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Seniors Going Back To Work to Salvage Their Retirement Nest Eggs, Says AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, Oct 25 – Seniors who went back to work after retirement used to do it to keep busy, but the Obama Recession and the uncertainties of the Affordable Care Act have made it an economic necessity for more and more older Americans, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“Two recent Gallup surveys show that there are more post-retirement job seekers out there than ever before, mainly because they’ve lost confidence in the economy.  The historically destructive recession that started as the president took office and his inability to speed up the recovery have seniors scrambling for ways to salvage what’s left of their retirement.  Bear in mind that while the net worth of all Americans has declined sharply during this period, seniors have been hardest hit.”

In one study released a few days ago, Gallup concluded that “Americans’ biggest financial concern is funding their retirement, with 61% worried about having enough money for that. This worry has been exacerbated by the recession’s aftermath, which has perhaps caused more seniors and baby boomers near retirement age to remain in the workforce and postpone retirement until they have replenished their nest eggs.”

Gallup also reported that confidence in the U.S. economy is hovering at lowest levels in five years and that its Standard of Living Index is down to discouraging levels, Weber noted.

The debut of Obamacare, he said, has been an unmitigated disaster and that while there may be fixes for the innumerable so-called glitches in its technological architecture, more substantial troubles may lie ahead.

“News coverage has put a spotlight on the fundamental flaws of the law.  For example, people are finding out that their health insurance premiums are increasing faster and higher than anticipated.  They are also discovering that deductibles are going to be super high.  But, most important, the law is already having a negative impact on the job market—with employers opting for part time workers to avoid staggering new health insurance costs.”

Weber cited yesterday’s New York Times, one of the most liberal newspapers in the nation, which headlined its front page coverage with this banner: Health Care Law Fails to Lower Prices for Rural Areas.  The story noted that: “As technical failures bedevil the rollout of President Obama’s health care law, evidence is emerging that one of the program’s loftiest goals — to encourage competition among insurers in an effort to keep costs low — is falling short for many rural Americans.”  It went on to note: “rural areas and small towns have far fewer carriers offering plans in the law’s online exchanges. Those places, many of them poor, are being asked to choose from some of the highest-priced plans in the 34 states where the federal government is running the health insurance marketplaces.”

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  1. Lucy Mauterer says:

    The big terror for Seniors is the ACA. Yes, we are still having to work in our later years. No one fully expected that. Many of us planned for retirement hoping we would not be a burden to our loved ones. However, the economy due to the current regime’s fiscal practices, has not only not recovered, it has begun to slide backwards again. Seniors need to band together and support one another in this uncertain time. Everything we can do to help one another make each dollar stretch a little farther or to make a little more money each month is something.

  2. Joe says:

    I worked in manufacturing until I was 70. (2008) I was terminated as the company went in another direction. Was off work two years, Wife passed away and I found a need to go back to work. I was fortunate to find a part time job that turned into full time. (2011) Social Security wasn’t cutting it. I had no other income. I just turned 75 (2013) and don’t know how long I will be able to work. I am in good health, thanks be to God. I will continue for as long as I can.

  3. Michael J. Clark says:

    Will some out there, please tell me why the RINOS are still helping and covering up for worst and dumbest pres. in the history of this great republic of WE THE PEOPLE…………….IMPEACHMENT is in order………

    the seniors all must put a stop to all the fraud in d.c. period……………..before it is to LATE………………..mjc

  4. peter ferretti says:

    Never vote for an INCUMBENT and IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH !!!

  5. peter ferretti says:

    Please don’t vote for any incumbents! Repubs. could have solved most of our present and future problems by Impeaching Obama 3 years ago. Also, could get Mexico to try OBAMA at the Hague for illegal gun running into their Country. Germany, France , and Spain should drop all diplomatic and trade contact with the US until we have a new Pres.

  6. MaryEtta says:

    I am 61 years old, and was forced into early retirement because I was forced out of my nursing job because of my health and could no longer do bedside care. I applied for hundreds of jobs on at least 20 web-sites for head hunters. I went to interviews and tried for 2 years to get a desk job. No one will hire me at aged 61 with over 25 years of experience at the bedside and department director level. Many of my colleagues that are 60 or older are being replaced with “candidates the are a better fit to the job position.” Translation, 20 year olds with no experience who will be cheap patient care but not experienced to give quality care. God help us all.

  7. silver rabbit says:

    Just a suggestion for those looking for other ways to invest their funds and receive a reasonable interest rate. If you know of well established, financially sound, small business in your area you might consider talking with them and negotiating a loan to one or more of them in lieu of their standard business lines of credit with the banks. My husband and I do this with a firm in our area. We charge them a small setup fee and 6% annually on the balance. The payment plan is structured for the benefit of all and the loan pays off and can renew every year. As small business owners ourselves we have become aware of the fact that the banks are taking longer & longer to either grant or renew business lines of credit for small businesses, and their fees are becoming rediculous. These LOCs provide the cash flow for operations/growth necessary to build our economy. We have found this avenue to be a great advantage for us and the businesses involved as we get a good R.O.I. and the business gets a very reasonable interest rate. You must of course be careful in your selection process and this option is not without some risk. But we have found it to be very helpful to us.

    • PaulE says:

      Very good suggestion in our current economic environment silver rabbit. The most important aspect of your message is that people have to be willing to think outside the usual confines of simply relying on savings accounts or CDs from banks to generate decent interest rates. They also have to be willing to accept a small degree of risk (there really is no such thing as risk free anymore anyway), but if as you say they are very careful screen prospective business owners, this is certainly a very viable option.

  8. Fred says:

    Where the hell was I when they passed Medicare! It is as big a crock as Obamacare.I pay over $6000.00 a year for Medicare + Supplement and my wife’s BC/BS and she has a high deductible on that.I presently have a hernia and after much research I have found several surgeons that I wish to due the repair.However they do not accept Medicare and Medicare does not reimburse unless you go to one of their doctors.I will have to pay the total cost of the surgery myself which I really can’t afford.I was happy with my BC/BS but when I reached age 65 the government made me go on Medicare,this is wrong.The government should not be in the healthcare business(or any business in the public sector field).
    We are all going to be broke and that is the aim of the liberals,they want everyone living in large cities and dependent on them for all our needs.It’ ain’t gonna happen!

