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I Say, “Shut Down The Government!”

United States Constitution, Article One, Section 7:

“All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives”

The reason our Founding Fathers wrote that was because the House of Representatives was viewed as the House of the common people.  They knew the people would be closer to their local Representative than to their Senators.

A few days ago, the House of Representatives passed a bill that approved spending for the government to continue – but cut spending for the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

  • ObamaCare is an expansion of the government powers over the people.
  • ObamaCare will result in an additional one Trillion Dollars in debt.
  • The United States is 17 Trillion Dollars in debt!
  • Our debt is increasing at 1.9 Billion Dollars per day.
  • Social Security is paying out more than 50 Billion dollars a year than it is taking in, Medicare is deeply in the red, and Medicaid for the poor is in financial trouble.

The House bill that was sent to the Senate may be our only chance to stop the Congress and President from bankrupting America.

If the only way they will listen to the people is to shut down the Government, I say, “Shut down the Government until this funding bill is passed.  Then each year, pass more bills that will protect the future of all Americans – especially the poor.”

This is AMERICA!  We The People are to be listened to!

Email this to your Congressmen, to your Senators, to the White House, to all of the people in your email list, and share with your friends on social media sites.

God Bless America!

Yours Truly,

Uncle Sam

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I say it is about time “we the people” have a “foothold organization” that will stand for the constitutional rights of our nation. Please consider joining this organization, allow sensible leadership, bring a moral stand against what is truly wrong with the so-call changing of America, and bring America back to its founding principals. Enough gibberish about what hasn’t been accomplished, who is at fault for such issues, and take a stand to fight the evil and bring a solution to “right the wrongs and turn our country around to a better more sane situation to include all Americans”

I thought this was an interesting email that I received from AARP. She wants us all to sign a face book page to show our support… From: Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP Foundation [] Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2013 11:33 AM Subject: Older Americans shouldn’t be treated like this: We’re taking on the urgent crisis of senior unemployment – will you join us? Add your name today to show your support for older Americans in the workplace and the programs that help them succeed! Finding a job is never easy – but this task can be especially challenging for seniors. Right now, more than 2 million Americans age 55 or older are officially unemployed. Many of these people are former – and would-be – workers who are suffering in the wake of the latest economic downturn as they compete for a limited number of jobs. Even as the economy shows signs… Read more »
Term limits – From the top all the way down to the local gov’t. Enough is enough. Ted Cruz has it right – fight fight fight. We need more fresh blood in the house, senate and congress, people who fight for THE PEOPLE, who are not afraid of the next election but are representing THE PEOPLE. Obummercare is going to break this country completely, and we will in fact be in a depression. From what I have heard on Fox News, there are already people finding out that they plan will cost them much more than they can afford – a family of 4 $1,000/month! Companies paying their employees what they would have spent on insurance and having them find their own, and retirees losing their benefits. Giving Congress and Unions a pass is unacceptable. If WE THE PEOPLE must participate, shouldn’t those that represent WE THE PEOPLE. Do as… Read more »

It must be nice to spend or I should say BORROW beyond credit limits and then just raise the debt ceiling. I think to day I am going to call my banks and credit card companies and tell them that I am going to raise my credit limit eveen though I can not pay my bills now.

I am confident they will not have any issue about it. You know when I run out of cash I just go to my basement and print more money.


Dear Conservative,

Please quit trying to feed the liberals facts. They can’t digest them.

Bob O

The way I see it, our Congress, which is controlled by the Republican party, is not working for their constituents, or for the good of America as a whole. Rather they’re working for their party. They are like spoiled, rich kid, schoolyard bullies. They are willing to hold Americans hostage in an attempt to get their way regardless of the carnage they leave behind, i.e., jeopardizing our credit worthiness worldwide, as well as our fragile economy; leaving senior citizens without their Social Security benefits, withholding the pay of our military men and women; disabled veterans, veterans, and a host of necessary services that these groups of people rely on. They need to accept the fact Obama won the election and move on with the business at hand. They claim they had, or have, a better healthcare package to offer but, the question no one seems to be concerned with is:… Read more »

Mary Smith, have you been in a comma? The House is currently controlled by the Republicans .. the Senate is controlled by the Democrats and don’t forget that we have an extreme far-left socialist liberal in the white house. He is the one who is un-cooperative. He’s a spoiled child and is always determined to have it HIS WAY … which he does by doing yet another executive order if needed.

