in a landslide because unregistered voters will be allowed and we will be voting early and often…we will always have ways to prove we are not cheating, just like we always do !

  647. Marian says:

    The First time…shame on me.
    The Second time…shame on YOU!

  648. Chet says:

    My dentist did these for free!! SOCIALISM YEH!! (think again)

  649. Steve says:

    Aw shucks-just kidding

  650. Mel in Arizona says:

    ME not re-elected?!! Please……that’s rediculus!

  651. Robert Novotny says:

    I can’t believe how stupid these people are. I’m a shoo-in for reelection.

  652. alvin says:

    I can’t wait for the increased flexiblity to screw you all more than I have.

  653. Mel in Arizona says:

    ME not re-elected?!!! Please…that’s just silly!

  654. Grandma to all says:

    I’m such a little devil!!

  655. Reverend Arthur Lee Parks, III says:

    I’ve got ’em just where I want ’em!

  656. Marie Allen says:

    Boy – do I have them snowed!

  657. Richard Polacek says:

    Obama is no B F D.

  658. Dave says:

    The Jokes on YOU !!!

  659. Rick Bruning says:

    and here’s my “Satchmo” impression

  660. Phyllis Dye says:

    Who said Dental insurance? Not included because I don’t need it – SEE!!

  661. Charles Stansfield says:

    Shovel-ready jobs??? Come on! Give me a break. I was only joking.

  662. Dave says:

    “what me worry” Alfred E Newman

  663. Cliff says:

    Who cares now? Me and my family are set for life!

  664. Kenny says:

    What? me loose the Presidency, not even if Obamacare is struck down by the Supreme Court, never happen….

  665. Donald Martin says:

    Caption for photo: Papers? Papers? I don’t need no stinkin’ papers!

  666. Cliff says:

    Who cares what happens now? Me and the family are set for life!.

  667. Charles Lee says:

    Ha Ha I fooled you all

  668. John LaRosk says:

    It feels so good to “Destroy America” that I’m “TINGLING” all over; I need ANOTHER “Tax-Payer” Vacation!!!!

  669. Dennis Lawson Sr says:

    I gots the change baby…

  670. Donna says:

    Got’cha, again!

  671. Curt Evans says:

    THOSE idiots thought I meant change for the good of the country not changeto commusium OR the way Europe is today, a total wreak.

  672. EBG87 says:

    Supreme Court? F ’em if they can’t take a joke!

  673. Gerry says:

    Oooooh, Reggie! CUT IT OUT!

  674. HARVEY says:


  675. Wonder Warthog says:

    I can’t believe how stupid these sheeple are! They buy every lie I throw at ’em! And they KNOW I’m lying!!!

  676. Jim says:

    Well Silly ME ! I thought I could be a good President

  677. George says:

    And Chris Mathews thought he had a tingle running down his leg.

  678. Garry Bruckner says:

    I called it Health Care Affordable Act, what a bunch of bull, oooh! Laughing so hard, tears are coming to my eyes.

  679. joe ambrose says:

    i love spending other peoples money

  680. Ron Fiske says:

    “These stupid Americans will believe anything”.

  681. Walt Mueller says:

    They think i’m bad now wait till they see what happens if I get re-elected.

  682. Jo Oliver says:

    “ha,ha,ha,That was a smelly one and they didn’t even know I did it!

  683. theunclebear says:

    “One of my idols once said ‘Tell the same lie often enough and people will come to believe it’s true’. RIGHT ON, Adolf. RIGHT ON !!!”

  684. Paul B says:

    “What Me Worry” or “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn this way” or “Dam the Torpedo’s, Full speed Ahead”

  685. Gloria says:

    Hee, hee – what a bunch of buffoons. They wanted change and here it is – my way.

  686. WADE says:

    ALI BE PRAISED!!!!!!!!

  687. Emma A. Neill says:

    My grandma knew where I was born, but no one here knows I was born in Kenya, dummies..ha, ha, ha……….

  688. J. Pelaez says:


  689. WADE says:


  690. Leo Lake says:

    They’re gonna elect me again! How stupid can they be?

  691. Stan Kennedy says:

    I’ll be more ‘flexible’ — ‘after the election!’

  692. Frank says:

    Fooled them again…it’s been another good day!

  693. Len Lowe says:

    They think that they will catch me in the many lies I have told them BUT I’m too smart for them…I just laugh at them, they see my smiling face and U got it…Fooled them again…I’m soo smart.

  694. Don says:

    I’m not laughing at you,——-Ok, so I am laughing at you. I’s funny!

  695. Frank says:

    I just love it when a plan comes together. Fooled em again!

  696. theunclebear says:

    “And when I think about what I can accomplish in my second four years, – – – – I just get tickled all over!! There’ll be NO STOPPIN’ DADDY”

  697. Jim says:

    Death panels! Don’t be foolish.

  698. VicPic says:

    They compared the $600 Million Mega Millions Lottery odds of winning to about the same as becoming President? That’s silly–I did it!

  699. Bruce says:

    I am so happy gas prices are up, now everyone will go out and buy a government subsidized Chevy Volt!

  700. Fred says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I’m not a natural-born U.S. citizen! Fooled most of you!

  701. joe says:

    I swallowed the canary.Trying to hold it down.

  702. R. Supalla says:

    That doesn’t smell to bad!

  703. WADE says:

    i am the smartest person in washington,the U.S.A. THE WORLD HAAAAA

  704. Gene says:

    “They told me to cheer up, things could be worse. So, I cheered up and sure enough, things got worse!”

  705. Steve Galer says:

    P.T. Barnum was wrong. You CAN fool them all of the time.

  706. June says:

    They think ObamaCare is actually about HEALTH care??

  707. Patricia Magner says:

    I feeel the Power, all over my body…

  708. Marion Clegg says:

    You think I’m really great BUT I’ve got you fooled!!

  709. Linda M. Fisher says:

    “I was just kidding, I said that BEFORE the election! You didn’t believe me, did you?”

  710. Rory Buchmiller says:

    “They actually believe me!”

  711. Normsy says:

    “You’re kidding! Biden actually said that?

  712. Pat McIntyre says:


  713. Marty says:

    You’ve heard the term “laughing all the way to the bank”?…..Well, I’M DOING IT!….and you know
    what else?…..I’n gonna be a King someday…SOON! HeHeHe

  714. WADE says:


  715. TinaLloydene says:

    Hoo-boy, the gullibility of the American people just tickles me pink!

  716. Sonny says:

    Boy, I pulled a good one over the american voters, didn’t I.

  717. George says:

    Republicans have good ideas???? Now, that’s funny!

