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Obamacare Rate Hikes Triple Your Monthly Cost, Says AMAC

dan-weberThe Affordable Care Act will have a significant and dramatic impact on the pocket books of anyone who purchases health insurance –

BOHEMIA, NY, Aug 30 – Health insurance policy holders across the country can expect letters from their providers notifying them of “staggering” rate increases, some even approaching 200%, according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Weber noted that officials in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina and Kentucky say they expect rates to increase by averages of 35% to 80% or more.

But at least one major health insurance provider has notified policy holders that their premiums may skyrocket due to Obamacare.  One Kentucky family received a letter stating that its premium would triple.

An actuary for Humana told the Kentucky Department of Insurance in a rate filing last month that clients could expect premium increases as high as 80% under Obamacare, according to news reports.  But the company sent letters this month warning policy holders in the state of the Affordable Care Act rate hikes—including one advising a senior AMAC executive Andrew Mangione, who is a long-time client and resident of Louisville, that he can expect the rate on his family’s policy to increase from $333 to $965 per month.

“It’s not Humana’s fault, they are being forced to go along with the program, what bothers me is that we were told our premiums would go down and that we could keep our policies. It looks like we were lied to,” Mangione said.

A spokesman for the Humana, Mitchell Lubitz, said that the rate increases vary by the individual and reflect “the costs necessary to bring a plan into compliance with the Affordable Care Act.  Right now, all of our policies are ACA-compliant (i.e. – they all include 100 percent coverage of preventative services and contraceptive coverage), but ACA requires additional essential health benefits beginning on January 1, 2014. Essential health benefits, which are divided into 10 categories, are mandated for individual and small group health plans in 2014. Based on the health reform law, costs must be spread over all ages and genders, and the rates in 2014 reflect the expected costs of those services.”

Lubitz did not say how many rate increase letters were sent to policy holders across the country, but said that 6,000 such notifications were sent to clients in the state of Kentucky.

Humana, which is headquartered in Louisville, is one of the nation’s largest health insurance providers with more than 11 million customers nationwide.  Shortly after he took the reins at Humana last Spring, CEO Bruce Broussard told reporters: “I think the communication of the reform has been around the expansion of the coverage.  But I do not see a real, large conversation around what the impact is on the public.”

Weber commented that the notification Mangione received shows that Obamacare “is going to have a significant and dramatic impact on the pocket books of anyone who purchases health insurance.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Dan Weber is available for telephone interviews on this issue.  Editors/reporters may contact John Grimaldi at 917-846-8485 or to set up a call.



The Association of Mature American Citizens [] is a vibrant, vital and conservative alternative to those organizations, such as AARP, that dominate the choices for mature Americans who want a say in the future of the nation.  Where those other organizations may boast of their power to set the agendas for their memberships, AMAC takes its marching orders from its members.  We act and speak on their behalf, protecting their interests, and offering a conservative insight on how to best solve the problems they face today.


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  1. WJB says:

    Obama needed to be impeached three years ago. Both he and that wife of his also should be deported to be with his terroristic brothers. Our spineless congressmen and senators should be sent along with them. They seem to defer to whatever Obama wants which is only leading to a dictatorship and lost of our freedom. We need to get rid of the present lying and greedy administration and put Godly and honest people in office.

  2. Peggy says:

    I wonder if the high risk groups for PSA testing and treatment, know that Obamacare wil NOT cover tests and treatments. Those groups, AfricanAmericans & Hispanics.

  3. Phil says:

    I’ve posted this before and I will keep posting it. Write, email and/or call your Congressmen and Senators on a regular basis to tell what you think and what you expect of them. If you don’t……..if you just sit back and do nothing……then what happens could be largely your fault for being too lazy to get involved in the process.

    If a representative does fails do what his/her constituents have requested, then it’s time to discard and vote in a new hand.

    Also, sign the petition on the internet under “WWW.DON’TFUNDOBAMACARE”. They already have well over one million signatures and counting up daily.

  4. John says:

    Obamacare is a farce. We all know that. Let me address the issue some have raised about conservatives causing the swing to socialism by not voting in the last election. It is not their fault It is the fault of the GOP kingpins like Rove who shove down our throats non-conservative weaklings like McCain and Romney. Look at McCain – just today Obama met with him and his joined at the hip cohort, Graham, to discuss Syria. Why those two? Because they think like Obama.I tell you Rove and his friends have destroyed the GOP. I twice voted for the trash they forced on us; and I assure you I will not do it again. Don’t blame the people who did not go to the polls. Get rid of the destroyers like Rove.

