The Pulse of the American Majority

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

 As GOP candidates continue to gear up to take on President Obama in 2012, what are the sentiments of the American majority? How are they feeling about the economy, our President, and his policies? Let’s take a quick peek at some polls, shall we?

  •  Rasmussen:

 **Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: “21% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-three percent (43%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22”

 **Health Care Law: “The number of voters who Strongly Favor repeal of the national health care law ties the highest level reached in several months … 57% at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law”

 **62% Lack Confidence Government Will Spend New Infrastructure Money the Right Way

 **New Low: 29% Give Obama Good or Excellent Marks on Economy

  •  Gallup:

 **Obama Weekly Average Approval Holds at Term-Low 40%

 **Upper Income Confidence Plunging: “Over the first three weeks of August, Gallup’s Economic Confidence measure has been at its lowest level since March 2009. Confidence has fallen among Americans of all income levels, but plunged among upper-income Americans making $90,000 or more a year.”

  •  CNN:

 **Support for Libya jumps but no bounce for president: “Obama still gets low marks on the economy, and previous polling suggests that the number who think the economy is the number one issue is 12 times higher than the number who were principally concerned about Libya. As a result, Obama’s overall approval rating now stands at 45 percent, with 54 percent saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing in office, virtually unchanged since mid-July.”

  •  AP-GfK:

  **Views on economy, Obama role sour: “The survey found that 86 percent of adults see the economy as ‘poor,’ up from 80 percent in June. About half — 49 percent — said it worsened just in the past month. Only 27 percent responded that way in the June survey.”

  •  IBOPE Zogby:

 **More Bad Numbers for Obama, as 40% Approve of Performance & 35% Say He Deserves Re-Election

 So, what does all of this tell you?

 It’s actually quite simple: President Obama is in trouble. All it will take to defeat him in 2012 is for a candidate to successfully articulate his failures—and his commitment to the overspending and big-government policies that Americans don’t want. He will be savvy with his rhetoric, so candidates must be prepared for him to cloak deceit and failed policies in phony pro-middle class, pro-jobs jargon. And he will count on—and lean on—the mainstream media’s perennial support.

 Hold our President accountable. Call it like you see it. Demand principled, gutsy leadership from the Right. Vet the heck out of GOP candidates in order to leave the strongest, most capable, boldest contrast to Obama standing.

 This President’s abysmal record is simply not difficult to beat. Now let’s get to it.

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  1. Azaruddeen says:

    About a week ago I offered a hncllaage that no ones been able to meet. That is (1) Show me a non politically biased source that confirmes Obamas claim of GMs sucess and (2) the source must include the 2+ billion dollar UAW re-negoation numbers set to take place in 1-1-2012 when the UAW resumes talks that include back pension and pay raises that GM WILL have to absorb. Oh yea, Obama forgat to mention that in this little talk. PS here’s a hint. You can start with the CBO.

  2. Rahmat says:

    Recalls do not prevent pepole from buying Toyotas. As all new Toyota vehicles have been refitted with new parts. Also, the highest amount of recalls for any car company is GM, followed by Ford. The American media likes to focus more on foreign recalls for obvious reasons.Obama bought GM stocks, gave them cash and replaced their corporate leadership. He saved GM and over 300,000 American jobs that would have been lost if GM had went under. Lose your racism moron.

  3. Gsag says:

    I am still a work in progress Black Diaspora, I want to see black folks think crilicalty and not monolithically, I want us to rise up from the bottom of almost ever demographic. Unfortunately, I think our focus misplaced as a people.I respect your positions and your candor. Thanks for sharing them with me.I believe that you’re also sincere in your wish to have blacks improve their lot in life.In that we’re in agreement.As I write this, Barack Obama has already been elected President Elect.The Dems don’t give a hoot about our schools, crime, poverty or any of the social blights of Black people they just use us to garner votes and I will not comply.National party politics–that is, politics at the congressional and presidential levels–can only legislate mandated directions, and perhaps fund some of those mandates. Take the No Child Left Behind law. According to some teachers, it is a good law (not all agree, of course). The problem with it, I’m told, is that it was underfunded, or not funded at all.My point: improving schools, ending poverty, and crime, are almost exclusively local problems that require local solutions.I would like to see a local confluence of resources–people and money–to strive toward a resolution of these seemingly perennial problems.If there’s a role for the federal government in this effort, then it should participate. Otherwise it should leave the task to those closest to the problem.McCain’s motto was Country First. A better motto would have been People First.Country and people are not always synonymous.We need solid solutions to these problems with the awareness that people (educated and working) are our greatest resource, and We the People should act accordingly.Black bloggers–conservative and liberal–can be powerful weapons in our communities to change them for the better.What we need are strong, viable coalitions dedicated to the betterment of our various black communities.That will be my goal during this next administration and beyond.

