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The Low Cost Solution to Providing Healthcare

There are five points to the plan.

First, the plan is administered by the states using their already existing Departments of Insurance.  No need to create eighty plus new government bureaucracies, as proposed in House and Senate bills.  The already existing National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) will create uniform regulations to govern health insurance programs.  Exceptions would be allowed in certain states.

Second, coverage will be required for all, phased in over a four year period.  Individuals would receive tax incentives to help pay the cost.  Those eligible for group insurance would be required to join the plan and employers would pay a portion of the premium.  Tax credits would be given to employers according to a schedule.  A “basic” low cost plan would be available for low income households.

Third, pre-existing medical conditions would be covered.  Insurance plans could not stop payments because of use of the plans.

Fourth, costs would be reduced by:  Reforming medical malpractice lawsuits, establishing peer approved practice protocols to reduce unnecessary tests, allowing incentives to be paid to those who uncover Medicare and Medicaid fraud, encouraging hospitals to review management of their operations and finances (share cost saving ideas) and encouraging competition between providers of medical devices.  Further cost reductions can be achieved by providing incentives for the free market to expand its role.  For example, open low cost medical clinics (for minor illnesses) in stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, and drug stores.  This has already been started by some stores that offer very low prices for generic drugs.

Fifth, achieve massive savings from the Federal government by reducing its size.  As a start, six to eight of the Departments of the U.S. Government will be eliminated and merged into existing Departments.  The funds saved would be put into a separate account to be used to help defray the costs of health care.  Likewise all government programs would be reviewed with an eye to eliminate or greatly reduce costs during this time of economic crisis.  If we are to provide quality health care for all our citizens, we have got to start making serious decisions.

Click HERE for a side-by-side comparison highlighting some of the key differences between the various health care proposals.

Editors note: It has been brought to our attention that the word "mandated" appears in several parts of
the plan and the comparison that follows. The authors wish you to know that there are several options
available to avoid these "mandates". They will be discussed and input sought prior to adoption of the

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  1. LaAntho says:

    I work for a Health Insurance company, but I have great suscecs with Metropolitan Life Insurance company for my property and auto insurance. I have had several claims over the last few years and they have always paid really well.

  2. Mehader says:

    the only way paying for your meicdal insurance is if you were able to itemize your deductionsand no, if your income is $34000 a year that is it no matter how you wrangle deductions etc, you cannot determine you are making more than you areyou might be saving tax dollars, but you are not increasing your income

  3. Deniss says:

    You need a trusted eavisdr to help you through the process of purchasing health insurance so that you understand what you are purchasing. Understanding what you are buying is as important as the price. An agent can give you the knowledge you need so that you can decide what the right balance is between affordability and policy benefits. If you choose a plan that covers everything i.e. doctors office visits, prescription drugs, preventative health benefits, maternity coverage as well as low deductibles, low co-pays and optional vision and dental benefits your monthly premiums will be significant.On the other hand because you are young, presumably healthy and probably don’t often use the health care system you might consider a plan that covers only the major health catastrophe. In this type of plan the insurance company does not pay benefits until you first reach a significant out of pocket cost (this is a deductible). If that is too scary consider a plan with a higher in-hospital deductible, higher co-pays for doctor’s office visits and perhaps not cover prescription drugs. Either of these approaches will result in a lower monthly premium. You then can use the monthly premium savings to pay for the occasional doctor visit or prescription and still come out ahead.Check with the agent that writes your home or auto insurance he/she can provide you a health insurance proposal that takes into account your budget and health status. They can answer questions as to what is and is not covered by the policy, explain deductibles and co-pays and show you the hospitals and doctors that participate in the network. (Networks in PPO and HMO plans are very important considerations).Some are going to suggest you go to their web site so that they earn a few pennies on a click through . Some may suggest going on line to get a quote but as you already know there is much more to health insurance than price. Use the Internet to educate yourself but use an agent to purchase the coverage.

  4. Kinipun says:

    The NHS should cover the costs.Please, natcoct the airlines and ask what the latest day within your pregnancy is on which the will still allow you to board a plane. 7 months might already be a critical point with some airlines.Now, it’s left for me to give you the unpopular answer: Stay where you are. Keep your job AND your insurance. Send your hubby to London alone. He’ll do just fine. Have your baby in the US [so it can become president one day ]. Then move to London as soon as you feel ready.That way you have all the sourroundings and doctors, etc. you are used to; and don’t have the stress of travel, moving house, etc. Your husband can concentrate on his new job (wouldn’t have much time for you during that period anyway) and prepare everything so that it is ready for you. Why should you have all the trouble if he can sort it out beforehand?You’ll just have to make sure that your visa will be remodelled accordingly with you arriving later; and the baby would probably need some paperwork as well.

    • Giulii says:

      If you’re a broker, you get paid more flat out, by snlileg more. So work more hours, go door to door on weekends, and sell more.If you’re NOT a broker, in the insurance agency industry, MOST major pay increases come by jumping ship and finding a new job at a new agency.

  5. Sonali says:

    TMT social sceurity is funded from FICA and does not threaten the income tax budget.Medicare Part A hospitalization only, is funded from FICA and does not threaten the budget unless changes are made to fund it not from FICA.Medicare Part B and MedicAid are funded from income taxes (and some fees and premiums).Medicare Part B is totally voluntary for seniors. You have to sign up for it. And Medicare Part B only pays 80% and limits that again by capping what the provider can charge (that will be reimbursed).The govt charges premiums for Medicare Part B and can and does increase them and can, in fact, raise them substantially on means-tested subscribers.MedicAid and EMTALA are for the indigent and often do not provide routine and regular visits and screening but instead focus on illness after it has progressed to where it threatens life and/or causes the individual to quit work.We are already paying for these people and making no changes means we will continue to pay for them as health care costs accelerate.MedicAid is projected to double in costs in a decade and you and I will pay for your position that we cannot do anything about that?that’s the essential problem in my view.I think if we are not going to kill MedicAid and you don’t either apparently then shouldn’t we make it more cost effective or make it as cost-effective as we can by providing the kind of care that detects disease in the early stages when it’s less expensive to treat?

  6. Jose says:

    For a way to make Universal Health Care a reality WITHOUT iamkng it a government program, might I suggest a book? In point of fact, this plan makes government LESS involved in health care than it is now. The book is Who Killed Health Care? by Regina Herzlinger. She presents a plan she has called Consumer Driven Health Care . A very interesting read and, in my opinion, the best way to fix the system I have ever heard. For comparison purposes, most people arguing for Government run, single-payer universal health care point to the fact that WHO ranked the US health care system 37th worldwide. They then proceed to point out how many government run systems are ranked ahead of us. What they fail to mention, however, is what type of system #1 has. It is Switzerland, and they have a type of consumer driven system as advocated in the book. Why should we emulate a system that simply ranks ahead of us? Why not emulate #1?

  7. Jhonatan says:

    No, it doesn’t work that way. Most carriers rurieqe you to agree to cancel your existing policy when you apply for your new one, and if you have two policies one is going to be primary, and the other secondary. You will reap the benefits of the better plan, but where they overlap, only one will pay.What you might want is be a supplemental or limited benefit plan to go along with your insurance policy. These are not insurance policies and I usually don’t recommend them. I think your money would be better spent buying a better single policy, or an HSA type of plan and banking the savings.Don

  8. Terra says:

    I think a free market approach is the best way. A voucher system for seniors to purchase the plan they see fit for themselves. If they spend less then the voucher they can keep the cash. Also I believe seniors should be able to opt out of medicare if they choose. Right now the Goverment sets the prices for 1/2 the healthcare sector directly and the other indirectly. Gov. regulation controls production and consumption. I would like to see a true free market system to drive actuall cost down. It is worth a try. And any regulations be done by States and not the federal government. Opening up purchasing power across state lines is a must. And even practitioner liciencing across state lines is a good idea for true market competition. Reforming liciencing and tort reform would greatly reduce cost. If the free market drove prices and not Gov. regulations and bureaucrats there would be afordable plans for everyone. Also another reason for high cost healthcare is over consumption because of the third party pay system and Doctors practicing defencive medicine. I think if people had to pay some cost up front and then be reimbursed by insurance it would stop a lot of over utilization. Also if we had a true free market system and deregulated you would find a lot more clinics and charitable healthcare facilities.

  9. Mark says:

    I agree with your plan EXCEPT for telling everyone they need health insurance. Insurance is legalized gambling, you bet one way when you buy it, you bet the other when you don’t. Those that do not buy it though must realize that they can lose everything if/when they get seriously sick. Offering a low cost catastrophic plan is best idea, but not a must buy option! Defend the constitution and states rights!

  10. Robert says:

    Now that we know the individuals in Congress who, with a 50.8% majority have shackled 100% of Americans with ObamaCare, we need to remember in 8 months to Get Them Out of Our House (GOOOH). Don’t let the apathy of most Americans to forget what has been done to them.

  11. Caroline says:

    As far as the auto insurance argument goes, you are driving a 2,000 lb machine that can kill people. Of course you need auto insurance, in case something goes wrong. Also, car insurance is a state mandated issue and if you’re not engaged in the activity of driving a car, you don’t need to buy it. Lawmakers can’t compel you to engage in an activity then charge you for it.

  12. Caroline says:

    What would be the penalty for not signing up for the health insurance? A fine or jail time? I vehemently oppose the notion that I must pay a fee or enter into a contract to live in the U.S. or face jail time or a fine. I know the plan is contingent on people complying, thus adding revenue to pay for these plans, but to have to buy a good or a service in order to live “freely” in the U.S. grates on my last nerve. I would refuse to comply, thus clogging up the courts system then others of my mindset join in. Why not just have everyone pay a fee when they go to the doctor, above their insurance copay to help pay for this? If you don’t have insurance, you still have to pay a fee. $20.00 or so. Not too expensive but everyone paying in would be contributing and for those without insurance it would make the notion of “free” healthcare a thing of the past and doctor visits something not to be abused.

  13. Marilyn Davis says:

    I really want to support an alternative to the monstrosity that Obama et al just forced on us. I have one objection to your proposed plan: people would still be forced to buy insurance. I believe that is unconstitutional in the case of Obamacare, and it appears that your plan has the same flaw. I don’t know what the solution is – I’m just asking for reform that respects the constitution.

  14. bonnie rakes says:

    I am opposed to forcing one to buy insurance. If I don’t believe in modern medicine, the cost is a fine, for I am getting nothing from it. RIGHT? I don’t believe it is constitutionally permissible.

    I also believe that govt is going about it all wrong, as you cannot possibly make such sweeping changes AND keep control of spending. Ask any corporation! But of course the sweeping part is exactly what OBAMA wants.


    The huge thing you brought up is to have low cost clinics in drug stores or as standalone businesses. In Oklahoma there are many such clinics and it makes perfect sense. You don’t need to go to the hospital for a fever. You don’t need to go to the hospital for three stitches. Back in the day, the doctor could handle that, and if we had walk-in clinics, that would eliminate the abuse the emergency rooms suffer from minor ailments coming in constantly. Surely there is a way that clinics could be subsidized without adding five more layers of bureacracy. This would have to be cheaper for the taxpayer.

    • Mei says:

      Howdy, i read your blog from time to time and i own a similar one and i was just cuoiurs if you get a lot of spam comments? If so how do you prevent it, any plugin or anything you can suggest? I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any support is very much appreciated.

  15. bonnie rakes says:

    I have to say i am impressed with your ideas. I can’t for the life of me understand people that can’t see that having more hands in the pie (IRS, govt etc) costs more and reduces the amount of pie!!!

    The only thing you didn’t mention, and I have talked to my doctors about this is for all medical insurance companies to be required to limit form changes, or be required to adopt a universal form for all companies. My surgeon has 8 people just to do the paperwork for 3 surgeons. He said it is because of the insurance company forms which all differ and then the companies will change their own forms 2 or 3 times per year so you are always trying to learn the latest forms. That’s stupid and a waste of time!

    I would like to see the country revolt — everyone stop federal withholding for a month starting april 15. Maybe I am shortsighted, but would that get any ones’ attention? Or is Obama just too ignorant and cocky to think anyone knows anything?

    The health care bill is NOT A BOX OF CHOCOLATES AND I AM NOT FORREST GUMP. I know we all expect a butter cream but we will be getting CRAP.

  16. Roger L. Miller says:

    Comrade Obama and his Socialist Democrats are not interested in Health Care for Americans. It’s all about power and control of all America. This health bill is just the beginning, next is “amnesty” for the 25 million illegals in the U.S., so they can vote for Obama in the 2012 presidential election. The bottom line is Obama is a Marxist and is surrounded by a staff of Communists. He should be impeached and put in prison with the rest of his White House thugs. He, Pelosi and Reid along with other Socialist Democrats are “traitors” to the U.S. Constitution and the United States of America.

  17. clifford geno says:

    AMAC, can you get these idea’s to the house and Senate, as soon as possible, or do they already know about them?

  18. Shirley D says:

    You lost me when you REQUIRED everyone to purchase insurance. Nowhere does the Constitution give government the right to force me to purchase insurance. The problem today is not that some people don’t have medical insurance – but that medical care is simply not possible without it. We used to be able to go to the doctor and actually afford to pay for his service. The only insurance we needed was hospitalization, so that if someone was hospitalized, the insurance would pay a portion of the $100 per day that the hospital typically charged for the room. An overnight stay in a hospital today would cost many thousands of dollars – far exceeding the rise in the cost of living over the last 3 or 4 decades. Somehow we have to identify why medical costs have risen so astronomically in the last 30 years and address that problem instead of just blaming insurance companies. Insurance companies set their rates in response to rising medical costs – they are not responsible for medical costs. Tort reform is sorely needed, and in fact, medical cost reform is not possible without it. Additionally, we have to address the problem of illegal aliens – and not by just granting them amnesty.

  19. Barbara says:

    I agree with AMAC proposals. Our government is full of greed, arrogance and totally does not get what the American people want. Cut the government jobs at the federal, state and local levels. Combine just like the private sector must do. Let the government people take cuts in their salaries and benefits. We are the government. We have long lived in indulgence and misspending and now it is at a point where it is so out of balance that our children and grandchildren will not have the country that was once great. We must stand up and pay the cost now so that future generations have quality of life in the United States of America. Do not take God out of the picture. As we do so, we get more out of balance. It is time to come back to the roots and work from that point. God have mercy on us.

  20. Don says:

    Big government keep out of our personal decision making…They have never gotten right, look at current health care plans, Medicare, Medical and the Social Security Plan.
    They just want another pocket to borrow from as with S.S. and it is currently bankrupt now from big government spending and should be addressed years ago and yet they do absolutely what they do best, Nothing at all!
    Pelosi, Reid, Obama and acorn all benefit from these liberal socialized programs, Not the American People. We the People a government by the people for the people and by the people, Not Obama, Pelosi, Reid or Congress or Senate…We the people expect our Representatives to Represent us, not make our decisions and take our money…
    The People have spoken and this Adminsitration does not listen and keeps telling the media what the Americans want according to what he wants, not what they truly want and that is hands off!

  21. Wendy says:

    I am not in favor of any plan that mandates that one buy health insurance; it is unconstitutional. I would like to see coverage for major illnesses and accidents be covered under some type of insurance. The balance of healthcare would be paid by the individual according to what care is given. The cost of care would be reduced just by the elimination of paperwork the doctors and health care professionals would be required to perform. Remember the 1950’s when your family doctor was your doctor and could make a living and people could afford to go to the doctor?

  22. Pete says:

    How can I join a group the wants entitlements coverage for all is sociallism. Get a job and buy your own insureance.

  23. Stephanie says:

    No one speaks of the cost-shifting going on that drive up costs to private plans, making insurance unaffordable to individuals. The US government does not pay the “going rate” as the private and employer-sponsored plans do. This drives the cost up for individuals and non-government groups. Maybe it is time we stop the multi-tiered fees (depending on who is paying the bill) and we can then all afford insurance. I know one thing; people would be a lot more responsible with their health if their premiums were tied to their lifestyle choices than not.

  24. Linda says:

    Why does none of these proposals talk about alternatives. I am going to 55 years old and I do not take any medications. I pay for all of my alternatives that I use out of my pocket. Why don’t we start looking to educate people on how it is their responsibility to take control of their own health.

    Taking a good multivitamin is the most basic that you can do. I have been taking supplements for over 15 years now and exercising and taking care of my health. We need to start educating people on what they can do besides just sitting back an expecting drugs to do the trick.

    Until we start showing people at any age it is up to them to take control of their health we will never get healthcare costs down.

    Health care is not taking drugs. Health care is taking care of yourself and doing the things you need to make sure your body stays healthy.

    Prescriptions drugs and surgery should be the last resort.

    We as a society think we can eat fast food all the time and take a pill and it is going to correct what is happening to us. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I also have to agree with why should someone have to buy insurance. Why should employers have to pay for a share. I think if an employee wants to pay for insurance they can but they should not have to.

    We as a society think we are entitled to so many things. We have got to stop this thinking. We have got to start working together and realize it is up to us to take care of ourselves not the government.

    If people understood high deductible insurances and HSA’s I think they would like that better. If saves the employer and the employee.

    My company did that a year ago and now that I am layed off i still have that money in my HSA acct.

    Again if people would take care themselves by eating healthier and supplementation the healthcare costs would not be as high. Also if the government would pay for less costly things such as alternatives instead trying to keep the doctors in business healthcare cost would go down.

    Health care is not about doing the same things and taking a drug . It is about learning how to stay healthy and alternatives that are much better for you than drugs.

  25. William Brady says:

    AMAC plan is not much improved over Obamacare. I do not want government telling me to buy insurance. Cost reduction is fine but I don’t believe it. Insurance is responsible for driving the cost up and making coverage into a application nightmare. Covering pre-existing conditions means more costly procedures at the expense of all of the people.

    I think AMAC should rethink their whole plan and stop trying to apply socialistic principle to something that should be a free market commodity.

  26. Ted Snyder says:

    Why do Americans want to be ruled by a king, ie. dictator? If you say that everyone must do the same thing, you are advocating communism or at least a monarchy. Insurance is what has ruined the world, it is not the answer to anything. Make the doctors give up their mansions and riches and come back to earth. Obama and crew want all the doctor to join their corrupt lying organization. Amac is no better if you think communism is the answer.

  27. Dave Garvey says:

    I like. Bye bye AARP.

  28. Antonio R Villanueva says:

    Would like to know more about your health insurance.

  29. Jonathan Hill says:

    I cannot support any plan that mandates the purchasing of health insurance. The way to go is to allow out of state competition, tax deductable health savings accounts, allow self employed insurance premiums to be tax deductable on the Federal, State and local level, and have more pay out the pocket services. This is a start. The big thing is to keep government out of it.

  30. Al Martin says:

    How about encouraging high deductible/hsa for all.

  31. Mike says:

    Why merge the 6 departments? Simple elimination would be sufficient. What state doesn’t have a department of transportation, education, environmental quality etc. The only way to reduce the government is to completely eliminate this duplication of efforts,,,,it may also decrease the number and influence of lobbiests!!!