  5. Lynn Mohr says:

    I have said this before and I will say it again, write to your rep’s. that are not voting the way you want them to and
    remind them that when you go to the polls, you will vote against them! IF they can not or will not vote as the
    people who put them in office request them to do, we will put someone different in their chair who will be willing
    to vote the way we want them to!! IF we all send letters, that would be a flood of letters. They all know which side
    their bread is buttered on, so let then that you are NOT happy with how they are voting!!

  6. John F says:

    The problem lies with the voters. The religious right would rather not vote than vote for a perceived moderate, in effect giving the election to Obama. Freedom of religion also means freedom from religion. There are not enough far-right conservatives to win an election, which is a blessing in itself. Romney was a superb manager but he had to waste time, money and even compromise his positions to get the nomination. There was no other Republican candidate who was electable, and frankly, I don’t want a far-right wacko like some of those we had to be elected. We need to heal the partisanship that is slowly ruining this country and a “true” conservative would likely split it farther apart than it is now thanks to our Socialist (and corrupt) president and the far-left liberals who predominate in the Senate. Keep religion out of the platforms and let people who understand how to manage and how economics work get the nominations for various offices and maybe the Republicans can get relevant again.

    • Karen says:

      Yes the voters are the ones that should make the decision. Unfortunately those who made the decision in the last election were the dead voting, people voting 2,3,4,5,6 times plus. Voter fraud was a major contributors. Georg Soros owned all the voting machines in the country. Mitt Romney never had a chance. The libs put our every lie they could about Mitt Romney and none of it was true.

      Yes there were many who stayed home because they did not like the candidate. Shame on them. There are many I never liked but I have always voted.

      Religion has always been part of our country and it should remain that way. No it should not be the centerpiece of any campaign but it should be included.

      We have many candidates that are considering running and I like many of them. Yes I do have a favorite and that is Rand Paul. I will keep watching and listening to every candidate. I also have a second choice.

      What we all need to do is thoroughly vet every candidate. I went back 10-20 years for some that were running in the last election.Romney was the shining star in my book.

      The thing we need to do is keep vet all candidates and email them with questions and concerns constantly.

      We also need to be in charge of own debates for the election.

      It is time to wipe away liberalism and support and back our candidates. Whining and gnashing of teeth never works.

    • Yvonne says:

      In response to John F blaming the right for current term:

      It isn’t Christians (the far right) that are responsible for today’s leap towards Marxism. That started when God was taken out of the schools and before. The first school book was the Bible. America was founded on the PRINCIPLES found within the Bible. Church services were held in the Congress, the Senate, the Treasury Office and even the Supreme Court.

      I agree, freedom of religion DOES mean also freedom from religion. That’s why Thomas Jefferson, in his famous letter reassured the people from the Danbury Baptist Association, that the constitution was written such that the Congress, could NOT establish a NATIONAL religion. It effectively ENSURES the right of people to worship or NOT worship. (By the way, God himself was the first one to give man that right. It’s called “free will”. ) Jefferson also spoke of the effect of this constitutional article as “a wall of separation between church and state”. A phrase also used by Roger Williams, another separatist, who came to America for that very freedom long before Jefferson.

      This is just one more example of how politicians (of all sorts) twist the truth for political gain. By the way, Thomas Jefferson attended church in the Congress where services were held until sometime in the mid 1860’s. He also made the statement that ,”The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time”. Although he wasn’t a believer in the miracles of the Bible, he did believe in God. He even created his own Bible by extracting the religious principles therein, and the orginal still exists. You can buy a reproduction: Just google the Thomas Jefferson Bible.

      Another set of quotes, these from John Adams:

      “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.”


      “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion…Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” We are seeing that now and have been seeing it, for decades, destroy this country.

      Yes, indeed, in terms of priciples, this was indeed a Christian nation, at least for the first 200+ years.

      Those willing to listen to both sides might find the following sites interesting reading. I wish people who listen to so called “statements of fact”, from politicians in particular, would do their own research before buying the lie. You might want to browse the following links.

      Finally, some facts about Christians that will help identify them in the future:

      A Christian is a person who has: confessed to God that he is a sinner, asked forgiveness, confessed Christ as Savior publicly, experienced a spiritual rebirth, and been baptized as an outward expression of his inward change.