  718. James Heasly says:

    Georgia. Georgia. bankrupting Georgia is on my mind.

  719. Steve says:

    The sheep think I’m telling them the truth. Hee!, Hee!, Hee!

  720. Al D says:

    You think this term was fun, wait and see what happens for the next 4 years!!!

  721. Nancy Allison says:

    Having so much fun partying and traveling on the taxpayers’ money!

  722. Tom Wilde says:

    Look at ’em out there, eager to vote themselves into dictatorial captivity.Hey fools, vote Democrat, there’s lots of room in those FEMA camps! That’s hysterical!

  723. al poncin says:

    Taking a dump without government help.

  724. Roger L. Robb says:

    Another failure of Affirmative Action!!!

  725. Cheryl says:

    I think Bill Maher is a hoot! Thanks for the mill…

  726. anthony barker says:

    They REALLY have no idea…hahaha!

  727. will says:

    Tell the truth????????Speak from the heart???????Show the peasants my documentation??????????? Reggie, puhlease!

  728. dtmfw says:

    Hee, hee, hee, I got it all!!!

  729. Roland Rossi says:

    Why even have an election, these fools are just going to re elect me.

  730. Al Janisieski. says:

    How’s that “hope and change” working out for ya,suckers.

  731. Bruce says:

    You voted for Ron Paul!!!!!

  732. William Stevens says:

    I’m slicker than slick willie ever was!

  733. Carl Radford says:

    Honey Im pulling a big one on the American people

  734. William E. Fiegen says:

    Cutting loose some black eyed beans at Biden’s house.

  735. Joan E. Miller says:

    I’m foolin’ some of the people ALL the time!!!

  736. T Moody says:

    Can you imagine; when they find out EVERYTHING we have gotten away with

  737. Barbara Rich says:

    What did you expect when you elected a president that is a citizen of another country?

  738. larry coffman says:


  739. Jim Richardson says:

    Mr.Obama is informed the federal government’s growth has gone exponential.

  740. Marie DeHondt says:

    You people are so stupid. Ignorance goes hand in hand with gullibility.

  741. Fritz Miinte says:

    Those ignorant peasants believe me!

  742. Catherine says:


  743. Gerald Dionne says:

    I don’t care what they say, I’ll have more flexibility after the fools re-elect me!

  744. Johann says:

    Introducing the D.C. winner of the Ray Charles Look-Alike contest

  745. John Arana says:

    Boy, Have got them fooled!

  746. Beth says:

    Psalm 59:8 KJV

    But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision .

  747. david gangwer says:

    Boy, I’ve got-em now!!!!

  748. Tim says:

    Enough already about silly gas prices, petty unemployment, and Obama Care…Let’s talk about me!

  749. Sherm says:

    Did you hear the one about the guy from Kenya that trashed America in four years and then convinced them that he needed four more years to complete the job?

  750. Sandy says:

    Keep it up candidates , your killin’me……..hahahahahahahaha and thanks a bunch

    • Rajah says:

      Sandy, you’re one of many that I see on comments pages that don’t know that “you are” is contracted to “you’re,” not “your.” Correct grammar is important.

  751. Antonio Apap says:


  752. David Qualls says:

    Things could be worse! Re-elect me and I’ll prove it!!! He-Haw, He-Haw!

  753. Marsha says:

    And the truth comes out, folks………If he truly could walk on water, then his feet wouldn’t be ticklish

  754. edward says:

    I screwed them, I screwed them, all of America money in my Swiss bank account!

  755. Shel says:

    I just saw the way you spelled “recieve”.

    Almost as funny as my “57 states” comment!!!!!!!

  756. Weldon says:

    The worst thing that ever happened to this country. A muslim.

  757. Brian J. Woznicki, M.S. says:

    Caption: Awe, just wait till after elections; I’ll really get my flexibility grove on!

  758. Carolyn says:

    Nothing can stop me. Ever heard of a Reichstag?

  759. Wanda Morgan says:

    Can you believe the polls say that I will be re-elected!!!!

  760. Jerry Walker says:

    Listen to this! Listen to this! Conservatives expect me to stay at the White House more, act Presidential and even do some work.

  761. Dale Owens says:

    Just watch and see, with the UN Arms Trade Treaty, I’ll get their guns too. Dumb A–es!

  762. T. Ward says:

    “Oh Dmitry, you and Vladimir are so funny…you make me laugh!”

  763. tomyj1 says:


  764. Wanda Morgan says:

    Can you believe the polls say that I will be re-elected!!!

  765. jim says:

    How silley. How could I ever be a Muslim?

  766. Elizabeth Rock says:

    They don’t know I’m buying my way to 4 more years.

  767. merl says:

    Retire at what age!

  768. Jerome Bruss says:

    My comment would be “YOU CAN’T TOUCH ME”

  769. Dale Owens says:

    Transparent Government?

  770. Dale Owens says:

    Those fools actually believe anything I say!

  771. ROBERT McCAIN (ALABAMA) says:

    “Who, Mitt Romney?”

  772. Sharon says:

    Silly people- I know I’m cute

  773. DKK says:

    “Oh, I was just kidding about $10 a gallon gas!”

  774. jim says:

    so you think that I am a Muslim, how .

  775. Jan says:

    Thats interesting but I’m not going to change what I do.

  776. John says:

    I told you they would believe everything I said regardless of the Truth!

  777. Nancy says:

    Shouda taken my fiber!!

  778. Betty says:

    “I’m so cute – they love everything I say!!!!!

  779. Jan says:

    Thats interesting, but I’m not going to change what I do…..

  780. Rita says:

    Isn’t it great how I can use my useful idiots to do my bidding?

  781. Cathy Ciaccio says:

    I get a thrill up my leg when I watch Chris Matthews

  782. Marilyn says:

    Gotcha, didn’t I ! Just wait to see what happens to your precious America in my NEXT term!!! Ha Ha, Hee Hee!

  783. El says:

    You thought I wanted gas prices to go down?

  784. john hartmann says:

    if you think whar i did the first four years is bad wait till i get reelected

  785. Garry says:

    And dey thought change and hope meant something good!!

  786. ron says:

    Nanny nanny boo-boo

  787. ronald pierce says:

    man i am good!better than slick willie.

  788. Peter DiAngelis says:


  789. Nick George says:

    The fools really believed me & elected me.

  790. Karen Wright says:

    “You really believed what I said?”

  791. mike hudson says:

    Biden can’t speak due to an infection, and it maybe permanent!

  792. Scooter says:

    By the time it becomes law, they won’t know what hit them!

