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President Obama Would Shut Down the Government, But He Won’t Negotiate Obamacare Compromise, Says AMAC

dan-weberHe knows the law is flawed, so why doesn’t he ask for help in fixing it – 

WASHINGTON, Sep 27 – The president is ready to shut down the government rather than compromise on Obamacare, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

“He’ll negotiate with Syria and Iran but he won’t sit down to hash out a suitable settlement with lawmakers who are doing what they were elected to do—implement the will of the people.  Poll after poll shows that the American people do not want the Affordable Care Act [ACA] that was foisted on them by the Democratic Congress of 2010.  Yet the president continues to threaten a shutdown of the government unless he can keep Obamacare just as it is,” Weber said.

The Republican House passed a continuing resolution that will fund the government as of October 1.  It contains a provision that excludes money for Obamacare, an idea that “rankles the president so much that he says he’d rather see a shutdown than accept the funding,” the AMAC chief noted.  As of this morning, the Senate was prepared to pass what its Democratic leaders called a “clean” version of the bill – one that conforms with Mr. Obama’s wishes.  It would be sent back to the House where Speaker John Boehner said it would be summarily dismissed.  His Republican Majority will likely offer up a new strategy for dealing with the ACA.

Weber said that he received a lot of positive feedback from members and non-members alike for reaffirming the association’s position in support of the House bill in remarks he made last week.  “There were some, however, who disagreed with our position but you could tell that they did not understand our viewpoint.  We do not want to see the government shut down but even the president, himself, admits that Obamacare is flawed.  So, why doesn’t he ask for help in fixing the law?”

As for the political “blame game” the media has been playing as regards the shutdown threat, it is noteworthy that two independent polls conducted by the Pew Research Center and the Washington Post show that both Democrats and Republicans share responsibility equally in the eyes of American voters.

“But the fact is that the president is ultimately the only person with the power to avoid a shutdown.  All he has to do is to convene a meeting of Congressional leaders and work out a deal.  Even if it simply delays implementation of the Affordable Care Act for a year, it would give lawmakers and the president time to work things out, not for their sakes but for the sake of the people who will have to live with Obamacare.  After all, the president is exempt from its onerous provisions.”

Weber said that there’s a lot in the law that needs fixing including the Independent Payment Advisory Board or so-called “death panel,” the intrusion on our religious freedom, the onerous restrictions it puts on doctors and hospitals, the loss of jobs that pay a living wage and the mean-spirited provision that allows our elected officials to avoid the law’s punishing mandates.

He noted also that at a time when the national debt hovers around $17 trillion, it would be a relief not to have to add another trillion dollars in Obamacare costs.  “The House bill that was sent to the Senate may be our only chance to stop the Congress and President from bankrupting America.”

The intensity of the debate is an indication of how unpalatable the law is to voters, Weber said.  “Our newest poll this week shows that our membership is overwhelmingly in favor of full passage of the House bill by the Senate.  Like most Americans, they believe they deserve better.  They believe our government can do better.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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  1. JD says:

    I wonder what would happen if next week every person who pays taxes changed there the number of deductions by one.
    It seems to me that the IRS would be overwhelmed. Then about the time that they got it back together. Every one did it again and again until they were not collecting any money. Would they listen to the people then and beg the people to
    turn on the flow of money? Just a thought.

    • PaulE says:

      Nice thought, but I doubt it would work that way. Much more likely, the IRS computers would quickly flag the abnormal number of deduction increases and send out form letters to those taxpayers disallowing the changes and demanding payment for the money owed. If the tax protest persisted, then the IRS would simply pull the lost revenue from peoples’ bank accounts. If you don’t think the banks would stand for this, then you haven’t been paying attention to the systematic shakedowns, by various federal agencies, of various banks over the last five years.

    • JC says:

      Perhaps the republicans could pass the budget IF there was a provision that there would be NO EXEMPTIONS for the president, the Senate, the House, ALL Government workers, Unions, ANYONE! from Obamacare! Ooops! DEMOCARE I mean!

  2. Jim J says:

    I’ll tell you who is going to shut down the country, the do nothing congress, both houses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Texas Belle says:

    The sad fact is that if the Govt shuts down the Republicans will get the blame. The MSM will hammer the issue for days on end and Obama will get on a pedestal and proclaim that he is “the Messiah” and anyone who disagrees with him is dirt. A President is supposed to represent all the people but there has never been one so biased and who shows so much hatred for the opposing party. His last diatribe against the Republicans was given even as people were being gunned down in a nearby facility by a mental nut with a gun. He has no class, no thought for anyone but himself and his power. He wants to rule the world.

    • PaulE says:

      The Republican Party will continue be blamed for everything by the mainstream media anyway. If it’s not for this, it will be for whatever comes up next. The mainstream media is populated by liberals who hate anything associated with Republicans or conservatives in general. That’s NEVER going to change. The mainstream media believes in the Progressive (Socialist) agenda, because they think they are a protected class after the “transformation of the United States” is complete. So until the GOP leadership gets this simple fact through their thick skulls and decides internally to say “the hell with what the Democrats and the mainstream media say”, they’re never going to go on the offensive. You don’t win a war by continually playing defense on issue after issue. Make no mistake we are in a war to preserve this nation and only one side is playing offense right now.

    • KarenFaye says:

      I understand what the repubs are trying to do by delaying Obamascare – but in the end they will be the “goats”. I think they should have just let it go and when it exploded, the Democrats own it. Delaying it would give many opportunities to glean out the horrific parts, and maybe even get a repeal. IF NOTHING ELSE, MAKE IT A MANDATORY “LAW OF THE LAND” (as Harry Reid calls it) FOR EVERYONE—- not just the peons who have no choice. Harry Reid has good enough insurance and enough money to cover his NEXT LOBOTOMY.