  32. Jess Porter says:

    I like what I see with this plan, except for option 2. When did health insurance become a right and not a privalege. I understand that the uninsured are a burden on the present system but either way, reform or no reform, we (those that have insurance or pay our medical bill personally) are still footing the bill. What is the difference?

  33. Harry Yosten says:

    Its all about priorities and choices: freedom or mandates, “being taken care” of or “being self sufficient”. For all the folks who claim they can’t afford insurance, mostly they have just prioritized other items (big screen tvs, eating out, second cars) over health insurance. The truly poor already have Medicaid and CHIPs, do we really want to have another entitlement for the middle class, the cost of which will be either borrowed from our grandchildren and China, or paid for by inflating the currency? If we aren’t willing to pay for our choices by raising our taxes, we shouldn’t be making those choices.

  34. Dr. Joseph C. Evers says:

    Finally a proposal that I can whole-heartedly agree with. Keep at it.

  35. Gary G says:

    Not a perfect plan but a great place to jump off and work from with input from both sides and with states in complete control of thier own individual plans.

  36. Gwin says:

    Requiring coverage is not constitutional. Government, both state and federal, needs to get completely out of health care. Government, protect our borders, and let us, a free people, be free.

  37. al whippee says:

    to bad politicians can’t read or won’t read, and do not listen when spoken to

  38. Jerry Anderson says:

    I would be in favor of this plan

  39. Jerry Anderson says:

    This is certainly an improvement over our goverment plans.

  40. Donna Dixon says:

    When I read AMAC’s ideas I was heartened. All of the things that the Obama administration mentions will cause so many beurocracies feeding at the public trough. I want to manage the money I earn and make it my choice how it is spent. If i find a group to do better they will have my business. We want to help those who cannot help themselves, but bill in congress right now encourages us all to be unfit workers with no control of our own destiny. NO,NO,NO.

    • Berhanu says:

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  41. Bobbi says:

    Health care used to mean you went to the doctor down the street. And if you didn’t have money for that, you found a grandma to tell you what to do. This is all nonsense. and would you old people also insist that i should be jailed for trusting God with my health?

  42. Judy Rofkahr says:

    Sometimes I despaired of America ever regaining what we had but in reading these comments I see that many of you are aware of the corrupt mess. We don’t need Washington in charge of anything else, especially not our health care. Why do people think they’re entitled to free anything? While we’re reforming, how about Congress saving money for their retirement as we have to do. How about them losing their salary when they leave office? Who else works one term and retains their salaries for life? I’m sick of the employees making their own rules. This government is corrupt and I think impeachment would do a lot of good.

  43. Gregg W says:

    Glad you are forming an alternative to AARP. But I CAN NOT endorse your plan, either! Especially, Point #2, which will require everyone to carry health insurance. What don’t you understand about FREEDOM? This is part of the Constitutional issue with the bills in Congress right now. If the government can tell you, fine you, throw you in jail for not having health insurance, then government can tell you every other move you must make. Do you want Uncle Sam telling you that you must eat fish on Fridays, Chicken on Wednesdays, and Brussel Sprouts on Thursdays??
    What is the difference?
    And where is the money coming from for the tax incentives or financial help? Your point #2 is poorly conceived.
    And point #5, while admirable, is a pipe-dream.
    Congress is unlikely to cut the bureaucracy that it has created anymore than its own power or salary structure.

    Keep working.

  44. Paul says:

    C’mon, who’s making this up? Nobody would really suggest something that makes sense! BTW, can you back up your financial projections? We demand that of the government, don’t we?

  45. Oh Gee says:

    A careful reading of this plan shows it will keep private insurance as is, allow coverage across state lines, preserve Medicare and( based on the disclaimer from the authors) NOT make coverage Mandatory but induce the majority to be covered. A WIN, WIN, WIN for all but the socialists.

    • Ignasij says:

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  46. John says:

    I am retired and have good insurance, as do many retirees. You will not find many retirees that would go from private insurance to government crap. You’d better re-work your program.

  47. Doug Deal says:

    Your plan is much better. What about across state line option?

  48. Gary G says:

    P.S also put it under state control.

  49. Gary G says:

    This Plan is not a perfect plan but if OBAMA will SCRAPE thier present plan and introduct this Bill in it’s entirity and instruct the Democrat side to really become bi-partisan and listen to and work with the other side(instead of shutting them out) it could possibly be worked out so that we (the American People) could accept it.

  50. Johnny says:

    I feel much more comfortable with the above plan. I am really fearful that the current Bill being pushed through would require everyone to have HC insurance. What a slap in the face of freedom and the Consitution. Great Points!

  51. Scott P says:

    If you want to cover pre-exisiting conditions, then everyone must be covered. If you are not required to join, then you can just wait until you have cancer, and then go “oops, I guess I need health insurance now. Give me my money.”

    Perhaps there are alternatives to this problem that has not gained traction yet, but this is why the mandated coverage for all exists in these plans.

  52. Yvonne says:

    Take the 20 to 30 million illegals out of the system and we would have low cost insurance. Let’s make this a mandate. We know why the politicians don’t want to – it amounts to votes!! Our country is being hi-jacked and all of our programs will be bankrupted if we don’t close our borders and send the illegals home! We would also save millions in Spanish speaking literature by the government not only with the health care services but in all departments.

  53. Jerry Vitale says:

    Please all, understand that the the greatness of this country derives from liberty we share. Let’s let the same power of freedom solve our problems of expensive health insurance and, expensive health care. Let the market place, unencumbered by federal and state policies that limit innovation and competition, develop money making strategies and products that benefit us, the consumer of medical care and medical insurance. Have faith that all of us, working in and for our own individual self interest, will benefit society economically and spiritually.

  54. Holly says:

    I still have problems with it. Jesus said the poor would be with us always. This is a golden opportunity for us, INDIVIDUALLY, to get involved with these hurting people, if only we had enough money left over from everything government takes. Mandatory insurance is yet another bureaucracy that will be big, costly, inefficient and will promote delays. The entitlement mentality drives this kind of reasoning, expecting government to always take care of us. Even FDR said Social Security was not the end-all to retirement, merely a supplement that was supposed to get phased out at some time. Some programs are needed, no doubt. But then the ones who don’t really need help come looking, begging fraud to run rampant. If a program could be implemented on a city-wide level, that would be our best bet to break up the massive monster. But citizens of each city would need to come together to discover and create it, with some sensible controls in place to prevent opportunistic rovers to move to the “best” system. The solution lies with each city, village, with local people in other words, not with the government.

  55. Tom says:

    This does at least show there are far better ideas than the “OBAMA Care”. Now let’s keep a close eye on who the real fools are in “congress” and the “senate”, and “vote” them out of office.

  56. Chris Ras says:

    What no special deals. no back rooms . IT WILL NEVER PASS

  57. Rainey & Dennis says:

    The AMAC propsal is the only plan we’ve seen that gives us critical reforms at a much lower cost that we understand in which we the people can keep our liberties and improve ‘our’ own health care. The other proposals are not reform, they are controlling, imposed, and costly government take overs which include thousands of pages they don’t want us to understand while growing government even more.

  58. GQ says:

    Folks, check the historical cost of medical care, prices didn’t escalate until Medicare was fully enrolled in the early 1970’s. Since the government got involved, health care has become too costly. Next check
    Medicare’s record on declining needed proceedures, they refuse to cover major life threatening illnesses at a significantly higher rate than private insurance providers. You are being lied to about the private sector.
    Legally this federal takeover violates several articles in various amendments in the US Constitution.
    One stunning observation; the left is
    always touting a womans right to choose when it fits their ideology, but there is no right to choose in any of these bills. If this passes it will make us all wards of the state and they will eventually determine all your physical needs, including the right to give birth. The House version already mentions controlling what we eat. I do not believe government, state or fed should be invloved in providing health insrance. As I’ve already said their involvement is why it’s un-affordable for the common man today.
    America will go broke just trying to pay for Medicare and Social Security over the next twenty to thirty years and they want to add the cost burden of most citizens under age 65. This is un-constitutional and insane!!!

  59. Paul Lewis Webster says:

    I read all the comments to date, many of which I agree w/.
    I am a member of aarp, but not for much longer.
    I want to watch AMAC for awhile before I make a decision to join it or not.
    I, like many others, have a real problem w/& resent being forced, under penelty of law, to buy health insurance.
    I think that the least government (at all levels) involvement in medicine is the best way to go.
    I like the idea of letting the market place take care of business in the market place w/the least government interference possible, including health care & health insurance.
    I think that if a person wants to go to a MD, DO, a chiropractor, a natural/alternative med practicioner or nobody, that is there right.
    But on the other hand I see some real problems w/that also.
    Who is to say that a certain alternative/natural med praticioner’s methods are sound or not?
    More government, just what I don’t want.
    What if these people are quacks?
    What if a parent decides against taking their sick kid to a Dr but takes him to an alternative/natural med person when the kid actually needs surgery that these people are not qualified to do, & the kid dies as a result?
    But then again, a sizable # of Drs who work for the fda admitted that they were told by their bosses to lie about certain Rx meds.
    Big pharma is using gifts & such to get the fda to approve the meds & the Drs to prescribe them.
    This must be exposed & addressed.
    It’s a real mine field out there.
    I am on disability & supplemental security income because of a pre-existing condition that is only going to get worse as I get older. My medicare started a while back & I don’t want the walking tramadrama case in DC or the other marxist thieves to screw it up for me.
    $ talks & BS walks.
    The bean counters run the world, the elected/appointed officials & civil servents just help out.
    The reason that aarp is in bed w/obamapolosireid is because of the $ that aarp gets from obamapolosireid.
    I met an Aftican/American gentleman at a LiveFree seminar before the tramadrama case was elected to the presidency.
    This gentleman told me he is from Chicago. His wife’s sister was involved in local Chicago politics when obama was still a nobody & active in Chicago Politics.
    He told me that he was at a rally where obama spoke. He said that he listened to obama talk for about 5 or 15 minutes & couldn’t take it anymore & left. He said he never went back either.
    He told me that obama is crazy & a communist.
    I agree w/the many comments that obamacare isn’t about healthcare at all, but it’s about total control of every aspect of our lives & is part of the plan to go to 1 world gov.
    I am a gun owner & member of the NRA/GOA. I have been watching the dabate from a gun owner’s perspective for some time now & have been driving every1 in my email addy book bunkers w/my email campaign about the socialist’s agenda to destroy our 2nd Amendment Rights thru legislation.
    In obamacare, there is a provision to punish gun owners thru higher insurance premiums, denying people the right to buy guns based on their personal health info in a database that the batfe would have access to, all w/o any hearings/appeals/or just cause.
    Another way the liberals are pushing us toward 1 world gov is thru secretary of state shillary clit-on to usher in a un enforced global gun ban on the USA.
    Another way the commys in our government are pushing us toward 1 world gov is thru algore’s lies about global warming. They want to create an international governing body to requlate CO2 emmissions around the world.
    2 of the worst offenders are (I think) India & the country to whom we are in dept to,-china.
    In all reality, CO2, the gas that we exhale & what plants use along w/sunlight to make O2, is such a small portion or our atmosphere & has so little erfect on our global climate, that it is like dropping a grain of sand into the Grand Canyon & then going in to find it.
    Now I have word that there is going to be 2 economic bubbles that are going to pop, that will really screw us up big time.
    This is why they are pushing gold gold gold on every1. Inflation will skyrocket so that gas will be $15 a gallon, the banks are going to fail, the $ will collapse, & china will call in our note.
    Then what?
    We do have to run the bastards out of office this November & in 2012 because they are HELL BENT on destroying our nation 1 way or another.
    But in the mean time, get down on your knees & pray to God, like you never prayed before, that he would forgive you your sins, & the sins of the nation & heal our land.
    We need a spiritual revival in this country real bad real fast.
    Then stock pile food, fuel, & everything else you need to survive the coming economic crisis.
    It is definately going to be very interesting the next few years.
    I too would rather be dead then red.
    Besides I already have a place waiting for me up yonder anyway.
    We must be in the “END TIMES”!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for my turn on the soap box.
    GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD SAVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Lance Staub says:

    Healthcare insurance has to be mandatory OR no longer can anyone without insurance go to a provider and demand medical services. It has to be one way or the other … that is all there is to it that makes sense. We have been doing things that make no sense for too long already!

  61. Jeanie says:

    I was reading and was really impressed untill I saw everyone was STILL forced to buy health care! I’m pretty sure it’s against my rights…

  62. Ernie Barrow says:

    I can add to this new plan by paying for all the insurance premiums plus significant contribution to Health Savings Accounts. An investment by private group of $600 Million will be required to start it in one State like Texas and I have a method on how to expand it to all states by having ALL persons pay $100 a year, $150 for families. No Fed financing. Details on request

  63. MJ Peterson says:

    Who do you people think that you are?! Who do you think that we are?! This is unacceptable! My government by the constitution that I read is not to be involved in the health care business (or any business) at all, period, end of discussion! Stay out of it! Go back and do some homework on the original intent of the US Constitution as written.

  64. DCJ says:

    For the last 7 or 8 years I was told my PSA and my cholesterol were rising, and finally both were in the serious zone. I was told to get a biopsy of my prostate, but told them they were not to come near me with a knife. I started taking natural supplements and on my next annual physical the doctor looked at my chart and commented, “Your cholesterol looks good, your PSA looks good, your heart and liver both look healthy, and your blood looks good. What have you been doing?” I answered, “Supplements.” The doctor’s response? “OO00ooo.” If we would allow natural supplements to be part of the total medical system we would save billions of dollars and millions of lives. There are cost-effective cures for cancer and most other illnesses out there, but the Pharmaceutical companies, the AMA and the FDA would lose too much money, so we do not have acces to most of these life saving supplements. It is nothing less than legalized murder. Time to stop it.

  65. SC Patriot says:

    Let’s look at auto liability insurance. Most, if not all, states require a minimum of auto liability insurance in order for a vehicle to be licensed in their states. Still, the lawbreakers drive without the required liability insurance . There will always be those who want a “free ride”. What is the AMAC response to those who would disregard a requirement to purchase health insurance coverage? They would still demand treatment for sickness or injury and it WOULD be provided, make no mistake about that. The law-abiding
    taxpayers/health insurance clients would still be stuck picking up the tab for the scofflaw “free riders”.

  66. Gary Van Antwerp says:

    This plan is much much better than the controlling mess from Congress. I don’t agree 100% but I would sign with this. Now for Congress to pay attention. We dropped AARP a few yrs. ago when we learned how “liberal” it is. I’ll tel others of this plan.

  67. Richard Carlson says:

    Any “plan” that is not a free chose is an attack on basic freedom. I have had three operations and like anyone who has been around awhile my share med bills – and I paid each one! Of course there are lots of people who are on the dole, even some for good reasons, and for such we pay taxes, fair enough. But, I can take care of myself and family, and I don’t need big brothers forcing my chose in how I do so!

  68. DJ says:

    Sounds great. I would imagine that the Socialist Democrats
    would not be interested. Health care to them is really about controlling us. They want the control and they care not about the health care.

  69. Clyde says:

    Makes a lot more sense than the Washington scam. I agree with Linda though, it should be open to compitition among insurance companies across state lines. I would like to see afforadable coverage for every one, however my only beef is that I guess I’m a constitutionalist and I believe if we allow our govt. to force people to buy any product we are giving away a portion of our freedom. Must we make it mandatory?

  70. Rona Grabina says:

    Vic Haven Covelo has written something very important. I agree with him 100%. If they would cover naturopathic medicine it would save us a lot of money. I stay away from doctors unless I am sick. I can’t afford a naturopath becasue my health insurance doesn’t cover alternative medicine. Doctors just poisin healthy people with drugs. They’re all in this together. The docs, the pharmacies etc.

  71. Rona Grabina says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me. Where is the other 2,000 pages of the plan? Just kidding. My point is that we all know Obama’s plan has nothing to do with Health coverage and everything to do with controlling our lives. It doesn’t take 2,000 pages to set up a health plan. thank you for the work you are doing . I’m glad there are people able to help the American public. I left AARP 6 months ago. I wasted being a member for 10 years. I didn’t need them for any reason. I started to see them for what they are. After Obama’s Health bill was created I truly realized they were scum.

  72. Ronald Hall says:

    This program sounds like an excelent program. However I do not think the present administration of (progressive) socialist administration will allow such a program.

  73. Steve Borgwardt says:

    Well, it’s a start. I am mainly concerned about being required to do this. This was also a concern of the other plan.

  74. Fritz & Pat says:

    Has ANYONE noticed that there is No mention of ABORTION anywere in THIS so called health care package either..or across state is STILL big GOVERNMENT wanted to controll us! We The People KNOW what we need or don’t need..Thanks but NO thanks!!

  75. Charles Barnes says:

    A simlpistic process of medical coverage makes real sence. Anyone who needs to make real confusion and make themselves feel important try to do it with words. A ten to forty page document should be plenty to set the basics for a health care practice.

    • Silvia says:

      I think this is among the such a lot important info for me. And i am happy stniydug your article. But should remark on few basic things, The site taste is great, the articles is really excellent . Excellent activity, cheers.

  76. Gerri Jones says:

    You know what you propose sounds good, but I DO NOT THINK in a free country that the goverment or any enity has the right to mandate that a person has to do what that group thinks is the best for the group as a whole. The reason our founders wrote the Constitution and our Declartions of Independence is that we are a nation that has FREE CHOICE and that does not mean what
    you think is best is the best solution for me. You are on the right track with tort reform and being able to shop for your insurance across state lines but you are not right in saying that one has to buy insurance!!

  77. VIC HAVEN- COVELO says:


  78. Martin Leder says:

    Thank you, AMAC, for supporting inter-state insurance buying as a way to encourage competition and drive down prices, and for coming up with a reasonable plan.

  79. Janice Hiser says:

    I like the majority of the plan. Much better than government controlled. My concerns are: 1) everyone must buy insurance. What about my freedom? Is that really constitutional?
    2) no mention of illegal aliens. They shouldn’t get health care. 3) Buy insurance across state lines.

    Thank you for your work. We don’t need govt. telling us what to do. Wish we could get rid of the Dept. of Education while we’re at it!

  80. Daniel P. McCurdy, Sr. says:

    FINALLY!! A group I can, with good conscience, join and promote. I have resisted the AARP for many years, and their endorsement of Obama’s freakish and painfully onerous –- in terms of cost and burden for our future generations — Health Care travesty, quickly removed all doubt I ever had about my reluctance to join their ranks. AARP, flushed with overconfidence by its lead position as spokesgroup for older citizens, made the single greatest PR faux pas in recent history by aligning itself with this uber-bureaucratic, socialist INSURANCE PLAN…shrewdly misnamed ‘Health Care’ by the liberal sycophants of BHO who have been at his beck and call since the insanity of November of 2008. November of 2010 and 2012 will soon be here, and organizations such as AMAC will have an opportunity to demonstrate its ‘big tent’ view of inclusiveness for seniors, compared to the AARP, a liberal, leftist, elitist cadre of BHO acolytes represented by a neo-fascist, effete leadership, a true wolf-in-sheep-clothing in terms of wrongly assumed power as spokesgroup for those of us over 50. AARP will exist only as long as its subterfuge is unnoticed and meekly accepted by its hapless members. I WILL BECOME A PROUD AND ACTIVE MEMBER OF AMAC, Inc.