  793. ray says:

    Hey Bro let me ax yo a question…I show did F#@% them wasp motherf#@%*rs good for my Islamic Bro’s…Didn’t I????

  794. Bill English says:

    Look at these pearly whites you just bought me.

  795. Ron Russo says:

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time, Ya right!

  796. Ann says:

    They thought Obamacare would be repealed!

  797. joan says:

    GOTCHA! Again! LOL

  798. Cecilio Mendez says:

    Did Biden said that!

  799. L Jones says:

    REALLY!? I’m the President , Of course I can do ANYTHING, HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!

  800. Gary says:

    You Americans are so dumb.

  801. Fletcher says:


  802. Kelly says:

    Hehehe I love spending other people’s money!

  803. Jim says:

    Look at me.. I’m so cute, and smart too,I fooled the whole country.

  804. Bill Douglas says:

    …And I never even had to use Vaseline!

  805. Paul says:

    My suggested caption: Am I concerned about rising gasoline prices? You GOT to be kidding!!

  806. Ronnie says:

    Would I lie to you.

  807. Dennis Finch says:

    Oh Nancy, I’m so full of BS it even amazes me.

  808. ED says:

    “My first term has been such a joke!!”

  809. David Qualls says:

    When the fools elect me again, the fun will really begin!!!!

  810. KUZ says:

    It’s so good to be the king!

  811. Reginald Argentieri says:

    That was the easiest scam I ever pulled off !!!!

  812. Greg H says:

    I can’t believe there are so many stupid people in this country that believe I’m right!

  813. Robert Blakeslee says:

    And you think the ‘birthers’ will finally be heard? You gotta be kidding.

  814. K Olson says:

    You CAN fool all of the people, all of the time!

  815. Harry says:

    I’m laughing, but the jokes on you!

  816. Shirley says:

    I’ve fooled them AGAIN!

  817. cjones says:

    What do you mean they hate me …….your kidding

  818. James Gregory says:

    Come on now! I was just kidding!

  819. Fred says:

    You really think those nine buffoons in ancient black robes can stand in my way?

  820. David says:

    I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you.

  821. Diana says:


  822. Joe, Raleigh NC says:

    It still cracks me up that Stupak bought my lies!

  823. Diana says:


  824. Elizabeth Glen says:

    Just kidding. You know lies are just more fun.

  825. Mike says:

    They actually think I care about them.

  826. Larry says:

    Can you believe those Stupid Liberals want to re-elect a Communist!!!

  827. Jean Wilson says:

    I’m taking over America and making it MINE!!!

  828. larry m. tinker,sr says:


  829. Jerre Cummings says:

    I can’t believe I fooled them all.

  830. Jeanette Jaime says:

    I have duped the Americans yet again! Man I love my job! I am so good at playing pretend President.

  831. Paul Billow says:

    YES! I fooled them all.

  832. Loralee Brown says:

    I’m so Pretty, oh so pretty!!

  833. Ross says:

    Tickle ME again Elmo!!

  834. Randy says:

    Imagine that I’m running for re-election and they still believe I was born in America.

  835. Sheryl Lutz says:

    I own a car company, a bank, an oil company and now I own YOU- ha, ha!!

  836. larry m. tinker,sr says:


  837. JohnnyD says:

    I’m a president and you’re not, I’m a president and you;re not , nah nah nah nah nah nah….

  838. Terry Earls says:

    Did that cheeseburger have pink slime in it?

  839. Brad Conaway says:

    Vladimir, they don’t have any idea…

  840. Lou LeBlanc Jr. says:

    It’s really funny, they’l beleive anything I say!

  841. Steve says:

    They believe what I say !

  842. Les McWhorter says:

    “My approval ratings are dropping so fast that the people in Kenya are now saying I was born in the USA!”

  843. Kelley Ryan says:

    These idiots will vote for me and don’t even know who I am !!!!!!!!!!

  844. Kevin Kimmel says:

    Don’t be silly Ben. If the printer is broken just go out and buy another one

  845. FRED WHELAHAN says:

    Slip me some skin Mr. Putin, I goin to be like you!

  846. Gary says:

    Becoming America’s first dictator is easy, I just use my executive power.

  847. Regina Hart says:

    These people are just too stupid to see what I am doing

  848. Susan says:

    When the fools elect me in November, I get to join the elite club of dictators. Hitler, Stalin Chavez and Castro!! Yay!!

  849. Jim Cue says:

    Those American suckers still believe in honesty and fair play, just wait until I’m re-elected!

  850. Les McWhorter says:

    “President Bush, I didn’t say it was your fault, I said I was blamming you!”

  851. Martin Powers says:

    I look like and idiot,act like an idiot, but I’m not . I know what I’m doing.

  852. Stephanie Garmon-Ritchie says:

    “…and I even said, standing before the Greek columns, that Monday we would begin to transform America — they STILL didn’t believe me!”

  853. Sue says:

    OOPS I farted.

  854. colin says:

    You want me to gas up Air Force 1 with larve?

  855. VIC KNIGHT says:


  856. Mary Ann says:

    I’m having a good time spending your money!

  857. Roland Carrillo says:

    This cracks me up ! I don’t even have to defend my decisions the MSM does it for me !

  858. Marilyn Peterson says:

    America, you want the dental plan I have? SORRY! You get Obamacare!

  859. Gary Widrig says:

    “Say it again, Joe.”

  860. Mac McKinney says:

    O no my JOCK is to tight!!!!

  861. James T Spillman says:

    I got your gu-uns nah nah nah nah nah naaahh.

  862. Ted Thomas says:

    What a country!!
    Want to go for a ride on my Jumbo Jet?
    It’s not on my dime!!

  863. David Allen says:

    Don’t be silly… My name is Barack Hussein Obama!!! The American people know that Barry Soetoro was born in Indonesia!! Now…about the pipeline.

  864. henry says:

    they are about to make the same mistake twice.

  865. William Weidenbacher says:

    This is how I feel whenever t think of Joe Biden!

  866. Thomas & Gerda say says:

    Lier,Lier Pants on fire, Can’t fool us a second time.

  867. Gary says:

    And you idiots will vote for me again!

  868. Carol says:

    Boy, have I got those stupid Americans fooled!

  869. Susan says:

    When I get elected for four more years, I get to be a dictator!!

  870. V.P.Wilson says:

    I made you look,I made you look,I made you buy a penny book.SUCKAH

  871. Carol says:

    Boy, have I got these stupid Americans fooled!

  872. Mike says:

    What gas shortage?