      • KarlaSchaerer says:

        It would be nice to say, “They wanted it. Let them have it.” and then let the shtf. Problem for Republicans is that no one has called Obama on delaying the portions of the law that he wants to delay. Why the delays? Because they will prevent the S from hitting the fan before the 2014 elections, and he will campaign for Democrats pronouncing the law a success. Think about the objective here. We’ve already seen a lot of businesses cutting people back to 29 hours. 29 hours means no health care benefits. All of those people, including our local law enforcement officers, won’t be able to afford the exchanges, the “taxes” (penalties) and will end up on welfare. There is no way to prevent their goal of a single payer system. Young people won’t go into medicine because they won’t be able to afford school, or provide a comfortable living for a family. Fewer doctors. Fewer jobs. Fewer benefits. Now add the 11 to 30 million illegals into the mix and this administration/Congress’ love of spending money that we don’t have, and you have the end of the United States of America. They’re already shipping our gold to China. When the US collapses, the rest of the world will follow. Enter the New World Order. Start reading your Bible. Even if you’re not a believer, at least you’ll know what is going on and why…and what you need to do to survive it. Oh, and be a Boy Scout. Don’t wait until something happens and think you’re going to be able to run out to the store and “stock up”. ~~~~~~~~~I agree with you, though, that delaying it would give them time to attempt to either end it or reconstruct it…without using the IRS!

    • Adam F. Kohler says:

      Disagree. This time the Democrats and RINO Republicans will be blamed.

    • Donald Young says:

      Perhaps we are missing an opportunity. If everyone stops listing to or reading the main street media they would go broke and the truth would be told.

      PS: I have not listened to or read the main street media for years.

      Tell your friends!!

  4. Jacqueline Doty says:

    I hope that the people who voted for that garbage sandwich for President, end up paying more dearly than the rest of us, but I doubt if all those minions of his who live in the political sewers will ever feel the pain about to be meted out to the rest of us.

  5. Jade says:

    I fear for our country. The American People have become complacent and unwilling to accept responsibility for the choices they have made, or not made by doing nothing. Our country does not have an official language, English, because people and lawmakers alike, are unwilling to offend anyone. The ACLU wants to do away with Christmas and anything religious because it offends some. Government wants to do away with the Pledge of Allegiance because it contains ‘Under God’, claiming it is a prayer. We have hundreds of ‘free’ programs that cost taxpayers billions every year and still no one wants to shut them down; they might offend or hurt someone. We have tens of thousands of illegal immigrants in this country because of our ‘anchor baby’ policy. We, the American taxpayers, are funding our own destruction. Its time to get involved in local, state and federal issues, do away with big government, make calls to our congressmen and senators and pray we still have time to turn around the planned destruction of America, as we know it. Take a stand and make your voices heard in national forums. Contribute to organizations fighting for our rights. And PRAY.

  6. Phil says:

    Shut it down! With our government closed down, they can do no further damage. Social Security checks will still be sent. Our military will still continue to function. VA hospitals will still operate. This is all the government we need. Everything else is unnecessary bloated Democrat programs.

  7. Van Hamlin says:

    The cost of this law, which still leaves 33 million people without medical care, will eventually destroy our economy. When you look at the tax code, immigration enforcement, and the effect of lobbyists on government; the future is dim. President Obama has chosen a course that will cause a failure in the dollar eventually. This is an event that has been bet on and is desired by all of the hedge funds. They stand to make billions, which they will promptly exchange for Swiss Franks, gold or maybe even control. Our nations problem is corruption! We have recently seen the Republican mainstream join forces with the Democrat mainstream to defeat grass roots conservationism. Their is no two party system when you speak of ideology. There are those in power who desire to sell out our best interests to special interest. This is the majority of congress. Don’t believe me? Then try to get a balanced budget amendment passed. Try to get Obamacare repealed. Remember, the Supreme Court agreed that this was a tax even though the law was never meant to be a tax. Could it be that the conspiracy includes members of the judiciary and well as the other two branches of government?

    There is only one solution to this dilemma, as voters we have to abandon loyalty to political parties and work for specific local candidates who are both pragmatic and incorruptible. Vote out incumbents just because they are incumbent and start over. We need to elect people who will place our nation’s best interests over special interests no matter how much money and power is placed before them. We need people who will place jobs creation higher than anything else. A person who will find ways to fund the safety nets we all love by making sure everyone has a job and is paying some taxes. The truth is that our problems are solvable if we just work together and ignore special interests.

    • PaulE says:

      That is why I stopped giving money to the Republican Party. It does not either represent us or respect us. Anyone with a fiscally conservative perspective is ridiculed by the GOP leadership. All the Republican Party wants is for us to keep mailing in checks and voting for whichever candidate THEY select.

      At this point, I only contribute to individual candidates who I have taken the time to vet as closely as possible. Yes, it takes some time and effort, but ultimately you only get the quality of representation you deserve, based on the level of oversight you’re willing to do. That fact seems lost on a high percebtage of the electorate these days. When these candidates are elected, I continue to watch how they vote and where they stand on the various issues. If they uphold the commitments they made during their campaign and their actions reflect it, then I continue to support them If however they become “just one of the boys” in Congress, I stop all support of them and look for an alternative candidate to run against them in the next election. So far this method has worked out pretty well.