  4. Karthick says:

    Black Diaspora~I don’t view your earnest iurinqy as contentious and I appreciate the fact the you would even visit a blog labeled conservative black woman. There are several reasons that I ultimately decided not to vote for Barack Obama in the general election (I did vote for him in the primaries although I was not entirely at peace with that decision). I guess I should explain that my faith in Jesus Christ informs my world view so I’m put off by Sen. Obama’s position on life issues not so much that he is pro-choice but he voted 4 times against legislation to prohibit late term abortion and he voted to lift the ban on partial birth abortion and that is extreme.I’m also troubled that he was a part of Jeremiah Wrights church for 20 years — I’m just not sure how a Christian can listen to black liberation theology for 20 years– I can bearly sit through an 11:00 service at Union Temple (a popular church in DC which espouses BLT). I am grateful for black activism I just don’t think that church is a platform for it. So these are just a few reason that I think he is too liberal for my tastes. Beyond that I have no love for the democratic party. I believe the democratic party delights in keeping black folks uninformed and dependent. The Dems don’t give a hoot about our schools, crime, poverty or any of the social blights of Black people they just use us to garner votes and I will not comply. For the record, I’m not crazy about McCain but I don’t trust Obama and I don’t think that Obama would be the lesser of two evils. and I have posted at least 30 blogs explaining why. I am still a work in progress Black Diaspora, I want to see black folks think critically and not monolithically, I want us to rise up from the bottom of almost ever demographic. Unfortnately, I think our focus misplaced as a people.

  5. Robby says:

    That was a long time ago, Greg. A generation has paessd. We are in the end-game here. The hard debt ceiling that I mentioned before, the non-statutory one that comes when people no longer want to buy U.S. debt without getting sky-high interest in return, is nearly upon us. The only people talking about moving in the right direction, about cutting spending, are Republicans. I am not happy with the GOP. But they are the only group even remotely moving to do the right thing.Federal revenues will recover when we get out of this economic depression. We will not get out of this depression with the current Democrat President and Senate. More taxes are not the answer. You can’t get blood out of a stone more taxes mean less economic activity at this point. And more debt is not the answer the end of easy credit is staring us in the face. And you can’t force businesses to expand. The only thing that will end this is what hasn’t been tried: cutting the size of the government and backing off from the intrusive anti-business environment that’s been createdReply

  6. John C says:

    I believe it’s too late to make changes. Laws have been changed and Judges rule from the bench with disregard for Constitutionality while the majority leaders say and do nothing. One example is that for several elections, I hear about “Voter Fraud” in the media as if there’s nothing anyone can do about it – as if it’s an acceptable occurrence each year. Well, that’s just one example. I believe that many conservative voters or Republican voters will split to third parties or write in votes, even if they won’t count, in 2012 because, like me, they’re fed up with corrupt and cowardly politicians. I think the Liberals have an extremely good chance to win AGAIN. God help America because I don’t think Americans can.

  7. Lor says:

    America is at a critical turning point–we must pray for God’s forgiveness that we, as a nation so blessed by Him, have turned away from Him, have slaughtered 50+ million babies since Roe v Wade,1973, have taken the Ten Commandments off school walls, 1980, have accepted and legalized practices that God calls abominations, and have taken our precious FREEDOM that was won and preserved by the blood of patriots for granted, foolishly dismissing any responsibilities as citizens of such a nation so blessed by God.

  8. Victor says:

    Bush got elected twice so anything is possible. Anyone who thinks Obama bashing is going help Perry or Romney elected is living in the United States of Amnesia

  9. Paul says:

    If Obama was a white Christian male with the same background and experience running to be the President in 2008 they would have been laughing at him, especially the lame street media. It is too bad that our first black President is a phony

  10. Mike_Rundle says:

    Another term under this Obamination and America absolutely, irrevocably will NOT recover..PERIOD. Those who vote for him are on the public teat, misinformed, uninformed, stupid or a combination of these..full stop. There are a lot of these people..God Help America.

  11. Rich FL says:


  12. Linda L says:

    Obama does not wish to acknowledge that he is the problem ! Why can’t we take all those earmarks and take all the money and put it back into our deficit. Might be at least a trillion dollars! I hope we can make it until 2012!! The JERK!!!!!