  873. Ginny Forestieri says:

    Heh, Heh, I promised “change” in 2008. Wait til you see what happens in 2012 when I am re-elected. Nobody will be able to stop my run amuck government!

  874. Henry Knodel says:

    Whats Happening!!! You can fool all the people all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  875. ted says:

    What!!!! Me tella lie?????

  876. Nancy says:

    They think I was born here! Idiots!

  877. Bill says:

    I heard Romney is a conservative.

  878. Dave Frandin says:


  879. john conboy says:

    Nancy and Harry still don’t know what is in the health care bill.

  880. Wayne Callison says:

    “I think I’m feeling that thrill Chris Mathews talked about”

  881. David says:

    “They don’t know that the pipeline from Oklahoma to Texas will be 6 feet long, 3 feet on the OK side, and 3 feet on the TX side.”

  882. Don Davis says:

    The American people don’t have have a clue.

  883. Eric Racine says:

    They really believe I’m a caring Christian, and not a murderous Muslim!

  884. Kenneth E. Johnston says:

    Having a ball spending all their money, laughing all the way to the bank!!

  885. Jerry says:

    America has been Very Very Good too ME!

  886. John Padberg says:

    Ohhhh! I gotta quit eatin’ with President Calderon so often. That foods good but it proves that just because something free it dosen’t mean you won’t wind up paying for it in the end!

  887. Cecil says:

    Was it good for you?

  888. John Tillis says:

    That Bill Maher just cracks me up!!

  889. Grace says:

    ” I’m planning on calling Marshall law before the next elections and installing myself in as America first dictator”. “And the American people can’t stop me”.

  890. Mark says:

    I knew that mike was on, its part of my plan for transparency!

  891. Katherine Lamb says:

    Military intelligence? That one always makes me laugh.

  892. bob says:

    I know I am going to lose the Presidential election in November. Isn’t this a great Country!

  893. Don says:

    Don’t you just love the way I’m destroying the USA.

  894. Steve says:

    What, me worry?!

  895. Karen Rutkovsky says:

    “They just love me”

  896. Robert Hootman says:

    Oh,Iwas just kidding,its not true

  897. Melvin Walker says:

    They said I couldn’t get away with it!

  898. Joanne Adams says:


  899. Eugene F says:

    It’s OBCare and all that Jazz

  900. gloria guzzi says:

    Those stupid Americans

  901. Robert Hootman says:

    Oh, I was just kidding,its not true

  902. Dave Laman says:

    For the caption contest: ” I can’t believe that all these fools cane out to hear me lie to them and paid for their fuel and my fuel to get here!”

  903. Lorene Schroeder says:

    I told you they’d believe me.

  904. Kevin says:

    Pretending to be President is so much fun !!

  905. John Padberg says:

    I gotta quit eating with President Calderon so often! That food is good but it certianly shows why just because something is supposed to be free, it dosen’t mean you won’t have to pay for it in the end!

  906. Bernie Sheerin says:

    Soros was right, promise the dummies a few bucks and you can steal trillions

  907. Annie M says:

    “Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected,”

  908. Gil Vanderkraats says:

    The American public are such suckers

  909. Dave V says:

    That’s great, doc–truth decay!

  910. Thomas Lauterback says:

    My presidential library is going to be at 79th and WHAT?

  911. Leland Williams says:

    I just can’t seem to do anything to lower my approval rating!

  912. Robert Prinz says:

    Tell Vladimir after I’m re-elected I’ll give him back Alaska too.

  913. Judy says:

    Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to GOLF I go…..

  914. Kathie Huhn says:

    Got cha, America!

  915. Ron Raby says:

    –And the VP said WHAT?

  916. Wilma Parnell says:

    I was just kidding! Can’t you take a joke?

  917. Gary Fanning says:

    I can’t believe they elected me either!

  918. Audrey Cramer-Goesch says:

    It’s just a “little” stretch.

  919. Bob C says:

    Just wait until after the Election. Boy do I have a surprise for you!

  920. joan fraser says:

    See, I screwed the lot of them.

  921. Jack bottinger says:

    OOOps! There goes another dollar for gas! For we have high hopes!!!!

  922. tjgagnon says:

    “Over $5.00 a gallon? Yeah, baby”

  923. William FROM WYO says:


  924. SarahH says:

    Me! A world leader?

  925. Terri says:


  926. Danny P says:

    “What do you mean, citizens have rights?”

  927. Artist Diva says:

    “Screwed Whitey Again!!!”

  928. Gordon Bulger says:

    They have already approved my likeness for the trillion dollar bill.

  929. VCS says:

    I can’t help it. I’m on my way to the Bank.

  930. George M. says:

    “You wanted me to READ the 1st Amendent? I didn’t take ‘Speed Reading’ in…where was it I went to school?

  931. Marv Samuelson says:

    “Oh, you tickle my toes!”

  932. Will M says:

    Can you believe it…..they actually think they can win the next election!

  933. mark mcwhorter says:

    “Yeah, they think I’m just a Democrat……”

  934. Barbara Williamson says:

    “It feels so GOOOOOOD to be President”

  935. Cheryl Tarzwell says:

    … and the BEST part is they STILL BELIEVE ME! Ain’t it a hoot?!

  936. Bob Shepherd says:

    First, higher taxes, get reelected and give the Russians what they want, then I can finish eliminating Democaracy!!!

  937. D G Sutherland says:

    Oh Gosh

  938. Joel Hendon says:

    Don’t worry Vladimir, the flag pin means nothing. I won’t wear it after the election.

  939. Tom Unger says:

    I’m even slicker than ole Willie!!!

  940. Ann Stewart says:

    Aren’t I good!!

  941. Norma Newman says:

    This is great, golf, vacations, parties–all made possible by the liberal media and complacent idiots!

  942. Juli Lindberg says:

    Girl’s just want to have fu-un!

  943. Mary says:

    I lied, I lied, tee hee hee hee and no body knows.

  944. Roger Simmons says:

    “I lied”

  945. Rhonda H says:

    Hee! Hee! Hee! SUCKERS!

  946. Richard Grod says:

    She actually pulled my finger !!!

  947. Don Turner says:

    I know something the people don’t know. I’m destined to win the next election.

  948. Fred Lucia says:


  949. Joan Kugler says:

    Those stupid Americans, they think I am one of them.

  950. Larry Bacon says:

    Stop Vladimir stop, that tickles.

  951. Judy Vedrani says:

    …..and they said I couldn’t fool all of the people all of the time!

  952. John Vitko says:

    I am on the ballot in Russia.

  953. Tom Zell says:

    For the caption contest may I suggest…..”I can’t believe how much fun I’m having fooling the American people”

  954. MickM says:

    “This is terrific, A white-mexican kills a black teenage thug and I get to make points race-baiting. Is America great or what?”