  81. DOYLEWHIPKEY says:

    So much for ‘THE MESSIAH’ I suggest they look at the BIBLE answer i.e MATTHEW 24,24-28.IT’S TRUE &ETERNAL

  82. TRACY MATHIAS says:

    why is it that neither the left or the right side want to address interstate insurance buying , and to abolish frivous law suits – is it that the majority of all politicians are lawyers and they all made money because of that fact .

  83. HashslingerPatty says:

    Our health care system does need reform, but a take over, (which seemed a sure thing) would be another step toward socialism, and as an older American, I have been very nervous about the way our country has been heading. I am very proud of the American citizens who are finally standing up and saying OH HELL NO !!!! Reform yes, take over NO. I live in Southern California, and we are really in a mess here. Its time to take our country back. When the mid term elections take place, if it says Attorney or Incumbant next to anyones name–I will NOT vote for them. We do need reform though, and here in California, if you are here illegally, no problem. You have all the free insurance you need. But if you are a citizen who makes what the government considers “too much money” you are screwed. So lets get going on reform, and VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT. Leave the small businessmen alone. I have never had a job with a poor man, so if the businessman isn`t doing good, I am not doing good.

  84. Pete & Kathy Parodi says:

    First of all we need to realise the biggest problem we have in this country is the bunch of elitist people we have in congress. They need to know we are getting sick and tired of how they waste our tax money, and they need to abide by the laws that they are shoving down our throats. They have a gold plated health care plan, and a gold plated retirement plan. We need to as country throw these idiots out and put some new blood in congress.

  85. Al Chukitus says:

    Healthcare Turnaround
    Now it seems we have an opportunity to do it right. But let’s get things into the proper priority. In the words of Vince Lombardi, “Gentlemen, this is a football”. So, along the lines of getting to basics, let me suggest that first and foremost, Congress and the President all cease and desist in thinking that is either party-specific or party-oriented. If they don’t, they’re doomed to make yet another mess of things and I believe the smell they are generating in D.C. is even worse than any global warming problem. In keeping with the above, they must cease and desist from worrying about getting re-elected. Above all, they must not cut deals to support anything but a realistic position. They must do the correct and logical thing and all will work out. They must have faith in the truth and let that take all of us along for the ride of our lives. Power is not supreme or everlasting so they should not abuse it. I remember when the big three car companies believed they had a total lock on the market and behaved accordingly. Then along came an individual named Denning and suggested to them that they improve the quality of their autos. He was brash enough to tell them that quality was the most important issue; if they acted accordingly, all good things would follow. They, in their seemingly unassailable positions, dismissed his thinking and went about business-as-usual. But the Japanese listened and we all know the results.
    Second and every bit as important as ignoring party thinking and philosophies, Congress and the President need get to the heart of the problem. We all know that cost is a dreadful part of healthcare. It increases at a rate three times that of the CPI. Why? It’s here that we need to start as this would seem to be at the top of the priority diagram. But is that the case?
    We all recognize there are uncovered citizens who need easier access to healthcare providers. But unless we address and solve the cost conundrum, there is little likelihood of any true and lasting solution. So on the priority diagram this is likely downstream from the cost issue in terms of an overall solution.
    We also recognize that tort abuse exists aplenty in the field of healthcare. But then if we address this without pursuing the cost issue, we again have put just another bandage on a terminally ill patient.
    And we could go on and on.

  86. thaismaria orlow says:

    i wonder if anyone at AMAC has read or at least heard of Howard Deans recent book on Single-Payer Health Care which works with Medicare and U-Care, the ( local state university)which is involved with the state and local governments and manyclinics in minnesota and wisconsin. the two states are fighting together to maintain our very wonderful health-care situation. Single Payer was i believe first begun by Senator Wellstone and his wife as he was from birth dependant on meds and saw what worked and what could be made better. Also Senater Marty (last name) office may be contacted to find out up to date info on Single Payer Health situations as it simplifies even more than your AMAC version. the two combining the best of both would be most ideal!?!

  87. JOSEPH VENNERI says:


  88. thaismaria orlow says:

    i wonder if anyone at AMAC has read or at least heard of Howard Deans recent book on Single-Payer Health Care which works to gether with Medicare and U-Care (that is the local state university)which is involved with the state and local governments and manyclinics in minnesota and wisconsin. the two states are fighting together to maintain our very wonderful health-care situation. Single Payer was i believe first begun by Senator Wellstone and his wife as he was from birth dependant on meds and saw what worked and what could be made better. Also Senater Marty (last name) office may be contacted to find out up to date info on Single Payer Health situations as it simplifies even more than your AMAC version. the two combining the best of both would be most ideal!?!

  89. LESTER TUCKER says:

    I have lived long enough to take a long, hard look at groups, individuals, and organizations that offer to provide a desired product or assistance, regardless of their appeal or noteriety, however, having recently dumped the corrupt AARP, I am considering the wisdom of joining this org. The greatest objection to your plan is your suggestion of Mandating coverage, which brings into question your patriotism and integrity. We already are temporarily stuck with a government full of marxist sewer rats who have bankrupted our nation and are still attempting to take over our country by driving us all into abject poverty and helplessness through this scheme labeled as “healtcare”, which does nothing for our health or care. We can’t afford to make another bad choice at this point of crisis. I will continue to watch this organization carefully and note your respose to the objections to your suggestion to “mandate insurance coverage,” which is as socialistic and unconstitutional as it gets also, it’s a waste of time, money and effort to offer another plan if and until we vote these washington vermin out, and replace them with new representatives who have not yet been corrupted, and we should watch them closely, and never, ever get lax and lazy, as we have done in the past..

  90. Patricia Stinnettt says:

    OH, O, It is unconstitutional to require someone to buy something they do not want to buy.

  91. Steven Davidson says:

    The only part of the health care I liked was the section where no pre-existing condition can be refused. That is because I have a condition. I am on social security and was issued a medicare card but in looking into gap insurance with a “pre-existing” condition, the cost was more than self insurance through my wife.
    Thank you for coming up with a plan that will actually work.

  92. jay says:

    i’m all for it! i don’t have dental or medical insurance, but to have free beneits going to illegal aliens is WRONG!!! I was born here & I should come first……..

  93. JP says:

    As a small business owner, we cannot afford to pay 60% for our employees ins. and also a % of the dependents! How is this our responsibility on any level? Would everyone just rather have small businesses go out of business and then noone will have a job?! As we seem to employ 80% of the population in the United States. I believe it is the responsibility of the people to budget to pay for their own insurance. Just as we pay for every other type of insurance: Homeowner, car etc. It is the responsibility of the gov’t to make it more affordable.

    I think everyone should start taking more responsibility for themselves and stop looking for the gov’t to take care of them period.

    If we stopped paying for illegals on every level, we would not be in this situation in the first place.

  94. Shelly says:

    Your alternative plan makes sense, but I believe this isn’t about health care. It is all about Government control or I should say Obama control. It is just one in a series of ways to crash our economy and take control of every aspect of our lives.

  95. Judy says:

    It sounds great with the exception of the mandate portion. This does prove that there are other alternatives than having to submit to complete government control over our lives. We should be able to make choices and exercise our freedom as long as we still have it! With the present administration I am really worried about where our wonderful country is going.

  96. bet says:

    I have read all comments and the outline you present and I like it. I really agree with getting exsisting gov. body that is not for the people out. Cut gov. waste then go for strsighting our country out. Bring GOD back to the forfront of lives with out GOD our country is doomed.

  97. John says:

    This is a much better plan than the obama,reid, and pelosi plan ! But I do believe we will have to wait until the 2010 Vote. Because you know as well as I do this Administration will not listen to the Republicans. But that will all change in 2010 so be patient !

  98. joe nordman says:

    I suspect your plan is also unconstitutional. You cannot require a citizen to participate. Note: Unless the Commerce Clause is infinitely elastic. Congress can regulate commercial activities in which the people choose to engage, but cannot require that they engage in those activities. So says Sen. Orrin Hatch

  99. Moki says:

    The AMAC plan is better than any govt plan because it makes sense and limits costs. We don’t need another new government bureacracy, but the States will still have to increase their numbers to administer this program. I also agree with Mr. Mitchell on the possible problems with the NAIC making health and cost decisions for the good of all. What will be the cost for the NAIC to control the AMAC proposal?

  100. Rick Rossi says:

    The plan that has been presented by AMAC is fair, equiteable and affordable. the Government can not on its best day do for anyone , what we ” the people can do for ourselve” This whole debat started over 47 million people uninsured in the U. S. What do you hear about that today? Nothing ! Because it was bogus and a fraud.We have the best system in the world, why do people cross borders to come here? Because its free? No one gets turned away. The Doctor doesn’t know your insurance or finaces, they service the sick. The problem is with our Politicians ie. President Obama wants a legacy and the others want to make ” History ” All we want is for them to listen to these unselfish ideas and research that simplifies the whole Idea of Health Care and debt and doesn’t cost ” the next generation ” an entire life of debt” ! This method is reasonable and makes sense for all to understand. We need to move on and not get trapped passing a Bill that makes no sense, just to say we have accomplished something ? That would be foolish and defeat the whole purpose of providing good health care for everyone!

  101. Sherry Boland says:

    Thank God a lot of people are coming to their senses and seeing the transparency of our government . Our senators and representatives are being manipulated from within in Washington. They forgot that WE THE PEOPLE are the true government. We are headed into a medical revolution and we need to support the medical care plans not controlled by the government. We need to stand up for our inalienable rights and get the corruption out by voting these idiots out of office.-they have lost their common sense., especially Pelosi and Reid.

  102. Murray Johnson says:

    Your plan would greatly damage the economy by eleminating the insurance agent from the market place. Loss of a huge number of jobs. Your plan could not be enforced and would be very confusing. You need to stick to politics and leave the health insurance issues to those that know what they are doing.

  103. Larry Finklestein says:

    A lot talk about voting members congress out in November, but will you really follow through and actually do it or continue to vote the same ones in again and again? Get some guts and back up your words.

  104. Robert E Hunter says:

    It’s about time that the “CITIZENS” took back their lives and their Country.
    Also our Presidency – Mr. Obama can ruin such chances as we cannot rid ourselves till 2012. However there are many opportunities to rid ourselves of the incumbent thieves. No armed Revolution, just go to the voting booth !!!

  105. Eldon Raines says:

    What Ben Franklin said should have been “those who are willing to give up a litlle freedom for security, deserve neither. sorry about the error.

  106. Eldon Raines says:

    I am against anything that government can mandate, especially health care. Healthe care and Insurance is not a right, it is as personal as your bank account.
    Ben Franklin said “those who are willing to give up a little for security deserve neither”. Be it state or Federal government it is not worth giving up freedom to the government. Government heath is not about health, it is about total control over your lives. Wake up America

  107. Troy Jones says:

    I disagree with Amac’s working to avoid major changes in Medicare. There are 70 million “baby boomers” who over a few short years will be on the Medicare rolls. I, too, believe that our government should have never gotten involved in medicine and that the US Constitution does not authorize its involvement. However, short of eliminating Medicare altogether, at least the age for eligiblity should be raised. People are living over 10 years longer than they were when Medicare first started. So, the age of eligiblity should be raised to 75. This can be done gradually by raising the age of eligiblity by 1 year every 2 years.

  108. Don says:

    The AMAC plan makes so much more sense. Since it is obvious to the average intelligent person that we can not afford the government plan, Congress and the President obviously have another motive for health care take over.

  109. Herbert Bowie says:

    when you go for health care , A place you trust, Have a document that you can sign that you will not sue the them for any reason fot their service : and get a discount off your bill. This will lower their ins. cost i would think .Or something like this .

  110. H.F.Mockenhaupt says:

    Some of your points are good, but mandated health insurance isn’t one. I do like the idea of low cost clinics in places like Wallmart, but it should be pay as you go. I also think LESS government involvement would be excellent and illegal aliens should not be covered, but they could use the pay as you go clinics.

  111. John Piano says:

    AMAC presents a sound and simple plan and deserves to be heard as an alternative to the Washington Politicians bravado.Along with AMAC, everyone should get familiar with Fair Tax .org and urge our representatives to support this important legislation.Change will not happen by itself and it is time we all take the bull by the horns and make something happen for the good of our nation.Our people in government will have to start listening and stop thinking only they control our destiny.

  112. Sarah Johnson says:

    I know I’ve already resonded, but I just have to say how much I appreciate reading everyone’s input on here. Not only is it beautiful to see people standing up for our country and telling our government, “No more!” …it’s being done without the use of foul language. I’m 25, so unfortunately that’s all I’m used to hearing or seeing even though I don’t participate in it myself. It’s like a breath of fresh air to not see a swear word used in every other sentence, especially the most offensive one. It’s also nice to see that everyone is respectful of each other…this is how it should be everywhere. Thank You!

  113. says:

    Here is the way to get Americans healthy and avoid insurance altogether: First, Eliminate the FDA.
    Second, pay Americans for staying healthy. Third, place alternative health care practicianers at the top of health care providers. Four, require MDs and ODs to become versed in alternative heath care practices. Fifth, eliminate all health insurance policies paid for by government using our tax dollars. Sixth, provide for emergency centers throughout the land to provide care for the injured on a pay as you go basis. Seventh, require all Americans, including politicians to have the same laws applied to all, in other words, eliminate the politically elite class.
    Eight, have all Americans vote for all laws, elected officials, and changes using on line voting.
    Ninth, terms for all elected officials contiue until a vote of no-confidence is voted by more than 50% of voters on specific proposals. For example, Vote yes or no for a new president and vote the person of your choice from the following list of individuals to held on July 4, 2010.Tenth, no law shall be inacted that requires all Americans to pay for health insurance.

  114. Troy Jones says:

    I agree with most of this plan. However, I completely disagree with people being required to purchase insurance. I personally do not have health insurance and don’t want it. I want to be financially responsible for my own health issues, which have been very few. My family and I have saved many thousands of dollars not having health insurance. We live a very healthy lifestyle and don’t want to be financial responsible for the unhealthy lifestyles of others (by paying for insurance we won’t use). I have been a physician for 24 years. I can attest to the fact that more than 90% of heath problems are self-inflicted such as: obesity, idolness, tobacco use, alcohol use, caffeine use, drug use, promiscuity, failing to care for known medical problems (ie diabetes, hypertension, etc), consuming processed foods—to name a few. Additionally, most people who have insurance over-utiize health care and I don’t want to be responsible for paying for others’ over-utilization. Why penalize people for doing everything they can to stay heathy by forcing them to pay for “insurance”. I can see that a major way being used to lower insurance costs is by taking those people currently choosing not to have insurance and forcing them to pour their money into this system.

  115. Greg B. says:

    Thank you !!!!!!
    Please stay at task.
    I fall on the side of wellness before hand. build into your plan insentives to stay healthy. I certainly like what I see so far !!!

  116. stan says:

    Planenut says it all – anything made “mandatory” by ANY government entity is wrong. If government wants to help, let it go back to giving citizens 100% deductability of medical and premium expenses on income tax – like it used to be.

  117. Sarah Johnson says:

    This is a great start! I would recommend coming up with an alternative to being mandated to have health insurance, because that is unconstitutional I think the surcharge idea, proposed by Nella earlier, might work as a good alternative. I also think it should be noted on there that illegal aliens will not be covered under this plan and will need to become legal citizens before they can benefit from it. That would probably give people incentive to come here the right way and hopefully motivate those who are already here illegally to go back and do the work it will take to become legal citizens…I don’t mind people from other countries trying to make a life for themselves here as long as they do it legally. After all, I would show the same respect for their country, so I expect the same in return…other than that, this outline seems like a great idea so far! Go ahead and put this in the arrogant faces of the White House and see what they do with it. They’ll just further manifest their true colors to us the American people and hang themselves politically if they reject and/or ignore this…but they’ve proven that they’re arrogant and power-hungry enough to try to run us over once more no matter what the cost. It’s time to take out the trash that’s in the White House and replace it with freedom/constitution-loving Americans! Let’s take our country back this next election!

  118. Wayne Vickery says:

    This is a common-sense plan that will work and NOT add more government to the system! The main reason the Obama plan won’t work is that it is not about health care anyhow. It is about government control of the entire health care and insurance industries–SOCIALISM!

  119. DC says:

    I am all for most anything at this point that will put an end to the ‘financial exsanguination’ and collectivism of the common people. We the people.

  120. Sandy says:

    Looks good except for mandated coverage. Mandated coverage is unconstitutional and I vehemently oppose it.

  121. rick says:

    How about real tort reform and letting people buy insurance anywhere in the US.

    No required anything. Sounds like Big Brother again!

  122. Randy says:

    Finally, something that makes sense, particularly compared to the nonstarters either the House or Senate have proposed. Although many, perhaps most of us, would prefer some changes, the fact is no plan will please everyone. So I suggest six actions to pressure congress to do something meaningful.
    First, find a way to better publicize this plan so more people can see it and comment.
    Second, ask members of congress to indicate whether or not they would be willing to vote for this as is.
    Third, ask members of congress who vote yes to identify any changes they would prefer to see.
    Fourth, ask members of congress who vote no to indicate the changes that would have to be made to get them to vote yes.
    Fifth, keep a running summary of congressional input that is widely publicized to show who elects to participate or not, summarizes the results for those that do vote (yes, no, changes preferred, changes required), and by party and state.
    Sixth, for members of congress who do not participate their constituents should bury them with letters, emails, calls, letters to the editor, etc.

  123. Michael Nissen says:

    I like what I see so far. I would only support it 100% if it includes alternate health solutions as well. I know for a fact that many work much better than drugs and have no side effects. Paying to keep people healthy Is much cheaper than paying the fix. Want to redue cost ? Include Alternate medicine.

  124. Roy says:

    Health care should not be universal and insurance should not be mandatory or even encouraged by incentives. Individuals should be free to choose whether or not to have insurance and what type of insurance to have. Having a large number of uninsured people and people with catastrophic coverage only will create incentives in the health care system to develop low cost treatment solutions. The federal government should not be involved at all in this issue.

    On the other hand these suggestions are a massive improvement over Reid and Pelosi ideas, and AMAC is a vast improvement over AARP.

  125. Norma Dikeman says:

    Require all legislators / government officials to participate in the same plan that the public does

  126. Susan says:

    What is the difference between a “bare bones” plan and the public option? What is to stop people from using the cheaper bare bones plan until they become more ill and then switching to a better benefits plan?
    I still have a problem with mandates. It is unconstitutional and it will reduce voluntary compliance of tax filing. If someone can’t pay their health insurane one year, they are likely to avoid filing taxes to put off dealing with the IRS.
    I do like the idea of incentives for those who maintain healthy lifestyles, but it also says incentives for those who maintain a certain health status. Doesn’t that mean they would lose that incentive if their health worsened?
    The best parts of this plan are:
    1. Combining government departments and reducing costs.
    2. Using a pre-existing department for oversight as oposed to creating new bureaucracies.
    3. Tort reform.
    4. Interstate insurance availability.
    5. Tax deduction of full premium.
    5. Letting the states maintain their regulatory control.
    6. Leaving medicaid alone.
    7. Incentives for low-cost clinics and healthy lifestyles.

