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  1. lee says:

    Hey nice. I don’t mind seeing stuff like this one bit Nice chngae actually. I love all the lines and textures, especially the one curved line wrapping around the center.

  2. Rodica says:

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  3. Bill Hicks says:

    I told you…. Soros LOVES the Obaminator….and now that Greece has fallen we’re next……Soros will have his new socialist republic and we’ll all pay for it…..grab your guns and head for the hills!!!!

  4. Dianne L. says:

    And I demand you leave my oreo cookies alone!!!

  5. maureen says:

    Chicago style…love the pizza, hate the politics!

  6. Warren Holmgreen says:


  7. Ann says:

    Altogether now, say “Drilling for American oil rocks!”

  8. Stanley Macey says:

    They tell me I missed the nomination by that much .

  9. Paul says:

    I had a pen when I came in here but the Democrats stole it!

    • Ganka says:

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  10. Pat Salter says:

    Furthermore, I did not eat that twinkie!

  11. greg says:

    How is it possible? Get me back on L.A. radio those people need help.Big bad Jerry Brown wants to raise taxes, he’s lost his mind.

  12. Jon Mays says:

    This is the world’s smallest violin playing farewell to the chief after November.

  13. Clara Ann Marchbanks says:

    And when I’m elected I promise on honest Abe’s grave to be truthful!

  14. Marcio E. Gurdian says:

    Read my lips… Obama and AARP are toast!!!

  15. sandy doyle says:


  16. L. Corbett says:

    “Let me be clear” AARP is not on it’s members side, but has it’s hand out to the government for what it can get.

  17. Really Rad says:

    Are YOU listening???

  18. James Spillman says:

    There was a time I used only this much gasoline.

  19. Nik Katich says:

    “Small Government as you define it, Mr. President, is still too large for us, we want it to be this small.”

  20. Claudia Lawson says:

    “From the sweat of my brow to the depths of my heart, I plead with you to hear my words…..You MUST vote Nov 6th against President Obama to save this nation”.

  21. joe says:

    No ! I’m not kidding, we have to “nip those marxists in the bud”

  22. Bunkie boy says:


  23. Gary Fanning says:

    President Obama has helped the recovery “this much”!

  24. Mark Terry says:

    If you don’t listen to me, it’s your loss!

  25. Apatriot2 says:

    Be afraid, be very afraid if Obama wins in the 2012 Presidential Election.

  26. B. Brady says:

    The TRUTH shall set you free!

  27. Wanda says:

    HEY, I think these studio lights are giving me a sun burn!

  28. Bev Wilson says:

    Liberalism will destroy this nation as we know it but only if we let them

  29. Angie says:


  30. T.L. Magee says:

    “Mr. Obama, if you’ll just hold still for a moment, I’ll try to remove that timber from your eye”

    • Andy says:

      WOW, you have amazing pooahgrtphs. It is noted that mastered both the art of composition, and treatment, to achieve true works of art. This photo of architecture could be the winner of any contest. You have my vote for the Photoblog Awards, and a new fan of your work. BRAVO !!!!!!!!

  31. Chuck Walsh says:


  32. Chuck Walsh says:


  33. Wayne says:

    And that’s the reason you’re stupid!

  34. Barbara E. Turner says:

    If you love our country, you must pray for her, first of all; then vote November 6, 2012 to show Obama & Co. the door; finally, whip up some of my infamous hot chocolate to toast the beginning of the Restoration of the USA! It’s a food group unto itself!

    (I am not yet a member, but would like to be:

    Barbara E. Turner
    Ph.# 215 639 3021

    2500 Knights Road
    Apt 50-05
    Bensalem, PA 19020)

  35. Stephen L. Hanscome Sr. says:

    No I do not have my sneakers on right now.

  36. Vic Picinich says:

    “… and those are just some of the reasons that I will run as an Independent for President of Our United States of America.”

  37. Wanda says:

    If I can have an hour or so of your time…
    I have just one small point I would like to make.

  38. rita moore says:

    Oh, Yes and one more thing!

  39. Pat says:

    Obama, you fooled us once so shame on you. If you fool us twice, then shame on us!