  9. Alfred L. Kreps says:

    I will be 81 next week. Both the wife and I are still working. I am in the 62nd year of the same career having began at the age of 19. We have been most blessed with reasonable success and the ability to develop a reasonable net worth. However, as one person stated, we work but the government taketh away. We are on Medicare but still pay over $25,250.16.00 for our health . In addition our financial success is respected by having our government take $463.02 per month from our social security check. Then, because the results of working hard, saving and investing, we pay on 85% of our gross social security check at our ordinary income tax rate. We paid income taxes on the funds contributed to FICA and FUTA, began paying FICA at the age of 12, received nothing on those funds from good old Uncle Sam, now pay taxes to get the money back and pay an income tax on 85% of the $463.02 taken out for Plans B and D. Our cost of the $463.02 including the income tax is $584.09 per month,$7,009.08 each a year or a total of $14,018,16 for the both of us. Then there is another $6,300.00 in income tax on the remaining 85% of the gross after subtracting the $463.02, Therefore, the total cost of our Medical Insurance is $31,550.00.00. The Affordable Health Care, even Medicare, is becoming very unaffordable to us as we subsidize others. Our government penalizes success to the benefit of their own egos to get votes. Our nation was founded because King George was taxing without representation. American Citizens are being taxed with representation. IS IT TIME FOR ANOTHER TEA PARTY REVOLT?

  10. Charles Allman says:

    Why has there not been an outcry against the Fed’s money policy wherein they pump billions of dollars into the economy each month and thereby depress the interest rates for savings while also devaluing the currency? This policy
    effectively targets senior citizens who have responsibly saved for retirement and who now are having those savings eroded by devaluation and by interest earnings of less than 1% on CDs and other “safe” investments. Meanwhile, the actual inflation rate is being grossly under-reported. I am certain that the 1.5% SS increase feted for 2014 will not begin to cover the rising costs of nearly everything else.

  11. wayno12 says:

    Obama, Reid, and the socialists (‘democrat’s’) LOVE this.
    While they suck in huge incomes, they want the rest of the country;
    DUMB (ala the ‘school’ system)
    SO POOR you have to work your entire life
    SICK – so sick you can’t vote against them
    Dead – so they can vote FOR you – like Cook County and Chicago!

    • Mike Murray says:

      It amazes me how “out of touch” they are. I got gas in downtown Baltimore yesterday and I first had a lady with tears approach me for money telling me “she hasn’t used in a month and her daughter needs food.” She offered to give me her wedding band when I gave her five dollars. I told her to “just go take care of you daughter” and she left. The sad memory has been stuck in my head ever since. Started pumping gas and two other guys approached me panhandling (at first) and left me alone after learning I had helped the lady out that worked at the CITGO station at 1PM- broad daylight. You can’t even stop for gas as a working American without being surrounded by those that have become accustomed to living on charity. The State Department puts out warnings about visiting Mexican border towns and so forth, but I would submit that it is far more dangerous to be in almost any downtown metropolitan area after dark. The police are overworked and undermanned, and these guys know it. I should mention that one of the two guys offhandedly asked me if I was interested in an AR-15, which of course are illegal to sell in MD now. I have no need for one, but the black market goes from stolen cigarettes to illegal guns (in MD) thanks to this administration. Thankfully I don’t smoke cigarettes either, but I wonder how many are purchased through the SNAP program. Heck, I probably could have bought an RPG for the right price if I had asked, or just been robbed if I had broken out some cash. It’s pretty sad when we long for the days when the black market was restricted to illegal drugs and prostitution just in the poor neighborhoods, but this was across the street from Raven’s Stadium. People are crying real tears out there and making me wonder whether the government is wearing blinders and just coming home to watch reality shows that aren’t reality. I really wonder whether the people will ever again be represented versus self serving interests. Be careful out there, and don’t look vulnerable/weak or expect to be exploited. I’m done taking my family downtown for anything after dark.

      • Stugee1 says:

        One of the best arguments for concealed carry I’ve heard in a while. When you have only seconds, the police will arrive in minutes.

      • David Sole says:

        Mike, sorry, but I think you fell for a well-known scam. The scammers hang around gas stations and ask for money for gas to get home. I fell for it once myself. Be safe.

  12. Richard Marier . says:

    Wish I could go back to work. Cant because of poor Health. Thanks

  13. Arthur says:

    The “Robber Barons”, otherwise known as the “Banksters” are alive, well, and continue to thrive as they did 2000 years ago when they were thrown out of the temple. I believe they were called the “money changers” and we were warned of them then by a well known individual. Those who fail to learn from history…………………..

  14. rawheadrex says:

    Where can we get some straight talk on how to make some decent return on what we have in the bank? We took a huge shot when the bubble burst in 2008, but we have recovered with a huge blessing from God. We do not like the gold and silver enticements we hear daily and we do not understand stocks sufficiently to feel comfortable in that environment, but our CU interest rates are pathetic and we do not feel comfortable with our funds there considering what this administration may do as regards seizing our assets.
    Any suggestions?

    • PaulE says:

      For the average retiree, keeping all your money in the bank is of course not going to generate any decent return as long as the Federal Reserve continues to hold interest rates at effectively zero. Not to mention that the Fed by printing all this extra money is devaluing the current value of dollars already out there. That policy isn’t likely to change until at least March or June of 2014 under Janet Yellen, as she is even more dovish than Ben Bernanke. Even then, it will be several more years before interest rates on savings return to anything approaching what we were used to before 2009. So keeping all your money in a low interest bank account isn’t going to generate the kind of returns you need to fund a decent standard of living.

      Eventually, the Federal Reserve will announce the start of tappering, the easing back of the amount of money they spend each month to buy government debt. Currently at $85 billion a month. Once the Fed announces that they are starting tappering, maybe by $10 or $15 billion less per month, the markets will quickly re-price the risk associated with stocks and bonds as if the Fed had announced they had ended the practice altogether. Bond prices, especially on the longer duration maturities will fall quickly. So you should avoid these type of bonds at this time. Shorter term bonds will fall less in price, but they will still fall somewhat before stabilizing. So if you are totally risk adverse, then you should avoid bonds altogether for now.

      Stocks will take a hit, because the Fed starting tappering will mean the end of “easy money”. We saw a brief sell-off in April and May when Bernanke hinted the Fed might consider tappering soon. The market reaction quickly forced Bernanke to backtrack on his comments. He has since indicated that the Fed will hold steady for the foreseeable future and the stock market has recovered. This easy money policy has led to much of the recent rise in stock prices. At this point stocks overall are fairly to slightly over-valued when compared to their earnings, so there is no compelling reason to put new money into stocks until the Fed starts tappering. You would just be buying into the current euphoria surrounding the market and that is no place for the average senior to be. Better to wait until after the tappering sell-off is well underway and prices have moved 5 to 10 percent lower. Then you should look for low cost ETFs that invests in quality companies. Never invest in something you don’t understand. If the person trying to sell you something needs more than two minutes to explain what an investment does, how it works and what the benefit is to you, then you should NOT buy into that investment.

      Gold and silver are strictly inflation hedges. They are very long-term investments and pay no dividends or interest, so the average senior of limited means should probably not put much, if any, money into owning these physical assets. If you don’t have a 10 or 15 year time horizon that you are willing to hold these assets, then gold and silver are not for you. Never, ever buy gold or silver where you DO NOT have possession of the actual metal, as there are some companies out there that don’t actually have the physical metals in their warehouses. They simply charge you a fee to store your non-existent holdings there.