  8. Glen Martin says:

    As I gave a lot of God’s absolutes through scripture, I’d wish to parallel the comment of gridlock to the times fulfilled.We need to see how God has allowed this to happen- Is this the (7th) year for AMAC? The #7 represents completion & perfection! It’s great to help our seniors, but we as Christians are all His children regardless of age and need now to work Him back in on both ends of the spectrum:)! Together as One~ Glen

  9. Glen Martin says:

    I’ll start with with William E. Ruffs comment. The only way to fix a crack in the wall and to keep it from coming back is to fix the foundation. ~That is “The Lord”~ Both our Social Security & Foundation. The chief corner stone~Lk.20:17And He beheld them and said what is this then that is written, THE STONE WHICH THE BUILDERS HAVE REJECTED, THE SAME HAS BECOME THE HEAD OF THE CORNER? See:Ps.118:22, Acts 4:11, Eph. 2:20, 1Pt.2:7, Mt.21:42, Mk.2:10. Because of the repetitive nature I think He is trying to tell us something here:)! Something worth dying for should be worth living for so get on your knees and give it your all. AMEN! Diana Erbios article in the authors “Opinion”What Happened to the America that Could Not Be Fooled All the Time? This is because it is with our hearts we turn to God or we turn away from God. Nothing here about science for children stories Diana. We need to bring the Lamb back to school and teach our children how to pray.Read the (20) scriptures in Dt.30 and again (7) times the word heart appears. I think He is trying to tell us something. We (some) have become complacent through to much law or government. Remember God is in control over all government.Dt.10:14 Behold the heaven and the heaven of heavens is the Lord’s thy God, the earth also, with all that therein is. Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.When we pray we are calling heaven down to earth (in accordance to “His Will”) and His hand is moved! The hand that stands for power, Mk.1:15 The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye,and believe the gospel,but still yet the hand that is compassionate and tender to place His children on His lap to bless them.Mk.10:16 And He took the children up in His arms, put His hands upon them, and blessed them.Is the time fulfilled at present? Does AMAC have the government in a gridlock? I believe so, and we need to repent, pray and build upon “The Rock!”

  10. Lita Z. Biejo says:

    Obama should have been impeach a long time ago. The problem is our legislators do not have guts and above all, do not have balls.God bless us all Americans including the stupids who voted for Obama!

  11. Lita Z. Biejo says:

    Let’s impeach Obama asap, The big problem is that all our legislators do not have balls. God bless all of us Americans including the stupids who voted for him.

  12. TM says:

    The reason for the digging in by the Pres. and his party is that the ACA is not merely a statute – it was a forcible takeover of our population using the weapons of a compassionate-sounding caption (affordable healthcare), radical consultants, completely irresponsible democrat congressmen and senators voting on something they had not read and a compliant media, to take away American citizens’ basic rights. In short, it is a step forward for the radical left -progressives, not liberals- toward a centralized society run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats from Washington. It was deliberately structured to compel citizens to buy something or be fined, to take control of our lives and our money (it contains taxes and redistribution) and to give government bureaucrats access to our personal medical records. It is part of what can be sen as a true revolution, being conducted without bullets or military intervention, in plain sight, but “dressed up” by spin doctors and secret actions of the executive branch. The additional bad news is that this is only the first step. In light of the ridiculous Supreme Court decision upholding the mandate, there will undoubtedly be additional attempts at governmental coercion of the populace – buy or do what the bureaucrats tell you to, or face fines. I fear that we face a trying few years ahead!

  13. Ken Scott says:

    A person that will not compromise is a person with an exploded ego. It also makes him a person who is really not qualifed to hold such a high office. Coporation executives are sometimes forced to compromise but then again this man could give a crap about America.

  14. Robert says:

    It is time we the people to take this country back form the Communist pig in the white house hate to say this but it is time to revolt against are government. Let the revolution begin it is better than losing are freedoms that I am willing to die for.

    • KarenFaye says:

      Locked and loaded. I agree — we see every day other people in other countries revolting against their governments – why not Americans????? SUPPOSEDLY, our leader isn’t a tyrant like Assad, and wouldn’t gas or shoot us. WOULD HE??????

  15. E. Smith says:

    First… the Jerk is not an African American. He is half white, which he hates. His father was an Arab man with a part African grandmother that raised the Jerk as a child. He is a Muslim Arab in his heart and to be feared for that reason as well as many others. His ancestors were not slaves in this country, his ancestors sold slaves in Africa. He is not an American in his heart or any other way. He is a Chicago thug, schooled in the most corrupt political machine in this country. Do not think he is stupid, we should be so lucky, he is very calculating and dangerous. It amazes me that a man like Kennedy could be assasinated but………………you finish the sentence! We will be used untill We say NO We have had enough. The real problem is there are too many that are too used to having too much and don’t understand that sacrifice is part of survival. I am glad I am old and won’t have to raise my children in the aftermath of this Arab Muslim Blackhearted Jerk that is killing our way of life due to an apathetic nation and elected fools.

    • Angela M. Rosati says:

      Hello: your sentence re: Kennedy’s assassination and why not obama….simple! Who wants dopey Joe Biden to be our president!!! I don’t know who’s worse.

  16. TeddyW says:

    I want to thank AMAC for speaking out on this! I was hoping that AARP would see the light of what is happening but instead they have bought into what is happening and sold out ‘the elderly’ in this country as though we all had one thought and voice in these critical matters. Like sheep they are led astray — Us ‘elderly’ are not so easily misled as AARP would have the ‘public and gov’t’ believe. I fought for this country and what it was and if need be I will fight in what ever revolution is necessary to preserve what we HAD! Having been in Viet Nam and a prisoner I am appalled at his seeming to roll over for what is happening in Washington and becoming a part of it. What is happening is not the country I fought for then and will fight to take it back!!
    I am happy to see what AMAC is doing and giving us a true voice as we should have as the elderly statesmen of this country.

    • Angela M. Rosati says:

      God bless you for having fought for America. You are our hero. Sadly, it’s the brainwashed college students, who know nothing of what we seniors have gone through and seen, who idolize the snake who occupies the White House! Every time obama gives a speech, it’s in a college and the untaught, brainwashed, foolish students applaud and scream approval. Why doesn’t obama speak to US, THE SENIORS WHO HAVE LEARNED CIVICS AND HISTORY IN SCHOOL, WHEN SCHOOLS WERE SCHOOLS. If you failed your tests, you were left back and nobody gave a sh*t who was offended. Come on, Folks, let’s offend unions, college professors and our government. When Wall Street was Occupied, (which didn’t make sense to me) my son’s professor said any student who attended would get extra credit. Is that disgraceful or not!!!!