  40. Louise Armstrong says:

    Telling it like it is!

  41. Jim Robarge says:

    America! Let us win our country back from bad choices made in the last 50 years! Wake up and do it at the polls!

  42. Padre says:

    ” . . . I voted for the American,”

  43. June Badaracco says:

    Sit down and LISTEN

  44. John Valla says:

    Is that a real lawyer i just saw? No it’s Adolf holder!

  45. Susan Hanneman says:

    Who does Obama think he is forcing his healthcare down our throats?

  46. don elliott says:

    what do you mean, I got a draft letter from the Army, signed by President Obama?????????

  47. Cathy Weidner says:

    I swear on Woodrow Wilson’s grave, I NEVER killed that frog. But I did eat the Twinkies!

  48. Patty Daggett says:

    Right now as I speak we are losing our freedom. as well our choices, what to eat, and the final straw is the hard earned money that took so long to accumulate.

  49. Ralph Swanteck says:

    And Moses came down from the mountain…

  50. Jayne Potts says:

    Alright- this isn’t funny. WHO took my chalkboard?????

  51. George Wakulik says:

    Hey, Dummy Dumb, Dumb Dumb… !!!

  52. Diane says:

    Let me be clear, this IS the most important election for American’s future.

  53. Nathan Colaw says:

    Uuuuh! ya got me sweatin now!

  54. Tom Sukalac says:

    Doe, a deer a female deer

  55. John says:

    Hearrrrrrrrrs Romney!

  56. Pete Slater says:


  57. John W says:

    And now I will pick the winner of the 2012 Presidential Race!

  58. Wonder Warthog says:

    Ow! Ow! Stop pinching, I already AM a Conservative!

    Remember to take time to give thanks for our military, past and present. :>)

  59. Robert Sullivan says:

    I am now going to eat this booger.

  60. Ron F. says:

    ” Let Me Say This About That “

  61. JLP says:

    One…more….time —– big government, BAD; personal responsibility, GOOD!

  62. George Rohback says:

    Once again ” I hate! Woodrow Wilson!”

  63. Daniel says:

    That was my cupcake! I specifically sat that aside for myself. That’s just wrong!

  64. Forrest Steele says:

    I give conservatives a bad name? Hah!

  65. John Tucker says:

    ” Pull my Finger… then you will KNOW how I feel about AARP”

  66. Donald Morgan says:

    I’me telling you now, Duck and Cover, the end is near.

  67. Jay says:

    Please excuse me for a moment.. I just had a fart with a lump in it…

  68. Susan Daniel says:

    AARP has delivered this much to help the senior citizens and have only feathered their own pockets
    while trying to say they are interested in helping preserve Seniors rights. They sold us down the river with Obama care,
    We need a new Senior advocacy group to bail us out and speak for all the Citizens that still believe in the USA
    and all we stand for! Thank you AMAC for giving us a new voice and platform that speak for true conservatives!

  69. Jo Ann Bertrand says:

    After the tax cuts expire and Obama care goes into
    effect this is all you will have left of your pay check.

  70. Linda Muller says:

    God please bless the vetrans who fought for the freedoms we all share in America today..

  71. Diane Montgomery says:

    REALLY! You’re arresting someone for selling lemonade, He’s only 7 years old! REALLY!

  72. Gregg Schultheiss says:

    If we lose the lemonade stands, we’ve lost America!

  73. Linda Baker says:

    Together we CAN make a difference!!

  74. B.B. says:

    Our Freedom is worth than this.

  75. alfred smith says:

    Sorry folks,my finger and thumb were super glued together by Joe Biden for makeing to many point against Obama,he thought I was running for president…

  76. Marvin F Labahn Jr says:

    ” I Told You So” !!!

  77. Judith H. Brown says:

    Woodrow Wilson? Are you kidding? I hate him most of all!!!

  78. Wayne says:

    Well,shut my mouth with cake and ice cream! Yup, that’s what I really want.

  79. Sue Navratil says:

    We are This close to losing the America our Forefathers died for!! Pray America and VOTE!!

  80. Dallas Brown says:

    “Who ever took my cupcake has 10 seconds to return it -now-or I will tie them to a chair and play reruns of Obama’s speeches for an hour. Any questions??”