      I would recommend you start by talking to the financial adviser at your bank and then see two or three independent financial advisers, at different firms, to gather information about your financial options. Just be aware that most bank advisers are really just sales people with a title. So you shouldn’t be pushed into buying whatever they might try to sell you. You’re looking to gather information, so you can make an intelligent decision down the road. The other two or three financial advisers should be fee only people. Again, you want an objective view of your options, not a sales pitch. Finally, you should start trying to educate yourself by reading as much material on the fundamentals of investing as you can. It’s never too late to learn and understand the essentials of investment are crucial in today’s environment. The days of buying CDs and getting 5 to 7 percent interest rates are over for the foreseeable future. People have to adjust to the new reality. The Internet contains lots of information and most of it is free. You can also subscribe to papers like the Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily. They both contain tutorial type articles at least a few times a week.

      Hope this helps you a bit. Best of luck.

  15. Paul says:

    I am 55 years old and working (thank God!). I know I will need to work for quite some time yet as I am not able to retire anytime in the near future. For those of you going back to work because of economic necessity, may you be blessed with a job that is good for you in some meaningful way. If any of us “older folks” out there in the work force can ever help one another find work, please go out of your way to do so – because generally the hiring “deck is stacked against us” older folks.

    So why is there is a “stacked deck?” A primary reason many companies do not want to hire older employees is because they place a very high value on short term profit. Very simply corporations reward their executives for short term profitability. As such, companies will not generally want to hire older employees with more experience because the older employees will expect more compensation. And the older employees will probably cost more in terms of insurance/fringe benefits.

    In cases where more experienced employees are hired, the company will get the intangible yet significant value of wisdom and experience when they hire a more experienced [older] employee. Wisdom and experience help keep a company out of trouble. Whenever you read or hear about a company, a government team, or some other group of people that are in trouble over financial or other difficulties, you can probably reasonably ask the question “were they wise in their actions and/or did they use the best people with the right experience?”

    I relied on my older employees when I came across decisions that required judgment that went beyond my scope or range of experience. Their advice usually kept me from making bad choices. And the loyalty that the company and I received from the older employees was invaluable during crisis times.

    So, regarding the issue of having to go back to work:

    1) Stick together and help one another whenever you can,
    2) let the employer clearly know you can handle more difficult situations better with your wisdom and experience, and 3) even if the odds are stacked against you, never give up trying to find where you can best fit in, to help a company or a team.

    PS I did not vote for Obama either – we really needed a more fiscally responsible team with more of the right values for our country (which BTW still should be “One Nation Under God”).

  16. Rick B. says:

    I once read a book, The Peter Principle, many years ago — probably not long after it was published. It explained that people are promoted in an organization or profession until they finally reach a position where they are no longer competent, and that is where they remain. Barrack Hussein Obama: Community Organizer; Illinois Senator; U.S. Senator; President of the United States.

    You be the judge.

  17. Kevin Seitz says:

    It’s the plan from the occupants of the Obama Mosque ( formerly known as the White House) to not only completely wreck the nation and the economy, but to kill off all of us who are receiving Social Security benefits (except for the able-bodied freeloaders who faked issues to get undeserved benefits) by forcing us to return to work at jobs that many are not physically able to perform, but must try in hopes of being able to buy food.
    But, since the political hacks chose to swindle the Trust Fund’s assets to finance vote-buying programs for the able-bodied freeloaders, Social Security benefits are reduced for those who legitimately qualify, putting many, like myself, into a precarious financial position, so those political hacks can continue to buy the freeloader’s votes to keep from having to get honest jobs themselves.

  18. Mandy says:

    I read recently that the economic plan is to strip the retiree generation now of their wealth to keep the country functioning. The shift of $716 billion from Medicare to ObamaCare means that retirees will be paying higher healthcare costs due to smaller Medicare reimbursements to doctors. Retirees will be paying larger amounts and higher premiums the rest of their lives. But the worst of what we are paying for now and for the past years is the extremely low to almost non-existent interest rate. This is unbelievable way of stripping away our savings. How ever heard of zero interest rates and near zero. Something wrong for the Fed and our government to expect us to also pay for the mortgage fraud which is what is happening. They are allowing the banks to recoup the bad loans the government forced them to provide and we, the savers are taking the hit for this by allowing the banks to recoup their bad loans on our backs by not paying us anything for our savings. As for President Obama’s 2014 budget proposal would replace the current measure of inflation (a consumer price index for wage earners, or CPI-W) with one called “chained CPI,” which the government has only been calculating since 2002. Advocates claim that chained CPI is a more accurate measure, because it takes into account that consumers respond to the rise in the price of one good by shifting to cheaper alternatives.

    Chained CPI has shown an average rate of inflation that’s 0.3 percent lower than the government’s current measure, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute. The Obama Administration says that the change in calculation would shave $110 billion from the budget over 10 years.

    However, what would be the net effect of this change on retirees? According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, the switch to chained CPI could reduce benefits for the average worker who retires at age 65 by about $650 per year by age 75, and by over $1,100 per year by age 85. So, while some combination of these proposed changes could be made to bolster Social Security over the long term, many of them will shrink the already meager benefits of
    most retirees. Like it or not, this appears to the new reality of retirement. We should all pay attention and plan accordingly.
    Another untruth about the Baby Boomers and Social Security is that we are getting more than we put into it. The truth is the Social Security Trust Fund took in more revenue through payroll taxes leveraged on Baby Boomers than it needed. Ideally, this money should have been invested to be available when the Boomers retire. In reality, the Fund was “loaned” to the government to finance increased deficit spending. This interest-free loan helped keep Treasury Bond interest rates low, allowing more debt financing. However, it’s not really a loan, since it can only be repaid by increased taxes when the Boomers do retire.

    So we will be paying higher taxes in the future for something we have already paid into more than was needed for our SS benefit “entitlement”.

    I could go on and on but the retired generation is getting the shaft and I see from comments I’m not the only one who aware of this. Congress and our president must remember, we do vote.

  19. Michael Santarella says:

    Could somebody tell me that if we are 17 Trillion in debt, why are we giving Billions to oil rich muslims countries that fund obama and his crew?

  20. Pattie says:

    The last few years I had been working one day every other week for a CPA firm just to get out of the house and for a bit more money. Now, I’m 85 years old and working 3 days each week because I have to work to survive. I come home so tired that I think that I will surely die during the night. I own my own home, so repairs do come up like replacing and rerouting 60 feet of sewer line, replacing old electrical wiring, etc., etc. I always believed that in my old age, I would sit in a rocking knitting for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. What a joke!

  21. Texas Granny says:

    PRAY, Yes, even for our leaders in office with whom we disagree.