      • PaulE says:

        A lot of college professors are nothing but closet socialists and openly push their views in their classrooms. It’s all part of the progressive indoctrination process being carried out nation-wide for decades now. Why do you think something like 60 percent of 18 to 30 year olds voted for Obama in both elections? College professors who aren’t hard left liberals don’t last too long in many colleges these days. I’m not surprised that your son’s professor made such an offer.

  17. William E. Ruff says:

    It’s a shame that our goverment cares more about being right than doing right. The only way to fix a crack in a wall and to keep it from comming back is to fix the foundation. If the foundation of this wonderful United States of America is weak, than our country will be broke and weak. We must stand up speak out and get out and vote if we want to fix the broken foundation of our weak and selfserving elected. If we don’t reserch, speak out and support real men like Ted Cruz and the others that stood wih him, than we have nothing to complain about. I had four doctors tell me that they were no longer taking medicare then my doctor closed her pratice. We still live in America and can speak out and be heard.

    • PaulE says:

      Yes, we can still speak out and be heard. However, as yesterday’s vote in the Senate demonstrated, half the Republican Senators don’t give a damn.

      • Angela M. Rosati says:

        In that case, we’re cooked! We have to vote the weaklings out of office. We need guys who will roll up their sleeves, spit in their mitts and work to save America from the destroyers like the communists, muslims and obama followers.

        • PaulE says:

          That is why I stopped giving money to the Republican Party. It does not either represent us or respect us. Anyone with a fiscally conservative perspective is ridiculed by the GOP leadership. All the Republican Party wants is for us to keep mailing in checks and voting for whichever candidate THEY select.

          At this point, I only contribute to individual candidates who I have taken the time to vet as closely as possible. Yes, it takes some time and effort, but ultimately you only get the quality of representation you deserve, based on the level of oversight you’re willing to do. That fact seems lost on a high percebtage of the electorate these days. When these candidates are elected, I continue to watch how they vote and where they stand on the various issues. If they uphold the commitments they made during their campaign and their actions reflect it, then I continue to support them If however they become “just one of the boys” in Congress, I stop all support of them and look for an alternative candidate to run against them in the next election. So far this method has worked out pretty well.

  18. DonB says says:

    I agree with all of these folks. The United States is being sold down the river by a bunch of greedy politicians who only care for votes and to retain their political jobs. They make all the rules and the taxpayers who support the whole system are forced to go along with those rules. The only problem is, that the rules do not apply to those setting the rules. They have their own agenda and us peons are not permitted to partake. Let us vote on their decisions. Put them on the ballot. It used to be that we taxpayers had the right to vote. Now when we vote, if we do, we must vote for the lesser of two evils because there are no decent candidates to choose from..

    The only thing that makes me happy, is that when they run all of us AMERICAN taxpayers into the poorhouse, who will pay for all of their giveaways and freebees, to the freeloaders who do not deserve them? Then the freeloaders will begin to maim and steal from the politicians and liberals who will be the only ones with money. I will never understand how the useless incumbents continue to get voted back into office. I guess it just goes to prove that the freeloaders and liberals make sure they get to the polls and cast their ballots for the giveaway politicians.

    • PaulE says:

      “I will never understand how the useless incumbents continue to get voted back into office.”

      Those useless incumbents get voted back in by lazy, uninformed (ignorant) or simply stupid voters, who have NO IDEA what the ramifications of their actions on the country. Even worse, these folks don’t even care. As long as they continue to receive that government check or service, they’re view is simply “the hell with everyone else”. No country can survive long once a majority of its citizens no longer have the ability or integrity to make rational, intelligent decisions. We’ve passed that tipping point and now it’s only a matter of time until the nation collapses.

  19. redgld says:

    When a citizen of this country can chose not to purchase something and in turn can be taxed for that act it is either legalized robbery or legalized extortion by one’s own government. The Supreme Court has legalized just that with its manipulation of the wording of the ACA. An act which was never formally, nor fully, explained to the public in the first place and was to be voted on “so we (the public) can see what’s in it”. That not legislation! It is political manipulation. I would have hoped that those on the Supreme Court would see that. Huge numbers of hopes we dashed. Congrats manipulators, you have legalized robbery as well as legalized extortion. At least for all those not given exemptions.

  20. HenryMc says:

    I said before Obama ran the first time, if he ever got elected, it would be the end of the United States of America
    that I grew up in. Everyone said, but listen to his eloquent speeches. He can only read the speeches, someone
    else wrote, from the teleprompter. Everything is always a problem he inherited from someone else.
    He is not being President of the United States. He is trying to be a Dictator. His attitude right now is a perfect
    example of this. It is time to” WAKE UP AMERICA ” . Especially the House and the Senate, take your heads out of the sand, or wherever they are, and use some “common sense” VOTE against Obama Care. Listen to your

    • KarenFaye says:

      Obamacare will no doubt pass – but will the Dems and President (or Absentident) CLAIM it as their own???? Will they bear the responsibility for all the screw ups, messes, and catastrophies that result???? The Man child in office is a product of some really big backers – and George Soros. They pull his strings, and he reacts – or doesn’t. Why they wanted universal health “care” = (which is the wrong title for it) – is beyond me. I suspect it’s only the beginning of true outright Communism – which many other countries are in the throes of getting away from. It doesn’t work, never has worked, and won’t work. Period. This Dictatorship being run now by Obama, Soros, the near insane Harry Reid, and totally insane Nancy Pelosi is sure to fail the way things are going. So what if 300 million lives are ruined?? Do any of you think they care???? What matters is their nutty idealogy, their egos and the fairy tale make believe world they live in. So, Obamacrap no doubt will pass – even tho’ most say it’s not ready for prime time yet — (as they are obviously making up the rules as they go) — many lives will be screwed up; jobs will be sacrificed; and in the end, it will be the young and the Seniors who reap the worst of it. The stock market will crash, the U.S. credit rating will tank, and Iran, Russia, and any other crazed nation will be licking their chops with their fingers on the nuke buttons. (We’ll still be prime real estate, no doubt) And, none of the Democrat voters who pulled the lever for this dark skinned sock monkey saw it coming. They saw the shark’s smile; heard the glorious promises, got caught up in the hokey rhetoric (written by those much more clever than he); and cheered when his name was once again announced as “President”. I hope all of you who pulled that lever live to regret it and have a back up plan.

