Religious Liberty Homily by Father Sammie Maletta

On February 5, 2012  –  Father Sammie Maletta delivered a Homily at St. John the Evangelist Parish in St. John, Indiana. This Homily addressed how President Obama is threatening our Religious Freedom and declaring war with the Catholic Church. Please take a few moments to listen. No one sums it up quite like Father Maletta.

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  1. Barbara H. says:

    I live in Canada where we have had Government health care for decades. It is health care for everyone not only those who agree with it. I do not understand the US point of view on this issue. Some of the posts on the issue are downright racist and wrong; especially for those who claim to be Christian.

  2. geraldine eckardt says:

    limbaugh has said this would happen, he also said we need to lestin closely. but people came in raged because he spoke out about what they were doing, put some women, not girl, 30 is a women to ask us to pay for birth control, she goes to a catholic collage, knew the rules , but wants ob. to change them to fit her needs. well i for one think if she is having that much fun, she needs to go into buisness, then she can afford to buy her own. God bless you all and God blee our country, thank you father, you are so right.

  3. Bob M says:

    Please pray for Fr. Maletta. As you can imagine he is catching a lot of greef from the left. He needs our support! Please take a minute to send him an encouraging note. His email address is smaletta@stjohnparish.org

  4. Bob says:

    As soon as Obama started his campaign to become the President of our contry I regognized him for what he is.
    Not a Demcrat, not a Republican, not a true American but someone I listend to when I was just a youngster.
    Although born in the US I lived in Germnay from Nov. 1934 until Jan. 13, 1947 when I was able to return alone to MY country at age 17. It did not take long for Hitler to go after Priests and Ministers and placing restrictions on the Church. His inital small band of followers expanded rapidly listening to the reasons for Germany’s demise and promises of the glories to come. Repediatley I turned down the volum while Obama spoke and watched his gestures and demeanor. It looked so familier to me. The close ups showing his eyes were also very familier. Having lived under the Nazies for 11 years and 18 months under Stalin (Russian Occupation Zone) I know a Socialist/Communist when I hear them talk.

    He is not a Nazi but is sailing to the far left and you know what that is. People, you were taken in 4 years ago. Don’t let it happen again. Lets take our country back to what it was and what it should be. Yes, he is for change. Beware!

    Been there. Seen it all.

    Bob, a Korean War Vet.

  5. Sue Navratil says:

    Clearly Obama is the most arrogant, narcissistic president ever in DC!!

    He thinks he is above the Law of the Land!!

    I too, hope the liberals are proud of what they unleashed on America!!

    Pray for America. Vote for the candidate who can start the process to get America Back On Track!!

    God bless Father Maletta!

    An Evangelical Christian Sister,


  6. Ed says:

    Maybe father maletta should ahev been as outspoken baout the fraud and cover up by catholic priests, especially the pope and bishops – the catholic priests are a disgrace and los etheir claim to morals after thewir behavior and cover up. Shame on them

    • Kate says:

      Ed, get on topic and recognize the danger this country is in — we are under seige by the government.

    • Goodwater says:

      Ed – because Mexico is controlled by the Mexican drug cartel then we can also say that All Mexicans are cartel members.
      This logic is drawn from your ill conceived logic that all catholic priests, the pope and bishops are a disgrace because men with pedophile inclanations infiltrated the priestly vocation years ago.

    • Jeannie says:


      Your contempt for All priests and the Pope is sad. Sadly, it speaks more of you and your like, than the truly Annointed. It might benefit you to learn to spell so that you could be more articulate when you spread your hate, while not accurate.

    • Rod says:

      Ed, how do you know he wasn’t outspoken about bad prists? By the way, research has found catholic priest ‘ffraud’ no worse than Protestants.
      Not the issue anyway…religious freedom is the issue!!!!

    • Armi says:

      Yay, Ed!
      You are right on! Where was the outrage from the PULPIT regarding the child abuse from our priests!
      Father Maletta should clean his own house, FIRST!
      Who appointed him God? He preaches hatred, instead of LOVE!
      And, now, the Vatican is striking at the NUNS!!! (L.A. Times) UNBELIEVABLE!