      If a person is sincere in this, his life WILL change. He will thirst for God’s Word and the battle for his soul begins. Do Christians sin? Yes, sadly we do, but there is a difference. You don’t want to sin, you are convicted when you do and feel a sense of shame and an urgency to ask God’s forgiveness. That is why it’s important to talk to God in prayer and listen to God speaking to us in his Word. We grow to be more like Christ and mature. God gave us his son, Jesus, to teach us and to give an example. Christians must stand firm in obedience to God. If we are being forced to do a thing that is clearly against God’s Word, a Christian chooses obedience to God. Maybe that’s why some Christians didn’t vote. I am certain that isn’t why Obama won the election. He got that by dead people’s votes and those from counties like that one in Ohio, I believe, where 110% of the people voted and promises he couldn’t deliver on (knowing it going in), like expecting approximately 40% of those of working age, to support the other nearly 50% (and these are not dependants of tax payers). We tax payers are dying out fast. How does that quote go? “Socialism works fine until you run out of other people’s money.” Just for the record, I voted for Romney, not my choice, but, hey, Reagan was dead.

      Another way to identify real Christians: we are commanded to and desire to share the “Good News”, not ram it down someone’s throat. No one can make a decision for someone else to seek God and salvation, not even our spouse, our children, or our parents. so if you see someone doing otherwise, they are most likely not Christians or lack maturity. Oh, by the way, I voted, as a matter of principle, for Ross Perot when he ran. He’s an astute businessman and no doubt would have downsized government substantially, hired an independant auditor to ensure the public monies were well spent, and put the crooks in a REAL prison to do REAL time. What better deterrent? I also think Perot would have limited terms and set their wages as what they were making on their job when they ran for office. After all, it is supposed to be a position of voluntary SERVICE. A dream, yes, but such a sweet one. No wonder they threatened his life.

      Please avoid blaming true Christians for the current state of government. I suggested earlier that those who automatically accept a politician’s statement of “fact” (or anyone elses) to do their own research. Same with the Bible.

      This may not get posted as it appears to be off topic. I say appears to be off topic, but we wouldn’t be here discussing this if it truly were.

  7. dfd says:

    Obama has passed “executive decision” for the government to take over the country in “any kind of emergency, true or imagined! We as a “FREE COUNTRY” are FINISHED/ SCREWED!!!!!

  8. Phil says:

    What is equally or more disturbing to me is that a fair number of our Republican representatives have said they will continue to support Obamacare.

    Way too many of our elected representatives are not representing our interest as we have elected them to do.

    It’s easy to be disappointed with the Democrats in Washington. Ninety nine (99) percent of them are socialist. But the Republicans are suppose to be on our side.

    Come mid-terms, we the American people need to really upset their apple carts by electing all new faces in Washington.

    • Karen says:

      Keep emailing them and tell them no. The more that do it then the better chance we have of silencing them. In you live in the states that has these traitors then write to you local papers and get a top of the line candidate to run and get elected.

      • Jj Rooney says:

        Where were you last November? It’s too damn late. The USA is now one big welfare state due to your apathy.
        We are whipped.

  9. DrJCA1 says:

    The radicals on the right GAVE away the last election to the thieves on the left. Unless the extremists in our party get off their high “holier-than-thou” horse, we will lose the next few elections as well. Normal folks don’t care much about abortions, gay rights, or birth control. We DO care about the economy, jobs, and the average working family. If the tea party fools stay on course and stop with the religious freakazonics (al la muslim extremists who also do everything in the name of their god), we can and will win from now on. If they insist on the religious approach to politics, we will keep losing and many of you will keep on whining about how bad liberals are.

  10. Jacqueline Doty says:

    Gotta’ take care of all those moochers who can wait until they are sick to buy insurance, and then cancel when they are well again. What the heck did those idiots expect?

  11. Arthur says:

    The dirty little secret that the politicians and the “mainstream media” aren’t telling you is the fact that the so-called “Affordable Care Act” was designed to fail from the beginning. It’s just another example of “management by crisis” which has been used for centuries by corrupt politicians and works like a charm; create a crisis whereby the masses demand a solution, and then come to their rescue. Obama has said repeatedly that he “prefers a single payer system”, and that’s what is coming. Does anyone really believe that the writers of the legislation were unaware of its’ consequences? When the ignorant masses demand action, the government will come to their rescue and take over the healthcare industry from the insurance companies. Bet on it.