      • Texas Belle says:

        I may be gone by the time my grandchildren have to face the bad decisions made by stupid politicians. It will be a country very unlike the one I grew up in and will no longer be “like a shining city on a hill” that Reagan envisioned. I hope somewhere, sometime, all the people will realize what a big mistake has been made and will have the good sense to reverse Obama’s unconstitutional, dictator edicts.

  21. TeddyW says:

    I am becoming more and more concerned that true change in this country will only come through a fresh revolution as was needed to start this country whether it is peaceful or violently done – it needs to be done. In other words.”this country needs to start over from the beginning”! We have lost the basics of what went into making this country what it was – belief and faith in our all powerful, faithful and patient God.

  22. Lonnie Newman says:

    Why are we backing a policy to defund Obamacare that has no chance of succeeding thanks to John Roberts and the
    2012 election that returned Harry Reed and the Democrats along with the most inept president in history.
    Whats truly frightening is we keep fighting the same battles the same way and we expect a different outcome Wake Up.
    How about trying delaying all mandates for 1 year and let everyone see what this law is really about.
    If we do this people can and will enroll in Obamacare but it will be voluntary.
    Show the people the real cost of this abortion and how it will effect them and then maybe we can gain control of the Senate which will finally allow us to control the irresponsible and stupid policies of this administration.
    If there was ever a time for the thinking rational people to wake up and smell the roses its now.
    The best way to get our message across is to stop stupid debates which only confuse the confused and start a real dialogue by having a very very short opening and then answering all questions from the audience about their concerns.
    Let everyone know who we really are and what we really stand for instead of letting a corrupt press or a political campaign
    define us.

  23. Papa doug says:

    ‘WAA if you won’t play my way I’ll take my toys and go home’! Nice Mr. President, real mature.

    In effect that’s what he’s saying, if he doesn’t get his namesake he would shut down America. You have to wonder about a President who knows his healthcare bill is flawed and will destroy healthcare in America just to get his baby up and running anyway at any cost.
    I don’t wonder, I never wondered, I knew because I knew Obama was a socialist and never voted for him but I can assure you half the people in AMAC did vote for him TWICE and now won’t admit it. Now you reap the whirlwind!

    Of course Obama really isn’t making these decisions, George Soros is, Obama is just his talking head.

    I feel so much better not being affiliated with any political party, I don’t need someone telling me what to believe or what to think.

    • Angela M. Rosati says:

      Papa Doug: your statement that half of the AMAC members voted for obama… twice yet….I don’t think so. We went to school when they taught civics and history. We know a phony when we see one. I’m sure it was the young…as I have heard from some of them, who also think muslims are not killers and beheaders. Oh, and tolerant, too.

  24. Lonestar says:

    If the congress gets shut down at the same time OK by me.. At least they can’t spend any more money that way.

    The only time our country is safe is if they are not in session making new laws or wasting money appropriating it.

    It is time for a smaller government..

    The law of the land is these morons should not be allowed to go on vacation unless there is a BUDGET passed in their house and/or another CR.

    Just like the real world do not do your homework you can’t go out and play.

  25. David says:

    Ok… so what do we do IF Obama Care DOES pass, sit idly by only to witness the intentional destruction of our society? More jobs lost, hours cut to part time, so business owners can skirt paying outrages prices to cover their employees. This NEW LAW is being shoved down our throats (AGAINST THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE) Against constitution law (being forced to buy something) by evil, corrupt politicians that have one goal only, … to bring America down preparatory to creating the New World Order or One World Order all while they continue to amass more power and OUR MONEY!

    While all of this is taking place, they are stocking up on BILLIONS of ROUNDS of AMMO while making ammo scarce and signing a UN GUN GRAB pact… (Giving the UN authority over our Constitution) As moral conservatives who continue to play by the rules AGAINST an evil, corrupt government who lies, cheats and feels they are ABOVE the LAW, the deck is stacked against us to ever win.

    How long do we sit by only to witness our freedoms and Liberties get stripped away? Once they are gone, it will be near impossible to restore them. Add to these already mentioned Common Core, the new educational system that literally makes your child property of the Govt and removing your RIGHTS to even have a say as to what can and cannot be taught to your kid. Agenda 21.. another program that will remove your right to own property and force us out of rural areas into communal/tenant living areas.

    The onslaught from the Communist, Socialist, Liberal Democrats is coming from ALL DIRECTIONS having the effect of overwhelming the enemy (YOU AND I) making it nearly impossible for us to engage on all the different battle fronts. That is one of their stratagems… overwhelm and confuse us due to our being so unorganized against their decades of their planning to gain control. Well, its here and it is happening beneath our noses.

    We need to turn the table so to speak by overwhelming THEM. We have the numbers on our side (population) which is what they fear and why they are taking our guns and have built concentration camps all across America.

    You an I were born this time in the world for a reason and it was not to sit idly by. We are pioneers in our own right with what we must do in response to a corrupt govt. We must not shirk our civic obligations to this the Greatest Nation the world has ever known. You and I have been greatly blessed just by being born in America and enjoying the liberties and Freedoms that we have. Freedom does not come free as attested by the millions of brave men who have fought to establish and maintain that Freedom! Because there are so many evil and wicked people who work tirelessly to take away what God established in America, we are never more than a generation away from slavery, and it is on our door step with the door left open. We as Americans must unite, PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING ON A DAILY BASIS, organize and apply our will and strength to insure the wicked few do not suppress and control the moral majority. GET INVOLVED by electing to take emails from good worthy organizations like AMAC, Heritage Foundation, Tea Party, Humble libertarian, The Blaze, Rush Limbaugh, and countless others. A public that is uninformed is unawares and thus unprepared and unorganized is easy prey to kill or control. IF YOU AND I DON’T step up to the plate NOW to Protect our RIGHTS, their will be NO PLATE for your children to step up to!