  22. Richard says:

    Another tragedy not mentioned often is the artificial tax rate to boost economy by the Obama administration!
    I am sure that there are many smart seniors who have toiled and saved so that the interest on the savings can provide additional income in their senior (retirement) years.
    If you had saved $500,000 in a savings account, at 4% interest rate, you could fetch about $1,600 a month in additional income WITHOUT touching the principle amount!
    At current rate, its only about $12 or so!!!!
    That was the case with me and I decided to purchase (LA Area) a condo with that money and now renting it for $2,700 a month.
    I realize that not many will have that kind of money and tragedy is that the artificially lower interest rate is having a devastating impact on interest income, even if they have lesser but substantial amount of savings.
    I think a louder voice should be heard about this tragedy, to help (subsidize) those lower income home buyers with lower interest rate at the cost of lower interest income for the Seniors.

  23. bill says:

    The occupant of the Whitehouse should be be referred to as ‘Comrade B HO’ his position is LSoSiC (Lying Sack of S— in Charge?) I figured I’d probably retire @ 70, but that is looking doubtful now.

    • R Sommers says:

      obama is doing his best! (to turn the US into a third world muslim country) After all, if you were an incompetent half-breed son-of -a-socialist-slut you’d have a hard time too.

  24. Gary Mickel says:

    If we go back to a fair tax it eliminates a lot of the problems that I see here as there will be nothing to mooch for or schmooze for by the liberal/socialists in our government. We also need to repeal Obamacare the anything but affordable care act as it takes what belongs to the working citizens that paid their taxes for social security away from illegal immigrants which is who Obama is handing this money to in food, wages in a benefit that was social security, plus giving them free healthcare which none of them worked for or deserve in any way just come to the USA and we will take care of you completely and you never have to work a day in your life to get it.

  25. Alice says:

    “Oh, for a faith that will not shrink tho pressed by many a foe, that will not tremble on the brink of poverty or woe. A faith that shines more bright and clear when tempests rage with out, that when in darkness shows no fear, in danger feels no doubt.”

    “Jesus…the way, the truth, and the life.”

    “Even so Lord Jesus quickly come.” Amen.

    • Jean says:

      Your comment is a daily echo of my heart, Alice. The Lord richly bless you with His ever-present peace. He IS faithful!

    • W. Reed says:

      My thoughts also Alice, and I try not to worry, but old flesh does think about this big mess

    • Donna says:

      As I read many comments here, I could become very discouraged. Alice you put all into perspective. I too trust in the Living God, Jesus Christ. He told us ” I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken or His seed begging for bread”. He said I will never leave you or forsake you and we can do All things through Christ who gives us strength. Our life here is going to get worse, but with God we will endure to the end. We are His children and are Not to fear because Perfect Love casts out All fear. We need to trust and obey for there is no other way. Our needs will be met each day. The joy comes in knowing Jesus and His love for us. We can share this Perfect Love with those that don’t yet know Him. Thanks again for reminding me.

  26. Marion says:

    Not getting any publicity is the fact that interest rates are so low. A great number of retirees plan on at least 5% to supplement their retirement. Consequently they are not able to do some things they were planning. This is all because this administration has the FED keeping interest rates low.

    • MaryAnn says:

      Those low interest rates are a disaster for small businesses and local economies. Just about every penny seniors get from interest on savings goes into the local eoncomy…restaurants, museums, small businesses providing services, gifts for the grandkids, etc. A lot of baby boomers and older have saved for the future, and cutting back on that interest money which would all be spent is economic madness. Has anyone noticed that the unemployment situation got out of control when those inteest rates on savings went down? Add to that, Obama care (unless we succeed and get the mandate cancelled) is going to be even more money that responsible younger people can’t put aside for savings or spend in the local economy. It’s madness….doesn’t anyone study Economics 101 anymore?

    • Gary Mickel says:

      Try 0% not even 5% it yields nothing for retired persons.

    • Pete from St Pete says:

      When I started preparing income taxes 27 years ago I had many retired clients who were supplementing their social security and pensions with interest from CDs. It has been quite a few years since I had anyone who could earn enough interest to make a difference in their life.

  27. John W. Atwood says:

    Unfortunately the vertebra in my lower back are disintegrating and I can no longer stand for long periods of time which is mandatory for my profession (pharmacy). I am otherwise able to work mentally but the old body is failing. I am thankful that my nest egg will probably be sufficient but there will be nothing left to pass on to my grands ed fund.
    “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”.

  28. Golf Honcho says:

    Liberalism (aka most of our Federal Government policies and programs today) = Moochers electing Looters to steal from Producers.

  29. john d. larry says:

    BHO (our president ) is a Muslim! Since Muslims are anti
    Western and view anyone that doesn’t believe their (so called Religion) is an unbeliever and deserves to die. This (to me) is not a Religion; for no Religion would allow this to happen (the killing of men.women, children for no reason. It is truly sad to watch our beloved country be vilified and undermined, when our country has been so giving to many other countries around the world. Let us always speak the truth and remember the good people that made our country great.

  30. Joe S. says:

    Obamacare is the President’s Waterloo, & many of his current supporters will feel the backlash too! For some reason, many Sr. women still vote democrat because they say their parents did as well. It’s deeper than that, but I digress, Obama is NOT a Christian & America is still a Christian right country, but barely. Many of his advisers are from the George Soros cult, the guy who had to leave his country after WW II because of how he collaborated with the Nazi’s, LOOK IT UP! Now Soros wants that lying liberal hag Hillary Clinton to manipulate & that w/b like Obama II.

    Wake up America, use the ballot box to improve our country once & for all.

  31. Lynn Mohr says:

    My husband and I worked until we could retire. I retired early as did my husband. We both worked all our lives.
    It was something we were taught to do by our parents, who also did the same. We put “savings” away each
    and every week for our retirement! Not a gazillon dollars, but a nice sum of money for working people. We
    down sized our home, move to the country and started to really enjoy all the things we wanted to do.”Then
    ENTER Obama.” Still, we were in pretty good shape. But we began to worry about the direction he was pushing
    this (once) Great Country into. The country of “handouts, free almost everything an d not working” Why work when
    the “main man” will give us whatever we need, a cell phone, food stamps, lower mortgage rates, or free housing if
    we need that. WOW, why work, The Man will give us everything we need.

    YES he will, and he is taking it from the money all of us retires worked so hard to get. Need an example, we kept
    our money in a savings account. The interest was fair, not a whole lot but fair. Enter Obama! On one sum we had
    in the bank approx. eight thousand, we received for last years interest $.84. That’s 84 cents. The same bank pays us
    five cents every time we use our debit card as a credit card. Our sum for the year for that deal was Eleven dollars.

    I guess our bank ( a CreditUnion) has more money than the Federal Government. We moved our money to a safe
    investment. Wouldn’t want to bankrupt the government by taking their .84 this year too!

    with him!!!