  127. John C. Davidson says:

    There is a lot of work to be done concerning Health Care. The idea of removing the Federal Government’s control is a step in the right direction. The next step is to loosen states control, too. Health Care should be a community controlled. Hospital’s once served comunities, now, they are Capitalistic enterprises monopolizing their services. The Federal programs already in existence are not a garden of Eden; let the weeding process begin.

  128. Rose says:

    I agree with Linda (Jan. 16th posting),
    buy insurance across state lines. Right now the “insurance companies” have monopolies in each state.

  129. Yvonne Crumpler says:

    This sounds far superior to any other plan. Do NOT trust the Federal Government with healthcare. Remember the Tuskegee Experiment in the 1930’s or the radiation experiments in the 1940’s and 1950’s? These were conducted by the U.S. Government.

  130. Planenut says:

    Hold on a minute,
    I am totally against the current Health care plan that is before Congress and I thought yours might offer something better, but I’m disappointed. Your second point (mandatory participation) is one of the major sticking points I have with the one in Congress and yours. The government has no Constitutional authority or right to force anyone to buy anything. That is part of the power grab that is going on now. How would you enforce this – with fines and imprisonment as Congress suggests? As free Americans, we have the right to not have any health care if we choose.
    Additionally, your “peer approved practice protocols” sounds an awful lot like death panels to me. You’d better take this one back to the drawing board and purge it of the Socialism. Bottom line, any health care program run by the government will be a disaster and a serious blow to individual liberty and free enterprise. I’m all for tort reform, inter and intrastate competition, coverage of pre-existing conditions, eliminating fraud, and providing subsidies for the poor. The less government involvement the better.
    Vaya con Dios

  131. Ed Centner says:

    It all sounds great, keep at it! AARP, your glory days are over…..

  132. elmer fudd says:

    First of all, Its not about health care, The elections of obama was a mere distraction of was really going on behind closed doors.
    When such rich and powerful people meet up in secret, with military intelligence managing their security, with hardly a whisper escaping of what goes on inside, people are right to be suspicious. But the true power of Bilderberg comes from the fact that participants are in a bubble, sealed off from reality and the devastating implications on the ground of the black-science economic solutions on the table.

    No, it’s not a ‘conspiracy’. The world’s leading financiers and foreign policy strategists don’t get together at Bilderberg to draw up their ‘secret plans for the future’. It’s subtler than that. These meetings create an artificial ‘consensus’ in an attempt to spellbind visiting politicians and and other men of influence. Blair has fallen for this hook, line and sinker. It’s about reinforcing – often to the very people who are on the edge of condemning Globalisation – the illusion that Globalisation is ‘good’, ‘popular’ and that it’s inevitable.

    Bilderberg is an extremely influential lobbying group. That’s not to say though that the organisers don’t have a hidden agenda, they do, namely accumulation of wealth and power into their own hands whilst explaining to the participants that globalisation is for the good of all. It is also a very good forum for ‘interviewing’ potential future political figures such as Clinton (1991) and Blair (1993). [see above for more on this]

    The ideology put forward at the Bilderberg conferences is that what’s good for banking and big business is good for the mere mortals of the world. Silently banished are the critical voices, those that might point out that debt is spiralling out of control, that wealth is being sucked away from ordinary people and into the hands of the faceless corporate institutions, that millions are dying as a direct result of the global heavyweight Rockefeller/Rothschild economic strategies.

    When looking at one of the (partially reliable) participant lists it should be remembered that quite a number of participants are invited in an attempt to get them on-board the globalisation project. These are carefully selected people of influence, who have been openly critical of globalisation. Examples are Jonathan Porritt (Bilderberg 1999) and Will Hutton (Bilderberg 1997) but there are many others. Most of these kinds of participants are happy to speak about the conference afterwards, and may even be refreshingly critical.

    The Bilderberg organisers are accepted by those ‘in the know’ as the prophets of Capitalism. Will Hutton, deputy Editor of The Observer newspaper in London and left-leaning Economist, described private clubs of the elite as masterminded by ‘The High Priests of Globalisation’. The ecclesiastical allusion is not accidental. The Bilderberg high-priests are a force against good, out to wipe morality from the earth. For the organisers Bilderberg Conferences are an annual ideological assault by the world’s most power-hungry people. Not content with owning unimaginable amounts of money and property they want to use that wealth to acquire even more power for themselves. Power is the most dangerous and addictive drugs known to man. Will the craving be satisfied when a handful of men own and control everything on earth?

    And just like the Nazi party in the 1930’s the global Capitalist Elite are rising in power by peaceful means. There are some very uncomfortable and unexplained connections between Bilderberg and the Nazis through the Conference’s founder Prince Bernhard.

    These crown princes of capital use violence at the sharp end – the destruction of dissent – the repossession of homes men and women have worked a lifetime for – needless deaths from starvation and geopolitical machinations – this violence is notable by its absence from the annual meetings.

    One can’t help but wonder, when the Bilderberg organisers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger and the rest have completed their project of enclosing all global goods and services into their own hands, enclosing too the media to stop people freely discussing what they are up to. What then?? What happens when the men who would be gods turn out to be the global devils?

    Who is behind Bilderberg?
    Bilderberg is run by a Steering Group – if you’re wondering who’s responsible for so much of the capital-friendly and dissent-crushing law-making, poverty and general misery in the world this may be the place to look. Up-to-date lists are available from the Bilderberg Secretariat. This is the closest approximation to a shadow transatlantic government. And this is another hidden agenda at Bilderberg.

    There may be other groups pulling the strings behind even the Steering Group possibly even high degree occult groups such as The Masons or Illuminati! [eg.] – but that is ‘conspiracy theory’, Bilderberg is not.

    There must certainly be some sociopathic minds behind Bilderberg since they go to so much trouble to promote policies that lead to exploitation, inequality and despair. These individuals seem oddly switched off from the suffering they are clearly causing. Surely only pernicious people would want to control the ideology of the world’s mainstream press, and undermine natural political discourse. Public opinion and democratic institutions are a threat when you want to own the world.

    The perverse objective of the Bilderberg Steering Group is to dress totalitarian ideology up to appear rational and push it out, unattributable, for mass consumption under Chatham House rules. Meanwhile, outside the Bilder-bubble, ‘god-is-money’ globalisation is the new religion. The greedy are given a pat on the back as they plunder both the earth and do their best to destroy the human spirit.

  133. Gary G says:

    I just did a quick study of the grades of our leaders in Washington.
    Their grades are as follows:

    Senators DEM’s 57 Grade F
    DEM’s 1 Grade D
    IND’s 1 Grade C
    REP’s 41 Grade C to A+

    Congress DEM’s 233 Grade F
    DEM’s 2 Grade C
    REP’s 200 Grade C to A+

    I think everyone there should ponder long and hard on their votes. Nov 2010 isn’t far away.

    You can check this out for your selves at

  134. Valerie says:

    I think this is a wonderful alternative. But I worry that the big four running the show and with mostly Democrats being able to vote anything they want in we may not have a choice. We are heading for a communist rule here.

  135. Bob says:

    Strange how senior citizens criticize the proposed health bill when they all survive on a government run medicare program. All you hypocrites– if you don’t believe in government supported health insurance, then drop medicare NOW.

  136. Ryan says:

    Thank God! People who understand the Constitution!!! Its simple…think auto insurance, who makes you pay that…THE STATE!!! The fed cannot make you buy anything, and both plans (REQUIRE) you to buy….its (NOT) Constitutional! Take out any mandatory or require and its a good start, but it should be up to each STATE not the Fed, so why don’t we bring this to our State governments and let them decide what their people want!

  137. K Grinley says:

    I hope and pray that our voices will be heard. This government takeover is NOT AMERICAN. And those who want to do it are NOT AMERICANS. I hope more and more people will wake up and become aware of what is going on around us and get involved. Keep up the good work! God bless you all! And, God bless America!!!

  138. Ethel Woods says:

    I have not totally studied your AMAC plan but I like much of what I read. Why not mandantory coverage? My office buddy who has no insurance, by choice, gets ill and goes to the hospital and gets “free” care and the cost of hospital care for me goes up. How fair is that? Sure, I pay for health insurance just in case I need it. I do not want to take the chance of a serious illness driving me into bankruptcy. Getting illegals out of the system would help fund health would diverting the expense of Nancy Polsi’s “free” airplane to health care. It amounts to over a Million Dollars a year. How do I join AMAC?

  139. KD says:

    Tell Obama to take care of the job he was sent to Washington to do and stay out of the Banks, Car Business and Health Care. Send Pelosi and Reid back where they came from and let each state take care of their own Health Insurance Program. America is the greatest country in the world and we don’t want the likes of Obama/Pelosi/Reid ruining that. They just want to make a name for themselves, which they have done, but it is not the one they were aiming for. God Bless America!!!!!

  140. Steve Sparks says:

    Thank you for starting up some competion for AARP this sounds like the way to go for me.

  141. Ed Mitchell says:

    Never before have I seen any ‘response’ setup producing virtually a unanimous response!!! Not to pick just one respondee, but LASHLARUE brings into focus the frightening array of Czars and the dictatorlike proposals of the so-far-proposed, tired, hackneyed healthcare plans. Why can’t the people responding to this email form a group that could focus the ‘sunlight’ as by a magnifying glass on our president. I pray that he might see that light and learn what he could do FOR and BY THE PEOPLE instead of TO them.

  142. Dave P says:

    It’s about time someone became attuned to the needs of the public and return the politicians back to their home states to fix the issues.

  143. Aubrey says:

    #1. After reading most all the comments, I notice that they largely missed the comparison chart, where all three included the wording to allow purchase of insurance across state lines. READ the Whole thing before stating your view.
    Now, I also agree over all with the proposed plan, with some minor tweaks and plan to support it. Out with ARRP,and both Gov plans, and most if not all the Congress in DC.Term Limits Next! The Fair Tax is IN and IRS out, get this country Going right again. Voting time is coming,so take heed Politicians, both FED and STATE.

  144. Gary G says:

    Another plan for our federal government is to make it immpossible for a earmark or pork barrel to sneak into a bill under darkness of night. If a Senator on congressman wants a grant for their state it must be a separate request and stand on and voted it’s own.

  145. Neil Clapp says:

    This plan is a start, but
    1. Mandatory coverage is unconstitutional;
    2. Allowing nationwide competition (everyone allowed to go outside his state) for coverage will reduce costs;
    3. Ignoring pre-existing conditions means that we who work to maintain our health (12% max. body fat, very low carbohydrate, high protein and healthy fat diet plus supplementation, regular exercize sessions, etc.) subsidize the sugar-addicted, obese, chain-smoking, couch potato, junk food junkie.
    Your plan is not as bad as that of the Democrats, but you still have work to do before I would support it.

  146. H. Hicks says:

    I am in favor of this sort of approach. I have contacted Senator Reid and Congressman Pelosi
    in the past regarding these issues…but of course no replies. Not sure about forcing all to purchase insurance..but maybe not a huge problem if a bare bones option available at low cost.

  147. Ron says:

    Why not try it. We can always change it

  148. M/M.M says:

    We like what we read. Now we the people’s elected need to get this out to the people to read and vote on. We need to pray and ask GOD for guidence in all things.GOD will direct us in all things. IF WE ASK HIM !!!!!!!

  149. Gary G says:

    I don’t like require either. The Federal Government can’t pass a require insurance bill. Under the constitution a state is allowed such provision though.

  150. Ryan says:

    REQUIRE=SOLCIALISM! How can anybody be against that?!?! Take out the required and its a good start. Next read the Constitution people! Its a STATE issue!

  151. Gary G says:

    Right on the mark Tom. Kudo’s

  152. Lawrence Honeycutt says:

    Well its about time we arrive at something that not only looks and sounds great, but might possibly work.

  153. Tom McC says:

    I may have missed it but the final bill must include a mandate that all local, state and federal employees and elected officials shall be required to be subject to the provisions of the Healthe Care Reform bill that becomes law.


    Tom McC

  154. Gary G says:

    P.S. Also include purchase across state line insurance policies.

  155. Gary G says:

    It’s a plan that can be worked out if it’s done in the open and a light shining on it. And make it simple.

  156. M/M Moore says:


  157. Dave Memmer says:

    Making insurance companies cover pre existing conditions and take all comers is a recipe for bankrurtcy. Here is a role for the govt lovers.Create a pool funded by govt and the ins companies to allow the adverse underwriting you want.

  158. Richard Hand says:

    Thank you for starting up some competion for AARP. I called AARP some time ago and told them I wanted my membership cancelled. That said, I am not all that impressed with your so called “plan” either. The only difference between what you are suggesting and the drivel suggested in the 2000 page version is that I get the feeling that you are serious in the quest of coming up with a reasonable working, non-government controlled solution while our congress and senate are only doing this for control and votes. But make no mistake, there are NO simple solutions to this complicated problem and anyone who even thinks that they can come “close” to projecting costs for socialized medical care is lying. This whole thing is out of control because WE let it get that way. Once the insurance companies took over our responsibility of checking OUR bills , this became a snow ball rolling down hill. Insurance companys pay the bills for charges made without even knowing if the work was done or if the procedure was necessary. They also accept hospital bills which are charging $5 for an asperin as being “normal”. The very existence of this “third party” pay situation just begs for corruption and inflated billing. This IS NOT going to be easy to fix! Somehow people need to be put back in this loop to OK and verify charges being sent to the insurance companies. BUT….we, the people, need to be careful not to buy into the current political jargon that implies such things that high risk people do not pose problems to companys writing health insurance policies.
    We all know that doctors are currently performing unnecessary tests because of fear of lawsuits and also probably to run up the bill but how do we stop it if we never question anything?
    Your suggestion of eliminating a number of government departments is an excellent suggestion but until you start naming names and kicking some butt, it is just another useless suggestion. By the way, “consolidation” of departments when it comes to the govermnent does NOT result in cutting back the number of government employees.
    We cannot get govenment out of our hair unless we start to decrease the number of government employees.
    Likewise, we cannot fix ANY of this as long as we approach the solution with the idea of “what’s in it for me?”
    We have seen this sort of attitude constantly in the payoffs being given using OUR borrowed tax money to bribe politicians to vote a certain way.
    It is way past the time to demand that our elected reps have the responsibility of operating OUR country in the same way that we individually have to approach operating our own lives. A balanced budget goal would be an excellent start. Currently the adminstration thinks that it’s possible to “borrow” its way out of debt.. IT IS NOT. That doesn’t work for me and it won’t work for our goverment. Obama, Pelosi and Reid have everyone tied up on dealing with their chosen “crisis” when this issue should not currently even be on the table. We need to fix problems in a logical sequence and not add to current problems by making them even more expensive.
    Illegal immigration is the first problem needing attention. Work programs are fine but the people coming here illegally need to be rounded up and returned to Mexico and not just the ones who commit crimes.
    We have laws supposedly protecting the country from this sort of “invasion”. Why are they not being enforced? Why are not our elected officials listening to us? If they chose to ignore the enforcement of this law…..which laws are next to be ignored?

    Being born in the United states to foreign national parents should NOT make the baby an automatic citizen of the USA.
    This is just plain stupid and accomplishes nothing except to create more problems for the country.
    How can a baby be here legally if both parents are here illegally? That’s just NUTS.!!!
    Point is, until we get the illegal thing fixed we should not even start considering creating a universal health care solution. In fact, the universal “crisis” that currently looms the largest is getting American citizens back to work. universal health is not near as important as getting people jobs.
    But …until OUR govenment actually starts doing the job they were “hired” for , all of this pie in the sky nonsense is just that.

  159. Boyce Tate says:

    This makes more sense than any idea I’ve seen. How can anybody honestly oppose this proposal. RIGHT ON!

  160. B. Gus says:

    Would that mean that military would be reduced. Military needs to be exempt to any cuts period.

  161. Stanley R. Jackson Sr. says:

    Sounds like a good start and only three hundred pages in the plan. I guess that means there are over 1700 pages of pork in the goverment plan. America needs to stand up against this outlaw administration.

  162. Rex White says:

    I think ilegal aliens should not be on the plan. We can not afford to pay for every body elses care. I think Obama is trying to spend till he bankrups the country so it can become socialist.

  163. R L CLEMENT says:


  164. JoAnne says:

    I love this concept. It makes more sense than anything that the Government has offered, by far. I loved reading the other comments too. It sounds like this is a winner. Now can we convince the idiots in Washington? I hope so.

  165. Calvin says:

    Good job…….but they won’t go for it because it doesn’t allow for these new depts. any new jobs. ……….more important than that , unlike AARP bribe sceem with Obama, AMAC is my next stop for membership……Well done.

  166. Tom LaMay says:

    create an oversight committee to reduce staff in every senator,representatives office. .Many departmets overlap. Eliminate some of them. The HUGE savings could be rolled into healthcare for indigents. And I say,”indigents” , as those unable to do work, such as public service, even nsewwping streets, Tom.

  167. Ryan says:

    The federal government cannot (REQUIRE) its citizens to buy anything, its unconstitutional! Lets start by understanding that first, and then our states can do their job! Its time to put the federal government in its place! WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  168. James G. says:

    Well the AMAC plan sounded great till I got to the part that said EVERYONE HAD to buy insurance! When I read that then,you need to just wad it up and throw it in the trash. Beleive it or not this IS still America, the land of the FREE and requiring ANYONE to buy health insurance is WRONG! What next? Requiring everone to buy a car? Why stop there, lets make it mandatory it be a chevy or maybe a ford? Come on! We are Americans and we CAN come up with a solution to the health care problem without costing us ANY of are freedoms that so many have died for. I will say that AMAC is the best plan I’ve heard of so far, it just needs to get rid of this madator crap! But keep up the good work.Also don’t anyone let down your guard, Obamacare is not dead yet! Plus remember when you vote, that alot of those who was supporting Obamacare and have changed sides sence Brown got elected have done so because of there jobs. NOT because they didn’t know most of the people didn’t want it!

  169. ken says:

    Any plan is better as long as there is no COMPRIMISING with the liberals on their current so- called plan.

  170. Cindy says:

    All well and good, but what about the people who go to holistic, naturopathic, physicians or nutrition response testers, etc. We are trying to take good care of ourselves and are penalized because insurance companies don’t recognize them as health care providers.

  171. Robert Werner says:

    A reinsurance pool can be created to cover preexisting condition. It would allow transferability between plans and states. Like worker’s compensation all carriers would participate. Common sense!

  172. Dave Memmer says:

    Also, requiring people to buy it is probably unconstitutional. Give people the right incentives and most will do the right thing.

  173. Dave Memmer says:

    Generally much better ideas than Obamacare. However we need to expand MSA’s making them available to all with a HDHP.People must pay the first dollars of care out of pocket to eliminate abuse.

