Tea Party Member Stuns Crowd! ORIGINAL!!!

Herman Cain lead a Q&A session at the Douglas County Tea Party when a young woman asked him about the attack by the Left on our Judeo-Christian heritage in America…He addressed her question, then went to the last question of the night, and the crowd was not expecting what happened next…

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Rose Baldwin
3 years 11 months ago

God Bless that man!!! The entire country should be aware that there are two verses to oue national anthem. I never heard it before. Two of my children were Marines. Our country was founded on sound principles and strong moral values. We need to get those back! EVERYBODY, GET OUT AND _VOTE!!!

Eddie Pollard
3 years 11 months ago

hermain cain is an american patriot! the gentleman that sang this song is an american patriot! thank God for the USA!

Paul Dardo
3 years 11 months ago

Your vote WILL count, lets take our great country back!

Barbara Martin
3 years 11 months ago

WOW! That is what I’m talking about.


3 years 11 months ago

Tears were streaming down my face. Our freedoms are in jeopardy and we must stand up for American values.

3 years 11 months ago

Watched this 5 times and it chokes me up everytime.

3 years 11 months ago

Not only a true patriot but he has a Great Voice too!!!

Claudia Williams
3 years 11 months ago

Bravo! Thank you for the reminder!

John Munday
3 years 11 months ago

The stirring verse sung by the gentleman at the rally is the 4th verse of the Star Spangled Banner. All 4 verses are shown at . While the immediate context of the anthem was the Battle of 1812, the 4th verse is a timeless tribute to God Who has blessed our nation from its beginning.

3 years 11 months ago

Not afraid to own his native country. Our national anthem always brings tears to my eyes.

Toivo Sepp
3 years 11 months ago

Get out there and VOTE…

john p. waldron
3 years 11 months ago

that was beautiful and well done .

Gary Booth
3 years 11 months ago


Larry Mabbitt
3 years 11 months ago

FINALLY, a true patriot stood to be counted. God bless him.