  32. Evelyn D says:

    It is the “low information” people…those with their palms getting greased that will sink this great nation because they are the ones that will put the socialists “back” into office…just by out numbering us who feel that self reliance and accountability are the way to go. Everything that the President does “by executive order” is 180 degrees from the way we should be doing things. He will not rest until with George Soros’ help ($$$$$$) he sees our nation in bankruptsy….it has al been planned for years so why don’t the members of Congress approach the situation as it really is…begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

  33. Leo LaBrie says:

    I am 79 years old and what I see coming in the future, I hate to think I will have to go back to work, who would hire me at my age and the disabilities that I have, impossible. I tried to get a home paid job but after investigating one I learned it will cost me money to make money at home. Obama sure put the screws to the good USA. I have found it impossible to save any money today. I don’t own a car, I don’t own a house, I don’t own any property, I don’t have any insurance, I don’t have any money in the bank, not even any savings for a proper burial or to leave my family. I should be an illegal alien or be in jail where I can get medical care, a place to sleep, food, TV, goof off time and whatever else. I am a US citizen, I vote, I paid my taxes, I pay alms to my Church and do a lot of free computer work for my friends, Church, school, help the needy when I can, I served 4 honorable years in the military during the Korean war. I have nothing to show for it but proud to have served my country and to help others. And the VA does little for me, almost took my life once, the illegals have nothing to worry about. We have a sick Country.

  34. John says:

    My mother who is 74, works full time in medical billing for a group of doctors. She has been doing this for at least 20 years now. I am very thankful she has maintained her health and high level of work. She has a reasonable salary. Goes in at 6:30 am is home by 3PM. All at the same time getting my dad to kidney dialysis who is 76. He continues to maintain a small client list from his insurance business.

    The work has kept them mentally sharp and I believe a positive for there health and financial well being. My dad has wanted my mom to retire for a few years now but she will have none of that. She works with younger people which keeps her vital. But as many of you have mentioned she does not understand the work ethic and entitlement the new generation’s have. It seems to be do less and keep your hand out for more. This is what the Obama strategy is all about infusing government dependence.

    I’m 52 and beginning to see the age issue. It is real. Companies are not looking for the older worker.

  35. Ron Breen says:

    I took early SS. Went back to work at 65 full time. Forgot about that cap on income thing and owed over $7,000 back to SS at the end of the year. Repaying over 36 months through monthly SS deduction from my benefit payment. Whack, whack, whack. The Lord giveth and the government taketh away. We need to eliminate the progressives in all seats of government and get conservative folks elected who have a heart for the people and limited government intrusion.

    • Travelassie says:

      Hopefully you’re at least 66 now and have reached your full retirement age. Once you’ve gotten there there is no more “working” penalty, so you can make as much as you want to and it shouldn’t affect your social security.

      • Sue J says:

        If you are able to reach your full retirement age of 66 with the thought that you can earn as much as you want
        to (or are still able to) and it shouldn’t affect your Social Security benefit— all I can say is Watch Out!
        As sure as the American economy has tanked and is barely crawling since the Obama presidency was voted into control in DC—That sounds like a perfect target for the next new source of revenue that they could dig up—particularly because they have already spent your paid-in Medicare money on other things and the SS is your money! The boomers may as well become the next target to pay them back for their fiscal indiscretions—Yes that can always change–nothing is safe or sacred any more!

  36. Kathleen Apgar says:

    I kept saying from dat 3, Obama was out to destroy this country and turn it into a third world nation, he being the dictator. While even the folks on Fox News kept saying he was in over his head, I said he knew exactly what he was doing. Or he was and is carrying out orders from Geo. Soros to the “t”. We have to educate the young about this man and guickly! We also need to remove establishment Republicans from office, they are doing us in!

  37. Katherine says:

    Let us choose to be a part of the solution, and not remain a part of the problem. It is “a given,” that there will always be problems going on around us, and it is “a given,” that those problems will affect us, in one way or another. For myself and others, who call themselves conservatives, it seems a bad choice, to continue rehearsing the negative. For those who have been associated with a 12 step program, in any way, during our life time, we will remember that one of those 12 steps says this, ” If we keep doing the same old thing, over and over again, expecting to get different results, it is insanity.” Our words need to be thoughtful and creative, as we address our personal and national problems. Our actions should cause others “to take note.” We should want to encourage others to listen to us and to consider that there is possibly, a better way. When we choose to react to a problems, people with other opinions, are turned off and turn away from us. For me,the real question, is this, will I make the effort to do what is right or will I continue on, as usual? As I consider this, I, truly, do want to learn how to inspire people, to make the best choices and I hope that you will consider doing that, too.

  38. BobbyD says:

    Five years ago when BHO and his democrat majorities lied about the impact that ACA would have on the American people- their health care costs and services; then closed the Republicans out of the discussion and rammed the vote and the law down the throats of the American people… I was 99% certain that those political decisions would come back to haunt them. I just never dreamed, back then, that BHO’s administration could mess- up the rollout so badly. They were so focused on punishing republicans they forgot that there is always great value in having the opposition’s input represented in the final version of a bill, and certainly in one as large as ACA to minimize opposition and assure support and success. If not for those reasons you need bipartisan support for political cover should things go badly. All I have to say is you democrats planted this crap tree. You fertilized it and watered it generously every day for 5 years- now you get to eat its fruit. I hope you enjoy every last morsel. May I suggest you take it with a $5 bottle of Wild Irish Rose to deaden the pain of defeat and a stinky-assed French cheese to mask the stench of embarrassment?

  39. Walt L. says:

    As a Retiree Back @ Work I observe the “Now” Generation and see why we are in this fix.
    So many still believe That which they have been taught in our liberal education system.
    Many of us worked while in High School to help out at home and served our country after
    graduation. “What a difference a generation makes” Pray Earnestly For Divine Change !!!

  40. John Jasper says:

    I’m 80 and have never had want for a job. Sales has been my life’s “work”. Having owned four different company’s At 80 I have begun a new sales “job”, with a company that is of interest to me. I now help people with prepaid funeral costs. Very satisfing . And I get to meet lots of people.

    • Roger Pettiford says:

      I appreciated reading your note. I, too amd 80, still working. Some years ago, my wife and I purchased a preneed cremation plan. I’ve often thought I might enjoy helpiong folks in that way. Can yuou point me in the right direction? (Las Vegas, Nv.) Thanks in advance.

      Roger Pettiford

  41. stephen russell says:

    Plan to retire in 2018.

    Have plans to move to Kona HI with co worker buddy & retire there.
    Have IRA & 401K.

    May do PT work there.

    Only food & gasoline may be expensive on Islands, save local foods, otherwise environment is not as harsh IE AC in winter, heat, snow etc etc

    Hey AMAC do a story on retirees in Hawaii alone since statehood.