      • Midget says:

        Let him who is with sin cast the first stone. Priest are people too and committ sin. Priests are not in charge of other priests anymore than you are in charge of your neighbor. I suppose you live in a neighborhood of saints. I work for Child protection and I for one see what a lot of most of you do not see. Priests are the ones who get the headlines. Lawyers and judges find loopholes to keep their so called college coaches and friends out of the lime light. It is no different for a priest to mess up than a cop, a parents, or a judge. Sin is sin no matter who does it. So if you want to hang the priest than hang everyone who has ever touched anyone the immoral way. A persons body belongs to them alone and it is their choice how they use it. When something is wrong it is wrong for everyone.

        Father Sammie has enough sinners at his Church to help without traveling across the ocean to work on someone elses territory. He has never defended priests who have done the wrong thing apparently you don’t know the man and are only commenting on words heard by people with out knowledge. People are not leaving his church they are joining. When you criticize at least know what you are talking about. Reading articles in the News Paper are not accurate ask any politician, Movie Star and at times the average person can’t even get a story printed about them correctly. So you’d have to give me another source who can prove what you say is right. I have worked with Fr. Sammie and I know him to preach what he believes is correct and I would not doubt his words one minute. But I don’t know a thing about you and from what I know you are slandering a good man.

    • Peter says:

      What kind of an ostrich are you?

  7. Jack Taylor says:

    Excellent!! God is in control and we are getting exactly what we have sowed. Jesus is the only answer. Thanks Father Sammie.

  8. Mary Keller says:

    I agree with ALL the comments! And thanks to AMAC for providing the opportunity to hear this….and thanks be to God for Father Sammie’s articulate response. It’s going to be a bumpy ride, but we can make a difference through prayer and our VOTE! We must NOT give up!

  9. bobk says:

    I am a committed, Christ centered evangelical Christian that fully supports the obvious backlash by the Catholic community. WE are all seamlessly connected by our love for Jesus and for the tenets that make America what it is… or shall I say what it was.
    Make no mistake. The goal of the current administration is the destroy religion in our country, which will in turn make Socialism more palatable. We only have to look at Europe, once a cornerstone of faith, that now has single digit memberships in the churches. Most of ther churches have been sold to restaurants and more secular interests, and the light of the Lord is very dim if not none existant. It will not be long in America that all of us of faith will have to join together to make our voices heard. WE are fighting the 50% of us who are on welfare, food stamps, and rely on the nanny state to exist. They would vote for him even if he held a hammer and sicle in his hands. WE MUST rally the other percentage of people to vote for a conservative agenda and try to restore our republic once again. I want my grandchildren to pray in schools again if they wish. I want to be out of debt, and only spend what we take in. I do not want to be beholding to any nation, especially those that wish us harm. Until we find alternate sources of energy, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the millions of cars on the road today need what we have beneath our feet. WE need to be energy independent, beholding to no one. We need to stop giving aid away to countries that pocket the cash in the coffers of the dictators. If Afghanistan doesn’t want us there, I believe that we should be removing our troops as we speak. What is the goal of any victory that we could have there. They will NEVER be a democracy, and we gamble the lives of our troops to try to support an unwilling recipient. How will they re-pay us for the ten years of loosing lives to keep the taliban out of their country. The day we leave, the taliban will be right behind us. And yet we bring home our wounded soldiers with no legs, or brain damaged for life…… for what?? For a country that hates us?
    That doesn’t want us there.? For a country that has over 60 of the Afgan soldiers that personally killed the Americans that were training them. SIXTY sons and daughters training their troops to take over and protect them, and we have to tell the wives and mothers, and their children, that their Dad is not coming home alive.

    • Joan says:

      Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe there are more people who feel this way then we have any idea!!! We need to speak up!!! The majority of decent people and Christians are being bullied by fewer radicals!

      • Crislee says:

        I too agree. I am a Catholic but I came from a Protestant family, and it was my Protestant father who sent me this audio file. While it may affect Catholics more than any others right now, we all lose when our freedom is at risk. If one religious organization loses their rights, all do.
        It is time for ALL people of faith to stand up and get loud(er). We all have a stake in this mess. We can not allow this to happen!

  10. Walter M. Rckinger III says:

    Congratulations to Father Maletta:

    I wish that every parish priest had the intestinal fortitude to speak on this issue as Father Maletta has!

    I wrote to Congressman John Dingell who is my representative in congress on this matter. I asked him to support the senate bill to restore our rights to the religious concience exemption. His response? He said the current bill goes too far. TOO FAR????