  174. Joy Crouch says:

    You make some interesting points, but why should we force anyone to buy health insurance. If they choose to go without it, then when they need medical care they will pay out of pocket. We do not want the government control. We need the details before we can endorse your plan. Why not address the health care issue incredmental, pass legislation immediately to allow insurance companies to seel across state lines – competition always brings down costs. Next, give each state government the power to deny medical care to illegals, if they choose. After all, most of the time it is medicade, a state run program that pays for treating the illegals aliens. We already have laws on the books to reign in fraud in medicare and medicade. We must put pressure on our state attorney generals and the US attorney general to launch immediate investigation of the fraudulent medical clinics, doctors, etc. After these laws and investigations have been in place for a few years, a comprehensive unbiased look at the US medical care should be done. I have lived abroad off and on for the past thirty years. You do not want to go to any form, however minor, of socialized medicine. Take it from one who has experienced it first hand.

  175. Mary Ann says:

    Re 1: Let the states be responsible for their own regulations. There is no need for NAIC to create uniform regulations to govern health insurance programs – this is just more big government interference.

    Re 2: I object to coverage being required for all – let people make their own decisions. AND do not have any more tax incentives to help pay the cost.

  176. Jos. Sloop says:

    I didn’t read all the comments but there are some excellent ideas here especially from Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Aiken. I do not like the ObamaCare (OC) plan and yours has significant weakness also. It has many of the same features of the Obama plan but in different places (rearranging the deck chairs….) and to lesser degrees. One of our (people of the US) big objections to OC is being forced to have the insurance…yours does the same. Another of our objections is the enlargement of government that goes with it…yours does the same but in a different place. Can you not see the dramatic expansion of state governments as they “administer” the plan? Yes, it’s better for the states to do it than for the feds but it’s still government expansion where government takes authority over individual rights and choices. Most of the good points of your plan, and those that fit the historic ideals of our country, are in item #4. Free market, competition, and incentive based programs will work every time. They have made us what we are; the most prosperous, most giving, the most advanced in services, health, and involved people in the world. I will not mention any negatives because they are, in truth, minor compared to the positives of this great country. Only when we depart from our religion and our founders’ inspired plan have we faltered…like now!

    One last point. We have been fed the Obama line of how bad insurance companies are. I personally have had greater problems with my Medicare in two years than with private insurance companies for forty five years. Fact is, insurance companies are the most regulated business in the country. Without the immense number of regulations insurance companies could give much better service at a much lesser cost. Truth is, the profit margin of insurance companies is one of the lowest of all businesses. The exact figures are easily found so you can look them up for yourself. We are not given both sides of the issue by the media or of a government that is trying to take over the business. And, I AM NOT in any way associated with any insurance company. I am a retired teacher.

  177. Heather G says:

    The solution is a better alternative, but I think that the President, VP, all of Senate and House should be voted out anyways because it has become about them and NOT about the American people. The government has become so selfish and greedy they aren’t even paying attention to what the American people are saying. Pretty dumb on their part, being that elections are coming up and the American people won’t vote for lifelong politicians any longer, they are going to vote in people who believe in this country and aren’t trying to sell us out to our enemies like our current administration. Bravo for something actually good on the political table, now lets just see how dumb the politicians really are by ignoring the American people.

  178. Dave Stoklas says:

    Looked interesting until the second requirement. Still Socialist mandated health care. Your plan still means higher cost and less coverage for most of the middle class, while forcing them to pay for other people. Based on this, I will not join you either.

  179. JimBob M. says:

    The Republicans just want to take credit for creating the HealthCare fix so if OB just changes the name and calls it the GOP Healthcare Solution of 2010 it will pass and be in place within weeks.
    Same Bill different name!

  180. Will Pfaff says:

    First of all none of the plans will decrease medical costs. There isn’t any means provided by the medical community or these plans to list the cost of even basic services. Yes you can ask a lab what a certain test costs but there needs to be a means of comparison of other labs in your area. The hospital administrator at our local hospital has said that he doesn’t have any way that he can easily access cost information of basic procedures.

    Until costs for all medical services can be accessed to make comparisons costs will continue to climb.

  181. Johnnie Parrish says:

    Let’s get back to our Constitutional Rights in our Great Nation; it spells out LESS GOVERNMENT, AND MORE INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY… No one should ASK for anything they are not willing to pay their fare share of it’s expense. The AMAC plan is a TRUE start from what now is being presented by our ‘CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS.’ I, myself was a former elected public official and the OATH of office I took is the same as all of our elected officials take before entering office. How many of you have bothered to ask your elected officials “With God as your witness, HAVE YOU HONORED YOUR OATH OF OFFICE 100%?” Try it now and you will receive the same answer that I get each and every time… NOTHING. Oh! They will respond that they do appreciate hearing from their constituants and will keep in mind this bill and that when it comes to the floor; BUT NEVER AN ANSWER TO MY QUESTION ABOUT THEIR OATH…IF they had obeyed their OATH and ALL LAWS, we would not be having the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION problems that plague our nation today. Any person entering our country outside of Law is a CRIMINAL and should be treated as such. ALL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE SENT BACK TO THEIR PLACE OF ORIGIN. We should all be 100% for any QUALIFIED citizen of any nation to come to America LEGALLY, and we ALL should be 100% AGAINST any person attempting to enter our country in an ILLEGAL way. If you would look at the actual facts Illegal Immigrants create a much bigger drain on our Health System, Schools and other services that are supposed to be for TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS. AND they are depriving American citizens of employment; With so many now being laid off and jobs being sent elsewhere (many out of our country) we need every able bodied American to be working to provide health and other benefits for their families.

    We ALL must be like those TRUE AMERICANS who elected Scott Brown in MA, it takes COURAGE to stand up for America and we had better take QUICK action ASAP or our GREAT NATION will be destroyed. The person now in the White House is acting more like a POWER CRAZED DICTATOR than a President of the United States of America. I am WWII Vet and his actions are more like Adolph Hitler, or Stalin than a previous U. S. President. Lies, lies and more lies every time he opens his mouth. Also, I don’t recall any former President or high official needing a Teleprompter to make a speech…Take these away and Obama would be stuttering for lack of words.

    Our prayer to God should be that He will continue to BLESS AMERICA and it’s TRUE leaders that we may go back to pleasing Him, as it was with our ‘Founding Fathers.’

  182. Mike Maddox says:

    I totally agree. The current proposal they are wanting to lock you up for not having insurance coverage. Now we will have to pay for more jail cells . That isn’t the solution at all!!! . I believe that this plan will work!

  183. buttless1 says:

    As soon as you propose people MUST by a “Qualified” plan, I read ‘government control of health care. Keep the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world out of my Dr.s’ office!!!!!

  184. Patsy says:

    I worked in the medical field for 45 yrs. I’ve seen every kind of abuse immaginable of insurance. A lot of people did not have insurance because they wanted the government to take care of them. AMAC sounds like a much better plan than anything I’ve heard so far. I doubt Obama/Pelosi/Reid has ever had to sit and listen to a mother who had no insurance or money try to get help for her sick child. It is heart rendering to say the least. We live in a country that has abused privileges far too much. All the plastic surgeries need to be stopped!! Insurance should be used for illness and accidents. But, I don’t want the government taking away or cutting what we worked for. When a plan is finally settled on, I think EVERYONE should be under the same plan This means Obama/Pelosi/Reid and ALL Congressional Members. I’m sure when one of them needs medical attention, they demand and get the BEST. They should have to use the same plan as any one else in the USA that worked for it. The final plan should be across the board coverage.

  185. LASHLARUE says:


  186. Bojangles says:

    Seems to benefit the insurance companies…..
    coverage will be required for all??? NO NO NO. That is not freedom! Freedom is the individual right to decide whether to buy or not.

    The reason health care cost are going up is third party intervention.

  187. bill bailey says:

    will never again belong to aarp their policies are not for my benifit. this plan is the answer to better affordable healthcare for all of us

    thanks bb

  188. Ryan says:

    This is a state issue! The federal government is out of control! Read the Consttution!

  189. Charlie Harris says:

    Amac sounds like a great start for Conservatives (note I distinguish Conservatives from Republicans) to produce ideas that are counter to the radicals that are now in power. Looks like former Speaker Newt Gingrich is about the only one with workable ideas now being presented. Now is the time for Conservative thinkers to challenge Obama et al. We should not miss this opportunity.

  190. James Hembrey says:

    I think if any official does not agree with amac, he or she needs to be removewd from office immediately

  191. Richard DAniels says:

    I jumped ship from the AARP several years ago, realizing they did not have the intrest in seniors but in their own agenda, just putting up a front of helping us seniors .I do like the AMAC Solution to the problem make more sence than changing the whole why of doing business especially putting the Fed’s in charge of it.; they have never run anything efficiently in their existence. Uncle Sam, Get out of my life and stay out. Small Govt. is way better.

  192. C.Wade Crosby says:

    This will not be acceptable to the government.It provides no more control of the people. That is their real goal.

  193. Victoria Hamblet says:

    The summary of your plan is definitely an improvement over the Reid,Polosi plan, but I am not one to be in favor of a government healthcare run plan to start with, I do not believe it constitutioanl to mandate the purchase of healthcare, We (America) already have the best healthcare in the world…if you wish to make more affordable to those who can not afford healthcare that is where your focus should be. I also did not see anything in your plan addressing illegal aliens..we the hard working citizens of this great Nation deserve to be informed of how are tax money is being spend.

  194. Jackie Shubin says:

    I will never use medical/pharmaceutical/surgical services for any chronic disease that I may develop. I have accident insurance to use those services in case of traumatic injury, otherwise I utilize “alternative” methods that strengthen my body’s own defense and repair mechanisms. Why should I have to have “health insurance” when I’ll never use medical/surgical/pharmaceutical so called “health” care that is really disease care?

  195. MS says:

    I agree 100% with your plan, however, one of the things we are trying to accomplish is to keep the insurance companies out of the health care business, but we must also stop the AMA from getting involved also, as they can get the doctors to band together, and create set fees for procedures which will eliminate the free enterprise system, which this nation was founded upon. We the American People should be able to negotiate a fair price for good medical care, just as we negotiate for an automobile of our choice, and the best doctor wins, just as the best price from what ever car dealership you choose wins. Thank you AMAC and you have my support, as I am leaving AARP as I hope alot of our senior Americans will do. Get rid of the idiots in Washington, and get rid of AARP and vote in some more progressives with new ideas in Washington, and eliminate AARP who’s director is in bed with the idiots in Washington, and doesnt hear what it’s members really want, so the only way to show them all is to make changes, and we as Americans can do that by casting our votes to eliminate the stale bureaucratic system in Washington, and eliminate the stale AARP, by convincing the Seniors to move to AMAC……Thanks again AMAC

  196. Jackie Shubin says:

    All the debate about government healthcare proposals specious and vapid. Costs will never be controlled as long as 3rd party pay systems exist because there is absolutely no incentive to do so when someone else is paying the (majoroty of) the bill.

  197. Michael Drake says:

    From reading this proposal, it is a MUCH better option than what Pelosi, or any other faction has proposed. I might include an overhaul of the FDA. That government oganization is so corrupt, and panders to the big Pharm. companys, a shake up would be a chance to focus agencies on preventing illness, instead of actually promoting drugs, cemicals, etc that make people sick, so that they can develope “drugs” to treat something that they created!

  198. Lori says:

    No government mandated healthcare!!! Employers should not be forced to suppy anybody with insurance!!

  199. bob lindskog says:

    I just learned of your organization through Nesmax.. I was a member of AARP until I tired of them using my dues money to promote all their left wing agenda. Their support of the communist health care plan was the final straw.

  200. Gary Beck says:

    I do have reservations with part of this bill proposal. Any bill that forces all citizens to participate is unconstitutional and socialistic. Answer: anyone who choses not to have Health care is not required by Big Brother to adhere!

  201. L Freeman says:

    We have too much (GOVERNMENT CONTROL) already. Any person in congress with any brains should know that a health care bill with 2,000 pages is full of “bologna”, Everyone keep doing what your doing, ITS WORKING, If they don’t want to work for us then we need to put someone in their seat that will. If this plan, by some miracle, should make it to our current president’s desk, he would veto it because there’s nothing in it for him or his liberal friend’s.

  202. Virgil Lloyd Jr. says:

    I do love the more common sense approach to this problem, especially in 1999 less pages and no Lawyer
    “flowers” to hide little details behind.!
    I only wonder WHY it took so LONG for people to do this instead of waiting for the Socialistic crew to screw it all up first and then try to stop them. I do applaud the effort being given now however.

  203. Rbt Walker says:

    I think healthcare coverage should be bare bones (without specified optional extra charge coverage) and should be for catastrophes not health maintenance or planned/accidental pregnancies and there should be some limitation on what is covered ie injuries from activities outside the normal range of life should not be covered. For instance coverage for extreme “sports” or racing or other “experimental activities” should be excluded, illnesses contracted by behavior should be excluded ie obesity, cirrhosis, cancer caused by overexposure to sun, cancer caused by smoking, emphysema caused by smoking, aids, STDs etc. To prevent unnecessary Dr visits there should be a relatively high copayment for each office visit to discourage visits for cuts and scrapes that could be better handled with mercurochrome, a band aid and a kiss. These simple changes that would require individuals to take responsibility, promote family unity and would do a lot to lower insurance costs.

    Some other solutions would be to limit the raises that insurances companies could charge possibly linked to the cost of living (COL) just as federal pension and Social security does now. (college tuitions should also be linked to the COL) Reform tort laws to limit settlements obtained by litigants and/or make the losing attorney pay the costs of BOTH winning and losing attorneys plus court costs. Right now too many cases are taken on speculation and insurance companies pay them cause the cost of defending them are enormous ie nuisance lawsuits. If the attorney knew the costs came out of his pocket not his clients he/she would be much more selective in bringing lawsuits.

    In short we do not need to throw the baby out with the bath water we just need to apply common sense to what we now have.

  204. P W Massoc says:

    Thank you for this opportunity to comment. Although this proposal is a much better option, mandatory coverage for all is still unacceptable. To compare it to auto insurance is crazy. Having a drivers license and owning a car are not constitutional rights but are privileges granted by the individual states. If you do not drive you are not required to have auto insurance! Therefore mandatory coverage is still unconstitutional. The other parts of this plan are fine but the mandatory part needs to be taken out! Thank you for your time.

  205. Karen says:

    Where can I get a copy of the actual plan. I am an insurance agent and would like to see how existing insurance companies fit into the plan. I’m by no means against reform and price control, but I don’t want the state to create a one-size-fits all and put companies out of business anymore than I do the federal government. Companies should be able to be competitive across state lines with fair premiums that do not penalize for pre-existing conditions and do not immediately jack rates when a person becomes ill.

  206. Elizabeth Ann Smith says:

    I think it is a good plan! What seniors really need.
    Also,they need to be able to trust people, because
    they have been deceived so many times before!

  207. Debbi says:

    Health care should be about caring for your health. That means lifestyle and prevention. We woudn’t be in this position if people took responsibility for their action instead of making bad choices and then relying on drugs to mask the symptoms. The FDA doesn’t like this idea because they and the politicians continue to make billions on keeping people sick. There’s no money to be made off of healthy people.

  208. Jack says:

    Thank you, I Pray you guye Just stay honest, It seems like everyone who starts out so good wines up crooked like Our Goverment,So I will Pray You all stay true to our couse.God Bless,

  209. cmay says:

    Keeping the “control” within the states rather than in the Federal government is an improvement. However it leaves out the competition that we would benefit from if we could buy health insurance from anywhere in the USA.
    To get the best control over cost, each person needs to OWN their health insurance the way we own home & auto insurance. Knowing the cost of a doctor’s visit or a prodecure when we require it would also keep the cost down because of the concept of “ownership”.

  210. lou williamson says:

    I agree that your plan is better than what is out there now, however there is still one bery troubling aspect. Forcing people to have health care that they can’t afford to buy. I for one am living hand to mouth, and if health care cost me $10.00 I could not afford it! The simple fact is that if our tax dollars were spent more wisely, and if we imposed the same tariffs on other countries as they do us, everyone could have good health care with no extra money coming out of our pockets. The size of government HAS to be reduced, and we need to quit giving our money away, both in pork projects here, and to other countries! Take care of ourselves first! I do without health care now because I can’t afford it, and I will continue to do so no matter what plan is put in place if it costs me or other taxpayers one thin dime! WE PAY ENOUGH NOW! The government needs to listen to what my Grandma told me when I was growing up. If you don’t buy what you only want, you will have the money for what you truly need!

  211. Sam Bane says:

    Count on my support as long as you continue with common sense propositions such as this. I am one of the thousands who cut up my AARP card. AARP jumped the fence and supported the Obama/Pelosi/Ried boondoggle. They no longer represent nor support legislation which is beneficial to the United States and or seniors

  212. Steve Lehar says:

    Why not an all-free-market solution? People who want healthcare insurance can buy it for themselves! Is this other stuff even constitutional? If you want to fund healthcare for poor people who can’t afford it, start a charity! Separation of church and state! Charity is a religious function, not a role of government, and freedom of religion lets me choose the charities I want to contribute to! Why make it mandatory? Isn’t that socialism?

  213. Ellen Madera says:

    I didn’t see anything about opening state borders for insurance companies so they’ll have to compete with one another, which would bring insurance costs down. I wonder why this isn’t in your plan.

  214. J. Douglas Cain says:

    This one answers many questions, and address everything except buying insurance across state lines. I’m for it! So why can’t those in Washington do this instead of attempting to take over our health choices, we’re not stupid they need to get that!

  215. J. Douglas Cain says:

    This one answers many questions, and address everything except buying insurance across state lines. I’m for it! So why can’t those in Washington do this instead of attempting to take over our health choices, were not stupid they need to get that!

  216. Norman Gordon says:

    I like the AMAC approach. It goes a long way toward addressing the twin problems of cost and coverage, without excessive negative side effects.

    Excuse my cynicism if I do not believe the AMAC planwill be well received by the current Congress because is fails to address its main goal. I believe the actual goal of our current political leaders is not cost or coverage, but expansion of government control.

  217. Margaret Tomlinson says:

    As a 77year old and a widow why won’t the medicare let me get my 3 perscriptions at Walmart with out having to buy insurance for my medication-which Ican not afford to pay for.I did have one and the monthly premium almost doubled so I cancelled it . I like what you are proposing. So count me in. Thank you.

  218. Anford Miller says:

    I was a GOP man, It’s going to take some time to get the life time GOP
    folks out, but where working on it.
    As soon as we do we can get something like this threw. we must get control back to the states where
    it’s easier for the people to hold them
    accountable. Thanks

  219. Lorna says:

    Sorry, missing the mark here. One thing that should be done immediately that would open up competition, is free market across state lines. I have seen first hand the difference between what Virginia, Connecticut and Texas insurance costs and it is a huge difference. Once competition is there, costs will go down – we’ve seen it first hand in Utilities and Communications since Deregulation – not more regulation!

  220. Eegee says:

    First of all, “Health insurance” is a bad idea. Creates a bureaucracy where none is needed and has bad incentives. Hospitalization insurance and Major Medical insurance make some sense, but should be optional. Routine medical care costs, when illness occurs, should remain between an individual and his or her doctor.