  81. Dorothy Daly says:

    Listen, we may lose our freedom of religion!

  82. Carole says:

    Conservatives, your country needs you now!

  83. George Vosmik says:

    So Senator Reid, budget your words if you can’t Handle The Budget

  84. DD in Upper Friendswood, TX says:

    Just do it now!

  85. D. Terlecki says:

    Folks, I am just telling it to you like it really is!!!!!!

  86. George Gouldsmith says:

    I do not have to waste taxpayers’ money giving America a stimulas plan – Get rid of Obama !

    • Jessica says:

      Other good burgers:EZs on Lamar just north of 38th1/2 Street; also good onion rings and sweet poatto tater totsSandy’s on Barton Springs across from Long/Palmer events center; great old school burger, also great fries, malts, and floats

  87. Wanda says:

    The point is: Actions speak louder than words!

  88. Mike Boyd says:

    Right here, between my thumb and forefinger are headlines of ALL the promises Barack Husein Obama has kept. I used my forefinger instead of my middle finger out of respect for the office.

  89. Gary says:

    The Time Is NOW!

  90. Al Janisieski. says:

    …vote for Obama, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??????

  91. Jackie Arnold says:

    Could somebody turn the air conditioning up, I’m roasting in this suit and this tie is choking me!

  92. Deborah Zastrow says:

    It all started with this little itty bitty idea here, right between my fingers. I planted it, it grew, and is still growing! And yes, WE WILL TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! God Bless America!!!!

  93. Robb says:

    Can someone please tell me who approved the salary for the first lady and her staff? Why does she even have a staff, she is not an employee.

  94. Joe P says:

    I Told You So!

  95. GEORGE SNOKE says:

    Joe Biden called me to do lunch the other day. Well – I said ———- .

    • Aswin says:

      The composition and corlos are really, really nice (as always Matthias ).I really wish I didn’t live in such a flat country like Belgium though. I’ve actually have take photo of a lonely tree on a hill top’ on my list of things I want to take a picture of

  96. Lynda Brown says:

    If things don’t change with this coming election, the only thing these 2 fingers will hold is a know that “penny for your thoughts”. Even that penny will be useless and the man on the penny will cry out for all that we have lost.

  97. Roger Young says:

    Seriously, the space between my thumb and finger is greater than the impact of the trillions of dollars this administration has wasted on their hopeless economic policies!

  98. Joy Green says:

    IM trying to make you understand, I cannot do my broadcast without at least one chalkboard and one cupcake! Please listen to me and share this with a friend!

  99. Tom says:

    We don’t need foreign aid,We don’t need legal aid, What we need is a band-aid, because you guys are bleeding us to death!

  100. JEFF REISMAN says:

    I’ll say it one last time: “NO MORE USING CHALK AND BLACKBOARDS”!!!

  101. David Witmer says:

    All together now, One, Two, Three!

  102. Bob Waters says:

    …and I’m a Mormon.

  103. Phyllis willingham says:


  104. Larry Elwell says:

    And,if you didn’t believe me two years ago,when I told you it was coming to the USA,look around!

  105. D. A. McGilvary says:

    “He is lying. Listen to these clips IN HIS OWN words.”


    “Watch what HE DOES, pay little attention to WHAT HE SAYS.”

    and last

    “Keep an eye on HIS OTHER HAND while he rants…”

  106. Tom Della-Penna says:

    I’ll take two jelly filled and two cream filled with sprinkles.

  107. William Moseid says:

    As Obama attacks my liberty
    it really makes me most jittery
    So I’ll vote in this fall and
    stand straight and tall
    to make his exec orders history

  108. William Moseid says:

    As Obama attacks my liberty
    It really makes me most jittery
    So I’ll vote in the fall and
    just stand straight and tall
    to make his exec orders history

  109. Trina Blanchard says:

    If you don’t vote. You can be sure the Progressives will. They will make the laws, choose the judges and decide how you will live. If you like Obama Care stay home in November. It is your choice.

  110. ang maf says:

    Mr. President, you gave us this much change and a whole lot of debt…Thanks.