    The Obama administration has gone too far and is playing fast and loose with our religious freedoms on this and too many other issues. Our civil rights, which are God given, are not Obama’s to dole out or ignore. This president and his administration took an oath of office to “…protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. They have violated this oath and should be impeached if we can’t vote them out!

    To my liberal friends, how,s that vote for Obama working out for you? You are the ones I hold responsible for Obama’s attack on the religous freedom in America. Shame on you!!!

    • Carol says:

      Obama should be impeached. period.

      • Shirjay says:

        I have to disagree with you about Obama being impeached. To impeach him would be to acknowledge that he was legally elected and eligible to hold the office. Since he was not either of these, he needs a legal investigation by the members of our Congress with integrity and when he is found guilty of treason for knowingly accepting an office which he is ineligible to hold, he needs to be removed from the present abode and punished accordingly.

    • Crislee says:

      I’m surprised at how many have. I travel a lot. But I also work in a parish. Many priest that I didn’t have so much respect for have recently been finally stepping up!
      Was even on a base recently when the Military Archbishop told his priests to not read letters from other Bishops about the mandate, he did!!! way to go! I’ve been very proud how we are FINALLY stepping up. And not just Catholics. But so many people of faith. This isn’t just a Catholic issue, but an issue of freedom in the USA. It may affect us more right now, but if they can get away with forcing the largest group of faithful in the world to ‘comply’ then they will and can do it to all. We can’t sit down. If your priest/minister/religious leader hasn’t spoken up, bug him to do so now. Nearly all that I have heard since early Feb. have done so. The few that haven’t must start now!

  11. W.Lenahan says:

    Oh No! An activist priest spreading the
    concerns that many Christian brother’s & sisters have suspected since 2009.. THANKS FATHER MALETTA’.. PRAY AGAIN AMERICA….

  12. Richard Eckelhofer, says:

    I listened to Fathers homily. on the AMAC web site. It was excellent and all churches should be listening to this. I for one knew before this man was elected his agenda. HIS PAST WAS VERY QUESTIONABLE. His whole campaign was a lie. the true Obama came out after the election. If he gets in a second term we may never get our country back. He avoids the constitution and the congress.By the way more than half of them should be thrown out. Yes we are in a very serious state and we all should be concerned. Obama care if fully implemented, will open then the door and let the government have power to run every aspect of our life. A lot of americans are blind to this fact. We all have to be more aware of what is going on in Washington and voice our opinions where we can. There should be more clergy like Father Maletta, unfortunately there are not enough of you. My own Pastor very rarley brings up the subect. Please pray for our country, and pray that we can defeat them in Nov. Pray that we elect the right persons for president and the congress. Ilove my country and severed it as a young man. I don’t want to lose it to a system that will never work and will cause us great harm in the future. I have nine grandchildren and my wife and I are very concerned for their future.God Bless America!!!

  13. Joan says:

    President Obama lied to get into office and he hasn’t stopped since. Sorry the Catholic church was duped. Did you actually think you were going to be “favored?” You were USED! People of faith who are not Catholic are next!!!!!
    The Constitution was written to protect us from the govt. Obama says the only thing stopping him from having what he wants IS the constitution. We see he’s destroying it a step at a time. Priests, pastors etc MUST speak to their people about what is going on. The time for pretending God’s message and politics shouldn’t mix is OVER. We are fighting for our religions, and liberty and our country. America is a Christian nation and was founded on Christian standards. Even Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, who were not completely on board gave their approval and supported the

    Christians. Last week the Democratic senators (Colorado’s as well) voted against a bill that would have fought against this. Pathetic, we pay these people to assist in destroying our churches, our country, the constitution and the future for our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Since history taught in schools has been changed for 60 or more years, your children are not being taught the truth in school. Historian, David Barton, (minister) who uses ORIGINAL documents and the BIBLE for his sources has a series of DVDs on The American Heritage Series. (www.wallbuilders.com) The truth. We all have been duped. Better get over it and move on together to get this turned around. Educate yourselves!!!!! Founders used the Bible to WRITE the constitution!

    Learning the truth is a personal responsibility. Facts are what has been done not only to The Catholic Church but the rest of us. Accepting government money is first down fall.