  42. Faith Bierbaum says:

    I’m almost 71 years old with diabetes and a couple other medical problems. However, I’m a paid caregiver for the “elderly”. Some of my clients are younger than I. I can’t see the end when I can stop working. It takes everything I earn, and my Social Security to stay even with expenses. Now my medicines are costing more, my co-pays are costing more, and my monthly premium for my Medicare insurance costs more. I just can’t work any more hours to cover these extra expenses due to my health. I didn’t vote for the dictator, and am so disappointed in those who did. What were they thinking?

    • Joan says:

      Amen.. My hubby is 78 and is still working.. I am 74 and work from home. We will never be able to fully retire.. WE both have paid into SS all our working lives and will never reap the reward.. It was stolen from us.. I am all for helping out destitute, but, when they are younger and healthier than we are, and refuse to work, “We have a problem, Houston……”

  43. PaulE says:

    Here are some of the reasons why seniors are forced to re-enter the labor force. That is if they can actually find a job as they compete against the wave of freshly minted college graduates, many of whom are also desperately looking for work in a shrinking jobs market.

    1) The Federal Reserve has pushed interest rates to effectively zero to try and compensate for the ruinous economic policies coming out of the Obama administration. This has destroyed the ability of senior to generate sufficient interest on their savings to supplement whatever pension or Social Security they receive. This policy by the Fed is NOT expected to change anytime soon, as Janet Yellen is even more dovish than Ben Bernanke.

    2) Rather that institute pro-growth economic policies like JFK, Reagan or even Clinton, Obama has intentionally pursued economic policies that are anti-business, anti-job and designed to re-make the country’s economic infrastructure into something much closer to the low-growth, high unemployment, high regulation European socialist democracy model. This has resulted in sub-par, at least for what the United States used to be capable of achieving, economic growth during Obama’s entire time in office. Yet even with this incredible performance, Obama managed to win re-election. Thus we can expect NO positive change in economic outlook for the nation until at least 2016, if then.

    3) Obamacare and the other long-term “transformative” measures put in place, that will ensure economic conditions, for both individuals and businesses, don’t improve meaningfully the economic environment going forward. Obamacare has created a perverse incentive to NOT grow a business or hire new employees, since once you cross one or more of the thresholds associated with the law, your business is penalized. Thus most small businesses are effectively operating in a “bunker mode” mentality. They are doing nothing business wise, that will lead themselves to trigger one or more of these ruinous thresholds. Small business is NOT going to change until this threat is removed. People did not risk everything to open up and grow their businesses to simply be wealth transfer mechanisms for the federal government.

    4) Public education and mainstream media are doing an excellent job of indoctrination of the young in this country. They have been at it for decades now and they have finally produced sufficient numbers of dumbed-down voters, who know nothing about global history or real economics, that they have openly voted for socialism without even realizing it. Obama is NOT the problem. He is merely the result of an electorate that is sadly too illiterate to understand what he and many other Democrats have been preaching all along. Given the demographics, the left is churning out tens of thousands of new brainwashed youths each year. Yes, they are some young people that are conservative and understand that is going on, but they are out-numbered two or three to one by the indoctrinated.

    Finally, I encourage all AMAC members to take a serious look at how the European Union and how many of its member nations operate from an economic perspective. That is the model we’re being pushed towards. The EU overall is growing at less than 1 percent a year. A 1 percent GDP growth rate is consider a great year for the EU. The member nations to the south, as in France, Spain, Italy, Greece and others all are highly regulated economies, have crushing tax rates, have double-digit unemployment, rising levels of inflation and people trying desperately to hide what little savings they have from their governments. This is the future nirvana or utopia that the Progressives (Socialists) in this country are trying to impose on the United States. If they are allowed to complete our transformation process to this low-growth, hyper-regulated model, there will be NO going back.

    • Phil says:

      Well stated , sir. I am in 100% agreement.
      Another thing we can do is become active at the grass roots to attend school board meetings and get elected to school boards so the lesson plans and text books are not so radical-left wing.
      Also, show up at town meetings and speak calmly and factually about some of the real issues facing the local scene, while bringing a laser beam of focus on a particular wacky , costly project that needs controlled or eliminated….

  44. Wild Bill says:

    I am 72 years old, hold a Masters Degree in engineering. I retired at 60 from a major manufacturing company, but have worked off and on as other companies find out my special skills both in America and foreign countries. In the last five years, I’ve had NO job offers in America, but have had very lucrative offers in Mexico and Europe. I’ve had to turn those down because I cannot take those long hours aboard aircrafts and waits in terminals.

    • Huffer says:

      I, too, am over 70 but I do not have a sad story to tell other then, I’ve spent many hours searching for historical answers to the mess in American government and the social implications it brings and that saddens me. Looking through many conspiracy reports, I’m finding cross references that fit today’s problems.
      One of these plots can be listened to right here: (copy and Google it)
      As you listen to this, think back to the events mentioned and see if you can fit the actions with these accusations.
      Many of my family members were involved, unknowingly, with certain undercover groups. Some learned of the direction they were taking (under pretenses) and quit because they saw the Satanic influence.
      This recording was made many years ago but only recently made available again, this is why some persons named are no longer living. You should find it very enlightening. Some will resist believing what is said because they may currently belong to or believe in certain facades, or cover-ups, the organisations publicly profess.

      To effect a cure for a disease, we must properly diagnose it. Yelling about one or two individual’s is not the way to bring about positive change…

  45. Phil says:

    I went back to work (age 65), but had to drop out again, because I was in danger of earning too much, thereby damaging next year’s Social Security. I’d gladly do without it if I could know that my health would allow me to keep working, but I dare not risk it. That detail of the system is also broken!

    Let us work without limit — our additional income taxes and social security taxes will help the system. Penalizing seniors for working is another STUPID government malfunction.

  46. Jacqueline Doty says:

    Seniors have regularly flocked to vote for the liberal who they believe will “take good care of them”.
    Welcome to reality folks. You are now “it” on the biggest hit list ever. Bye bye.

    • Bob Roller says:

      Jacqueline Doty,
      Another group of Americans sacrificed by our “Glorious”misleaders.
      Liberalism is the curse of American life today and so many prefer to
      live as Subjects in a Dependency rather than to be CITIZENS in a
      Republic. The “Gimme society”has finally triumphed.

    • Fred says:

      Agree 100%1

  47. Kathy says:

    Correction ” Cant get a job here” in previous post

  48. Kathy says:

    North West Arkansas is so prejudiced against anyone over 50, you can even get a job here if your over 50 even with a college degree. I have heard from lots and lots of people over 50 who job hunt here and its disgusting the prejudice against that age group. Seems like people over 50 are just supposed to fade away and not been seen, thing is all the people who are not 50 now will be one day !