  955. Doc Hammond says:

    Sometimes I laugh so hard… Tears run down my legs…

  956. Steve Mokren says:

    Having George Soros hand up my back tickles.

  957. Charlie Karels says:

    Oww! Vladimir are all Russian men that BIG?

  958. Jack Swanbsurg says:

    I still can’t believe it; I’m in the big seat!

  959. Janet McRae says:

    stupid people they never saw me coming and I won’t be going

  960. J.R. Mathes says:

    Mitt Romney ????

  961. B D KNEISLER says:

    HEE HEE HEE GOTACH ! ! ! ! !

  962. Bruce Hagen says:

    I got’em again!

  963. Richard Testaccio says:

    As Nero fiddle as Rome burned. Obama laughs as he ruins the Country.

  964. Chuck Lane says:

    Well, actually I did inhale a little bit. Got any M&M’s?

  965. B D K says:

    HEE HEE HEE GOTCHA ! ! ! ! !

  966. Pierre says:

    They think I was born in the USA

  967. Darrell Parish says:

    My re-election strategy is to change my name back to Barry Soetoro and run against Obama’s record.

  968. Jerry B says:

    Bozo doing Louie Armstrong!!

  969. scott mcmannis says:

    From community organizer to nation organizer in one election. Gotcha!

  970. Karl Nelson says:

    It’s hilarious, I pulled the wool over the eyes of the American people.

  971. Mark Taylor says:

    OK, you caught me, but it was just a little lie.

  972. B D K says:


  973. John says:

    No, no, no, you silly people! I didn’t mean change for your good!

  974. Blaine Baker says:

    I love teleprompters!

  975. Chuck Lane says:

    You’re gonna laugh — turns out there was only one shovel-ready job. And Biden called dibs!

  976. Chuck says:

    This “blame game” works better than leadership. Thank you MSM.

  977. J.R Torres says:

    “I still can’t believe they elected me President”

  978. Mark says:

    “I fooled ’em all !”

  979. Mary Ann Moon says:

    Heee Hawww Heee Hawww

  980. carol caudill says:

    Grinning like the idiot he is!!

  981. M.C.P. says:

    U.- UR
    = Obama’s definition of his office

  982. D kincaid says:

    After I ram Obamacare thru, by this time next year I’ll have a perfect bracket in the NCAA b’ball tourney!!!

  983. Al Cinamon says:

    I will have the last laugh, when I declare martial law!

  984. Chuck Ellis says:

    All this and I have never had to earn an honest living!

  985. Charlie Marotta says:

    “Did I Do That?”

  986. Barry Wescott says:

    I just cost the American voters who elected me trillions of dollars…wait ’til those fools see what I’m gonna do when I have more flexibility in the next four years. I got nothing to lose then. Vladimir hold on, I’m coming buddy.

  987. Dennis Rhen says:

    Man, I pulled off the best sno-job since Adolp Hitler!

  988. John Spoonamore says:

    Man, I just put another one over on these commoners! This is even more fun than I thought it would be!

  989. Bobby says:

    Gee, being God is fun.

  990. Gary says:

    Oh yeah man, I will be re-elected in 2012, no problem.

  991. Chuck Ellis says:

    Every one thought I couldn’t control Hillary.

  992. LGS says:

    Ha! Screwed ’em again!!!

  993. Sonny Windham says:

    Its not my job !

  994. Jerry says:

    Hope and Change, Baby! You Hope I will Change!

  995. Tim Pirtle says:

    Yes, Mahmoud, I can imagine the look on the Israelies faces whn you fire the nuclear missle at them.

  996. Robert Prinz says:

    Bill Maher just contributed a Million Dollars to my reelection. Silly boy!

  997. GJB says:

    I know, you thought the Change was getting rid of the corruption, boy is the laugh on you

  998. M.C.P. says:

    Silly People I got alot more Trix that will stick

  999. Edward E Weise JR says:

    Gas is $4.00 a Gallon!

  1000. Chuck Ellis says:

    This Dictator stuff is fun!!!!!

  1001. MilitaryPatriot says:

    ” I am giddy, the destruction of America is coming along just fine.”

  1002. Tim Sherwood says:

    Yeah,,,I was born in Hawaii…as a matter of fact I was born on the 4th of July, why, I’m a regular yankeee-doodle -dandy…go ahead, check it’s all there :D

  1003. Chuck Ellis says:

    This Dictator stuff fun!!!!

  1004. Robert Delf says:

    It wasn’t me, the dog did it

  1005. Mike says:

    Vacation, yes!

  1006. RFM says:

    Just say NO!

  1007. Greg says:

    Oil ? We don’t need no stinking Oil .

  1008. Bob B says:

    Oh My! Look At All The Opportunities For Division, Race, Gender, Color, Religion………..

  1009. gene says:

    You’re asking me to what, STEP DOWN?

  1010. Jeff says:

    I’m a kid in a candy shop; with no responsibilities!

  1011. D. M. T. says:

    Now that I got it in, I’m gonna twist it……….

  1012. Sid says:

    Do I ever tell the truth??

  1013. RA says:

    Why is everyone singing Hit the road Jack?

  1014. CEH says:

    “And they thought no one could take America down! Psych!”

  1015. jetdrvr says:

    The Fast and Furious stonewalling actually worked! Can you believe it?

  1016. John says:

    What can I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1017. Chris Rankin says:

    “What, Me Worry?”

  1018. Jim says:

    Silly boy, you just take their money, use it to buy votes, take expensive vacations, make me their dictator and then just blame it on Georgie Boy.

  1019. Brian Sheehy says:

    They actually bought the story about being born in the USA!

  1020. Hannah Hall says:

    Screwed you stupid people again – sorry, but I don’t feel your pain.

  1021. Carol T says:

    They thought “change” would benefit them!

  1022. Jeanne Raney says:

    I spend more government money on my family and me than any other president and you can’t do anything about it. I am special.

  1023. Carol Newman says:

    If they only knew what I have planned for them, it’s hilarious!

  1024. FRANK SCATONI says:


  1025. Doug Kincaid says:

    I love being a narcisscist!

  1026. Donn Washburn says:

    It only hurts when you bite your tongue. But just keep on lying.

  1027. Bernice Cutrone says:


  1028. Bob Barbier says:

    I just told them Bush did it, fools!

  1029. Malinda Melissa Crimm-Parrish says:

    O glorious day people think I’m god
    I’m still in office for some reason
    No one knows I’m Satan
    I guess things are finally looking up

  1030. mdump says:

    I was against it, now I’m for it. Do it my way.