  111. Carolyn Majors says:

    Oh Yeah, now I remember what I heard about that guy !

  112. Ed says:

    Mr. President just as Lewinski said to Clinton, “I find that difficult to swallow”.

  113. Mary Betts says:

    Please President Obama could we just have this much of our money back?!

  114. Dan Fenton says:

    I’ll need a bigger chalk board to explain what sixteen Trillion really is, and why Social Security has dried up, OK?

  115. Gary says:

    I want a jellybean, and I want it now!

  116. Jay Roser says:

    Thoes who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

  117. Deb Murphy says:

    I told you I knew what I was talking about!!

  118. Scott says:

    “And another thing, barack”

  119. Clay Kemper says:

    My fellow Americans, I have ordered our Naval forces to implement a full blockade of Cuber.

  120. P.Rodriguez says:

    Weimar republic, are we there yet?

  121. Ed Perez says:

    The truth must be said… do not forget who our enemies are …. they want to fundamentally change America!!

  122. Carolyn Majors says:

    “Yeah!, now I remember what he really said”

  123. Patrick Budd says:

    And I’m telling you I’m holding an entire book of what Obama knows about being president.

  124. Gary Gunn says:

    America please OPEN YOUR EYES;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  125. tony barker says:

    Excuse me waiter, this sushi is raw!

  126. nellie gray says:

    This is just the way I see things. We have a very big problem in the USA today and if we keep voting those problems into office our children and grand children will have to pay a big price for our bad choices. We can keep the lairs in office or we can start thinking before we vote about what is good for the country and not what I can get for myself. today.

  127. Bill says:

    If your stuck on stupid , come Nov. smartin up and get rid of O and his zombies in Washington.

  128. Kathy says:

    Mr. Obama, read my lips. . .you will not win.

  129. Frank D Dauks says:

    You think it is easy to balance this little gargoyle on the back of my hand?

  130. Jim Allen III says:

    We are so close to losing this country, how about voting American this time, what do you say?

  131. Gregg Coldsnow says:

    And finally, add just a pinch of paprika and it’s ready to serve.

  132. Jo Oliver says:

    GB, “I told you, if you didn’t behave, you had to go to bed early. Now, let me tell you how this could have been avoided.

  133. Joe says:

    If he says: “We just want you to pay your fair share,” one more time, I’m gonna lose my breakfast.

  134. Harry Robinson says:

    Please, Please listen, I’m trying to tell you that if Obama has a 2nd term, the 1% will never be the same again.

  135. Kate Bryce says:

    What do I do with this booger?

  136. Maureen Colebrook says:

    Let me be clear….just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean
    we don’t have big problems in this country!

  137. D Sullivan says:

    And I promise you I will fix everything!!!

  138. Joan Sylvester says:


  139. TimO says:

    … and it sure beats being a rodeo clown!

  140. Rose M. Brausam says:

    May humility and truth, personal responsibility, self sacrifice and love of country move us Americans into a brighter future.

  141. geno says:

    I am not going to cry! I am not going to cry!

  142. Larry says:

    Obama has to be defeated!!!

  143. Doramae Michael says:

    Listen carefully and you recognize truth!

  144. Barbara Bowen says:

    “With firm reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

  145. Sheldon R. Murphy says:

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. Barack Hussein Obama has got to GO.

  146. Bill Wilson says:

    Mr President, Your whole life has been nothing but BS

  147. LynnDee Thompson says:

    Remember folks, only the truth can “set you free”! God Bless America!

  148. Lori Horan says:

    Let’s talk! Where’s my chalk?

  149. Donna Ann says:

    “Is it hot in here, or is it just me? I know I have little beads of sweat just popping from every pore of my little dough boy body…Ummmmm, as I was saying….”

  150. Eddie Arwood says:

    I said, come HERE Obama boy!!!

  151. enubus says:

    The true patriot professor!

  152. John Nissen says:

    The Time Is NOW AMERICA !! It is time for Americans to stand up and RISE UP AGAINST THE OBAMA MACHINE !!

  153. Jan says:

    I told you to buy gold!

  154. eric smith says:

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff friends, just make sure you fire Obama.”

