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ObamaCare’s New Year’s Day Surprise: Deep Cuts to Medicare

by Andrew Mangione – As if ObamaCare’s botched website, coverage cancellations, and higher costs were not bad enough, the Obama Administration has quietly dealt yet another blow – this time striking millions of the nation’s most vulnerable seniors.  Specifically, the Obama Administration has decided to deeply cut funding for the Medicare program’s home health benefit as a way to help pay for ObamaCare.

The Administration made this announcement very quietly, waiting to do so until the very end of the last Friday before Thanksgiving, perhaps thinking that most people would not be looking.

To be sure, the timing of the Administration’s quiet announcement did keep it out of sight – for a while.  That ended on December 12th, however, when the Washington Examiner broke the story in an article headlined “ObamaCare forcing 14 percent cut in Medicare’s home health program.”  FOX News and the Daily Caller have also picked up this story, so full attention is now being paid to this unprecedented cut – and the harm it will do to frail seniors across America.

As the Examiner’s Richard Pollock wrote, “An estimated 3.5 million poor and ill homebound senior citizens will wake up on New Year’s Day to discover ObamaCare has slashed funding for their home health care program.”  He’s right: on January 1st, the Obama Administration will sharply cut Medicare funding for home healthcare services.

Totaling a whopping 14 percent between 2014 and 2017, this cut is the maximum allowable under the ObamaCare law.  The Administration had the discretion to cut less, or even to make no cuts at all.  But they decided to impose the deepest cut made possible by the Affordable Care Act (shouldn’t we be calling this the “Horrible Care Act”?) legislation.  And in doing so, they will shift billions of dollars from Medicare to ObamaCare.

This cut is not only unprecedented in its magnitude – it will have a direct and devastating impact on the millions of ailing seniors who want to stay in their homes and not have to move to a facility.

This year, Medicare home health services were delivered to approximately 3.5 million Medicare beneficiaries.  According to the federal government’s own data, these seniors are older, poorer and sicker than the Medicare beneficiary population as whole.  Many of these seniors also reside in rural communities, where home health care is especially important because other sources of treatment are often located many miles away.

The Medicare home health benefit is also of critical importance to younger Americans.  Families across America depend on home health services to help them care for their aging parents.  Having a skilled nurse come to their homes to deliver needed treatment not only means that Mom and Dad don’t have to go into a nursing home – it also means their adult daughters and sons can balance caring for their parents with raising a family and earning a living.

In light of its importance to millions of seniors and their families, the Medicare home health sector has been one of the nation’s leading creators of new jobs.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, thousands of Americans find employment every month in the home health field.  Just as important, these jobs are being created by small businesses, which constitute more than 90 percent of all providers of home health services.

But all that’s about to change.

Hidden on page 117 of the regulation that the Obama Administration quietly released on that Friday evening is a stunning admission: “approximately 40 percent” of all providers of home health services face net losses as a result of this Medicare cut.  Put more plainly, 4-in-10 of all the providers on whom homebound seniors depend face the threat of bankruptcy and closure as a result of ObamaCare.

To my knowledge, this is the first time that any regulation has been issued by any Administration with the knowledge that it would put nearly half of the people it impacted out of business.  Indeed, this ObamaCare cut to Medicare is so severe that thousands of small businesses may be forced to close, and hundreds of thousands of quality jobs could be lost – directly impacting the millions of homebound seniors who depend on them.

The impact that ObamaCare’s Medicare cut will have on seniors, families and small businesses is widely projected to be severe.  What is not yet known, however, is the impact this cut will have on U.S. politics.  In 2010, the revelation that ObamaCare would slash Medicare funding so angered senior voters, that they helped give Republicans control of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Now that these cuts are being imposed, the Democrats who voted for the Affordable Care Act face the possibility of losing their Senate majority when senior voters return to the polls in November.

Indeed, with Medicare so negatively impacted by ObamaCare, an important question will soon be put to the millions of seniors, families, and providers who care deeply about home health: what answer will they have to ObamaCare’s New Year’s Day surprise?


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  1. techwreck says:

    See my post on the Member’s Forum. “Obama Dooms Seniors to Ravages of Aging”. It isn’t just about Home Health, as hospitals, hospices, and doctors are being given incentives to cut Medicare expenditures for senior care.

    Seniors are under attack to pay for the Obamacare boondoggle!

  2. Richard Schultz says:

    I have read many comments about the traiters in D.C.History is full of incidents.Lincolns war power act of 1861 was never repealed.that is the engine that the I.R.S. operates under.The Act of 1871 made D.C.a corporation,thence came U.C.C.code.What other job in this country pays you more after you are out of office than when you are in,then when in congress.They have set themselves.up in their little fiefdoms.Now about 95% of the people have never contacted their Congressman or their Senators.I am going to my Senators office next week to address my complaints.Now the only thing they understand is money.So if they continue to abuse the Constitution then to tell them we will gather up recall petitions to get them out of office.Yes it is hard work ,but if they understand they could lose this source of easy money,we will work to throw them out Most people do not understand the E.O.’s, that was to be used only in D.C.on Congress and other government positions.I have a Rand McNally Road Atlas.2013 with all 50 states Flags in it ,not 56 as the genious sitting in his throne in the White House said.Even a fifth grader knows that.Also I have all 48 Preambles to the States Constitutions and 2 States have it it in the main body of their Constitutions,acknowledging their Creator.Check it out ,I have done my homework.I am taking that to his office also.This is a Christion nation.I will see what rebuttals follow this..

  3. Catherine says:

    This, too, shall pass. Has anyone noticed that human behavior does not change through the centuries. The failure to learn is sad. The apathy of the American people has brought them to this situation and I trust that their ingenuity will enable them to survive. I have learned a lesson.

    • techwreck says:

      Good luck with trust! I prefer action.

    • Marie says:

      Really, This too shall pass…!!! You can’t be serious!! First of all, he took money from the Medicare reserve to help start the unaffordable health act. Now he is going to cut Medicare for seniors home health. I am sorry, but I find this appalling!! This entire medical coverage that he has mandated should be trashed. Let things slowly go back to where is should be, with people making their own choices about what coverage they need and how much they are able to pay. If anything should have been implemented, it should have been voluntary and it should of been geared toward those who do not have insurance. The fact that it has been dictated to a nation, a free nation at that, is just wrong.
      So, no, this too shall not pass and that is what is scary. I have a feeling we have yet to see the worst of this. We, the people need to speak up before our freedom of speech is taken away from us too!!!

  4. Mark says:

    Our Society and political non leaders, have reached a point of total disrespect for our senior citizens.
    They focus only on the groups that will benefit them at election time, meanwhile disregarding and stealing from those of us who have paid for those benefits. They continue to raid the Medicare and Social Security systems, so as they can hand it out to illegal immigrants and welfare cheats, that have never, ( nor will they ever ) contributed to the system.
    The government treats prison inmates better than it does it’s senior citizens.
    Those three groups alone get :
    1. Free Medical
    2. Free Housing
    3. Free Dental
    4. Free Legal Services
    5. Free Education Services
    6. Pay No Taxes
    Something’s very wrong in this country.

  5. Marti Settle says:

    I believe that Obamacare should order all Americans on Medicare to voluntarily kill themselves at the age of 75. There is no logical reason to keep elderly people alive during these dire times. More funds are needed to support illegal aliens and welfare hawgs. More money is needed to provide free food, housing and phones to low intelligent losers who contribute nothing (except illegitimate babies) to society. We need to feed these useless souls and pay outrageous amounts of money to pay union teachers to sit around smoking dope in the parking lots and letting the students run wild….beating, raping and fornicating one another on the school buses and classrooms. The liberals thrive on evil and chaos and the Obamas lead the pack on incivility, lies and evil. All conservatives must be excuted in order to make sure that people like the Obamas and Pelosis of the world continue through with their desire to destroy America.

    • j. says:

      Marti Settle, you were doing well with your comments until you got to the teacher sentences. Your thought patterns fell apart there! When you speak fo these teachers doing unthinkable things, you are talking about a small small percentage of teachers, as in any profession, and you state it like it was a generalized fact!!!!!


      • RICHARD says:



      • Mark says:

        He’s not that far off though! Teacher’s unions, and teachers in general, are as sick as the rest of our society.
        To prove my point, you have a teacher convicted of rape, who’s union is demanding that he be paid his severance pay.
        You have female teachers screwing their under age male students, and having their babies. ( WA State )
        You have female teachers screwinfg their under age male students, and having those students, kill their husbands. ( Pam Smart )
        I’ve seen case after case, in just about every state in the union, where teachers are being convicted for the crimes of selling drugs to students, raping students and in general just letting students do as they please.
        The sad thing is, they are protected by Unions and other teachers, who place more value on their Union’s than they do their students.

    • Sherry in SC says:

      Well said, Marti. Language like you expressed is honestly sad to have to express, however, how else can one comment on the devestation and intentional harm being made to this country and the hard-working few who do pay taxes. There will be a day of reckoning for those responsible. What a rude awakening they will have.

    • karen says:

      The Lord rebuke you SATAN.. I pray that you don’t suffer the repurrcusions of your wicked evil judgments..There is a spiritual law that states a man reaps what he sows.. (THAT INCLUDES WORDS) AND WHETHER OR NOT YOU BELEIVE THAT, DOES NOT MATTER A BIT.. Just like the law of gravity.. you will never change the law of sowing and reaping, No matter how much you hate God..

      • Ivan Berry says:

        I know it’s late in the game, but I couldn’t resist: yep, the law of the harvest–what you reap ye also so. And remember:
        If you can’t do it, teach it; if you can’t teach it, teach teachers.
        A few years ago, there was a report out that the scores (SAT, I think) of education majors were below that of athletics–that is, the jocks were smarter than those who were training to be teachers. Of course, there are exceptions but it is really surprising how educators have taken on the mantle of “intellectuals.”
        So many of the people I’ve known are much smarter than those self appointed intellectuals.

    • Mark says:

      Marti, let’s back the truck up, and give this a little more thought, shall we !?
      Instead of killing all the older Americans on Medicare , let’s just have them voluntarily commit themselves to Medicare prison’s for the elderly. That way they get the benefits of free housing, free legal services, free health care, free dental care, and free meal’s, just like the trash of our society does now!
      I mean fair is fair!

  6. HAM says:

    Obama purposely wanted only the departments cut back on during sequestration which the general population would be affected by the most. People were laid off but did not lose their jobs even though their departments ran just fine without them with no lasting effects. That tells you we don’t need them. Staffing needs to be cut in half in all but essential departments beginning with the EPA.

    Thankfully sequestration backfired.

    If you cut out all the waste in the all departments in the Federal Government, we could bring down the $17 TRILLION debt. You sure don’t see any of that being addressed do you.

    Tell me how many long term jobs were created by the STIMULUS. None. It all went to pay back POLITICAL FAVORS and one of those payback recipients was the Nancy Pelosi’s brother- in-law. IF all those BILLIONS had gone to the states for highway & bridge infrastructure repair it would have created jobs that would have made a difference but no, there weren’t really any shovel ready projects and the money was burning a hole in the hands of the Democrats so they found a more political advantage for the use of our HARD EARNED tax money. Greasing the palms of their “friends”.

    • PJ says:

      The problem is what is considered essential. A lot of the staff that was laid off was not essential in the short term, but if you want working plumbing, broken items fixed, air conditioning, heating, dams repaired or inspected, workmans comp claims processed, lawns mowed, transportation safety inspections performed, and other items done then you eventually will need to have the staff to do it. Or are we going to decide that federal workers and military dependents don’t need amenities such as working toilets, heating, air conditioning, or school lunches? Some staff considered “non-essential” by our administration were required to work without knowing when they were going to be paid. You can’t expect them to continue working without pay.

      Hospitals lacked the support staff to process patients. They were requesting anyone without an immediate need to reschedule their appointments until after the sequester ended. Do we cut all non emergent care at federal hospitals?