  1031. Paul says:

    My subjects think that I care about them.

  1032. dm says:

    I’m so wonderful at everything I do and say, how can I possibly lose the election?

  1033. Gilbert Tremain says:

    Better than Monica I tell you

  1034. Rodney Jorges says:

    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action!

  1035. Katiemacny says:

    These fools actually believe me!!!

  1036. Malinda Melissa Crimm-Parrish says:

    George(Soros) I told you not to put porn on my
    tela promp now how am I to address the nation
    o well here goes nothing

  1037. John W. Breen says:

    “Well, that’s not really what I meant!”

  1038. Joe says:

    I got away fooling america last election, and we are going to win and fool america again. Ha Ha Ho Ho

  1039. DA says:

    Another day and I’m still the President, these fools!

  1040. lenny schechter says:

    “The Joke is on you”

  1041. Fred Milton says:

    Yes Vladimir, Liberals are that dumb!

  1042. Janet says:

    “Stop tickling me, Joe!”

  1043. dave says:

    4 dollars a gallon, you gotta love it

  1044. Francis Lariviere says:

    They will never get what I am really up to!

  1045. Ted Wood says:

    Don’t worry Dmitri, tell Vladimir that after these morons re-elect me, we can resurrect the USSR and include the US as a member.

  1046. Larry Leff says:

    HEHHE…. I got them again ad they don’t evn know……… what can I do next,,,,,hmmmmmmm?

  1047. Al Janisieski. says:

    Silly people, they actually think I’m looking out for THEM!!!

  1048. Douglas N. Dixon says:

    You just can’t believe how dumb these people are.

  1049. FamilyResearcher says:

    Oh, I love the way you love me! You are so easy.

  1050. Bernadine says:

    I’m so cute and so smart. I’m the wild joker and always get what
    I want.I will devower you all.

  1051. Malinda Melissa Crimm-Parrish says:

    Russians, Chinese, and Muslims I can’t lose

  1052. Laurie says:

    Oh yea, I am going to make every American pay ………watch me ha ha ha

  1053. ZEE says:


  1054. SM says:

    Got ya ……. I’m not a citizen!

  1055. RICH says:


  1056. Ron says:

    I am so happy. I never thought the Supreme Court would go for this Obama care

  1057. Ralph Worley says:

    You think it’s funny now – wait until I am re-elected!

  1058. Malinda Melissa Crimm-Parrish says:

    I’m like the energizer bunny I keep
    Going and going and going
    No matter what happens

  1059. Wayne says:

    You aint seen nothin yet – wait till I steal the next election!

  1060. Mark says:

    Joe actually thought I was serious when I asked him about the HHS mandate.

  1061. Kathy VanLuven says:

    Oh gee I was just kidding about the missle operation. Im not taking them out hee hee

  1062. Carey Finn says:

    OH YEAH, Brothers and Sisters! My Snake Oil is soooooooooo intoxicating! You all get it free in my Fabulous Obamacare product. If you liked my Free Mortgage Elixir and TARP Tonic YOU WILL LOVE THIS! Now pour me anotha, Brotha!

  1063. bill says:

    you mean you really believed all that pre-elections stuff……….silly you !

  1064. R.W. Mann, Jr. says:

    I’M SO CUTE AND SMARTER THAN EVERYONE, if you don’t think so, just ask me!

  1065. Allen Wood says:

    .. and they think they will win against all of the dead people and illegal aliens that will be voting in November…

  1066. John Higgins says:

    And the shark bites with his teeth dear . . .scarlet billows start to fade . .BFD . . .wanna hear some Ray Charles ?

  1067. Ray says:

    Can you believe they’re still buying this $&@? I’m shoveling?!?!

  1068. John Kwaczala says:

    I’m hearing voices in my head, again.

  1069. Patricia Tesone says:

    Algae? Even I think THAT is ridiculous!

  1070. Dave says:

    Wait ’til they find out I have the Supreme Court in my back pocket!

  1071. Malinda Melissa Crimm-Parrish says:

    “stop me” ha you and what army

  1072. Ken Bossone says:

    It is so much fun fooling almost everyone.

  1073. Del Johnson says:

    “You actually believe that I don’t love you? (Well, I don’t!)”.

  1074. Gang says:

    I said that in 2009…it’s great to be King

  1075. Dave Weiger says:

    GEEEEZZZ! Iam that great, ain’t I?

  1076. Malinda Melissa Crimm-Parrish says:

    If The American people think I am screwing Israel wait until I’m done here.

  1077. Temple Riddle says:

    They are so stupid, I can make them belive anything I say. They believe Hilter no real but fiction.

  1078. Ed says:

    ” YES ,I’m still wearing a Flag Pin . “

  1079. Dan Atwood says:

    I’m an illegal President!!!!!!!

  1080. GeoSimon says:

    Did you really think I was telling the truth.

  1081. doc says:

    A’mmm, so in love with me….

  1082. Tom Jenkins says:

    “When I’m re-elected, I will have more flexability as the first dictator of the Welfare Established Republic of Barack (WE-ROB). Just think about it. I can still blame G. W. Bush!”

  1083. Forrest Comstock says:

    God I love this country, just look at all the free vacations I’ve taken at your expense.

  1084. Charlie says:

    Evolving backward

  1085. LK says:

    “I did it, I did it!! Disneyland will soon be all MINE”

  1086. doc says:

    Gas prices?
    I don’t drive & I’m gonna get me one of those Govt Motor Corp electric Volts– when I’m outta office—if GMC & the Volt still exist in 2020. (Yeah I’m going for an extra 4 yrs, by presidential edict- as long as there is still money to bleed from the US turnip)

  1087. Don Milleman says:

    See, I have the AMAC dental plan; and you should too!

  1088. Dennis Kappauff says:

    I can’t help but laugh, every time I think about how I fooled all of you!

  1089. Ronald Trotter says:

    The Supreme Court said what? Don’t make me LOL

  1090. Sue Freivald says:

    Gotcha, Suckers!

  1091. Sue Freivald says:

    Gotcha Suckers!

  1092. Mark Kase says:

    And you thought “change” was a good thing for your health and finances.

  1093. Thomas Caldwell says:

    I gots them on the run now

  1094. Sue Freivald says:

    Gotcha! Suckers!

  1095. Keith E Wilkins says:


  1096. Terence Schwinge says:

    I am just loving the changes I’ve made to this country!

  1097. Betty Lou Clune says:

    Oh George (Soros) it feels so good to transform them. I’m tickled pink.