  155. Cat says:

    And, they do not get me!

  156. eric smith says:

    “Don’t sweat the small stuff…just fire Obama!”

  157. avid M. George D.O.,MBA says:

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

  158. Jim M says:

    Oh Heck, Its Beck

  159. Cynthia says:

    Obama is a threat to our freedom, principles and the future of America, as we know it.

  160. Bil says:

    If my lips are moving it is most likely a lie.

  161. Jacquie Doty says:

    “I absolutely deny that George Soros and I were twins separated at birth.”

  162. Floridaladi says:

    Listen to what Obama is saying…Then take a good look at what he is doing in the BACKROOM… Get involve AMERICA before it is to late.

  163. Al says:

    Obama has about ‘this much’ integrity.

  164. June Johnson says:

    The liberal press gives you the minimum and slanted news on Obama and Congress. Wake up America – Your freedoms are at stake.

  165. Johnny says:

    Awsome, totally awsome.

  166. Ron Woolever says:

    The issue is still his birth certificate!

  167. Judy Wright says:

    “What God speaks, Beck repeats!!”

  168. larry boot says:

    The Beck stops here;

  169. larry boot says:

    caption for glenn contest: Get off the deck with Beck

  170. William Swan says:

    I didn’t say it. GOD said it!

  171. Iris Cox says:

    If Congress doesn’t control spending now when I reach retirement age there will be no social security!

  172. jim holland says:

    the vast silent majority of our great country can NO LONGER afford to be silent we MUST awake between now and
    Nov 6th 2012 and take our beloved country BACK LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT or as we say in mt NH LIVE FREE OR DIE

  173. Ada Martin says:

    Only with our Lord Gods help…

  174. Sue says:

    Americans could use a good hard pinch and the “Obama Zombies” need a swift kick in the pants to wake them up to see the REAL Obama and the destructive socialist NIGHTMARE he has created in our country!

  175. William E. Fiegen says:

    Eannie, Meanine. Minee, Moe

  176. bedlam1 says:

    This is about how much of his “Change” I can afford!

  177. Ann E. Weidman says:

    ENGLISH! We speak English in America!!!

  178. Ken Rosenlund says:

    Now that I have your attention, you don’t have to like me that’s not important, but listen to what I offer and think for yourself THAT IS IMPORTANT.

  179. No faith in government says:

    Now…..let me tell you what I really think about Obama.

  180. Larry J says:

    He has this much intelligence.

  181. shirley hatton says:

    Truth and Honesty is never wrong.

  182. Allen S. Greer says:

    Glenn Beck – A breath of fresh air on the news daily !

  183. Anthony Rocco says:


  184. Mike Guffy says:


  185. Jana says:

    INDIVISIBLE with liberty and justice for all….

  186. Jim Barton says:

    Glenn Beck . . . AMERICAN!

  187. Vincent De Santis says:

    With your help, and a snap of the fingers we can get rid of the president

  188. Howard Clayton says:

    Believe me…November will determine who we are as a nation…

  189. Mary Jo Hadaway says:

    “Just a pinch of humor makes the news just right”

  190. Gary Rubino says:

    I told you Government should be this BIG!

  191. Stan says:

    And I’ll say it again, “Wake up, America!”

  192. Anita Blackwell says:

    Please believe what I’m about to tell you!!!!

  193. walter wendland says:

    Oboma Ability to govern amounts to this much!

  194. Doc Freeman says:

    Obama will destroy our nation.

  195. tom locati says:

    Just a pinch to much pepper!

  196. Walter says:

    Have you read “In the Garden of Beasts?”

  197. John Kwaczala says:

    And furthermore.

  198. Wendy says:

    It was this close!

  199. George Barbarow says:

    Now the Navy seals have taken care of one Muslim thtreat to Amrica; and, in November the voters must eliminate the other !

  200. mike farkas says:

    Hey! O’Rielly! What does Dennis Miller got that I ain’t Got?

  201. Ruth Schevenius says:

    All I want to say is …….

  202. Raymond L. Benning says:

    Remember when I warned about this country progressively going European?

  203. BILL says:


  204. John says:

    ….from my cold dead hands!!!