  49. Charlie says:

    The Republicans have run pitiful campaigns. I return the letter below in their postage paid envelopes to help wake them up:

    To campaign leaders and candidates: October 21, 2013

    In the last several national elections I have given money to many Republican conservative causes and campaigns, including yours. I, and many of my friends have been very disappointed with the national Republican leadership, campaigns, and candidates put forth, and felt that our money was wasted. After losing the last 2 presidential elections to an inexperienced leader, Republicans need to change! I am returning this letter in your contribution envelope to inform you that I have decided to not contribute any more funds until I see some changes that will help us win in the future, including:
    Remove John Boehner as House speaker. He has had his chance. I cannot believe he is resisting further inquiry into the Bengazi scandal. If we are afraid of the Democrats’ response, they have control of us. Being afraid of your opponent in any contest or sport means you will lose. Get someone with some backbone!
    Don’t fall for race, gay, or abortion baiting by Democrats. The Democrats are constantly trying to bring these issues to the forefront so they can (falsely) accuse the Republicans of being bigots. It works right into the hands of Liberals to keep these issues prominent to whip up their base. A correct response would be to state that both sides of these issues are emotionally charged and it would be best to promote healing in these areas.
    Leave Obama out of it. He is not running, and it is the Democrats who are our opponents and doing the damage to our country with poor legislation and no budgets. Target them hard.
    Select candidates that can speak and message well. Dr. Ben Carson is an excellent example of effective messaging. If he does not run for office, get him as a campaign consultant. (
    Concentrate on important issues like jobs, the economy, and national security. The Democrats are attempting to distract us from these because of their dismal record there.
    Blame Democrats, and keep 1 “blame” ahead of them. They are effective at falsely blaming Republicans for their own inaction and poor leadership. They previously controlled all, and now control 2/3 of our government for 5 years, and this mess we are in is not their fault? This is critical for Republicans to succeed. Democrats were not shy in blaming President Bush for everything under the sun.
    Campaign to evaluate the effectiveness of every government program annually, and promise genuine translucency with online reports. Mention the Democrats promises but failure to do this.
    The scandals of the Democrats are not “phony”. The IRS scandal is real and worse than Watergate. 4 Americans died in Bengazi and we still do not know how or who is responsible. Promise to restore government accountability and to accept responsibility for your votes and actions as a government employee.
    Promise to enforce the law! Obama has “delayed” the implementation of Obamacare. That should be illegal unless Congress rewrites the law to allow the date change. Congress should insist on repealing Obamacare unless it can rewrite it. Voter picture ID laws are needed to ensure everyone is properly identified and able to vote. Lax ID requirements and fraud discourage honest qualified voters from even voting.
    Embrace Libertarians and Tea Partiers. They are not part of the Republican Establishment. They both are very close in political philosophy to Republicans and demographically a much larger group than blacks and Hispanics. Younger voters strongly lean towards Libertarian. This is the “larger tent” we need to cultivate. Without them, we will repeat the poor results of recent national elections. They were with Republicans in the 2010 Congressional elections and we won many seats. If they are insulted by the establishment Republicans, a third party may form. Get a consensus, and focus on what we agree on, not our differences. Then the voters will have a clear choice of the important distinctions between Republicans and Democrats.
    Target blacks and Hispanics in political ads. Entertainment channels, shows, inner city radio, billboards, etc. should be used to educate “low information voters” on the benefits of conservative principles. Targeting your own base is just wasting money. A good ad example is: The base will follow if this is done. The whole idea is to persuade people to change their mind.
    Campaign for passing a law that every legislator must read every bill before voting on it. It would simplify bills and reduce spending and surprises. No more “passing before reading”! That would be extremely popular with voters and we might even be able to understand laws. Feasibility? That didn’t seem to stop Democrats from promising so much. At least Republicans would honestly try to accomplish what they say.
    Don’t let the Democrats beat us in word games like when the Democrats talk about spending for programs and government projects, correct them and change the word to borrowing, because that is what we are doing. We spend money we have. We borrow money we don’t have. Investments are homes, stocks, bonds, and businesses. The economy is a measure of their performance. You cannot “invest” in a measuring device!
    Advocate requiring all Congressmen, Senators, their staffs, and the President to be bound by all laws passed. There should be no exceptions for the government elite or their friends (e.g. Obamacare and waivers). Promise fair treatment for all citizens. Defund Obamacare!!
    Propose to eliminate baseline budgeting where government spending grows automatically 7% annually. How this ever got approved beats me. Those for it want to grow government. At the most, tie automatic government growth to just inflation. Promise to use economic sense.
    Stop Self-Destructing and become a team working together. Notice that it is the main-stream media that is whipping up the animosity between the moderate and Tea Party Republicans. This is by Democrat plan, right out of “Rules for Radicals” (Wikipedia), written by Saul Alinski, the original Chicago Community Organizer. Expose the deceit. It is no contest unless both parties play by the same rules.
    For goodness sake, coordinate the Republican message and keep it in simple terms. Instead of using the word “cronies”, which means little to many people, use “payback to the Democrats’ friends”. The Democrats do well with messaging and make the Republicans look pathetic.
    —All of the items mentioned above make common sense. If they are used by Republican campaigns for the next election, we will win. If not, we will lose. I will not contribute to any campaign until I see them being done.

    —-The following quote by Larry Crabb shows why Ronald Reagan was such a successful politician: “The core problem is not that we are too passionate about bad things, but that we are not passionate enough about good things”. I found that quote in the book: “Inspiration” by Zig Ziglar. President Reagan had a great ability to inspire and motivate others through quotes and bits of information. The last quote in the book by Mr. Ziglar says: “People often tell me that motivation doesn’t last, and I tell them that bathing doesn’t either. That’s why I recommend it daily.” Our politicians should do more than inspire us to hate our political opponents and each other. Offer solutions! The Democrats have shown us what they intended when they said they would fundamentally change government. We can do much better!

  50. Judi Button says:

    We, the older generation, know the old saying, “If it sounds to good to be true, then it isn”t”. The takers and the younger generation have grown up believing that they are entitled to everything they want without having to expend any energy. They believe that if they are breathing thy are entitled. This is how this man got elected. I just read a report that the number on public assistance not outnumbers those in the workforce so now the scale has tipped. I get less optomistic every day that we can right this sinking ship. .Those who elected this man are getting or going to get just what they deserve, unfortunately the rest of us are going to have to suffer along with them.

  51. Hans Kosten says:

    The real problem is that we non-liberals, that is republicans and to some extent independents, talk to each other too much and all of us already have the same opinion. We need to get the opposition and uneducated turned around. The issue us how to get the message out to liberals, the young, the blacks and the same gender couples who basically are deaf as soon as they hear a republican talk; and when they occasionally listen they get mad…there is no way of rationalizing with them! So they only way I see it is to get more broadcasting time with very efficient and short to the point messages, educate the young to vote and then vote republican (and that can only be done in my opinion with republican pop-up ads on cell phones and I-pads), and rejuvenate the republican party with younger members that can get a hip message out to the younger population. If we don’t start quickly, we miss the opportunity (again), because however sad it is, our senior race is dying out because of age, like me, 70 years old and the young already have a left tendency because of the school and university systems pulling politically left.