  1098. R. Bicksler says:

    They believed my campaign promises!!!…LOL

  1099. SamD says:

    HA,HA YOU Wanted CHANGE now that’s all you have in your pocket-CHANGE- HA,HA

  1100. Big Lou says:

    I really fooled those suckers!

  1101. Les says:

    HA , HA, Screwed them again and they still want more!

  1102. Sally Storer says:

    “THEY FELL FOR IT…!!!”

  1103. David Seward says:

    The Affordable Care Act is called Obamacare? They must have mistaken me for someone else!

  1104. Watch says:

    I can’t believe THAT many people fell for it…….

  1105. Jan Hirsch says:

    Ha…just pulled another fast one on ’em!

  1106. Robert says:

    That painting “Scream” has nothing on me!!

  1107. BILL GRAY says:


  1108. Jim S says:

    I just farted

  1109. Doug Carter says:

    and they believed it all again.

  1110. Howard Gunter says:

    I can’t lose! Every far out kook in the country thinks I am God, ready to give this country over to them.

  1111. Ron says:


  1112. Joe Ippolito says:

    HEE HEE HEE……..
    I don’t care.
    It’s not MY money……………

  1113. Rolf says:

    See, I told you they heard ‘Hope and Change’ when I said ‘Dopes in Chains’!

  1114. Joe Ippolito says:

    I don’t care.
    It’s not MY money………

  1115. Daniel Hollywood says:

    By using my Divine Powers I’ve raised Gasoline Prices yet again.

  1116. Steve Andrews says:

    Rahm, that is soooo nasty….. I just love it!!! You have got to go back to Chicago with talk like that.

  1117. Jane Trischman says:

    I lied again, and fooled them again!

  1118. Lance Wilson says:

    Knock, Knock, Who’s here ??

  1119. Philip says:

    Obama without the teleprompter

  1120. David Gill says:

    ” You are too stupid to know it but I am much smarter than you”

  1121. Gary Cameron says:

    Jeese Wyatt, I asked you nicely not to stick that gun in there!

  1122. Marie Fountain says:

    nah,nah,nah,nah,nah,nah – you’re a bunch of idiots!

  1123. Lee says:

    You know, I really liked Nero ..

  1124. Mari says:

    Tickled to death with myself! Got my boot, squeezing hard on America’s throat!

  1125. Jim Souther says:

    “GOTCHA” Wait til they elect me again !

  1126. Joyce says:

    you think I am not going to win next year…………

  1127. Jim says:

    “GOTCHA” Wait til they elect me again !!!

    • Dave Harwood says:

      I’m just so cute, you’ve GOT to love me! In fact, I just issued an Executive Order: If you DON’T love me, you’re going to pay a really big FINE!

  1128. Millicent says:

    I love it. I am destroying America and I still have idiots supporting me.

  1129. Roger Ashworth says:

    And just think Joe, these stupid American people, will surely give us another four years.

  1130. Jim says:

    “GOTCHA” wait ti l i m elected again !!!

  1131. Tony Tolleson says:

    Did Vice President Biden really that THAT?

  1132. Duff Sease says:

    “…and then I let it slip to ABC, I was a Muslim and they just corrected me and forgot it.”

  1133. Marge Pizzuti says:

    The suckers thought my ‘change’ would make things better!

  1134. Glenn Hicks says:

    and those stupid liberals think they know what I am going to do!

  1135. Allen Stallings says:

    Apathy is a wonderful thing!

  1136. Don Prue says:

    Yes Dr. Wright… I can see it now. I am the Ayatolla of the good ole U. S. of A. – a.k.a: the Utopia Socialista of America.

  1137. J R Erickson says:

    all this time and they STILL have not figured out the birth certificate thingy….Joe, they’re dumber that I thought….I feel like the pied piper and it feels so good.

  1138. James Hosfelt says:

    The republicans think I’m sticking it to them, wait till the democrats wake up.

  1139. Peggy Staneff says:

    I’m Muslim and am doing my best to destroy this country, but I need another 4 years to complete the job.

  1140. Tman says:

    Congess? I don’t need no steenking congress !

  1141. J R Erickson says:

    Joe, I told you, they’d never knew what hit them….I just love all this “union strong arm stuff” we got it made, boy.

  1142. Chucl Lund Sr. says:

    Ok, Ok, Everything I told You these past few years was really just a Joke! Now be sure to Vote for Me this fall.

  1143. Earl Tiffany says:

    Just kidding. I’m not trying to turn the US into a Socialist country

  1144. bill sell says:

    “Guess the stimulus projects weren’t quite as shovel ready as we thought!”

  1145. George says:

    “Move Over Cheshire Cat-I’m Here!”

  1146. G K Nevils says:

    Yeah suckers, I duped you in 2008 and things look good to re-dupe you in 2012.

  1147. Don Ayers says:

    Just wait until i’m reelected.

  1148. Chris Cloutier says:

    It’s just soooo much fun spending other peoples money!!!

  1149. Sue says:

    Alllllllll Right, I convince everyone and I got what I wanted.!!!!!!

  1150. UbtchaNOVA says:

    Ooh, I am sooo gooooood!

  1151. Joe Gockowski says:

    Aces are wild, and I win it all !

  1152. Richard Reynolds says:

    And they think I’m a fan of Groucho Marx.

  1153. Charles Sisson says:

    I have Americas money under me!

  1154. Bob Hutsler says:

    “Inflate your tires to save oil, and they bought it! Could the public be any dumber?”

  1155. Len says:

    Ya mean there is not 57 states.

  1156. Donna B says:

    “Yeah, you dummies, GOTCHA”

  1157. steven pike says:


  1158. Bob Henderson says:

    “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of …he he he… no wait fellas, I’ll get it right this time!”

  1159. James Williams says:

    I just love putting the screws to Americans.

  1160. Barbara Price says:

    Awhhhh, geee, I was only kidding that I wanted to be President!!

  1161. Slider says:

    I can’t believe they fell for that Hawaiian birth certificate! Right on the form it says “Rev 11/01” That means fhe form itself didn’t even exist until November, 2001! Ha, ha, ha…After this, I’ll run for President of Kenya, they love a native son comin’ home! allahu wakba!

  1162. Bert W. Slater says:

    They want cheap gas, pull my finger.

  1163. Glenn C says:

    I am a little Stinker!!!!!!

  1164. Jack Tidwell says:

    “Hey you, you in the zoo. I’m from Harvard, making fun of you.”

  1165. Glenn C says:

    Gas Prices to high….LOL …..Not Yet!!!!