      And what about all the profitable or self sustaining businesses that are on federal land and pay the government for that privilege? They closed revenue generating concerns just for spite. Sure they are not essential to running the government but they are self sustaining or profitable and do not drain our tax dollars.

      Those are just the items I am familiar with in a military community and around the area. The sequestration didn’t last long enough to see any lasting effects. If the sequestion continued for an extended length of time how would it affect the general population?

      There is a lot of fat that needs to be trimmed. I don’t disagree. But there are a lot of places to start besides cutting low level supposedly “non-essential” jobs, medicare, social security, and welfare.

  7. D.Richardson says:

    We should all boycott Las Vegas until the State of Nevada
    recalls Harry Reid.

  8. cw says:

    democrats & republicans are of the same bad smell . obuma is the anti-crist.

  9. Wayne LeBlanc says:

    It’s funny how we are all for cutting every program until it affects us personally. This is the conservative problem, everybody wants to cut the budget, cut the deficit, cut government but then they want all of government programs to stay in place with no cuts. Come on, people.

    • JP says:

      Using your logic there is no fat in government. There are some programs that have a direct effect and others that are indirect. Sequestration showed that government spending can be reduced. Yes, there were jobs lost but these were not essential just more government pork being passed around. How do you propose to reduce spending?

      Remember Democrats started Social Security the raided it with IOU’s. How is the gov going to pay the IOU’s? Well, by raising taxes. Who started Medicare? I believe it was the disaster named LBJ. Now you have someone worse than LBJ and Carter combined.

      • PJ says:

        I hate to break it to you, but sequestration showed nothing of the sort. It didn’t last long enough to have an impact.

        It showed that we can close national parks open monuments, and parts of the Ocean and hire more people to patrol those places to keep people out. It closed profitable and self sustaining businesses on federal lands.

        It required quite a few of those “non-essential” people to work without pay because believe it or not we need working toilets, the grass mowed, workmans comp processed, and a whole host of other things done on military bases and in federal buildings not to mention public safety. Had the sequestration lasted it would have become a problem when the people that were kept on couldn’t keep up with the work and those that were working without pay couldn’t afford to do it any longer. The “pork” wasn’t what was trimmed, it was the basic services to military installations and federal buildings such as groundskeepers, maintenance workers, and support staff. Which is perfectly fine if you want to do away with things like bathrooms, school lunches, heating, air conditioning, playgrounds, clean floors, working doors, unbroken windows, and such. They’re federal employees or military brats so they can go all day without the basic necessities, right? Who needs federal parks. Just close them all down. Corps of engineers? Who needs them. The dams will hold without maintenance and inspection, right? All these non-essential things are just a waste of money.

        Really, there is a lot of fat to be trimmed. While “pure science” is useful in some respects it should be a privately funded endeavor. Why are we paying for park benches in Mexico? After a request to cancel construction the US spent $34 Million on a building in a foreign country that will never be used. Do we really need a public service commercial on the rights of muslim women? Why is the government spending millions on non disaster relief foreign aid? Especially to China? Why does it cost the government $50 to buy a $5 item?

        Gotta love September. Ever notice an increase in consumer spending in September for no apparent reason? Although this September I have to wonder just how bad things really are. That is the “use it or lose it” month for the government. If a department doesn’t spend what it has left in its budget then they are subject to budget cuts instead of a increased budget the next year. Can’t have that, they’d lose the chance to spend all that extra money on useless/surplus crap that ends up in a closet somewhere until it gets thrown away or forgotten about.

        How about 6 different Veterans job programs that effectively do the same thing? How many other bills are out there that effectively overlap or do the same thing that we are throwing money away on? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not against helping Vets find jobs. But after the first 2 bills were passed you would think that the government would come up with something new or give funding to the existing ones! Oh that’s right, the first 2 still have funds and we still have unemployed Vets. Well, lets just throw more money at the problem with new programs to make us look good and hope it works one of these days.

        What about getting people back to work and generating revenue for everyone including the government?

        Nah, all that crap sounds like it’s too much trouble to deal with. We’ll just go after Medicare, Social Security, & Welfare. The rest will sort its self out eventually.

    • damifinoone2 says:

      Yes, I believe in cutting programs. I believe in cutting pensions for elected government officials, studies of duck penis’s, shrimp on treadmills, and many other pathetic programs that a bloated bureaucracy can think up. What I don’t believe in cutting is programs that actually provide service for the people who for many years have paid the bills.

      • Dianne Hastie says:

        Thank You. I believe in exactly those cuts. I also believe in cutting pensions for the lazy assed congressmen, in cutting the $100,000 dog walker for the Obamas, for doing away with education to protect the rights of Muslim women, of park benches in Mexico. The list goes on.

    • Jean Hogan says:

      I am 76 years old and have paid my share of money to have insurance when I retire. We have a savings but everything continues to raise in cost and we don’t get more in our pay checks, who is going to pay for what is cut from our doctor and hospital care? The cost of medicine is high, we try to take care of our health but parents leave us with their health problems.

    • blagostwin says:

      No you come on, these cuts have been one sided, you don’t see this administration cutting any of his pet projects or agencies whatsoever. Like the EPA,DOE, as well as other to numerous to mention agencies. Not to mention minority funded programs. These cuts are specifically targeted.

      • Ivan Berry says:

        Why just pick on elected members of the government for benefit cuts? The so-called administrative departments take more of our support and dollars than all the elected combined. Did you know that in our population as a total, if you counted private sector employment as 100%, that govenrment employment overall exceeds 120% of private workers. Talk about top heavy government.

        As far as supporting and maintaining Government property, why does the government own so much of our States’ land, especially in the western states where up from 30 to 40 to 60% of a state’s land may be owned by the national government? If that land were sold or distributed to the private sector, we could eliminate a great portion of our debt. Of course, this would not help if government just kept spending to kingdom come, but….

        And inflation has been redefined by the collectivists. Look at the definition in older dictionaries and you will see that it means “resulting from an increase in the money supply” and not an increase in prices. Cost increase is the result, not the cause. Stop printing money to kingdom come, too and there might be a chance to get our ship of state back on an even keel. Do you think either party will ever have the discipline to do it?

        • PJ says:

          “Do you think either party will ever have the discipline to do it?”

          No. I don’t. To put it in medical terms our nation has an illness. Our government representatives are trying to control the symptoms of the illness without having to put any time or energy in combating the illness itself because that would be more work and a very lengthy, painful, and unpopular procedure.

  10. john says:

    I do not think we can impeach with Reed in place. O’bummer will be gone by the time the states convention produces any meaningful progress.
    I think we should form a PAC or something similar. Then start a stealth advertising campaign. Long lasting, to the point and party neutral. It is amazing what can be done with a small budget and a good target. Advertise every day in /on the same place until people get it. It takes time, but it is effective and inexpensive if done the same way all over the country at the same time. The social media is apparently the place now, but it is too short an attention span to be effective.
    I am retired so older people of like thinking should be able to get this up to a sustainable level. Think people, THINK,
    coordinate, THINK, and act in concert as one unit. We can shut this guy down if we want. They will target us, but if 500,000 people act, there will be too many of us !!!

    • Rube says:

      I like your line of thinking

    • Da says:

      I think we need to look at Obowmas real plan. He’ll keep messing with us until we rise up,then he’ll impose martial law and stay in office. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, and I’m praying I’m wrong.
      God bless this country, and heal it.

      • francine says:

        Da, I agree with you. I believe Obummer will do something so devastating as a ploy to institute Martial Law and this will open up such an uprising that it will make Katrina and other disasters look like child’s play. He is soooo good at manipulation that he probably already has devised a way to declare himself ruler over the American people for the duration of his life. He’s just waiting for the opportune time to make his announcement, which I believe will be closer to the end of his term in office.

        When he was first running for office back in 2007 I told people be careful what you wish for you just might get it and find out it was not what you wanted after all. Well, America you got what you asked for and he is not what you really wanted. The serpent speaks with forked tongue.

  11. KarenFaye says:

    While the Obamas are basking in the sun and “lei-ing” around in the sun of Hawaii, the rest of us are left in the cold – to face the reality of what is becoming a living nightmare. American principles, moral values and self reliance are a thing of the past. Mooching, leeching and grubbing off the government has become the norm. 5 or 6 years of unemployment insurance? Hellyes – why work? EBT cards and free cell phones are as easy to get as a paper cut; misused, abused and multiples to one family? No problem – the “gubment and taxpayers will foot the bill”. People thought “Obamacare” meant another freebie- so of course they voted the demon back in – then stood back with their hands out for the next giveaway. Meanwhile, the seniors who built this country are being thrown off the nearest cliff. Nobody in Congress has the cojones to stand up to Barack HUSSEIN and just say NO…..enough!! I don’t know what will happen next, unless we gang together with pitchforks and torches and storm the Whitehouse ourselves. Chances are, though, nobody will be home.

    • Michael DelRossi says:

      Yes Karen – You hit the nail on the head! The Obama Administration & his Democrat cronies are out to run this country into Bankrupcy, period! Growing up in the USA we were taught to take stock in America by buying US Savings Bonds, well all that went to hell on 2 Jan 2011 when the savings bond program went bye the wayside thanks to Obama to save 6 million dollars over a 10 year period to produce and print them out? So much for taking stock in the country that you love! And now he is enjoying a Hawaiin vacation at tax-payers’ expense, what a guy? Let’s all hope that this expensive vacation will screw his head on straight so he and his Democratic buddies can put a meaningful budget together and get the USA back to a productive country and to defend the constitution that he swore on a bible to do or get ready to be Impeached for Numerous Lies and Deception Practices!

  12. HAM says:

    Monroe: another Democrat operative?

    • Jeffery says:

      I agree with many here. Obama and the democrats need to be stopped!! Purge them all from office. NOW!!! We are betrayed from within. Where is our military in all of this? They swear an oath to uphold the constitution NOT to protect the President. We need another revolution in this nation or we are all going down in a socialist fascist hell hole. With a Muslim at the helm. Obama is a dictator and needs to be tried in a court of law then summarily shot.

      Put me in a FEMA camp, starve me or gas me. I don’t care. Obama must go!

    • Ivan Berry says:

      Ham, I think it was satire.

  13. Tim says:

    if obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, is so “affordable” why then have Senator Harry Reid, US Rep. Nancy Pelosi and HHS Secretary Kathleen Syphilis exempted their staffs from having to purchase this product as it will impose upon them an undo financial hardship

    • Meru says:

      Because they can. It’s unconstitutional too. The laws must be carried out THE SAME “equal to everyone.
      Special treatment is against the law.

  14. Trace says:

    Although I have felt for years that more families need to stick together and help care for their elderly parents ect… Obama needs to be stopped!!!!! Enough of the speeches and long comments on how bad the guy is along w/ most of Congress… We need to impeach this guy!!!! And again most of congress!!! Enough is enough people!!!!!! Along w/ Obama we also need to go after Bush and Cheney for the same crimes along w/ the murder of over 3000 Americans and millions more over-seas!!! They’re getting away w/ depopulation and your family is next!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough!!!

  15. MONROE says:

    Everybody bend over CHANGE IS COMING.

  16. HAM says:

    Kevon Seltz: please elaborate on your comment “not married, Big Brother is going to take your home & boot your ass”. Please include reference to back up this claim.

    • etxdad says:

      He’s talking about the Nazis taking your estate to pay your medical bills. Try to keep up. As in, no need to comment if you don’t know WTF you are talking about!

      • Ivan Berry says:

        Try and be nice. Hamm was just asking a question. I have read many of her posts and have found none objectional, even when I disagreed. I’m fairly knowledgable but failed to fully grasp what was meant as well. But if you go into a nursing home, you will pay from accumulated assets until you qualify for Medicaid. That’s taking the home or anything else you own. A married person’s situation might be different. I don’t know. If you do, please explain. Thanks.

  17. Kevin Seitz says:

    Guess what, folks! It’s even worse than you thought. Now, as part of OsamaCare, if you’re not married, Big Brother is going to take your home and boot your ass out into the street!