    God bless America! God save America!!! It’s late, but America and people of faith WAKE UP!!!!!!! We can pray and say the pledge of allegiance in the same service!!!! Those who want to stick their head in the sand, may do so! The jackals are waiting out side of the Church doors!

  14. Martin Corts says:

    For those of you posting who may not know of this, I invite you to check out the link & join the “Memorare Army”. Our faithful prayers, fasting & penance will go a long way in turning the tide of the secular wave. Blessings ~


  15. Kathy P. says:

    Father Maletta delivers an on topic eye opening homily. The church is finally seeing that Obama has an underlying agenda. He has out right lied to our bishops and now he is exposed. This is probably the most important homily I’ve ever heard and I have shared it with my friends and family. My parish priest has not mentioned one word , all we received was the bishop’s letter tucked in our church bulletin. We Catholics need to be vigilant and make our voices heard, we cannot let Obamacare’s ideology be forced on our institutions.

  16. Diane L. says:

    I have had talks with my priest before he was transferred and he was in full support of ObamaCare but then he was also in support of open borders.
    Told me no such thing as illegal aliens for every human is legal. I guess my application of the term was different from his for I was talking pragmatically about lawbreakers and he was talking ideological.
    I wish our two priests would be as outspoken as Father Maletta, Jr. but I will not hold my breath for their homilies tend to be rather generic and with regret…….boring. Seem to get more excited about tithing.
    I have to suppose they take the liberal side of the first amendment and believe the nonsense of the ‘separation of church and state’ and dare not speak up in the face of the state and its more severe opposition to the churches in this nation………..freedom to speak out without fear.

  17. Mike Slater says:

    I am a Roman Catholic. Many of us are dissapointed by the stance of much of the clergy, and fellow parishoners. Many times the Clergy has bent over to accomodate Obama and his fellow travelers.

    This homily needs to be heard by all Catholics, and people of faith. It is much too important to be kept to us Conservatives.

    I would urge you to post this on all types of media. I tried to forward it to the people on my mail list, but I don’t know if it worked.

    This is a powerful message delivered in a powerful way. All people need to hear this, especially Roman Catholics…many of whom are liberals first and Catholic Christians second.

    • jn says:

      Mike Slater’s sediments are my own. I have been a steady supporter and faithful practicing
      Catholic for a half century but have walked out of three homilies in the last three years. This bias will not end until the financial entanglement ends. Catholic charities have done remarkable work but somehow the have been convinced they can not continue without the federal subsidies. The “Catholic Social Teaching” agenda does everything short of pulling the ballot box lever.

  18. Patricia Potts says:

    Finally, The Catholic Church has awakened. As I recall, it was a short time ago when the bishops supported obamacare because it would alleviate the burden from Catholic Hospitals serving those without medical insurance. I, as a Catholic, never supported Obama nor his shameful obamacare. I guess Nancy Pelosi was right, in her own lying way, that “we have to pass the bill so we will know what is in it”. Well, we still don’t know all that is in it, but we do know that none of it is any good. Thanks to Father Maletta for having the guts to speak out. Let’s hope that in so doing, the rest of the Catholics who voted for this man will vote with sanity in November, and Father Maletta will have led all Americans into 2013 serving our God, and not a false idol.

    Thanks, Father Maletta

  19. Barbara S. says:

    Since I live only 10 miles away from this church, I regret having missed this homily. I have heard that the people in the pews gave Father Maletta a standing ovation for an extended period after he finished the homily. People everywhere are sick and tired of what is happening in this beloved country of ours, and we are finally getting the opportunity to unite with others of like mind.

  20. Harold Sproles says:


  21. Becky Cowley says:

    Thank you Father Maletta! Everyone should read Eric Metaxas’ great book, BONHOEFFER Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. During the 1930s the German church was deceived by Hitler and did nothing to stop his rise of terror which led to loss of freedom and horrific acts on human beings. After WW2, when the German people went to visit the death camps they were devastated with regret and grief by what they saw. This loss of freedom came on very slowly, bit by bit, so most people didn’t know what was happening or didn’t think it was anything the church should be involved with.

    I am an evangelical Christian and I stand solidly with the Catholic Church at this time of abuse. This loss of freedom being perpetrated on them affects all people of the United States of America.

    How does the saying go—“when they came for the Jews, I didn’t do anything…” or something like that.