BTW, Thank your son for me for his sacrifice and service to defending our nation! :)

Mary, you must NOT see too well. Congress is NOT controlled by the Republicans. The House is controlled by the Republicans and the Diss functional Senate is controlled by the know nothing, do nothing Harry Reid and the DEMONcrats. The Republican Party has is working for their party to reduce government spending which is WAY OUT OF CONTROL. $16.9 trillion in debt and rising at an unprecedented rate. We will very soon be a nation that cam no longer pay off its debt. It is our HUGE national debt that has resulted in the downgrading of our nations credit worthiness. It IS the policies of the DEMONcrats of Tax and Spend, Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac loan guidelines. It was the policies of Senator Chris Dodd (D) of the Senate Banking Committee & Barney Frank who headed The House Finance Services Committee and that lead to the financial collapse in… Read more »
I think that each Senator, Governor should take and month off (at different times) and use the money that people get on Welfare and Social Security and live on that and see how it feels not to have money left to do anything, let alone try to find money to use on finding insurance. They would not be able to do it. They take off for long periods of time, come back and then take off again. They are all well over paid for doing mostly nothing and abuse the system, sometimes worse than the local people and the elite don’t get punished. Where is the fairness and for the people this day and age? Shame on all big wheels, which really are little spokes that make a big mess of the little peoples lives and their own better. How about the big people giving up their benefits and seeing… Read more »

If the only way they will listen to the people is to shut down the Government, I say, “Shut down the Government until this funding bill is passed. Then each year, pass more bills that will protect the future of all Americans – especially the poor.”

If the Government is shut down- it will be because the Liberals and Obama refuse to negotiate. If anyone has been watching the news lately, that is all the Dems are saying “We will not negotiate”.
Why do the conservatives always have to give in? Look what a financial mess we are in- we have got to do something or we’ll go under!

The conservatives always give in? Let’s look at the long list of signers of the Norquist Pledge.

we live in a country where most of the people we elect to represent us dont , ACA was never wanted by the american people however the lib dems made so many backdoor deals to pass this law that they should probaly be thrown in jail for bribery , extortion and many other crimes. Plus the fact that healtcare accounts for maybe 20 % of our national economy ( That is enough for me not to want any government agency involved ). DEFUND OBAMACARE and next start on doing something about all these illegals taking jobs from american citizens

The people we elect are NOT chosen by us. They are chosen by the powers that are really in charge. They give us a choice, do you want this (demon) we have picked for you or this (demon)? Regardless they will do OUR will, not yours. I truly believe this. I cannot believe the majority of Americans were stupid enough to put Obama back in for a second term. The choices we had to chose from on BOTH sides were crap, so I am not being prejudice, conservative, or liberal.

One more time for those not listening. Congress funded everything but Obama care, okay. the government is not going to shut down, did all the chicken littles understand?

If anybody shuts down the government, it will be the Democrats. It’s the D’s that refuse to negotiate with anybody except our national enemies; (Iran, China, N. Korea, etc}.

I say shut her down. Then maybe they can understand what Is needed to right this ship.

No this is not the solution. This will cause homeless, soup lines, and near or, as a matter of a great depression.

“Shut it down”; this little ” the sky is falling” trick by the libs has occurred approximately 11 times previously without a glitch to the average normal American. As far as “nuttin honey” goes, I’m sorry you’re at poverty level, but I do know one thing is that our poverty level in the US is better off than any other country.

Umm not sure but I think everything listed is in New York. Might want to look at a globe sometime.

The ONLY reason Social Security is on shaky grounds now is because of the BILLIONS Congress STOLE from it years ago. They were only supposed to be BORROWING it, but never returned it.

I say, make congress return that money to uwe seniros BEFORE we allow them to spend more on anything!

sounds like this guy is rich. all over the globe enjoying “sunset” climbing mountains…etc. so why should i trust him to have my back? i live at poverty level, do you?

All this talk of shutting down government is like doing a castration when all that is needed is a vasectomy. I agree the fat needs to be trimmed from government but do we need to emasculate the country to achieve that end?

I fear our Republican party has committed itself to an insane solution to a problem that need not to be eliminated but rather repaired and made better. While I agree that the Affordable Care Act is terribly flawed law and and should be changed to make it workable I totally disagree with the method the Republican leadership has chosen to achieve the party goal.The method is tantamount to shooting yourself in the head to get your way.

I had hoped the AMAC had sense enough not to condone the damage to our fragile economy this action would cause.