  1166. Robert says:

    You know what is funny is that I almost got over on Americans, now let me see who could I blame now!

  1167. R. S. Jones says:

    Smile, You’re on Candid Camera!

  1168. Rod says:

    Mitt, Stop tickling me!

  1169. Earl J says:

    I am your Creator!

  1170. Dave Podesta says:

    I can’t believe they were dumb enought to re-elect me, after the stuff I pulled.

  1171. Anne Dees says:

    I’m well on my way to destroying this country. The suckers voted for change!!!

  1172. john says:

    I love gullible people!

  1173. Larry Failor says:

    You were right all along, I am a Muslim!

  1174. DADABINGBONG says:


  1175. Steve Braselton says:

    Caption for Obama Photo:

    I can’t hardly believe it, I just pulled another fast one and they have no idea what happened!

  1176. ROGER SWISHER says:

    “This picture must have been taken before November 2012”

  1177. Dottie B. says:

    He, He, HE…….so I took the Medicare money…………………….so what.

  1178. DADA says:


  1179. Val B says:

    What’s really cool is that the ignorant electorate will believe anything I tell them.

  1180. KEITH GREENE says:


  1181. DADA says:


  1182. Rich Gieson says:

    “The Keystone pipeline? Now that’s the funniest thing I ever heard.”

  1183. Joe Doherty says:

    “Let them eat cake”

  1184. Ted says:

    Didn’t my dentist do a great job on my whitening treatment….all at taxpayers expense!

  1185. Harold Jewell says:

    You think I care what they think? I’m the TOP DOG!

  1186. Randal McKim says:

    I’ll get you my prettys and your little dogs too

  1187. MOODY WHIDDON says:

    Man i didn’t know there was this many perks with this job free food free gas, send the wife on vacations on the tax payers.
    who wouldn’t want to be elected to help the poor.

  1188. Tom Corbett says:

    YEAH! Let’s mix up some more KOOL-AID!!

  1189. LYDIA ROBLES says:

    ——-> PLEASE GOD SAVE US —–> “VOTE, NO MO BO IN 2012”
    HEY PEOPLE : Do ya see the light yet America ???????

  1190. Fern says:

    He thinks he is soooo cute!!!!

  1191. Ernest White says:

    With in the next 4 years the public will make me a KING!

  1192. Randal McKim says:

    It’s good to be King

  1193. Jim Bowers says:

    They believed me they REALLY believed me….

  1194. Mike Bailardo says:

    I’m going to sink my teeth into your wallets…

  1195. LYDIA ROBLES says:


  1196. Bill Schroeder says:

    The first laugh I had was when my shovel wasn’t ready, now it’s a ‘hot mike’!

  1197. Albert Shank says:

    GREAT!! Gas is now $9 a gallon!

  1198. daniel robles says:


  1199. John Warrener says:

    Oh, that Sheriff…Sheriff Joe.

  1200. AERYN says:

    “I’m just giddy about screwing the American public again without their knowledge.”

  1201. David Devine says:

    My ratings are up? Good. I’ll be able to do more damage than I thought.

  1202. Mark Zbylut says:

    414 to nothing! And my budget didn’t even get one Democratic vote. But I’m still in charge you suckers. It’s time for payback.

  1203. Joel Leitch says:

    I can’t believe how easy it is to fool people in this country!

  1204. Suzie Williamson says:

    “When I win reelection, I’ll make everyone buy a Volt!”

  1205. Robert Collins says:

    Gas four dollars a gallon. So I have Air Force One!

  1206. Scott K. says:

    “Its just babies, and why not make the Church pay for it? That way we dont have to. DUH!”

  1207. Robert Googins says:

    It’s only a $16 trillion National Debt! Who, me worry; I’m part of the nobility.

  1208. Howard Gunter says:

    Whatta ya mean, we’re removing God from government property, schools and public access? I AM on government property and I Am having my picture placed in every school and you cannot turn on a radio or tv without some mention of Obama the new god!

  1209. Jesse Church says:

    Joe Biden !!!!

  1210. Linda Michaels says:

         “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

  1211. S Covey says:

    Me..tell the truth???

  1212. Larry says:

    And those idiot thought I was an American…

  1213. Howard Gunter says:

    Ha, I don’t even need a teleprompter anymore. The liberals love me so much they believe everything I say. If I slip up, they buy into my coverup without question. I am a shoe-in for re-election. After one more term, I’ll have this country all ready for a dictator.

  1214. Marilyn R says:

    Oh Wow…….I love me so much I send a chill up my own leg!

  1215. chuckles says:

    It tastes minty….

  1216. Richard A. James says:

    See, I told you I don’t smoke anymore, see how white my teeth are!

  1217. L. Hammer says:

    Manipulating stupid Americans is what I do best!

  1218. Virginia Selliez says:

    Ooooooooh, you tickle me “pinko”!

  1219. David Wall says:

    Gingrich stepped in what?

  1220. Peter Ferchmin says:

    Today tax funded abortions,
    Tomorrow mandatory vasectomy and euthanasia.

  1221. jack Arnet says:

    I.m doin aright for a guy who never had a job before, that is if you don’t count selling crack, while at school

  1222. Mary Clement says:

    Ah go on with yourself! You’re making me blush.

  1223. Keith Knupp says:

    They don’t realize the next election is bought and paid for with fiat money!

  1224. Millie Gilbert says:

    I’m so darned clever.

  1225. Byrrni says:

    Ah, come on! Surely you know I was kidding!

  1226. Big Ronn says:

    …and then I said, “the republicans really think they can win!”

  1227. Ken Roetzel says:

    Yes, I do lie – truthfully.

  1228. Don says:

    “Shovel-Ready Jobs!” We don’t need no Steenkin” “Shovel-Ready Jobs.”

  1229. Roger says:

    Gonna get that Mexican in Florida……………

  1230. Jan Barnes says:

    Like the great Satchmo would say “Ohhh Yeah! Got em all fooled”

  1231. James Laak says:

    See: I have my Flag Pin on, I couldn’t find my Obama Pin. Gosh am I a GREAT PRESADENT or what !!!!

  1232. thomjohn says:

    I am Ray Charles reincarnated, want to hear me sing.

  1233. thomjohn says:

    I am Ray Charles reincarnated

  1234. Jane says:

    They bought global warming and the healthcare thing?

  1235. Sharon Swerdfiger says:

    I love me! I love me! I love me! I love me! This is so much fun!

  1236. Mary DeWit says:

    I told ya! I am sooo cute, they cannot help but re-elect me!

  1237. Patsy Young says:

    Heee….Heee….Heee….They are so stupid…..They’ll beli