    • Patsy says:

      Very well stated, David and you and I are on the same page. I would love to borrow your statement and put it on FaceBook, but only with your consent.

    • John E Coleman says:

      David, Thank You !

      The ” Perfect Summary ” you have written will ” I Pray ” , be read by every God loving
      citizen of our United States !

      Dominus Vobiscum !

      Semper Fi !

      John E Coleman
      Saint Cloud, Fl. USA !

  26. Dick Jordan says:

    By now, we are realizing that Obama is like a spoiled child. He pouts when he doesn’t get his way and then turns vicious as he is vowing to do over Obamacare. His worshippers have made him this way (he actually feels “Royal”). The thing that bafflels me is why the Republicans have waited so long to initiate Impeachment proceedings. There are so many reasons to impeach him, chief among them his violation of the Constitution time after time. Helped along by the “Dung of 8”, we may be opening our borders to unprecedented numbers. Makes you wonder what’s in it for the four Republicans. Other than absolute shame, that is. Three out of the four have to go next election and the jury is still out on Rubio. Nobody in Washington D. C really wants all these problems fixed. Americans just might realize that we don’t need all this gigantic government and start the process to reduce it. This is especially true of the Democrats in Washington D.C.

  27. Will sopha says:

    The worst part is that while Obama and his fellow “Democrats” like McCain (the RINO) are insisting on shutting down the government, they are trying to pretend that it is somehow the republicans’ fault. I pray for our country’s survival.

    • KarenFaye says:

      I say, SHUT IT DOWN. If people can’t go a couple weeks without their government benefits they are living too close to the edge. SHUT THE USELESS, DESTRUCTIVE, DO NOTHING MESS DOWN. Start over, fire every bleeding one of them, hold a new election and bring in all new players. No congressman should sign anything until Obamacare is universal =-= NO EXEMPTIONS FOR ANYONE – including Obama and his dear family. I’d love for Harry Reid to need heart surgery and be told he’s too old. Or, any one of them to be refused a procedure or medication because the “death panels” don’t deem it necessary. Let Katherine Sebilius go a few years without a mammogram; let Sandra Fluke pay for her own stinking condoms, and cut off welfare benefits to unmarried women after the second child.

      • dick says:

        A big AMEN to that, Sandra Fluke wants her free birth control pills, I’m 79 years old, where’s my free Viagra for when I meet her

      • Angela M. Rosati says:

        Whoa, Karen!! i vote for you! Well spoken and to the point, no nice, polite words! And Harry Reid too old for surgery…LOL absolutely beautiful.
        And sandra fluke paying for her own condoms…..if she had an Italian father, as I and my friends did, she wouldn’t have dared mention it all all. She wouldn’t have known what a condom was until she was married for a few years! I say, tie her knees together!!!!

        • dick says:

          Ah! Pelosi , she should be wearing a condom over her head, at government expense….oh hell I’ll pay for it, it’s the least I can do…

    • russmohr says:

      I’m afraid that is the only thing left to do, the country is at an all-time low and may never be able to return to a stable and secure republic. Obama and his Chicago Mob including Ried and Pelosi have almost totally destroyed America. Washington is a mess and the whole system needs to be gutted and re-evaluted if we ever want to see the country as it was designed by our founding fathers again.

  28. rangerrebew says:

    I think I trust Tammy Fay Boehner even less than Obama. Obama will stand his ground on some things but Tammy Fay always talks tough, then caves. This monstrosity is going to pass when the democrats have as advocates the ilk of McLame and Grahamnesty and most of the rest of the republicans just as spineless as Boehner. I think it is now time to suggest Oct. 1 as Dependence Day and do away with the 4th of July because it no longer means anything to most Americans.

    • GH says:

      Amen. But we also have to step up and work for the America we hold dear. We still have the power of the ballot box and every reasonable person of voting age needs to help support new candidates who aren’t entrenched in the
      Washington muck.

  29. Ollie Octopus says:

    Google The Destruction of Detroit by Mayor Coleman Young, Crony Capitalism and Communism and Barack Obama by Frank de Varona. It is long but will tell you about Obama, Coleman Young, Eric Holder, and probably why Obama was shamefully bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia.

    • KarenFaye says:

      Mr. Obama is now too busy “campaigning” on campuses and venues across the country to settle down in a chair and negotiate with Congress. He gets no photo ops from that, he gets no applause or adulation from them, whereas, the starry eyed supplicants he plays to give him the glassy eyed looks he craves to cement his feelings of superiority. This has been a catastrophic mistake for America and its citizens. I believe a lot of planning and cunning went into the “Obama machine” that was created to bring this country down. Whether we can fight back and regain our posture and self reliant strengths once again is up to the people – and that’s what scares me most.

      • PaulE says:


        Yes, the decision lies with the people, but a lot of them are the same “useful idiots” who voted for him and the Democrats in both 2008 and 2012. I don’t see those starry-eyed people, who have been totally systematically brainwashed over decades to believe socialism is not only perfectly acceptable, but actually preferable to capitalism and our core founding priciples, to suddenly wake up or have some sort of revelation that they’ve been “played”. That would require that, at their core, they have the capacity for both rational thought and critical thinking. If that were the case, they would have never voted Democrat in the first place, since it would have been intuitive to them that what was being proposed by Obama, in either campaign, was not only nonsensical, but dangerous.