    I pray that every priest, pastor, minister and rabbi in our country will have the courage to address this before their congregation. The time to act is now!

  22. Rachel Verdon says:

    We are missing something here, a basic structural flaw in this debate over private and government healthcare.

    There is a simple way to solve the issue of FREE CHOICE in medicine. Keep the government out of health care ENTIRELY.

    * PRIVATIZE Medicare. End the fear or rationing and government pulling the plug by legal proxy.

    * OPEN Health Savings Accounts for all ages.

    * END State regulated Insurance industry by ending Interstate Commerce Restrictions on purchasing policies across all 50 state borders.

    * OVERTURN the McCarran-Ferguson Act exempting the Insurance monopoly from the Anti-Trust Laws to restore competition.

    RETAIN religious freedom to practice our faith forcing the Government to BUTT OUT.

    We will never have to answer to rejection over preexisting conditions. The only perfect man to walk the face of the earth was JC.

    If we ask for God’s love to strengthen and cure us, over poisonous drugs, radiation, electroshocks, and State experimental quackery, that is our prerogative.

    There are currently health and life insurance plans through our BANKS that offer healthcare with no exams or requirements on preexisting conditions at available at ONE TENTH the cost of State regulated health insurance or Government Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, and SCHIP.

    The Health Department’s merger with Big Insurance in Medicare-Advantage is CORPORATE FASCISM, a dangerous move in the wrong direction. It is a first step in nationalizing the entire health insurance industry. Heads Up!

    Wells Fargo Bank is the largest insurance agent in America. Many other banks and credit unions have followed suit.

    Why don’t we from Mr. Weber about these alternative options and necessary reforms in the private sector instead of constantly pushing the socialist solution as the only way out of this mess? The government created this problem.
    More government is not the solution.

  23. Joe says:

    Let us pray,fast and “change” as they did at Nineveh. Perhaps we will be spared another four years of this abomination.
    Let our ballots declare our intentions.

  24. Geraldine Dellenback says:

    It is all about FREEDOM! He swore to uphold the Constitution and is doing the exact opposite!

  25. Susie says:

    All people regardless of their faith should heed this. This issue is NOT about reproductive services per se; it is about being forced to violate consciences contrary to the 1st amendment. The government has absolutely NO right to dictate what people believe.

  26. Shirley Schnee says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Father Maletta even tho I am not catholic. I do not believe that Obama has any conscience at all. If he doesn’t remember the promises he made to these men when they had a meeting then he definately does not have the smarts to be President of our great country. He has done so much of this in the past 3 yrs. if it weren’t so evil it would be laughable. It doesn’t seem to bother him when he lies to people, no matter who they are. FYI – Dictators do that. I do pray that the Catholic Church will reprint this Homily in their monthly paper every month from now until the election so that every Catholic sees it. In turn I would hope that each Catholic will show it to their non-catholic friends to read. I am sure if we work hard at this we can stop him from being re-elected. I dread to think what another 4 years of Obama would do to this country and the people in it.

    Father Maletta, I congratulate you for speaking out as you have. I will try and get your Homily to all that I know. May God Bless you and God Bless America.

  27. larie Hall says:

    Even though I am an Evangelical Christian, not Catholic I agree whole heartedly with Pastor Sammie Maletta. I thank you AMAC and this pastor for speaking out. I will continue to stand behind this issue facing our wonderful country, The United States of America, one nation under God, so we can stop this radicalism that President O bomb o is trying to force on us. Thank you all and lets pull together to make this happen.
    Very sincere, Ms. Larie Hall

  28. Carole Mather says:

    This was definitely right to the point! Obama has targeted the Roman Catholic Church and all religious peoples with his Obamacare program. Fr. Maletta, you did a fine job with your homily! I wish every priest, whether Roman or not, would listen and preach what you just did. That man who is currently occupying the White House is determined to take us down a socialist path and we need to get him out at our next election. I am not a Roman Catholic, but I agree with what they are doing. Abortion is murder. They should not be forced to accept this. No religious entity should. I’ll be joining those who fight this any way that I can.

  29. Alan Robertson says:

    Well said Padre!! Would be all of your fellow brethren articulate and defend freedom of religion and our rights as citizens of this great republic. Government mandates are a very slippery slope. Your message is right on the target. Hopefully, this homily will be viewed and heard by thousands of voters….the time for change is now!