  221. Arthur from Phila says:

    It’s a very good start….this healtcare bill in Congress is nothing short of a Progressive power grab…read the history of the Progressives in the US and you will understand what is happening.. we must vote against all
    with this type of thinking…

  222. Jim Catron says:

    If it looks too good to be true, it may not be true. I reserve judgement until objective review has been completed by those who can best analyze proposals. “The devil is in the details.”

  223. Avery and Lyhda Greene says:

    All americans should have a choice and our leaders should not have better insurance than the people who pay their benefits.That is not justified and it is not American.

  224. Richard V. Shaffer says:

    This is the best I have seen so far.
    It’s a shame that all these deals are going on behind closed doors with no input from others. I guess they have never heard that two heads are better than one when it comes to solving a problem. So mabe it is not about solving the problem. It’s about expanding government and more control.
    I think when congress has to have the same insurance that they want the rest of us peons to have, it will be something better.

  225. John Bonifant says:

    The problem with your proposal is that it is still mandatory. You can take your proposal, the president’s proposal and while you are at it the seat belt legislation that requires all of us to tie ourseves into our cars and shove em where the sun don’t shine. I’m fully expecting any day now some legistration to come out of somewhere that we will be required to wear seat belts while watching the superbowl in our own living rooms and if we get excited over a play and break the strap on the seatbelt and bump our kneen on the coffe table we will be required to go to the nearest hospital for a knee replacement. All you bastards are control freaks. Get on with your own life and leave mine alone. I don’t want to be forced into hospital environment’s that nourish super bugs. I can stay much healthier using alternative methods rather than subjecting myself to the AMA, FDA and big pharmaceutical companys.

  226. Bob says:

    Great Plan!!!!!

    Now, How Do You Get Washington To LISTEN!!!!!

  227. R. Thompson says:

    Once again the essence of the Plan is the same as congresses. It’s all about money. Health has nothing to do with money…it has to do with genetics, lifestyle and our environment. It must be a priority of all citizens to take responsibility for themselves. Doctors do not heal, they give us information and provide skills to alter or change physiological situations…it’s up to the person to heal. I do agree that we should abolish malpractice…once again it’s up to the patient to decide if they want someone to treat them. And, sometimes things don’t turn out the way people want them to…but, health care is not a perfect science…it’s an art. And, there is no such thing as a perfect painting, or concerto…it’s ones perception. Also, we have the element of fate…some things are just not to be, and we shouldn’t use the law, or courts to decide fate.
    So, I say simplify the health bill…eliminate it. It’s not the province of government. Freedom is the call…and, the free market will eliminate the charletons!!

  228. C.Davidson says:

    What good is this if no one in Washington will listen to you?

  229. Gary Benson says:

    On surfice the plan is somewhat better than either the House or Senate bills. Two huge problems with it in my opinion. (1) Our current system is expensive but it is not a ‘mandatory’ system. Do not ‘mandatory’ us into anything. If there are 21 million without insurance – mandatory them only. They will love it!! (2) Medicare, while not the very best is not entirely broken. Shore up the weak areas of Medicare, i.e.catistrophic illiness, and let seniors continue with the Medicare Advantage Coverage. (MAC). Those who cannot afford the MAC can go the ‘mandatory’ route. The best coverage I have ever had with the least problems has been MAC plan. We can find ways to fix certain weaknesses in our current system if we are willing. We don’t need a complete overhaul!

  230. Vic Guarnera says:

    Sounds interesting on the face of it, but how about some more details so that the new lasws that are required to make this happen can be written in a relatively short time so they can be presented for discussion and a vote?

  231. R McDonald says:

    State run health care is a lesser form of the Congressional plan, but still – a plan.

    It is likely we can do something at a state level, with minimal intervention by the Fed, but that will take reasonable people working together, not against each other as this Congress has done, and will continue to do.

    I would propose that each state develop a panel within the state that is made up on insurers, medical professionals, and state DOI officials who can meet and agree on how to handle their states needs.

    Portability in this is an issue – and that too can be overcome by each state that is involved in the relocation of the insured.

  232. Patrick says:

    I strongly object to any law that forces people to buy insurance. I doubt any such law would pass the constitutional smell test. Forcing insurance on everyone does nothing to reduce the ballooning cost of health care, which is the root problem.

  233. Greg says:

    Change “coverage will be required for all” to “coverage or proof of ability to pay will be required by all” and add the ability to buy insurance across state lines and you’ve got a nice plan here. I hope congress won’t ignore it.

  234. Callie says:

    There are drug stores that have “clinics” operating within. They charge $15/visit. CASH ONLY….

    Of course this is not for SERIOUS health problems, i.e., one wouldn’t go there with bad chest pains.

    For example, they are great place for kids with runny noses that now cost thousands of dollars in the ER’s. They can handle a LOT of smaller problems. This alone would result in the savings of millions upon millions of dollars.

  235. Callie says:

    What about the medicare Advantage plans? do we get to keep them?

    What about medicare in general?

    The explanations don’t go far enough. And I saw nothing about torte reform or buying insurance across state lines.

  236. Jim says:

    If they don,t support IMAC, we don,t support them.

  237. Roger White says:

    Low cost clinics is the answer, and it must cost us every time we use them. People must take responsibility for their health and stop treating doctors like the all knowing one.

  238. Marianne says:

    I hear about this site on the MIKE Gallagher radio show and since I just turned 50, decided to check into it as I am definitely against the current health care legislationread and have all of the comments on this site and about the founder and his beliefs.
    At this time, I am not ready to sign up with AMAC. I want to see less government and more free enterprise language such as crossing state lines, tort reform and health savings accounts. I also do not agree with mandating coverage. Why must I join to find out exactly what is in your program? I’d like to find out before I join…you know…transparency.

  239. Clinton says:

    I am excited to see that people are moving their money and membership to support an organization that, for the most part, is looking for free market solutions instead of Government control of health care. My main disagreement with this organization is what they speak of in point #2 “coverage will be required for all”. Thank you Amac, but I find it unethical to force me and others to buy into the system when I don’t use it or can’t afford it – and no, I don’t want government offering me assistance so that I may join if I don’t have the money – that’s all we need is more government hand outs If I want to go to a Chiropractor, access Eastern Medicine or Receive religious blessings, along with good exercise and diet that should be my right. Forcing me into a system that I don’t support – using the force of law is wrong and makes this health plan just as unacceptable as what is being shoved down our throats by the Democrat Majority. If Y’all want to be involved with this than join, but please don’t try to force me to spend my money on something I may never need.

  240. robert berg says:

    i just read the article in the AMAC mag. i do NOT want any government run health care. if they would change the regulations so the insurance companies can cross state borders and do something about tort reform it would even be more cost effective.

  241. Liz says:

    AMAC ROCKS! Please add one platform – ABOLISH the IRS for a nat’l sales tax – turn all illegals into contributors, and get those jerks off our backs.

  242. WAR says:

    This plan has merit. We need, however, Tort Reform!! The trial lawyers have too much control over the Democrat Party and contribute too much to it to ever have that happen with the present Congress. We need to clean house at the Congressional level and then the White House in 2012.
    We Will Remember In November

  243. Leon Jones says:

    Wow, this proposal is finally a step in the right direction. Putting the control of such services under the states’ direction is the way it was constitutionally designed to be. Hopefully there will be open eyes and ears and minds in Congress. Thanks for taking such aggressive action.

  244. Julie says:

    While your plan is better, it still forces people to buy from a private industry. The constitutionality of that is questionable.
    I don’t believe the problem is in insurance as much as it being in the cost of health care services.
    My idea is to expand on the free clinic idea, possibly state hospitals. Medical proffessionals serving at lower pay rates in exchange for student loan pay offs. Direct all non insured to these clinics on a sliding scale.

  245. Kenneth Timmer says:

    Thank you for this comparison with the House and Senate verison. It shows what can happen when the private sector gets to do their study of a government terrible bill. I wrote my congressman and gave him your web address so he can see for him self. Thank you for your alternative to AARP.

  246. ROD says:

    This makes some sense and is a start in the proper direction; however, lets have competition of insurance across State lines

  247. HOWARD DUNLAP says:


  248. Ron says:

    Your plan looks great.. I wonder if anyone in Washington will accept it seeing as to how they didn’t come up with it! All of their plans represent a money grab to tax all of us more so that they have money to support their other social agendas. They better start listening, or what happened in Mass. will be happening all over again in Nov! You might want to add to your plan.. “ALL military personal that served in a combat zone should have health care for life” PS.. My AARP card is in the garbage!

  249. kevin novak says:

    Sounds like common sense ideas, but my question is Who funds this organization? Who are the officers and where are the officer? I think you must be totally veted before you can expect support from the people.

  250. Rosemary Wood says:

    My husband and I just joined AMAC today. We are so sick and tired of sending e-mails and making calls to a government representatives that are determined to do whatever they want. Scott Brown’s victory is a breath of badly needed fresh air and optimism! Maybe there is hope for reasonable health care reform and an abatement of the craziness the left wants to force on all the rest of us.

  251. Jack says:

    This looks pretty good. I need to read a little more about what you’re promoting before I enroll.

    I heard about you on the Hewitt program. I’ve been ranting about AARP for the past several years so much that I think my wife wants me to shut up. Maybe I can join AMAC and channel my energy in a more productive direction.

  252. John says:

    Auto insurance is administered through the individual states. If that’s not a free enterprise system, I’m not sure what is! Just look at how much competition there is out there!

  253. nick athanitis says:

    There also needs to be a leash put on liability cases. The trial lawyers of America have abused the system long enough.

  254. Oh GEE says:

    Jerry and Deb,
    It looks like the authors just put in a disclaimer about the “mandates”. Maybe AMAC will have their work sessions on C-Span.

  255. Deb, Michigan says:

    We can’t spend what we don’t have. If the government can spend less, lets see them do that first!
    Plus I agree with Jerry’s comments above regarding this plan.

  256. Dean Woods says:

    Is it any wonder why the GOVT thinks that they need to do our thinking for us. I have just read all of these comments. Which leaves me to wonder how so many folks can read the same thing, and yet have so many different opinions of what they read. I can only say that it is a begining to a complex problem. One that can only be achieved when clear and rational heads prevail. However bear in mind that, that and Govt are truly an Oxymoron.First of all we must get rid of the present govt in power.
    I AM A Disabled vet near 80 years
    Dean Woods Mesa Az.

  257. Dean Woods says:

    Is it any wonder why the GOVT thinks that they need to do our thinking for us. I have just read all of these comments. Which leaves me to wonder how so many folks can read the same thing, and yet have so many different opinions of what they read. I can only say that it is a begining to a complex problem. One that can only be achieved when clear and ratioal heads prevail. However bear in mind that that and Govt are truly an Oxymoron.First of all we must get rid of the present govt in power.
    I AM A Disabled vet near 80 years
    Dean Woods Mesa Az.

  258. Marie says:

    One point is missing. As a ‘universal coverage plan’,all members of congress (and all political postions) must participate. No special plans for them or their families. If it is good enough for the American people, it is good enough for all of our employees, as well!

  259. Donna says says:

    Let’s make health care similar to the great plan of Germany…public and private insurance…all are covered..addresses preventive care, acute care, chronic illness care, and care of the aged with dignity.

  260. gene Mead says:

    Uninsured People already pat a surcharge for medical services. If you are insured you pay a co-payment and maybe a deductable and your insureance Co. then pays 50% of the remaining bill.If you are uninsured you pay 100

    % of the bill.

  261. jerry t. searcy says:

    I agree with the plans to reduce cost but have serious concerns with everything else..

    I support eliminating whole agencies but have problems with:
    “…eliminated and merged into existing Departments.” We still have a huge, unnecessary & unconstitutional Federal bureaucracy.
    Now my REAL concerns:
    You say your plan lowers cost, etc. within free enterprise. Lets see!
    1. Administered by state government bureaucrats (not very free enterprise).
    2. Coverage required for all (not very free enterprise).
    3. Those eligible for group ins. REQUIRED to join the plan (not very free enterprise).
    4. Tax incentives (not very free enterprise).
    5. Pre existing conditions covered…I assume mandated (not very free enterprise).
    6. Plans can’t stop payment due to usage of policy…I assume mandated (not very free enterprise).
    My mistake…I should have read your plan first. I will not be renewing with you. This is a plan Obama could like!!
    Jerry T. Searcy

  262. Paul Metcalf says:

    Well, there is one more good reason to leave the AARP. They have sold out the Seniors and for political clout. Shame on them, Amac has come up with the answer and nothing will be done, because the the current administration will not have it, simply because it not their plan. We need to get rid of a few players in the government like; Pelosi, Reed, Biden, and yes Obama. Hell, lets just start over and get rid of all of them.

  263. Thomas says:

    Long live the republic We need thinkers not spenders. All we are seeing is the expansion of government which is the wrong way to manage personal health care. We need seperation of health and state. We can’t keep putting all of our dollars (eggs) in the same (one) basket and expect money to appear everytime we have a financial need, this is what leads to rationing.

  264. marie&matt says:

    Where is torte reform? Dr have to order so many tests so they will not be sued.I am joining AMAC
    AMAC plan sounds viable.and simple, that’s why gov. doesn’t get it.

  265. Paul Cameron says:

    You have a great start, a few updates may be needed but it is a PLAN ! This is more than our government has been able to do. They threw it at the wall and we are getting what fell to the floor.— It wouldn’t stick to the wall, and it won”t stick with us.

  266. Paul Cameron says:

    You have a great start, a few updates may be needed but it is a PLAN ! This is more that our government has been able to do. They threw it at the wall and we are getting what fell to the floor.— It wouldn’t stick to the wall, and it won”t stick with us.

  267. Rebecca and Roger Markwald says:

    This sounds like “a plan”! finally. Let’s get it done. So do it congress!

  268. hershel says:

    My household is all for the AMAC. If an illegal cannot hold National office they do not deserve to get free health care & other benefits that a natural citizen is entitled to have.

  269. Chuck Miller says:

    Create competition by allowing insurance companies to sell across state lines. Do not under any circumstances provide medical care to illegals. Make sure that babies born in the US to illegals do not automatically become US citizens and that they and their parents are deported.

  270. Phil says:

    That is a start. But setting up the states to administer either requires them to pay for it, or getting funding from the federal government that can not be cut off at a whim, or underfunded. Either solution is a major struggle.

    I also did not see anything about the cost of prescriptions and drug companies. The cost of similar drugs between the US and Canada is rediculous. That has to be stopped.

  271. Phil says:

    That is a start. But setting up the states to administer either requires them to pay for it, or getting aschedule from the federal government that can not be cut off at a whim, or underfunded.

    I also did not see anything about the cost of prescriptions and drug companies. The cost of similar drugs between the US and Canada is rediculous. That has to be stopped.

  272. Ronald Stolpman says:

    It’s a good start, but what do you mean by “coverage will be required for all” —. Do you mean that everyone will be required to purchase a policy, or everyone will be covered? I thin that a better way to go at this is to do it incrementally. Step #1 should include allowing insurance companies to compete accross state lines plus malpractice tort reform.

  273. Gene Baker says:

    The AMAC proposal is certainly much better than the bill they have been trying to cram down our throats in congress. However, I would like to see the Constitutional authorization for congress to force our participation in any insurance plan.

    Our Constitution strictly limits the powers of the federal government to those specifically delegated to it. Any powers not specifically given to the federal government are reserved for the states or the people.

    There has been a lot of discussion about the millions of “uninsured.” Notice that the claim is not that they do not have health care, but that they do not have insurance. We ought not to be thinking in terms of “insurance,” but rather of “medical care.” Do these uninsured persons suffer from the lack of care, or are they simply unwilling to pay such a large portion of their income for coverage they have little expectation of using? If the government wants to make sure that care is available, it could give full credit for medical costs as tax deductions, and help the states fund low-cost clinics. But that would make too much sense. The want to run every detail of our lives.

    If we follow the money we will find someone stands to make a killing off the healthcare “reform.” I cannot help but think that the confusing language in the bill is intended to be that way. Do any of us really think that congress has our welfare in mind?

  274. Ronald Wells says:

    It is about time to clean the capital those up in dc think we are stupid ….We will show them next election I an fed up with washington Bureaucratic BS we need to clean the barn …. Come novermer let us pray GOD will guide us again …

  275. Wutdhail says:

    I got a better plan. Get government out of health care period! Not in the federal govt. nor the state. Government is the problem and nowhere in the constitution is this power granted to them. Your plan still involves the government. If you the door a crack for those scumbags they will kick it open. Haven’t you learned that yet?

  276. donald says:

    The time to end the government bureaucratic deceit is now! No one really know what form the current legislation will have when and if passed but since it was negotiated behind closed doors, one may be certain it will not serve the citizens of the United States as legislation should. Lets pass a bill similar to the one suggested here or elect new Senators and Representatives in 2010 and 2012…along with a new President that shares our American values!

  277. F. Macasevich says:

    I trust illegal aliens are not included in those who would have coverage. We certainly shouldn’t provide one more magnet (a health care plan) for them to come in to the U.S.

  278. Linda C. says:

    Jim hit the # 1 problem square on the head. Lawyers are the biggest culprits in all this fraud! The doctor’s are all running scared of lawsuits. Just look at Congress, practically all of them are lawyers! Everything is dragged down by way too many laws!
    We have got to “Clean House” now or we don’t stand a chance and will get what we deserve! It’s not that hard to understand.
    This Amac bill makes sense! United We Stand!!

  279. Bob Bonner says:

    Congress has completely lost touch with the American People. The people we have sent to Congress for the past 40 years destroyed our economy and ruined the future of what was once a GREAT NATION. They have sold the people out in a nonending effort to get themselves perpetually reelected. The spending of the current democratic filibuster proof congress borders upon treason. IT MUST STOP NOW! I am ready to vote everyone out of office to send a message that cannot be ignored. The founding fathers never intended for the federal government to control our lives while catering to unions and special interest groups. It’s time for “We the People” to take our country back! I for one will not forget what this congress has done to us when it comes time to vote.

  280. Karen says:

    Hopefully, these actions will wake up we as Americans to discontinue behaving like sheep … and begin thinking for themselves to retrieve a much needed patriotism.

    Allow competition within the insurance industry; DO NOT ALLOW GOVERNMENT TO BECOME THE SOLE ADMINISTRATOR leading into socialism.

    Without the peoples’ voice this will happen!

  281. James says:

    This is just as unconstitutional as what the adminstration is offering. I never joined the aarp becouse they lobby for programs that take from producers and give to nonproducers.

  282. Laura Smith says:

    A good start, one that can be made better with some twiking, in a few areas. We must remember that the voteing people of this country has place these people in their jobs, and continue to re-vote them back into office. Take responsibility for your own vote. Work to place a time limit on goverment office holders in the U.S.A.

  283. Charles Lauria says:

    I thing this proposal, is good
    let’s go Americans, show them the people are still in charge send them all home, forever no matter if democrat,or republican,our way of life in in jeopardy

  284. Fidelo Secondino says:

    Alaskas Govenor Paid the people
    from her negotiations with oil co.
    The rest of states buy from other countries & we pay taxes

  285. joseph williams says:

    Congress and President’s should earn and have to be in the same health plan that we in the military have. This should include all government employees as these plans are much too expensive just like the union plans for general motors and CA.

