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‘Clear Bias’ Against Hiring Veterans Under Obama Administration, Says Former VA Official

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How Obama Political Aides Get Preference Over Veterans for Government Jobs

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Fact-Checking 7 Claims in the President’s Speech on Obamacare

Money and Obama Care

Obamacare: Millennials Aren’t Buying It


Obama Administration Refuses To Divulge How Many ObamaCare Enrollees’ Plans Are Disappearing

President Obama’s health department is boasting of a drop in hospital readmissions, but it’s just a trick to hit patients with new costs.
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Malkin: Obama Lied. My Third Health Plan Just Died


Meet the Senator Opposing Obama’s Mandate for Transgender Bathrooms in Schools


Obama Administration Wants to Use Taxpayer Money to Settle Health Insurer Lawsuits. Here’s How a Republican Would Stop It.


Obama Administration Is Willing to Break the Law to Save Obamacare

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Obama’s Latest Bailout For Big Insurance Aims To Cover His Lies