  30. Linda says:

    Best homily I have heard in years. This president wants all of our rights taken away and put under the thumb of the goverment. If we don’t stand up now this country will be the socialist country that Obama wants. God help us.

  31. .Rev. Gary Jensen says:

    EVERY PRESIDENT of the United States, has sworn to uphold the Constitution of these United States. Even President Obama has promised to due that – with his hand upon a Bible – while he made that solumn pledge ! However, it is VERY CLEAR, now, that he did not mean one single word of his pledge; and he is following the marching Orders of those intent on bringing down, our great, and wonderful country !! Every Right – granted in the First Amendment, as well as all the other Rights – WILL BE IGNORED – by President Obama ! He has recently stated that his work requires another 5 years, to complete !
    The precious, God Given Right of Freedom OF Religion; is ESPECIALLY FEARED by all those who, under the conrol of their father SATAN; are bent on bringing down the great pillar of our Faith – which has allowed us to Walk in the Light and the Strength – of our Savior Christ Jesus, Himself !!
    From the Pilgrims, who came here for Religious Freedom – to the present moment – it has been, and remains – our basic, FIRM FOUNDATION !!
    That is EXACTLY WHY, the Oath of Office for every President includes the words, “I solemnly swear to Uphold and Defend The Constitution of the United States,” President Obama is bent on ignoring that God-Given Document ! He must be voted out of Office, in order for our Nation to continue our Walk and Stance of Freedom; just as God Granted us that Freedom !! May it always be so ! Amen, and Amen !!

    • tstjoe says:

      It is known that islamist do not honor an oath and to lie to obtain your goals is alright. This man in the White House was reared in an Islamic nation for the early part of his life where his ideas were most likely formed. If any one does not believe he is anti christian they have not listened or observed his actions and speeches to his like minded groups.

  32. Dieter says:

    I am neither catholic nor overly religious but I fully agree. Reproduction is not a Health Problem. Being pregnant is not a sickess. Pregnancy prevention methods are legal and readily availabe to all, women as well as men.You might agree or disagree with them; this is a country of laws, they are legal; incl. abortion but forcing someone or any institution to PAY for these services when they object to them, is pure dictatoship;but then that is what Socialism is. (look at former East Germany, or today’s Cuba) Yes, Obama would love to have the mighty power of the Chinese Communist Premire, Thank the Lord, he doesn’t. Let’s keep it that way, don’t give it to him.

  33. Larry B says:

    This is the message every parish priest should be delivering. Unfortunately our priest won’t.

    • Midget says:

      you’re right; but most are too afraid it will affect the collection on sunday’s and they can’t afford to keep the church going on the 2 pence that the poor people would still bring to church. I too was hoping it would give more back bone to priests across the wonderful free country. If we don’t stand up along with the few priests who do we might not have any freedom to do so in the future. Ask all of those people who left Germany in the late 40’s. They waited until they had no choice. We have had it good far too long. Bishop Sheen and other 1950 evangelists warned us what would happen if family life began to fall apart. Well here we are- and what are we doing about it; worshiping the golden calf. Prayer can help but we need to pray that people wake up and do their share to straighten up this mess. We can start expecting more from our politicians. We can show our neighbors who we are and live by the ideals that God expects from us. Learn to be real people and form healthy loving families so that we teach our child right from young. When should it start not on the next election but today right in our own homes in our own lives among those we love now.

  34. Feliciano Giordano says:

    Father Maletta’s homily gives a powerful and very important message on the extent to which our political left will deceive in order to be elected and realize their political agenda, regardless of the damage to our great nation’s future.

  35. mag says:

    Sorry I wasn’t there in person

  36. Cindy Marston says:

    I was confused at what to do here… but glad I figured it out as this message is amazingly spot on. Click on the YouTube link that’s underlined above. Then, get comfy. His set up take a while but is necessary. Wow. I was speechless in the end and had to dry my eyes. Going to go to the link listed in the video’s notes and start fighting the mandate in any way I can. Thank you Father Sammie!

  37. Kathy S. says:

    Absolutely positively amazing. This may be the best Homily I’ve heard in my life. And I’m mature :) … so I’ve heard quite a few! I wish all Catholic priests and religious leaders would stand up with the courage, conviction and passion as Father Maletta. Listen. You’ll be glad to you did.

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