  286. Robert Haber says:

    Regarding covering pre-existing conditions, doesn’t this mean that people could wait until they have a serious medical condition before joining the plan? If so, this would cause massive premium increases.Please advise.

  287. Debby Moskowitz says:

    I agree with Anne Coulter who says that the government should be allowing the free enterprise system to work by passing a law that insurance companies must cross state lines to get customers. She says that it would automatically reduce cost because it would open up competition for each insurance company to everyone in the country. It makes sense to me. I propose that you include that in your alternative healthcare reform.

  288. Carol A Schmidt says:

    As a retired Benefits Manager for private and public sector employers I heartily endorse the many well solutions presented and comments from others. Based on my 20+ years in this field the proposed Health Care Plan includes provisions that would only be included in a plan designed to fail.

  289. ROBERT DOWNER SR says:


  290. Frank DeFeo says:

    I am firm believer in the ‘KISS’ principle “KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID” and this plan is up front, simple, easy to understand, cost effective, and fair. I think everyone would support this initiative.

  291. Jim says:

    Finally, here is a plan that actually addresses rising costs. I work in health-care and see the challenges every day for 13 years. Contrary to popular belief, hospitals struggle to break even financially. Hospitals and Physician offices would not survive under medicare reimbursements that is for sure.

    1. Address tort reform and the billions of dollars in Las Vegas style settlements. Get our insurance premiums out of the pockets of Lawyers.

    2. Do #1 above and another hundred plus billion can be saved because Physicians would not feel the need to practice defensive medicine which drive up cost substantially. Give physicians and hospitals some protections and incentives to save money and contain costs.

    3. If the government can find several hundreds of billions of waste in medicare, why wait to clean it up to tie it to another wasteful health-care bill? Do it now with no strings attached.

    4. Medical technology is very expensive. Offer real incentives in purchasing credits to foster this market and help drive the costs down. Might even create additional high tech jobs right here in the US.


    Just my thoughts.

  292. Peggy S. says:

    I have read every comment on this article and there’s one I would like to see here—maybe we should start the 2nd American Civil war. Storm the fortresses in Washing and litterally throw the dumb lumps out on their butts. Or—start IMPEACHMENTS of ALL, for desecrating the Constitution, If you haven’t read it, the first two Amendments alone would JUSTIFY it !!!
    Please go read it, and you will be as angry and disgusted (so to speak), as I am.

  293. Rick Reynolds says:

    Good start. We also need to add portability (the ability to carry our insurance from one state to another) and open up competition by allowing us to purchase insurance nationwide. This will drive prices down

  294. David Barrow says:

    This is the best Plan I have seen. If President Gets his plan through I will lose my Military Retirement Health Care. Obama is doing everything do close all VA and Militaries Med Centers.

  295. myrna cowan says:

    Boma doesn’t-care what we want, his Change is dictatorship power and control. over health care ,education, industry and our homes.he is spending our money so we can be beggars it seems to me. good luck with the AMAC plan !!

  296. Yvonne says:

    I was one that made a call to the White House in opposition to “the Bill” – that was several bills back! They did not want my name or any personal information – BUT WALLA, within a few days, I received e-mails from D. AXELROD and B.H.O.!!!! trying to sell the monstrosity to me!!!!!!!! Do not think “Big Brother” is not out there!! How did they get my information?? We must fight this anyway we can; by letters, calls, donations and rallys!! I have an insurance agency for 25 years and have followed this closely. It is a FACT that several of the Republican members of Congress have presented alternative bills to the President ———THEY FALL ON DEAF EARS! These are great ideas but I also offer the suggestion of portability – across state lines since I’ve seen people loose their current coverage in relocating. Also, there is, in Texas a “Guarantee Pool” where those unsurable elsewhere can get coverage – it is higher so, maybe some aide to those to defer the cost. Another suggestion with respect to AARP is to use each and every piece of literature sent in solicitation to register our protest to their (glaring) ABANDONMENT of member’s wishes to register protest. I just use the “postage paid” envelope and write “jump in the lake socialists”!! I have also written them and print every e-mailed letter to them and send. They are like the current administration with deaf ears since they are looking at all of the “new numbers” that they think will be on their rolls.

  297. Curtis Epperly says:

    I take exception to your second point that insurance would be required by all.
    That’s no different that the feds mandating that you have to buy health insurance. It should be up to the individual whether they buy insurance.

  298. Randal Agostini says:

    Citizens One Page Medical Plan

    * Current Medicare Tax is 2.9% of Gross wages
    * Current Medicare Tax Revenue is $14,071.022 Million dollars per month.
    * Raise Medicare tax Rate from 2.9% to 3.0% This will increase tax revenue by $485 million dollars per month.
    Effective ASAP
    * Initiate a Social Security Medical Card worth $100 per month.
    * Make available 4,850,000 cards from all Social security Offices throughout the United States of America.
    * The card is available to any citizen, who does not currently have a Bona Fide Medical Plan,
    * The card is available on a first come first serve basis and valid on the cardholder’s next birthday.
    * The cost of the card is $15 per year, which must be paid before the card is valid and continue to be paid to continue funding to the card.
    * The bearer of the card will be able to procure any Basic Medical Service at any
    registered Medical, Dental or Pharmaceutical facility throughout the United States of America up to the value remaining on the card.
    * The income added to the card is taxable as additional revenue.
    * The card is transferable to any Bona Fide Healthcare Insurance Provider, who may use the card and any additional sums to provide healthcare benefits throughout the United States of America.
    * The card is to be accepted by every Bona Fide Healthcare Insurance Provider.
    * The value of the card or any part thereof is willable upon the death of the card holder to any other United States Citizen who is a holder of a Social Security Medical Card.
    * The value of the card or any part thereof is transferable for a fee of $5.00 to any other United States Citizen who is a holder of a Social Security Medical Card.
    There is an addendum attached to this medical plan to determine Basic Medical

    Basic Medical Services are determined in each state by a Governor’s appointed Board comprised of seven persons, three of whom must be non medical practitioners and two of whom must represent a Religious based medical facility. A Basic Medical Service must be agreed upon unanimously by the entire board. Board Members serve three years. The list of Basic Medical Services is published and amended as required.

    Repeat dose as required

  299. Rita McGill says:

    Nothing was said about illegal aliens.Nothing was said about putting our representatives in Washington on the same plan.

  300. Jacqueline Lynn says:

    Thoughts on whatI have just read. First I joined AMAC several months ago. AARP does NOT speak for me. Next, corruption is a given in any organization. Unions, state and federal politics included, It is easier to control on smaller and more local levels. It takes involvement, shorter terms of office and more ways to control or remove the corrupted.
    If we take what is in place, Medicare and Medicaid and state level agencies and “fix what is broken” in them that is a start! Control rampant law suits. They mostly benefit the lawyers anyway.
    Allow tose with pre existing conditions to get coverage in the same ways as the rest of us.
    Provide basic low cost plans to any who want them. Require a surcharge of those who opt not to take a plan. No one should be forced to buy anything.
    Prevent illegal aliens from draining the system by requiring proof of citizenship and the abiliity to pay at least the surcharges.
    None of this requires Big Brother stepping more deeply into our lives, or more heavily on our necks. GO AMAC your on the right track.

  301. Julia Vitale says:

    I’m tempted to dump AARP just have to read more about AMAC …something wrong w/the system…maybe the Obama clan should stop & look @ AMAC plan

  302. Katherine and Collin O'Cathain says:

    Automobile Insurance is mandatory in many states. Why?? Because insurance protects the people. Mandating insurance for all Americans drives down the cost. Is it unconstitutional to mandate auto insurance? Everyone, given the choice, would choose to have health insurance in place. The reason why many Americans don’t have coverage is because it is unaffordable. AMAC, you are on the right track. A low cost alternative to low income households makes sense. Most people have no problem helping people who help themselves. Let us all pray that the AMAC low cost solution gets some attention in Washington.

  303. Robert M. Aiken says:

    Your plan is weak on many levels. It doesn’t get the government out of the health care business; it (unconstitutionally) mandates individuals to purchase insurance; it doesn’t allow for health savings accounts; it doesn’t allow insurance companies to provide or deny coverage based on the individuals insurability; and more.

  304. Floyd Rhoades says:

    Washington — are you paying attention here?? Untainted and unencumbered by politics and labor union influence, the AMAC health care plan would make Abe Lincoln proud. Like his Gettysburg address, it is short, to the point and powerful. AMAC ROCKS!!! Support their plan!!

  305. David B Byers says:

    This sounds great. Mke sure the legislators see & hear about it. Good job!

  306. Delmer says:


  307. Neil Greene says:

    In 60 + years, I, or my wife never had a broken bone or needed to go to the hospital other than to visit a sick friend or see our new babies in the nursery. Yet we paid premiums all those years, hoping we would have coverage if we needed it. Today, we already pay over $8,000.00 per year for medical insurance! Why did one of my secondary health insurance premiums go up $26.00 monthly this January, 2010? How much longer can we afford to be healthy?
    Why does it cost $940.00 for an hour visit to check my heart monitor? Why does the obama medical plan seek to collect premiums from us for the next three years before offering to pay out on medical claims?
    We need local control over our own needs, not Washington meting out help when the cowardly lard-butts in politics do not have to have to be under the same coverage, yet have cost of living increases availabe only to them? Our state politicians are crooked also, but they are easier to get to. We need a list of all the ‘them against us’ who can and do seek to wreck our free American enterprise system.
    Why must I borrow money to pay increases in fhe premiums to maintain my health?. I am reaching the point where I can’t afford to be healthy any longer. Why can G.M. suddenly drop our coverage for long-term care that we have paid in to for 37 years before retiring, when they pay the CEO $ millions when another year rolls around?
    An honest person who wants to help cannot afford to get into politics, so they in control only cater to the rich who can raise buckets full of money to run for and win a seat in an office that pays far less than their civilian jobs?
    One of these days there will not be enough of us Peons in servitude left to go around and the swimming pools and hot tubs will all turn green and black from the mold for the fat cats.
    And they will deserve it.

  308. Carol L says:

    Most of this sounds good except, coverage is required by all. I thought this was a free country and one of the things we are fighting is the right to make up our own minds on what is good for us and our family. Also lets open up the states line on insurance purchases that would bring the price down even more.

  309. Bobbie - AL says:

    I sent my cut-up card back to AARP and told them NOT to contact me again. This plan is much better than what is out there. I joined AMAC a while back, when I first heard of it. Obama and the Robbing Hoods need to go back to the forest and leave us alone! God Bless America.

  310. Jerry Peterson says:

    Amac’s plan is much much better than what AARP is supporting. I am very, very worried about what is about to be passed. The secrecy and special deals are just unbelievable.

  311. Richard W says:

    What is going to take to get Congress and the President to take a good hard look at the AMAC plan???

  312. Eleanor Black says:

    This sounds like a much more realistic plan for everyone. If only anyone would consider it.

    My fear, however, is that Obama care is going to be pushed through as yet another expensive job stimulus package before we can stop it. Given the required bureaucracy to administer this boondoggle, what a clever scheme!

  313. Raymond Nuenke says:

    Mandatory insurance would be like “voluntary” income tax: if you don’t “volunteer” you are fined and/or go to jail. When did healthcare become a RIGHT? Do you have a RIGHT for OTHERS to provide you with food, housing, a car, telephone, tv, cable, internet? Insurance in not a magic pot of money that everyone can draw out more than they put in. Insurance is a spreading of risk, many contribute and a few collect, and the insurance company takes out their expenses and profit.
    I am uninsurable for life insurance because I have a pacemaker. Should the government force the insurance companies to insure me. But then everyone’s rates would have to go up to cover the cost. I do believe that malpractice reform is the biggest single thing that would greatly decrease the cost of healthcare, eliminating the test done to satisfy the lawyers. Also stopping the outrageous awards given by juries. Interstate competition would also help bring cost down.

  314. James McEntire says:

    Great idea! Keep the Damn Govn’t out of the Health Care Sys. They already runied Medicare,,SS, the Post office and any thing else they get their hands on.

    To get rid of Govn’t Agency’s is Great.
    But doubt that will happened because the Govn’t does not want to save money, just spend it, bust the dollar, which is one more step to one world Govn’t. The Govn’t should get rid of many agency’s and down size in whole. We need a Big Govn’t like Iran need’s Nuclear Energy!
    But good luck in getting those Clowns in DC. to accept this plan.

  315. john brown says:

    Obama care must be stopped.

  316. Lynn from Texas says:

    We have to hope and pray the people of Massachusetts can save America. I encourage everyone reading this to do what I did. Go on-line and donate $50 to the Scott Brown campaign.

  317. Richard Huemer says:

    No, no, no. You’ve got to get the insurance companies out of the health-care business if you want to save big bucks! The Gov’t should issue vouchers (medical scrip) that the PATIENTS (not the bureaucrats nor the insurance companies) get to spend on whatever care THEY decide is best for them. Only health-care providers get to redeem scrip for dollars. Eliminate the middle-men; restore free choice to the consumers; let the free market determine prices. Radical!

  318. Linda Miller says:

    This is the first ray of hope to stop the
    Senate and Congress and our “leader” who is trying to destrroy this country and our values. What can
    I do to help?

  319. Jack L in Arizona says:

    This appears to be a workable plan. The folks in control in Washington seem to be more interested in forcing us into a socialized medical plan as a prelude to further government control over our lives. The fact that they are mortgaging our children and grandchildren with a debt they can never pay seems of no consequence to the advocates of Obamacare. You are on the right track. Hopefully we have time to turn from this diabolical plan into something real and truly for the welfare of the American people. Those who vote for Obamacare should be voted out of office and “run out of town” as they are ignoring the voice of the people who unwittiingly voted them into office.

  320. Frank J Charvat, CLU, CHFC says:

    After a career of retirement planning for folks, it is refreshing to see a reasonable idea put forth.

  321. Katie Bohne says:

    This makes a whole lot more sense than anything I have heard so far. As long as it is not in violation of the constitution and takes away any of our rights, like Obama’s Plan does, I would be for this one.

  322. Henry W. says:

    The outline is a start but it is an outline. AMAC’s proposal promises to be 300 pages (or less?) but an outline is not a proposal. The devil is in the details.

    Again, this is a start but each provision and others (e.g., tort reform) has been proposed by others. No plan gets my stamp of approval until I can review the details. For example, what entity mandates enrollment? Which entity enforces the mandate and how?

    Henry W. in Arizona

  323. Peggy Hudson says:

    1. Please add purchasing anywhere in the country (across state lines) would be permissable.
    2. Please also add that insurance companies can form group plans for both individuals or small companies to buy into.
    3. How about requiring direct payments for routine visits to a general practitioner? $120 for a visit once or twice a year saves tons of money versus paying for an all encompanssing health insurance plan costing hundreds of dollars each month. This would be just like the good old days before our current government run health programs came into existence!
    4. How would Health Savings Accounts be treated?

    Otherwise, your plan is a good foundation for a “system” that would work better than what the Obama Administration, Congress and the Senate are proposing.

  324. Thomas Hardin says:

    Merge all federal employes into thye health care program that the citizens have, including the HOUSE and SENATE, EXECUTIVE BRANCH and all other government agencies. Eliminate ALL ILLEGAL emmigrants from the programs of WELL FARE, MEDICAID, AND GRANTS. Deport them back to the country of there origin, and bill such COUNTRY FOR ANY AND ALL AID THEY RECEIVE.

  325. Helen says:

    The AMAC plans sounds a 1000% better than government-enforced health care. Will having a low cost insurance policy designed to cover low income families and individuals be as expensive as having the government change the entire health care program. And if the President, the US Congressmen and Senators do not want to be a part of this wonderful Federal run Health Care, then it must not be as wonderful as they claim it to be. Where is freedom of choice.

  326. Norma Miller says:

    The shortest and simplest plan is the best. This plan from Amac is what we need. Thanks!
    norma, Vernon, TX

  327. Bill says:

    Most of this makes more sense than anything else I have seen, but what will happen to TriCare for Life under which the Federal Government has promised retired military veterans to cover their life long medical care expenses?

  328. Kennan George Dandar says:

    As a trial lawyer for over 30 years, I can say your plan is the best. Now, just combine this with the “Fair Tax” and watch our economy take off.
    Sign me up!

  329. Denis Ables says:

    Someone else mentioned it, but to emphasize…be able to purchase insurance across state lines. Chop up the existing state bureaucracies if necessary!
    And tort reform! How could AARP vote for anything that didn’t include these two policies? AARP has obviously turned into a shill for the democrat party.

  330. Elaine says:

    I canceled AARP as soon as I learned they were “representing” me as if I were a left-wing liberal. Anything is a vast improvement over the bill the derelicts in Congress are now “merging.” However, I don’t believe it is within the powers granted the federal government in the Constitution of the United States to require any American to purchase goods or services of any kind. I agree we need reform to improve our health care system in several ways, but citizens still need to retain the freedom to choose whether or not to participate. If they choose not to participate, they take the risk and must pay the cost for the services they wish to receive if they are injured or become ill. That’s how a free market system works. Most of us don’t mind funding a “safety net” such as a Community Health Center (which most areas of our country already have in place) which treat patients on a sliding scale basis so long as there are safeguards in place to limit fraud and abuse. Existing laws should be enforce so illegal aliens are deported – period.

  331. Dick Legg says:

    The suggestions are good, but there is a problem. Our elected officials don’t care about what we want. I have emailed, called and written and been ignored as well as hundreds of others whom I asked to respond to this lunacy. This is not a responsive government and we need to change it in November!

  332. M. Sanchez says:

    I quit AARP because after telling us that they were “studying the plan” they wrote me three times telling me to tell my Senator to vote for it, third letter saying I hadn’t written yet. (How could they know?) I like the sound of your plan. I’ll vote for it if I have the chance.

  333. Peggy says:

    I pray AMAC is successful in getting it going.

  334. Ray Osterberg says:

    Sounds great. One question. What, if anything, changes to the military Tricare program and the military retired Medicare and tricare for Life program?

  335. Max Haenel says:

    Great start. How about allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines. Nothing like competition to drive costs down.

  336. Fred Mitchell says:

    For Part I of the plan to work, some of the existing state Departments of Insurance must make some fundamental policy changes. For example, the Michigan state-sponsored monopoly created for Blue Cross/Blue Shield which prohibits citizens purchasing health insurance from another state must be repealed to restore the level playing field of the free market competition. Other variations on this Public/Private Partnership scheme probably exist, also.

    How can we trust the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to be free of corruption? What makes them different from Washington politicians whose activities the citizens cannot oversee and control?

    At least, this AMAC plan is a start at eliminating Washington bureaucracies, which are clearly corrupt already.

    Parts II and III seem to be insurance reform, but it leaves the insurance companies and the IRS in charge of policy. Where is the provision for Health Savings Accounts? How does this preserve patient and physician autonomy?

    The Fourth point is a combination of tort reform, law enforcement, and addressing health care system deficits of access. Access is too important to leave to Sears and Wal-Mart to solve. One commenter stresses opening the market to ‘alternative’ practitioners. The specifics here are too important to leave to the free market. It would certainly help if MDs and DOs were better educated about the medical reformation started by Andrew Taylor Still 125 years ago. Still gave the world the first rational theory of medicine since Hippocrates. Applying that theory in this age of high technology would be a big step toward health care.