  13. dodger says:

    @ChrisM…He’s “different”. Here’s a link to a YouTube story from a guy named Larry Sinclair, who has passed lie detector tests, alleging a gay affair (and much more) with Odumbo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwgD-8Bj_Qs

  14. James Hannes says:

    When I told my wife that 35% thought Obama should be elected we had a hard time figuring out how there could be that may people with their eyes and ears still closed.

  15. ChrisM says:

    How come no red blooded American has questioned anyone about Obama’s PAST girlfriends? Did he have any? Certainly, unless he’s “different”, he must of had previous Girlfriends. Where are they? Who are they, Where do they live?

    • Mario says:

      Lillian Posted on I like using the swear words that make me uncomfortable in bed. Now I’ve got my parentr swearing up a storm too. LOL. He pretty much never, ever swears outside of this context, so it comes off as extra-filthy. *smit*

  16. Bill says:

    Amac is like a breath of fresh air after
    reading the AARP liberal propoganda
    for years. Keep up the good work.

  17. Janis T says:

    The more he speaks, the more the stock market falls! AND, he’s going on the road again to sell his snake oil! Who are these polls contacting? It is hard to believe so many approve of Obuma’s (no spelling error) direction. His “JOBS” speech is his campaign kick off speech.

  18. ROGERS NANNY says:

    I have relatives who are college graduates plus. They voted for Obama in 2008 and they will vote for Obama in 2012. I cannot understand this, but it is a fact. We have to have a good candidate and a strong campaign or we will lose again and our country is through.

  19. Ernest Good says:

    If all the people who are getting handouts from the Government would realize, when or if the Government runs out of money their free handouts will no longer be coming to them. I believe they would start voting for people who will start making sound fis-cal policies..

  20. Mary says:

    We have to be concerned about the 35 % who still think he is doing agood job. Everyone of the 65%, who seem to be thinking straight, must vote in 2012. We cannot take a chance with the loonies out there.

  21. Liam says:

    This current crop of Republican leadership has been notorious for never blowing the opportunity to blow an opportunity. They did it with the debt limit deal, and I predict they will do it again, and cave to Obama’s jobs plan.

  22. CDub says:

    What the hell is 35% of voters looking at that warrents the re-election of this president? Very sad!

  23. George P says:

    While i admit the Ron Paul is a viable candidate & has some good ideas. When you really consider what he is promoting I fear we would really be in trouble. He is an isolationist, that may have worked in the past but not today. He is for allowing the airlines to make policy about who flies or not Do we really want to trust the airline executives with that decision. He wants and open and free economic system that was in place in the 1700’s that is simply not going to work now. I listened to the debates and came away with a new respect for Newt. He won’t get the nomination but he isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade instead of cloaking himself by deceptive rhetoric. I would like to somehow morph Jon Huntsman, Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich into one candidate. I have taught U.S History for several years and have given out copies of the Constitution to my students as we have gone over it. I will pray for Barrack Obama Psalm 109:8

  24. gene says:

    Our President is form without substance. He was “effective” when our lamb like populace gave him majorities in both Houses. All he will be doing is attacking anyone who is not Obama.His tax credits are ludicrous:what business person will hire someone for a $3500 credit when each employee would cost $40M,$50M,etc. In the same breath he wants to increase the taxes paid by these same business people.Does anyone who supports him actually listen to what he says, or what he has written about himself?

  25. Cheryl says:

    I agree with the gentleman who suggests an “anti-Obama” campaign is not going to cut it. Where is the candidate that will be pro-active instead of “anti-whatever”, and set forth ideals and realistic goals that will once again lead lead this nation in the right direction?

  26. Gayle says:

    Newt seems to be the only one who is sticking to issues……listen and see.

  27. arnold puentes says:

    Ron Paul for president–all the rest should be in his cabinet- Perry for vice pres.

  28. Greg says:

    21% of the people will like you or hate you no matter what you do. Even Obama lovers have to admit the failure of his policy. He still has 40-44% approval. How is it that high?

    • Eko says:

      “Make the argument that the President is suptid.”I believe he’s intelligent, but that’s not much help. He is not wise. He learned the wrong lessons from history, even if he knows them very well. You can do well, and appear quite smart having entirely wrong and failed ideas. I have come to the place where I believe ideology and understanding is most important. With the right set, you will make the right choices regardless of intelligence, and with the wrong set smarts just makes you dangerous. Intelligence is like a fast car, it doesn’t know which way to go, it just helps you get there faster.And liars often just can’t help themselves. If you combine that with being told all your life how special and wonderful you are despite your own knowledge to the contrary, you end up with a messed up dude.