  205. Cheryl says:

    Now he’s after half the oil profits going to the United Nations and will obliterate the force of the best Navy in the world! This, before the election!

  206. Cheryl says:

    Yo Mama wouldn’t vote for Obama!

  207. Deb says:

    Hear Yee, Hear Yee, Hear Yee!!!!!!

  208. Don says:

    If elected I will…..!!

  209. Sandie says:

    Hit it Maestro!!! Da ta ta daaahhhhhh Da ta ta daaahhhhh! ……..

  210. Thomas says:

    Wait till you hear this… It’ll blow your mind!

  211. Lew Lederman says:

    The TRUTH will be exposed and we will ENLIGHTEN the public
    with historic facts using modern electronic methods.

    We must wake up or we will lose our country & our freedom.

  212. Ted Theodore says:

    No, No, the piano looked much better upstairs!

  213. David S. says:

    I refuse to be shut-up!

  214. Jerry A Smith says:

    And remember seniors, just like you, I NEVER smoked pot

  215. Maria Gray says:

    Obama must not win.

  216. John Kokesh says:

    I believe this will be our last chance!

  217. Jim Sells says:

    Live free, or die.

  218. Russ says:

    The Unquestionable Face Of Truth

  219. Leonard MonteLeone says:

    Than is not what I said; you did not listen as usual!

  220. Rocky Venti says:

    America begins again, here, now!!

  221. Ron Cina says:

    Obama said what ?

  222. Sharon says:

    We are THIS close to losing our sovereignty.

  223. Barry Conway says:

    No more cover-ups, let the truth be known.

  224. Iona says:

    I beleive in God and the American people.

  225. Frankly says:

    A pinch of common sense would do our president a world of good!

  226. John Wallace says:

    I told you this was all going to happen….3 years ago !!!

  227. Richard LaQuey says:

    I will keep my Bible, my guns, and my money! Your fired Mr. President!

  228. Richard says:

    Hurry up —- pull my finger !!!

  229. Fred says:

    “Just let me make this Point”

  230. Joe O'Brien says:

    I BECKon you to vote !

  231. Ruth Bartholomew says:

    I am not shouting, I am singing. “God Bless America, land that I love”

  232. Tom says:

    For all you silly birthers,,find another show. Uh. oh, anyone with any sense is a birther. I lose….

  233. Joe says:

    Just add a pitch of salt.

  234. Howie says:

    If O’Bama is re-elected, my ratings will TRIPLE! Think of all the gold I can buy then!

  235. Linda says:

    Now hear this

  236. Jim says:

    The president of Ooze-Beckistan.

  237. Marie says:

    I care about your opinion of me THIS MUCH!

  238. John Nisbet says:

    ‘AMERICA’ how many times do I have to say it, this country is in serious trouble.

  239. JOHN OHARE says:


  240. Chin Yi Tu says:

    Now, he has had his chance for three and half years, we’ve seen what he has done to this country. It’s time to move on, without him and his family!

  241. Steve says:

    So then I sold my house and bought gold.

  242. Rita Blevins says:

    A wise man speaks

  243. Marilyn says:

    I tell you I’ve never had Kool Aid!

  244. Henry Knodel says:

    I am telling you I did not eat the last jelly doughnut!!!!

  245. says:

    Yeah, I know that middle finger is trying to come up. I am working on that.

  246. Nancy says:

    Oh…and I’ll have fries with that!

  247. Bob Greene says:

    Without a vision the people run amuck!

  248. Patricia says:

    I’m just say’n.

  249. Antonio Jocson says:

    Evil Left must be stopped asap or say goodbye to freedom & liberty!

  250. Gil says:

    Folks, America is fighting for its life. But I know if we stick together we can save America.

  251. Dondh says:

    Listen my children and you shall hear,,,,,the truth!!

  252. William B. Weldon says:

    “Turn left at the corner. Always turn left.”

  253. Larry Barnett says:

    Yes America, I am holding Obama’s brain.

  254. William Rhodes says:

    Opps!!!!! They moved the teiepromter.

  255. John Goodrich says:

    “Can spell…A/C…?”

  256. Frank Whitham says:

    Wake up America, the Fox is in the hen house!