  12. job2nd says:

    I voted against Obama. how do we get him impeached? I’m not a political science whiz. I’m all for a strong group starting a petition and calling and protesting and whatever it takes. Sure, the poor and uneducated ones will listen to his line of promised “freebies”. They need to realize what a schmuck he is. He is working on a 3rd term and eventually a dictatorship as I see it. Why can’t the Republicans get a stronger candidate with better platform? After all, Obama is a manufactured person and not even a natural citizen. The Democrats are getting out and taking people to the polls that might not go otherwise. Even the deceased ones apparently. I would like to deport Obama and Michelle.
    We have to do more than complain and let someone else do it.

    • webreb1 says:

      I agree with you 1000%. This is what I have been saying since the information on “OBAMACARE” (aka The un-Affordable Health Care Act) first started coming out. The only way (as I see it) is impeachment although Obama probably has enough of his Washington Puppets (much less his on private army) in his pockets to thwart impeachment.

  13. Robert McElhinney says:

    I have said this before in a comment about other articles . IF you are a church going Christian under Obama care you are allowed to join a HEALTH SHARING group. I under stand that there groups at this time that are allowed under the law. The group I joined is SAMERITIAN MINISTERIES OUT OF PEORIA ILL. Check them out .

  14. Gary Fanning says:

    The house of representatives…can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as the great mass of society. This has always been deemed one of the strongest bonds by which human policy can connect the rulers and the people together. It creates between them that communion of interest, and sympathy of sentiments, of which few governments have furnished examples; but without which every government degenerates into tyranny.

    James Madison, Federalist No. 57, February 19, 1788

    • Don says:

      OUR so called elected REPRESENTATIVES should be ashamed of what they have allowed to happen to America.

      I am old enought to remember when America was a proud respected country.

      I firmly believe ALL POLITICIANS are in Washington for theie own selfish gains.
      We have heard the same old lies for the past 50 years…lower taxes , lower crime, more jobs, etc.
      Used to be politicians would ly but at least pretend they cared,,
      Now politicians don’t even bother to lie, they do whatever will make them rich and quietly tell us to – – – – off

      Our politicians are a disgrace to America, bought and paid for.


    • PaulE says:

      Very true. Yet both Congress and the President routinely exempt themselves from numerous laws that they have forced upon us all the time.

    • Mike Felice says:

      Gary, I understand what you posted completely but I sincerely hope that you posted it as an example of what is NOT being complied with at the present time. The ignorant American public was not allowed to know just how much obamacare would steal out of their pockets and “redistribute” into other people’s pockets before the stupid law was passed but they(the ignorant Americans) loved it anyway because their savior, obama, forced it upon them and he could do no wrong.
      The rest of the Americans(the non-ignorant ones) said wait, what do you mean we have to pass this convoluted law before we can see what is in it?”).
      BUT the overly zealous, hate filled, communist leaning, ever demanding, do as I say not as I do, blind faith followers of obama all said “yes massa” and passed the bill.
      Now the so called evil selfish, greedy Americans (meaning anybody who ever was taught and followed a good honest hard work ethic) began having their pockets picked by the big govt messiah of the lazy, uh, er, I mean of the downtrodden in order to pay for grade A, top flight health care for those who can’t provide for themselves, as well as those welfare rats who refuse to provide for themselves and the useless blights on society who believe they are owed something by society, and the lazy and grifters of all sorts.
      Ladies and gentlemen, this president has never cared what the people wanted, has never cared what congress wanted or approved. Never cared what was good for most Americans and never cared what was good for the country as a whole. This president has always been in full reparation mode on the domestic and foreign policy fronts. He believes his minority at home deserves reparations still to this day when minorities have made so much progress that a black man was elected to the office of president twice in a row even though he has performed miserably. And he believes that the rest of the world deserves reparations for what the USA has done to them as he demonstrated on his “Great Apology Tour” that he conducted soon after being elected. You remember, the international trip during which he bowed to middle eastern kings and shunned allies.
      This president is intentionally ruining the USA as we have known it in favor of a USA remade in his narrow image and likeness. Unfortunately the remedy of impeachment is too lengthy and too expensive of a process to be realistically considered at this point. Not to mention the fact that everyone seems to be too afraid of the race card being played, too afraid of being called a racist to call a constitution ignoring failure a constitution ignoring failure. We are bound to wait out the rest of his regime and pray that the next president is one who believes in America.