  18. Gary Wirsu says:

    Mid term elections coming— Will America wake in time to oust all those in Congress who voted for this worthless. destroying America legislation. As each day passes we learn more how bad this OBAMACARE mess is going to impact the nation. Younger generation don’t be fooled by rhetoric from this administration and its puppets, this ridiculous mess isn’t going to go away any time soon and you will also be caught in the catch 22 of paying more for your health care or even losing some facets of reasonable cost health care altogether. Vote out all that signed this mess without even reading to see the disastrous fallout from it,

  19. TonysTake says:

    How much more are you going to take before you act? I’m not talking about that one little thing you do once every two or four years (vote) that takes a whole half hour of your precious time. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?

    • TonysTake says:

      If you don’t have a gun, get one.
      If you have 100 rounds of ammo, get 1000.
      If you don’t have friends of like mind, find them.

      • Kevin Seitz says:

        My thoughts exactly. It seems that since the ballot box is already stuffed before we vote, we come closer every day to being forced to use more direct methods to get our point across.

  20. bill says:

    Maybe a small suggestion of reality might be in order. Refer to der Fuehrer as Comrade B HO and his position as LSoSic (Lying Sack o —- in charge).
    His actions and the manner in which have been carried out, bring 1930’s Germany to mind.
    A proper salute might be described as left arm extended approx 30 degrees above horizontal, palm down, fist closed, middle finger fully extended. Right hand brought to the face with the thumb and forefinger holding the nose. This done, of course, done with all the respect? due a man of his accomplishment???
    A cautionary note: Be aware of men in brown shirts.

    • Ivan Berry says:

      Bill, that’s a great short – hand version. It would take a book to say it better.

      Brown Shirts: Homeland (not Fatherland; not Motherland, but Homeland) Security, plus ATFE & fast &furious, DEA, FBI, CIA, NSA and all those police state functionaries, including the transportation security admistration at least for now in our airports. only. And beware the military “just following orders.”

  21. Dorothy says:

    Things will not change unless we can find a way to better educate the uninformed sheep that just believe what they hear rather than judge a candidate on the basis of who his or her friends were and what they espoused before they started their campaign. We can’t depend on the media to show us where the warts are and in the meantime the progressives are using our tax money to buy votes by giving away free stuff. The candidate that promises to give away free ice cream with other people’s money is hard to beat.

  22. mighty manfried says:

    It looks like most of us have fought for good health care using the premise of “let george do it”. Have we forgotten how to take care of each other in times of need? We blame others for our failures, when in reality it is just that,”our failures” Failing to vote or even worse voting on how er feel or in the case of our president, voting because of race or achieving a historic event. Will we vote in a woman because she is a woman or will we consider whoever is running for president, their qualifications? In our system of government, to write a candidate off because they are against your pet peeve, is to wind up with another president who knows nothing about Bengazi, Was uninformed on “Fast and Furious” and alowed his wife to influence who should put the Abominable uncaring act into place. We the people allowed the Democrats and the Republican do nothings to remain in power. Our blaming God for our ill wills will not do it. If you believe there is a God, then pray that those who do not will at least see that our form of government depends on us. We the people. The time for lamenting over our poor judgement on voting is over. This time let us examine what the people we elect can do positively for our country and not our own wants. And as for medicare, medicaid, and other health benefits or woes. Let us start looking out for our own mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. And if you know of anyone that needs help, then offer them help. Lets us, We the people start looking out for others and especially in who we vote into office.
    Ok, I don’t usually say much on these forums but I hope this will help.

    • Anne says:

      Well said!!!

    • Tom Bozikis says:


      I agree with you. We need to understand that just because someone says they’re a conservative and they vote to repeal the health care law doesn’t mean they’re genuine. The most recent budget proves this. My Congressman, who voted numerous times to repeal the PPACA, voted for the budget, and it fully funds the PPACA. We have a one-party system with two factions. The system the progressives are building can’t last much longer. They know that it’s doomed to failure, but they will ruch to complete the transformation of America as quickly as possible because they know their time is short. We need to find people of like mind, and that could include people who don’t normally agree with us, but there are those who will join us to help each other, if, God forbid, the economic structure collapses. If we do escape this impending disaster, we need to realize that the unfunded liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid must be reformed. We look at our debt of nearly $18 trillion, but the unfunded liabilities are $100 Trillion. This is unsustainable. The answers are found in our Constitution, and it’s up to us to know what it says, and elect people who will stand on those principles. I am actually more hopeful today than I’ve been in the past. The answers aren’t in Washington, D.C., but it’s in us.

  23. Steve V, says:

    This is the work of a utopian idealist who thinks he knows better than everyone else. He is a dictator who wants to control every aspect of our lives as Plato described in the Republic. If he and his ilk succeed we will find ourselves in a Saul Alinsky hell. God help us.

    • Clifford says:

      I think we are headed to another civil war. Remember, the Soviet Union, China, and even Cuba did not become communist peacefully. They took extremely bloody civil wars. I am old and won’t survive it, but we are so divided as a nation now, I don’t see it being avoided.

      • TonysTake says:

        Clifford, you will survive. We need people like you to lead this Nation back to the right path. These pansy azzed liberal socialists will wilt at the first sign of organized resistance.

        • Robert A Hirschmann says:

          I’m not sure that’s altogether true. All Obummer has to do is declare martial law and the rebellion will be over. He already has his troops available. He’s fired every general that doesn’t agree with him. Much like Hitler, he controls the armed services. He’s probably looking forward to a rebellion so he can stop the November elections. I think he sees himself being reelected in 2016.

      • SteveD says:

        Lots of people get scarified in a civil war. Being young does not protect against being vulnerable.

        Being old is an advantage. You don’t have as many years left at stake.

  24. Jacqueline W says:

    Why are we all “preaching to the choir”?
    Because our Liberal friends tell us to stop sending them this “crap” (pardon the phrase).
    So we don’t.
    Yet it is those who need to see what’s happening. Still we remain silent, except to each other….

    • Stephen B says:

      we the people see what this commie is doing to our country yet no one in congress makes an effort to impeach or stop him from destroying our country, vote them all out till we find a republican with ba*** we need aleader in congress not a cry baby with a phony tan.

    • bobbi werner says:

      you are so right Jacqueline W. I want to get involved with many to strike him down with his lies and lack of caring for the people. Those that believe in him are trruly blind. But they will see when it is too late but us, the ones that see right through him, we will pay the penalty as well.. If anyone has any suggestion, come and help. maybe if we allllllllll refuse to pay taxes, their are not enough jails to hold us,ha good for you though you said what I feel. . i like everyone but him and his croonie crooks i want to barf with distate. You know Reid, Pelosi, Hillary, on and on It just has to turn around or were gonna be screwed and on the streets. Thanks for listening

      • Vulcan43 says:

        The solution is not that difficult. You need to stop working so hard, you need to quit keeping up with the Jonses. You need to move away from the large cities with their massive taxes and ridiculous regulations. I moved from the Detroit area to Southwest Missouri. The taxes are a fraction here of the taxes supporting the non-productive in Michigan. Land can be bought and houses built that will allow you to raise a portion of your own food and you can heat them at a reasonable cost. Quit trying to make $100,000 per year, instead live on $30,000 per year and your tax bill will be a fraction of what is was previously. You can obey the laws and still starve government, and then they will have to subsidize your insurance for you and yours.

    • Mary says:

      I so agree, all we hear is the same old crap, how everyone is sick of this administration, yet we all sit back hoping someone else will take the lead and do something. Nothing has happened and nothing will. I’m tired of reading and hearing about all the bad things coming from the Obama administration and knowing no one will step up and do what needs to be done. Congress has no back bone and every last one of them need to be voted out. I hate to say it, but we need a revolution, much like other countries have done which means ousting our leader. Throw him out by force if need be, he sure isn’t leaving on his own. If it isn’t done soon, our country, as we know it, is lost. Socialism is taking over and all we are now are puppets on the end off the Obama string. God Bless America!

  25. KV says:

    I agree on Robert L send that Asshole to Siberia to rot

  26. Bruce says:

    PRISON is too good for this monster of “redistribution of wealth”. He has done far too much damage to the economy to permit this man to escape with the heart and soul of American values.

  27. allosaur says:

    The Narcissist Liar-In-Chief only cares about his socialist takeover. As one of our more than equal elite betters, he and his family will be always taken care of. He will always find enough sheeple human props to lend credibility to his moving lips.

  28. Mal Cap says:

    They don’t view these as Medicare “cuts,” they view them as The Medicare Home Redistribution Act. Warehouse the elderly, so you can locate them in one place, vacate the home and have it redistributed to the “non-contributors.” What’s so confusing about Socialism anyway? They even tell you what they’re going to do before you vote for them.

  29. Marian says:

    I was taken off Social Security Disability and put on SS Retirement for next year. That’s a drop in the amount of income. Fortunately, I’m in subsidized housing, so my rent will go down accordingly.

    My monthly payment for Medicare went from around $100/month to $186/month. Why aren’t we talking about seniors’ Medicare payments going up? My Medicare Advantage policy with Regence went up, too, in every way possible. And all this comes from Obama’s “borrowing” tons of money ($171 billion or million — it’s all blurring together now) from Medicare last year. Let’s talk about this.

    As for there being no way to show Mr. Obama the door, there’s the Convention of States. Check them out online. There are already meetings going on and some states have joined.

    • Denise says:

      I sure wish I could get subsidized housing. Three quarters of my disability goes to rent. I’m only told to try to get rent help from the churches if they have the extra money, because they closed the rent subsidy back in 2011 due to it being overfilled. I’ll bet it’s overfilled with people who have never worked a day in their useless lives. So count your blessing on that rent help. My rent just went up, if it continues, I’ll be moving to the back of my truck.

    • Captain Z says:

      Just a little clarification, if you please:

      Which “payments to Medicare” went up? If you mean your Part B premium, they are set at about $104 this year, not much more than the premiums that were in the $90’s a few years ago. The only reason that might have gone up more would be if your income was higher than $85,000 (“IRMAA”) or if for some crazy reason you got a late enrollment penalty assesed, but the difference you describe is rather huge if that were the case.

      What the alleged $717 billion in “cuts” to the Medicare Advantage program was about was not that money that Medicare is currenly getting won’t be coming next year, it’s that projected spending increases of Medicare will be reduced. This will save enough money to keep Medicare out of insolvency until the 2020’s. Some of that savings will be used to close the “coverage gap” for prescription drugs, so you won’t have to pay a lot more money for your medications after your insurance runs out and before “catastrophic coverage begins. This would save you money if you use any of the majority of prescription drugs under most prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans.

      If the costs for your Medicare Advantage plan went up, that could be the company just trying to make more money or increase income to cover costs, as all businesses do, and not to cover any “cut in funding” from the Federal Government. Shop around. Not all MA plans are created equal, and you may find one that serves you better in your area.

  30. npeti says:

    The problem is –the alternative–the republican have not leveraged Obama’s blunders to their advantage, John [ crybaby } Boehner has no clue on bringing congress together and taking advantage of the white house nonsense.
    their approval rate is –less–then white house, go figure.
    The white house strategy is to sweep their –Obamacare– mistakes under the carpet by changing the rules as they go along hoping by the elections of 2014 all is well, lets face it with 43 million on food stamps, millions more on other govt. stuff, and health care subsidies , where is –the balance–? do you think those people will vote for what’s good for the country, or what’s beneficial to them ?

    • DR says:

      I don’t even know if any comment will stir anyone to action, after all the lies that Obama has spread, but I do have couple of questions. When Obama says that all Americans will have health care coverage, how does he account for covering Native Americans on reservations, or Alaska natives, who are far flung all over Alaska? If these people don’t or can’t sign up is the gov’t going to fine them?

      • Denise says:

        Well good luck finding them in Alaska. Those people probably don’t know or want to know anything about the government. They are far off the grid and like it.

      • Captain Z says:

        Native Americans/Alaskan Natives are eligible to sign up for insurance on the Exchange, but are exempt from having to; no penalties.