    • Diana Erbio says:

      I agree, we believers in limited government need to spread that sentiment to all Americans via a variety of venues. The progressives have been actively putting forth their message that bigger government is better for all, in our schools, entertainment and news outlets. We need to tap into the natural feeling that most Americans, young, old and in between agree on, and that is most of us do not like to be told what to do. We want to be able to pursue our happiness in the way we see fit, without government interference. Maybe sharing books and movies with our children and grandchildren that reflect our beliefs is a good start.

  52. Pete says:

    Interesting article. Note in many cases us seniors are more valuable employees than the newly minted college graduates. This is another irony and indicates how poorly our economy is growing.

    The evidence is in and has been in for decades. The Federal Government impedes progress. It is not capable of doing more than standing aside if job growth is the goal.

    Truly, the Federal Government is only equipped to steal from you to give away to whom ever they feel. The inbetween the lines message is our Social Security payments been squandered. Don’t count on them.. unless we senior can help to restore the fair and just Country we knew. What we have now is a cleptocracy. ..and sadly one proper survival strategy for an alert senior is to go back to work.

  53. J says:

    I’ve re-entered the work force in 2002, because I did things, ( traveled in a RV around the country) that used some of my nest egg I accumulated for 40 years. Took early retirement, at the age of 53 and re-entered work force at 57. My father, now deceased, retired late in life and couldn’t travel far from home, because of his bad health. I vowed not to have the same thing occur in my life. I now am 67 and have completed my bucket list….I will work as long as my health allows it…..

  54. Robert A Hirschmann says:

    I am 76 years old and still cannot understand how this communist-socialist-Muslim ever got elected in the first place much less got reelected. He has proved that he is anti-American in his first 4 years in office. He has forced this atrocity, Obamacare, down our throats against the will of the people. Pelosi’s comment that we have to pass this law in order to see what’s in it is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Now we find that this “law” is unaffordable and will bankrupt this country. Surprise, surprise. Still, he will not listen. I believe that was his goal all along. When he was first running for president I told all my friends that if he got elected, this country would be in a world of hurt. Was I wrong? He should have been impeached and imprisoned for treason a long time ago. And my senator, Reid, along with him.

    • Jacqueline Doty says:

      Answer: You cannot compete with Santa Claus even when he appears to be a muslim.

    • M. M says:

      I think that every one who is now in congress should be replaced in the next election ! I am so tired of hearing about what the Republicans do not do for the country ! what happened when they said they would defund Obamacare ? Every person who declared themselves a Dumborat yelled to high Heaven that they could not do that !
      And now guess who is screaming about that Stealthcare plan !
      the democrats have been in control of this country fro over 32 years and look at what they have done to it ! Get off your butts and start doing something other that preach ! I am 87n years of age, I still do my own housework, bought my own house and divorced my husband when I was 54 because he was an alcoholic. I raised six children , mostly on my own because he was always ready to go to the bar and ignore them . If you think that you have it rough just wear y shoes for a few years. maybe you would learn to live on what you are getting now.
      You voted for him so live with it. I did not vote for him but I am having to live with that idiot also !

  55. Rich Suker says:

    I wanted to know from day one what experience obumma had to lead this country. I did not like him then and feel justified now. I’m 65, work part time hours that I choose, and look forward to every day. It’s fun helping other people and getting paid to do it.

  56. Dennis says:

    I recently moved to Arkansas from Florida because of the cost of living. They talk about what a disaster it was when Bush was President. In 2006 before the idiots crashed the housing market my investment were probably 50% higher than they are now. It has been a bear clawing back and thanks to Obummer it does not get easier. I cannot believe they chose to ignore what major companies would do with their full time people when Obamacare hit. Like one comment said, “surprise, surprise.” Then the mainstream media touts what this guy is doing. They are another group of “schumcks.”
    I am curious who the people in Virginia are going to pick as their next gov. If McAuliffe wins they are going to be in a world of hurt. We need to take over the government next Nov.

  57. Lillian says:

    The article did not mention the historically low interest rates, which have reduced the earnings on savings.
    Many retirees depend upon the interest they earn on Treasury securities, CD’s and other fixed income instruments.
    That reduction in their earnings, coupled with the decline in real estate values, puts tremendous financial stress on those who no longer draw a pay check.

  58. Marcia says:

    I just turned 70 and have been working until my company cut my position after almost 14 years. I need to work for I have financial commitments. I have been trying to get back and I am qualified for the positions I have applied for but the wheels of the hiring process are very slow. My severance runs out at the end of February and will definitely need to have employment before that time. Where in the world would a company hire someone my age? It appears that having the necessary skills doesn’t really mean anything when they can hire someone younger and less expensive. By the way, I DID NOT vote for Obama.

  59. Ted says:

    Well, many of the Seniors voted for this Clown, because they believed his Lie’s. I know the Seniors
    in Florida did, SO LET THEM SUFFER FOR BEING SO STUPID.I only fell back for the smart ones that knew he was lying to them.

  60. Tinker says:

    As Jim Nabors would say, “Surprise! Surprise!”.

  61. Elizabeth says:

    this man is so distructive to our country, I sure hope we take over the house and the senate in 2014. I am 78 years old so mostly at the end of my lifetime, but I am sad for my younger generation

    • Donna says:

      I’m sad for the really young, non voting age kids, but not for the fools that voted for him which are probably their parents. He was so obvious, it was clear as glass and we tried to tell those who though he was so neat that he was a fraud and an imposter. As far as I’m concerned they are all getting what they deserve and I hope they’re all happy living under communism. I just love hearing his supporters whining about their medical insurance rising. I relish telling them that they asked for it! The sad thing is that I didn’t and will have to live under it too. I’m glad I’m old.

    • KarenFaye says:

      Don’t be a bit sad for “the younger generation” they helped elect that clown!!!! Let them see the results of their folly! Most of us won’t live to see things turn around – it’s got to hit rock bottom first. Unfortunately, it will harm those least able to withstand it or survive the harmful effect. ——- SENIORS.

      • Donna says:

        I meant the little kids, too young to vote.

      • SteveD says:

        Yes be sad for the younger generation because they are not all ignorant and unaware. What about the smarter ones who think just like you, but are trapped with the ignorant and will have to suffer this punishing government.

        • Nancy says:

          I can’t understand why any senior keeps voting for senators like Bill Nelson (Fla) who smiles, talks softly ,ignores e-mails and phone calls he doesn’t want to hear, lies about the policies and then votes with his cronies to undermine
          those very trusting souls who keep him in office! Believe me he does not consider himself one of us!!

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