Senate Votes Down Amendment Preventing Illegals from Receiving Obamacare Under Immigration Reform

from the Daily Caller – The Senate voted down an amendment that would have prevented illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded health care if they are granted legal status in an immigration reform package.

The 43-56 vote — taken during the Senate’s so-called budget vote-o-rama Friday and the early hours of Saturday — split along party lines the “gang of eight” senators currently working on an immigration reform package.

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, the sponsor of the amendment, said that the vote put “immigration reform in jeopardy.”

“The core legal and economic principle of immigration is that those seeking admission to a new country must be self-sufficient and contribute to the economic health of the nation,” Sessions said in a statement. “But, for years, the federal government has failed to enforce this law. This principle is even more urgent when dealing with those who have illegally entered the country.”

According to Sessions, the ranking member of the Senate budget committee, the Democratic majority’s vote “will dramatically accelerate the insolvency of our entitlement programs and is unfair to American workers and taxpayers.”

The amendment would specifically have prohibited illegal immigrants who gain legal status from accessing health care in the form of Medicaid or Obamacare.

Republican “gang” members — Sens. Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Sen. Jeff Flake – all voted in favor of the amendment. Democratic members of the gang of eight — Sens. Dick Durbin, Charles Schumer, Bob Menendez and Michael Bennet — voted against it.

Menendez said that the amendment is unnecessary, because any new immigration package would need to be voted on in the Senate, according to a Roll Call report.

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  1. PaulE says:

    Everyone had to realize that this was always part of the Democrats’ plan, when it came to ObamaCare. Of course illegals will get benefits paid for by the American taxpayer. It’s all part of the re-distrubution of wealth from the evil, bad United States to the more deserving countries and peoples of the world. The Democrats are also looking to grant amnesty to these illegals, so they can all be signed up to vote Democrat in all future elections. This is the vision for the future of our country from the socialist cabal in Washington.

  2. Rob says:

    You are absolutely right ANNA. We Americans have to play by the rules all the time, but illegals don’t have to and get away with it all the time. Our hospitals are flooded with illegals using the emergency room as their primary doctor and you and me need our own doctors and health care insurance. Your whole family sure be covered but it’s not and that’s not right and fair. When is our goverment going to crack down on businesses for hiring illegals. Maybe if that small step would happen it will free up jobs for real Americans.

  3. ANNA says:

    I am an american and worked all my life and paid tax’s and my son has been out of work for three years and has had no medical and he is ADHD. Now I have a grandson who is 10 years old and has had no medical. I lost most of my money in the market from where I had worked for years and I also at times had no medical, So that being said no one paid for me and many other americans who couldn’t afford it and we lived here and paid alot of tax’s. If some one works and pays tax;s in this country for more than a year and pays like he’s an american then we should help out. But free stuff is not the way to go. You need to work on becoming legal. Everything is handed out to the ilegals and they just keep having children because they have been told you’ll get more money. when these people have filed tax,s they claim 6 0r 7 children and they may only have 2 of thier own. Thet claim kids that arent thiers and no one has followed it . We don’t have the man power to check it out, so these people get $2600.00 back. But we have let this happen for years. Now the goverment or IRS does not want to do anything to offend anyone. So you and I will pay the coast for turning our heads as well as the goverment.

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