    Eliminating and merging Departments of the U.S. Government sounds like a good idea to reduce its size. The merging part strikes me as a lot like re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. For elimination I nominate the Departments of Education, Labor, Commerce, and Health and Human Services. These nests of corruption are already duplicated in the states.

  337. J. Smith says:

    AARP has been part of the problem for years now. That is my opinion. Let us all support those who have a better, simpler plan to help our people without big government’s involment.

  338. Thurman LeNormand says:

    I support the AMAC Plan

  339. Jack Martin says:

    The Government Health Care bill is not about Health Care. It is Government control over our lives. The AMAC bill is a practical solution which will solve most of the existing problems.

  340. Rick Ostler says:

    Hey, Jerry Barnes, there is no such thing as an “illegal citizen”. Unless you mean Obama.
    If I could buy insurance across state lines I would be much better off. And if I could buy coverage from more than one company without the first one penalizing me for that, I could actually turn my illnesses into a profit as well as supporting independent insurance companies.

  341. Jack Stultz says:

    Bottom line is AMAC does not give specific costs either. I will stick with AARP because their benefits are much better than yours and they have much more influence. You are a second rate organization.

  342. Miles Romney says:

    Congradulations, we need someone with common sense to keep the plan simple.

  343. Elaine Seavey says:

    A hearty “amen” to all the above accolades for this plan, which I will now join AMAC for presenting! And to the above realizations of what this govt. plan is REALLY all about….a further socialist seizure of power over American citizens. Thank God for people who are awakening to the reality of this, for Tea Parties, Town Hall Mtgs., and alternatives such as AMAC’s. “WE THE PEOPLE” will be heard come Nov. 2010 and 2012. I begin with joining this NOW.

  344. FRAN GETZ says:


  345. Donna Foreman says:

    A clear, concise, common sense solution such as AMAC’s is not what our politicians want. They want 2,000 pages which no one will read so they can include their pork projects and giveaways. We need to turn our country around from the socialist path its currently on back to the free enterprise system we were founded on. We can do this with our votes this year. Good luck with this plan. You have my support.

  346. Lisa Kiessling says:

    I strongly disagree with AARP policies on most everything. I am a member of AMAC and support them in general. Having said that, I don’t really like in their plan either – other than costing less, which is a plus.

    First, they talk about keeping it at the state level. I do support this wholeheartedly. Insurance and health care (two totally separate things by the way), are not federal issues. Having a federal mandate regarding health care is not constitutional. Keeping it to a state level is the right idea.

    Secondly, though, their plan calls for REQUIRING by law that people participate in health insurance – insurance as defined by the government. This is wrong in at least two areas. First, it is still socialist in spirit, and second, it is still a federal ruling on something that is a state issue. In addition, regulation on health insurance is what makes it so expensive – if we let insurance companies operate across the board like we do any other business – they wouldn’t need to spend so much of their budget on administrative costs associated with complying with all the red tape and regulation. The biggest problem is we need to get the federal government OUT of healthcare.

    Third, the plan calls for requiring companies to cover pre-existing conditions. To be quite honest, I’m not sure where I stand on this issue – other than it should NOT be an issue for the federal government. From a capitalist view, I don’t believe government should be interfering with private business. From a more lifestyle view, I don’t believe government should be mandating individuals support the consequences of lifestyle choices. If someone wants to participate in an medical cost sharing program of any kind, they should be able to pick one that does not require them to subsidize life styles with which they disagree. (This includes a LOT of areas – it isn’t just about smoking or not smoking, sexual orientation or sexually permissive lifestyles, it also includes people who make lifestyle choices regarding their diet – whether they eat meat products, consume alcohol, use drugs, etc.)This would be a byproduct of mandating what insurance companies cover.

    Fourth, AMAC’s plan calls for reducing costs through a variety of additional federal level mandates. Again, this is not a federal issue. Inviting the federal government to regulate it at any level is not only unconstitutional; it WILL result in additional government controls, even if you think you’re voting against them. If the programs they list are not intended to be federal mandates, then they shouldn’t be listed as an option to oppose the current federal proposals.

    Fifth, “achieve massive savings from the Federal government by reducing its size.” Here’s something that makes sense. The federal government should be reduced back to their constitutionally mandated purpose. If that happened, this entire debate would be moot. They are right that all government programs should be reviewed with an eye to eliminate or greatly reduce costs – not just because we are in a time of economic crisis, but as a matter of policy.

    One of the things I read about the proposed health care policy (not sure if it’s in the most recent version) is that health insurance companies will be required to keep administrative costs to 15%, with 85% of premiums being returned to consumers. Besides the fact that this, again, is interfering with a private business, the federal government itself wouldn’t be able to live up to that goal. If we had a federal government that only used 15% of its income for administrative purposes (salaries, buildings, benefits, etc.) – again, we wouldn’t have to have these types of debates.

    I would love to hear feedback on whether anyone else out there believes that we have the best health care system in the world. I’m not talking about health INSURANCE here, I’m talking health CARE – actual medicine. People travel from all over the world – especially people who live in countries with socialized medicine – to get medical care in America when they have a life threatening issue. The reason they do this is because they’d die on waiting lists for treatment in their own countries. There are testimonials regarding this issue all over the place – do a search and you’ll find plenty. However, having family and friends in other countries who have died on waiting lists, or died due to the lower level of care in socialized medicine, I say this having witnessed those people and events.

    Our medical system, the level of health care available to American citizens, legal immigrants, and even illegal aliens (by law, you can’t be denied care at any hospital in America, whether you can pay or not, or whether you’re here legally or not), is better in America than anywhere else in the world.

    In my humble opinion, the federal government is the MAIN problem when it comes to health care. Health Insurance is the result of federal regulation / interference in medicine. When the government starts regulating, the “fallout” creates problems that result in them “needing” to create mandates to protect us from whomever they can blame the problem on (the problem that originated from their regulation). They “save” us with mandates, that then result in further “fallout” that will be blamed on some other entity that will require further regulation. It is a vicious circle that only serves the ever expanding federal government.

    The best solution for healthcare is to get it out of the federal government. Get rid of ALL federal level regulations concerning medicine. Put medical care back into the hands of the people and their doctors. Let people decide, on their own, whether to participate in any form of shared medical expense (which includes, but is not limited to the current legal definition of insurance.). Let churches, philanthropists, and other charities take back the hospitals and free medical clinics. Stop letting the federal government mandate who is considered capable of providing medical care and advice; stop letting them decide what treatments are acceptable; stop letting them have any say in whether you buy medicine from another country; stop letting them tell you what medicines you need to have a prescription for; stop letting them define anything that treats something they define as a disease as something that has to be regulated by the FDA which results in increased costs and limited access to the people who need it. Take back your healthcare – from anyone who tries to mandate anything about it.

  347. David says:

    Your second point “coverage will be required for all” is exactly what the current House and Senate bills include and is no less objectionable! Under your plan the State still forces me and every other US citizen to buy insurance. Your “low cost solution” comes at the expense of our liberty. That’s too high a price! Sorry, but you have more work to do.

  348. Ruth says:

    Great plan. But do you think the legislators that work for us will really care? Party first you know. My only disagreement with the plan, is I do not feel that anyone should be forced to have insurance, it should be a choice.

  349. Mike Granas says:

    Frank Suarez, you are correct, you can’t force people to have health insurance, but without it….show the money and pay it when you need health care, or “sorry, Charlie”

  350. Rosanne Nieto says:

    The idea is terrific. Have Glen B. analyze it and make it public on his program. That would certainly spread the word that we have alternatives to what is presently being proposed.

  351. EddieW says:

    Our Government is a runaway train…they not listening to their constituents at all…They doing what they want to do and to hell with the populace!! Is it too late to change it??

  352. Carl says:

    Bills now in conference settings have the biggest chance to bureaucratize our daily life! Just like Karl Marx has envisioned 150 years ago! The health bills should go to wastebasket instead of going to the White House!

  353. Gerald Lamirand says:

    Wow. It’s about time someone used a common-sense and responsible approach to healthcare reform. We applaud and support your efforts.

  354. Mr. & Mrs. I and J says:

    One VERY important addition. There is no good reason for the health insurance industry to be exempt from anti-trust laws. They can legally collude unlike the rest of the industries in America. An end to that exclusion may be more important than most of the other requirements and can be easily inserted.

  355. Dr. Bob B. says:

    This plan is fundamental to our local and state needs. It seems much more efficient and provides the necessary care for all citizens at a local level.

  356. C T Schroeder says:

    AMAC is on the right track with this suggested plan. I agree that illegal immigrants should not be included! The bill should include tort reform, right to buy insurance across state lines, protect Medicare Advantage Plans for seniors, group discounts for employers and absolutely no “PORK”. The only reason the existing Obamacare Bill is 2000+ pages, there is 1900 pages of Special Interests Pork.

  357. jacqueline p ekgren says:

    Thank you for your simple and transparent plan, for a CHANGE,


  358. John says:

    Some very good ideas. The states would be a much better way to administer the plan than the federal govenment. Get tort reform, state portability and stop the fraud in the current system. If the current bill in congress is passed, the country will never be the same.

  359. jacqueline p ekgren says:

    thanks for the simple and transparent plan for a CHANGE

  360. Judy says:

    If people can’t be forced to buy health insurance, we have to remember that no health insurance company should be forced to take a person if they haven’t had insurance and finally get sick and seek insurance. However, if a person has Health Insurance, he should be able to change to any other company for any reason whatsoever.

  361. Sue says:

    How do you get the President and his followers to “listen” to the people they are suppose to be working for? What can we do? This plan sounds good to me.

  362. Cheryl Dalton says:

    Let’s get it – this is the first positive I have seen. Gov’t Obamacare MUST GO and NOT pass. BOO to Gov’t take overs……dot-dash- period

  363. Johns A. Payton says:

    Why can’t our representatives (?) see the simplicity and validitty of this plan?

  364. Winnie says:

    Stop the attacking of alternative medicine MDs because they aren’t following the set in concrete protocols that don’t work. Really learn what good the alternative DRs are doing.

  365. Gayle Scott says:

    This plan is a good starting point. It at least it minimizes the size of government and the control they are trying to force on the citizens of this great country. I find it insulting President Obama and the other “elite cronies” in congress are so arrogant that they do not think we are “intellectual” enough to know what is best for us. They need to be humbled!!!

  366. Frank Suarez says:

    Nice try, but your second point is objectionable and un-American. You cannot force people to have health insurance.

  367. Winnie says:

    Does this plan say anything about the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Cos. They have even outlawed natural substances that are better than drugs. They want your money whether you get well or not.

  368. W.O. says:

    We were told that the health insurance problem was costs were too high. The AMAC plan is the only plan that does not raise costs up to astronomical levels. The government has sold us a bill of goods.

  369. Dan says:

    It’s about time someone comes up with a plan that will save money,not increase costs but let’s go one step farther. Let’s require all government employees along with the Houes and Senate and even, yes, even our Chief Executives. The money saved by adding them could almost pay for it.

  370. CAROL says:

    We have been lied to from the beginning.
    This is no longer the nation that my husband fought for in WWII. I am sure he would be very disappointed with our poor leadership. Money has been dished out like popcorn and we SR citizens and our children, grandchildren and great grand children will paying this wild spending back, that is if the USA lasts that long.

  371. Frank Brindisi says:

    It is a great start. Unfortunately the tyrannical Obama Government won’t even consider it. They want to control all Americans, and healthcare is the way to do it. We now have a Marxist Government in control of our country. It will be very difficult to remove it.

  372. Carl Moody says:

    As you know we now have a bunch of idiots in Washington. They have not been in touch with the American public for a long time and the longer they stay in office the worse it will get. The first thing we need to do is get rid of those idiots and get some fresh new people with ideas that keep the American people in mind. Then we can get to the problems at hand such as health care. This sounds like a very good plan but if I were a betting man I would bet Washington doesn’t go along with it. That’s alright also because election time is drawing near. Lets vote all the idiots in Washington out and save our country.

  373. Jane Sherman says:

    If the government is so good at running things, why has it made such a dismal failure running the post office.
    I don’t want my health go the same way as my mail!

  374. Dan on left coast says:

    To simple for a Government program and doesn’t allow Harry, Nancy and Obama to further their Communistic take over of our country. Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty or give me Death” and I am a firm believer in “BETTER DEAD THAN RED” and we, as Americans, have an obligation to resist a Government that no longer serves the People. That is what we have now and that is why we have the Second Amendment that Nancy, Harry and Obama want to take away from us. Be ready when they come knocking on the door at 3am.

  375. Rich Williams says:

    We can only support and hope that a plan such as this would make to the Presidents desk, but under a system that allows theft and bribery to exist it remains doubtful, it does have my support.

  376. Nella says:

    Jack askedL “Why not charge people a surcharge if they show up at a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital and do not have health insurance?” That’s what already happens. It’s called fee-for-service ooooor private pay (aka paying for what you get and not being forced to pay for what you don’t get). Like each and every time you go to a regular grocery store – the one YOU chose to visit. UNlike being forced to “join” a store like Costco or Sam’s.

  377. Mary Gillam says:

    It is a comon sense idea, I doubt if the government can comprehend that solution. I’m all for it and praying that it can be passed. The average person can only make some noise and vote out what we do not like. I feel better just reading your solution and pray for you.

  378. Will says:

    WE are in this mess because the Insurance INDUSTRY simply let this issue continue. They have ALL the data needed to structure a single PLAN DESIGN and they have all the COST data and statistics to place the precise value on the benefits offerted or dictated. In addition the actuaries know all the risk elements relative to age, sex, income geographical areas, occupations and more in order to pinpoint the Cost and Claim expectations and not just political or accounting guesswork! Thus with the Industry working with the Government, the plan will be “solid”! Without their input and guidance it will be guesswork!!

  379. Nancy Sweat says:

    Something of substance for a change.
    A good foundation. One thing, the subject of illegals. No coverage, no health care. They are flooding our emergencies with non-emergencies, our hospitals and doctors to the point citizens can’t get the care they pay for and many are now turning away medicare patients. So many programs already letting these illegals get everything free.

  380. Sonja Mikes says:

    Sounds good to me. We do need some changes but certainly not what the Senate and House are recommending. It is ridiculous–they are idiots, just want the power!

  381. Jerry Barnes says:

    If by all citizens you mean all legal citizens then I would support this. If not I would fight and work against. Purchasing drugs and insurance across state lines would help and let the free enterprise system set the costs.

  382. Nancy says:

    I agree with Jack, It is NOT constitutional to make insurance mandatory. A surcharge of some kind is a good idea as well. We have to stop supporting non citizens as well. If they are here and get money from wherever than it is their burden to pay,not ours.

  383. Dave Griffin says:

    I’m for it! Imagine-if the money now spent in Washington were spent on health care the Amac way! I think the FDA also should be reigned in. Too many costly drugs only cause the need for other drugs. Doctors aren’t even taught natural healing.

  384. Sherman Ball says:

    There is a chance that Massachusetts will start making changes if we elect Candidate Scott Brown as our next Senator. Mr. Brown is working hard and, even if he is able to stop this Obamacare stampede and get our politicians working for us at least a little, it will go a long way toward bringing our country back to where it should be.

  385. Judy says:

    Soemthing has got to be done about this out of control and corrupt Congress. This plan sounds so good but the nimrods in Washington will not go for it. And there’s only one solution for that. We Americans can go to the polls in Nov and vote their sorry butts out of office.

  386. Pete says:

    Your ideas seem like a proper way to go on health care. There is something very sinister about the present bill in congress–more than just a health care bill, but a power grab unprecedented and unconstitutional.

  387. steve bucher says:

    Good start. I would suggest that you consider tax incentives for anyone who can make broad based recommendations about how to save $$ on particular health care services. I know how to save several billion $$ in one health care area and noone wants to listen.

  388. RVO says:

    Great outline of a good plan. We all know government is the most costly and wasteful in establishing and running any program. We need to send this to all in congress and remind them we can vote them out of office.

  389. Jack says:

    Making health insurance mandtory is probably unconstitutional. Why not charge people a surcharge if they show up at a doctor’s office, clinic or hospital and do not have health insurance? Also, why not let small businesses join insurance pools to keep the cost down. The Amish and other groups who pay their ihealth insurance costs should be exempt from the proposed program.

  390. steve mohler says:

    stand united america,do not allow the dems to push through a health care bill that my grand children and their grand children will end up paying for.transparency my ass!!!!!!!

  391. HP says:

    Best plan we have read yet.
    Can’t you imagine eliminating all the
    bureacratic jobs. Folks thoes are votes to an elected official they won’t vote for that.. That’s why we need to kick all the bumbs out in 2010

  392. David Lane says:

    I don’t think Obama and his Democrats will settle with anything short of 2,000 plus pages because it isn’t about health care reform at all. It is about bigger goverment and control. Hang in there and you have my support.

  393. Noel says:

    I’m for it 150% but getting the bunch we have in Washington, our so called representatives to vote for it and getting Obma to sign it, is going to be a challenge. Let’s go for it!!!

  394. Sharo Bradshaw says:

    sounds better something has to be done

  395. Ken Charlebois says:

    Looks better to me than the other plans. We don’t need more government.

  396. Andrew Weiszmann says:

    It was amazing to see how AARP turned against seniors. An extensive look at how to cut costs was never fully explored. There are many ways to cut costs , some mentioned by AMAC. The health care bill in Congress is a purely political scam to win elections.

  397. Fran and Ron says:

    All sounds great, it’s so easy to start, no big govt, all within systems that exist — especially good to reduce departments in the govt.
    Excellent suggestions — so superior to the Presidents plan — Hey, I didn’t see any special interests group ideas. What a concept!

  398. Stephen E. Kostiew says:

    This is an Excellent Plan and the man who came up with this Idea should be running for president next term and straighten out all those idiots in Washington

  399. J Kett says:

    Any congressman who does not support the AMAC plan should be voted out of office

  400. William Setterlund says:

    The AMAC Plan is suoperior to the Presidents plan and will not further the debt, Finally Common Sense Solutions!!!!!!

  401. Linda says:

    All sounds good, but what about being able to buy insurance across state lines.

  402. Billy Shuffield says:

    Seems AMAC is on to something here, Beats whats on the table now in the Senate.

  403. Garry Brandt says:

    Finally a healthcare proposal that addresses the problem rather than an vehicle to enslave the people to the govenment.

  404. Mike Granas says:

    Both Democrats and Republicans had better be paying attention! I’m a lifelong GOP, but I am just as disgusted with them for being so “politically correct”

  405. Mr. and Mrs. K says:

    Finally, someone is making some sense! If our President cares about the American People, he’ll listen! The AMAC low cost solution is the best I’ve heard. You have my support! God Bless America.

  406. Martin Leder says:

    Well it’s about time someone came up with an alternative idea that won’t cost us, and our children, and our children’s children trillions of taxpayer dollars. A solution that’s written in plain English and is less than 300 pages – I wonder if that may be asking too much of our government!

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