    • Marshall Holloway says:

      You are correct about the Republicans. They really needed to dump G.W. for the second term. Once you get in, you are in.
      As far as changing the rules—Mohammed did things and then wrote the Koran to make it fit into Islam.

    • Vulcan43 says:

      Boehner is a worse problem than the Liberals. I expect shit from Liberals, but “Grab Your Ankles” Boehner is in his position precisely to defend us from the crap Obama is pulling. Can we unite enough to see that ole “Grab Your Ankles” gets tossed out of the Speakers job?
      Talk to me.

  31. Ivan Berry says:

    Nancy Ohara, the state conventions sound on the surface as a good idea,BUT, with the National leadership in Washingtonm, we also have monied interests and proffessional politicians throughout the nation. Will the convention be a convention of the State legislatures or State conventions with appointed deligates. The U.S. Congress gets to decide in the final analysis if the legislatures or conventions ratify amendments. Too many special interests groups and political players. Have you noticed the difference in so-called red state and blue state numbers? Do you think liberty minded people outnumber collectivists? I have the opinion that an art.V convention could result in a run-away convention where the powers that be could completely rewrite our primary law.

    On another front: The President is not inept. He is doing exactly what he was assigned. The purpose of the communist mantra of “from each according to his ability; to each according to his need” is in order to make a dependant people who would accept the growing control of the government up until they were no longer needed, either for votes nor for a massisive labor pool or military conscripts. Once the government decides you are no longer needed to enhance its power and reach, you are expendable.

    In the world today, we have many more people than the elite and their gentry could need to supply them with their needs and wants. Not many serfs are neccessary to supply the new royalty and their menions. Most of us, even the young and healthy will no longer be needed.
    Small farms and businesses were disenfranchised early on. “Big” business and the stock and bond giants and banking giants control our wealth and continue to skim it through devaluing our currency. The government assists them at every turn. Why were taxpayers the ones who had to pay for bank failures when the housing bubble burst? Why did the functionarys keep bonuses and exorbatant pay packages while they destroyed the assets or reaped the benefits before the crash? Why did taxpayers have to bail out G.M.? AIG-Goldman Sachs? Why did the Federal Reserve create up to 17 trillion to bail out our banks and foreign banks that had over-bought toxic assets?
    It is intentional and not because the people in charge don’t know what they are doing. They for the most part know exactly what they are doing. Of course their are useful idiots in the mix. Most voters seem to fall into that catagory.

    Keep distributing our founding documents and teaching about the enumerated powers. Rely on free markets instead of administrative law, even if it is black market driven. There are not many regulations in the black. Save assets that will not perish through government imposed inflation.

    Once long ago there was a nation, a federalized nation, where the sick could go to the doctor and pay a small fee for routine care. Individuals could purchase catastrophic insurance to cover big ticket items and costly tests or treatments. The insurance companies used risk pools to determine rates. It wasn’t perfect, but better than anything we have had since.. The government got involved by imposing wage and price controls. So, companies couldn”t give their workers raises. Instead, they provided at first, high deductible and catastrophic medical coverage. Like the down esculator it’s been going down hill ever since. We are getting closer and closer to the bottom.


  32. Disruptive Element says:

    The government giveth and the government taketh away–that’s what happens when you make deals with the devil. On top of that the government doesn’t like us accumulating any wealth so we can pay on our own-that’s why it is taxed and manipulated and every once in while they crash things to make you spend it all to survive. We have created a monster in Washington by letting them overstep their bounds and the constitution.

  33. Hubert Ekstrum says:

    we are on a downhill slid. It is getting steeper all the time. Our political leaders for the most part are not going to do anything about any of the messes.They have theirs made and are not concerned about the rest of us. This did not start in 2008, but a long time ago

    • Vulcan43 says:

      You are right on Brother. This started in the 40s with the Liberals plotting to control the educational system. When was the last time you saw a Conservative Professor? I believe Pat Buchanan discussed this in one of his books.

  34. Petertimber says:

    Socialism is communism with a shave! Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of miseries and is only workable in heaven where it isn’t needed and in hell where they have it……..
    For example: The theory that becoming a victim is somehow morally superior to defending yourself and your family makes perfect sense is one among many socialist concepts.

    Another Socialist concept worth noting is the notion of “entitlements” which is that people who have contgirbuted nothing to society feel that society owes them something, apparently just for being nice enough to grace us with their presence.

    Best of all is that Socialism has a record of failure so blatant that only an “intellectual;” could ignore it.

  35. russ says:

    We have a Robinhood who likes to steal from one group and give it to another. He doesn’t care if the victims are rich or poor, young or old.

  36. Keith says:

    and I will just put it this way.

    Psychology 101…

    If you start with a cage containing five monkeys, and inside the cage hang a banana on a string from the top, and then you place a set of stairs under the banana, before long a monkey will go to the stairs and climb toward the banana.

    As soon as he touches the stairs, you spray all the monkeys with cold water.

    After a while another monkey makes an attempt with same result — all the monkeys are sprayed with cold water. Pretty soon when another monkey tries to climb the stairs, the other monkeys will try to prevent it.

    Now, put the cold water away.

    Remove one monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one. The new monkey sees the banana and attempts to climb the stairs. To his shock, all of the other monkeys beat the crap out of him.

    After another attempt and attack, he knows that if he tries to climb the stairs he will be assaulted.

    Next, remove another of the original five monkeys, replacing it with a new one.

    The newcomer goes to the stairs and is attacked. The previous newcomer takes part in the punishment — with enthusiasm — because he is now part of the “team.”

    Then, replace a third original monkey with a new one, followed by the fourth, then the fifth. Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs, he is attacked.

    Now, the monkeys that are beating him up have no idea why they were not permitted to climb the stairs. Neither do they know why they are participating in the beating of the newest monkey.

    Finally, having replaced all of the original monkeys, none of the remaining monkeys will have ever been sprayed with cold water. Nevertheless, not one of the monkeys will try to climb the stairway for the banana.

    Why, you ask? Because in their minds, that is the way it has always been!

    This, my friends, is how the House and Senate operates… and this is why, from time to time:

    ALL of the monkeys need to be REPLACED AT THE SAME TIME !

    • Nancy says:

      I have never seen a better explanation of the need for term limits!

      • Marta says:

        I certainly agree. It’s time to throw them all out and start over with term limits. Congress and the Senate are not supposed to be a career. You should do public service for a short period of time and then go home and
        get a job. Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators should have no such perks as pensions and lifetime health care. They should have to live by the rules that them make that the rest of us must follow.

        • Barbara says:

          This ‘term limits’ issue has gotten old. The responsibility is that of the voters. NO ONE stays in office for 30/40/50 years UNLESS the constituency RE-ELECTS them.

          We get EXACTLY the congress for which we pay/vote, period.

          This ‘term limits’ chorus makes it sound as though the idiots are there through some specific act of their own. One can run for office, but that doesn’t mean that one necessarily gets selected.

          Voters are the problem. They are putting people in office who reflect their own characteristics. And, yes, their greed is fed by the promises of the candidates. Do a better job of selecting your candidates, and NEVER vote for one who has either party endorsement, media endorsement, etc.

          That’s how we turn things around.

          • Ron says:

            Very well said……….

          • wb7ond says:

            Please don’t forget that term limits on members of the government also put into play a different mindset. Without term limits, as soon as he is elected, his primary effort is toward getting re-elected. They tend to have less than optimum (stupid) ideas in an effort to be re-elected. Take away that incentive, and it not only saves money, it saves stupid, not mention wear and tear during the election cycle on our psyche during primetime tv….

        • Lisa says:

          The problem with term limits, however, is the nice little annuity that they will receive just for having been a senator or congressman. Then we would be paying more people than we are now. How do you get the monkeys to give up the nice little life-time “supply of bananas” that they have decided they are entitled to? Otherwise, I love the illustration, and certainly wish we could start over with a whole new set! Thanks.

          • Millie says:

            Those nice annuities for a few years of work need to be adjusted DOWNWARD big time. The few years some of them are in office, and then collect an annuity forever, needs to be let out of the bag so the citizens know of that gravy train too. It is a big racket and one they keep pretty quiet on.

      • Ivan Berry says:

        Damn, that’s beautiful…. Thanks.

      • Vulcan43 says:

        Before you have a chance for term limits you will have to address the voter fraud that twisted this last election.

    • Joan White says:


      Brilliant analogy and so true! Thanks for that. A fish rots from the top and we see the top. Yes, they all need to go.

      Joan White

    • Phil says:

      Brilliant analogy–throw out all the monkeys!

    • Ron says:

      Really great comment and awesome way to write it. It is in fact absolutely correct.

    • Millie says:

      Very we’ll put and makes it very clear to understand why we need term limits. I’ve watched this behavior even working for a government agency for many years.

    • Anne says:

      Fantastic analogy!

    • Lenny says:

      Exceleant way of putting it.

    • Captain Z says:

      Start with a cage and put in five monkeys, each with a mate and five children. Hang a banana from the ceiling. Put a set of blocks in the cage and wait until one of them figures out how to build it into a staircase. Watch as they all fight to get up the staircase to the banana. Watch the victor feed the banana to his family. Add a handle near the banana that, when pulled, fills the cage wiyth enough bananas for all of the monkeys to feed their families. watch as the social interaction evelves between them as power strugles, cooperation, competition, andother social forces go into play. Maybe they will figure out how to divide the bananas equally, maybe they won’t. They are monkeys, after all.

      Remove one monkey and replace him with a new one. Watch how quickly he learns how to integrate hilself into the social dynamics of the cage to get his share of bananas for his family.

      Remove three monkeys and replace them with new ones. Watch as the senior monkeysuse what they know for their benefit as the families of the junior monkeys starve.

      Remove four monkeys and replace them with new ones. Watch as the remaining original monkey builds the staircase, grabs the banana, and feeds his family before the others know what’s going on.

      Seniority = results.

      Then, just when the other monkeys start to figure it out, remove them all and put five new monkeys in the cage. Watch the whole sequence go around again, as the baby monkeys either grow fat or starve, depending on how quickly their father monkey learns how to play the game.

      Take from that what you may.

  37. RJN says:

    Well no one cried and screamed when the bill affordable care act was made up, and no one read it when it was up for a vote. I believe that it was put like this and I quote “vote for it now and we will read it later” end quote.

    Now that it is law has any one but a few read all 137 pages?

    Sin in ignorance repent in leisure! Okay now a concept for the American people If a law is bad and the majority will not uphold it in the land then it is not in-forcible.

    Now as far as the Medicare and Medicaid and the government that sponsors it, if 3.5 Million people needed it and the government can un-fund the portion for home bound medical treatment then the death camps have begun That would end 1.75 million people from living and consuming medical resources that they can use to go after Americans that are not conforming to their militant, communist, socialistic, ideologies.


    There is more to come and it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

    I do believe that health care should be affordable to any one that wants it, BUT it has no value being shoved down some ones throat by threat of fine or levy or incarceration.

    The American people need to stand up against this bad law and we the people stop it by not supporting it in any way and do it in a peaceful and legal way. Including ignoring its demands and threats. By so many not signing up to there plot and ploy we have already scared the hell out of them and they are now trying to go to extremes to fund what may very well be a doomed law because the people the American people will not support it.

    Thank you for your time.
    Have a great day.

    • Glenn says:

      RJN who is going to stand up that can make a difference. With so many people on government dole there isn’t enough left to out vote them. You notice it is always medicare that is attacked not medicaid and in fact medicaid continues to be expanded because those are Democratic volts. Obama care is nothing but an expansion of medicaid but when you have a president that is democrat and both houses at the time of course Obama care passed.