  15. Pattie says:

    After reading all the comments, I find it hard to believe that we cannot get rid of Obama. It seems to me that we are a conservative country after all. So, how did Obama win the last election? Maybe because Romney appeared to be such a wimp and not really conservative. Also, did anyone hear about the counties in Ohio that voted 100% for Obama? How was that possible? I believe that this past election was fixed in some swing states. If this is true, then we have to get rid of voting machines.

    • PaulE says:

      Hi Pattie,

      From my perspective, anyone running against Obama in the last election should have easily beat him. I mean literally anyone. After all, Obama had a dismal record on the economy, foreign policy and numerous other fronts. He was what many of us already knew, a campaign organizer in over his head on almost every issue. His one talent, which was honed from years of practice as a community organizer, was to create division amongst the people to extract money and political leverage from whatever group or individuals he was targeting at the time.

      Yet there are obviously some people last year, who if they couldn’t get their ideal candidate, simply chose to stay home and pout. That, coupled with the much better “get out the vote” organization of the Democrats was all that was needed for Obama to squeak by. I agree that Romney was not really a conservative, but he was the lesser of two evils and might have slowed down, at least a little bit, the train wreck we’re going to experience.

      The GOP leadership at some point is going to have to stop pushing moderates and liberal Republicans as “the only possible candidate that can defeat the Democrat challenger”. We’ve lost enough elections because of this stupid strategy, so the GOP leadership should wake the hell up! When the only major difference, at least when you look at their stated policies during the campaign, between the two candidates running for President is one has a “D” and the other has an “R” after their name, that’s not a winning strategy.

  16. Pam says:

    We buy insurance as protection against being financially wiped out in the event of illness that puts us in the hospital or takes a lot of medical intervention. As insurance premiums rise, this reminds me more and more of protection money that some businesses pay to the mob to leave them alone. After many years of paying premiums for a private policy, I am now aware that had I set that money aside I would have an ample sum to take care of the costs of illness. It’s time to rethink what we’re doing, get rid of the middle man (insurance and government) and re-establish the market relationship between patient and doctor.

  17. Ronald E. Mohr says:

    We have a bunch in Washington supposedly representing us since we voted for them. They do a good job of taking care of themselves and little else excepting showing up on the ballot again at election time. They are supposed to be OUR employees. They have forgotten that little fact and seem to think we report to them. Why have we allowed this to happen and then allow it to continue???????????????

  18. Sue Denney says:

    ,Americans seem to be forced into Obamacare regardless of their current coverage, like Humana or Aetna, etc. When Medicare “pays” for 80% (?) and insurance company’s pay 20%, perhaps the blame or problem should be addressed to insurance carriers. Doctors, often blamed incorrectly in some states, are charging patients outside insurance coverage costs. Unions, big corporations and others are receiving exemptions, INCLUDING Senators and House Representatives, who are keeping their chosen government provided care! Why not average Americans? Unfortunately, many Americans voted for what they thought was “Change” not misguided disaster.

  19. Mike Hughes says:

    One of the big “no problemo” items touted by the liberals is that employers who provided their employees with health insurance previous to Obamacare will continue to do so. What’s missing from their propaganda is that employers BEFORE Obamacare were pushing an ever increasing “co-pay” amount at their employees to cover “some” of the ever increasing costs of health care insurance pre-Obamacare. Are we expecting these employers to totally absorb the EXTRA costs due to the implementation of Obamacare because they are loyal and true blue Democrats? I think not! They can either increase the prices of the goods and services that their company produces or increase the amount of “co-pay” that they demand from their employees. (Or a combination of both, whick is likely). Whatever happens, the employee is NOT going to be monetarily unaffected as per the liberal propaganda, but is going to be paying just as much (or more) as the poor citizen who does NOT have employer provided health insurance. Even if the liberals were to tax everybody at a combined rate of 100% the resulting amount of income would not cover their rate of spending. Liberal just don’t have a clue what the word “budget” means.

  20. Gregory Streeter, MD says:

    I’m a recently-new subscriber, and I was printing a copy of your article “Obamacare Rate Hikes May Approach 300%” but I was quite upset that the article ran to 13 pages, because of all the comments at the bottom. Your system might be as wasteful as all the idiots in DC (Den of Corruption)! I should be able to just print a 2 or 3 page article. I won’t waste my paper again until you fix your system. You should let your readers KNOW ahead of time, or give an option to just print the desired article.