        • KarenFaye says:

          The Obama voters are elitist Hollywood types who wanted to be “cool” and vote for a black man with a nice smile; young idealogues who heard “transformation” and jumped on it; Moochers who sniffed out the prospects of more Gubment assistance; and hard core Liberals and Democrats who would vote for Charles Manson if he was on the Democrat ticket. Our schools and colleges are churning out mind washed Socialists; the idea of Christian principles is being trashed on a daily basis, it’s not acceptable any more to become engaged, marry, then plan a baby or two; and the electronics have replaced meaningful conversation and dialogue. What’s left?????????

          • PaulE says:

            Just the final collapse of the nation as we become yet another in a long line of failed socialist countries. That’s the trajectory we’re on at this point.

    • foghaze "M²" says:

      I don’t think I’m alone in being very weary of the “blame game.” I voted Romney, but honestly was thinking to myself “is this the best we can do?” Yes, he is a very successful businessman so on an economic level he was the smart choice. But we must remember that most of the voting public have acclimated to “entitlements” and where the next free meal comes from. Romney threatened that climate, and anyone who overtly announces a threat to that posture is an automatic loser. I hate to say it, but we need someone who leads everyone to believe their entitlements won’t go away, and then comes in and breaks that promise, putting people back to work to earn that next meal. Broken promises are par for the course with this President, and we just need someone who will break promises for the good of the nation. In short, Romney was too honest, and that doesn’t work in our existing political climate. And celebrity personalities, charisma, are what the public wants as well. Romney fell short in that department. It’s too bad Eastwood wasn’t twenty years younger, and I can’t think of anyone else of that ilk that would do the job, and would stand up to people like Putin, or the Saudi King, and say “go ahead, make my day.”

      • TeddyW says:

        Is it not obvious that what McCain wanted to do and what Romney wanted to accomplish is exactly what Obama does through the back door only in a more destructive manner for the country and its people while the former 2 had positive plans that would have made what they were going to do have a positive affect for America and its people. Yes, Eastwood understood this very well and was hoping for a wiser public than has shown up!

      • John E Coleman says:

        You just Made Mine !


  30. Bell says:

    When one buys healthcare insurance, the entire policy is read before signing a commitment to purchase. Americans are not given this opportunity unless it would be possible to weed through the massive “policy” which I would tell an insurance salesman/lady to stick it! The officials who signed The passage of Obamacare NEVER read it but passed the piece of trash because they could opt out-which they did. Now, even those who agreed to Obamacare, Unions come to mind, are seeing what this rag does to the populace! It is packed with fines, downsizing businesses, and a host of “taxes” as Roberts designed.

    Obama can’t shut down the government because The House has a budget that covers paying bills as long as the Obamacare is defunded and even repealed! If Obama wants to threaten the Congress with his shut down, he is barking into the wind. Reid will kiss Obama’s butt to get his own earmarked crap done. “You kiss mine and I will kiss yours logic.”

    This message contains harsh, foul language and to be very truthful, I think that I speak for millions of American businesses and The People. If the Senate votes for cloture, there is no chance in hell of ever repealing this monster Obamacare! Unless, congress gets some back bone and removes the pretend American president!

  31. Jim says:

    Anyone who believes the federal government is going to shutdown has been drinking too much of Uncle Fed’s Kool-Aid. Sure, some (perhaps many) unconstitutional offices will be impacted, and we may not be able to get unconstitutional government insured loans, etc., but everything the government really wants to do will continue to get done – and most of that is unconstitutional too.

    Until people realize that the feds use this tactic to upset their lives in order to incite them to demand Congress to pass more unconstitutional spending so they can get their unconstitutional benefits, there is little hope America will recover.

  32. Michael JK says:

    This administration has been violently against anyone who apposes their agenda. They won by nefarious ways. See people voting 7 times in Philadelphia and how many others? How can people be able to register for entitlement programs but not an ID to show at voting time? Everyone I know who pays taxes has to show an ID when they vote.
    Hey John MC Cain you say elections have consequences. Yes maybe but when are you going to wake up and realize that you are being duped. But your a million power broker who scams people on your war record. You are just as hurtful to the hard working dare I say high tax paying citizens than the LIBERAL Dems.
    I am Amazed at the people of Arizona sending this RINO to washington. A perfect example of power begetting more power. I was against term limits until now.
    And lastly how can these dems and repubs vote themselves waivers but expect us to be FORCED to accept Obama care. Unbelievable.
    People please remind other people around voting time in 2014 and 2016. Lets all get 5 people to the polls!!
    Take care and GOD bless those hardworking people who are supporting the 49% who don’t pay taxes.

  33. Chuck says:

    Wasn’t it some 19 repub senators who voted with the dems to send the “Clean Bill” back to the House? Publish their names everywhere and don’t let people forget who they are and that they must vote them out of office next year…some are not up for re-election but they can be dumped in 2016. They are truly RINOs and they need to go.
    It is just my pipe dream since I’m sure most people don’t know or don’t care what is going on, but as someone said earlier here they will find out when the “transformation” begins in earnest and their freedom is history.

  34. Lee Goscin MD, PhD,FACE says:

    As a college researcher and practicing physician for over 30 years I can not understand why people (especially government and liberal press) think more complicated regulation such as ICD10 and money spent following results and outcomes by various means (meaningful use, PQRS, pay for performance, etc) will bring down costs and improve outcomes. The costs for personnel to analyze, doctors offices and doctors is outrageous. More than 40% of the problem is the noncompliant patients, especially on Medicaid and uninsured. See the results of 2 years of the Oregon “Medicaid/or Obamacare trial for 10,000 uninsured presented in recent N.Eng.J. Med. (late May 2013.) It cost a fortune and there were no improvements in better Blood pressure or Diabetes control although more cases of DM were detected. My son is 4th generation Doctor with 3 kids under 4yrs old. This year I spent more time documenting than seeing patients. I can’t recommend than any person goes into medicine anymore.