      • Brad says:

        “Everyone needs to stand up” The problem is,you are talking about everyone ELSE.Instead of typing comments(like me) what are you doing about it? I am deaf,I do what I can,but cannot call people.Its hard to “stand up” when the takers outnumber the makers(as evidenced by the last election results) because noone wants THEIR things cut.It’s always somone else who needs to “sacrifice”.So what we have is a never ending circus of cronyism,deception,lies,smoke and mirrors meant to acheive votes to continue raping the systems we put in for good intentions.Stop buying Chinese crap at Wal-Mart,drop Progressive insurance(they support progessives),check every company you buy from,if they are supporting this disaster-buy SOMEWHERE else.We still have the power to NOT buy-ANYTHING.So maybe you can’t march in protest,but there are still things you can do.There are no jobs because we have no mfg base.As a point of history,NO society has survived being “service” based.Actions speak louder than words,it’s your choice and you can make it today.With the dwindling number of US companies,not much is made here.if you need a new car buy a FORD-they took NO bailout,they did what America was founded on,they pulled up their bootstraps and FIXED IT THEMSELVES.Just a few tips on how you can help.

        • MJH says:

          You can download and install (2ndvote). It tells you which companies support and donate to liberal causes and also conservative causes. It is a wonderful app and I have stopped supporting companies that are very liberal (i.e. Target). I will not shop there anymore. Try it and get the word out.

        • Katherine says:

          Well said, Brad. Many have expressed outrage at the Administration, the unconstitutional laws and regulations, etc, and some have been waving their fists shouting for a revolution or civil war. But it is true that we cannot achieve a thing by accepting these unconstitutional laws, “executive orders” and all of the back room deals that are being forced upon us as “laws of the land”. We have to go to the root of the problem and study our Constitution. Then we can beat our representatives in our States’ Capitals and in DC over their heads with our knowledge and challenge them to defend their actions based upon that document, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
          Have any of you heard of The Sheriff’s Brigade? It is a grass roots movement to educate people on (their State’s and the National) the Constitution. The aim of the Brigade is to support our local Sheriff(s) who are sworn to protect the people in their jurisdiction and to uphold the (legal) laws of their State and Country from being abused, or forced to forsake their liberties based on laws that are unconstitutional (and that does not mean they are constitutional just because the Supreme Court deemed them so), or from people or agencies bent on enforcing those or other illegal or harmful laws. Even many Sheriffs don’t know the Constitutions that well themselves. But the Sheriffs Brigade is a group of ordinary people who, like all of you speaking here, that are fed up with having our rights taken away by elected officials who are ignoring the constitution and doing their own thing rather than working for the people. The idea is to get enough people who are willing to put in the time and effort to really LEARN the Constitution well enough to argue against that which by-passes the rights assured to us as citizens and then forcing us to abide by their actions and sanctions.
          If you have never heard of the Sheriffs Brigade, google it and see what you can find in your area. If there is none, contact a unit you find on your search and ask them how to get a group established. Using our brains, and forcing the elected officials to abide by the laws they swore to support and protect far owtweighs guns and baseball bats. And no, I am not a passifist, I am a Veteran of the USMC and proud of it!
          As for impeachment, you know how effective that was with Clinton! He didn’t even have the self respect to leave office, like Nixon did. He just stayed in office and pretended it was a slap on the wrist. So impeachment (and even being disbarred!) has no effect unless the person has enough self respect to do what is right, and having arrived at that point of impeachment, we can assume that they lack that valued character.
          OK, I never logged onto one of these opinion things before, but I just couldn’t sit here agreeing with everyone and saying nothing.
          Semper Fi, and think about looking up The Sheriffs Brigade.

    • Jeanne Stotler, Woodbridge, Va says:

      The ACA was over 2,000 pages and loaded with Pork, now Obama and his crony K. Sebelius have added more, they change it almost daily. THIS IS NOT AFFORDABLE NOR CARE, The false hood portrayed is that thousands went without health care, yes many shun going to doctors and prefer it that way, some for religous reasons, BUT HEALTH care is administered by Doctors and Nurses, having nsurance coverage is not a right, it’s a choice, and what you want to have covered is also a choice. For years patients paid CASH for routine office visits and shots, they carried HOSPITALIZATION policies,and Major Medical, these covered ER for broken bones, accidents etc, and hospital care for T&A’s, appendectomies, etc. Child birth was covered partially, and New Born nursery was NOT, but that was $2.00 a day in the 50’s and 60’s, you paid part of OB/GYN’s bill for prenatal care and postnatal, I believe of the $150.00 my OB/GYN charged, Insurance paid $80.00. With what I’ve read, this ACA for anyone not on Medicaid, is like having no Insurance at all unless you have a very serious problem. Premiums of 800.00 a month plus $25,000 deductable, and being forced to cover things you do not want nor need. My 43 YO son, single, now has dental care for children, OB care etc. As my doctor said, we are going to find out how bad it is as we go, By the way she quit a practice she built, refuse to do medicine in an assembly line style.

      • Clifford says:

        All true, Jean. The Affordable Care Act was enacted by Congress and signed into law by Obama. All the changes he has done by executive action are, by law, are an illegal violation of our Constitution. Judicial Watch is suing the government over this as well as other things this administration has done. You my want to check Judicial Watch out on the net. They are working for us.

      • Captain Z says:

        Your charcterization of a typical health insurance plan under the ACA is not representative. There are a great variety of plans. I, for instance, got a “silver” plan on the NY exchange for less than $400/month (not counting subsidies) with $0 deductible and co-pays in the $5 – $30 range for most services. I couldn’t afford coverage before, but with my new job, I now can, I dont; have to wait 6 months to become eleigible for coverage from my employer, and this coverage is a better value than theirs, anyway. Your mileage may vary as different states and counties may have different otptions available, and most state exchanges work beter than the federal exchange.

  38. Rick R says:

    Nursing homes will be the logical alternative for many of these seniors and historically, ss a retired nursing home admistrator, MOST will be on medicaid within a year. Home health costs a fraction of Medicaid paid nursing home care. So govt cost go up even higher. Obviously, people making these decisions are not in the senior care field.

  39. Ron says:

    @Everyone out there: It was never possible to sway the thinking of the progressives. The only way to fix this is to get EVERY democrat who is standing for re-election in 2014 replaced with a REAL republican (that’s somewhere between a TEA Party person and a RINO). Each of us has a responsibility to find, fund and elect OUR representatives …. not the PARTY’s representatives (whichever party you support).

    • Fairygram says:

      Our biggest hurdle is to get our republicans and independents to vote! They didn’t vote in the “presidential” and to get them out for the mid-term is going to be next to impossible. Brainstorming and the “singing to the choir” may be the way to go in our need to light fires under those feeling their hands are tied. Keep on reminding our kindred folks that they are needed!

  40. Robert says:

    Remember Democrats saying Republicans want to throw granny over the cliff? Or that moron from Florida who said the Republican plan for health is to just die!!
    Listen closely because everything they accuse the Republicans of wanting to do is what they have in mind.

    I have found that evil people always accuse others of their sins. They speak with the hiss of a serpent.

  41. Gordon Jagusch says:

    You got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. PHIL says:

    This is all part of the death panel part of Obamacare. Get rid of senior citizens.

  43. Jim Mason says:

    What is not being addressed is the additional cost imposed by this assault on home health. It is much, I mean substantially cheaper to provide care in the home rather than a hospital or nursing home. The research shows that home health reduces number do admissions as well as decrease in emergency room visits. What can they be thinking?. Is this an attempt to completely crash the system?

    • PaulE says:

      Yes Jim, that is the intent. Once the existing system completely fails, because of this onerous legislation, the Democrats will do a full-court press for single-payer and total nationalization of the 18 percent of the economy that compromises the healthcare sector.

  44. Donald Stamper says:

    It’s about time that our legislators, both Democrat and Republican, realize that this President is incompetent, he is a persuader and steamroller….not a leader. He leaves trails of dead bodies and frightened leaders with each devastating move he makes. His disregard for our Constitution should be grounds alone for impeachment……our government should move to get him him and his henchmen and henchwomen out of a position of leadership that they have abused. This healthcare issue is not going to ever work without bankrupting individuals and businesses. Everything he does is targeting the American citizen to not trust government. Our elected legislators must rise up and get rid of this President before our Nation is completely destroyed………..and bring our men home from Afghanistan rather than to leave them to be slaughtered.
    Wake up Democrats…….Wake up Republicans…..Rise up and defend our freedoms and Constitution, preserve our Nation.

    • Jo Anne Morris says:

      Well said, Donald. Thank you for expressing our views so well and standing to defend us. How do we get him out when there is still a Democrat majority in Congress? If we don’t get him out, he will declare marshal law before the election and become the dictator that we do not deserve. Now What?

      • Dennis Dunn says:

        That has been my gut feeling since last year. He only needs to create civil unrest. He isn’t incompitent. He is following the Karl Marx handbook to the letter.

      • Jeanne Stotler, Woodbridge, Va says:

        What everyone needs to realize HE HAS BROKEN more laws than anyone else, starting with his FRAUDulent information on his eligability. He uses EO’s when Congress is in session,. He changes laws or enforces them at whim. We need the TRUTH about him, and then charge hin with TREASON and conspiring with Geo. Soros to overthrow the Government, all tha knew, which is a long list, need to also be tried and just punishment meeted out according to the Constitution, quickly, no appeals.

    • Nancy O'Hara says:

      You’ve got to be smoking something to think that the legislators will do anything to clean up the mess in Washington. They are just as responsible as the so-called president, they benefit handsomely from the graft, corruption and general dishonesty; and they wouldn’t even consider doing anything to change that. The only recourse left to “We the People” is to take action ourselves through our states (remember, those guys that created the federal government in the first place). No one but the states have the ability to correct things, now that we can’t even count on the courts to live up to their oath to “…preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution. Seems to me they all kept their fingers crossed.

      Push for a convention of 2/3 of the States, and we might have a chance.

      • Keith says:

        Nancy, et al; What you are talking about is a States Convention and it’s covered in detail under Article 5 of the US Constitution. How many states, how they must be represented, voting procedures, etc. Pretty imteresting if you read up on it. I would suggest that you find a local organization that is involved in and pushing for an Article 5 convention and get involved.

    • Brian Wolfe says:

      Accurate in the Presidents effect but I believe wrong in the declaration of his incompetence. Take a step back to get a look at the bigger picture.
      Where did he come from? How did he rise? When you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he did not get there by himself. Who is backing him? He declared what he was going to do, but not how and whether it would be good for us. Start adding up what he has actually done and its effect, not the words he used to mask his intent. Who has he supported and to what end?
      The big picture shows anything that divides us, sets race against race, results in more power to him , anything that increases our debt, anything Muslim. Anything that weakens our country he sugar coats and supports. Then there is the Executive Orders. The EPA ………..
      When you look at it in this light and connect the dots you see a trail not of incompetence but a carefully planned and executed destruction of our nation. Exploiting the “weaknesses” of our freedoms to destroy a lax free people.

      • Louise Lippincott says:

        Excellent “big picture” analysis and couple this with the legislative status quo that incentivizes and rewards “career” politicians (incidentally, specifically addressed by the Founders) of both parties, who become servants of the special interests and “we the people” become the pawns – Peter Schweizer’s book, EXTORTION comes to mind.

    • Glenn says:

      So you want the incompetent to try and judge the incompetent, now that will be a challenge.

  45. Bubba says:

    I believe that Obamacare was destined to fail from the beginning. The magic solution will surely be national healthcare which was the goal of liberals all along.

  46. Dennis says:

    We need a NEW form of government. Parliamentarian! Why wait 2, 4 or 6 years to vote them out of office…do it now. It’s successful in Japan and other countries.

    • PaulE says:

      I strongly suggest you take a closer look at the forced coalition governments that have resulted from that form of government. Most of Europe is an utter mess, from a political perspective, with fringe left-wing factions holding a disproportionate influence. Continuous regressive changes to national policies are the norm, not the exception in order to placate small factions needed to hold such coalition governments together. Japan is not that much better, although they have managed to avoid empowering some of the more fringe political elements. At least so far. It is far better to fix our existing system, by removing the Progressive elements from government, than changing towards a parliamentarian form that would only increase the power of the Progressive elements in place.