    • LInda says:

      Whenever you print an article, especially from a website with additional comments, look for the place that indicates how many pages you want to have printed, then select either “1” or “2” – that should keep your printer from including all the pages.

    • Dee says:

      There is also print preview so that you can see the pages. I often copy the pages I want and place them on
      microsoft word, then save them to my documents rather than printing them.

  21. Jack langhals says:

    Medicare Part B for folks making less than $85,000 should be about $117.10.

  22. Felix Bybee says:

    I try to copy your document whenever you publish.
    AMAC is for “mature individuals” as you well know. Well,
    some of them are not computer literate, so I copy and
    print them out in larger and clearer format and distribute
    them to many “mature” folks, who are not computer literate..
    Ask your techies, they will know what I am talking about.
    I have to copy paragraph by paragraph, or whatever is shown
    on the screen.
    Your formatting makes that extremely difficult.
    I am sure they meet the needs of your techies, but
    how about the intended audience.
    Any help you could give would be appreciated by
    the folks I am trying to inform as you do make some
    good points.
    Any chance you could update your techies to reality?

    • Dee says:

      Try “edit” and “select all” then paste to your mircrosoft word. All of the article will “paste” onto the word document.
      You can then save the entire document and choose to work on it at your leisure, changing the font size to a larger and more readable size for those needing larger print.

  23. steve w says:

    Never mind – just saw his article. Painful.

  24. Jim J says:

    Sounds to me like Humana is trying to put itself out of business!

    Yea, Right!!

    I, for one, will not have a problem switching to another company.

    All this article is is a bunch of “might happen”, “could happen”, be afraid!!

    Not one fact, other than AMAC is totally a Republican run organization.

    I wonder if Dan ever had a real, productive job? And now his son is involved too! Must be a family band wagon!

    • richard says:

      jim j, you sound exactly like an uninformed democrat, I am looking forward to your comments when reality hits…

    • Putterdunk says:

      I feel so sorry for you. If you want a Democratic run organization, join AARP.
      If Obama is not stopped, I am well aware that this WILL happen,

    • D. A. Davis says:

      How typical of an uninformed Democrat. Get your head out of the sand and wake up. We are heading into a Communistic country if we don’t Impeach Obama. Put that in your uniformed Pipe and smoke it.

  25. steve walker says:

    For Mr. Mangione, how many are in his family? I’m paying $745 per month now with Cigna for a family of 5 (self-employed). $333 would have been a real bargain.

    • Travelassie says:

      Sounds like a good deal to me too- but maybe he gets his insurance through an employer and $333 is his part of the monthly premiums?

      Our daughter has a single Blue/Cross Blue Shield (Florida) policy- it’s complete coverage and has been very reasonable over the years, especially considering she’s used it extensively. She got a notice this time saying the premiums have gone up about 25%. Considering the circumstances, especially, we aren’t complaining. .

  26. Z9 says:

    Free healthcvare to all the poor and illegals, subsidized housing, free citizenship and welfare. The border surge will be insane and we will turn into a 3rd world country in a couple of years.

  27. Bill says:

    Health Insurance for my wife and I just went up more than 125% compared to what I paid last year. This is a disgrace.

  28. judith m olson says:

    gary: let me see…what has the administration not lied about? the $787 tarp program for those shovel ready jobs? solyndra? the money to the company in finland (i believe) to make the car no normal person could afford? let me see, acorn members being disassembled (and reappearing as something else)? the NSA spying? IRS scandal? holder’s lying to congress without any repercussions? benghazi? obamacare?freddie and fanny? multiple banking scandals? no, i cant tell you one thing they havent lied about…including the birth certificate that also was a lie….ooops…i thought maybe there was something, but cant come up with anything….sad state of affairs, for our country, for sure.

  29. Karen Jarvie says:

    Read and follow the Constitution, especially the part (article 5) featured in Mark Levin’s new book “The Liberty Amendments.” Our Founding Fathers knew this day would come. So they gave us a way to circumvent the corruption in Washington. It’s time that we exercise states’ rights and take back our country through the amendment process allowed in the Constitution. Pressure your State legislators to convene a convention to re-establish our rights. For instance, a majority of states have Republican governors. And most if not all of them have refused to set up the health care exchanges. The time is ripe for a Consitutional amendment to abolish Obamacare. The States have the right to “go around” Congress and do this on their own. As citizens we have the power to abolish the EPA, the IRA, and the department of education, if enough states approve. Remember, it was “We the People” who formed this “perfect Union,” and as Thomas Jefferson said it is “We the People” who have a “duty” to preserve it.