    • Bill says:

      I’m a Medicare patient in good health and in charge of his faculties — and I understand the doc’s claims. Thousands and thousands of Medicare and Medicaid patients (many living alone, some just feeble with age) are not taking their meds, and end up choking our emergency rooms and hospital beds at a high cost to the rest of us. I wish I were brilliant enough to have a solution to this significant issue. It has a lot more impact on the practice of medicine than the so called ACA.

    • Ollie Octopus says:

      Doctor, I completely sympathize with you. I feel the same way about law practice. Years ago it was a great profession but now with all of the rules and regulations, frivolous law suits, and metal detectors, it is not fun. I got out of it 10 years ago. Another thing I believe is driving health care cost up is the frivolous medical malpractice suits. I believe the plaintiff should pay the costs and attorney’s fees of the defendant if they lose. I like this idea for all civil law suits. If I were on the bench I would award the fees anyway after first warning the plaintiff of my intention if they were to proceed. If they have a good case, go to it.

    • PaulE says:

      The Progressives (Socialists) don’t concern themselves with facts or logic. They’re about “an idea” of how things should work and that forms the basis of all their beliefs and actions. I agree with you 100 percent that it is insanity to expect adding a mountain of new regulations and a massive federal bureaucracy to administer it will somehow lead to lower costs and better patient outcomes. However, that is, for lack of a better word exactly what socialism is. The idea of consolidating total power in the hands of a few select “elites”, by virtue of regulations, taxation and ultimately raw governmental intimidation and force, over virtually all aspects of a nation’s economy and peoples’ lives would result in “a better, more prosperous and healthier society” is something every citizen of this nation should obviously reject. That of course assumes an intelligent and informed electorate. Sadly, as 2008 and last year’s election proved, when presented with a choice, we no longer have such an electorate in the majority. The majority of the voting public has been conditioned to accept socialism as not only acceptable, but actually preferable to the principles this nation was founded on.

  35. Raymond says:

    To all you “Democrat, no matter what” voters who elected him and re-elected him, I have three words for all of you,”DEAL WITH IT!”

    • MaryAnn says:

      This is not the Democrat’s fault. They are keeping the promises they made to their constituents. The problem is that when the RINOs were actually confronted with their campaign promises, they made excuses to vote with Obama. By the likes of McCain and Graham being able to call themselves Republican, they get to sabotage any attempts to stand up to Obama. I’m assuming these traitors, who undermine every initiative from true conservatives, actually like Obamacare. Did they find a way for their family, friends and contributors to profit from it? The traitors will never see office again. I’d vote for the likes of Pelosi before I’d vote for these disgusting turncoats who do not give a damn about those who voted them into office!

  36. Elizabeth says:

    I will die before giving in to the commie presbo

  37. Fred says:

    If Obama care is so good, no one should be exempt. This includes… The Obama’s, members of the Congress, The Senate, all government employees, and union members. I also believe the voters should vote on it. This law was passed behind closed doors by the democrats and not one vote was cast by republicans. That is against the constitution and is also morally wrong. Those who passed the law kmew it was wrong too and they should be horse whipped.

  38. Michael G.Odette says:

    Our president said he wanted a transparent administration. I’d say it’s CRYSTAL CLEAR! He is on track to destroy this country and our way of life. He hates colonialism and that’s how this country started. He intends on imposing Sharia Law. He is a Muslim and a terrorist. Check out what the rest of his family is doing. It’s his way or the highway. His hatred for this country has been manifested by his flaunting of the Constitution and other actions too numerous as to boggle the mind. If he’s not the Anti-Christ then he’s mighty close to it!

    • KarenFaye says:

      I agree with you – although many would not. Having also seen the movie “2016, Obama’s America”, it’s clear that he’s fulfilling a prophecy and goal by bringing a once great nation to its knees. What will be left? What will life after Obama be like if Americans continue to be sheeple and moochers nursing off the Government teats????? Clearly, if asked, none will volunteer to give up their “benefits”; nor vote for someone who hints that they’ll be removed. He has knowingly continued to thrust livliehoods on those who would rather NOT WORK if they can support their families by collecting what they need from the Feds. Those that are working will soon be part timers – and will also need to be supplemented by Uncle Sam — and there you have it. We’ll line up for medical treatments, line up for our monthly stipends, line up for a loaf of bread ….. sound familiar????? And, by the way — the Affordable Health Care is a joke —- nobody is denied health CARE — go to an ER and be treated. It should be called the Affordable Health INSURANCE act — but the wiley Obama knew not to use the word “insurance” …….because he”CARES” for his folks…… Yeah, buddy. Do you smell Brimstone??????

      • JD says:

        Do you really think that there will be life after Obama? Do you thing that there will ever be another free election in this country. I do not believe that there will ever be another free election here. And the people that did this deserve just what they get.

  39. FRANK629 says:


    • Chris E says:

      This president has broken many laws. He has used Executive Privilege more than any other president. Nobody does anything. I worry the whole government is corrupt. We need to throw all of them out. Start over.

  40. Dreamduster says:

    Communist never give up until they’ve murdered all the Counter Revolutionaries (CR) or gotten them ensconced into a
    re-education camp somewhere in the cold north or sweaty south. The American electorate is too stupid to deserve liberty. It’s over. Might as well get used to singing KumBaYa at May Day parades and waving good-bye to all the CRs on the transit trains.

    • AMP says:

      Are we ready now to put at rest the liberty that so many American patriots shed their blood to buy for us. As a child of eight not having known it’s sweetness, my mother made this seasick child come on deck of the SS America to look through the fog at the greatest sight I have ever beheld. Through the fog appeared a green lady holding the torch of liberty. Will we now replace that torch with the chains of slavery to a government gone amuck? Lord Byron once wrote :” Liberty, strongest in dungeons thou art.” In other words, those who are so willing to give it up won’t realize what they have until they have lost it. Is it not worth fighting for? Don’t give up friends of Liberty. She is worth preserving for our children.

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