    • Robert says:

      No thanks, Lets just get back to the Constitution, we’ll need a states convention to get the federal government under control.

  47. Stooble says:

    Is it a proper function of govt to send persons to homes to give home care? What if the home care govt agent decides you are demented — cart you off to a nursing home. How about govt butting out?

    • Ron says:

      Wake up and read the facts. Home health care IS NOT a government agent. It is a private company with trained nurses.

    • tomnchrist says:

      I agree with Ron, Home Health is an entitlement, and extremely wasteful. It should not be a function of government!

      We had home health care for Mother because of a stroke, they billed the government between 4 and 6 thousand a month for six months (for two 30 minute physical therapy treatments a week for six weeks) and one 30 minute nurse visit per week until the six month time limit ran out. There was one function we appreciated most, a lady came by by twice a week and gave her a tub bath.

      We hired her after the time limit ran out for $15 per visit to bath her.

      I am not knocking the Home health service, just the high cost to the taxpayer. And the fact that it was all paid for by borrowed government money.

      • Jeanne Stotler, Woodbridge, Va says:

        As with any business, doing business where they can bill Medicare or Medicaid, ther is FRAUD, trouble is when reported seldom is anything done unless in millions of dollars. Even Hospitals over bill, I had a doctor’s office try to collect for an office visit I didn’t make, had not been there in over 5 years, I made 5 phone calls to Medicare, finally went to BC/BS, and on line with Doctor’s office, finally had it repaid. I am a ret. Nurse and did home care, MOst agencies are honest, BUT there are those who spring up over night, and when caught with hands in cookie jar, change their name and start over. If you need Home care, get referral from Doctor or hospital, then do your own research. Respectable Nurse will not stay with a sham company, if they only have NA’s, that’s a red light. Home care is essential, Nursing Homes are not the answer, my family is many years in Health field, my great grandmother stayed with her daughter until she died, my stepfather, brought his father to live with us, he died in a chair, reading his Bible.

  48. Anne Hardy says:

    This is outrageous but should not come as a surprise from this administration!!!

    • glop says:

      Actually, home health care is less expensive than facility (nursing home or health care centers). So as far as I can see they are he is “shooting himself and our government in the foot” again.

  49. J. Edwards says:

    Every working person should be angry!! Medicare taxes are withheld from your pay checks!! Plus your own health care premiums are going up OR pay the “penalty” aka TAX!!! Sure sounds like DOUBLE taxation!!!

    • Sally says:

      There is already precident for double taxation. Look at your Fed Tax and Social Security Tax and then they tax it again when you retire. We should be removing laws and legislation from the books at record rates to bring back life to all hard working Americans who have paid much more than their fair share. Start taxing all of the illegals if you need more money. I don’t care what you do as long as you balance the budget this year and not 20 years down the road which is in itself an empty promise.

  50. PaulE says:

    None of these cuts should be considered “news” to anyone. I’m serious! I mean where did everyone think the $716 billion dollars being cut from Medicare, over 10 years, in order to partially finance Obamacare was going to come from, when the Democrats were talking about and planning all this in 2009 and 2010? Was no one paying attention to what was being crafted by the Democrats and how it would obviously result in many, many cuts to various types of medical services to achieve those cost reductions?

    It seems a lot of people seemed to think this massive carve-out from Medicare was going to be cut from “someone else” or from the re-imbursement of some un-named doctors, hospitals, medical care and rehabilitation facilities no one ever heard of or ever used. That’s not reality. To cut that massive amount of money from Medicare would of course result in these and many other reductions in medical services going forward. The pain of Obamacare is just starting. It’s going to get a whole hell of a lot worse as time progresses.

    Whatever you do, your highest priority item has to be to stay healthy. Everything else is secondary. Elections have consequences and one of the consequences of Obama being re-elected in 2012 was that Obamacare would be implemented and we would all experience a declining level of medical care with higher out-of-pocket costs going forward.

    Obamacare can’t work as the Democrats promised the public, because it is fundamentally flawed from both an economic and ideological perspective. They understood this and deemed it acceptable as an interim step towards their goal of driving the country towards single-payer, which will entail even more reductions in services to seniors. Especially all those expensive, life-saving treatments, procedures and drugs we in the United States have grown accustomed to having ready access to.

    Socialism (the Democrats call it Progressivism in this country), which is part and parcel of the overall Democrat’s agenda, is not pleasant for seniors in any country where it exists. It’s no picnic for the young and healthy either. It’s just they have a slightly better chance of survival than the old and sick in that environment.

    Sorry if I offended anyone with my first two paragraphs, but it seems the majority of the comments I’ve read would seem to indicate that many, many people either had no idea anything like this was coming down the road or that somehow the many negative aspects of Obamacare would only hit someone else. We are ALL going to feel the pain of this incredibly bad law and we have to do everything we can to both potentially over-term it, sometime in the future, and also survive all its ramifications for us in the meantime.

    • Linda says:

      You are right. The young people weren’t paying attention. Maybe not the democrats or the ones getting welfare, etc. The seniors were paying attention and knew what was going to happen.

      • Anna says:

        Just a note. I am a young woman (28), and I have been listening. I didn’t vote for our savior. I voted to keep my parents and grandparents cared for. For the life of me I cannot understand how my generation helped elect this idiot TWICE!!!

        • PaulE says:

          Thank you for having your priorities straight.

        • Betty says:

          Dear Anna, You voted to keep your parents and grandparents cared for . . . . BUT you couldn’t figure out HOW he was reelected. Just pay attention to how he runs things and NEVER (ha) knows what is going on and the rights that have been removed from all of us . . . . . don’t you see the BIG picture of
          WHO and WHAT he is? I commend you for NOT voting for him. IF ONLY MORE would pay better attention to WHAT and WHO . . . . . .

        • Robert L. Blackboard says:

          It wasn’t just the young it was all the free loaders being added to the food stamp/welfare programs.

        • L WARD says:

          Just watch a few episode of “jaywalking” on the Tonight show with Jay Leno and it will become crystal clear.

      • Sally says:

        It is my experience that many seniors have been through this before with social security and they made it through that just fine they say. There was a lot of upset at the time. They think it will be okay again. This is their thinking. Don’t count on the seniors to show up at the polls.

    • Margie says:

      I’ve been listening and passing on info on FB and have been unfriended by many so called friends because they refuse to hear anything negative about his highness. Most of them won’t believe this either! Too much koolaid.

      • PaulE says:

        That’s a common reaction Margie. The people who get ALL their news from NPR, MS-NBC, New York Times and the rest of the liberal mainstream media cannot fathom that almost everything they’ve been told has been nothing but lies designed to promote a far left agenda. Stalin used to call such people “useful idiots”.

        • Lorrie says:

          I agree. Many of the low-information voters are still low-information. I use Stalin’s quote that you need a nation of useful idiots in order to control them, a lot. Seems to fit in many instances of our upside down government.

        • KarenFaye says:

          I have brought up “current events” to people from church and various groups, and they look at me as if I’m demented. They haven’t “heard” any of it. No, because they only hang on the words of NBC, CBS, ABC, Barbara Wawa, Chris Thrilluphisleg and Anderson Cooper – who don’t know what day it is most of the time. The real culprits are the Takers – who voted twice for the Free Stuff they cling to – and will continue to cling to. Who is going to pry their hands open to remove the free cell phones and EBT cards?????

          • Fairygram says:

            I’m afraid we have reached the stage of “cult followers” – where the leader cannot be accused of anything wrongful without stirring the masses to complete hysteria!

    • Gary says:

      why should they worry, they have exempted themselves from it’ even though the 28 th amendment says they can’t. The people who keep electing the same people can’t understand that you keep getting the same old crap. When the leaders say “we have to pass it to know what is in it”, that should have been a clue that it wasn’t important enough to them to make sure it was good for the American people. Just help the lazy and illegals so they can keep getting their vote.

      • Sally says:

        It should be illegal to vote on any bill without signing a document stating that you have read, understand and agree with the contents and that it will not only be good for the people you represent but also do no harm.

      • Captain Z says:

        No, “They” have not exempted themselves from it. the members of Congress and their “official staff” have to get insurance, either on the Exchange (as employees of a small business) or through some other means (Medicare, their spouse’s insurance. etc), that is ACA-compliant. If they go through the exchange they do get a subsidy. Both Democrats and Republicans are mostly complying, although some, on both sides, are building political capital as a result (donating their subsidy to charity, for instance, or crowing about how they want to go through what their constituents are going through)

        Which 28th Ammendment are you talking about? The one about gun control in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, or the one that says that Congrss shall be subject to all the laws it passes? Neither have been introduced as proposed legislation, neither have been passed. There are currenlty only 27 ammendments to the Constitution.

    • Hal White says:

      The person in the Democrat ad, of pushing the seniors off the cliff comes into sharper focus now. The shadowy figure pushing the wheelchair was not Paul Ryan – it WAS Obama and the Liberals, ALL of them!

      • Sally says:

        I am a liberal. I want to be liberal. I vote for conservative government officials.

        We, the American people, can be generous with our donations.
        I do not want to be forced to donate my hard earned dollars to causes that are against my basic principles.

    • Joan White says:

      Get real! Where is all of the money people paid into since high school? I’d like an answer to that one and I bet you do not have it!


  51. David roh says:

    For the last few years one of those fake e-mails has been circulating saying that the ACA would cause the Medicare Part-B premium would reach $247 a month. Guess what, that premium was $104.90 last year and will not change for 2014. The Part B deductible will also stay the same for 2014 because Medicare costs seem to have stabilized.

    • Bonnie Bryan says:

      My part B went up to 209.00.

    • Linda says:

      YOU are wrong. I am a senior and have received letters from Medicare saying my heart medicine won’t be covered, my prescription co pay will go from 16. 60 to 47.70, (not including what the cost of my other meds will be and the part that take out of my SS for medicare has doubled. I have talked with drs and they say Medicare has never paid them much and they are cutting them again and that I may not be able to go to them.

    • RLF says:

      David, I don’t know who your Medicare comes from, but just yesterday I received a notice from Medicare that my next year’s Part B premium would increase next year, as well as the prescription benefit premium increasing from $35 to $50. I already received my notice of increased deductibles from both Medicare and my supplemental policy (which also increased in premium “due to Medicare deductible increases.) Thousands of prescription medications have already been deleted from the approved list, as well as medical appliances (such as braces, eye lenses, treatment for feet, and many other decreases in coverage. Don’t you read the stuff you get in volume from Medicare?

    • heepatrubl says:

      Just another puppet for the government…..Stalin used to call such people “useful idiots”.

    • Patrick C says:

      I think you have more homework to do, sir. That is an absolute farce. I’m a health care provider and have to tell you that the costs ARE going up for seniors, the cap is being held for outpatient services, and the reimbursement multiple has already reduced payments to providers by 20% with more cuts on the way. Get your facts from somewhere other than the government websites, then post an informed opinion.

    • Robert L. Blackboard says:

      Keep your blinders on and the ditch will find you

  52. Dave says:

    Amazing – A ton of right wing comments. The very same group who opposed Social Security and Medicare in the first place. You all scream so loudly over this and call for impeachment, yet you were silent when Bush invaded a country and directly ended up being responsible for thousands of deaths and the loss of hundreds of American lives.
    No call to impeach then, because, like you, he had no ability to think. This publication and Fox News – news for the mindless. Read the actual Bill and get your facts straight.
    Spreading rumors not based on FACTS, is irresponsible at best.
    Take your rag and publish the entire BILL – then try to incite the people. Might not be so easy when they read the truth.
    And for the record, I just cancelled my membership.

    • jeri says:

      I don’t care what you pseudo intellectuals think or try to defend. It is not even Jan and I have felt the wrath of his wonderful Obama care repercussions. In services alone not counting meds .Doctor wont work to get paid 25.00 a head when they can get 50 or more from a private ins. Private ins had to rise price because of his regulations. Try to get an appointment now ……you get to wait for weeks or sit for 2 hrs like I did and then just get a PA. Hospitals have had to cut staff, Your on sicko if you think there is any value in taking away private enterprise like he has with jobs making it difficult through all the new restrictions and rules employers don’t want to hire new people. Ok I don’t know why I bother to try to communicate with people like you as you fail to see the inevitable consequences of his activities. .