  30. Jim says:

    I’ve seen a couple of articles that talk about the increases and heard on the radio that rate hikes of $250 to $400/month policies — um I’ve not seen or heard of rates that low. We were paying $600/month for one and a couple of businesses I talked with were paying $1200 to $1800/month for a family policy.

    My question are these $200-$400 rates, rates that someone else has been supplementing?

    I have also read that the family of 4 could expect a $2500 to $3000/month under Obamacare.

    A lot of different information is being reported.

  31. Pat says:

    The dictator in the White House lied to us, he always wanted a single payer government healthcare. Now we will have the crap health care they have in Canada, England, etc. Hope all the people who voted for him enjoy their no care. Republicans need to get a pair and defund the horrid plan. Look what he has done to our country!

    • PaulE says:

      Boehner and 185 House Republicans have already said they won’t support defunding. It’s over.

      • greg alley says:

        Comrade Boehner and the other rinos must think they are immune to primary challenges. It’s not only high time for states to get off their duffs and return our country to us, but also for REAL conservatives to get into the primary ring and throw those cowards out of office.

    • Myra says:

      I agree with you completely Pat. We have got to come together somehow someway. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket. I just can’t understand why some voters cannot see how this President is doing so much more harm than good for our country.

  32. Juliet-Anne Boysen says:

    I am totally shocked that this bomo idiot in the White House has gotten away with so many things to kill the Older American Public. Stand up young Americans and help stop this, you will be old one day. The guy in the White House that holds the reigns over the whole of America should have been impeached a long time ago. He is not an American citizen and how he has gotten this far is beyond any means of explanation. Beware young Americans that are holding bomo up, one day they are going to look back and wonder what happened to the America that once could help every country in the world and now we can not even save America.

  33. Disruptive Element says:

    Well folks unless you start a mass campaign against this -each and every one- this will go through. All the woe comments mean zero- write and call the representatives daily, go the Tea party meetings, write the newspapers, show up at rallies, show up at your representatives meetings. None of that costs you money but goes a long way. If you don’t get out and do those simple things than just stop complaining. They don’t care if we complain. There are a significant number of card carrying communists in this government employing tactics and the biggest one is the president. None of them care, they want to impose their wacky ideas and have the power over you. Get started as it is nearly too late. That goes for the amnesty and illegal immigration lack of enforcement major problem. Soon you will no longer have anyone who can turn this back. They are very adept at the destruction of those who have the nerve to stand up- As soon as they do the media machine begins their innuendos and mockeries. Sarah Palin for one, and the list goes on.
    Save yourselves..

    • Gloria Sterling says:

      It would be good to let reps know if they only would respond to the people and not to themselves. I stopped writing to and calling mine when they kept sending responses that didn’t even address the concern. I have to wonder if they or anyone else really reads them. Happy blessings to those who have senators and representatives who really pay attention to them.

      • PaulE says:

        There are a few politicians out there that actually give a damn, but far too few to make a difference. Most politicians simply don’t care about anything but their own re-election. The real problem is that once politicans are elected, the majority of voters NEVER have the will or brains to vote the deadbeat ones out. They just keep sending them back to Washington term after term after term.

        • Jacqueline Williams says:

          You’re so right, I am from the lovely WA state but I am embarrassed to say that the brown-noser Patty Murray is one of our Senators. Always kissing up to Obama, In every Photo-Op she can glean. Yet still she gets sent back to WA DC time and time again. She does nothing. She is nothing. She supports everything Obama wants. She has no compunction to work for the good of the Country. I’ll bet I’ve written to her half a dozen times. All ignored.

      • Sandi says:

        I wrote to one of my senators who said Obamacare was a train wreck coming and what I got back was a full page reply praising all aspects of the law and saying how millions of Americans will benefit once it is fully implemented. What a hypocrite!!! Good thing he isn’t going to run for re-election next year!!

  34. Mikey says:

    Obama lied to us. What a surprise! The Republicrats will do nothing about it but posture and speechify. No balls. We are being forced into a single payer system. Which is what the Dems/socialists always wanted anyway, and knew they would get once this monstrosity was passed. Maybe once enough people get really clobbered where it hurts most, there will be sufficient political will to defund this hellish piece of legislation, or better yet, repeal it and start over.

