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ObamaCare’s Latest Victim – The Medicare Program

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Once again Obama and his minions have proven that they are at war with Seniors! Cutting a service like Home Health Care that has saved Medicare around 2.81 Billion dollars over 3 years by over 44% is ludicrous! They are using this money (approx. 22 Billion dollars over 4 years) and using it for Obamacare. If this plan was so good that it would have lowered premiums for everyone then why do they need to take money from us? Most of us were forced to pay for Medicare, through payroll deductions, by the Federal Government. This is the same government that took money from another forced program and squandered it. That program is called Social Security. When are we going to learn? We need to vote out those who take away our money and make false statements. Let’s remember that Social Security and Medicare are not government entitlements-this is money… Read more »

I agree with you 100%.i get early retirement,which is hardly noting.and I have to pay for part b on medicare.i don’t have dental ins,which I need at the present.i worked about all my life and paid they are bringing in people over the border so they can give them free healthcare,housing,food stamps and whatever they need.while americans are suffering.i think it’s wrong.they should take care of this country first,and quit sending more of us money to countries that hate us.and help Israel that will stand with us