    • Blake says:

      I am so damn sick of the why didn’t you do this when Bush. And why didn’t you do that when Bush. Face it you bunch of Whining fools. You sold us all down the Shit Hole! Why don’t you tell me why Clinton just bombed the Shit out of them? Then tell me why millions of Americans have died so your sorry ass’s can give away our freedoms ?Then tell me why you don’t get your worthless ass’s the hell out of this country? If you want to be lead around by your nose by a government .And let the rest of us live our lives. Forget about answering me. You have no idea , None of you Obama followers have any Clue. I Thank GOD , and yes God daily , that I did not drink the Kool Aid. And if the word God offends you (to damn bad) GOD, GOD, GOD, And Merry Christmas to God’s people one & All .

      • Carol Snyder says:

        Blake, thanks for posting what I was thinking. I also get really tired of Bush this and Bush that. At least he had Congress approval, Obozo doesn’t even bother to ask he just does what he pleases.

      • LizMarkey says:

        Good for you Blake!!! Bush inherited Clinton’s Cole disaster,TWA blow up,and 9/11. Bush kept us safe and he had class,respected our military,and respected the office he represented.
        Clinton and Hillary are ignorant,low class,and Saul Alinsky advocates.
        Obama and Michelle are stupid,thieves,and have no love for the freedom we have in this country.All they want is to destroy the USA and have it look like Mexico and all the other ruined countries.
        They are doing it by welfare,unemployment benefits,disability benefits,printing money,borrowing money from China,giving the countries that want to bomb us billions of dollars,obamacare,and enjoying our hard earned money to spend billions for their own enjoyment.
        The people who want to leave AMAC I say good riddance you must likely voted this.

    • Nancy RN says:

      I have read the bill, all of it. I was required to in Grad school, my facts ARE staright and I can tell you that there is no defense of it. The things that this bill cuts and the fees (taxes) that this bill will further burden the middleclass with are undefendable. I am a nurse and I see every day what the chaos in healthcare is doing.
      I am so sick and tired of liberal whinning about George Bush! Good grief talk about no clue about the truth! You sir have no clue!!

      • David roh says:

        @ Nancy—-Tell me, do you think that some sort of national health care is a good thing. Do you think we should go back to the system we had before Obamacare?

        • PaulE says:

          How about fixing the handful of items that were broken under the “old system”, that worked quite well for 90 percent of the people over several decades, rather than having to completely gut the medical care sector to accommodate, at best, the supposedly 10 percent that lacked health insurance? It would have been infinitely cheaper, more cost effective and less disruptive to the country.

          • Anna says:

            I’m sorry, Paul, we can’t do that, Paul. That would respectable, reasonable, rationale, responsible. We’re in Washington, Paul, we’re on power trips, Paul, we can’t see the forest for the trees. We aren’t affected by this, Paul, but we know what’s best for you. Trust us, Paul.

            • PaulE says:

              Yes, all true. They check their brains at the door when they enter Washington. Along with any common sense or morality that might have had beforehand. It’s all about ego, power and keeping the peasants, otherwise know as their constituents, in-line through marvelous central planning.

          • Hubert Ekstrum says:

            To much of the ten per cent could afford a big auto, latest phones and all the gadgets but could not afford health coverage. This is not new

      • PaulE says:

        Well said Nancy. After five years, the standard argument from liberals to anything related to Obama is “It’s George Bush’s fault”. When, if ever, does our supreme leader take ownership for the policies that he and his party have created?

    • you've been found out says:

      For the record: good riddance to bad rubbish!

    • Carol Snyder says:

      glad you cancelled your membership now we don’t have to listen to your stupid comments. why don’t you cancel your membership in the US also and move to some other country where idiots like obozo abound. Some of us do read a lot and know what is going on. why don’t you try it you might learn something worthwhile.

    • Roy says:

      Sure, and what about all the promise made by the Liberals that Medicare would not be touched? Just another in a series of lies from the most corrupt Administration ever.
      And by the way, learn history…..Congress approved the war under Bush and even before that, the Clintons and other all agreed that there were WMD in Iraq. Nice try to divert the subject back to Bush….FAIL!

    • nomrah20 says:

      Well Jackass, if you dig deep into your pea brain, the same democrats that pushed Odumbo Care through also VOTED for the war in Iraq. More than Half of them agreed that Saddam still had WMD’s, and the one’s that didn’t still VOTED to go to war.. I didn’t really like the vote to go to war, especially since I was deployed 7 times, between 2003-2010 to go to Iraq and Afghanistan.. But even though I deployed I don’t regret one day, I don’t bitch or whine about it. What I do bitch and whine about are panzy ass douschebags like you who scream BUSH!! BUSH!!! BUSH!!!,, Your Obammy Boy built the ACA and the Democrats own it,, and by the way, good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

      • MTDoc says:

        Just for the record, poison gas is a WMD, and there is abundant evidence that Saddam had it and used it. I wonder where all those chemical weapons in neighboring Syria came from.

      • Amae K says:

        nomrah20, first, thank you for your service. You can never be repaid. I did not agree with most of what Bush did, but the Congress did and it was sanctioned. Compared to King Obama, I learned to really appreciate Bush. I have never known any administration that was worse than King Obama and I have been around a long time. I have always been involved in politics, mostly on the sidelines,sometimes very active against King Obama. I researched him and I knew he was an imposter. I try to stay informed, but it is difficult under King Obama because he will break laws, change laws, lie and defecate on us while smiling all the time. He is an imposter. I want him and Obama-fraud-care GONE!

        I want him impeached or imprisoned and I will join and support any organization that is trying to make that happen.
        Where do I start? I am all in on this one.

    • Dianney says:

      Too many white outs and erasures…. couldn’t read it even if the Obama admin would publish it. Does “We have to pass it so we can see what’s in it” sound familiar? It was voted into law by those who stand to benefit the most…. the needy. That was broadcast on every network unaltered and that kind of “mindless” crap leads to socialism, communism, whatever you want to call it. EVERY president has invaded a country leading to the unnecessary deaths of untold thousands of people, it’s called WAR and I will never understand what makes you stupid freaking men think that killing each other solves anything. And in the name of God no less! It never has and it never will! Get a grip, Dave… if you can’t see the writing on the wall, you must be one of the before mentioned needy people…but of course I expect that you have cable, computer, the latest Iphone, a Lexus (or equivalent), plenty of food, designer clothes and shoes and go to the movies and out to eat at least 3 times a week, things I simply cannot afford and this Obamacare crap threatens to take my home if I don’t comply. You are a fool!

    • Linda says:

      I didn’t vote for Bush so don’t just assume you know it all!

    • Anne Hardy says:

      Good ol’ lib Dave. Give us all a break and just disappear! You didn’t have a membership, liar! You are what is known as a troll. Go away b/c you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    • Jimmy says:

      Those who ‘blame the Bush Administration’ for all that’s wrong, neglect the fact Bush had to work with a Democrat-controlled Senate, AND a Democrat- controlled House – so they are, in reality, taking full credit for the total debacle! And Obama was there, too, voting for everything that has gone wrong! Social Security would be completely solvent, if the Democrats would pay back all the I.O.U.’s they promised when Lyndon Johnson put Social Security into the General Fund back in the ’60’s, because the Democrats needed more money to spend, and couldn’t raise taxes. Next thing, everyone’s savings accounts will be consficated by governments the same way . . . for the same reason! You have been warned ! ! !

    • RLF says:

      Good that you cancelled your subscription. What were you doing here anyway since the only people here, according to you, are mindless. And, which BILL are you referring to. The one that we are all receiving due to increased costs in premiums and decreased coverages? I would wager that you have no idea what the ACA even says, any more than the ones who admittedly passed it “in order to be able to understand” it. And who, by the way, admittedly knew that the “you can keep your health care provider” and “you can keep your insurance provider” statements were lies.

    • Hal White says:

      Good Riddance. Go back to AARP and spread your lies where they bare wanted.

    • Patrick C says:

      I have read the bill from pillar to post. Actually reading the bill makes me even more angry that the jug heads ever voted for it in the first place. It enacts a whole series of garbage that has nothing to do with actually increasing the number of covered Americans, enacts some taxes and penalties that don’t do anything to increase either the affordability of the efficacy of care, and generally isn’t feasible financially unless more money is borrowed or there is a huge tax increase. Those that say it is already funded may not realize that borrowing money to pay for something isn’t really funding it. It must be in the budget right, wait, what budget?

    • Robert L. Blackboard says:

      Good on your cancelation. You cry babies still want to blame bush for all your current bungelings. As far as bush and the iraq war. You forget about your democratic president who took the US. a polictical offensive in viet nam and cost many thousands more deaths all for naught. Oh and by the wayeven though he did some stupid stuff, less offinsive than what obama has done, later in his presidency. He got us out of viet nam. By the way all those in power wheather democrats or republicans, except for the tea party candidates, and they have some goofy ideas but at least they care about the majority of citizens and protecting our constituion. Unlike,and I’ll be kind, the current administration and his groupies.

    • Joan White says:

      Amen to that!


  53. Carol says:

    This Monster should have been Impeached a long time Ago with all he has done and will continue to do if, We the People don’t wake up NOW!!!

    • Steve Harper says:

      I personally do NOT want a Biden presidency. Impeach? Remember what we got when Nixon resigned? for you under 40 and graduates of public school that means a VP takes over. Since the VP was appointed-remember the elected VP was convicted or would have been if he had not resigned-for corruption-Agnew ring a bell? Oh my no not impeachment!! Gerald Ford took over and didn’t have a clue as to world reality. No Russian troops in Poland???

  54. Sandra Pyle says:

    This “person”evil tyrant, is a plague and a sore on the face of America. Many talk about impeachment and are starting proceedings, but you and both know when it gets to the Senate the sidekick demon, Harry Reid,will make sure it doesn’t even come up for a vote. Egypt is bringing criminal charges against Obama and Hillary for undermining the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood demon Morsi and apparently they have proof. We can’t wait til 2016 and 2014 is looking like a loooong time too. So, let’s pray a little differently. By the authority of the believer we can bind satan and his demons so they are in fear. They are strong but,we in Christ are stronger. Lord,send your angels as a hedge around our country. Let nothing that will help us be unseen by their eyes. In the Name of Jesus, I bind everyone who is seeking to destroy us in Heaven and on earth as Your Word says. Let our praises rise as a sweet smell to Heaven for God inhabits our praise! Pray unceasingly. We have ignored and not fought hard enough. Abortion is our national sin,but God forgives. We the people pray for mercy and the mighty Hand of God and the rush of angel wings to our aid. Thank You ,Jesus!

  55. linda baskett says:

    this all says 1 thing. All his talking & promising is a big FLOP!!! so someone has to pay, that’s fine all us seniors will just die at home & that also means Obama & ms Obama’s parents & grand parents will do this also.

    • t myers says:

      Obummers parents aren’t going to suffer anything. THEY Have Special medical programs FREE, the same as we provide for senators and the president. They aren’t on Medicare! Besides the puke is worth about 12 million. He had only 1 mil when elected the first time. Evidently being pres. pays pretty well!

    • Brenda says:

      Obama’s parents and grandparents are dead! His wife only has her mother alive and yes you are right they don’t need medicare but I bet they get it and will use it.

    • David roh says:

      For the last few years one of those fake e-mails has been circulating saying that the ACA would cause the Medicare Part-B premium would reach $247 a month. Guess what, that premium was $104.90 last year and will not change for 2014. The Part B deductible will also stay the same for 2014 because Medicare costs seem to have stabilized. —— The financial life of Medicare has been extended 10 years because of Obamacare.

    • Joan White says:

      Don”t you remember his grandmother conveniently died before the election or was it his grandmother?