  257. G.W. says:

    This is OUR AMERICA! We will love, defend, and preserve it
    with all our devotion and might! Be informed, America.

  258. David Nixon says:

    It brings a tear to my eye when I think of the possibility of the Obomanation spending four more years in our White House !!

  259. Janie says:

    “I hate to say I told you so, but I did!”

  260. Sue Duby says:

    Come on people, we need to once again use our common sense.

  261. Del Johnson says:

    Tears are only one gasp away!!

  262. KNIP says:


  263. Mickey Lindgren says:

    “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”

  264. Angelo Gagliano, MD. says:

    Pack your bags, Mr. Obama. The end is near. You screwed this country doing it “Your Way”. America is ready to save itself and do it “Our Way”.

  265. Rex says:

    Please understand and be ready to stand up for America.

  266. Tony Schwab says:

    Yes, I am a 1 per center, I worked hard to get here, and I am PROUD of it !!!!!!

  267. chuck says:

    If I beat a man nearly to death after smoking marijuana, can I be Obama’s son?

  268. DZ Joseph says:

    Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country !!!!!!!

  269. john hughes says:

    Yes , this is an arrow shirt , so what?

  270. David Michael Hill says:

    Also every bead of sweat too, that you labor for – in whatever it is you do, under lights like these, whatever it is you do, they want to control it. Yes… They’ll TAKE your freedom … if you let them.

  271. Ron Stull says:

    You have been warned.

  272. Joe Scheffer says:

    You only have a few monthe left to decide to save America as we’ve always known it or to let it die forever.

  273. David Michael Hill says:

    You see this greying in my temples? Ya’ SEE it!? Well let me tell you — they are COMING for you and me, my friend! And they not ONLY want to provide your health care – use it to grow government power…. they want to count every one of these hairs. Ya’ see it, ya’ see this little hair here – they want to play God and have a count of every little thing you do, every thing you ARE, EVERY FIBER of out being… every greying HAIR, like this little one here. THAT, my friend is what is happening…. And I am just trying to alert you.

  274. Don Watts says:

    Hey! Where does it say that in a Democracy the MINORITY rule! Ooops, can I say that?

  275. Mary Stewart says:

    Can someone pinch me..People are actually starting to believe what I have been saying for 5 years!

  276. Betty Fredricks says:

    Pick up the red phone! Call me!!!

  277. Gary Carver says:

    The liberals have about this much chance of winning in November!

  278. Don says:

    You, over there, please turn the thermostat down !



  280. Robert Jackson says:

    I said, “AARP stands for Always Annoying Republican People.”

  281. Deanna Soderberg says:

    Woodrow Wilson – I HATE that guy!

  282. Jackie says:


  283. M. Reel says:

    I told you so…

  284. Ed Worthington says:

    JESUS and satan are brothers.

  285. Brian Moon says:

    I read the Bible. I have realized that the Jesus of the Mormons is NOT the Jesus of the Bible.

  286. Sue Freivald says:

    Hear me now — we will not be silenced, nor stopped, nor ever subjugated!

  287. Sue Freivald says:

    Hear me now — we will not be silenced or stopped or subjugated!

  288. Jean Gaffin says:

    and if you think that’s bad….wait until you hear this.

  289. Dr. Michael Caudle says:

    “Let me get this straight. You demand separation of church and state, but you want to dictate how the Catholic Church will run its business, is that right?”

  290. Randy williamson says:

    I told you to buy GOLD!

  291. Nadine Blosat says:

    This is the last comment I’ll be able to make!

  292. Kathy says:

    Let me repeat. I can not, will not, AM not running for president. But thanks for asking.

  293. Gene McEndree says:

    When will America wake up to the fact that the current Administration is heading us to a socialist government!

  294. Mike Bailardo says:

    We Told You They Would!

  295. Tonnalcb says:

    “I’m going to keep warning the American people until the HEAR me!. Obama is BAD for this Country!!!”

  296. Tom says:

    I know you MSNBC viewers Google me during commercials.

  297. Bob Bellar says:

    “And they died so you could be free”

  298. Cecilio Mendez says:

    Every time progressives deride what I say, the truth smacks them in their faces in a short while.

