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Supreme Court

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AMAC’s President Sickened by Supreme Court Decisions


Dan Weber, president of AMAC said he was ‘sickened’ by the recent Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and gay marriage. “We have five unelected judges who have taken upon themselves to change our culture. Going against our traditional American Values,... Read More

Supreme Court Ruling Gives Obamacare New Life, says AMAC


It also gives Congress a chance to flex its muscles with a new “Patient CARE” law WASHINGTON, DC, June 26 – “Congress has an opportunity to flex its muscles by moving forward with a plan to replace Obamacare with a law that actually enhances access to... Read More

Why Liberals Should Fear the Supreme Court in 2015

from – – by – Sam Baker Obamacare, religious freedom, and same-sex marriage equality are all on the judicial agenda. December 26, 2014 The Supreme Court is poised for a blockbuster year in 2015—and the list of... Read More

Supreme Court Rebukes Obama on Right of Appointment

from – The New York Times – by Adam Liptak WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court issued a unanimous rebuke to President Obama on Thursday, saying he had overreached in issuing recess appointments during brief breaks in the Senate’s work. Mr. Obama... Read More

AMAC Applauds the Supreme Court’s Decision on the Contraception Mandate

‘The First Amendment guarantees the freedom to pursue our religious beliefs’ By – John Grimaldi WASHINGTON, DC, June 30 – “The Supreme Court today affirmed the premise that religious freedom is, indeed, a right guaranteed by the... Read More

Supreme Court Backs Hobby Lobby in Contraceptive Mandate Challenge

from – The Supreme Court ruled Monday that certain “closely held” for-profit businesses can cite religious objections in order to opt out of a requirement in ObamaCare to provide free contraceptive coverage for their... Read More

Whatever the Supreme Court Rules, AMAC Will be Ready

AMAC's Founder, Dan Weber

In a few months there is a possibility, and I emphasize the word “possibility,”   that the struggle against Obamacare will end in complete victory.  As you know, one of the issues that led to AMAC’s founding was Obamacare’s threat to the best... Read More

AMAC: Why is the President so Irked by the Supreme Court Review of ObamaCare?

AMAC's Founder, Dan Weber

He’d love to find a way to parse the Constitution in ways that support his ideological agenda  – BOHEMIA, NY, Apr 5 – “If there was ever a president that needed to be checked and balanced, it is Barack Obama. He’s the poster... Read More

Obamacare Faces the Light of Day in Supreme Court

Back in early 2010, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Congress they would get to find out what’s in the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, after they passed it. No need to ask any questions now regarding the pesky details and small print in the... Read More

‘Obamacare’ in Trouble After Supreme Court Arguments – Day 3 Wrap-Up

from Newsmax – The Supreme Court’s conservative justices are hinting that they might have to strike down Obamacare entirely because declaring the individual mandate unconstitutional would require nullifying the entire law. “The court’s... Read More

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