  29. Mary Bell says:

    His main purpose of having so many on the public dole, and to get illegals to vote is because then they represent the majority….That 35% are those along with unions and plain idiots who want to see this country in shambles….
    I agree with Neal Boortz, voters should have to pass intellegent tests in order to be able to vote…..Not just be breathing and have a pulse.

  30. Bob Hirschmann says:

    Ron Paul is everything Obama is not. Obama wants to destroy this country and Paul wants to restore it back to where it was. Obama thinks, “you have to send money to make money”. That may be true but you also have to HAVE the money to spend. Instead of giving amnesty to all the illegals and increasing regulations on businesses we need to obey the existing laws and return all illegals to where they came from. Remove the restrictions on the private factor and let them fend for themselves. If they fail, so be it. If they succeed, hurray for them as they will hire more to expand their businesses. Isn’t that the way this country grew to be what it is? Ron Paul has the right idea and I’ll vote for him anyday!

  31. Greg the Electrician says:

    Obama was a registered Socialist.

  32. dwd says:

    The opposition candidate must campaign not only on the President’s failures, but must also articulate a positive plan get us out of this mess – otherwise, he or she will just be another Bush or Obama.

  33. Georgie Mackay Says says:

    We the People(citizens)are the only freedom fighters of our great nation. Ron Paul is the only true candidate.
    Our forefathers would agree,oneness and self responsibility, we the people, freedom and liberty. God bless America and the Constitution, Law of the Land. Save America in 2012. research … every candidate and Vote.

  34. Steve McKee says:

    The glaring problem that continues to this day , is the partisan divide that serves to distract Americans from real issues. The media on both sides seeks to control outcomes. Already Fox is saying that Ron Paul can’t win. We need dedicated Americans who are not Politicians or Lawyers to be our representatives in both The White House and Congress. We need media with no axe to grind. Stop telling us what to think and start reporting the news. We want America back. Fox, ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS are all corrupted by agenda.
    People, Ron Paul could win if you would stop watching the news, send him a little financial help and pray for a change in America. We will always be manipulable
    as long as we think party.

  35. PJ says:

    Be very concerned of those on government entitlement programs. The number is staggering!

  36. gparra9 says:

    The question is, can any of the candidates running for the Republican nomination for president of the U.S. be trusted to do the right thing & get us out this mess were in ?? In my opinion Obama needs to go!!!

  37. Johnnie Jones says:

    The GOP has a great opportunity in 2012, but the candidate must be more than an intelligent voice (remember Newt?). Action must accompany words! (Remember Raegan!)

  38. Kevin Wussow says:

    The car in front of me had a bumper sticker on it. It read: “Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8.” When I got home I opened my bible to the scripture and read it and started laughing. Psalm 109:8 –“Let his days be few and brief; And let others step forward to replace him.” At last –I can voice a Biblical prayer for our president! Let us bow our heads and pray.

  39. HistoryVet101 says:

    Thank you for getting this poll info out. We are being swamped with false and biased news from the “mainstream” media. There is a concerted liberal effort to convince us that struggling against a free-spending Congress makes us racists or dinosaurs.

  40. Chip Hosek says:

    JB, Even these numbers are higher than what one would normally expect with the economy in such dire shape. I believe the lame street media has added as much as 10 points to Obama’s lousy poll numbers. That’s where I get so furious! Tell us the truth without the spin. You’re doing a great job and I’m proud at how far you’ve come in such a short period. Keep us informed!!!

  41. Steve says:

    Articulating a sitting president’s failures hasn’t worked in recent history: look at Kerry (2004) and Dole (1996). We need a candidate that will put forth some real ideas and solutions that will turn this country around economically. And so far, not one of the GOP candidates is doing this; every single one of them is campaigning as “anti-Obama”.

  42. Don Remley says:

    Who are the 35% that say he deserves reelection? Must be his relatives or welfare people…….

  43. Linda says:

    Great summary. Sharing!

  44. WaltEly says:

    The real question is why hasn’t the Congress impeached this criminal yet? Gee, he might call them racists.

  45. WaltEly says:

    What all this really tells me is that there is way too big a percentage of people who are still blindly following this welfare handout fraud of a President who got ‘installed’ into the White House by the shadow elites to specifically destroy this country economically!

  46. MJ says:

    Is it 2012 yet? Almost!

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