  299. Dianne Jenkins says:

    The many government regulations are like tiny ticks, sucking the blood from our American way of life! Smash the blood-suckers!

  300. Elise Smith says:

    Mr. President, let me speak slowly so that you understand, “W e d o n o t w a n t O b a m a C a r e!”

  301. Ray DeGrendel says:

    I’ve been warning O’Reilly about Obama for over 2-years and now he’s just getting it? Bill, change the name of your show to After the Fact… or.

  302. Ginny Forestieri says:

    Don’t tell me not to sweat it. This election is going to be very close and we need to be united and do everything in our power, including prayer, to win in November.

  303. MARTY says:

    I AM A MAN!

  304. Wahoo says:

    The Progressives gave you the first Gay Black Muslim, Kenyan born Ileagle Alien for President of the US. Vote accordingly

  305. Vickie McCoy says:

    “George Soros, George Soros, George Soros”

    is my caption!

  306. Alex Preciado Sr says:

    “O Oh say can you see, by the dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hail…!”

    The above is my suggested comment for the Glen Beck picture.


  307. TED CROCKER says:

    Is it hot in here or is it me?

  308. greg davis says:

    Would somebody PLEASE find my chalkboard!

  309. Larry Babb says:

    The problem is this ” There is no place for common sense in Government and it will not be tolerated”

  310. tman says:

    I said whipped cream AND cherries !

  311. Sam Eddy says:

    How many times do I have to you, Romney is not a communist!

  312. philip says:


  313. Dan Durham says:

    “And make no mistake about it.”

  314. Glen says:

    “and now just a pinch of sage”

  315. William Krejca says:

    ….and I got my nails done on my left hand as well!

  316. William Krejca says:

    …and I got my nails done on my left hand also!

  317. Rich says:

    Iv’e told you everything I know. Now it’s our time in November for HOPE and CHANGE!!

  318. ed dodt says:

    uh oh….i have to pee pee.

  319. Larry says:

    I told O’rielly that Obama was a Socilist.

  320. Judy says:

    Ahhhh….yes, there is a Sunni in the White House.

  321. warner Jones says:

    Rubublicans beware, conservatives are here and taking notes. We will be heard come this November!

  322. Gladys Bridges says:


    You have been warned now help us do something!

  323. GJB says:

    “We are not going to win this Republic back, unless we all stand together”

  324. Todd P says:

    A Voice – crying in the wilderness.

  325. David Hill says:

    “And another thing Mr. President, I’ll eat whatever I like”

  326. Lee McNutt says:


  327. Bob C. Ogletree says:

    I don’t give advise ! But I do sell IT !

  328. Bruce says:

    “Suicide is not the answer if you voted for Obama the first time! Remember the word, CHANGE, in November!

  329. Evelyn Dodd says:

    He does his homework ….a wealth of informaton!

  330. Tea Party Veteran says:

    ” Question with Boldness!” and “Let the Truth Be told!” “e pluribus unum”

  331. Slater says:

    See, I can be a spooky dude too.

  332. Nancy F says:

    Can you hear me now? The Truth Lives Here!

  333. Tony Schwab says:

    I am a 1 per center, I worked hard to be one, and Im’ proud of it !!!

  334. Paul Bogosian says:

    Michael Savage was right!

  335. Ron says:

    “Ask and you shall receive. Just don’t ask the government.”

  336. Pat says:


  337. Desmond McGlynn says:

    “Is George Soros in the audience…? Hey, George, let me warn you…

  338. Hugh says:

    I told you so!

  339. A Keene Byrd says:

    REPENT, the hour is nye! Now , where’s my blackboard? Was that an ecpise I saw or just a ring of fire???

  340. Mike Beaton says:

    See. I ‘can’ play the worlds smallest violin.

  341. Tim says:

    No tissues in the box again, I’m gonna cry!

  342. Christy says:

    And yet…. We are still free !

  343. KEN says:

    I fell like I’m preaching to the choir.

  344. Linda Martelli says:

    Listen to me, the FREE RIDE is over!

  345. Nancy says:

    Anyone else here get hot flashes?

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