  56. maggie says:

    anyone remember the movie solvent green with Edward g Robinson and Charlton Heston?

    • Diana Petersen says:

      It is not hard to believe that we will suffer that fate soon enough. The troubling part is so many would not even question it if obama told them the truth. Like that would ever happen! ROFLMAO!!!!!
      My thought remains though, to many idiot Americans both living and dead that vote for him would continue to follow him straight to hell.

    • Dianney says:

      Yes I do, and I was just talking about it. You ready to go???

  57. D schweinberg says:

    If you look at the numbers at what the president promised are we all surprised about what’s going on. Socialized medicine does not work. Someone has to pay for this system. It will be the healthy with higher cost and deductibles and the elderly with cuts and rationed care. Death panels etc. this is only the beginning. There is no way to fix it. The only ones getting rich will be the big pharmaceutical companies and large insurance companies. We all lose and some with their lives and some with their health.

    • Diana Petersen says:

      Socialized medicine not only doesn’t work in theory it’s proven in every country that has it.
      Canada has people who would ordinarily have insurance on waiting lists for care they will probably never get. A woman with cancer, retired from public service, waits on a long list because she no longer works, I know this woman, I know this is fact.
      The UK has people with jobs that in this country always provide insurance at reasonable costs waiting for treatment because they do not fit in the age bracket for said treatment. A man who needs a knee replacement can’t work because of a defective natural knee. However, he is to young to get a replacement. That’s only for folk over 65. I know this man, I know this is fact.
      My sister knows a woman in Australia having similar problems. I’m sure there are countless people who know many more folk with similar problems in the other countries. My point is, if I know two people with problems in the great number of people in these other countries the problems of selective care must be much worse than even we think it will be. I know 3 people who live in the UK and only 2 living in Canada. The other is a nurse who works on this side of the border so her family will have real health insurance!
      Common sense would tell us if you work(ed) for a living all your life in a career, not just a job, you should have insurance and those who don’t work, won’t work, should wait for free care. And wait they should. The amount taxes pay should not be unending.
      I’m way to wordy, I’ll shut up now.

    • David roh says:

      For the last few years one of those fake e-mails has been circulating saying that the ACA would cause the Medicare Part-B premium would reach $247 a month. Guess what, that premium was $104.90 last year and will not change for 2014. The Part B deductible will also stay the same for 2014 because Medicare costs seem to have stabilized.

      • Tom says:

        Easy to keep premiums the same when you eliminate services.

      • Linda says:

        If its so good,why are the president and congress exempt or want to be exempt? They know its not good and that is why but they ignore the law about not making one that doesn’t include them too.

      • Jeanne Stotler, Woodbridge, Va says:

        You forgot, cut in services and payment to doctors,means your supplement policy cost more, mine went up over $17.00 and increase in Soc. Sec, was $15.00 , not only that more doctors are dropping Medicare patients.

    • Linda says:

      Thank you. Someone who does know what’s going to happen. I have known for years but no one would believe it.

  58. Michael says:

    Horrible Care Act. I like that as a alternative to Obamacare. It best describes Obama’s health care policy.

  59. Barbara Collier says:

    This Obama Don’t Care, just like a Hilter move, kill off the elderly because they think we have out lived our usefulness. We will see lots of people dying because of Obama Don’t Care and his death panel goons. Obama and all hus cronies have to go before they completly destroy our great country America

  60. Dwight Coleman says:

    Home health care providers I have observed are parasites which prey on the government, the poor and the elderly. Any program which gives money to an individual business for an unproven service is ripe for extortion and political cronyism.

    • maggie says:

      I worked doing home health care we are and were not parasites we took care of these elderly folks and they were happy to see and have someone in their home to help them ,,like all employment they’re a few people who take advantage of a good job look at our own gov.

    • vicki gray says:


      • Linda says:

        I have yet to see a good nursing home. I have been to several to see people and some just leave their food if they can’t feed themselves. They lie in wet clothes so long till someone has to change them. If you have family or friends in one. Go see them often and complain if they do not take care of them.

    • PaulE says:

      You have ZERO idea what you’re talking about. If you deal with reputable, licensed agencies, then you are getting people who have been both screened and properly trained in the level of care they will be providing.

      • Kathi says:

        Nursing homes are all liscensed in WA state, and I don’t care how “pretty” they are, they are ALL understaffed and none of them give the type of care I would want. Do the caregivers try? Of course they do, but with ratios of 8-10 patients per shift and more on weekends, you can’t give proper care to anyone. It doesn’t matter how much training you have, it is the number of patients you have each day. You have to be with your loved one often and hold the facilities feet to the fire. Missing clothes all the time, missing glasses were some of our frustrations. I highly recommend private adult family homes, but again, they are expensive. Imagine as a
        caregiver hightly trained, you have to help dress, feed, medicate each patient every day on the facilities timeline. Make sure the patients are ready for any appts. change underwear as needed, make sure the patients get enough hydration, exercise and conversation as per patient needs. Some can’t communicate.
        I have been in what are considered top notch nursing homes, and staffing is a problem in every one of them.

        • PaulE says:


          Dwight was referencing home health providers, not nursing homes. There is a big difference from the one on one care you receive in your own home, from a skilled provider, and being one of many patients in a nursing home, where the aid to patient ration can vary from 4 to as many as 8 patients per aid. The ratio varies somewhat depending on which state you’re in.

          Yes, I agree that all nursing homes are under-staffed to one degree or another. Who wouldn’t want the ratio of aids to patients to be lower? That’s a function of what Medicare and Medicaid has defined as “the norm”. Yet there are many that manage to provide good care in a clean, well-maintained environment. Almost all of them are privately run facilities. Yes, they are expensive, but quality costs in all areas of life. There are also what I would consider to be bad facilities. Many run by the county or states themselves. Those I wouldn’t want a dog to stay in, let alone a family member. Such places are constantly being told by state bureaucrats to “reduce costs” or “make do with less”.

          Oh and yes, if you have a family member in a nursing home, you should expect to visit them several times a week to verify they are being cared for properly. Any doctor will tell you that is the expectation you should have no matter where you live or the type of facility you choose. No one is going to look out for your family member as well as you would. If they were in a hospital you would visit them frequently as well correct?

    • Dennis LVN says:

      Dwight, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!. I have worked in home health for 10 years, my company’s goal is to get people well then discharge them until they need help again. I hope you need help when you get older then maybe you will see the need. My patient praise God there is someone to help them, and so do I.

  61. Patricia Crocker says:

    I am 66 years old, I was on disability and then they retired me. I will be 66 December 31, Seems like Obama wants the elderly people to die, and if they don’t get what they need they will. I know when my Mom was ill, the home Health helped us so much, and my dad they were really good to him, although he went to Richard Campbell nursing home the last year and a half of his life. They both are in Heaven now, which place some people is not going. But myself sister and brother are in our 60’s, they have Children but I don’t, I am not in all that good Health and I live with my Brother and I try to pay my way, If Obama cuts all these things it is going to be awful. What about his Mother in law and the dogs, the people is helping to support Michelle mother cause I know she has to be old. President Obama You do not have a heart, you came into the Presidency with evil things you can bring on America, but one day I will be so sorry that I know God is going to say depart from me I never knew you, and I don’t think Mahamad or who ever you serve will help you. This is our Country and we love it, more than you ever did, if you ever did. Go back to Kenya, I know we will be happy. You spy on us, and you do everything wrong you can get by with. I hate to say this but my mom and dad are safe now and you can’t touch them. My dad worked until he was 80 years old, driving a 18 Wheeler, and he was one of the best. There are a lot in nursing homes, which you are condemning them to a death sentence. You have no heart, and I am fed up with you, I just hope they im peachyou, you done twice as bad as Nixon, you think you are unbreakable, but you do have a place in your heart that will evently destoy you. God have mercy on America

    • naida coburn says:

      I will say this I was on SSI_and trying to live on 500 a month is very hard-I was lucky and able to do it for 3 months.But is that enough for rent,food,even though We have a health program in Oregon that helps.Oregon Health Care.But no more cuts from Medicare.This is supposed to be something for HIS MOTHER_I do not think so,people.And I did try and support him.DAMN me.
      I am praying.

  62. Cathy Miller says:

    I’m livid about this course of Action, to come,as a result of legislation! This bill should never have gotten passed; without further investigation on the Service Industries involved, and, how the “Working Masses” can pay for the benefit. Our system of Medicare/ Medicaid services are taxed enough, with aging beneficiaries; and, those disabled via workplace injuries. There are not enough workers to support the cost to present recipients! So, out of “Social Obligation; Moral Obligation”, we have to provide healthcare for all! We cannot have what was once a clause on coverage for pre-existing conditions;, for a period of time! We have to eliminate”Discrimination, due to an illness”! We have to provide preventive screenings! Most physicians already do that! Why do you think so many tests are ordered! Don’t you think our elder population is tired of Diagnostic screens? Oh, and, the expense, every time you get a CT scan is a $$ hardship! Our Nation can afford it! Right! I have experience as a Healthcare provider;and,the Insurance industry as well! I pity the Healthcare providers, as there hasn’t been enough caregivers! So, we increase the caseload, on a different healthcare setting! The community Nursing Home! And, look there comes an increase in state Medicaid expenses. Followed by tax increases in your local community! All because the “Masses” felt no-one should be denied Healthcare coverage! America be healthy that is your best option; and, look into Long Term Care Insurance so you may have the service of a HOME-CARE provider in the event of a long term care health crisis!

  63. Sharon in Illinois says:

    Hmmm, home health care services businesses forced into bankruptcy, careers in the field negatively impacted, frail, poor seniors and their families who really want to stay home……I don’t know if anyone else sees what’s hidden behind the curtain here but here’s my take: Skilled Rehab Facilities have been struggling mightily in recent years to keep their beds filled. Many have become warehouses for the mentally ill. State Medicaid funding often falls well short, especially in my near-bankrupt state of Illinois. I can see lobbyists and owner/operators for the Skilled Rehab Facilities corporations manipulating this AHA “feature” to their own advantage. 40% more candidates for the nursing homes, what could be better than that for their bottom lines? Don’t get me wrong, I support the business community and fully understand the symbiotic relationship we all benefit from, but this is just too extreme for my taste for there not to have been some manipulations/negotiations going on “behind the curtain”!! Otherwise, why did the cut have to start at the very top allowable number?

    • Tom says:

      Dave one of the few who adore Obama dose the look what Bush did crap following along the worshipers line.
      Let’s address the problem OBAMA created.

      Most people here are opposed to the HA HA (Affordable Health Care Act). I hardly hear of anyone who likes it.
      Two of my doctors have quit their practice and gone into private weight loss such.
      My neighbor loved the idea of OC. He said he had a good health plan and OB said he could keep it.
      Now his provider has pulled out of this state so he is screwed.

      As far as home health care goes many people NEED it. They have no family. Believe me
      home care is much less costly than nursing home care. My wife was sent to a home for rehab after a hospital stay. It was so poorly run I pulled her out and cared for her at home. I got help from home care and saved the govt plenty.

      Seems most people don’t want it but never speak their mind to their representatives in congress.
      Don’t bitch if you don’t send a letter or e-mail to them

      I am retired military and depend on medicare. When they pull out the rug there goes the medical I was promised for my 20 years.

      Bitch to the right people I DID..

  64. Lynne Cleary says:

    Someone start impeachment proceedings on this jerk!

    • Jj says:

      OK so they are taking Medicare money and giving it to obamacare . What does obamacare do with it after that? Where does that extra $50 “fee” in my health care premium go? How about that extra little 15% tax they now charge at Cabelas on certain items go? Does ANYBODY know ???

    • AJ says:

      Should have been done a long time ago. We are about to see a catastrophe-huh,huh??

    • Robert Lends says:

      We keep calling for impeachment of this JERK, but any impeachment proceedings have to go through the Senate for a trial. With the Marxist Hairy Reed running the Senate and changing the rules to totally negate the Republicans we have no chance in hell of getting rid of this asshole. At least no LEGAL way./..

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