    • KarenFaye says:

      Trumka is squawking now because although the Union leaders pushed Obamacare, they have now figured out they are going to be skrued like everyone else. Obama is meeting with the unions late in Sept. — watch how he “opts them out” of his wonderful coverage, as Pelosi has done in San Francisco. Trumka says the “30 hr. work week” ruling doesn’t work for “his people” …….. What crapola — the only ones left to pay will be the young who don’t want or need insurance, and as usual, the seniors. Never in history has this country fallen so low. Anyone who wants one can get a free cell phone and minutes, EBT cards are flowing buying “who knows what”; welfare babies are being born faster than rabbits, morals are non existent; and Stymie continues his bus tours to tell everyone what a great job the Gubment does taking care of everyone. We aren’t even a nation of sheep — sheep are smarter.

    • PaulE says:

      Very well said Mikey. Yes, aside from some half-hearted speeches from the Republicans, I expect nothing of substance from them at this point. There are a few of them that really do want to address this problem head on, but there are just too few of them and the GOP leadership wants none of it.

      The Socialists, otherwise known as the Democrat Party, are indeed going to be able to impose their utopian dream of single-payer on us within a few short years. Obamacare is working exactly as the Democrats envisioned it would and is paving the way for single-payer. Even as England’s NIH moves closer and closer to bankrupting the country and the people of the England suffer the exploding costs and sub-standard health care from their own failed single-payer system, the Democrats here press ever forward. Never let a little thing like reality get in the way of their socialist utopian dreams.

      I suppose the only point I would disagree with you on is that by the time enough people begin to realize the path to hell we’re on, there won’t be anything to go back to. Obamacare is already systematically destroying the infrastructure of our health care system. After Obamacare is in place just a few short years, there won’t be any of the old system to go back to. We will have lost too many doctors, too many hospitals, a lot of the inventive minds in the medical device industry will have moved to other sectors of the economy not so punished by the federal government and most of the health care insurance providers will be either gone or no longer in the market, as the government will have made the sector totally unprofitable for private industry.

  35. Gail says:

    What are the specifics about the Advantage Plans in Florida? I know Obamacare wants to discontinue them but I have heard nothing from the insurance company yet. Anyone know what we can expect in 2014?

  36. Edward says:

    The solution is very simple. Congress holds the purse strings and they can start de-funding it. If we don’t do that the house of cards will fall. Nothing after that maters. Kiss your savings ,pensions , home, and car good bye. We would then become a third world nation of just welfare and welfare alone. The pyramid for funding it will not be sustainable.

    • Harper says:

      problem OUR CONgress doesn’t have the political cajones to do anything about it.. they pander to the people that don’t pay taxes that could benefit from BOcare, and to does STINK, even the poor that really need it wont be able to afford it even with the subsidies ,,

  37. Gary says:

    Well isn’t that a surprise that we were lied to? Can you tell me even one thing that this administration hasn’t lied about. What about Bengazi?

    • AMP says:

      No Gary, I can’t think of a thing. Bengazi? Oh yes, our commander in chief slept through that one while our heroes were being murdered. Oh, and the world’s smartest woman who was then the Secretary of State did nothing either. But, in her words, “What difference does it make?” Oh, and there was the support for removing the Egyptian President which that kept the peace which Anwar Sadat gave his life for. BTW, who was it that assassinated Sadat? Oh yes, it was the Islamic Brotherhood which the elected leader was part of. The Egyptians found out soon enough what his agenda consisted of and it took the Egyptian army to remove him from power. Now the entire country is in chaos again. Nice move Mr. Obama. Now our brilliant Commander in chief risks war with Putin over Syria because of a stupid statement he made a while back without thinking of the consequences of what if it happens? What if they do use chemical weapons? Can anyone tell me which side of that conflict supports the USA? What about our commitment to the only ally we have in that region. Do we just let the threats of Assad and Iran go unheeded concerning Israel? Do we allow Obama to risk world War III in order for him to save face over his stupid remark about a red line?

      Meanwhile this great divider in the white house has been busily destroying this country financially in every way. If his not so affordable health care is allowed to go into effect, Cuba’s health care will be envied by the citizens of this country. Oh but everyone of us who have conservative values better keep quiet so as not to risk the ire of the IRS.

      I could go on and on but folks, if we don’t somehow turn all this around, Costa Rica is looking pretty good.

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